Bush: Dire times for Cayman

| 26/02/2009

(CNS): With the election campaign underway, Leader of the Opposition McKeeva Bush has announced that he will be delivering a televised speech focusing on the state of government finances, the financial services industry, the small business sector and economic recovery. “We are facing dire times and now is as good a time as any to discuss the various issues publicly," he said. The broadcast which will be aired on CITN on Thursday evening at 6:00 pm.

The opposition United Democratic Party said the broadcast comes in the wake of the recent news that government has borrowed a further US$185 million, as well as the increased international challenges to the financial services sector and a local economy which is being impacted by the global economic downturn. Bush said he felt that the public statement was necessary at this time.

The UDP has been particularly critical of government spending, in particular the money spent on major capital projects such as the schools and the government administration building. On a number of occasions, Bush has stated that the constitutional talks which have dominated the political landscape recently, although important, were not as important as the economic situation in Cayman, which was where the government’s attention should be.

It is quite clear that Cayman’s own domestic economic woes and high borrowing levels, along with the impact of the global economic crisis is likely to form the cornerstone of the UDP election campaign that the party has clearly now begun. Although the UDP has not confirmed the full team that will be contesting the general election, it has already confirmed that Elio Solomon, the controversial Talk Show host, and Mike Adam, the former CEO of Cayman Airways, will be running on the UDP ticket in George Town.

There is speculationthat Mark Scotland will be running with the party in Bodden Town, and it is anticipated that the current West Bay Team of Bush, Rolston Anglin, Cline Glidden and Captain Eugene Ebanks will all run again. Julianna O’Connor Connolly will also be standing for the Sister Islands.

Although several independent candidates have now declared their intention to run and the UDP camp is beginning to take shape. The government People’s Progressive Movement has so far made no announcement’s regarding any proposed candidates for the 2009 General Election.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    To the post….WHY WE ARE OUT NUMBERED…sounds like you are a PPM supporter…why don’t ask them the now LOGB and all his extension cords, and the Pastors (what a laugh!I!) about all those persons that they nominated!!

    I am a West Bayer and have never supported anyone but the UDP team and I will do so again on 20 May 2009, and you know what I don’t see any of those independent candidates running for West Bay being able to represent me, my district, or our Islands the way that BIG MAC AND HIS UDP TEAM HAS DONE IN THE PAST AND WILL CONTINUE TO TO!!  


    • Anonymous says:

      "I don’t see any of those independent candidates running for West Bay being able to represent me, my district, or our Islands the way that BIG MAC AND HIS UDP TEAM HAS DONE IN THE PAST AND WILL CONTINUE TO TO!!"

      I think you just gave the independents a sterling endorsement! You should be embarrassed to admit you voted and will vote for the UDP.  Just a mindless follower, I guess. 

      You don’t have to be a PPM supporter to be appalled at the status grants, you just have to be sensible, patriotic Caymanian. Nominating deserving people is one thing, granting 3000+ people without any appropriate screening,many of whom were not deserving, leaving out many who were deserving and granting some who had not lived in the Islands is another thing. You better get off the UDP Kool Aid!

  2. Eva says:


    Almost everyday I am amazed – or disgusted really – at the fact that Mr. Bush gave away over 3,000 status’ to persons some of whom don’t have our islands best interest at heart.

    I shudder at the thoughts of what my children will have to face because of the horrible mismanagement of power which was displayed 4 years ago when MY/THEIR BIRTHRIGHT was handed over to many that don’t even know our National Song – or what our National Symbols are, or even care to learn about us.

    Mr. Bush – i don’t think anything will come close in my mind to the injustice that you served our islands with when your idea of giving away status’ popped into your mind – really, what were you thinking?

    I look at my children, and wonder what plot of land will they have when they are old enought to have their own families – I am blessed to be able to say that I had parents who saved and bought land, they sacraficed ever going on a vacation or buying luxury things – or has had land handed down through the years, and they kept it for us, their children, us, 7th & 8th Genereation Caymanians that have no other country to call home or to run to unlike those you gave status to when they decide The cayman islands have nothing left to give them.

    I am so sad at this moment to think that my children, who have a right, by being 8th genereation blood caymanians, to grow, live and work in these islands will be at a disavantage because you never thought ahead, or weren’t man enough to not make a stupid decision to give away our birthright, but something else that was not honorable made you make a decision that will have a terrible and negative lasting effect on these, my islands, forever.

    Pray for our people who have no where else to go – or call home.


    • Anonymous says:

      Well said, Eva. And it’s not just the 3,000+ – it is all those that permanent rights will be transmitted to through them. In other words, the impact is exponential and generational. Yet, you have some dimwits who are trying to dismiss the issue as unimportant or as yesterday’s news. Mr. Bush has made no apology for this but instead has sought to justify it or blame the UK. This is not leadership. Leadership takes responsibility and admits when it is wrong. If you cannot do that then you cannot be trusted to lead.   

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have heard enough about the status grants…wish that someone would clarify and talk about the other members of the LA and individuals of the public who also submitted "THEIR LISTS" for persons that they recommended/nominated to be granted status. Big Mac’s signature was not the only signature on that papers. We have a lot more to be concerned about right now…the new draft Constitution…the Government doesn’t have any money….and we are in a deep hole when it comes on money!!

    It is time for CHANGE AND IT IS NOW…20 May 2009!!



