High Rock residents voice concerns to cops

| 27/03/2009

(CNS): In the wake of the brutal murder of Sabrina Schirn whose body was found in the district residents in the High Rock Road area of East End have, police said recognized their vulnerabilities to crime and are looking at launching a neighbourhood watch programme. In a meeting, with area commander Richard Barrow, Sergeant Ian Lavine, Neighborhood Officer for East End, PC Treva McIntosh and Community Development Officer Delmira Bodden almost all the residents in the area turned up to discuss their concerns.

“The residents were afforded the opportunity to voice their concerns and air their expectations of the RCIPS,” said Barrow. “The main component that came to light is a renewed awareness of their vulnerabilities as a result of recent occurrences.”

Issues discussed at the meeting included lighting and the need for additional lights at strategic locations, additional police patrols in the area, information sharing among residents, PC McIntosh’s role as the RCIPS liaison to the community and how he can help with regard to neighbourhood watch, inexpensive security measures and how people can help ‘design’ out crime through assessing their property and surrounding area.

“We had an excellent turn out with all households represented bar one and the meeting was extremely constructive,” Barrow added. “The neighbourhood watch presentation was very well received and residents were enthusiastic about working together and in partnership with police and other agencies to help minimize their vulnerabilities.”

Barrow commended the residents for taking the initiative and seizing this opportunity to revitalize their community spirit and commitment towards the preservation of a quality of life that a law abiding society deserves.

Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should

their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The proposed neighbourhood watch programme would be a welcome addition to public security & proactive action in reporting & diverting many crimes. It’s been introduced in other countries for many, years now & it’s about time in Cayman. It will create a wonderful community spirit to fight anti-social behaviour. Policing involves teh acute response from teh public. Without us reporting & liaising with police, nothing can be done.

  2. Twyla M Vargas says:


    Too many mysterious crimes in mysterious places  taking place  in Cayman nowadays.  We will have to take it upon ourselves to do neighbourhood watches.   You are at home and know that your neighbour is at work or gone away for the week end, keep an eye out.  You see a new face visiting your neighbourhood, look at them, checkout what they are wearing, what car they are driving, and who they are visiting.   Yes that has always been the Caymanian way to "Make it my business to know your business"  Dont have to talk anything just observe.

    I was devestated hearing about the young girls death, and cant imagine how she must have suffered.   I do not want to believe what I heard took place, but if that is the way it went, SOME BODY NEED TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.

    QUESTION:      Who’s idea it was, that the Prison in Northward be called "HER MAGESTY,S PRISON" and not CAYMAN PRISON, or some other name?    Just like ROYAL CAYMAN ISLANDS POLICE FORCE.     Why?    I believe since you bear the name you should take the blame.     My deepest sympathy to the family and friends, and may she have had the last moments to seek God before her death.   To her dear mother I say God bless you.  To the WOMEN OF CAYMAN  I say be careful.   Blessed.

    • Anonymous says:

      do I detect that someone is not up-to-date on even current history of your country? may be you need t read some more and update your knowledge on curent history. Although Cayman has representative government it is not independent . The Home Office in the UK is still responsible for foreign affai and defence of the islands. The UK can make international Treaties that still affect the people of these Islands. We ae not a Republic. England can still make laws by deligated legislation and Order in Council for the Islands. Royal was bestowed by Queen Elizabeth ii when she visited the Islands in 1983. As to HMP , that had the title "Royal", Long Before before that title was bestowd on the Police Sevice. What is so bad about "Royal" anyway. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Has it even though that country is independent. The Royal Bahamas police Service still keep the "royal" although Bahamas is an Independent Country. The HMJS Coast Guard still remainHer Majesty’s Coast Guard even though Jamaica is an independent country.I could go on to cite many more examples. We are all members of the commonwealth of Nations i.e. present and former colonies of the UK with the exception of a few.

      It is the inerne age do some research my friend and you will find answers to your questions or ask older people and you will be more knowledgable. about current and past history.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like a good idea to have Neighborhood Watch all over East End due to the amount of undeveloped/woody areas .  I have seen people hiding in the dark on my road  which is mostly undeveloped and feel uncomfortable  although nothing has happened yet but like it has been said "There is a first time for everything."

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ummmmmm ….when will we hear something more about the case with Sabrina Schirn???? Or should we just guess that it has gone cold?

    Just letting  the RCIP know that some of us have not forgotten what happened to Sabrina and we would like to know exactly if they have begun to show any interest in finding who ever murdered this young lady.