Search team finds body

| 17/03/2009

(CNS): The body of a woman, believed to be Sabrina Schirn, has been found by a member of the public assisting a police search team in East End following the discovery of a car linked to her disappearance. While police have not formally identified the woman, other sources have confirmed to CNS that it is Schirn. Police said scenes of crime officers are currently on location processing the scene and family liaison officers are working with the family.

The body was found in bush land off High Rock Road, East End on land belonging to Brazely McLean, sources report, by a local person helping police because of their local knowledge and familiarity with the area. At this stage police have not yet offered any details of how or when Schirn died. However, they have said that they are treating the discovery of the body as amurder inquiry.

According to other local sources. Schrin was threatened at her place of work by a man who was known to her before she borrowed her work colleague’s car and disappeared.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling crime stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. "Concerned" says:

    To the family of Ms. Schirn – my deepest condolences. At this time I plead with everyone to realize that God is still in control and He wants the family and friends to continue to rely on Him through prayer. 

    Seeking "revenge" will only make this situation worse.  God sits high and looks low and no matter what our life circumstances, He will bring these criminals to justice.  It may seem hard to understand at this time amidst your pain, but He is still God.  Remember His word declares that "vengance is His and He will repay".

    I pray that as you seek God for answers to your many questions, that He will also comfort your grieving hearts, and that each one will find peace within. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    How this was handled by the POLICE FORCE is hard to digest once the CAR was discovered why weren’t  OFFICERS left in that area to start searching the area at the crack of DAWN. No the OFFICERS were at home or where ever,  while SABRINA’S family and friends were very concerned for her well been.

    The POLICE FORCE needs a good shaking up starting from the very top. Ennis why not make Kim Evans answer the questions since he is the INVESTIGATING OFFICER. I for one am very disappointed in some of the VERY POOOOOOOOOOORR answers that you gave.

    Trust that you all can sleep at night knowing how this missing person report were handled. My prayers go out to SABRINA’S FAMILY.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, i agree with that writer who says if you ever report a missing person, tell the police they have a kilo of coke on them!!!  I completely agree!!!  It seems the only way to get a proper dilligent search going on!!  Why can’t DTF search as dilligent for missing people as they do for drugs??? 

  4. Anonymous says:

    It would appear that there is only one Caymanian who has posted on here who has spoken any sense. Yes, hold the police accountable, but be sure of your facts before you vent as surely you should know that this causes more damage. If every ex-pat officer left the RCIPS then it would truly be on its knees. Lets fill ithe RCIPS with locals, oh, we cant, as locals dont want to join. Stop acting like children and grow up and see that the people commiting crime on this island are NOT EX PATS. You get the police service you deserve and by your rants on here no wonder the police service is broken because you dont deserve one. I am sick and tired of reading such rubbish by you supposed god fearing people. If you think you can help then talk to the police, or join, as a special constable or full time constable or are you too busy making money or drinking or posting foolishness on here. If you cannot be constructive then find something else to do.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Stop acting like children and grow up and see that the people commiting crime on this island are NOT EX PATS".

      There is no factual basis for that statement. The one charged for Jazzy B’s murder is an expat. The two charged with Estella’s murder are expats. There are many others. Many crimes are also committed byCaymanians of course. We don’t know who committed the unsolved ones. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Now that is bull I am Caymanian and I applied to be in the RCIPS and I went through every step of demand to be there and instead I am at home, What I have to say is that if there where any Police that truly cared and respected their Job I would say they would have been the first to find what everyone were looking for. Hey oh shucks those who are in care and respect one thing, THE MONEY AND THE POWER THAT THEY HAVE OVER OTHERS WOO HOO am i right or wrong?

      People like me that want to get in to actually do some good can’t and hey again I have been birthed here and raised here all my life……….. Now which local don’t care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    to UKKY titled "i have read through all the…"

    That is exactly what i was talking to someone about today, saying now this is the final straw that broke the camel’s back that is going to cause vigilantes to rise up in this island.  We no longer feel safe nor protected nor cared about by our police force.  The new level is going to be vigilante style to fight off these atrocious monstrous criminals!  You Bet!  We no longer have faith that we have any protection in this island by our police force!

  6. MISS ANNONYMOUS ..S.F. says:
    It’s the devil to blame. It’s the sinners thats forgetting the lord’s work. Murder is a sin & blaming one another will certainly not bring back the girl [may you rest in peace] Yes cayman police are shitty and worthless because i too had to go through and terrifyin experience. My 17 year old daughter was home alone an afternoon when someone broke into my house and attacked her. She had the chance to run away and go to a safer place and called me . I got to my house which is bodden town and i was all the way working in west bay. Now tell me we have a station in bodden town and it took them 30minutes to get there and i was at my house in 15minutes. Cayman police really need to take things more seriously. My daughter could’ve been murdered imagine if she called the police while locked into a room and waiting for the police to come and this sick criminal is outside waiting for her pounding down the door or something and they would take 30 f***ing minutes. IF my DAUGHTER DIED i would sue there f***ing asses. This comment goes out to the lady that said her brother was killed of heart attack that is sad. And i am a lawyer you should’ve sued them. They deserved it dirty bastards. Why don’t they talk about police who mess around with young girls. Arrest the wrong people. My brother is in jail for no reason but justice will be served because the day god made me get my masters in law was the best day of my life! JUSTICE WILL BE SERVED!. hope it does so with sabrina. sad ,, sad,, sick people out there.
  7. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again with the blame game….. anyone but us Caymanian’s are at fault.

    This crime was apparently committed by a Caymanian on a Caymanian. The prison is full of Caymanian’s. Many Caymanian parents are as much to blame for the actions of their children. There are very few Caymanian family units anymore. If something goes wrong, blame someone else, deflect the biggest issue that many Caymanians are being raised as criminals and killers.

