Prisoner arrested for murder

| 03/04/2009

(CNS): Police have announced that a 38-year-old man who is currently serving a sentence in HMP Northward has been arrested on suspicion of murdering 21-year old Sabrina Schirn. The suspect was part of the Northward Prison work release programme at the East End farm, but according to Dr William Rattray, Director of Prisons, he was not incarcerated for a violent offence.

In a short briefing, in which the police refused to give any details of the case as they said the investigation was still continuing, Acting Commissioner James Smit, flanked by Rattray and Acting Chief Superintendent Marlon Bodden, confirmed the arrest of the Northward prisoner . Defending the release programmeof  which the prisoners was a part, Rattray said that the prison service’s risk assessment instrument that all prisoners were subject to before being allowed on the farm was the most sophisticated available.

“We conducted an international review of risk assessments before settling on the instrument that we use,” he said, adding that any rehabilitation programme such as this was subject to risk and it was not possible to predict human behaviour.

Rattray said that some 8-12 Category C and D prisoners work on the prison farm every day and are working on 200 open acres of farmland supervised by two prison officers who are horticultural instructors.

“Just like a school teacher cannot keep her eye on every child in the class, the same is true for these officers,” he said. Rattray said that the situation was an aberration and that the programme was part of a managed rehabilitation programme.

Despite questions about the time of death, whether Sabrina’s body was moved or whether an accomplice was involved, the police would not be drawn and said that they could not comment on those issues.

Given the significant criticism regarding the investigation, the police were asked it they had any regrets about how it had been conducted. “We are confident in the way we have handled this investigation and we would not have done anything differently,” said Bodden.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “We are confident in the way we have handled this investigation and we would not have done anything differently,” said Bodden…..well well well…lets have a public enquiry into this investigation and also the investigation into the case involving george roper and steve manderson..they did not kill anyone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr Rattery stated "We conducted an international review of risk assessments before settling on the instrument that we use,”  Well Mr rattery risk assessments are instruments to protect the public so lets hear the contents of this international review and see what risk assessments were in place. The public have a right to know.

    This is the 4th murder connected to the prison, including murder of Officer Lake and the two murders in Geroge Town,,how many more to follow? How many more coverups,,,scott and greaves must go and people at the top need to stop protecting them

  3. Anonymous says:

    How dare they compare a teacher to a prision officer?? I am a PROUD, HARDWORKING teacher and the children left in my care do not have machettes or other weapons. They have not comitted any crimes. Also, when in my care, I KNOW WHERE THEY ARE. While those officers were relaxing in the shade, or talking about women, someone was brutally killing this girl. Despite their lifestyle, no one deserves to die in this manner. Most of the officers we have here are made from RUBBISH and they should be the ones behind bars. I AM TOTALLY APALLED BY THIS STATEMENT. STOP CRYING DOWN THE DEDICATED TEACHERS WE HAVE HERE!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Death Penalty must be brought to Cayman. What is the use of placing them in the Hotel Northward to eat our food get the best care that our money can give them.  Who takes care of the families of the victims, their children. They should be made to work and work hard with no rest to support the families of the victims or SLEEP THEM FOREVER this will be the only JUSTICE.

  5. Twyla M Vargas says:

    Comments:  ON What a big Laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!who do they think they are fooling.

    ALL I can say is that you have said it all, the truth,…………………… and to further comment,   I dont see why two prison officers should be attending to one dozen prisoners with machettes. 

    What you think about this?……………..  During the clean up and construction of the Harry McCoy Park in Bodden Town, I was startled to find two prisoners standing by my back door asking if I had anything to drink.  I looked out to see an officer with them, but there was none.  I questioned them as to where they came from, becaused I thought they had escaped.  However they assured me that they were working in the area.  It was true, after not getting anything to drink I watched them visited a known drug area.  They scouted the area for almost half an hour before returning.    I was not afraid of them but they should have been under some sort of supervision.  

    Believe me there are times when the public feels it is not worth it to call the police about certain things.  I just hope the PRISON and POLICE is not covering up in this case, because I know East End people, they are not like some other districts, afraid to come together and stand up for what they believe in.   East End is United, and I love them for that.    However, What happen to the old days of MARCHING to get our point across.  Remember how it was done.

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a big laugh !!!!!!!  Who do they think they are fooling ??????

    Rattray is only an advisor ??????? Give me a break !!!!!

    Why do you think he was given the fancy title " Commissioner of HM Prison Northward" years ago.

    Do you really believe the powers that be, would make an Englishman or Scotsman be a subordinate of a Jamaican whom has Cayman Status or a native Caymanian ?????

    Dwight Scott is not running things up at Northward, Rattray is the " Big Cheese" up there and he should be held accountable, not Dwight Scott or some other junior officer. But of course, the midget won’t allow his fellow brother to fall from grace, regardless of what happens or has happened.   

    Don’t believe be ?????? Keep posted to CNS and see what happens then.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why aren’t more people addressing the fact that there is blame all around, not only with the prison and the police.  We also need to be outraged that so many Caymanian young people are turning into criminals.    Please try to put forward viable solutions and base your submissions on fact and not innuendo or supposition.  All Caymanians have to come together and try to devise ways to stem this tide of criminality!!  How can someone be this evil, to carry out such a cold blooded and gruesome murder? Why aren’t you heaping blame on the perpetrator or perpetrators because it was he or they who chose to commit this crime, we all know that if someone is hell bent on doing something there is very little that anyone can do to stop them.  We also need to encourage our girls and young women to either stay away or be careful when getting involved with the boys and men with the "bad boy" image and those with obvious anger management issues.  

  8. Appeal fodder? says:

    Why are some of these comments about an arrested man being published?  It is just begging for a claim that he cannot get a fair trial in such a small juror base as Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      How fare a trial should it be? Was there any faireness when the person chopped Sabrina to death?

