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| 16/03/2009

(CNS): UPDATE Tuesday 11:25 —Police said this morning (Tuesday 17 March) that the search for 21-year-old Sabrina Schirn is continuing as detectives carry out door to door enquiries in relation to the recovery of the vehicle that Sabrina was last known to be using. Officers are actively following up reported sightings of Sabrina to ascertain if they are genuine. “We are extremely worried for Sabrina and are doing all we can to find out where she is,” said Detective Inspector Kim Evans.

“If Sabrina can hear (or see) this, we need her to come forward and let us know that she is ok.” Evans also said that police had located another vehicle which Sabrina had access to but had not located another vehicle in which she was allegedly sighted in on Sunday. “We have now located the two vehicles that Sabrina had access to,” Evans added. “We have not located the blue Honda which she was reportedly seen in Wednesday night (March 11). It’s essential that we hear from anyone with information about Sabrina’s movements.”

Sabrina was reported missing to police on Thursday, March 12. Detectives launched a missing person’s enquiry and have been carrying out investigations into her disappearance since then. Sabrina reportedly left her workplace, Blockbuster in Grand Harbour, at approximately 10:00am on Wednesday, 11 March after borrowing a co-worker’s vehicle, Sabrina did not return to work.

The borrowed car was found in bush land off in the East End area, by a member of the public who called 911 at around 17.10 on Monday, 16 March.  The RCIPS had earlier appealed for sightings of the car, a white 1999 Honda Torneo, registration number 133-249 which Sabrina had borrowed from a friend on Wednesday, 11March 11. The vehicle was processed at the scene by Scenes of Crime Officers and the car has now been moved for further forensic examination. The Fire Department assisted with providing a light source at the scene for the examination of the vehicle and area searches were carried out by officers, including the K9 unit.

House to house enquiries are being carried out today and statements are being taken from various people who live in the area who can assist with the investigation.

Evans said officers needed to know how the car got to East End. “Did anyone see the vehicle? Who was driving? I appeal for anyone who can help to get in touch,” he said.

Sabrina is described as approximately 5ft 5ins tall with a medium brown complexion, of heavy set build, and with dark curly brown hair with red highlights.

Anyone with information about Sabrina’s disappearance should contact Sergeant Winsome Prendergast on 516 5241 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling crime stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    My deepest sympathy is extended to the grieving family and friends of Sabrina.

  2. Eve Cameron says:

    I AM INCANDESCENT WITH RAGE!!! – That poor, poor girl’s body was left to decompose in the heat for seven days.  HAVE MERCY LORD!!! how could the police be so nonchalant about her disappearance.  How dare the police treat Sabrina’s Mother, brothers, sisters, in fact her entire family with such utter contempt, yes CONTEMPT, and if you don’t know what that means "DISRESPECT" – why was Sabrina not important enough to devote a team to look for her?  instead  her desperate family was left to search for her – to the police she was just another statistic, another inconsiderate young girl gone off without bothering to notify her family, how dare the police decide who is important and who is not – How dare the police decide who is creditable and who is not – How dare the police be a law unto themselves.

    Those feral monsters who commited this crime should be hung, drawn and quartered, they do not deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison – why should they be allowed to eat prison food or be allowed to live, they are the scum of the earth and should be punished accordingly. 

    How will the Police force atone for their shabby investigation into Sabrina’s disappearance – to be honest they can’t, the damage has already been done.  You have messed up royally.

    Whoever conducted this investigation should be dismissed without a dollar or pound note – your head bent with your tail between your legs to hybernate in shame for all eternity.

    Evelyn Cameron (London)