    If the police made mistakes here then it is bad, but the police cannot do everything for us. Wake up and see what Caymanians are doing with this growing hate of expats and each other.

    Yes the police does have Caymanian officers, but wait and see who gets the blame if they got this one wrong, for sure it won’t be a Caymanian policeman…………….. we are blameless.

    A young Caymanian girl is dead…  the police may have made mistakes, but the Caymanian killer, his unbringing and our society are to blame…

    • Anonymous says:

      "This crime was apparently committed by a Caymanian on a Caymanian".

      And what is this based on exactly? Please do not exclude any group prematurely. That is foolish and counterproductive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please let us not forget that all the "Status Holders" are also Caymanian.

    • Anonymous says:

      To : here we go again with the …Was someone arrested?  Do you know something we don’t know?  I don’t remember reading anywhere that she was killed by a Caymanian.

  8. Anonymous says:

    First of all, my condolences to the family.

    We need to all pull together forever not for just one death so that maybe we can prevent this from happening again.  The police are humans like the rest of us.  No one is perfect.  We need to stop playing the blame game.  How many people came forward and said where they had saw her last?

    Secondly, I will say something that I have been wanting to bring up for a long time and I hope the right government official reads this.  I was surprised to find out that after if John Doe served 1 year in prison, his record is cleaned after a certain amount of years.  At least here in the Cayman Islands.  I’m not sure about other countries but we only require a clean record for 6 months.  That murderer may have gotten out of jail a year ago.  In the US they have a record for life.

    As for fingerprinting bring it on with photos and facial recognition software.  I know for a fact that a Jamaican woman that was deported from Aruba went back to Jamaica got a different passport in another name and is now working in the Cayman Islands.  Another woman, wrote up her own reference for her work permit.  Murders and rapists should never have their slate wiped clean. 

  9. UK resident says:

    I am a former resident of the Cayman Islands, and knew Sabrina Schirn. I am discusted, and have been ever since I heard of her dissapearance that there was no police involvement in the search for her! It chills me to think that the RCIP did not start a search operation the minute the missing persons report was brought to their attention!! My heart goes out to the Schirn Family, the Gold family, all Sabrinas colleagues, friends and other relatives. Sabrina was a truly amazing girl and the RCIP should be discusted at their lack of concern and diligence in this matter.

  10. UKKY says:

    I have read through all the comments and news reports relating to these terrible events and kept my silence on the matter, but now I feel I can no longer do so, I am outraged.

    This crime is a terrible act, there can be no argument there, and I think everybody agrees, and I hope that the murderer(s) is/are found quickly and brought to justice.  It would seem to me there are many obvious lines of equiry for the police to follow and I hope that they are.

    However, the perceived(be it perceived or real) lack of effort on behalf of the police is staggering.  I read in another news source that no police were even in the area of the eventual successful search area on Tuesday morning.  The police should have been making every possible resource available to locate Sabrina. 

    The fact that her family and volunteer groups were left to search the area and eventually find the remains of their sister is nothing short of disgusting.  It is painful enough for a relative to identify the remains of a loved one, let alone be the people to discover the remains in what are described to be a "badly decomposed" state.  At least when the police are those who find the body they family are spared the additional trauma of finding the body "as is".

    The fact that Sabrinas remains were found by her family also opens up the possibility that evidence has been disturbed.  Who can honestly say that had they found their sister or mother or daughter lying dead in the road, that they would not have hugged her, in the very least, a relative will touch the face of the person they have loved.  You cannot blame the family for this, I would do it, and I’m certain most people would.  The police, in allowing the relatives to find Sabrina, may have also allowed the evidence to be disturbed, and have put mental scarson the members of her family that may never heal.

    There is a stark contrast between this case and that of Estella Scott-Roberts, that being that the police here appeared to be acting casually and almost as this they didn’t believe Sabrina was in danger. 

    I hope that their attitude has nothing to do with the differing social status’ of these two women, however I fear it has.   In my opinion the police have acted as though Sabrina was young and foolish and was hiding somewhere.  Estella had a public face and so the police action was swift, effective and sucessfull.

    In allowing the public to do their work in finding the body and the car, the police has opened up a dangerous precedent.  At what point will the public now decide that they not only need to do the investigative work of the police, but also the justice.  If Cayman is to have a vigilante mob mentality then it will be RCIPS that have created it.

    Somebody wrote on here earlier that it was arrogant to question  the police, I would suggest it is the Police who are being arrogant here.  Treating this case as nothing more than trivial.  It must be far more rewarding to hand out a speeding ticket.

  11. A concerned Daughter, Sister and Mother says:

    Once again the RCIPS have failed to protect and to serve or is it listen, care and act?  All I know is if they had said this poor girl was in possession of a kilo of coke or marijuana she would still be alive ’cause the police would have found her almost immediately.  It is pathetic the way they always seem to take their sweet time when it comes to rescuing a human being but if that person is supposedly in possession of drugs or  a firearm they are immediately captured and incarcerated.  Poor sweet child.  Also, apparently she wasn’t ‘high profile’ enough to warrant a proper search.  I hope the family of Sabrina Schirn sues our police force for every penny they have left and demand a public apology!  Our government needs to take at look at what has been happening within our police force within the past few years and determine that it is corrupt.  I am so angry right now I am screaming!  How could this happen? Why did this happen?  I have children and now for the billionth time I don’t want them out of my sight.  Cayman was the safest place on this planet and now no more.  I demand that the police force be made to give details of why they were not doing their job and searching for this girl.  My prayers go out to Sabrina’s family because I know first hand what they are experiencing.  A while back the police searched my brother and his car for drugs as he lay dying of a massive heart attack.  I was there at the time and they completelyignored my cries for them to help him.  Even after he was dead it took them a while to call for an ambulance.  I’ll never know if he could have been saved but they chose to search for drugs instead of helping him.  To this day I remember each officer that was present and cannot forgive them.  This whole event has left a bitter taste in my mouth.

