Ocean Awareness for kids

| 24/03/2009

(CNS): With a new Ocean Aware initiative, the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) aims to help all children in the Cayman Islands have an understanding of the ocean’s influence on people and human impact on the sea by the time they are twelve years old. To reach this goal, and with sponsorship from CUC, the CCMI Education Committee has developed and published an ocean literacy teacher’s guide, “Our Ocean Planet”, which has been endorsed by the Education Ministry and has been incorporated into the science curriculum.

The Ocean Aware programme is a detailed and ambitious three-year plan, and its overall scope is two-fold: to provide literature, training and support to teachers in both the public and private schools in the Cayman Islands; and to implement a public awareness campaign for Ocean Aware, designed to make all members of the community more aware of the impact of of humans on the ocean and visa versa.

“Educating our youth is very important if we are to be successful in preserving the natural beauty of our marine environment. We are pleased to commit to the Ocean Aware initiative of CCMI as we can see the tremendous long term benefits it will bring to the Cayman Islands,” said Richard Hew, President and CEO of CUC.

For more information on the Ocean Aware or any of CCMI’s educational initiatives, contact Sally at copppage@reefresearch.org

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love how CUC has to put here name on this…umm you are sourcing energy from diesal (which pollutes the sea) and ripping off every one that lives here violently, while doing it. I think CUC needs the course, they don’t need to be preaching how to save the ocean when they are part of the problem!