Minister calls out Brac MLA

| 08/04/2009

(CNS): Although he said he had not planned to talk about education at the launch of the PPM’s national campaign last night, Minster Alden McLaughlin said he was driven to it. Following the "false witness” born against him on the pervious evening by UDP candidate Julianna O’Connor-Connolly regarding her misrepresentation of the events surrounding the passage of the Education Bill last month, he said he was forced to set the record straight. “I don’t want to call her a liar but she is damn careless with the truth!” he exclaimed.

Referring to O’Connor-Connolly’s claim that he had tried to take God out of the schools but she had saved the day, the Minister explained what had actually happened in the Legislative Assembly in its closing days and how O’Connor-Connolly had “born false witness against Alden McLaughlin".

As is confirmed by both records from the LA and the National Curriculum itself, O’Connor-Connolly seems to have misled the public with her claim during her speech at the UDP’s party rally on Monday night.  McLaughlin said that religious education had been enshrined in the curriculum, which is already in use and had never been removed. He also put straight the impression that O’Connor-Connolly had given that he had tried to sneak it through.

He noted that the first draft of the bill had been brought to the House for debate in 2006, again in 2007 and again in October 2008, more than four months before the bill came to the House for passage last month, giving all the legislators more than ample time to scrutinize and assess the content of the new law, which he intended to bring before the close of House business.

“Not once did they debate this, not once did I hear a peep out of Julie. One of the most important pieces of legislation ever brought to the house and, with the exception of Rolston Anglin, not one of them had ever wanted to debate it,” he said. The minister explained that the opposition had been given months to raise any objections but had not done so, and he suspected their lack of interest was due to the fact that they did not believe he would be able to get the work done in time to bring the law for passage. As a result, he said they simply didn’t bother to look at it. But he added that his team had worked very hard to finalize the legal paperwork and bring the document before the legislative assembly for the vote.

McLaughlin said that not only had the bill been in the public domain and open for discussion for three years before the final draft was laid before the House, the National Curriculum with its eight pages detailing the requirement to teach religious education had been there in black and white and on the website for all to see for well over a year and was already being utilized in the schools.  “I want to know how she can explain that religion was not in the curriculum.”

He explained, however, that in committee stage, which is where the technical language of a law can be finalized, he had offered to put the word “religion” into section 15, which was the part of the law which mandated the curriculum. Even though it was already enshrined in the law, in order to alleviate her unfounded concerns, McLaughlin said he was content to add religion to the text of the actual bill as well.

He said the problem was, as with all the members of the UDP, that they had not listened or bothered to read the law that he had been working on and sharing since the day he was elected. “The UDP has just not paid attention to what I was doing. In reality they have paid virtually no attention to education at all during this term.” He said that improving education was not only a tough job, it was one where the results come out many years ahead. “This is my life,” he said.  “I am building for the future not for the next election.”

He noted that he would not talk about the issue again as the record was set straight. He said the UDP could mislead all they wanted but that much had been achieved in education and the law, which was passed in March, was merely the formalisation of so much which was already in place which the UDP would realise if they had paid any attention to education.

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  1. Robert Ebanks says:

    (CNS): Although he said he had not planned to talk about education at the launch of the PPM’s national campaign last night, Minster Alden McLaughlin said he was driven to it. Following the "false witness” born against him on the pervious evening by UDP candidate Julianna O’Connor-Connolly regarding her misrepresentation of the events surrounding the passage of the Education Bill last month, he said he was forced to set the record straight. “I don’t want to call her a liar but she is damn careless with the truth!” he exclaimed.