    I enclose the following poem and pray that you may find comfort in it.

                                                A CHILD

    "I’ll lend you for a little time, a child of mine" He said

    "For you to love the while he lives and mourn for when he’s dead.  

    It may be six or seven years or twenty-two or three

    But will you till I call him back, take care of him for Me?

    He’ll bring his charms to gladden you and shall his stay be brief

    You’ll have his lovely memories as solace for your grief.

    I cannot promise he will stay since all from earth return

    But there are lessons taught down there I want this child to learn

    I’ve looked the wide world over in my search for teachers true

    And from the throngs that crown life’s lanes I have selected you.

    Now will you give him all your love and think not the labour vain

    Nor hate Me when I come to call and take him back again?"

    I fancied that I heard them say "Dear Lord Thy will be done.

    For all the joy thy child shall bring the risk of grief we’ll run

    We’ll shelter him with tenderness and love him while we may

    And for the happiness we’ve known forever grateful stay

    But shall the angels call for him much sooner than we’ve planned

    We’ll brave the bitter grief that comes and try to understand"

    God bless you all!

  12. Anonymous says:

    In light of recent events that have further confirmed the incompetency of our Police Force, I have decided to start a fundraiser to facilitate the purchase of CSI (Crime Scene Investigations) videos for the RCIPS.  I’m sure that if they watch at least one episode every month they can learn something about crime prevention but most importantly, properly processing a crime scene!  Their efforts, or lack thereof, in the Sabrina investigation (God rest her soul and my condolences to her family) have truly been a disgrace and we need to do everything possible to help our police. Thus, donations large and small are being taken to purchase as many seasons of CSI as possible. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Cayman Islands Police Station should be a shame to there self!

  14. S. B says:

    The minute the death penalty was abolished, LIFE had no value! Criminals don’t have any respect for the law and our prison is far superior to many! I know people who have admitted that they don’t care about going to jail because that alleviates them of personal and financial responsibilities!!!

    So what’s left as a deterrant or punishment??? In addition, women don’t have the provision of any form of self protection, such as pepper spray or tasers. What’s the issue here?? If these protection methods are abused then procecute those that do, BUT allow the innocent to perhaps have a chance to save their own lives. Maybe then potential predators will think twice before seeing victims as easy prey!

    For those who shake their heads and mutter "sad, sad" but don’t believe it affects them personally…get ready. The evil is here and any hour, any day, it could be you. God help us all!!

  15. Frequent Flyer says:

    OMG!!!  PEOPLE!! There are not enough police to search even if this is a small island!! Look how big the USA is and in every instance you see members of the public forming search parties, you never hear them complaining that they are doing it because the police are not doing it. They do it to HELP one another!!  Drop it already!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I’m shocked with yet another BRUTAL MURDER. My condolences go out to the family of SABRINA do continue to LEAN ON GOD BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN SEE YOU ALL THROUGH THIS HORRIBLE ACT. 

    With a family member finding her this makes you wonder where were the POLICE. Were they out issuing SPEEDING OR COUPON TICKETS, when they should have been out helping with the SEARCH. I believe there are some HONEST POLICE OFFICERS (CAYMANIANS) that care but they can’t do everything and be everywhere.

    To the person that stated that we would be a better place if UK took over think back to IVAN 2004. What did the UK do for us then?



  17. Anonymous says:

    My heartfelt sympathy go out to Sabrina’s family.  I too am a mother and I feel your pain.

    Where was the RCIPS? They should be held accountable for the don’t care pathetic attitude they displayed in carrying out a more thorough search for this young woman.  They find the car on Monday night, but yet you don’t search the surrounding area? What? Why wasn’t the helicopter using those "bright spot lights"? The body is found and by none other than a familymember, who calls the police and yet they take so long to arrive???

    Like other posters have said the RCIPs are only ready to collect their pay cheques when that is due and giving people tickets for petty offences.

    I am shocked at what this little Island that I call home has come to.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Please people undertsand that although it seems like the police haven’t exercise the right steps in following leads…..We must also understand that’s why they appealed to the public for information.

    And further more her friends knew her intentions and whom she was going to see but due to their misleading info has cause this young lady’s life to be taken…. 

    They are the one to have fingers pointed at them because true friends don’t with hold the truth when dealing with someone’s life and the minute she was un-reachable they should have came forward and told the police the truth…….

    These are the friends that are now pretending to be victims but they are the true killers….

  19. Anonymous says:

    May Sabrina soul rest in Peace and my the God Lord be with her Family and Friends at this very sad time.

    My question is When the Police got information that a member of the Public found the Car, why didn’t they search the area from then, instead just standing there talking to one another? This is a shame.

    Cayman is my Country and i honestly do not see myself staying here any longer because of what is going on. Why is this happening. Cayman we need to wake up and defend our people. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry to hear what happened to that beautiful life! It makes me so sick to my stomach…

    Why are some of the posts bashing the RCIPS? You guys need to check yourselves and check your posts before posting first and foremost. The police has been doing their work and they can only work with the information givin to them. Having said this, they are also doing their work making sure that all who do not abide with the law be punished when failing to update their lisence and insurance etc…

    Why is always about blaming it on the police? The police stopping by to check out cars shouldn’t be your problem adn it definitely shouldn’t bother you that much instead, you should be happy that they are doing what they are doing to protect all motorists.

