Cayman film moves closer to production

| 05/03/2009

(CNS):  The making of Cayman’s own feature length film production, When No One’s Looking (WNOL) will take another step forward towards the silver screen next month with a fundraising event in support of its production. The film will focus on a number of Cayman’s social issues, not least the reality of HIV and is being seen as an important production for the local fledgling film industry as well as contributing to raising awareness of HIV/ AIDS in the community. 

The fundraiser is being organized by 3P Entertainment and will showcase a wide array of local entertainment, fashion and performances, and will hopefully bring in much needed cash to help first time Producer Adonza Harrison and Director Judy Singh of Apex Video Solutions make the film a reality and begin production this summer.

The film is also receiving the endorsement of the Film Commission, which was recently established by the Cayman Islands Investment Bureau (CIIB).

“The Ministry of Tourism and the Cayman Islands Film Commission fully support the efforts of 3P Entertainment and their fundraising plans to fund the production of the local movie, When No One’s Looking,” said Minister Charles Clifford, who has responsibility for CIIB. “This uplifting movie could play a vital role in reaching the most vulnerable in our society; providing them with life lessons on how to make the right choice when it comes to protecting their health and quality of life.”

Harrison said that so far, 30 persons have died from AIDS related illnesses in Cayman, which is 30 too many, but she said local activists have united in a bid to raise awareness.

“We have accomplished more united than as lone voices. We now look forward to realizing WNOL to make such efforts easier. It’s also encouraging to obtain Minister Clifford’s endorsement for the movie through the newly formed Cayman Islands Film Commission."

James Myles of the Youth Services Unit said WNOL is also creating a win-win solution for the youth of Cayman and the newly formed Film Industry. Miss Cayman Nicosia Lawson has also heralded the film as a strong step forward towards addressing issues surrounding Cayman’s youth including teenage drinking, teen pregnancy & HIV.  "I’m excited about the potential the movie will have on raising awareness to many of the social ills, within our community. Especially that of HIV/AIDS. I’m in support of any organization that advocates education and prevention on this critical matter," she added.

The event will be held at  62 Forum Lane, Camana Bay, on 4 April. Doors open 7:00 pm and raffle tickets are $20 pre-sold and $25 at the gate.  Food, snacks & drinks will also be available for purchase.  Anyone wishing to get involved as a volunteer and/or sponsor are asked to call Adonza Harrison at 325-6658.

Main organizers areAdonza Harrison, Judy Singh, Rose May Ebanks, Nicosia Lawson, Luigi Moxam, Letitia Davis-Eden, Antoinette Hewitt, Lorna Reid and Tricia Bodden. Special thanks to 3P’s Major Supporters: Home Gas Ltd., Digicel, Maples & Calder, Apex Video Solutions, Colin Wilson, Camana Bay, Lions Productions and all performers. Rob Patraulea, CPA of Dominion Accounting is the Production’s Independent Accountant.

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