Thompson declares intentions

| 18/03/2009

(CNS): Following considerable speculation that the former president of the Chamber of Commerce would be running for office, Eddie Thompson officially declared himself an independent candidate for George Town on Tuesday 17 March. After what he described as much thought and soul searching, Thompson said the present governance of the Cayman Islands and the global financial climate drove him to the decision. “I felt it imperative that action be taken now. This is our time to speak up for the change that we want to see,” Thompson said in a written statement.

He added that he had left the Chamber in capable hands and could face his own campaign, which he said was not about ego or personal gain.

Thompson said there was a collective need to address the challenges faced in Cayman’s key industries of finance and tourism, the balance between development and environment, as well as with our youth and elderly. “We need to stand accountable and come together as one community, realizing that with the power of conviction as our tool we can empower our people, leading our islands toward prosperity in a global market, just as our forefathers were a shining example of some of the best seamen the world has ever known,” he said, adding that the government should have open lines of communication with the private sector to ensure a rapid response to the current financial and global crisis.

Thompson who is the Director of CAD Plus, Caribbean Sands and GCE Ltd, also represented the Chamber during the negotiations both here and in London on Cayman’s new constitution. He has however, yet to confirm his own position regarding the final document. CNS has sent questions regarding this and other key issues, such as his ideas for revenue raising or spending cuts and his position on topical issues, as yet no response has been received.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We keep talking in this country about educating, elevating and encouring our young people to get involved in our country’s leadership and development; yet whenever one dares to raise his or her head there is always someone there ready to chop it off. Mostly this is for personal pettiness and jealousy, thus the reason we (cayman) are a sinking ship today.

    I admire young people like Eddie and others who dare to try and make a difference in the direction of this country. We should all be applauding these actions even if we may not agree with their politics.

    If you want to see the standard of leadership in any country or organisation simply look at the people whom the leaders are suppose to be leading.

    Lately I have not met many happy Caymanians; instead I hear doubts and fears of the future;many are discouraged and dissolutioned. Only by interjecting new vision and new blood into our political and management structures can we move forward.

    Good luck Eddie!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eddie is a good man and I believe if given the chance he will do what’s right for the country. I mean if we can have the lights of Alden in house for the PPM (Poor Party Management) who by the way is one of the reasons why the constitution proposed will remove the Checks and balance of government. Think about if the politicians like Mr. McField, who has had melt downs and Ms. O’Connor who a few years ago has stated that the world was coming to and end (the apocalypse) voting in the Judges. Then what or who will Government answer to for any wrongs/crimes that government commits on the people? My god it seems the more I read in this constitution the more I am worried about where Cayman is going to be in the near future. Will we be independent and end up like all other Caribbean countries that went independent? It seems that the party’s are doing too much to make there marks in history for themselves and not the country. So I think a man like Eddie Thompson and independent would be a huge improvement if given a chance.

    • Anonymous says:

      "I mean if we can have the lights of Alden in house for the PPM (Poor Party Management) who by the way is one of the reasons why the constitution proposed will remove the Checks and balance of government".

      The draft constitution does no such thing. It introduces new checks and balances.  

      "My god it seems the more I read in this constitution the more I am worried about where Cayman is going to be in the near future. Will we be independent and end up like all other Caribbean countries that went independent?"

      By the way, Mr. Thompson was a part of the negotiations for it. In his opening statement on behalf of the Chamber Mr. Thompson said the Chamber supported the draft Constitution in these respects (amongst others):




      – "maintaining our ties with the United Kingdom and no move towards independence"

      – "Introducing more checks and balances on executive power"

      If Mr. Thompson disagreed with those statements then this would bring a serious question as to his integrity. How can you you, on the one hand, endorse Mr. Thompson as sound and who will do what is right for our country, and on the other state you are worried about precisely the things he has affirmed are not the case about the drafted Constitution which he was involved in negotiating? You are one seriously confused individual. There is nothing at all that in the draft constitution that requires Cayman to go independent. The UK delegation confirmed that. Please stop the mindless fear-mongering.

      • Anonymous says:

        All of them that went to England agreed to the consitution around the table there, so why come back now and say you don’t.  They should have said what they had to say around the table there.  Just like UDP wentand agreed there and as soon as they get back to Cayman going to tell the people not to vote for it…… I wonder why!!