    Wake up people, it is not about expats, police, or who ever yu choose to blame. We are all human beings and we need to get together and pray more! Prayer is essential in this time whether it be an individual prayer, collective prayer…Prayer is essential!


    Stop the blaming abd pray more. If you obey the rules and regulations of this small Island, you wont have to worry about the police doing their jobs in the most effective manner.

    May the Lord worry the conscience of those involved that they will run ad give themselves up freely and may the brutal murderers be brought to justice.

    RIP Sabrina Schirn……

  21. Anonymous says:

    It is an absolute shame that Sabrina’s brothers and sister had to be the ones to find the body!The police were never taking this seriously from the beginning. Cayman Net News quote from the officer in charge of the investigation "We are extremely worried about Sabrina and I urge her to contact us as soon as possible,” said Inspector Evans.  He has was convinced Sabrina ran away which would explain the slackness from the police in this case. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Cayman would be a better place if the UK took over!  Cause the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting different results.  There is too much corruption and lack of integrity in our leaders and police force!  UK i hope you take over the Cayman Islands for we are not competent to run our islands properly.  We have too much murders and too much of them go unsolved and the RCIP is too lazy to search for people and too lazy to solve murders!  Take over UK!!!

    God Bless Sabrina’s family in their great and sad loss.

  23. CE says:

    This outright violence against women in our community is alarming and it makes me wonder what can we as women do to defend ourselves? What will the government do to ensure that our women and girls are safe?

    I use elementary methods of self-protection when I’m alone: When I walk for exercise I bring a stick and a whistle and I sleep with a knife (which I am afraid could be used on me in an altercation ) and a flashlight on my nightstand. But none of these methods feel safe enough.

    I wish the government would consider legalizing pepper spray or mandating self-defense classes for high-school aged students so that future generations can feel more self-empowered. Also, I hate to speculate, but it seems that Sabrina knew her killer and thought him trust-worthy enough to visit him in East End. We need to teach our young girls how to detect the warning signs of this kind of harmful behaviour early on in a relationship (regardless of the nature of that relationship) so that they know when to remove themselves from potentially dangerous situations.

    Until that time, we women will have to enroll in classes on our own accord, move about in numbers (where possible) and try not to let fear keep us from living full, adventurous lives.

    My codolences go out to Sabrina’s loved ones. My eyes well up every time I read about her passing. I do not need to know her personally. Her story is identical to mine on a number of levels: She is Caymanian, young, educated, and she had a life with lots of promise.

    I hope justice is served.


  24. Anonymous says:

    I honestly hope that the police are held accountable for the pathetic effort they made in trying to find and save this poor girl.  What were they doing?  What has she done to anyone to be ignored and treated as though her life was worth nothing?!?!?  I don’t know her, but that doesn’t matter!  I had volunteered to go to search for her the same day she was found.  I was shocked when I realized she had been missing for so long and the police apparently weren’t taking action.  It’s really disheartening to know that they are in charge of my safety, of my families safety when all they same to care about are car licensing!!!  Do they get commissions on them?  This morning I crossed 4 officers on crewe road doing what looked like checks on car stickers!  If it wasn’t so sad, I would think it was funny.  4 officers doing licence checks, but no one was East End looking for Sabrina.  Worthless.

    God Bless Sabrina’s family and may her killer(s) be brought to justice so she may rest in peace.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I am sadden by all of this!   My hearts and prayers go out to Sabrinas family.   I’m for an eye for an eye.  The Cayman Islands Goverment need to listen to the people.  The people must be heard for  I am also for the death penalty.   They need to get together and talk this over for murder is a capital punishment!  If the Cayman Islands Gov, do not want to do anything about murderers in our country thinking they can get away with it!  Then we as a people will stand together and sign around a petition stating that we want to reinstate back the death penalty!!  Murderers has been walking free for years now and is still an endangerment to our society!  It’s time to STOP!!! We willtake controll back of our country and unite again as one!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Without in any way trying to detracting from the messages of sympathy. or my own shock and disappointment at this event, I do find all the posts telling the police what to do and how to do it ignorant and arrogant.  The police do what they can with the resources we give them.  To be frank there is no evidence that sending out the entire British Army on a search party would have any impact on the final outcome.

    • Anonymous says:

      AMEN!! That is true…Best post ever!

      • KH says:

        I posted earlier about Caynmanians want in the force but can’t get in I am one of them, but its true as i read on if there were drugs involved then I think the Police would have searched harder since i think they find that more important than a human life, Hey everyone maybe next time when someone goes missing filea report that says the person that is missing has kilo’s of cocaine and Ganja on them whoa we will see action Big time really speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedo it’s about time the public really get on the Police A** don’t you think so if they did their job like they were suppose to, I am sure we all could be celebrating Sabrina’s safe return instead of mourning, it really looks bad that not one POLICE OFFICER WAS NOT with the friends and family in their search of poor Sabrina, and MY CONDOLENCES GO OUT TO ALL THE FRIENDS AND FAMILY OF SABRINA MAY SHE REST IN PEACE BUT I AM AFRAID HER POOR SOUL WON’T REST UNTIL THE POLICE ACTUALLY DO THEIR JOBS FOR ONCE AND BRING THIS DIRT BAG TO JUSTICE I HOPE HE WALKS IN A POLICE STATION AND CONFESSES OTHERWISE IT’S ANOTHER UNSOLVED CASE YET AGAIN…………….. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL THAT ACTUALLY CARE

        • Anonymous says:

          Listen to what you are posting on here??? And you wonder why you cannot get into the force?? You are not ready to be a police officer!