     CNS is ‘careless’ in their reporting of the facts. And the Minister of Education is playing the people for fools, by trying to deceive them or he lacks knowledge or is careless in his use of words. Note that CNS quoted the Minister as saying “I don’t want to call her a liar but she is damn careless with the truth!” First things first, the Minister did not use the word ‘careless’ he used the word ‘reckless’, and this change of word may seem insignificant to some but that change is very important.
    Minister McLaughlin said “I don’t want to call her a liar…” because he knows that to do so would be arguably defamatory and that he may end up in court and would lose because he would not be able to make his case. Therefore he decides to be clever, by trying to trick the people by wording things in such a way that would cause the readers to think one thing, whilst legally or technically saying something different. When he says “reckless with the truth” the layperson will believe that he is suggesting or saying that the MLA from the Brac was saying something that was not true, whilst in fact legally or technically that is not what he is saying. Therefore he, Minister McLaughlin is trying to deceive the people.
    Lets look up the word reckless. Oxford dictionary defines it as “regardless of consequences or danger etc…” Therefore if you or one is reckless with the truth, then technically all you’re saying is that the person uses or speaks the truth without regard for the consequences or the danger that speaking that truth may cause, in layman terms we say, ‘speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may’.
    Which is why its interesting that CNS substituted that word ‘reckless’ with ‘careless’ which has a very different meaning. Oxford defines ‘careless’ as: “lacking care and attention; unthinking, insensitive, done without care, inaccurate, light-hearted” so to suggest that the Minister said that the MLA from the Brac was damm careless (light-hearted) with the truth, or that she was  (inaccurate) with the truth is factually incorrect and journalistically inaccurate and irresponsible or perhaps CNS has just like many of the PPM followers/supporters simply been deceived, swallowing the Minister’s refuse hook line and sinker.
    Final point. For those PPM hacks that may attempt to say that the word the Minister was using was not ‘reckless’ but ‘wreckless’ allow me to say the following. I seriously doubt it. We can find the word ‘wreck’ and we can find the word ‘less’ but you would be even more deceptive, naïve or expose that someone is perhaps linguistically challenged to combine the two.
    In closing, CNS needs to pay careful attention to every word that is used, and to satisfy it journalistic obligation, by quoting accurately what was said. Keep a careful watch especially on some of these lawyers who try to parade themselves as caring for the people, when in fact they don’t, they care about building monuments to themselves. Minister McLaughlin’s statement or accusation of the Lady Member from the Brac is deceptive or careless at best. To the Lady Member from the Brac, keep up the great work, continue to represent your people, continue to speak the truth regardless of the consequences. We need more representatives that are prepared to speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may.
    • Anonymous says:

      Robert Ebanks,

      You are too clever by half. Reckless and careless are not opposites. Recklessness is an extreme degree of carelessness as anyone who has been to traffic court can tell you.  The only difference with lying is that lying is intentional deception whereas recklessness means that you are aware that what you are saying may be false but have decided to say it anyway. The often-used expression is "reckless disregard for the truth".  Similarly, the expression "economical with the truth" does not mean you are speaking the truth in a careful, measured way but rather that you are lying. If the Minister said "reckless with the truth" then he probably conflated these two expressions.   In any event, the Minister was clearly saying that the Lady member from the Brac was misleading the public and that is borne out by the facts. There is no defamation, at least not by the Minister.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Look at Moses record before you say he doesn’t have experience.  He has more experience than all the UDP candidates put together.  Which one of them have ever run a successful business that has never been brought under question?  Moses has so many different interests and yet has control of all and they are all successfu. 

    Think carefully before you lump everyone together.

  3. Ten Questions for Cayman whether you are UDP, PPM or independent:

    "Who should I vote for in the upcoming election?"

    "How do I know what the candidates stand for?" 

    These are questions that a small group of young, professional Caymanians came together to discuss.  The result was Ten Questions; a list of ten key questions that we felt were important to ask of all candidates.

    Visit our website to participate in the discussion, and encourage your candidates to do the same.

    Let’s get past the personalities and political rhetoric and choose candidates that will do the best to protect and improve the future of our country!


    The Ten Questions Group

  4. CaymanLeamon says:

    PPM launch = a bunch of personal attacks.

    the PPM members attacked UDP candidates personally rather than offering solutions for our country.

    PPM knows their days are numbered. why else would you talk about anything except the supposed "progress" you’ve made over the 4 years?

    everyone knows that the progress is smoke and mirrors and that your days are numbered.


