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| 25/03/2009

(CNS): As the day of elections draws closer, a group that describes themselves as “professional young Caymanian voters” have today launched a new blog called Ten Questions Cayman, which, as the name would suggest, poses ten questions relevant to the current situation in these islands and offers a non-partisan, online tool to assist voters to assess candidates in the upcoming elections. Group members told CNS they would like to remain anonymous at present as they want the tool to stand on its own and not be influenced in the public’s eye (one way or the other) according to which individuals are behind this non-partisan effort.

With questions on topics such as the draft Constitution, the environment, the economy, health care, education, immigration and crime, the blog invites answers from the candidates and comments from the public.

The Ten Questions Cayman group say they are interested in understanding the substance and not the rhetoric of candidates for the May 2009 elections. In a release about the launch of the blog, the group says, “This tool offers questions that, when answered, can provide more meaningful and direct information, than the broad, sweeping statements typical of some political manifestos. To provide transparency and accountability on key election issues, all candidates are encouraged to share their views in this online forum for the information of all voters in Cayman.”

According to the group, they were themselves trying to find a way to evaluate the candidates, and they decided to develop a tool that would help them decide whom to vote for in this coming 2009 election. The release says the group is made up of professional Caymanians from diverse backgrounds, joined together by love of country. They say they have expertise in law, economics, social development, education, the environment, tourism, real estate development and financial services as well as other specialist areas.

The release says the group gathered to answer one question: ‘Whom do we vote for?’ “As there are many candidates running in this 2009 election, both new to the political process and experienced, the group thought it was important to make an informed decision based on issues rather than personalities. They decided to design a tool to solicit answers from political candidates. The questions stem from 10 issues that the group thought were critical to the future of Cayman Islands.”

While the group acknowledged that the questions represented their unique perspective, they thought it important to make the tool public with the hope that it would help stimulate debate and provide a basis for further questions that can be used by other groups or individuals.

Everyone, including political candidates, can view the questions at Ten Questions Cayman and are encouraged to leave comments on the blog. Political candidates can also email their answers to the ten questions to

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  1. Anonymous says:

    As was suggested in one of the earlier comments, I also agree that it would be great to have the candidates in the ‘hot seat’ so to speak.  I don’t necessarily think that it needs to be a debate (which would likely result in a lot of personal attacks taking the focus off the actual issues), but certainly a forum where contstituents could listen while each candidate presents their views (without the benefit of prepared statements) on many of the key issues.  Do we know whether there are any such plans in the works?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well some candidates have used the internet more effectively than others. Last election Sandra Catron was the first candidate to ever put up a website – the parties quickly followed. She has also partiicpated in – I see that although other candidates were invited they have not taken up the offer.

    Let’s see how many respond.


  3. Anonymous says:



    It is heart-warming to see that people are really taking this election serious and focussing on the issues. Lets move away from personalities and lets focus on the issues.

    It would be really nice to have a bio of each member currently in the LA and their notable accomplishments, failures, controversies, bills moved and how many of those bills were actually passed during their 4 year tenure.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure using this blog gives the public an honest reply or comment from a candidate. Every candidate can use help or research to reply or comment and have prepared text for their answers  on the blog. Who knows if  answers would not be prepared by some one else.

    I would prefer the Chamber of Commerce or a group organize a public debate for all candidates who must debate without the assistance of any written documentation. I would love to see Gary Linford moderate a debate again like the one held at  the Fidelity Conference. Mr. Linford was an outstanding moderator.

    We need to hear and see what the real capability is of all candidates.

  5. Anonymous says:

     Congratulations to this group for such this initiative.  As a young(-ish) Caymanian, it was just earlier this afternoon that I was thinking ;it would be great if there was an easy way to compare candidates views.’  I hope that ALL the candidates will participate.