  3. Anonymous says:

    It is only after 5 days that the police went door to door.  why is it taking so long for the police to act, to start looking for missing people.  this island is tiny. call out the police force to search the area – the entire police force… a person’s life is the most important thing. forget about the tickets for speeding, hanging out to catch speeders or sitting at the courthouse all day.  get out and look.  Or you know what… if the police won’t do it then call on the public to help. police organised search party – yes, they do work! maybe we could have found Sabrina alive…just maybe.  even some hope and the effort will give the commmunity some sort of solace. this island is too small for such crimes as these to happen and to go unsolved.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a Caymanian I’m outraged at all these killings that has been going on!!!  The police are a shame and disgrace to us all, they are not doing their jobs the way it suppose to handle situations in this case!!!  As they let in more immigrants into our Country we know crime rate will increase!!  This is not paradise anymore!!  All the police in Cayman is good for is flirting with women!!!  We need to bring back the death penalty case, for anyone who commits murder! because if we dont  they will take advantage of our system, because they dont care going to Northward prison because it’s like a hotel to them all anyway with great food and good hospitality!!  The Cayman Goverment needs to stricken up on their laws!  They need to realise that criminals are here in our Country!  We dont fingerprint them!  We dont run numerous background checks!  We just let anyone into so call paradise!!!  Come on Caymanians wake up!! It’s time to smell the darn coffee!!!  Our Country has been invaded with murderers!   TO WHOEVER GET INTO THE ELECTIONS THIS YEAR LETS JUST PRAY AND HOPE THAT CHANGES WILL SOON COME!!!   BRING BACK OUR CAYMAN ISLANDS & VOTE BACK FOR THE DEATH PENALTY.

    • Anonymous says:

      go to the summary court any day of the week and you will find that the persons charged are in the vast majority Caymanians!  Stop being a xenophobe and a racist and look inwards ..

      • Anonymous says:

        "go to the summary court any day of the week and you will find that the persons charged are in the vast majority Caymanians!  Stop being a xenophobe and a racist and look inwards"

        You are racist against Caymanians making bogus, insupportable statements as if they were fact. So all of a sudden murders and rapes don’t count and we can just assume all unsolved crimes are committed by Caymanians? If a Caymanian had made such a proposterous statement about any single nationality, e.g. all the crimes are being committed by Jamaicans, that would be racist and I would be equally outraged. So don’t give me this guff about your visits to summary court. You are a disgrace to whatever country you are from! What a nerve!

  5. Eve Cameron says:

    Hold on a minute the island is 22 x 8 miles in total,  how is it possible that in this 21st century it has taken a police force 7 days to find a body?

    What archaic police force is supposedly defending this island and it’s people?  I am horrifed that this search has taken so long.  They are not in the Hebrides, archipelago of about 500 islands, they are on a small Island in the caribbean.

    The police force should be utterly embarrassed with the tragic turn of events which I am in no doubt could have been avoided had the police force pulled their hands out of their pockets, this iseveident by the "so Called Dective" standing at the scene where the car was found  with his hands in his pockets – Same on you !!! 

    A family member in London England




  6. Anonymous says:

    Police service is slack

  7. Anonymous says:


    Condolences to the family and friends of Sabrina. The police block off one side of the island only to now know that the same thing happened 5 months later on the other side of the island. Cayman need dedicated patrol’s men to drive these areas 24 hours a day. Rest in Peace.
  8. Anonymous says:

    Where were the police?????? Why does the family have to be the ones to continue to search for this younggirl like this. Door to door, house to house? You should have been in the bushes searching for the family instead the family was the one doing the work…………The service is slack and as a young Caymanian I am outraged at how the Police treated this case. They didn’t take it serious and even in the statement above it talks about reward should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs. What does that imply to the public…… If Sabrina can hear (or see) this, we need her to come forward and let us know that she is ok.” Well Sabrina cannot hear you…….Very disappointing.

    I am calling out to the God fearing people of this Island………..pray…fast…..for our island. We have to take authority over this muderous spirit which has been unleashed in our country since the death of Estella. Men you gotta rise up….take your proper position in this country, in your home and PRAY for us….the women. We need your prayers. We obviously cannot rely on the police alone so we need to rely on each other, we need to be our brothers keeper. Another young person gone like this is unacceptable. We as the body of Christ need to stand up, put on the armour of God and wrestle against principalites, powers and rulers of darkness in high places. We must take authority now no time to play Church and water down Christianity. RISE UP! Every Spirit of Fear we bind you in Jesus Name and we loose every chain and shackle that you have place on the lives of the women in this country. We will not be bound to fear for God has not given us a Spirit of Fear but of love, of power and of a sound mind.

    We also need to pray for God fearing men and women to be in the Police service. That they have compassionate hearts that they see being in the Police Force as an ability to serve and not just to earn a pay check. We need to pray more for them, as outraged as I am they still need my prayers they still need God. Oh God have mercy on us! Have mercy!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Her body has been found

  10. Anonymous says:

    Do we have to assume the risk ouselves to find Sabrina, using common sence as was the case with Estella? When was the helicopter put into the search?