      • Anonymous says:

        We have heard the Englishman try to spin doctor this horrible announcement; wonder where the prison deputy and his assistant are?  They are both quick to jump and take credit now let’s hear what they have to say about this so call program they are running, or have they been directed to shut up and let someone who is supposed to have more sense speak?

  9. Anonymous says:

    If this Murder had happened on Walsham Conolly or Eric Smith watch as former Prison Directors, it would result in both being hanged in the "Gallows" for neglect of duty, amongst other things that could be cooked up.

    HOWEVER, since it’s an Englishman who is now in charge, we hear excuses for lack of security, which resulted in a Homicide.

    Interestingly though, we have Caymanians like Marlon Bodden and others who will now go to great lengths to assist in covering up and protecting the Englishman, instead of holding him accountable. 

    We Caymanians keep on "shooting ourselves in the foot" over and over again protecting outsiders, but skinning our own alive, over a fire. When will our Caymanians wake up and stop treating our own as second class citizens and stop " BIGGIN UP" the white faces with blue eyes, as stated in a phrase recently by the President of Brazil !!!!!!!!!!

    Come on fellow Caymanians, we can do better than that. Enough is enough of the Bull #$%& and let’s hold everyone accountable for their actions, Caymanians and non-Caymanians alike.


    • Anonymous says:

      "If this murder had happened etc"….

      You silly person, it’s not an Englishman in charge of the prison-he has an overall advisory role. The prison is run by a born Jamaican-but lets be fair-very long term resident here. despite that, I sympathise with your comments about our home grown variety getting shafted-but-er-some of them were’nt very bright were they? Lovely people but………

    • Anonymous says:

      "HOWEVER, since it’s an Englishman who is now in charge, we hear excuses for lack of security, which resulted in a Homicide"

      Scottish, big difference.

  10. Brian Gunn says:

    well, well, well!

    I don’t know how many Caymanians have posted on this string of vitriolic garbage. Sackings, hangings and goodness knows what else. So, what happened to ‘innocent until proven guilty’ which is what happens in civilized countries. But, no doubt you’ll be in Church tomorrow (or maybe today) praying for peace, love, and forgiveness and then get back to your computers and post further messages of hate, venom, and ‘jumped to conclusions’ judgements of guilt. Grow up!

  11. Anonymous says:

    im knowing for a FACT. the prison officer in charge of the prisoners that day made TWO  phone calls to prison officials saying suspicious activities were going on and he required assistance. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Hope the PoPo investigate that claim by the writer.  If this turns out to be true then the family of the young woman should truly take these idiots to court.   Hope someone brings this  crucial piece of information with respect to the TWO telephone calls to the prison by the prison officer on the farm asking for assistance,  to the family’s attention.  Hope they can win their case as easily and get as quick a settlement as the Judge.  What can I say, the Director and his Deputy are both incompetent and full of themselves.  Their only interest is making the public think that they are doing such a great job, but, many of us know that to be a lie and now the whole country is aware as well.   They get paid to do a job and the prisoners rule the prison.  With the approval of the Deputy and his Assistant prisoners do not even have to give up their freedom since certain officers carry them out in public as if they are on holdiay at a resort.  They get their drugs, their women, their cell phones,  their special meals and hold the officers hostage if they do not get what they  ask for. This is one time that senior staff should not be allowed to weasel their way  out with their lies and coverups. 

      Rattry needs to get out of his high tower and pay a visit to the prison and really try to find out what is going on there.  And that does not entail just listeining to lies from his three top men.  He needs to take a moment to listen to line officers and promise them protection from discrimination from the Deputy and his assistant, and loss of job so that they can really come forward and speak their minds.  If you check the job holder ratio of foreign nationals to Caymanians you would be surprised.  Guess which nationality would win?  Neither the Deputy or his assistant are Caymanians, so how could we expect them to look out after our interest.  They only promote their friends and those who do their every command. Some good officers get overlooked every time.  Wish those good officers would do some posting themselves.


    • Anonymous says:

      Providing this information is accurate, that the officer who had been detailed to the farm had called the prison 2 times for assistance; then, the person who received this call and made the harmful decision to ignore the officer’s plea for assistance should be charged with negligence and supsended pending an investigation.  One would think though,  that the officer would have directly contacted  prison security .  If that is the case, then, the head of security  should not be left to run the prison at this time, and should only be able to return to his job after it is proven that he acted responsibly under the circumstances.

      Imagine if you can, how  horrible this officer must feel, knowing that he might  have been able to do somthing to help this girl had he received the help from the prison that he pled for.  So, Cayman,  I beseech the public not to demonize the officer but the system and the security department which failed both him and our country.  There are many decent prison officers at Northward and they deserve our continued support and help.  Of course, there are those who don’t give a d**,  and they are the ones who need to be sacked.  How they must be quaking in their shoes now that the spotlight is shining ever so bright on them.  Bet there won’t be too many joy rides for prisoners now.

      Who did the officer speak to? Did he call  someone from security since I don’t see him calling the operator for help.  It would appear that had security responded a life might have been saved or at the very least, the family of Sabrina would not have had to look for her for so long and suffer through the pain of  not knowing what had happened.

  12. Lawanda says:

    As grown adults we all know that Yes! The teachers cannot keep their eyes on every student in their classrooms depending on the size!  But what we do know is that if you ever dare to get up out your seat you better believe they will spot you!!!  So dont ever compare a teachers job to prison officers job!!!  They had a job to do and it was not done in the way it should had been done!  They have fail us once again and as for the police they are just as bad as them, who ever heard of taking prisoners to shop??? What in the world has Cayman come to!  This is the only prison in the world that should all be ashamed of themselves!  Make a note of it that prisoners should be treated like prisoners with no exceptions!  Everyone would love to go to Cayman prison! Reasons why?  Is because it’s like a hotel, they give you nice caribbean food, nice showers and a comfortable prison cell!  These are some of the changes that has to be made because I feel if you feed a dog good food he will always want to come back!  Give them the same kind of food that america gives them in prison! For christsakes let them learn the hard way!  They are not children and they should all know better!  As for the police all they are good for is flirting with women and getting a paycheck that they dont deserve!  We need better laws and we need better protection for our Caymanian public!  I think Sabrina parents should sue the Goverment for lack of responsibility!  As for those prison officers they should be fire!  It’s just negilence.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Comparing the situation of prisoners with teachers is just unbeliavable.  I myself have seen the prisoners on their so called work release and the prison guards talking among each other not even looking on where the prisoners are or what they are doing.  In the United States all prisoners working outside of the prison are guarded by Prison Officers who are armed.  Unfortunately this is the way it should be.  The Prison Guards should be paying closeattention to these prisoners, not looking everywhere else but…….the indiviudal who committed this horrendous crime had to leave the area (unnoticed) and return later on.  Didn’t the any of the Prison Officers notice?

