Haines aims for top cop job

| 19/02/2009

(CNS): Former Detective Chief Superintendent Derek Haines is hoping to return to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) in the top job following the submission of his application for the post of Police Commissioner on Wednesday. Haines confirmed to CNS that he had applied for the senior position but declined to make any comment about his decision, saying he believed the selection process should take its course.

However, the former senior officer who was decorated with the Queen’s Police Medal (QPM) in 2005 has considerable support in the local community. Former President of the Rotary Club and local lawyer Stuart Diamond told CNS that he and a more than twenty others had already written to Governor Stuart Jack in support of Haines’ application.

“I have signed a letter along with a group of other concerned citizens, which we have sent to the governor supporting Mr Haines,” he said. “We thoroughly endorse his candidacy as we believed he has demonstrated his ability and stepped up to the plate in the past when others were found wanting.” Diamond said that during the post Ivan period in particular Haines showed his talent for leadership and he was the perfect man for the job.

Since March 2008, the role of Police Commissioner has been filled by a succession of Acting Commissioners as a result of the Special Police Investigation Team, which saw Stuart Kernohan, the previous RCIPS Commissioner, suspended from duty and later sacked by the governor.

The current Acting Commissioner James Smith arrived on island following the departure of Acting Commissioner David George, who was placed in the job by the governor because of Operation Tempura, and then the departure of Cayman’s shortest ever serving Commissioner, Royce Hipgrave, who left the island some 48 hours after taking up the post.

Smith, who replaced Hipgrave, is a former colleague of Martin Bridger, the lead investigator of SPIT, and has been in office since early December. He has not yet formerly declared his application for the post but told a local meeting in West Bay on Tuesday evening that he had been working on an application. Smith did apply for the position in 2005 but was beaten out by Kernohan.

CNS has also learned that a number of other candidates have also applied from overseas, although we have been unable to confirm if any other local existing or former police officers besides Haines have yet made an application. With Deputy Commissioner Rudolph Dixon facing misconduct charges, Chief Superintendent John Jones still suspended and Deputy Commissioner Ennis having declared that he had no intentions of seeking the position, this leaves the field wide open.

Haines, who has forty years of service as a police officer in UK Overseas Territories, served in the RCIPS for more than ten years. A prominent member of the community as president of the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman and President of the Cayman Islands Rugby Club, Haines enjoys wide support and many say he was an exceptional officer. When he received his QPM award in November 2005, he was one of only three recipients from the field of the police service. Haines is currently Operations Manager at Dart Realty Camana Bay.

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  1. Anthony Pang says:

    Derek had been working with me in the 80’s with the ICAC Operations Department, Hong Kong, not only was my tutor/partner in detective work but also a good friend whom I could trust. He is one of the most honest, effective, no nonsense UK police officer I have ever work with! I believe he can assume any post in police work. If the Cayman Islands wants a real ace detective to head the police, Derek is the right one!

  2. Anonymous says:

    i think Mr. Haines should be giving this opportunity, being that he already knows the inside of the RCIPS Dept..


    • Anonymous says:

      Knowing the inside of the RCIP Dept. is not the primary qualification for the job. Effectiveness at the job is. Maybe that person is Mr. Haines, may be it is not.     

  3. Shaun Ebaks says:

    Thanks Twyla, for your truthful, fair and impartial comments at 1409 entitled ¨WHO IS WITHOUT SIN¨ ?????

    Obviously the well known ¨CONCUBINES¨are hard at work protecting their ¨SPECIAL INTEREST¨ which certainly does not include me or Derek Haines.

    I say to myself everyday, ¨THANK GOD¨ I´m not connected with any of them in any shape or form, past or present !!!!!


    Shaun Ebanks 

    • Anonymous says:

      Shaun people are entitiled to their opinions as well as you are ,so I can’t understand why you seem so upset because there are some who do not want to see Haines as our Commissioner and are protecting their "SPECIAL INTEREST  as you suggest,but now you leave me no other option than to believe you left the RCIP because everyone did not agree with your ideas.

      To call us CONCUBINES since we share the same views that Haines should not be the Commissioner and since you and Haines seem to have alot in common  or are such bosom buddies we all fit in the same category.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You can drive by the Rugby club any given Sunday and see the parked cars left over night because the drivers were too drunk to drive.  Those are the responsible ones!  I agree that someone that supports the serving of alcohol at an establishment that is also encouraging kids in sport (a very positive thing) is not the sort of person you want running the police service.