  5. Anonymous says:

    ‘Hey you, supposedly UDP supporter’…..hahahahaha, you are just too funny! Wake up and smell the dollar bills….lead you straight West stops in GT or BT….

  6. Anonymous says:

    I have known Ms Julianna for many years and I have never known her to lie

    • Anonymous says:

      She’s not a lier, she is just dam careless with the truth! Don’t stop the progress! PPM All the way!

  7. Twyla M Vargas says:


    In no uncertain terms I do not like to see Politics mixed into Religion.   If you are going to do that I would suggest first consider what you believe in.  If you believe in God, then watch how you play with is word.  If you dont, then that is your business, you have chosen your path.

    Ms. Julie, remember if you believe that GOD is your KING, no man can harm you.  The PRINCE OF DARKNES in always on a mission  to have  his angels battle against GODS children to cause us to loose faith. 

    To all the others who are drawing HATE, BLOOD SWET AND TEARS among us, consider what is happening.  The party system is dividing the Island.  Supporters are doing more damage than good.   Cant you feel, see, and smell the hatred that is being expelled.  What do you think will happen to your children and Grand Children, they are listening and watching, and soon they will take up exactly where you left off, but you WILL  BE TOO OLD  AND WALKING WITH A STICK to defend any of them when they begin where yoy left off.  Then what, they will soon be fighting in school because of what is being said and you never know what the out come will be.  

    What bothers me is why is it that everyone is being so mean against each other.  I know it is not to represent us.  It is only to keep the money flow in your pockets.  Good gracious cant we stick to the issues, cant we just say what we hope to do and have done instead of  inviting bitterness among neighbour and friends.   UDP AND PPM  you all do not realize what is really happening in Cayman, just because everyone wants power.  I have learnt that it takes two to TANGO, so unless that is decided on.  All Hell is going to break loose.

    Take a look at the INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES, they are doing a better job, and giving people a reason to vote for them.

    I WOULD SUGGEST VOTE INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES  Some persons in the party is tired now and need to take a rest.  The party system is wrecking this Island, and anyone who cannot see that is not honest, and not listening to the people.   CHANCES ARE ABOUT TO BE TAKEN. TAKE THEM AND VOTE INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES OF YOUR CHOICE, NO STRAIGHT TICKET.    I believe you  will be better off.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kurt says do not vote for new candidates we need experience and on the other hand he was praising Alfonzo, Ossie, Lucille and Moses for getting the last four years experience.

    What a bunch of CRAP. Give HIS inexperienced group a chance, but forget the others, who might I add – are more than qualified. They have been away to collage, lived in another country, fought for their country, came back, moved up the ladder of success, gave back to their community, raised children or have children in the school system .

    And what did KT say makes the PPM candidates more quilified. To use Alden’s words “I don’t want to call her (HIM) a liar but she (HE) is damn careless with the truth!”


    The PPM are all talk and no substance. I attended the meeting last night with seven of my friends (and yes I stress 7) and was thoroughly disappointed. It sounded good, but when you actually consider what they have said, it does not make any since at all. A bunch of angry, empty words.

    I think that first impressions are always the most important and that they are the lasting ones. We will not attend any more, we were very disappointed. We thought we were going to hear, where we were going to get revenue coming into this country, what plans the government has to stimulate the economy. All we got was a lot of bull and ego buffing, shouting, ranting and a lot of plans on more spending, spending, spending. Yes, they have cut down on land transfer fees and given duty concessions but that does not bring additional monies into the economy, it only seeks to deprive the government coffers of more funds thus making the deficit larger.

    KT’s feeble attempt to satisfy the audience on why we are not broke was very pitiful. An Alden is not a financial controller, but a lawyer therefore he has no right to cry down anyone of not having enough knowledge. He should stick to what he knows best and no I am not referring to his principals. 


  10. AnotherIgn'antCaymanian says:

    I am a young Caymanian about to vote for the second time,  once again for neither party, as I feel that is not in the best interest of the country.

