Man shot in George Town

| 22/03/2009

(CNS): A 48-year-old man is currently in serious but stable condition after receiving gunshot wounds to his chest and left elbow early Sunday morning. The 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call at approximately 2:10 am on 22 March from a man reporting that he had been shot and that he was behind Punta Latino on Shedden Road. Police and medics responded to the scene and found that the man had received a wound to his chest and arm. He told police that he had been in his house on Linwood Street when he heard voices outside and went to investigate.

The victim said he saw two men dressed in dark clothes and one of them fired at him. He then ran from the area and called 911, and was taken to hospital by medics.

Detectives are appealing for anyone with information about the incident to come forward. Anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious should contact George Town CID on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

     Yes we can’t blame everything on the gov’t and rcips and yes we need to help out BUT it would nice if they at least did something.  I haven’t heard of one crime getting solved lately and they completely mishandle every case that comes before them not to mention that when you try to call them out to an incident it feels like pulling teeth to get them to come.  Oh but they are good at checking for blue light bulbs because they are very dangerous….

    • Anonymous says:

      ALL of the recent crimes and murders have been SOLVED they just don’t get charged because no-one on this god forsaken rock will do their public duty and stand up and GIVE EVIDENCE in court.  There is a conspiracy on caribbean islands of hear no evil see no evil.  No-one wants to give evidence because they perceive there is some threat to them or their families or they simply don’t want to be confrontational – which is a very un-caribbean thing to do (be confrontational). Everyone want to be seen to be being nice to everyone.  STAND UP and be counted – give evidence in court or crime will run away with you.  The more people get away with it the more they will do it.  If they know no-one will give evidence they will be as brazen as the man who having been acquitted of attempted murder last year then did the exact same thing with the same gun outside the same club because he knew no witnesses would come forward.

      • Anonymous says:

        We are rightfully pointing our fingers at the RCIPS and everyone understands that they have not been working diligently to prevent or to solve many recent crimes, but let us not forget our Immigration Department.  I would like to refer each and every one of you to review the weekly court list and see how many Caymanians and this does not mean "paper Caymanians" are listed for criminal offences compared to foreigners.  Caymanian women, please be diligent in the choices you make when you agree to hastily marry someone just because you are smitten by his charm and Immigration is giving him a "warm time".   To the men who are making the same mistakes, and therefore opening the gateway to brothers, uncles, fathers of these women you chose to marry, to enter this Island, I say stop being ignorant. 




  2. Anonymous says:

    As long as the criminals and wanna-be criminals (aka gangstas and thugs) see the politicians keep popping up with some scandal, greed and corruption, tax payer money being wasted because of some corruption and greed, and politicians behaving so immaturely one to another and fighting one another, the crime will keep rising!  The politicians are considered the parents of the Country, so if the parents can’t set a good example for the children to follow, then don’t expect the children to not mis-behave also!  Children do as they see you do, not necessarily what you tell them to do, but rather, WHAT THEY SEE YOU DO.  We need mature politicians who behave maturely, we have had enough immature politicians over the years.  As for the party crap, we just need to go back to the normal way of having no party sides.  

    To me the definition of being a politician is to help the people.  Many of these gangstas and thugs are from homes where Mom is suffering trying to keep up with basic living expenses in an extremely high cost of living, lacking sufficient health care, and usually there is no Dad around or not even paying child support if they are not around, and this causes great stress, distress and hopelesness on the children to grow up in these situations, sometimes Dad is a violent drinker or drug user, and there is violence in the home. 

    A Nation is made up of family homes.  That is what makes up a Nation.  If alot of the family homes are living under these suffering circumstances then this is what the Nation on a whole will reflect.  Helping single Mom’s who are raising young children is a key issue to keeping crime down! 

    Sadly, it is probably too late, cause there is already quite a few grown children now from these homes that it is too late to help Mom now, cause the hatred and anger is already so strong in these children for what they grew up in, and now they turn to being gangstas and thugs!