    • Twyla M Vargas says:


      In respect of comments regarding Mr Derek Haines application for TOP COP.

      and, "you can drive by the Rugby"   My sincere sentiments are, that someone who have to park their car overnight at  the Rugby field because they have drank excessively, is no more  a responsible person than those selling alcohol excessively to the already drunk person .  Its one of two things, You want to get drunk,  and he wants to sell.

      Now I am not writing to defend Mr Derek Haines application in anyway, but I will comment on what I have observed, and recollect seeing him work.  How many High Ranking Officers you will see once in a while go on the beat,  assist with a raid or road block,  They do not have to do it all the time, but what is wrong with doing it once every two or three months.  Dont you think we want to know who is Top Rank?  Yes,  Derek Haines has been that person who did not mind getting his hands and uniform dirty, While I am at it, let me say a few words about Shawn,  He too was one of the best, please do not say negative things about him He was a very good Cop., and further more we will never find THE PERFECT TOP COP.  Someone will find  something to say about him whether its true or not.  Thats human nature and its our free will to choose.

      I hope that I am understanding the writer correctly when they voice their concerns about a person serving alcohol at an establishment,  and also encouraging kids in sports and also want to be a Commissioner ofPolice.   I call that being a man of many hats, and I say wear them if they can fit .

      I have been to establishments where I have seen married  church decons hiding away in corners with a sweetheart drinking alcohol.   Can he still go home and run his home?

      I have been to establishments where I have seen  Police officers looking for their police car and can only identify it by feeling for the top light.  What should we do with him?

      I have been to establishments where church members stop and buy numbers on their way to church.  What can we do with them?

      I have been to establishments where I see politicians so drunk they cannot stand up, yet they drive away in their cars.  What can we do about them?

      I have been to  establishments where I have seen school teachers sell alcohol at Pirates week.  What do we do with them.?

      I have been to establishments where I have seen Pastors emptying the collection pan in his brief case.  What whould we do about him?

      What I am trying to say is that all of them are doing something wrong, so we will never find the PERFECT COMMISSIONER OF POLICE.  It is impossible.   So now what do we do?  I SAY PRAY, AND WORK WITH WHAT WE CAN GET.   Hoping that  which ever man is lucky enough to get the position , if they got any sense they will read all of these comments.  Be blessed

      • Anonymous says:

        No – you have missed the point I was trying to make or maybe I did not make it well.  I am trying to say that the position of police comm. is one that places a great deal of responsilibilty for the community and needs a community leader.  I just don’t support the notion of kids and alcohol in the name of sport.

        As for the others you mention, there are plenty of things that can be done, but I am saying be pro-active and not reactive.   None of us are squeaky clean and I did not bring into question the ‘he who is without sin part’

        Just as in an election, we vote for who we think can do the best and oftentimes we are left disappointed, but what we know up front influences our decisions.  We are expressing opinions here, but the end decision is not ours.  For any candidate there will be proponents and opponents and I am just stating the latter based on an opinion, that is all.

        • Twyla M Vargas says:


          This happens at times.  Maybe I have missed the point, and if I have done this please accept my sincere apology.

             One thing I do not want to do is to intentionally hurt anyone feelings who have not hurt mine.  But Cayman has become such a HOT SEAT for everyone it aint funny.   I am a Caymanian and I know how we hate each other.  That is why we are so coward to sign our name to a letter and so willing to shoot down someone who has signed theirs.  I call it being WEAK. 

            I only hope that next election we can see some of those Foreign expatriates run for office.  I am sure they would treat Caymanians better. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mr Ennis should be Commissioner. He’s a Senior Officer who is up to the job and has already proved that he has the necessary integrity. Mr Haines is part of RCIP past…… the one that required a major investigation. Not saying that he has done anything wrong but the RCIP needs to look forward and not back. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have a few questions.

    Was not this the same Mr. Derrek Haines that was doing the  program with the kids in South Sound at the Rugby Club?


    Now, just to jog your memories more here,  What happened why Mr. Derrek Haines had to close down this Bar at the Rugy Club?

    Are you Guys sure that  "This is the Mr. Derrek Haines that you want for  a Commissioneer of Police ?

     I do fully believe that Mr. James Smoth should go Now and close all his Corruption investigations in the RCIPS as they might just bring about another outrageous expense on the Cayman People and no findings results.

