Brown seeks allies in tax haven crackdown

| 19/02/2009

(The Guardian): A worldwide crackdown on tax havens, from Switzerland to the Cayman Islands, will be spearheaded by Gordon Brown as the world’s richest nations use the global economic downturn to close loopholes that are costing them hundreds of billions in lost revenues. As he embarks on a mini-tour of EU capitals in advance of the G20 summit in London in April, the prime minister announced yesterday that he was negotiating with fellow world leaders the terms of a tough regulatory system on tax and banking that will cover every country. Go to article

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What I find most disturbing is that thus far no one has posted their comments on this issue. That is scary to me considering the potentially grave ramifications this could have on the Cayman Islands.

    I will reserve further comment for the time being as it seems like no one is paying any attention to this issue.  I guess our populace have more trivial concerns deserving their somber attention and letters. And we would not want the trivial to be neglected now would we?