  27. Anonymous says:

    First I would like to say I am deeply sorry for what has happened to Sabrian and Jazzy B, both Caymanians that have now been murdered.  What kind of people do we have in this country now that can commit murders like Estella, Sabrina and Jazzy B’s and so many others.  I am  truly sick that my country is gone down the tubes.  I have been saying for years that the Immigration Department and its top officials have slack off in putting Caymanians first and it is time that Caymanians rally, riot and take back their country. Caymanains can’t get jobs, we can’t buy land.  When we report wrong doing and murders from other countriesto  the Immigration and Police Department give the lawbreakers your name and address and they show up and confront you, so we can’t trust the Immigration and the police because your life becomes in danger.  This is what happened to a cousin of mine when he reported 3 murderers from Honduras who he use to visit in jail as a missionary.  They are in Cayman and now working and when he went to the Enforcement Section and reported these murders, the enforce oficers call their employers and murderes gave them my cousin name, and where he lived.  That evening when my cousin got home, the honduran murder approached him and told him he knew he had reported him but he was working in cayman and was now married to a Caymanian.  She will soon be found dead, its just a matter of time before all 3 of them will start their killing spree.  As bad as this may sound.   I wish that they first attack the children of those that are in the high and poweerful positions, because not until something happens to a politician’s child or a high Goverment official will they understand what pain that others are suffering and that we want to keep our country safe, and they are destroying it,  by letting these murderers in the country.  When last have we had an Immigration raid, there should be a raid in every district and a raid in all drug related area, and those that are not legally working in Cayman should be deported.  At night there should only be the business people on the street, but there should be no soliciting, and hang out spots on our streets.  As long as the Government and Politicians cast a blind eye to all the law breaking in our country Cayman will never be safe again.  We need investigations in Immigration and many Police Officers that are selling drugs need to be investigated as well.  Some of the Older Caymanians that will help clean up this country should be put back into Government and these young money power seeker should be removed from their jobs. A fed up Caymanian

    May Estella, Sabrina, Jazzy B rest in Peace!

  28. Chris says:

    My sincere condolences are extended to the Shirn Family at this most difficult time.

    There is no reason why a parent should have to bury their child under such tragic circumstances.

    Obviously relying on the police to protect usin a time of crisis is totally ineffective.

    It further troubles me to learn that even with all of their resources (lots of experienced manpower, helicopter, K9 Units etc), the police were unable to locate Ms. Shirn’s body.

    How can we rely on them to protect us from crime if they are proving ineffective finding a body after the crime is committed??

    The RCIP openly admit that they cannot be in all places at all times.  

    Once again we ALL need to call on the govt to permit the public to protect ourselves with some effective non-lethal form of deterrent say a taser or pepper spray.

    The public must be empowered to play a greater role in protecting ourselves and each other!

    On another note, these types of heinous crimes have only occured in Cayman in the last year.

    This begs the question if our 20th century legislation/penalties is an effective deterrent for these 21st century crimes?

  29. Duane says:

    What a joke we have for a Police service and they are continuing to try a seek credit for this investigation along with certain talkshow host praising their efforts. When we all know what happened in East End The family should be the ones that are praised and applauded for their efforts. We are calling for a serious review of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Farce especially the entire senior management who should be sacked for ineptness. This is the same situation as the Estella Scott Murder. My condolences goes out to Sabrina Family and Friends in this difficult time.

  30. MRS says:

    R.C.I.POLICE –  your slogan states –  WE CARE  WE LISTEN WE ACT  So I do hope that is true, I hope that you care enough NOW to listen NOW and act NOW!

    What else has to happen for something to be done? I would have sworn that enough has happened. Enough innocent people have been hurt. RCIP web site states – Have your say on policing….attend your local community meetingGeorge Town Monday, March 23 George Town Primary School Hall.  7pm to 9pm.

    I encourage everyone no matter what district you are from to show up and meet with the police “face to face to discuss issues and concerns about policing in the Cayman Islands.” (

    • Anonymous says:

      Modify your hopes for action from these meetings. If parliament is unable to impact police performance the meetings serve only as a civil vent of feelings and an increase in traffic stops and stop sign enforcement. Yep, and good oficers strain at the leash to do great police work.

  31. Anonymous says:

    I have been visiting the Cayman islands since 1990 and i hope one day i will relocate my family to the islands as we love being on the islands. However what is going on with the crime?! Grand Cayman has always been a safe island and very rarely would you feel threatened. There has been too much violent crime in the last year and im worried what is happening to this beautiful island God Bless Sabrina and her family

  32. Anonymous says:

    Firstly, condolences to family and friends of Sabrina. It is my opinion like many that questions are raised as to police action in this case and what actions were taken in the search of this missing person. This is something that perhaps may come out into the public arena in the fullness of time. However, it Cayman is to move forward then the unfounded and tainted views of some need to be addressed. Firstly, take a look back at the violence, serious crimes and murders that have taken place in recent times and ask yourself who has been responsible. How many of those responsible have been the ex-pat lawyers, teachers and the such that are often the subject of severe criticism? The RCIP are very much a developing force and have a lot of problems. To help the RCIP represent the community they serve it is imperative that those officers involved in corrupt are dealt with robustly by the current investigation. If this is not done then the RCIPS will not move forward. Training is a big issue in the RCIP. Would you expect to be taught how to dive by somebody who is not trained? Then why are there people in the police service that are not up to the required standard? This impacts upon issue such as this, often having ramifications of such magnitude. Basically, what I am saying is Caymanian have to pull together and start engaging with themselves and the police. The lifeblood of the police service is information, without such crimes such as this are likely to remain unsolved. The vast majority of such crimes are solved by information gathering, not by forensic technology. Open your eyes Cayman and pull together rather than moaning about those ex-pats who bring skills to the islands. Until you come to recognize the way forward things will not change and take some citizen responsibility.

