PPM appeals to its people

| 06/04/2009

(CNS): The People’s Progressive Movement opened its bid for re-election at the country’s historic seat of democracy – Pedro St James, on Saturday when the ten candidates fighting the May 2009 General Election were introduced to the party faithful by Chairman Anton Duckworth. At the party’s National Council meeting, the party slogan of “Don’t stop the progress” was unveiled and the leader of government business told the audience that one good term deserves another, especially when a government has delivered.

Acting as MC, political veteran Anthony Eden, who has served in three cabinets, said that the PPM was beginning its campaign among members, as it was important to ensure the party was in order before taking to the hustings and they would reveal the achievements of the government.

When Kurt Tibbetts, the party leader, delivered his state of the nation address he said the PPM candidates were head and shoulders over the other contenders and the PPM was the better choice as the alternative was going back to the discredited ways of the past represented by the UDP. “A leopard can never change its spots, no matter how hard it may try,” Tibbetts added.

He reminded members that the UDP of today is the same UDP of yesteryear with the same leader whose way of doing things had made people uncomfortable. “I know you do not have short memories,” he said. “Certainly, you have vivid recollections of how the UDP – or more specifically McKeeva Bush – ran the government as a one-man show. It was either McKeeva’s way or the highway.” 

He said the people had found McKeeva wanting, and banished him to the opposition and it would be an immense tragedy if the country were to be managed again by Bush and his inexperienced team.

He described the UDP administration between 2001 and 2005 as the most politically unstable period the country has ever known. “Three of five Cabinet ministers were abruptly changed. Scandal followed scandal. The inept and unprincipled government lurched from controversy to crisis. The auditor general felt compelled to investigate no less than five government projects and to write condemnatory reports in every instance,” he recalled. “There was the case of the wasted and missing money and sub-standard houses under the Affordable Housing Scheme, the preferential treatment given to Burns Connolly in the redevelopment of the port, and the Boatswain Beach financing scandal. No less than two of the five projects investigated by the auditor general were referred to the police for possible criminal investigation.”

What happened recently in the Turks and Caicos Islands served as a warning that an inept and corrupt government will bring shame,he said. “We must avoid that happening to us at all costs. Your choice on May 20th is therefore clear. Vote solidly and re-elect the PPM for continued honesty in government and to ensure continued progress.”

Tibbetts said the country had come too far to turn back. “Let’s keep moving forward because there’s no future in the past. Stay with PPM. Don’t stop the progress!” he exclaimed.

He said that after the last election the PPM had embarked on a journey to transform the country which was in deep crisis in the wake of Hurricane Ivan, with the former UDP regime failing the people in their hour of need.

Tibbetts said the journey the PPM had taken was not an easy one as it was faced from the first day in office with various daunting challenges, some of which were without recent precedent, but much had been achieved. “Within the next week or so, the PPM will be distributing a special campaign publication entitled, ‘From promise to performance’.  It provides a comprehensive overview of our major accomplishments during the past four years so that you can have all the necessary facts to do your own assessment of our performance,” the LoGB stated.

He said it would take several hours to detail every single achievement of the PPM government over the past four years so it was important people get a copy of the report. “It is our way of accounting on our stewardship so that you can decide if we are truly worthy of your continued trust,” he added. “Making a clean break with dark and dismal days of the UDP regime, the PPM has run the business of government in a very open, transparent and accountable way.”

He said that was why the government had no problem passing a Freedom of Information Law and had introduced the press briefing, as well as never intimidating its critics. “This government has never faced any accusations of corruption,” he said. “Not even by our opponents during the heat of the present election campaign. Yes, they have accused us of various things but …. they can find no grounds on which to accuse us of corruption. The same cannot be said when the UDP held office.”

Tibbetts noted that while the political opponents complain about government spending, the benefits are plainly evident to everyone and people know where the money is going. Moreover, he stated that claims of financial mismanagement could not be substantiated, and despite the challenges the Cayman economy remained strong.

“The PPM government is acting quietly and decisively to promote and safeguard our economy in this most difficult of times,” he said. “It is simply not good enough for the UDP … to merely criticize and tear down the government’s programmes. If they are really serious about being seen as a viable alternative, they must outline their master plan.”

He concluded by telling the audience that the country needs the PPM for honest, trustworthy government. “We have raised the bar on standards of behaviour in public office. Cayman has prospered under our watch,” he said, adding that Cayman was in better shape today than four years ago and that they should not stop the progress.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m voting PPM straight in 2013!

  2. Priscilla Bodden says:

    First of all I  want to say there is no comparison between Mrs. Lucille Seymour and that Paulina whatever her name is… Mrs. Lucille is a Lady there is a big difference between them. I have seen on facebook where Paulina you UDP ppl want in power prancing around in night clubs half naked check out facebook I speak no more to that..