    Marlon Bodden never says anything that makes any sense.  When Estelle was murdered his statement during the investigation was that her murder was a crime of passion.  Does he know the meaning of what he actually stated?

    The whole investigation was handled poorly, the before, during and after. 


    This is what we have running our country?  Regardless, Sabrina was a 21 year old girl, someone’s child, sister, friend, niece, granddaughter.  Someone got careless and wasn’t doing their job!!!! Her death wasn’t an accident, if the Prison Guards were doing their job, it would be a possbility she still would be alive today!!!  And now again EVERYONE is making excuses or commending themselves in what a good job they haave done!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Is this really so….8 – 10 prisoners armed  (with machetes), guarded by two unarmed officers?  Surely we are not so carelessly stupid…… please tell me I am wrong!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, my dear, you are correct.  There were 2 unarmed officers to 12 armed prisoners on 200 acres of deserted land.  That alone should result in the firing of  Rat, sorry, I mean Rattry,  the deputy , Scott and his yes man assistant, Greaves. By the way, where the two gentlemen when all this was going on? Did anyone contact them at the golf course?  They only started to play golf after they got their promotion.  Guess they thought that would make them seem white!   What a laugh.   Guess  East Enders did not realize all this was going on in their  backyard.  Like a previous writer stated, Northward Prison, the chickens have finally come home to roost and head must roll as a result.  Hope the police are keeping a close eye on the prison to ensure that there remains law and order and that  line officers are now getting the support they need from the top to safely do their job.  The last thing we need now is for an officer to get hurt on the job due to incompetence stemming from the top.  Obviously, those in command are not able to provide the security that is needed to prevent another crime from taking place. 

        The prison needs some serious help and one has to wonder from whence it will come and when?



        • Anonymous says:

          yes my dear you are so correct……… i didnt hear about the past director mr. eric smith out playing golf trying to be white. we should be shamed of ourselves for allowing the past government to get rid of such a great and insightful director. we are all to blame for allowing the prison afterthe riots to get rid this man who dedictaed his life to that prison.


  14. Mind Your Business says:

    It seems that despite our best efforts, we have failed to keep "Foot in Mouth" disease out of the Cayman Islands. Dr. Rattray should admit his mistake and publicly apologise for the School Teacher comparisons. There really was no need for that now was there?

    • Anonymous says:

      In light of his stupid analogy –  the obvious question must now be posed: does he even have a Phd and if so, in what?  Personnel, did ya see it, and did ya confirm it?

      Could very well be another Sayed scenario.

      Got Phd?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Defining a person as "low risk" based on the fact that the only charges they could pin on him were burglary is sad.

    This is where local policing becomes important. A local police and prison guard would know that this accused man has been up to no good his entirely life and that this incident was more certainly forseeable and he should not have been given any privileges to work on a farm.

    Let us also not forget – this is NOT the first time that someone on work release has comitted a murder. How many more times will that happen before the prison gets their act together?

    Also, prison officer need to be fired immediately who allow prisoners to meet up with people on the outside for sex and the passing of contraband. There are too many corrupt prison officers and they NEED to be terminated. Recall the one that was murdered because of his mix-up at the prison. Did they ever charge anyone with his murder?

    I agree that these young people have no respect for their own lives and seem to take these characters very lightly. So, yes, this young lady needed to understand that there are consequences to her actions. Sadly, she has paid the ultimate price and her family isleft to mourn.

    This murder should be a warning to all others – DO NOT associate with criminal elements. You may think drug dealers are not big deal but it’s only a matter of time before their actions escalate into something more serious.

    Cayman has taken this drug issue a bit too lightly over the years and while we have sat back turning a blind eye to it – for the same of the almighty dollar – this is the level that it has reached.

    The fact that someone already in prison custody can perpetrate such a crime is truly beyond my comprehension. If the fact is that the prison is so short staffed that they cannot properly monitor the prisoners on the farm then suspend the program immediately!!!

    Also, what about erecting a high towers and positioning a guard there with a gun?

    Rattray – you have failed and should be relieved of your duties. With all your experience and qualifications you have missed some common sense elements. We are wasting our money on your salary.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The police continue to state they cannot say any more because of the ‘ongoing investigation’ yet this guy bodden says;

    “We are confident in the way we have handled this investigation and we would not have done anything differently,” said Bodden.

    Note that it is in the past tense, as if it is all over.  This is where I believe the police fail the system again because now they have to get a conviction which they are very poor at getting.  Too many criminals have walked away because the RCIPS bungle the case.

    It is not as if they had to work real hard to catch a criminal in prison already, but the real work is to get a conviction and is just starting.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I have read with total amazement the comments from the Prison & RCIP, to them I say, if you don’t know what to say its best to say NOTHING!!!

    Now on to some of the comments that I’ve been reading, I agree with Bob, how could someone have just committed a crime like that and there was no noticeable blood splatter, we all know there is more to this story than meets the eye.

    I’ve been weighing all that has been reported & here are some points for us to ponder

    1. she was threatened at work by someone a few days prior.

    2. she took a DIFFERENT CAR to go to east end, now why not drive here own? maybe she did not want to be seen, may be she was on a mission to catch someone in an act of infidelity? we don’t know?

