Drugs and weapons found on Cayman Brac

| 16/02/2009

(CNS): Update Monday 3:45 pm — Weapons and drugs were seized after a search of the Divi Tiara complex on Cayman Brac, where workers involved in the post-hurricane clean-up are staying. Police say a number of rooms were searched by officers on Sunday, 15 February, and two men were arrested for drug related offences. In addition, a number of prohibited weapons were found and seized and in the grounds of the complex a quantity of ganja was found and seized. In total, six men have been arrested over the last two days on Cayman Brac as part of efforts to stamp out illegal drug use and supply in the Sister Islands.

A number of Immigration offences were also detected during the operation; these will be investigated by the Immigration Department. The two men, aged 34 and 31, both residents of George Town, were arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine, possession of ganja and consuming controlled substances. They have been released on police bail pending further investigations, say police.

The Divi Tiara Beach Resort, located in the south west of the island, closed down in September 2006 and has been unoccupied since then until a contract between government and the Divi Corporation, made shortly after Hurricane Paloma hit the island 8 November, allowed workers helping with the clean-up operation to stay in the two eastern blocks of the resort. Workers accommodated at Divi are either working for government or employees of companies contracted for government projects.

According to the Public Works Department on Cayman Brac, out of a total of 18 rooms available, five are currently occupied by staff from the Department of Environmental Health and three are occupied by employees from two privatecontractors. Until last week, an additional five rooms were occupied by other contracted workers. The exact number of people staying at the resort is unclear at present.

According to the RCIPS, Cayman Brac police and the Drugs Task Force joined forces with the Immigration Department, the Department of Environment and HM Customs and Excise to carry out a number of operations on Sunday, designed to target the use and sale of illegal drugs and to ensure an accurate record is available of temporary workers on the islands assisting with the post Paloma cleanup operation.

A second operation involving the police and HM Customs was carried out at an address in the West End area of Cayman Brac, resulting in the arrest of two more people. A 30-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman, both Cayman Brac residents, were arrested on suspicion of possession of ganja and consumption of a controlled drug. Both have been released on bail pending further investigations.

A third operation was carried out in Little Cayman by police and HM Customs. As a result, a 40-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of theft, possession of ganja and consumption of a controlled drug. The West Bay resident was transported to Grand Cayman for processing.

Police reported Monday afternoon that a sixth man was arrested in Cayman Brac as part of efforts to stamp out illegal drug use and supply in the Sister Islands. The 28-year-old George Town resident was arrested Monday, 16 February, at Cayman Brac airport on suspicion of possession of ganja. He has been released on police bail pending further investigations.

“The Sister Islands should not be seen as a soft or easy target for criminal behaviour,” said Area Commander, Chief Inspector Malcolm Kay. “We will not tolerate crime in either Cayman Brac or Little Cayman and all those involved in illegal activity should be aware of this. If you come here thinking you can get away with it, think again.”

Kay also pointed out that the involvement of officers from the Drugs Task Force in Grand Cayman should not go unnoticed. “Even though we are separated by water, we have full access to all available resources in Grand Cayman and work hand in hand on tackling crime and disorder,” he said.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Sister Islands should contact their local police officers or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Victoria McIntee says:

    I am astounded and depressed at the level of ignorance, bigotry and intolerance shown by the respondants on this page. The "thirty year old woman" in question is my sister who, throughout her time at the High School, has proven herself to be a dedicated and effective teacher.  She has always made an effort to become involved with life on the Brac and become a real part of the community, unlike many expats, yet I can see that she is unlikely to get any respect or credit for this. The charge in question is a vindictive and spurious act by a wholly incompetent police force that seems intent on destroying her reputation, when frankly it seems that they are rarely above reproach themselves if one is to believe the litany of examples regarding the way the police force abuse their powers and the system.

    Does the legal system within the Cayman Islands feel that it is exempt from the concept of being innocent until proven guilty? The results of her drug tests are negative, proving that she has not consumed any illegal substances and, as her sibling, I can assure people that she never has. I am incensed that the motely crew of ‘Sunday Christians’ quoted here are willing to condemn her as "trash" despite only having a tenuous grasp on the facts.It seems that the Biblical adages of forgiveness and acceptance have managed to bypass many on the island, a fact which has been reinforced by the recent outburst of an elected official against a Muslim teacher at the school.