    The incumbent Government has failed to show significant progress (progress that was indeed promised) in the reform of healthcare, affrdable housing (excepted guaranteed mortgages scheme), and the improvement of policing. They have overspent, so much so that the country is in deficit and seems to have been ignorant at best of the tourism and finance industries.

    However, in all fairness, Minister McLaughlin, has been working or delegating responsibilites – use whichever term you deem best – to achieve a very ambitious goal: to to make some kind of change rather than the usual the usual lip-service about the importance of education.

    On the Compass’ website’s election section, I located a copy of the PPM’s 2005 manifesto. If one was to read the Education section, you could conclude, as I have that some progress has been made on the majority of the rather ambitious 22 points outlined.

    AI keep hearing the rhetoric going around the political mill that the one grand pmany years lan to improve education is to look at vocational training. Vocational subjects have been offered at the high school for decades now. There has been vocational certificate programs in place at the UCCI (formerly the Community College) for many years now. And there are plans in place for expansion.

    Perhaps, rather than jumping on political bandwagons and doling out unwarranted criticism, us Caymanians should research, reason, investigate, question for ourselves as the Educated Caymanian ought to.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Religion is in the curriculum.  Never was taken out.  Check the fact.  Teachers have to teach the curriculum.  Check the facts.  Or… you could believe someone who tells you everything.  However, from the time I was a young child my grandpa always said believe only half of what you see and none of what you hear!!!

  12. noname says:

    Last night was a very good meeting Alden put her in her place. Rome was not built in  a day trust me it will take some time to get those schools built.. Is that all you can slam to Mr. Alden?

    I really hate to hear when ppl blame PPM for the state of the economy in Cayman it is very ignorant to say such a thing…. The whole world is suffering don’t you think Cayman will feel the pinch also? Do you all swear that if UDP was in Government we would not have a deficit?

    Like what Mr. Kurt said last night this is a time for PROFESSIONALS …ARMATURES take a seat.

    I don’t understand UDP 1st they say that PPM isn’t doing ANYTHING then they say that they are spending too much on what they are doing make up your mind UDP which is it?!!! lol

    I will laugh at this country if UDP get their hands on the Key to the city  trust me Mr. Bush will find something to give away to them foreigners once more, since he gave away all the status he will probably give away 3000 permanent residence don’t put it pass him he’s like a Jamaican he will steal the sugar out of your coffee. 

    • Anonymous says:

      That is quite an unnecessary racist remark about stealing sugar out of coffee. You might just have a look at the majority of prisoners at Northward….   I am tired of hearing ‘you people’ blame your crime on Jamaicans.

  13. PPM the only decent choice says:

    The more Christian than Jesus Julie and the born again, and again, yet again, Mac would be a dangerous religious combo. They will straighten out these enegetic youngsters.

    God forbid if to many George Town and Bodden Town people get as brain washed and indoctrinated like those West Bayers.

  14. Haggard Love Child says:

    This controversy is far more twisted and stupid than people realize. Juliana Occonor-Connoly-Conner-Oconnoly is up in arms over "religious education" being taken out of the schools?

    Say what?

    If this is so, she obviously doesn’t understand what religious education is. She wants Christian indoctrination in schools. She wants schools to be five more days of Sunday school where children are led into the fold. She does not want them to be taught about world religions in an academically proper way, as the CI education curriculum now requires. The idea of Christianity being taught objectively and equally along side other religions would make her head explode.

    She is an extreme Christian fundamentalist (that is not a slur, just ask her and she will proudly tell you so) who does not want Caymanian children learning about Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, nonbelief, etc. The less they know about "the world", the better.

    So she should be fighting against religious education. If she thought this through she would be applauding Alden for leaving it out of the education bill and be focused on getting it out of the curriculum.

    Oh vey….