    3. A young lady called the owner of the car after she goes missing (as reported in the media) pretending to be Ms. Schirn, when he returned the call, was told the she was not there? Who is this young lady? why was that done? was she the one used to draw Ms. Schirn to East End on pretext? Has she been found by the RCIP? who knows?

    4. Was someone else at this rendezvous along with the prisoner? was that person the actual killer using the machette provided by the prisoner thus being the reason why blood was not all over the prisoner?

    Did the other prisoners have knowledge of what went down? did they also help? did they see or realize and report it to the officers?

    5. did the officers notice that the prisoner was missing and on their investigations found what had taking place, but because they were out numbered decide not to do anything and just return to the prison? if this was the scenario, did the officers report it and then it was covered up by prison officials?

    6. did the prisoner only meet with someone else, giving them the machette and quickly returned to work so as not to be noticed? 

    7. if as reports (marlroad) from early on that the person  who threatened her is family to the prisoner arrested, then did they person who threatened her do the actual deed and let the prisoner know after, and since he was all ready in jail, he agreed to take the fall? if thisis the case the we have to also ask why?

    8. Was this a hit? was it a revenge killing? was it business or was it personal?

    9. has the RCIP interviewed, or even sought out the person who did the threatening?

    10. WHY is Det. Evans still on this case giving all that has transpired? Since he messed up from day one is it to cover tracks and then use him as the fall guy?

    11. was the lead detective on the case TOLD to follow the line of questioning, that  he did? maybe they knew from day one that she was dead, but was instructed to drag their feet to give prison officials time to devise a plan? then once the dust settles then announce that they have arrested  a prisoner.

    12. May that was the reason for telling her family & friends (according to media reports) who tried to report her missing that they can’t because it was not 48hrs, when it actually 24hrs?

    Well there’s lots more I could say, but we don’t know do we? lets hope the puzzle fits together in the end and JUSTICE IS served, to one and all in this case.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Electronic Monitoring bracelets!  I can’t beleive that the comparision was made to school children, that is outrageous.  I guess the CI Government doesn’t beleive in electronic monitoring bracelets that informs them when someon leaves a certain area.  This is truly appaling!  I am to understand that the prisioners can use cell phones within the prision as long as they "aren’t on it too much!" 

    If this person had been wearing an electronic monitoring bracelet the could have EASILY found him BEFORE he committed this act. I hope her family sues RCIPS and make sure (as part of that settlement) that ALL prisioners outside or on leave of any sort are wearing these bracelets.  This is an EASY problem to resolve with such a device.

    • noname says:

      It is a known fact that certain prison officers take the prisoners all over the place, from shopping trips, to see girlfriends,  to up Welley’s for drinks, all with the approval of  the prison. The general public have seen them so it’s no secret.   It’s a lucky thing no more crimes have been committed by these careless actions on the part of the prison. This kind of stuff is going to gradually come out as a result of  this announcement  that a prisoner is alledged to have murdered this young girl.   Senior management  let  the prisoners have their own way so they can keep them happy, making it easier for them to run the prison.  The prison is run by the prisoners when in fact it should be the other way  around.. I hope that whichever Government get in they do a clean sweep of the senior people at the prison, including Rattry or whaterver his name is.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Too fishy for me to swallow…. sounds like a good scapegoat to pin a murder on because RCIP is CLUELESS about who actually done it…

    Oh and the fact that they think they have handled this investigation properly is the most frightening statement of all!!

    My prayers are with the Shirn family

  20. Bob says:

    I want to know how someone who just killed a person can walk back into the prison with blood all over him???

    Obvioulsy there’s other individuals involved and more to that fishy story.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The two IDIOT prison officers who were "supposedly" supervising these free roaming prisoners should have to serve LIFE SENTENCES along with the DISGUSTING animal that conducted this henious crime.

    In addition, the Schirn family should sue the CI Government for the RCIP’s lack of attention in this case and the utter repulsion of the prison service.

    RCIP – To serve and protect…WHAT A JOKE!!!



  22. Anonymous says:













  23. Anonymous says:

    This tragedy, we now find, was totally preventable. Those that are aware of this fellow, I do not think consider him to be a "low risk" individual. If this is the best that can be done, then the prisoners unfortunately should have to stay at the prison where they are supervised, or at least of less harm to us walking the streets.

  24. Anonymous says:

    A lot has been written about this incident… but lets face it, without knowing the facts, 99.9% of us are clueless about what really happened…. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve heard many rumors concerning why this yound lady decidedto grab the keys off the desk of a co-worker and drive this "borrowed car" up to EastEnd …… a life’s been lost but I reckon this prisoner did not decide to take a stroll and accidentally bumped into a lost young woman who decided to take a midday walk on some Prisoner work release farmland… and then proceed to kill her for no apparent reason !!! 

    The real issue here is not the a prisoner killel here.. but more so, why was she up there?

    This island is small enough, and there is plenty being said about this.. on the marlroad…..

    Let’s give the RCIPS a chance to tell it all on the given date and time. Just like the Estella murder, there are plenty of circumstances that masqurade under the anger of the crime …. and time usually spills its beans !!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    It is good news to have charged someone with this brutal crime. It is horrific to image the last moments of this young womans life.

    It would seem that there is more to this story to emerge

    • Anonymous says:

      What are prison guards there for but to keep their eye trained on the prisoners!  It is a rather poor analogy to compare prisoners to school children or guards to teachers.  They are not even apples and oranges — more like yellow yam and apples, with due respect to yellow yam.  Different category all together.  If the Prison Director is so convinced that his guards cannot always keep a responsible eye on the prisoners they are charged with supervising, then he should scrap his programme.  It is too dangerous.

      They are being paid to keep their eyes peeled and that is what they must do. 

      But if the director is making excuses for them, then you get your answer to the source of the problem — not enough seriousness applied to the task of supervising prisoners — from the top down.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are two (at least) very major issues here if what we are being told is true, which we must assume. The first is whether the perpetrator was properly assessed and monitored as a prisoner for work program.