    • Anonymous says:

      What has happened to Sabrina, the Schirn, Gold familites and our community as a whole is a continuing tragedy. My condolences to them and to us all as we are all affected. 

      Yes the community needs to be confident enough to give total support to the police, they will not resolve crime issues without our help. Information flow will depend on the respect accorded the informant. That has been, and remains a challenge.

      The RCIPS is experiencing serious moral and service quality issues inspite of the service of many unquestionably-committed, long standing officers.

      Reality is however that the community will have to pay a price for poor policing policies unchanging over some time. Yes the courage to confront corruption is required to move forward. The courage to not be selective, but be even handed as to who is investigated and hauled over the coals in addressing corruption is even more important.

      The hands of those who investigate need to be clean, unbiased, blue nosed professional, circumspect, materially and intellectually equipped (US Prosecutor Kennedy team in the Valerie Plame, Scooter Libby investigation and trial last year ). They need to command the respect of the community who have to pay them even as they visit inevitable fear on those who are targeted or guility. They need to command the respect of those who may be examined and exonerated. Justice must always appear to have been. If justice be the true objective.  

      Unfortunately there is too much evidence that this has not been the case.

      There are many things wrong about police performancein Cayman, unfortunately much of this is not being addressed as those in charge who are proported to be equipped do not reflect such in their decision making. At times we may even be invited to think that there have been few lessons learned from the many failings of the London Metropolitan Police Force from which we have a great need to draw manegerial and staffing resource. 

      I may be mislead, but I do believe that the responsibility for police policy, training, direction and development has always been, and remains under the auspices of the HE the Governors office. We pay for the play. We do little in choosing the actors.    

      It is baffling that here we are, in a community that has the highest concentration of qualified mariners per capita (captains, engineers, first mates) yet our police marine department cannot be continuously staffed and commanded by natives of certifiable skill, and inestimable knowledge of our waters.  

      It is simplistic to think that the temperament /MO of the current investigations will of it self resolve and restore the image and integrity of the RCIPS. It will not. Unless intentions are otherwise. 


  33. Anonymous says:

    I had posted earlier but would just like to say that it has now been reported that Sabrina’s blackberry was last used in the Gun Bay area on Wednesday morning..  I would hope that the police would therefore seek "assistance" from whomever she last spoke to as well as any person or persons she spoke to earlier in the morning before taking the car to East End.   I am not sure if she had her own car/transport that morning but if she did, then obviously something occured that required her to urgently go to East End in her friend’s car ie anonymously.

    Rest in Peace Sabrina.  May justice be served.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Why didn’t the POLICE accompany the family members or was in the trenches nearby, during the search and recovery of Sabrina’s body in the woods ???????

    I guess the Operational Commander of the the RCIPS had his troops out at first light, doing more pressing things such as issuing traffic tickets for expired registration cupons, missing registration plates, tint etc. 

    What absolute insensitivity and incompetence have befell the "RCIPS GOLD COMMAND" in the last few years. Please don’t blame the lower ranking police officers, they are only following strict instructions from their superiors, who seem to have become disconnected with fighting criminality in the Cayman Islands.




  35. Anonymous says:

    Why didn’t the POLICE accompany the family members or was in the trenches nearby, during the search and recovery of Sabrina’s body in the woods ???????

    I guess the Operational Commander of the the RCIPS had his troops out at first light, doing more pressing things such as issuing traffic tickets for expired registration cupons, missing registration plates, tint etc. 

    What absolute insensitivity and incompetence have befell the "RCIPS GOLD COMMAND" in the last few years. Please don’t blame the lower ranking police officers, they are only following strict instructions from their superiors, who seem to have become disconnected with fighting criminality in the Cayman Islands.




  36. Anonymous says:

    My heart and prayers go out to the family during this difficult time! No one should ever have to go through this!

    To the monster or monsters that took her from her family…God is still in control and He is still on his throne!

    I wonder what the police are going to do now! My guess is nothing since it is apparent that they didn’t care to even look for this young woman! I was so angry when I watched the news this evening and they said that the police weren’t out there looking for her! That it was her brothers. her sister and some friends that found her. Her brother called the police and it took them 15 to 20 minutes to arrive! He should have never had to call them! They should have been there!

    In my opinion…we no longer have police that are there to protect and serve! They are just there to collect a paycheck!

  37. Anonymous says:

    I first came here in 2000 because the Cayman Islands were different from the rest of the Caribbean that I knew.  The island of Grand Cayman and its people made me feel like home; more than that, made me feel like part of their family. 

    I will always remember.  My girlfriend at that time (in 2000) got lost walking in Georgetown.  French, she could barely speak English and for what I understood at that time, was looking very lost around the Georgetown post office area and was badly trying to find her way back home.  Two very polite gentlemen (Caymanians) offer my girlfriend (almost panicking) to give her a ride home to make sure she will be back home safe before my return from work reassuring her that she was safe with them and telling her how Cayman was a safe place to live.

    It was 9 years ago.

    Today The Cayman Islands has lost another young soul.  May God bless Sabrina’s family and friends in those hard times.  How many more beautiful souls do we need to loose to realize that there’s something wrong somewhere here? Was the first vicious crime not enough?  How many blessed soul do we need to loose to do something?  And when I say "we" I mean the people today that made Cayman Islands their home, some permanently, some temporary but still their home! 

    We are responsible for what is happening now.  There’s nobody else to blame but ourselves.  We are collectively responsible for the society we’re growing in.  What happens to us?  Where are our leaders in those times of crisis?  Who can lead us to dialogues and discussions?  Sabrina is another symbol; a very strong one.  Let’s hope this time Sabrina’s lost is the last one.  She has to be the symbol of the awakening of the Cayman Islands society.  Sabrina’s lost should not remain in vain.