    There is nothing that NO OTHER could have done better than PPM. The world is in a economic mess do not blame PPM.  We are actually lucky to be in the position that we are in  we need to be thankful we are probably one of the very few countries that are doing so well.. Thanks to PPM.

    There have been expenditures that were out of PPM’s control like the investigation which was ordered by The Governor.  That helped with the 29 million deficit.

    A 29 million deficit is just money that will be replaced what Mckeeva did with the granting of the status will affect Cayman forever it will affect now and our children and grand children of the future, Something so precious as being Caymanian meant nothing to him and he gave that away that can never be undone I’m sure we will get over the deficit but will never recover from Mckeeva actions. You can’t say that’s in the past I DONT THINK SO that’s affecting us no and will for the rest of our lives thoes status holders have gave the RIGHT TO BE CAYMANIAN to their dependants and we can’t do nothing about that… Thats another seat in school that Government is now required to have for a non Caymanian child.  He is not for the people of Cayman.. Sherri Bodden should be ashamed of her self for condoning with UDP for thoes status grants.I bow my head in shame.

    Notice the difference between the meetings UDP meeting had tons of Jamacians especially because the Jamacians  know that they can get anything they want from him. At PPM meeting last night that’s where you saw pure beautiful Caymanian’s because PPM is for Caymanians!!!

    I’m sure they made mistakes as they are humans but they have done nothing worse than giving our country away to people who dont deserve to be called Caymanian.

    Mr. Alden is a Star he represented Cayman beautifully when he was abroad recently and with his continued hard work I know we will make it onto the White list.. How much agreements have Mckeeva signed can we have some numbers please?  Great work with the buliding of the new schools.

    The ACTION MAN!!!! say no more I could go on and on. I am in awe all of the candidates last night gave a great speech and I know they will deliver again.


    What a wonderful team we have I’m voting str8 for GT !! PPM!!



  3. Anonymous says:

    The PPM are not all Lions Club Members. Mr. Alfonso Wright, Mr Kurt Tibbetts, Mr. Alden McLaughlin and Mr. Osbourne Bodden are members. Mr. Eden, Mr. Mclean are not. Mr. Clifford todate is not as well. The Service clubs have members from both parties. All of the service clubs have a mixture of people that do just that! Service the communities regardless of locations. If only all of our political candidates could work as one to better all communities regardless of location. If only more of our MLAs, Ministers and those looking to enter the political arena would get more involved in the communities like our service clubs do all year and not just before election they would know our needs and see what’s really taking place. You can see a vast difference in someone that live in and work for their communities than in someone that just knows of the community.
    Of all the PPM members I have to say that Mr. Eden doesn’t show up to say hi every 4 years, he knows there’s more to Bodden Town than central BT. He knows all the side roads as well. Mr. Chuck on the other hand considers the district of Bodden Town, central BT gun square or out of town Northside somewhere. Mr Osbourne tried hard as an MLA and for that he deserves credit. Let’s not put all the eggs together please. Maybe just maybe they could join a service club and learn how to be of true service.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "I’m still voting straight PPM in GT……" said one lonely little voice crying in the wilderness.

  5. Dissappointed PPM supporter says:

    Roy sometimes less is more. The more you write the more you hurt your party. What you are doing is pointing our more errors where the people would normally have overlooked. So please do your party a favor and put less pen to paper.

  6. anonomous says:

    Oh Roy, all the literary materials are fine, but where are the supporting pictures. Pictures are worth a thousand words! Kurt contributed his list of names to be granted status; Kurt also has given more PR then any government to date. The PPM is only a party because 1) they are all lion’s members and 2) they were the Government in Power – each running their own port folio and like the old adage goes (the left hand don’t know what the right hand is doing). Bodden Towner’s did not need Mac to give them Money, they had two capable Ministers to do just that, so if they failed it was not Mac’s fault (I guess with your logics you are saying that Kurt should have released Chucky from the PPM’s party for failing).

    The PPM’s record of failed leadership has been proven. They have failed at everything, well maybe one or two things they have been OK at like – cruising the waterholes, playing with the teachers instead of the students.

    The PPM has also been quite good at hysterics a master in-fact. They like to cry wolf and throw accusations at person without any evidence to back it up. Take for instance all the negative remarks you have commented on, has any of the findings come up with any proof that they were (MAC) guilty of wrong doing. No all of the conclusions from the RCIP or the AG has proven to be false accusations, unlike the Clifford Gate – scandal, and the Hassan fiasco, the missing helicopter, the 600 plus millions in debt and the 30 million deficits. The increase in electrical bills, cost of living has increased across the board. Please spare the PPM hysterics. We have had enough of the PPM’s over-reaction to make every thing seam as if they were mislead. We now know who are the true wolf in sheep’s clothing. All this proves to me is that the PPM is just better at hiding their true identity and deceiving the people of the country.

    Please no more. We need now to concentrate on paying off this large bill and putting the pieces of this country back together, so that we may go on with our lives. And there is no better time to start that now (May 20th).