      The second is very distressing but as a society we need to face it. Poor Sabrina-God rest her soul- did not deserve to die thus. Her killer must face justice. BUT, why was she there? He didn’t drive her there. She took a car and went of her own accord. This iswhat we need to face in Cayman whether we like it or nor not. Why are our girls– pretty girls with brains, attracted obsessively to men who can’t even read and with gangsta associations? And I’ll go further just to get the accusations of racism against me but the truth must out-the girls tend to be fairly well brought up clear skinned girls, perhaps with parents forcing them into going to church too often.

       If the name of the suspect reported earlier is indeed correct, I can confirm he is a Windsor Park can’t read/ can’t follow rules/no father figure/pathetic mother giving problems since primary school. Oh and by the way, he is a born Caymanian. Sad, but it’s best to make that clear these days.

      • Anonymous says:

        "Oh and by the way, he is a born Caymanian. Sad, but it’s best to make that clear these days".

        When it is Caymanian that is always made clear. It is when the culprits are not that it is covered up. Try going over the various violent offences in the past two years and naming the nationalities of those charged.

  26. "Concerned" says:

    Dear Readers,

    What Mr. Rattray is trying to get across to the public, in his beloved statement ,is that the prison is overcrowded and there are not enough Prison Officers to keep an eye on all these inmates.

    What is appalling, is that these facilities have been put in place to help re-habilitate these  men back into our society.  If the system is failing then where or to whom do they turn after they have been released? 

    This recent crime has wreaked more fear in our communites and our Islands in general.  Sometime ago it was suggested that our prisoners who are in for "lesser crimes"’ i.e rape, drugs, etc. may have an opportunity of being released for "good behaviour".   Now if these men cannot and will not conduct themselves appropriately, how can we accept or even trust them once released?

    How are these inmates afforded so many privleges, that they are allowed time to go off on "personal errands" and" interacting" with persons on the outside?.  I trust that persons in Authority will review this process and make the necessary changes. Someone MUST be held accountable.


  27. Anonymous says:

    Why was she hanging out on a 200 acre farm in Eastend run by prisoners??? There has to be more to this story. A 21yr girl that works at block buster and lives in south sound doesn’t just randomly decide to drive to Eastend to a prison run farm…

  28. Anonymous says:

    In any other kind of work, the person failing to perform properly and responsible would have been fired. You can’t run a prison properly, you shouldn’t be there. Why do all these people continue to collect a good salary for producing absolute garbage. Anyone can produce garbage, no help needed for that. Why is nobody there to take responsibility for the lack of action and continous misjudgment of prisoners and their behaviours. I am sick of it. I have to perform at my job or I am out the door! Why does this not seem to be the case anywhere else? Why are the politicians not all over this, demanding escalations and disciplinary actions? You know why? Because they are all afraid and nobody wants to rock the boat – as usual. I am disgusted and sick of all of them.

    • Enraged Caymanian says:

      The peope of the Cayman Islands should call for the top three  senior people at the prison to step down, right here, right now!!  How could anyone establish a program that allows a ratio of 2;13 prison officers to prisoners  to go on a work party in an area 200 hundred acres wide.  The officers, who  we understand  are also horticulturist, were probably wearing that hat at the time, which allowed the aledged murder to wander off unnoticed .   At what stage/ time of the day  would they have reverted back to the role of prison offier anyway?  I will be interesting to hear their story of how something like this could have happened on their watch. What a crying shame.  Our prison system has failed us.  Hope that is one area that our new government will seek to address.  In fact, Cayman, let’s hear how our candidates are going to  address this failure of what we call a prison.  I say, put some real Caymanians in charge, not a group of foreign nationals who can’t relate and are there simply for the money.  They let the prisoners have their way so they, the senior people, can have it be thought that they are doing a good job.  Well, the cat is out of the bag.  Let’s see what other lame excuses they will come up with in the coming days.  My thought and prayers go out to the family of this young woman.



  29. Kwat says:

    I hope the security guards on duty at the 200 open acre farm is suspended, pending the investigation. 

    Personally I believe the work program is a great program for prisoners.  Everyone messes up from time to time and that’s why prisoners are rated as Class: A, B, C, and D.  I’m sure a class C or D prisoner is in for a non-violent drug offence/drunk driving/failing to pay too many traffic tickets; and a Class C may be someone who may be in prison for fighting or something a little more serious than a non-violent act.  A person in prison does not necessarily mean they are a high risk to the community.  At some point, EVERYONE is a risk in the community.  Such as when one goes over the speed limit (could cause an accident that takes someone’s life), or someone who is driving when stressed or extremely tired (could lead to not paying a attention to the road and cause an accident to take someone’s life), or someone who says hurtful words to a suicidal person (may not even know that someone is suicidal).  Therefore, I am okay with the prisoner work programs.  However, I disagree that two unarmed guards are responsible for 8-12 prisoners, regardless of their threat level.  Now I see why it was so easy for Steve Manderson to escape so many times.  The program needs to be restructured.  They are in prison because they are paying a dept to society.  No matter what the crime is, prisoners in the work program must remember they are not free.  They are being punished for their crime(s).  Sabrina should not have been there, but regardless of her being there, she did not deserve death as a result of her poor actions. 

    In my opinion, Mr. Rattray’s quote that “Just like a school teacher cannot keep her eye on every child in the class, the same is true for these officers,” is not acceptable.  Prisoners are NOT school children.  Prisoners are people who committed a crime and are being punished for those crimes.  Prisoners are like school children in detention.  They are always being monitored because they are being PUNISHED (weather is was because to chewing gum in class, or talking on their cellular phone at school, or because of fighting)!  Mr. Rattray, part of being a man means you have to admit when you are wrong.  Say, “Unfortunately, I did not think this would have ever happened and I am surely sorry this happened on my command.”  It would be nice if you tendered your resignation due to his event –and if you don’t want to do that…. Offer to take a few more courses that will help you understand how to effectively run a prison work program.  The work program needs to be put on hold untilit is restructured, to make sure this can never happen again. 

