McCarthy to retire early

| 26/03/2009

(CNS): UPDATED – The acting Head of the Governor’s Office Alan Drury has confirmed that Chief Secretary George McCarthy is retiring six months ahead of his due date. Drury explained that as a senior civil servant, he is entitled to apply to the governor for pre-retirement leave. "This he has done, and the governor has agreed that pre-retirement leave will begin on 1 July," he said. With no official announcement CNS discovered that the top civil servant was leaving his post through an advertisement  on the government website.  Appointed by the governor the post carries a salary of between CI$165,144 to CI$182,292.

Among the responsibilities of the CF, as the islands grapple with a series of violent crimes, is to address crime and improve policing.

McCarthy entered the civil service some 35 years ago in the Internal Audit Department and has served as chief secretary since November 2004 when he took over from James Ryan. Prior to holding the position of First Official Member of the Legislative Assembly, he sat as Third Official Member as Financial Secretary for twelve years.

The successful applicant to replace him will be the most senior civil servant in the Cayman Islands who also deputizes for the governor when required, including acting as governor when he is off-island. The CF, who is an official member of Cabinet, also has responsibility for the Civil Service, Hazard Management, Public Sector Reform, Immigration, Prison, Fire, 911 Emergency Response, Legislative Department, Cadet Corps, National Archives, Immigration Appeals Policing and Security Matters, and a variety of boards and committees relating to security, immigration, and aviation.

According to the job description, the Chief Secretary and Head of the Civil Service is tasked with direct accountability for the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs and the Portfolio of the Civil Service, and takes the lead on all public sector reform. He or she is accountable to the governor for achieving the broad and specific outcomes of the Cayman Islands Government. In addition, through managing the performance of chief officers, he/she will support his Cabinet colleagues to achieve these outcomes.

The specific outcomes relating to the post holder are to: address crime and improve policing, improve education and training of civil servants, support the economy by improving immigration policy and administration and delivering open, transparent, honest and efficient public administration.

Candidates for this position must be Caymanian; possess a graduate qualification from a recognized institution or equivalent; be or have been a public servant and still eligible to hold public office; have a thorough knowledge and experience of working with the executive and legislative arms of government; have experience of leading a public sector change management process; possess public management competencies including strategic, financial and human resource skills; be a leader of leaders who commands wide respect within government and Caymanian society.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There was a time of course when politicians ‘served’ their country for no salary.  I wonder how many representatives we would have if this was the case today

  2. Anonymous says:

    It is sad to see the early retirement of Mr George McCarthy.  The Civil Service and Cayman Islands Government is loosing an excellent representative for our country, locally as well as international relations.  The country was in an excellent financial position when George McCarthy was the Financial Secretary.  He must be commended for a job well done. He can reire with a good service record.  So lets give praise when it is due and avoid criticism.    One day your turn will come to leave your place of work. What do you think they will say about you? Remember the Golden Rule – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 


  3. Anonymous says:

    I may have missed it in the news article but WHY is Mr McCarthy retiring early?

    • noname says:

      I would speculate that even Mr. McCarthy knows the true disasterous state of this country and what is yet to come and is therefore getting out while he can!  

      • Anonymous says:

        Some of you individuals are the sick, coward, people that begrudge others. Mr. McCarthy is a man of integrity and has served his country with distinction. How much should he be paid when considering that he has to sit and listen to the dumb uneducated politicians who many of you dumb uneducated people send to work with him?

        Take the speaker. How much does she get paid? Better yet, how much time was the LA in session for the salary that she got? Check out her hourly pay and then compare that with the hourly salary of the US President. I bet that her cost is even more than the hourly cost of flying Air Force One.
        People. Get Real. Get a life. This is a forum to promote positive dialogue. Please use it as such. To even insinuate Operation Tempura or whatever is to imply that there is some sinister reason for his retirement. The man has given 35 years of service to this country. Can we just tell him thanks and wish him a happy retirement and God’s blessing?
        Walk Good
        • Anonymous says:

          "Some of you individuals are the sick, coward, people that begrudge others. Mr. McCarthy is a man of integrity and has served his country with distinction". 

          Hear, hear! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised to see some of the comments posted to date. George McCarthy has given his life to the people of the Cayman Islands through his 35 years of public service. He has done so with pride and integrity, and has inspired countless numbers of Caymanians, young and old; I am one of them.

    The salary that this position yields is the highest in the Cayman Islands Government, save that of the Governor (as, in my humble opinion, I believe it should be). This position in generic terms is effectively the CEO of the largest company in the Cayman Islands with over 3000 employees. What should this person earn for the great responsibility bestowed on him or her?

    That being said, in my view, this is not the important part of this article. Who is the likely person to replace Mr. McCarthy? Who will lead the Civil Service in the trying times ahead? This, my friends is what we should be discussing…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wonder if we’ll see the governor doing telephone interviews (as noted in his diary of last week re the head of the governor’s office) for this, or if it will go to a Caymanian ?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Surprising? That has been so for years. Imagine these islands whose main revenue comes from tourism and banking paying out such salaries!