     Last but not least, I sure would like to know, what is it that these expats Love the Corrupted areas, and  to prefere their employeement of so called Professionalism to be exploited their in the Corrupted Departments of  our lowly rated Government and poorly  run  Cayman Islands.

    CNS: The deleted sentence was potentially defamatory.


  7. Shaun Ebanks says:

    Governor Stuart Jack, Chief Secretary George McCarthy and Attorney General Sam Bulgin, I hope you read the positive comments from the people of the Cayman Islands in these postings, requesting Derek Haines as their next Commissioner of Police.

    It´s the majority of the people of the Cayman Islands who seek/desire Derek Haines as their next Commissioner of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service.

    Are we going to stick our head in the sand once again, and ignore the people´s desires and wishes ????????? Remember, he will be serving and protecting the people of the Cayman Islands whom has confidence in him. Now tell me, do the majority of the people of the Cayman Islands have confidence in the RCIPS under it´s present administration ?????

    Wendy and Nicki, I´m not sure if it´s possible but probably is, please keep the above story up front and running  for a while longer and forward the comments to the three (3) gentlemen above at their government e-mails,  who will be part of the interviewing and selection panel.

    Remember, it´s the people wishes that needs to taken into consideration this time around. I´m told from my inside sources that at least 90% of the serving officers of the RCIPS, still have the greatest respect and admiration for Derek Haines and would him to be chosen as their new  Commander in Chief.


    Thanks once agian !!!!!!


    Shaun Ebanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Shaun we have 12 posts on this and not all are recommending Mr Haines for the job so how can you speak for the majority of caymanians???  If you have so much to offer why did you not stick it out , remember winners never quit or quitters never win. I feel quite sure that Mr Haines will come with his sack of problems as well as all the others who come looking for this position. I recall Mr Haines challenging the non renewal of his contract, has he or will he still challenge this?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I too have worked with Mr. Haines for a number of years and would like to share Shuan’s words.

    Mr. Haines would do a great job (as mentioned by most),he is one that keeps his feet on the ground. He enjoys working the night shift and getting his hands dirty. I feel that Mr. Haines and the current Depty Comm would make a great team.

    If Mr. Haines is to get the postion you will see more officers on the streets and thier moral lifted. You would also probalbly find persons like myself return to the force as Specials to assist.

    I hope the Governor reads these posts and listens to what we Caymanians want.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have never seen this man smile!

  10. Anonymous says:

    The only persons i can think of that really dont want Mr Haines back would be the DRUG LORDS .I say give him the job search no more .He has a CLEAN RECORD .Can ALL others say that .NO  NO NO .Mr Haines is a man of action you won,t see him stuck behind a desk all day for sure .Maybe we might be LUCKY to get some of or GOOD OFFICERS back that HAD to leave because of POOR leadership lets all PRAY for or COUNTRY.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Haines has the respect of many many Caymanians as he is a man of the people.

    I believe that had Mr. Haines been given the job a long time ago that we would not be in the mess that we are in today with crime.

    THIS IS OUR SECOND CHANCE CAYMAN.  A second chance to make it right in our community.  A second chance to make Cayman the way it was before when law and order was respected and a Police Officer could walk the street without a gun and people gave him the respect he warranted. Cayman needs Mr. Haines as our Commissioner of Police.

    Mr. Haines….Dont let us down.  Dont give up the fight. And thank you for being a part of OUR CAYMAN ISLANDS!!!!

  12. Shaun Ebanks says:

    I give my 100% unconditional support to my former boss C/Supt. Derek Haines, for the position of new Commissioner of the RCIPS.

    My Haines whom I have worked with for over a decade, is an individual whom I have the greatest respect and admiration for. He has been proven as a true ¨crime fighter¨  for many years and knows our caribbean culture and it´s criminal way´s of operation, inside-out.

    Mr. Haines is an individual who can lead the RCIPS at this challenging time and get the RCIPS back on track.

    Let me say this loud and clear, ¨amongst one of the greatest mistakes our government made was when they decided not to renew the contract of C/ Supt Haines, soley because of political reasons¨

    Mr. Haines is totally against corruption and it´s so unfortunate, then when he took steps against one of his own, whom was correctly convicted, it resulted in politics getting involved and resulting in his contract not being renewed. That should never have happened, never, never !!!!!!!