    What do we do with the largest police service per thousand world-wide? Are we getting value for budget? 

    When was the helicopter deployed after the alarm was made on Wednesday? Those questions MUST be answered later.

    To our community…Sabrina is ours let us find her. 

  11. Anonymous says:

    >>>>>And yet we say this is a SMALL island!? <<<<<<< Guess it’s not that small if she hasn’t been found yet.

    This is really awful and has triggered alot of fear in other young ladies. Hopefully this sends a message to women that we can not ever be too unsure of our wherabouts.


  12. Aunt Lisa G says:

    While we the family of Sabrina Schirn do appreciate calls from friends and persons who are genuinely concerned for the family and Sabrina’s well-being, we are appealing to the public to desist with the propaganda and distasteful calls being made directly to us, this is a very difficult time for us, especially last night, show some respect people.  Try praying instead!!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    Has her phone been off from Wednesday?  If any calls have been made from her phone since Wednesday morning when she was last seen, the phone companies can track which areas the calls were made from. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    No I honestly, we caymanians depend too much on the police. And also afraid of
    Them, afraid of the Almighty only. We need to help this poor family in agony of not knowing where their
    Child is.obviously something is wrong, get those trained dogs out, those divers and
    Search for this instead of trying get thoselaw suits bills paid from us.
    I have been sent a summonds for expired coupon and insurance, yet my insurance is
    Not expired, the officer had it in his hands. I think am gonna slam them with law suit
    Also, am going to see a lawyer,hell why not everybody is doing.and its only from the
    Cayman islands police force,no other dept. What am trying to say is that the pretty uniform
    They wear makes them abuse their authorithy, not power,cuase power only God
    Has that.maybe I will a million from them tooooo!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am willing to strap on some boots and join family and friends in searching for Sabrina…please let me know what I can do to help!  I don’t know what is going on…but all I know is that she is a young Caymanian woman just like myself and I am willing to join with my fellow Caymanians and Cayman Residents in searching for this precious life.  If someone knows of any search parties – please advise I know that I am not the only person who is willing to help find Sabrina!

  16. Anonymous says:

    No one knows what the family is going through.  I am one of her closest family members and no one realise the efforts we are putting out day in day out to find her.  We have our family searching places we did not know existed in Cayman.  We are the Gould family and a very big one.  There has been pleas on the news by her mother who has been searching also.  All of her friends and even her boss has been out searching.  For all the people who have helped the family in anyway I THANK YOU.  Just the simple phone call or the joining of our search party we are very grateful that Cayman can come together especially in a time like this.  Please keep us in your prayers and continue to look out as we have posted over 500 pictures with her in supermarkets, gas stations and people on the street.  Sabrina is coming home and today is the day!!!!!!!  We will find her!!

  17. J Williams (Aunt) says:
    Cayman seem to have had an history of mysterious disappearance of people.   I can recall a man and his son went missing in the early 1970s and many others since then. My question is, what methods have been employed to address this major problem in such relatively small island?  We are very fortunate to be livingin this modern high-tech age where many crime detection equipment is readily available.  As a parent and aunt of Sabrina, I share the pain of my sister Hope Schirn, along with other family members in Cayman.  She is my niece, for God’s sake find her!  But not only because she is my niece, she could be any mother’s child.
    I therefore take this opportunity to appeal to the government, the politicians and police force to do something now to end the waste of precious lives.  Young Sabrina Schirn is missing.  This has no doubt triggered off fear and panic among natives.  How many more will disappear before something is done?  I want to admonish the police force, government and politicians to do something now.  The time has come to adopt new strategies that will bring good results.  There are too many unresolved crime related issues on the island.
    J. Williams – Croydon, Surrey UK
    • Trisha Anthony says:

      My family knows first hand what it is like to have a loved one go missing and not know what has happened to them.  My grandfather Yurgesen Bodden and my Uncle Arnold Bodden age 16 were the two people who went missing in February 1972.  The only thing that was ever located from their disappearance was my grandfather’s boat.   I pray that  her family continue to be strong and have faith in God and that Sabrina returns home safe.