    As for the police, please don’t let this case go to the scrapheep.  Be sure to make this sucker pay for his crime.  Cayman needs to get back on track NOW, before it is too late.         

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman, the fault does not lie with the  line officers; whomever was the senior person in charge of the prison/shift on that day should  be dismissed.  Remeber, junior staff take orders from those at the top and can’t make decisions as to how many officers will  be responsible for taking out a work party.Those types of commands come from the very top.  Sadly, I have heard that the prison is in a mess, that those at the very top allow the prisoners to do whatever the want to do just  so they can keep the peace at Northward.  Not only should  Rattray be forced to step down but his two assistants, Greaves and Scott should be suspended until the prison is fully investigated for incompetence.Those two men ,  Greaves and Scott, who  are not even Caymanians, know nothing about running the prison.  Every where you turn you see the two of them running around in Town with civilian clothes on and playing golf. Perhaps if they spent  more time at the prison they might be able to provide the guidance their officers need. By the way, isn’t  there supposed to be a dress code for people in the prison service which calls for them to wear uniforms.  If so, how can these two have such blatant disregard for policy.  I’ve never yet seen them in unifrom yet. Guess the promotion flew to their heads.  Well, with promotions come responsiblity and gentlemen,  the chickens have come to the prison to roost. Truly the prison is the  next government entity that needs immediatle independent investigation,  from alledged wasteful spending of Government funds to discrimination  against Caymanians who apply for jobs, to incompetence, to giving friends jobs who are not qualified, and the list goes on Cayman.You would be surprised  and spend many sleeplessnights if you only kwew the many places that prisoners were allowed to roam with hardly any supervision.

      I say,  all three heads from the prison must roll, and roll soon.  We have had enough!!




  30. Anonymous says:

    I saw a comment above insisting that the Dept Comm police should go and that this writer says that they had heard this right after this dreadful murder. Why did this writer not report this to the police? surely they wanted to help in the investigation?

    I can say " That the RCIP probalbly did know about this and that they wanted to investigate and collect all the evidence they need to convict this evil person".

    On my side, i also heard this rumour and "YES" i did call someone in the RCIP to let them know what i had heard. Again for that writers info, i heard a day or two after they found the body. I called that day to assist the RCIP with their investigation.

    Hopefully we can convict this person this time.



  31. Anonymous says:

    Crying shame. Now tell me, how in the world could this have happened??? Were the officers taking a break or fell asleep???? And what kind of comment is"Just like a school teacher cannot keep her eye on every child in the class, the same is true for these officers", is he for real???? My question is……what will happen to the prison guards that were supposed to be keeping guard???? Stop justifying the situation and own up to the fact  that the prison system failed……crying shame thats what it is…..

  32. Al Pacino says:

    It was Chadwick bush and he had 3 beautiful kids!!   What a SHAME!!

  33. Anon. says:

    That explains why some prisoners are galavanting around the island, visiting their friends and families.  And I faiI to see the comparison between school,/teachers and prisoners/officers.  This rubbish, and a prisoner arrested?

    This is ridiculous…..Is that all you could say?  NO FREAKIN JUSTIFICATION HERE!!!!

    Rattray said that some 8-12 Category C and D prisoners work on the prison farm every day and are working on 200 open acres of farmland supervised by two prison officers who are horticultural instructors.

    “Just like a school teacher cannot keep her eye on every child in the class, the same is true for these officers,” he said. Rattray said that the situation was an aberration and that the programme was part of a managed rehabilitation programme.

    This is ridiculous…..Is that all you could say?  REALLY IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE SOME FORM OF FREAKIN JUSTIFICATION HERE!!!! NOT ACCEPTED!!!!!

    "They gon talk bout just like how teachers cant watch over all the kids in a classroom all day, the prison officers cant watch over all the inmates all day wen they out in the field…How ludacris is that? Are they comparing children and INMATES"????
    I mean really now!!!





  34. Anonymous says:

    “We are confident in the way we have handled this investigation and we would not have done anything differently,” said Bodden.

    Oh I am sure you would not of, I mean until it is one of your loved ones! Oh or I guess you probably think "this would never happen to us".

    Since your so confident let’s see if infact you all can  ACTUALLY CONVICT SOMEONE FOR THIS MURDER!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Does the government have a quality assurance program that reassess the effectiveness of so called "spphisticated risk assessments"?  Obviously there was a glitch in the system when screening this particular prisoner.

    What re-assessment methods exist for risk assessment programs in place?

  36. Anonymous says:

    When we hear the full details of this case certain thing will come to light. Let us all be very careful of our own actions that we do not draw these people into our lives. "The company that you keep"

  37. Anonymous says:


    responsibility to someone or for some activity 


    Who will be held accountable for this unfortunate and devastating event that was caused by this ‘release farming programme"  Who?  This is my question.  I have no law degree but I do have a heart and I’m a sensible Caymanian who reasons things out before speaking.  Therefore RCIPS, can you please provide us a response as to who will be held accountable for this prisoner finding the time to commit such a horrible crime while being so called "imprisoned"?

    How can we be assured this will not happen again through some other unsupervised prisoner session?  Who were the prison officers?  What do their ‘Activity Records" for that day show?  And yes how can a prisoner be arrested? I’m pretty sure we shall never hear the names of these prison officers.  Accountability is the key here- who will be held acountable for the prisoners moments of unsupervision that allowed him to wander off to meet and murder this young lady?  Is this a common occurence that prisoners are allowed to sneak off to do their business and return?   Who are these officers and who do they report to?  I will keep repeating this question until there is a response.  This press release only continues to engrain in the minds of the public how our judicial system is corrupt and careless.  You cannot expect to see any positive comments posted under this press release as every statement released by RCIP continues to dig their hole deeper.  Please…release the names of the officers and supervisors on duty.  A young lady has lost her life and the family need answers.  Accountability is needed. 