    Or, maybe she is wiser than she lets on. Maybe she is counting on school teachers and administrators to be so dishonest or incompetent that they would interpret "religious education" to mean "Christian fundamentalist indoctrination" 

    Our poor children. Why can’t they just be force-fed the required dose of religion at home and in churches? People like Juliana O’cconer-Connolly-Conner-O’Connolly want them to spend their days in school learning about a talking snake while the rest of the world’s children learn math and science.

    Good luck kids. Your gonna need it!


  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m a UDP supporter in West Bay and I usually listen carefully to both sides of a story or an agruement,  then make a decision as to what is the truth and was is a lie, after all is said and done.

    I listened carefully to both Juliana and Alden on the issues of " Religion in the Public Schools" and I must say at the end of the day, I believe Alden is telling the truth and Julianna is no different than the hyprocrites in the Bible who pray and say things aloud in thepublic, to garner the trust of those who might hear or be swayed. Remember, I’m a UDP supporter and I have voted UDP straight for the past 8 years, but wrong is wrong and a lie is a lie and sin is sin.

    Let me also share something with you that I saw with my own eyes on Monday the 6th April 2009 about 1.45pm at the West Bay Four Way junction. I was crossing the 4 way junction in my car headed unto Town Hall Road when I noticed to my right, a serving politician from West Bay standing at the said junction, (Church Street Road) talking to a middle aged gentlman. To my amazement, the MLA he had his wallet open for all to see, where he then proceeded to hand over money to this gentleman.

    This is absolutely wrong, especially to do this so blatantly in public. I’m not saying that this gentleman was not in need of money ( Pay Light/Water Bill, Food etc) but to have a representative of a high office, with his wallet open at the West Bay Four-Way juction giving away $ 25.00 or $ 50.00 CI in the bright hot sunshine above, is absolutely out of order and a poor reflection on the individual.

    Due to a lack of proper representation in the past 8 years and finally with this blatant act in public, I will not be voting for this gentlman this time around but instead voting for the other 3 UDP members of West Bay and voting for an independant candidate in my district.






      Hey you, supposedly UDP supporter, you think you can fool us.  You’re  simply a PPM in disguise trying to fool people into thinking that you are UDP..

      A UDP supporter would not post such stupidness.  We support our candidates because we know how much they care for the people of these islands.  To hear that one might have been providing assistance to another human beign is not unusual. Obviously, this is a foreign act of kindness that you are not accustomed to. 

      But those in glass houses should not throw stones since I understand  from people that the money is flowing in both GT and BT by thePPM. 

      Listen, our UDP candidates provide assistance to the needy in more ways than one, and that’s all year round.  They don’t wait until an election to suddenly decide to give a helping hand.

       In view of the fact that you are so devious though, I am doubtful that you even saw one of our UDP members as you mentioned.  The sin is not providing assistance, but in turning your back on a fellow man who might not be as fortunate as the next person.  UDP imposter, be sure your sins will find you out.  It is a sin to so blatantly lie. But I  forgive YOU.


    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously the candidate had nothing to hide if in indeed  it was true that you saw him providing assistance to someone in need.  After all, why stand at a busy four way stop if you were trying to hide  something?  Only a dunce would think that the candidate was doing something wrong, standing out there at a busy four way, with no place to hide.  Can’t you see, he had nothihg to hide. People help people  all the time and guess what, it is not a criminal act.  So perhaps, you should try it sometime, after all it is perfectly ok to show some kindness.  Try it sometime, you might actually enjoy helping a brother.   Wonder how many dollar bills pass hands in smoky bar rooms?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I just wish that she and her prayer warriors had thought to pray away Ivan & Paloma from our islands. Maybe next time

  17. Anonymous says:

    This so called "outrage" is just a cover up for mr mclaughlin’s lack of achievement in education.  he had planned to make the change and only when she raised the issue was it revert back to where it is now. That IS the truth and if anyone goes to the LA I beleive they can get the record of what happened. but I am not sure how you do that or what it costs.

  18. Anonymous says:

    alden is the one not being truthful here…check the official records in the house and you will see.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am a young Caymanian and I have been attending as many campaign meetings as possible as I feel that this is the most important election in a number of years.  I want to ensure that I am voting for the most deserving candidates that will truly make a difference. 