    I suppose that it is symptomatic of a small backwater ‘country’ to have public services which are rife with corruption, nepotism and double standards. The Education Department is another such institution. Given that teachers are not allowed to have a Union, as is standard in any other first world country, they should be in a position where they aid and support their employees and try to defend them against unfair and unfounded allegations. Yet they have shown themselves to be as spineless and disinterested inthe truth as they are inefficient and ineffectual at maintaining basic standards of literacy and educational attainment. One only has to look at the feeble spelling and grammar skills displayed by those commenting on any of these articles to see the results of the pathetic schooling system  that the youth of the Cayman Islands are encumbered with.

    I am embarrassed that Britain has any formal connections with the Cayman Islands, given the way that they are run and the attitudes fostered there. The sooner that my sister returns home, the better. It would be interesting to see the depths to which educational standards would sink if skilled, intelligent and well trained teachers from oversees were not used to bolster the ailing system in place. It seems that there are very few Caymanians who have the intellect and competence needed to teach the young people there unaided. I also look forward to the day when Obama achieves his goal of stamping out the ‘tax haven’ status of the Caymans and the GDP subsequently drops to third world levels. It is no more that you deserve, given your holier than thou attitude and brings to mind the only really useful Christian motto – ‘You reap what you sow’.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Brac Public Needs To Know….

    Why these gun suspected criminals from Grand Cayman are being given bail, which is not a problem. 

    But why they are still in Cayman Brac!!!

    They do not reside here & we DO NOT WANT THEM HERE!!!

    Lets Keep Cayman Brac Unique, hence without this kind of Influential criminality

    A Very Concerned BRACKER.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Despite these comments, there are many dedicated teachers on the Brac who have the children at heart. Let’s not let a few sour apples ruin the bushel. Keep up the great work teachers!

    • Anonymous says:

      Granted, there are some dedicated teachers. Unfortunately, there are some here who are here only to benefit themselves .  As the poster implied, "Throw out the trash!"

  4. Anonymous says:

    I agree that a bunch of people riding around in the back of a truck is a really bad thing.. and sure its totally out of line for a person who teaches our young to be doing things like having more then a few drinks on the weekend on there own time.. But are we not missing the point..

     SOMEONE ON COCANE IS RIDING AROUND OUR LITTLE ISLAND WITH A GUN>> To me that seems much worse then a bunch of guys about to fall out of a truck.. do you know what a guy with a gun does when he runs out of cocane?

     Not good..

  5. Anonymous says:

    It should be said that one of these persons that is called in this article "a 30 year old woman, a cayman brac resident" happens to be a NON-Caymanian, and above all a Teacher!!!.  What a disgrace for my little island!!  I see it happening more and more lately, teachers and education department employees, that are not locals i may add, come here and drink heavily durning week days, and partake in illegal activities, this is just wronge!!.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Gone are the days where teachers were a respected icon of their community.  That is mainly attributed to the fact that very few conduct themselves in a manner that commands respect.  Try explaining to your child why their teacher has to be carried off a plane and wheeled through the terminal because she was too drunk to walk and was sprewing profanity to everyone within earshot.  Try explaining to your child why their teacher has been arrested because of partaking of an illegal substance.  Try explaining to me why we are importing and maintaining these losers to "mold" our children.  Our children deserve the best, God knows we are paying for it.  Throw out the trash please!

  6. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Comming from Grand Cayman.  Why una gone Cayman Brac to clean up and gone get in problems faw.

    All I have to say is I hope Cayman Brac does not become a little Grand Cayman.  Dont let it happen Brackers.   Stay Blessed

  7. Anonymous says:

     Thank God The Brac Police Have Finally got Out of That AC Building & Started to Do Some Work!

    I for one had called  the Police Station with my concerns & others of the new influx of people wondering if Immigration knew who they where & the sudden crime wave & not to mention the Speeding & many more traffic violation of the traffic law, like 10 workers in the back of a small Japanese Truck!  
    The problem addressed to me was that they are extremely short of Staff & only have 2 Police Cars!
    If Assistance is needed then Do It! We do not want another Grand, we in the Brac are peaceful people & have enjoyed the Tranquilty of Our Island, and lets keep it that way Please!
    • Anonymous says:

      "Thank God the Brac Police……" I can attest to the comment of the 10 workers in the back of a small Japanese truck, I have seen it myself but more upsetting I have seen it pass police on the street toot and wave only to have the police wave back!  Police need to stop turning a blind eye to select cases, what is good for one is certainly good for all and that includes government trucks transporting government workers in the bed of trucks.