Women’s of Valor All Star: talent and skill on display

| 18/02/2009

(CNS): The National Women’s Basketball League’s Women’s of Valor All Star game takes place this Sunday at the court off Eastern Avenue. The game will be preceded by a three-point shoot-out, which will start at 6:00 p.m. The Women of Valor All Star game tips off at 7:00 p.m. “All Star games are meant to be action-packed and fun. They are the types of games in which players show their mettle and the fans get to see just what they are capable of,” said Redver Ebanks, coach of the Cayman Islands National Women’s Basketball team. (Left: Quick Cash Storm’s Bobeth O’Garro scores)

In a release from the Cayman Islands Basketball Association, Collin Anglin who coaches Dominoes Lady Heels said that all star games are important for the players too. “The all star game showcases the top athletes in the league; It is a reward of recognition for their individual performances during the regular season and is a chance to showcase their skills on a special night and entertain the crowd.”

According to the CIBA, a look at the two competing teams shows an almost even split of talent. For instance, the Red team has Lashawn Davis, Dionne Anglin, Sarrah Kidd and Theresa Hamil, all top players who have played for the national team. On the Blue team, there is a nice blend of top players such Merta Day, Bobeth O’Garro, Lavern Davis, Benieca Thompson and Scimone Campbell. Most of these women play on different teams in the basketball league, so it will be interesting to see if they can play in synch, or if it will be a case of style versus ego. (Right: DominoesLady Heels Dionne O’Garro-Anglin shoots the ball)

On paper at least, the Blue squad appears stronger. But it will come down to heart, character and a little bit of luck. So basketball fans, don’t miss this game, when the best of the best go all out for a chance to win it all.

All Star Red Team
Lashawn Davis
Mesha Gordon
Sarrah Kidd
Felicia Connor
Lauri Webster
Anna Sangiacomo
Adelaide Francois
Christsania McLean
Theresa Hamil
Dionne Anglin

All Star Blue Team
Christina McLean
Scimone Campbell
Bobeth O’Garro
Nilani Perera
Cassianne Lawrence
Sofia Foster
Benieca Thompson
Lavern Ebanks
Sheneka Moore
Merta Day


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