  7. Anonymous says:

    I’m still voting for the PPM in Bodden Town!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well scroll up a bit and look to your right and what do you see but ‘All about McKeeva Bush’ – how apt!

  9. Anonymous says:

    There is no other way to go for the Cayman Islands continued success and stability but with PPM; all other options out there are linked to UDP and if everyone were to be honest with themselves they would know that UDP and their key supporters are in this with their own personal agenda. UDP cannot be trusted….PPM is still the Government you can trust!

  10. Anonymous says:

    De money a flow in Bodden Town Yes folks things are a happening No more free airline flights or jazz fest tickets some raw cash now will help you to make up your mind who to vote for. Until they get elected then you will never see them again for 4 years.

    Beware of some of these take a chance on me independants who are talking the talk about protecting our rights our homes and children. Take a serious look at their personal situations and lives folks because that is exactly how they are going to run the countriespublic affairs make no mistake.

    This time we need honest and competent administrators not another bunch of failed businessmen or women  bombarding us with good intentions. Cayman cannot sustain another 4 years of give me a chance politicians or if i am elected i  will do this for you politicians.This crucial election is for the future of these islands so get out an vote for not who you like but who best can run the Cayman island’s government.

  11. Roy Tatum says:

     The PPM will be re-elected.  

    The PPM will be re-elected  because the PPM Government has:

    • delivered on its manifesto promises – I appreciate that this is unusual  & difficult for the UDP to understand – their history has been promises made and not kept.  
    • served the country as a single cohesive government – not as seperate independant fiefdoms  with no unity as happenned under Mac & the UDP.
    • served the country with honesty and integrity – unlike Mac and the scandal ridden UDP.
    • introduced open government – weekly press conferences; Freedom of Information; anti coruption bill.
    • rebuilding the country and lives after Ivan and now Paloma
    • funded the building of a new police marine facility so that we can better secure our borders.
    • improved sports facilities in all communities.
    • huge improvemnts to education started and more coming.
    • looked after the elderly- ensuring good care facilities
    • revised and improved the UDPs flawed 2004 immigration law.
    • successfully negotiated a new constitution with the UK that better protects the interests of the people of these Islands –  something that the UDP threw out and refused to do… then fought tooth and nail trying to prevent its success. 
    • introducing first ever referendum this May.
    • Everyone in Grand Cayman has benefitted from the new road corrdors – from West Bay to North Side.
    • No matter what the UDP says – the PPM team is proven; tested; action oriented, and honest as the day is long.

    Caymanians will NOT elect the UDP because:

    • our memories are not short – we recall well the waste of funds;  the status fiasco; the scandals involving its ministers & leader. We cannot trust them.
    • Macs  UDP continues to be a party of convenience where Mac reigns supreme with his bullying style.  We do not trust him.
    • Bodden Towners remember that Mac gave little to help BT in the aftermath of Ivan – yet he took as I recall $1m right after Ivan to ‘clean up’ West Bay.  His district was no where as damaged as BT – yet he could not think nationally – he thought district  – he thought election – he thought about Mac.  He has not changed and neiter has his UDP.
    • BT- if Roy & Gilbert could not sway Macs UDP to do more for Bodden Town then Mark & Dwayne will not fair any better.
    • fact… last time around the UDP got little done.  Fact.. the majority of Caymanians do not trust Mac and ask ourselves how can we trust those running with him.

    i am entirely confident that the Caymanian people recognise that the PPM has been an honest action oriented Government and  we will re-elect the PPM come May 20.  

    Cayman.. lets continue the work we started in 2005.  Vote PPM.




    • Anonymous says:

      Keep writing, Roy. Hit them with the facts! Don’t let that UDP Supporter pretending to be disappointed PPM Supporter deter you.   

  12. Anonymous says:

    no corruption? how about theft of govt documents?

    • Anonymous says:

       "no corruption? how about theft of govt documents".

      I don’t think Mr. Clifford was charged with theft of govt. documents. Yes,  nocorruption.

  13. Anonymous says:

    PPM YOU WANT ANOTHER TERM…ARE YOU KIDDING? Where will be in the next 4 years if we put you PPM (POOR PEOPLE’S MONEY) back!!

    Progress, now this is a "laugh" what progress, projects started and not completed!! 

    PPM you are all a worthless bunch of politicians…the only other group of people that I could compare you do would be the RCIPS!!  Pathetic!!



  14. Anonymous says:

    Talk about the one-man show! 

    If you look at the compass paper today, you will see the UDP has their 11 candidates present and the PPM advertising themselves completely under the sole picture of Kirt tibbetts.  Who’s the one-man Show?? 

    and I wonder why that is?  Could it be because the rest of them are so weak they don’t even want to advertise them?  The UDP is organized with candidates to address every section of our economy and social network.  The Kirt show as who? Alfonso Write?  Lucille??  Alden?


    give me break!