    Let’s all collectively reflect on our past errors and successes, our present challenges and find a way to provide a safe and equal future for the next generation of Caymanians and their worldwide friends.

     Sabrina, peace be with you.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I sent a post last night after reading that the car had been discovered, stating that I suspected " Foul Play" was involved based on the location where it was found, however it was not posted.

    I still maintain at this moment that "Foul Playis involved, even though a post-mortem examination have not yet been conducted to determine the actual cause of death.

    Let’s hope this case is solved ASAP, or else it will happen once again to some other person.

    Should it not be solved, it would mean that Sabrina is " Number 15" at last count in the cases of unsolved Murders in the Cayman Islands over the past 15 years or so. How terrrible to see that not only do we have so much Murders in our small islands, but so many unsolved as well.

    I believe prior to around the late 1970’s or early 1980’s  there was about 15- 20 years straight, that we did not have a single murder in the Cayman Islands. Times have sure chaged and unfortunately in many respects, not for the better.

    If you think we have Crime now, just you wait until the " World Wide Financial Crunch" hit’s the Cayman Islands in it’s full force in about 8-12 months time. ALMIGHTY GOD HELP US ALL.


  39. Anonymous says:

    i already sent in my condolences to her family in a previous post, but i wanted to reply to the last post to agree that she and the car should have been found within 24 hours!  NO EXCUSE!  Maybe she was alive and could have been saved.  This is a disgrace the way the police went about searching for her, it stinks, as usual, this is how the police always go about serious things, utterly stupid and disrespectful and non caring!!  Imagine they stopped searching last night and then said they would start back at daylight, and never did.  It was her brothers and sister who found her and called the police and waited 15 minutes for the police to reach!  Shame on you RCIP!!  Once again!!  Shame on You!!

    peace and love to Sabrina family, keep strong, God Bless & Keep you close to his heart and comfort your grieving aching hearts, our love, thoughts and prayers are with you. 

  40. Anonymous says:

    First and foremost, My deepest heart felt condolsences to the family of Sabrina. I had the opportunity to have known this young lady. She was very humble and nice. I will never forget her and the impact she had on our family.

    RIP Sabrina

    Where were the ROYAL CAYMAN ISLANDS POLICE  when the FAMILY & FRIENDS  of Sabrina discovered her body? Why are some people treated differently than others? She was someone daughter, sister and friend.

    Members of the RCIP are paid to police the whole community and treat every case equal. Not make exceptions for the upper class or poor class. We are one people, Caymanians. Whether rich or poor and should be treated as such. The UN have basic rules called Human Rights, and the police need to learn them!

    Stricter rules needs to be implimented to protect our boards from ALL,whether blue or white, rich or poor. Why? because these people come with their of thinking and acting and expect Caymanians to be nothing in their own country. Our people are dying at hands of others.

    Caymanians please stop from being so laid back, speak up, act now…save us your people. For we are your tomorrow.

    Sabrina, you were loved in life. May God bless your soul.


  41. silas says:

    I would like to extend my condolences to Sabrina’s family and friends this is another sad day in Cayman. As a previous poster said What is going with this Police Service all that hoo hah yesterday in the Eastern District and to be once again found by a private citizen the next day in the same immediate area and all they seem to be intrested in is Putting spin in the press. the whole islands knows the truth about who found this poor girl and it was not any search team Shame on you. come Cayman we can do better than this

  42. Anonymous says:

    Really? The body was found by members of the public "assisting a search team"? The BROTHERS decided on their own to go back out and keep looking for their sister…Really is this the best that we can do? These boys will now have this as their last memory of their sister. PLease GOD there must be justice in this case. Was she really seen in North side on Wednesday night, and what about all of the other alleged "sightings" of her since? Who said they saw her past Wednesday?  WAS the helicopter out doing a truly thorough search? Why wasn’t the car spotted earlier? Did the dump trucks at the quarry just drive by this car day after day? Sooo many questions.

  43. Anonymous says:

    What a sad day for us.My prayers goes to Sabrina’s family.It’s sad to lose a young person who was not even sick.May the good Lord change people’s way of life and learn the value of human life!!!!!! 

  44. Anonymous says:

    Our Father, Who is in heaven, Holy is Your Name; Your kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. May our heavenly father guide and comfort the family members and friend of Sabrina. My heart goes you to you. (Family)

  45. Anonymous says:


    My heartfelt sympathy to the family of Sabrina. May the Lord bless them and give strength in this very difficult time. The island is in shock once more.

    Our beloved Cayman is quickly   sinking in the same mud like some of other countries in the world. It was a special and charmed place. Little by little crime is contaminating our once so "pure air". I was praying that Sabrina would be found alive. But no – this young life was destroyed as well.  Estella is still very much on my mind.

    Someone suggested that the death penalty should be reinstated. YES. These criminals do not consider any human rights when they murder. Human rights do not exist for them – why should they be treted humanly. One or two hangings and the perpetrators perhaps would think twice before  taking someones life. In Cayman most of the criminals are brought to justice. They then would know what to expect.

    It scares us to observe some of the youngsters. Many do not have parental guidance and supervision. I heard of a story were a 9-10 old boy was caught with a stolen object. He agreed to give it back if no charges were pressed against him. 9 or 10 years old – what will he do when is 17?

    Corporal punishment is a very effective deterrent. Perhaps the police/government should think about this for lesser crimes. See Google: Cat o’nine tails.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I read somewhere that Sabrina’s Blackberry was used somewhere in the vicinity where she was found. You would think that the search would’ve been concentrated there from Thursday when she was reported missing. She might’ve still been alive, who knows? Cayman is too small for the discovery to take this long. Especially finding the car. Every police in each district only had to drive down all roads, dirt roads and paths and they would’ve found the car from day one. Then onto finding the body. This is ridiculous. I’m so afraid for my family there. I am in Cayman Brac, but feel the fear here as well.