  38. Anonymous says:

    Director OUT. Acting Commissioner OUT. Must go. They are on expensive holidays here.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Funny how I heard about a prisoner being the one who murdered Sabrina very shortly after she was found murdered.  Maybe if this joke of a police force did some rather basic detective work they would have found this out too.  How is it that the police are the last to know?  And how dumb are they to come out and finally repeat what’s been known for weeks like it’s some new info uncovered by their dilligent investigation.  Again, what a joke!!!  Wipe the egg off your faces guys.  I guess the RCIPS figures since the public doesn’t pay their salaries, in the form of taxes, they don’t owe us anything.

  40. Anonymous says:

    So these guys were just out in the school yard muckin’ about, eh!!

    Doesn’t anyone want to know why she was out there in the first place.  She didn’t stumble upon some prisoners on work release.  I think everyone already knows. It doesn’t matter.

     I just wanted to say that IT DOES NOT MATTER!!!! THIS SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED!! Sabrina should have been here to celebrate her birthday this past week. She did NOT deserve this! Period! 

    I knew someone a while back that used to go out there and meet her incarcerated boyfriend in the bush for a conjugal visit with a wink and a nod from the guard. I always thought that was amazing. What a shame that this little perk will soon be gone. HOPEFULLY!! The other prisoners can take out their frustrations on this 38year old prisoner that officials seem to be protecting the identity of. Where is his name?

     Soon dis place be so dangerous as Jamaica! And that’s NOT to do with the Jamaicans!

    Dese guys dey tink dey so gangsta! How utterly pathetic!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I get to understand that this same prisoner was the only one who returned without his machete.

    If this is the case where is the machete?

    and isn’t he also family to the same said young man that threatend her at Block Busters?

    wow…i am speechless for a moment, get back to you later!

  42. Anonymous says:

    This has happed already in the past.

    I remember one unsolved murder. The murder of Chadwick Bodden who was gunned down in the area by Zodiac Bar. They say and they know that this young man was killed by two prisoners let out on a release programme but the Police just could not fit the pieces together. Or maybe the Prison Officials wouldn’t know how to explain this to the public so the government swept it under the carpet.

    Now here we are a few years later and it is a young lady brutally murdered BY A PRISONER!!! Can we just say only in Cayman which is very sad!!

    What is going on here? How can this take place? Who wouldn’t be afraid. I mean here the Police are to SERVE AND PROTECT and the Prison is suppose to HOLD these criminals????? Hmmmmm i’d say very confusing!

    No wonder there are repetative criminals!

    The suspect was part of the Northward Prison work release programme at the East End farm, but according to Dr William Rattray, Director of Prisons, he was not incarcerated for a violent offence.

    But Mr. Rattray, Mr. Director of Prisons, doesn’t he have a violent record?

    You guys are a joke and a shame to the people! I will also say this, People the RCIPS also had someone held in custody for 2 weeks under suspicion for Mark Jeffersons murder but yet no one was convicted so don’t get your hopes up as yet. Let’s see first if they will actually solve this one.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what going to happen to Mr. Rattray now? I Guess nothing cause he’s not CAYMANIAN OR SOMEONE WHO HAS CAYMANIAN STATUS. Back in 1999 when the prison was burn down the Prison director then was immediatly SUSPENDED him and his Officers with ranking position. lets see how our silence govenor is going to deal with horendious case.




  44. Anonymous says:

    This is a crying shame and also very depressing it seems the Police and the Prison must have all gone to the same school and had th same teacher, because they are both showing the same tendencies to screw up!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why everyone is pointing fingers at the authority? You make your choice, you must know that there is consequences. Nobody deserves to die the way that young lady did but let’s face reality, it was her personal choice

      A message well sent, may be the youth in this Islands learn from this and refrain from mixing with the wrong crowd! We must not think by a minute that because it didn’t happened to you, it can’t happen, so parents, instill in your children that for every action, there is consequences! stick to your class! Stay out of trouble…..

      • Anonymous says:

        Despite any questionable choices this young lady may have made during her short life does not justify someone taking that very same life and why would anyone in authority want to hide behind that very fact.   But lets face it, we  would expect to see some very sensilble decisons made by those in authority at the prison, afer all, that/s what we pay them for. For example, who in their right mind would send out two prison officers to  have oversight over 12 prisoners?  It.s just ridiculous and outrageous.  The buck stops with those three at the top, who did not have the foresignt to imagine the possibility of one of these incarcerated persons wandering off and perpetrating a crime, any crime.   This could have happened to anyone who might have found themselves having to visit the general area of the farm and overcome by these men, or worse yet, came upon  them whilst  in the act of committing this aledged crime.  What then?   Accountability is something that  few leaders like to hear about, especially when they are the ones in the  hot seat.  Only good leaders can admit to making a mistake, when will we hear the prison admit that their handling of those  incarcerated persons stinks!!  And that’s in general.  But as an electorate, I want to hear the slate of candidates address this issue and I encourage everyone else to expect the same.

      • Anonymous says:

        Whoever said quote ( it was her personal choice) unquote, is  stupid, would you choose to die

        in  this way?? how would you choose to die??

        you are definately a Sabrinahater, maybe you should go to the police and tell them what you know.

  45. Anonymous says:

    “Just like a school teacher cannot keep her eye on every child in the class, the same is true for these officers"

    Now can Mr Rattray really draw comparison between convicted criminals, whether classified low or high risk with a classroom with students?  I mean come on, the mere fact that these persons are in prison say it all, prisoners are required to be supervised especially and more so when they are not on the prison’s compound.

    Come on Mr Rattray, doesnt look or sound good coming from you in your rankings.



  46. Anonymous says:

    Well done to all involved with this investigation.

  47. Anonymous says:


    He didn’t do this by himself. He had an accomplice(s)?

    When the S&*% hits the fan I hope that the worthless police and prison officers that we have, will be able to deal with it! 