        • Anonymous says:

          "Just like UDP went and agreed there and as soon as they get back to Cayman going to tell the people not to vote for it…… I wonder why!!".

          Because the UDP wants to diminish the accomplishments of the Govt. it is playing politics with a serious matter like the Constitution. 

          In private they are telling the voters that the Bill of Rights is terrible but they ducked out of the public stand off between the Govt. the CMA and the SDA on one hand and the HRC on the other. It is trying to get the best of both worlds otherwise known as lack of principle.   

          • someone that Eddie helped and touched the heart. says:

            People who is young and with fresh ideas should be given a chance to prove what they can offer for a better country. If you only knew the real Eddie . . .  he is the person who will over react in the situation but he is the person you can really lean on, a person who is always there to give time and listen with all your problems and help you the best he can offer you. He is the MAN OF ACTION, loves to help and volunteer especially when disasters come, a person who loves to share his knowledge and help others to give the best out from themselves. A straight forward person, very upfront, can hurt your feelings but know how to apologize or say SORRY. He is a people oriented person from class A-D or even up to Z. He is the best buddy you can ever have  who will fight and depend you in times of trouble.


            I know he can raise a good country because he raised a good children. DISCIPLINE AND TO KNOW HOW TO DISCIPLINE IS THE BEST ATTITUDE TO START WITH TO HAVE A BETTER OUTCOME AND A BETTER FUTURE.




  3. Anonymous says:

    All registered voters, particularly those with young families, need to ask all declared political candidates whether they are supportive of early childhood education and working families.

    Given that Mr. Eddie Thompson personally objects to a ‘preschool’ being located near his rented GT townhouse on Glen Eden Drive (off South Church Street), I am interested to know whether education is at all important to this candidate or whether the objections he presented to the Central Planning Authority: traffic congestion fears, noise, flooding, inadequate parking and property deflation are more pressing.
    As part owner of a preschool, Mr. Thompson above all others should know the value of such educational facilities, yet he can in good conscience object to a preschool? Running for the district of GT, he should also know that there are virtually no available spaces in licensed GT preschools. Yet he still objects to a preschool?
    Since he is an aspiring politician, I ask Mr. Thompson who objects to a preschool in his area, when these institutions are so desperately needed nationally – where do you put preschools?
    There is no future without children and education is the conduit of opportunity. In regards to this particular preschool, Mr. Thompson did not support the children or their education. How disappointing.
  4. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe it! Eddie, I’m sorry, you won’t control this one.


  5. Anonymous says:

    If Eddie is a joke then I want to keep on laughing!

    It takes guts, and a lack of ego, to walk away from the position of the President of the Chamber because you hope to make a difference to your country.

    The number of candidates running is funny enough. For my vote I want somebody who will answer the call and put our islands first.

  6. A concerned parent says:

    I can’t see how Eddie can actually think people will vote for him when he was the face that assisted expats in denying 60+ Caymanian babies a place for a daycare/pre-school. How can you sit up and say you will represent the young of the island yet fight against their location for a school. To bad your school isn’t bigger you could offer these babies a free place to be taken care of. That would show some sacrifice and character. You stated on the television that you employed the help of a realtor to assist in finding a place for the school yet you found nothing (obviously, because the children are still in Trinity Sqare). Doesn’t this give you a hint that Georgetown has already been sold out to the highest bidder and there is no development plan that has room for our children and our children’s children!

    Unfortunately, if we get another member in government that is part of the construction industry it will only be a matter of time and we will have our entire island sold off to the highest bidder and there will be no room for our own people. Eddie is a part of this game and this shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you throw our littlest babies to the wolves because of your investment property then what would you do to the elderly….poor…or disabled?

    The truth of his character will be seen and Eddie will not be elected!


  7. Anonymous says:


    This election is becoming a joke already. One too many johnny come lately for my liking.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Eddie is a Joke!

    Why would Eddie agree to act as President of the Chamber of Commerce and after 90 days walk off the job?

    Is that what Eddie intends to for the people of the Cayman Islands. We already have enough bar room flies that can’t plan a speech in the LA – we do not need any more arrogant people that can’t plan their own careers beyond 90 days.

    Maybe he is committed to the election campaign because that won’t last 90 days.