    • Anonymous says:

      We live in such a high-tech age yet Cayman is still way behind times! Why hasn’t Government initiated fingerprinting for all Caymanians, Residents and permit holders? No one should be able to get a driverslicense with out first being finger printed and included into a database. How much easier would it be to catch criminals if finger printing databases were available to track people?  Proposals have been made but Government won’t listen! How much closer to home can something horrible get in order for someone to take action!?

      • Anonymous says:

        The USA do not fingerprint all of its citizens so why should Cayman fingerprint all of there residents even if they have not broken the law.  High-tech world or not people have rights.  Now maybe if you said Cayman should fingerprint all of the permit holders and anyone who is arrested then you might have made a point.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m sorry to say but the U.S. DOES fingerprint almost  everyone…unless you are an illegal immigrant…You are fingerprinted at the hospital when you are born (for your birth certificate). You are also fingerprinted as part of the application process for obtaining a U.S. Passport.   As well as to obtain your U.S. Citizen (application process). Although, this doesn’t cover everyone in the U.S. it’s a good start! Anyone arrested for ANYTHING is also definately fingerprinted.  Illegal immigrants in Cayman are a lot more difficult to house so it should be easier to be able to maintain fingerprinting of all it’s residents, citizens and permit holder. 

          If this was your family member missing or know they have been harmed would you still feel the same about having your fingerprints in a database along with everyone else if it would help find the criminal? I think manditory fingerprinting is a small price to pay for someone’s life or justice!

        • Anonymous says:

          why do permit holders not have rights but Caymanians do in respect of fingerprinting?  The UK is about  to implement a system of identity tcards for all UK residents which will include biometric information including fingerpints.  Why should Caymanians differentiate between their people and those who lawfully reside in their country – unless of course  the reason is prejudice bigotry and discrimination.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Could someone tell me why is it that civillians have to be out there puting their lives at risk and are usually the one’s that have to find these things with all these millions and millions being spent on this police service. Let me correct previous poster also It was “friends” not the Police who went to search for Estella two happen to be ex Police officers get your facts right and it had nothing to do with her being an “executive” either. Again trying not to be too critical of this Police service but what are we paying them for Illegal tint blue lights and expired coupons and drugs.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I see and think if she was an excecutive in society like Estella they would have found
    A long time ago.instead they are out there in these hard times harrassing us who
    Have to work to pay those law suits on their hands. Issuing tickets and sending
    Decent people to pay back all that in leu they owe government.we need to
    Get out there and search,cause u known they can never do it on their.if it was drugs
    It would have been found quicker.

    • Anonymous says:

      Instead of downing the police, go out and help search for her.  The criminals is who we should be going after.

  20. Anonymous says:

     I agree with everyone and this is indeed very disturbing!

    this could in fact just be one of our own loved ones and im sure that we would want the police to be doing everything in their might to get the case resolved.

    The police need to up their game and communicate with the public. we are just as worried and concerned as they are.

    My hear goes out to Sabrina and her family.


  21. margaret says:

     Lets get the search partys out there in different districts.Someone must know something.God bless the family who must be in turmoil.Come on Cayman lets find this lovely young woman safe.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Detectives are continuing to investigate the apparent disappearance of Sabrina Schirn and say they are following a number of reported sightings but are appealing for her to contact them as soon as possible.

    I just realized the news report said the above.

    Well, hopefully all these sightings of her are really her, which means she is alive and well!  Hopefully!

    Nevertheless, got to vigilantly search for her til she is proven found! 

    Come forth Sabrina, even if you wrecked the borrowed car, the car can be replaced, but you cannot be replaced!


  23. Anonymous says:

    i just sent a reply saying we haven’t heard from the family, just as i sent that off i realized the family had just posted soon before that on here, my apologies, that was a cross wire error.

  24. Anonymous says:

    i am trying to swirl this over and over in my mind to make sense of this

    she is a legal adult, does not have to submit to parental rules

    she borrowed a co-workers car that day, and both her and the car never returned.

    that night she was seen in the back of a car at the Northside Bar.

    the borrowed car has not been found.

    What on earth does this ad up to???

    If she is in the back of a car that night and doesn’t shout for help, that means she of her free will would be in that car, which would probably have alot to do with her borrowing her co-worker’s car that day and never returning.

    Who is her boyfriend?  Who does she date?  Who does she hang out with? 

    You don’t hear nothing from her family, no comments or pleas from her family, just strangers???