    I  am not sure which one disgusts me more Kim Evans or Marlon Bodden with the comments and statements…“We are confident in the way we have handled this investigation and we would not have done anything differently,” said Bodden.


  48. Get a grip says:

    What on earth was this prisoner doing out?

    He should have been locked in his cell. People are sent to prison because they are criminals who shouldn’t be loose on the streets, so why do they get let back out on them?

    Another example of the incompetence and laziness from public officials


  49. Anonymous says:

    Would not have done anything differently?  That stinks!  Sabrina is threatened a fewdays earlier at her work place and her tires slashed and police do not investigate and apprehend the offender from then?   Police do not do a dilligent search for her and her dead body of one week is not found until one week and by her siblings with no police around searching for her?  And the Police say say they will arrest her when she turns up from missing?

    And now you are telling us that 8-12 prisoners are let loose on a 200 acre farm daily with only 2 prison officers to watch over them and that is fine and ok in light of one of them getting away to brutally murder a civilian?  No wonder the High Rock residents are kicking up a fuss!  Gee, if i live there i would surely be kicking up a fuss too!

    I must not be reading correctly?  Maybe i need to go back to school and learn how to read again, i must be mistaken with what i am thinking i am hearing here?  Unbelievable…????!!!

  50. How can a prisoner be arrested???

  51. Anonymous says:

    We hope this is not just to cover up the big mess up by the RCIPS.

  52. Anonymous says:

    " We are confident in the way we have handled this investigation and we would not have done anything differently,” said Bodden.

    Dear Spt. B. The time to feel that and say so is NOT now. Where are the PR people in the RCIP?

    CNS try so help out dem people nuh!!!

    This commences some hurt all over again. Enough already! Why pour fuel on a simmering flame at this time…..just as you are making progress? 

    Silence at times grants time to ponder and be salient for the time of delivery. That is not the case. My advise to our RCIP at this time would be to do just that. Shhhhhhh! 

    What hs been said speaks volumes and invites further justified critisism . It is better to be quiet and thought to be foolish than to open ones mouth and cast aside all doubt.  

    It would be so much wiser to say " we are confident we will get to the bottom of this."

    In the mean time some traction is being made. We as a community are hoping, within the circumstances that answers are forth coming. 

  53. Anonymous says:

      This was known for quite a long time.  He was actually working on the farm in that area.  They act like this information is just trickling in but the reason it has come at such a slow pace is due to RCIP and the Prison officials working on damagage control.


      Well done guys.  Hope you all get raises!

  54. Jeffrey W. Powery says:

    “Just like a school teacher cannot keep her eye on every child in the class, the same is true for these officers,” he said. Rattray said that the situation was an aberration and that programme was part of a managed rehabilitation programme.

    So basically Mr Rattray is telling us the people of the Islands. That he has two prison officers responsible for 100 acres of land and 100 prisoners. On top of that he has them unarmed. My point is that it’s not logical for 1 prisoner to be monitoring 100 acres and 100 prisoners. So to make a statement like the above he’s just not fit to run no prison. Simply cause there is no foresight to see that one day the s*** is going to hit the fan.                                                                                                                                                      

  55. logicman says:

    this sounds like a farce. if it is indeed true, there should be some job losses over this. i cant beleive the quotes from these guys:

    "“Just like a school teacher cannot keep her eye on every child in the class, the same is true for these officers,” he said. Rattray"  is this guy kidding??? does he know he is running a prison???? he should be charged criminally.

    "“We conducted an international review of risk assessments before settling on the instrument that we use,” he said adding that any rehabilitation programme such as this was subject to risk and it was not possible to predict human behaviour."   if it isnt possible to predict human behaviour (of a criminal) then why do they have these work release programs?????

    somebody better fry for this is it true that a prisoner in custody did this.



  56. Anonymous says:

    A prisoner, by definition, is someone that is confined- Working on 200 acres of open farmland, is a far cry from being imprisoned.

    2 officers would not be able to effectively and efficiently control 8-12 "prisoners" on an acre of land much less 200 acres.

    This is truly upsetting.


  57. Anonymous says:

    How do you have 2 officers guarding 8-12 prisoners outside of the prison’s walls on farm land as big as 200acres? I understand there are protocols followed along with risk assessments done but I cannot agree with this limited number of security personel.

    I do also understand that this program may have been established over a period and now we can only ask ourselves how many prisoners have done this in the past and, if so, thank God they came back. It is very unfortunate that consequence of this escape is the death of a 21 year old girl and hope we learn from this. 

    I also hope that these guards were actually overseeing these people and none were on breaks or sleeping. 

    We all need to be more cautious of our surroundings here now so everyone needs to make a special effort to keep themselves and family safe. Always remember prevention is better than a cure.

  58. Anonymous says:

    put an electrical fence around the grounds

  59. Anonymous says:

    Talk about Spin Doctor  William Rattray, Director of Prisoners!

    I have on many occassions, seen violent criminals, at Kings Sports centre playing football and recieving the occassional conjugal visits from jailhouse wifes. On those occassions they were unsupervised and free to roam the premises. The wardens tasked with guarding them, disinterested in supervising them!

    In all conscience how can the Director justify, a work release program on 200 hundred acres of farm land, with a ratio of 2 unarmed wardens to 8-12 prisoners who may I add all have machetes and are not shackled together.  I am clearly missing the logic of this program! 

    What may I ask is the Prison for if it does not protect the law abiding citizens from those who have broken the law.


    • Anonymous says:

      The fact that this happened is horrendous.  

      However, there is no perfect way to predict this type of violent behavior and it happens with people who are not in the prison sysytem.  To blame an individual or a system, because we are upset, does not make sense.  

      The other  8-12 (hundred /t housand) people who have worked on the farm over the years, have not become serial killers.  Ms.Roberts and Mr. Bise were not murdered by "prison farm workers gone wild".

      You can not control life or predict behavior to that degree.