    But, it’s still worth a try to not let anymore grow up this way.  And maybe one by one with the help of the Lord Jesus Christ the Saviour, that some of the already grown ones who are gangstas and thugs or wanna-be gangstas or thugs, can put their guns and knives down, and bend on their knees before God and repent and turn from their evil ways.

    Like Bob Marley sings:  "In every man chest, their beat a heart!"

  3. Anonymous says:

    Worried about Crime ????? Since Stuart Kernohan is no longer here to answer your questions, concerns and fears, please contact Anthony Ennis at 9494222 or e-mail

    Remember, it’s Stuart Kernohan and Anthony Ennis whom instituted this regime of policing that is being practiced in the Cayman Islands, from the year 2005 to present.

    Hold your Public Servants accountable for their actions and decisions, which ultimately affect’s you, your children and your children’s children.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We have to realize that we are to blame, yes us. We can’t stop crime unless we help Government and the RCIP. We have to tell what we know and we have to use crime stoppers to do so. If you think the RCIP has superpowers and can read minds and see thru walls, they can’t. Theyare like us , human and can only perform when a comunity has he courage to tell them where to look.  Till this happens the crim will continue to very bold.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The shocking lack of response by the politicians leaves one with the inescapable conclusion that they are focused upon things other than the problem of crime and violence in the society.

    The old story it hasn’t happened to me or mine so "my condolenses to the family", that statement is no longer enough. They must let their actions speak louder than their words.

    How many people must die before we have their political attention?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Went to Jazzy B funeral and the pastor said thing that is so true. he said that what we are going thru in this Islands is bigger that the police and bigger that politics, only one man can help us and that in the mighty God of all Gods, the world is coming to an end people belive it or not is the lord’s words.


    • Anonymous says:

      You are so true.  The people of Cayman seem to have forgotten God.  We can only cry out to him when we are in trouble but what about when he blesses us each day with the gift of life.  We have so much to be grateful for and don’t want to believe it’s from God.  Can you imagine what it would be like if the new education bill was accepted and  religion was elimated out of our curriculum?   Where is the doctrine that teaches us to fear God and have respect for him? We are so lost that we have no respect for human life.  Can you imagine living in these islands where someone can look at you as if you are nothing?  We are here!  Meditate on the recent crimes where human life is snuffed out without a moment’s thought or care.  Cast our eyes on the LORD. People really and truly only HE can bring us protection from the evil in the world. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    EVERYTIME I look at Cayman news there is something new- a missing woman, a stabbing, gun shot…






    THis is an outrage call the UK and bring them down because we are in over our heads!!!

  8. Sirius says:

    Where have you been living mi bye This place is on downward slope it just that some people believe that because they have money in their pockets and they live on the Mountain these Tings won’t effect them. This country has ignored the social issues that has been knocking at its doors for such a long time. They have began to treat it like those Pesky religious visitors nobody wants to see at their front door.. It is a whole lot easier and conveinent to put lots and lots of money into Law enforcement and building prisons than it is tackle this problem.  We are also going on the assumption that we have had sound and sensible leadership for the past 30 years. Other than James M bodden and a few exceptions look at the wealth some of these "statemen" as we called them have in comparison to people. No easy solution but the perception that these people have done right by the people has to change and we need to invest in the young to get our self righted Cayman.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Signs of the changing times in the Cayman Islands in the last few years. Will I wake up one morning and read the most dreadful news of all, " Police Officer killed by Criminal’s Gun Shot Wound"  ????

    Sad to say, but that’s the reality that will face us soon. Afterall, everything else you can think of, has already happened !!!!!!!


  10. Anonymous says:

    IF what the victim said is TRUE we really have serious killers amoung us with guns, that appear to be playing the roll of Killer Cowboy/s on a mission to spread fear and panic in our society. We wait for what is to come next.