Caymanian students join celebrations in London

| 20/03/2009

(CNS): Two Caymanians studying in the UK were able to take a special part in the recent Commonwealth Day celebrations on 9 March, thanks to a programme organised by the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The two students, Jamaal Anderson and Tracey Forbes, were invited along with students from other Commonwealth countries to attend a day of activities which reflected this year’s theme of ‘The Commonwealth @ 60 – Serving a New Generation’. (Left: Traceyand Jamaal with Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Secretary-General Dr William F. Shija)

 According to a  release from the Cayman Islands Government Office in London, the programme included a tour of the Houses of Parliament, discussions on the Commonwealth, and talks from UK Members of Parliament and High Commissioners about their day-to-day activities and duties.

Jamaal and Tracey were also able to attend the Commonwealth Day Observance at Westminster Abbey, which provided the highlight of the day for Tracey. “Although the whole day was enjoyable, my favourite part would undoubtedly have to be the Commonwealth Day Observance as it brought a variety of people together in a collective spirit, all sharing their experience and challenges, and eager to help the young people of today,” she said.

Jamaal felt honoured to have been invited to take part in the day. “This opportunity has heightened my understanding of world politics, and has raised my awareness of how unique yet interconnected the world is,” he said. “It has allowed me to feel patriotic about my country, as this day-long seminar illustrated how small states such as the Cayman Islands help contribute to global issues. This has been a wonderful life experience that has helped shape my perception of the world.”

Mary Chandler-Allen, Acting Cayman Islands Representative in the UK, also attended the Observance at Westminster Abbey, together with other United Kingdom Overseas Territories Representatives.

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  1. anonymous says:


       We are so proud of what some youth are doing. Take advantage of what you can Tracey and Jamaal whilst in England. I know that you both can contribute so muchto Cayman when you get back as we need new fresh caymanians that have international exposure and is able to lead this country in the direction it needs to go, no more mom and pop neighborhood boys taking over politics that has no clue how to address major economics issues (inflation, stagflation, recession etc) has no clue on how to address major political trends internationally that can impact our islands, has no clue on treaties to increase trade with other nations, boys that will get lost in a conversation with Obama. We need diverse, intellegent, energetic people!!! Tracey congrats on your recent trip to the UNITED NATIONS addressing topics such as HUMAN RIGHTS, keep up the good work.  May God bless you both and give you both the courage and strengh to continue with your succees.


  2. Candice Forbes says:

    You go Jamaal!!! Keep moving forward in your life!!! 🙂