    I wonder if those who are running for a seat in the upcoming elections are thinking about reducing even salaries for themselves? Talk about a downward global economy? No one who has the islands at heart should not even entertain the idea of not doing something about it. They can and never will feel the pinch if they continue to receive such enormous salaries.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some of these blogs are a bit odd but most of them don’t recognise the huge responsibilities and accountabilities  of this post. Could CNS get and post the job description with all its accountabilities? Comparisons with elsewhere are meaningless. This is Cayman, not Scotland. My partner earns nearly this salary and is a fairly young, low level (sorry dear) accountant. An under 30 born Caymanian lawyer I know left a major law firm here two years ago because the salary offered was only $12000 a month. And could someone please ask questions about the salaries paid to former civil servants and others in the so called statutory authorities-far more than the Governor gets (Monetary Authority,Public Service Pensions Office, London Office eg). Demand answers under Freedom of Information about new cars, free flights etc and watch the stonewalling begin. There are some dreadfuly fat cat salaries lurking in the statutory authorities, most of whom run at a loss. Why are Caymanians so obsessed with the civil servants.And the Media too. Bash the civil servants but leave the Authorities staff to fly business etc. It’s sickening. Do something!!

      CNS: You can read the full job description here

      • Mind your Business says:

        Thats great Mr. Big shot high roller. Just checked, as it is payday, via my online banking and don’t seem to see that salary increment again this month. Thats at least 120 months, yes 10+ years or thereabouts without any pefrormance related pay for the Civil Service. I guess they are kind enough to throw in a nominal cost of living increase every 5 years or so though.

        So what really is the point of thse salary scales anyway if there is no mechanism for one to move up or down? Also did a few quick calulations in my head, the starting salary here is more than 3 times that if mine and if I add in my partners, who is also of the Civil Service variety, then combined we make maybe half of the starting salary listed here. So to the poster who asked what happened to true Public Servants, oh we are still here, you just don’t see us because we can’t afford the gas to go out.

        I don’t begrudge the people in these positions of their salaries, I am sure they are all well deserving hard working people, just might be nice to see the wealth spread around a bit to some of the other deserving persons is all.

        So the next time youall head off to pay the downpayment on your new South Sound home with your Christmas bonus or lay down the cash for a nice new luxury car, spare a thought for the rest us of, the ones who educate your children, pave your roads, pick up your garbage and try our damndest to clean up the mess left behind every  four years.


      • Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    Boy, with this rise in crime it seems like all the heads of the criminal sector are resigning one by one! 

  8. Anonymous says:

    and tax free,so US$222,000, or at 1.45 rate GBP153,000 net, which when grossed up for tax in the UK, would add up to GBP255,000.

    SO a UK civil servant would have to earn 255,000 pounds in the UK to earn the same money net each month.
    To give an example, in Scotland (5 million inhabitants), some of the more better paid positions are:

    Position: Scottish Information Commissioner: Kevin Dunion
    Salary: £78,000 (in 2006)

    Position: North Ayrshire Council, chief executive: position vacant Salary: £126,597

    Position: First Minister and MSP for Gordon: Alex Salmond
    Salary: £129,998

    Position: Edinburgh City Council, chief executive: Tom Aitchison
    Salary: £154,686

    Position: Scottish Enterprise, chief executive: Jack Perry
    Salary: £245,000 a year

    Position: Glasgow City Council, chief executive: George Black
    Salary: £149,425.

    Position: Commissioner for Children and Young People in Scotland: position vacant
    Salary: £75,000 a year

    Position: Scottish Public Services Ombudsman: position vacant
    Salary: £83,000 a year

  9. Jedi Dread says:

    Ya see it!?

    Cayman, realise that these man deh, na hurtin’, ya see me!? They don’t fell our pain. We the people, are the ones who are hurting.

    Get up, Stand up and question everything.

    However, in truth, we allowed them to take advantage of us. It is our fault. We are the ones to blame for this mess. We let it happen and all we did was complain on talk radio. Arm yourself with the knowledge that we are responsible for both the good and bad that we allow to happen in our lives, and shout in unison,"No more! No more" then ask the Universe to help you to stand firm in your new found conviction.

    The Revolution has begun. Make ’em run, boy. Make ’em run, boy. Make ’em run.

    – Jedi Dread –

    PS. Election time now, "so they bribing, with their guns, spare parts and money. Trying to belittle our integrity." – Nesta

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hope this was already in the works and that a competent replacement will be made with a seamless transition. Because it makes me wonder am I missing something here?? Why are all these individuals leaving resigning retiring etc at a time when the RCIPS is in a complete state of disarray. Is it possible that Operation Tempura was onto something ?? Hence the reason for slowly flushing out the bad seeds because this is really getting ridiculous… Our RCIPS is in desparate need of leadership— WHAT IS GOING ON ????? I can only imagine the absolutely POOR morale of the few honest hard working officers left. To me this is sending a clear message to the criminal minded — free for all!!!
    Can we please nip this in the bud asap and have proper leaders in place to tackle this most serious issue of the utmost National Security.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yes, they need to retire him and this figure head position. Not even the president of the USA makes this kind of money.

    What exactly does he do for that salary?

  12. Anonymous says:

    CI$165,144 to CI$182,292???? 

    Are you freakin kiddin me?  What ever happened to ‘public service’?

    Shame on the lot of you fat-cat bureaucrats …