    Just remember Caymanians and residents alike, it was under Mr.Haines leadership that took out of existence, two of the biggest ¨Crime Gangs/ Bosses¨ in the Cayman Islands that caused so much havoc before and after Hurricane Ivan.

    Most importantly, this was done at a time when the RCIPS was seriously understaffed and literally operating on ¨fumes¨ for a lack of financial resources.

    I wish Mr. Haines well in his application for the Commissioner of the RCIPS but to be honest with you, I´m not very optimistic that he will be chosen to lead the RCIPS. Why you might ask ????

    Mr. Haines is known as a ¨high energy and proactive policing individual¨ who leads from the front and not necessarily from behind a desk in an ¨IVORY TOWER¨ with several check points, before you can gain access to him. He is well known regionally and internationally and will not allow or tolerate improper interference, who seek to disrupt the stability of the RCIPS and the Cayman Islands as a whole. 

    Can you honestly tell me, has this not been the case for the RCIPS and the country for the last couple of years ????? He simply would not allow it, thus the reason, I believe he will unlikely be chosen to lead at a critical and crucial time like this. However, I wish him well once again !!!!!!!!


    Shaun Ebanks.


  13. Twyla M Vargas says:


    In paragraph 3 of my comments TOP COP JOB.  What I really meant to say in line 2 is that the people is not too sure about  the Acting Commissioner of Police.   Not the acting Deputy.  

    The acting Deputy in my books are a man of impecable character,  and would be the best  man for the job if he wanted it.   I am very positive of that.   Anyway I do hope no one is brought in from overseas again for this position.    Anyway lets see how the dice roll.   Blessed

  14. Anonymous says:

    No one can say that Derek Haines doesn’t know the Cayman Islands. The job of running the RCIP would be a challenge to anyone with the infighting and special interest groups looking to get their way.

    I wish Mr. Haines well, he certainly stepped up after Ivan.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask Bridger what he’s got on Haines and then think about if you need him as a Commissioner?

      • Twyla M Vargas says:


        I dont think so, there is no one on, or off, this Island who do not have a little skeleton in the closet. Caymanian or non Caymanian.   Its just that we do not know yet.  We have all fallen short some time.  There will never be a perfect Top Cop, because who ever that person is, remember, they are also a man.   That reminds me of a time I asked a decon ofa Church, why do you have so many women friends? and he answered me. "You know something, I am a Christian, but I am a man"   Well it was the first time I was lost for words.

        That is the same way like having a partner.   Do you really think you have the perfect  wife or husband,  daughter or son, think again.   There is always someone who knows who you are and saw what you did.  So we will never find a perfect commissioner of police.   Any commissioner  who  is reading the messages being sent out by the public every day, and does not pay attenion would be a fool to go and mes up.   It is up to that person to walk the chalk line, because, come I tell you something about Caymanians…………They going check you out, and make it their business to find out your business.    Mr Hanes has done well, and like I said, he is one of those persons who was not afraid to get out there and get his uniform dirty doing his job.  

        We need  a vigilent Commissioner who is versatile and can adapt.  It is the only way in getting to know the people he work with and everybody else.   Now I cant tell him who to associate with, but he will find out that Cayman is made up of all kinds and if he wants to find who is who,  and where is what, he will not find that out visiting places where people only have their nose up in the air and drink draft beer.  Stay close to the people, encourage district meetings on a regular basis.   How else can you find out about how the people feel 30 miles from Headquarters.   Stay out of politics if you want to last.   be blessed.

  15. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    Mr Haines,

    Should be given this job.

    Why do we need to import some one from outside?

    Mr  Haineshas lived among us , and he is well respected in the Cayman Islands.

    Please give him the job .



  16. Twyla M Vargas says:


    About Mr Haines applying for the top cop job I would like to say, at least he knows the inns and outs of the police force and its officers.

    He is already living on the Island and has been a vigilent cop back in the day,  He was not one to enjoy sitting behind a desk.  He was very vigilent and worked very hard that I can say.

    So if there is no one else more suitable who wants this job then, I would say give him the job.  I do not believe the people are happy with the now acting deputy althought he tried some good taticts in the begining, however I believe he has wet his foot in the salt water too quick  and got sand on his foot..  Mind you, listen to what the people is saying, because only a few Caymanians will get drunk with you.   They will drink with you, but when they are ready to take set on you,  you better have a pair of wings that can fly good………. be blessed.