    Where is her family and friends??  Why can’t we hear anything from family and friends???

    Why is it so hidden and low key and quiet??




  25. Aunt Lisa G says:

    God bless you all, everyone who is/has taken time out to pray for our Sabrina and our family….we appreciate your continued prayers for her safe return.  To all who been calling or visiting us, we just thank you all at this time for your support.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was just me that noticed the police presence or reaction to this matter seems really non-chalant and not urgent to me. I am sure or I hope the police are working tirelessly behind the scenes to find this poor girl.However as the previous writer indicated we should be SEEING and HEARING of the efforts and progress being made. The reaction and coverage has seemed very poor to me. I heard about this incident on Friday afternoon and kept checking the web listening to the radio over the weekend for something to break. We are waaaay to small of an island for someone to be missing for this period of time with no apparent leads. If the police needs help I will be right out there doing my part because the business as usual feel of this all has me really disturbed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I TOTALLY agree and feel the same way…

      I checked the web and listened out for updates all weekend as well.

      I’m sure there are many people out there who are willing to put on some boots and search the bushes if necessary until she is found.

      RCIPS PLEASE ask/allow the public to help with this. We all have mothers, daughters, sisters or aunts and this could be ANYONE!

  27. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe this young woman is missing, and it seems so low key. I feel like screaming just thinking about it. I don’t know her, but it could be my sister, mother or niece missing, and it hurts to hear so little about this. Please, please do something to find this young woman. The whole country is affected by this, as it brings back memories of Estella, and we do not want this to end that way. To Sabrina, I hope you’re safe and that this is all just one big misunderstanding.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Lets pray that she can be found safe .

    Mean time we the public would like to see more police cars and people searching ,more posters out there more calls,get dogs to search for people as they do fro drugs,get police patrolling the entire roads of THE ENTIRE ISLAND,ASK THE PEOPLE TO SEARCH ,WE ALL ARE WILLING TO HELP ,BECAUSE IT CAN HAPPEN TO ANY ONE AND THE BAD PERSONS THAT ARE DOING THIS KIND OF THINGS CAN BE DRIVING BEHIND YOU ,JUST RELAXING IN TRAFFIC KNOWING THAT THE POLICE WOULD NOT STOP THEM UNLESS THEY ARE SPEEDING OR HAVE AN EXPIRED STICKER.Nothing wrong with stopping cars,make them nervous and pull them over,pull people over like is done for the stickers.Get the helicopter out there.If We unite we can search the entire Island in just a few hours.The people capable of this and so many other acts of crimes should know that as soon as they make a move that can seem suspicious, any one can pick up a phone and call any police station to report and that the POLICE would show up,no one would know that you called ,we can be saving our own life.When any thing like this happens we need to hear sirens and see police cars and man out there,every where and also see the helicopter flying. Let’s work to make our Island a safer place, where the criminals would not feel confortable.This is an Island promoted as a safe place and to keep it that way we need to watch out for each other.May God bless us and keep us safe from all the evil people and their acts.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Why have there been NO UPDATES from Police or Media on this case??  Very worrying.  Have there been organised searches for her?  Do they have some information but just can’t share details for whatever reason??  

    Hoping and praying we hear something soon, and that she’s found alive and well.

  30. Owen says:

    Let’s keep her in our prayers. I am hopeful that this young lady is found alive and well.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Has there been an update from the police on this missing young woman?

    CNS: As soon as we get an update, it will be posted.

  32. Anonymous says:

    It might make sense to use the helicopter to search the dike area for any sign of her.

    I hope she will come home safely.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone organized a search party as yet? Maybe we just need to get some people canvassing NS and the island in general to see if we can find her! This is so sad, that Cayman has become like this…but we need to be proactive and fight back and tell the individuals participating in this type of criminal activity that we will not stand for this in our community.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you know something that the rest of us don’t?

      I certainly sounds like you know more than you are letting on

      For heavens sake call the RCIPS if you do…

  34. Doe Schubert says:

    I can’t believe this is happening in Cayman…. 

  35. Anonymous says:

    I hope and pray this young lady has not fallen to an ill fate like Estella,  i hope she surfaces alive and well real soon.  It’s so scary these days, you never know what to think anymore with all the crimes and abductions taking place?  Come home alive Sabrina!!