Reef Reports on “Kin”

| 06/03/2009

(CNS): The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) is hosting a lecture on “Kin”, also known as one’s relatives or family, on 12 March, at the Cracked Conch. The lecture, which starts at 7:30 pm, will be deliverd by Dr David Ross Peart, Professor of Biological Sciences for Dartmouth College and guests will also be updated on the 2009/2010 educational initiatives that have been undertaken by CCMI, including Ocean Literacy, a program to increase our (children’s) understanding of the important links between our lives and the ocean.

A summary of the lecture, supplied by CCMI, is: “We and our children live at an exciting time in the history of life on Earth. Modern biology is rapidly exposing the deep and close relationship among all life forms, including us. At the same time, we have another challenge: to learn how to maintain some of the diversity of life that shares the planet with us. Coral reefs are feeling the crunch first.”

Most recently Dr Peart was at CCMI’s Little Cayman Research Centre, where he has been leading a ten week course on Terrestrial Ecology and Coral Reef Ecology for undergraduate students of Dartmouth College. When he is not teaching, Dr Peart volunteers his time for organizations such as The Sustainability Institute and Hanover Conservation Council.

“The Cracked Conch is a great venue for CCMI’s Reef Reports. They have a comfortable seating area for guests to enjoy a beverage before moving into the event room for the presentation”. Comments Kellie Shoemaker, Sales and Events Co-ordinator for CCMI. “We thank the management and staff of the Cracked Conch for generously providing beverages and the presentation room so that our visiting scientists can educate our community.”

Anyone interested in attending the lecture should contact Kellie at 949-1938 or Space is very limited.

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