  4. Anonymous says:

    VOTE Out the Garbage in West Bay and send Big Mac flying with all the Status grants, and with the help of the three thousand status Grants  he should get enough votes to get his money back from the Elections.


    UDP & PPM both need to go… and I say  VOTE Them OUT


    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP campaigning on a platform of financial prudence is a joke. Never were more public funds wasted (as opposed to being spent on important capital projects) than under that Administration.  And never was there more abuse of power. They must think we have short memories. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Election time is here again. Well Mr Bush does have some issues. But which politician doesn’t? What we need right now is the kind of leadership and decision making to take the country out of this mess. Overall I think that Mr Bush is the right person for these times.

    An independent would also get my vote. But whatever happens, I am not so sure that all of the PPM members deserve to be re-elected as they have had their chance to get it right and they have not. I will definitely also suport a  few PPM members, for example Arden who has at least done his job as a minister.  But who knows…. maybe we can get a coalition government?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Big Mac you have my X come May 20th 2009 God’s willing. I’m a 46 year old West Bayer and I have always supported Big Mac. He has never given me a fridge, stove or built me a kitchen. He has the people and country at heart, not just the West Bayers like some would say. None of us are perfect and I’m not saying that I agree with everything that he did, but come MAY 20th 2009 he has my VOTE.

  7. Anonymous says:

    UDP & PPM both need to go.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree, no more Big Mac!  Problem is he buys West Bayers stoves and fridges, etc, builds them kitchens, etc so as to win their votes.  That is why he keeps getting voted in.  Good luck trying to get him voted out!!  He has the West Bayers fooled into thinking he is a good leader!!!  As long as they keep voting him in, we’re out of luck trying to get him out!!!  Good Luck!! 

    I agree with you, he needs to be plucked out of Government Leadership!!  All those status grants (many who were’nt eligible or deserving to be given status) to strain the school system and health care system was very bad leadership decisions along with all the other scandulous projects, etc!  No one convince me he doesn’t do all of those things for his own self-gain and self-benefit of the Almighty Dollar Bill and to have Prestige and Power (ego self worship)!!  Big Mac is not a good leader!!  But, his West Bayers will probably vote him back in!!  Oh well…

    And i wish any who get voted in to Government this time around luck with the economic crisis.  It is a global crisis and we are in the globe, not above or beyond it, but rather we are inside the globe!  We don’t live in another planet, we are in the one globe that is having global economical hardship.  Tourism is the main bread winner to the island.  Without the Tourists, many would have to pack up and leave this Island to go seek work elsewhere.  We are extremely dependant on Tourists here in Cayman.  It is like the blood in our financial veins here.

    Because, if we didn’t have jobs anymore for all the expats here, we would still need Tourists for local jobs and income.  So in the end, it would be as in the beginning, where Tourism and Banking is critical for the economy here. 

    Banking may have seen it’s better days, as Obama wants all tax havens shut down.  Tourism in my opionion has to be the main focus of this island or we go back to the old time way of life which is actually fine with me, i never did like modernization.  Come what may, it is well with my soul!!  My Redeemer King Jesus Lives!!


  9. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush is a throw back to politics that we can not afford anymore. He is the master of government by stooges. Anyone associated with him goes down in flames only because the truly stupid will elect him in West Bay. He is not the answer to the country’s problems. In fact he is the problem. The bank bust on his watch. The Ryan land deal. The status grants to a select group of foreigners. And the give away of our insurance money to the bank without a record of the negotiations is just too much for our people tobare. We can’t go back to Big Mac. His Pirate mentality is long past. We need to turn the page on his style of government. The bully system is over.

  10. Anonymous says:

    WHat about the 1 BILLION dollars that the PPM(Poor People MIstake) leave us in surplus Lol ……..This sounds like a PPM supporter to me…..Be smart and VOTE for the new Fresh BLood 😉

    • Anonymous says:

      UDP made a mess that the PPM couldn’t clean up.. Best solution: Vote all their A@#es out!

  11. Dexter Rivers says:

    Has Mckeeva forgot that while he was a Minister in the Government, his Government spent $55M on the Boatswain Beach, $27M on the Affordable Housing Fiasco which yielded 170 houses that did not receive Planning Department approval. He spent over $6M in excess of what the Port should have been built for. He stopped the Dr. Hortor Memorial Hospital costing the Government over $12M in penalties and write offs. Spent $9M on Pedro Castle. Now he is giving advice on Government spending and borrowing. Yet he and the UDP especially Rolston has constantly chided Banks for not lending money to the public for housing, even after the Banks have done their analysis to determe each case.

    Does he not know that the type of economy of this country is such that there are only two ways to obtain money to fund capital projects and pay salaries and other recurrent revenue?

    Unfortunately our public debt will increase as the Governenment builds more road schools that should have been built 20 years ago. Although the Government must insist on major developers funding new roads when their projects are approved Our Aiport and Sea Port both have to be upgraded to meet future growth which we need to sustain our livelihood. Our garbage disposal system has to be upgraded. Our population is growing and the public buildings need improving.

    Any politicin who tells you that we will reduce Public Debt is not being honest. It will not happen unless the population is sent off the island.
    We should look to be more effective with management of public facilities, such as not leaving the lights on at the playing fields after 11:00 pm at nights when no one is there. I could mention 40 ways of lowering expenses, but to be honest our public debt will increase unless the population decreases.
    Mc needs to stop fooling the poor people! 24 years of him is too much!