    I attended last night’s meeting and was hugely disappointed. The personal attacks that I heard from Alden, Ozzie, Lucille and some of the others in relation to independent candidates and individual persons associated with the UDP party was very distasteful and unnecessary. It’s almost as if I expected this behaviour from UDP and never from PPM.  
    The PPM candidates spent the entire night defending project spend, education, Chuckie and his scandal and the list goes on. I wanted to hear the PPM’s intentions for the next four years if re-elected! I wanted to leave the meeting with a clear outline of what I can expect for my children in the area of education! I wanted reassurance that the financial industry, where I work, will get through this global financial crisis one way or the other!…come on PPM, as a young hardworking Caymanian, I need answers!   Your picture book is all nice and well but I need to see a list of your objectives for the next four years.   We have about 6 weeks left until election and I don’t have the time to continue to sit at every PPM meeting and wait for these answers. The independents and UDP team are on the top of their game. Walling Whittaker, Eddie Thompson, Burns Connolly and the UDP candidates all have their goals and objectives set and have outlined these to the people during the couple of meetings they’ve had so far.    I just feel like the PPM team is asleep at the wheel once again.  Wake up! I expected better and last night confirmed what I was feeling all along….Independents are the way to go! 
    There will be no broom sweeping this election from either party. I hope we get a good mix and I strongly encourage the PPM to take a step back, regroup and get focus about this campaign.  I was disgusted by the bashing and it was a complete waste of my night.


  20. Anonymous says:

    How can Alden say that Julianna "was careless with the truth"? Alden you could never be the gentleman as Julianna is a"lady". You are only telling the people of the Cayman Islands what you want us to hear and you are really pissed off now that the truth has been spoken about your tactics!! And we know you are very good at that!!

    If you had your way with the Education Bill as you want with everything else you would want to run the country by yourself and be "sneaky" about it!!
    “I don’t want to call her a liar but she is damn careless with the truth!” he exclaimed.  You have disrespected yourself and the people of these Islands with this statement, but we know that you really don’t care!!
    You are ridiculing Julianna now as you didn’t get your way when you asked Rolston to walk across the floor and join you are your cronies!! You stated "I am building for the future not for the next election"…you started schools and none are finished because the PPM Government has put the country in the RED.
    Alden you are a very angry and conceited individual…so much that you are shaking in your shoes, together with your other PPM members.    
    The PPM are the ones misleading the Caymanian people, but everyone has their eyes open this time around and we see The Only Way Forward is to vote straight for UDP come 20 May.
  21. Anonymous says:

    Alden has done something.  Julie has done… well… Nothing!!! Good job Julie.  Try to blame somebody for something and do Nothing!!!  If you’re going to attack someone have something to stand on for crying out loud. 

    To the last post regarding usage of a curse word… let us read our bibles.   The bible… over 8 times the bible uses the word damned.  So why would you speak from both sides of your mouth?  Also, to prove you are out of touch with reality every child from Year 1 through high school hears that word from other students as well as just about every tv show now a days.

    Julie needs go on another long trip to Israel… And STAY!!!

    Voting Straight PPM!!!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Go PPM.  Dont stop the progress!   If they have nothing of substance to criticize, then in desperation, they turn to deceipt. There are lies and then there are lies.  Dont stop the progress!

    • Anonymous says:

      Humor me please! WHAT PROGRESS?

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t Stop the Progress:  yes,  I remember not so long ago i had to get my grand kids(4 & 7) out bed of bed 5am before day break to beat traffic to get to school on time from BT.  DO YOU REMEMBER, I DO.   Today the kids get out of bed at 6:15 and leave the house at 6:50 and we get to School at 7:14 am.  Who made that possible the PPM government who did something for the cayman people and who knew what the people of these Islands were going through.  A BIG THANK YOU TO THE PPM GOVERNMENT.  DONT STOP THE PROGRESS, CAYMAN NEEDS MORE, WHEN THE INTERNATIONL FINANCIAL PROBLEMS ARE OVER.  WE CAN WAIT.   yOU HAVE TO GO IN FOR ANOTHER TERM TO FINISH THE JOB.   DON’T STOP THE PROGRESS CAYMAN.   