  47. Anonymous says:

    I agree…BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY and let these criminals know that they too will pay the ultimate penalty for taking our good people away.  This is yet another sad day.  May this young girl bein the company of Estalla Scott in heaven.  I am so sad for this island.

  48. Anonymous says:

    It was Sabrina’s own Brothers and sister who found her. contrary to other reports.

  49. MRS says:

    Oh, my heart goes out to the love ones of this young woman, I hurt for you. I have two daughters and it was truly heart wrenching to hear this news.

    This is so very concerning. Wake up Cayman, it is coming at you fast and furious. This jump we took into the fast paced – got to have it all like our big neighbors. Bring in the workers quick, let in any body, give away our birthright (MAC), and prostitute ourmorals for the mighty dollar. Can we even turn back the hands and stop the train that is now running us all over? I have heard so much about human rights, what about the rights of this young woman, and many others, what about their rights. If I were to attack this “animal” I would be counted as infringing upon their rights. What a sick twisted fate we have reached.

    This came at us fast & radical since September 2004, time for us to attack it back, fast & radical. Protect our children, protect our way of life. Make new laws, tougher laws, make it harder for just any old scoundrel to swing across our borders, scan fingers, toes, eyes, whatever can help the police, people take calls for help or signs of distress more serious, POLICE TAKE CALLS FOR HELP MORE SERIOUS, out source prisoners to other “real HARD TIME” prisons around the world, unite as a country; proud, strong, Caymanian & do what we can do to rectify this monster amongst us.

    We may not have directly caused the issues ourselves but we now have to take ownership of the problem to solve it.

    I am an outraged mother, calling to my government to protect my children, my people. Take swift action, stop hoping this climate will go away; it cannot unless we do something about it!

    Father God, be with your children, all those who are hurt and anguished by this situation. Bring forth true justice in this land and cut down the wicked! For it is in Jesus name we pray! AMEN! SO BE IT LORD!


    Peace I pray upon the family of Sabrina.

  50. Anonymous says:

    This is yet another very sad situation for everybody concerned. The questions is, what can the islands do. The role of the police is to prevent and detect crime, however, the police cannot be everywhere. In this instance it will be up to a robust and sound investigation. But looking broader, what must be embraced is citizen ownership. By this I mean that everybody must be involved and responsible for working towards a safer Cayman. The vast majority of Cayman is united but now everybody must pull together to ensure a safer community. Make the police service accountable for sure and deal with those that need dealing with but engage as the police represent the community and can’t do this alone. i no longer live in Cayman but am still interested and want to see things improve and have confidence that the corner will be turned.

    Deepest sympathy and God bless.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Condolences to the family.

    What Gordon Brown and Obama can’t do to us, we aredoing ourselves. Maybe the silver lining in the current financial crisis is that the place will lose masses of people it doesn’t need or want and we’ll all get back to what we were 40 years ago-twisting rope and "fishening". Poor as I don’t know wha’ but not inflicting such terrible violence on each other.

    And the sad, ironic thing is; it isn’t the big foreign money boys (lawyers, accountants, fund managers etc) that we love to hate that are knocking each other off -it’s us true born Caribbean people.

  52. Anonymous says:

    So sad that this is the second such case of a murdered young woman in such a short time.  May she rest in peace, and the family kept in the thoughts and prayers of the Cayman community.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Question:  Member of the public?  or member of the family?  The police dropped the ball last night!!!!

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family in this time of sadness!!

  54. noname says:

    Our sincere condolences to the Schirn Family.

    It is disappointing that our small island has come to this type of devastation.  What is most disappointing and concerning is that her own family had to become their own private police force and form their own search team to unfortunately discover her body.

    I hope that the Senior Investigating Officer assigned to this case is repremanded to the highest as the Cayman Islands Police Force has failed this investigation from day one!

  55. Anonymous says:

    According to EARLY reports it was said that Sabrina was "going to East End." Why has it taken SIX days only to find her body at the place where she said she was going.  Was East End checked out on the day of her disappearance? 

    Seems like there were leads – the threats made to her a few days before her disapperance – were these taken seriously, was the person who made these threats questioned, did the police find out who this man was.  What about the phone calls she made prior to here disappearane – were these traced, were the people she phoned interviewed, taken into custody.

    All these questions come to mind.  Could Sabrina’s death have been prevented.

  56. Anonymous says:

    ohhh nooooo….. my deepest condolences to Sabrina’s family and friends and may God keep you in this aweful and sad time.  this is deeply heartbreaking to many of us also.  May God help the police to find who or whos did it and put them in prison.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Our heartfelt sympathy going out to Sabrina’s family.  You are in our prayers.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Too sad….rest in peace, Sabrina

  59. Anonymous says:

    God protect Sabrina, her family and friends at this time.

    The Cayman of old is gone…

  60. Old Classmate says:

    Can’t believe that she is gone! she will always be in my memories.

    my prayers are out to her parents, brother sisters and the rest of her family!

    I hope they find whoever did this to her and quick! I can’t believe that Cayman has become such a horrible place, I use to feel safe walking at night.Now I lock myself up in my house with lights on..



  61. mdu says:

    My condolances go out to the victim’s friends and family.

    This is indeed a sad, sad day in Cayman.

    May her soul rest in peace.

  62. noname says:


  63. Anonymous says:

    What a shame.!!

  64. Anonymous says:

    Thats very sad!!!

  65. Anonymous says:

    OMG! This is an insanely horrible act of violence. I hope the murderers are found and dealt with at the full force of the law.

  66. | Saharaka | says:

    I’m sorry. Peace be with her and the family.