      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t support either UDP (Utterly Deficient Pisspoor) or PPM (Pretty Pathetic Managers). Nor do I support the now independent Gilbert McLean. But fair is fair, the new road to the East that Arden/PPM likes to claim as his/theirs, was planned and signed off on in Gilbert’s day as Minister. Credit to Arden for taking it on and pushing ahead with it but it would have happened anyway-and perhaps without Colford Scott being "retired" by Arden, meddling as politicians like to do, in personnel matters where they have absolutely no business to be.

        • Anonymous says:

          "But fair is fair, the new road to the East that Arden/PPM likes to claim as his/theirs, was planned and signed off on in Gilbert’s day as Minister".

          Wrong. This was all originally planned in the Master Ground Transportation Plan in 1988 long before Gilbert McLean  was a Minister. The difference between planning and execution is crucial.

          I don’t know why Gilbert is embarrassing himself by running. It will be a humiliating defeat.

  23. Anonymous says:

    “I don’t want to call her a liar but she is damn careless with the truth!” he exclaimed….

    Now this is a careless statement if I have ever heard one – there were children in the audience last night and this is what we teach them, and the education minister at that, how to CUSS and call names and how to blast-fame.
    This is what our campaign has come to now. I was thoroughly disappointed in the Minister. Hasn’t he thought as yet to why he is failing? With this kind of attitude no wonder. I think that he should apologies to all the families there last night, all the families listening on the radio and all the families watching on TV. This kind of behavior has got to stop. This is not the example we want to set for our children.
  24. Anonymous says:

    Not conceited or angry….just setting the record straight….Julianna should stop hiding behind the Bible….playing games with Christianity….she is just too embarrassing!!  Alden…PPM…keep on doing what you doing – you’ve got it so right… worries come May 20th.

  25. Anonymous says:

    What a lot of “poppy-cock” – the circus is now in town.

  26. Anonymous says:

    This show was about spending more money, I have not as yet heard what the PPM is doing to bring money into the economy. Spend , spend and more spend.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Knowing where Minister Alden is coming from (a God-Fearing upbringing) I can’t see any reason why he would want to eliminate religion from the schools. I thank him for his simple explanation of what really occured during this episode. I have the utmost respect for Ms. Julie but I think she is trying to make a big thing out of this as it is politicking time. We all need to listen to the Independents some of whom I will definitely vote.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Praise the Lord!!!  Someone has finally had enough back bone to stand up to such a deceitful woman.  Whe would have the world believe that if it weren’t for her we would not have Religion in school.  Please… We have many good Caymanians teaching and they have not forgotten their heritage.  Maybe if she had given so many status grants away she would have to worry about loosing religion.

    Typical UDP… wanting to pretend that they saved the day and no other choice but please… spare us the details. 

    Vote Straight PPM!!!!  Education standards are at an all time high!!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Same old same old from Lady Pious hiding behind the Bible. Better be careful

    Matthew 6:5 And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same old same old …….

      How awful it is when someone attempts to mislead in any situation but my oh my how utterly shameful it is when that someone is a professing christian.  By all means criticize if it is warranted but at least speak the truth.

      From those of us who have been paying attention to the progress being made with education "Thank You Alden" for your hard work, you aren’t just talk ing about it you are delivering, the evidence is there to support it.  Keep up the good work, don’t listen to the nay sayers. I voted straight PPM in 2005 and I will be doing the same again on May 20th 2009. 


  30. Anonymous says:

    Very Angry and Conceited Young man…!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    GO PPM GO I am voting stright PPM May 20th

    • Anonymous says:

      I attended the PPM Launch last night and I thought it was excellent.  All of the candidates spoke very well. 

      On May 20th I will be voting PPM straight in Bodden Town.