Hernandez resigns from CAL

| 22/04/2009

(CNS): Offering few details as to what caused her resignation, Cayman Airways has today said that Angelyn Hernandez has resigned from her position as the chairperson of the airline’s Board of Directors, along with fellow board member Dax Foster. The airline said in a statement that the resignations were effective immediately and that Deputy Chairman, Capt. Johnny Brown, would assume the role of Acting Chairman. Charles Clifford, Minister with responsibility for Cayman Airways, expressed his gratitude for the contributions made by Hernandez and Foster but did not give any reason for their sudden departure.

In the statement Hernandez was said to be “stepping down for personal reasons” and said she was "honoured and humbled to have been given this opportunity to serve Cayman Airways and my country for almost four years. I will carry with me a deep affection and respect for what CAL does and represents,” she added.

Cayman News Service has contacted both Hernandez and Foster for comment regarding their  resignations and Hernandez said having served for almost 4 years to the best of here abilities because, “that is the only way I believe you can serve,” she said that she held CAL and its entire staff close to her but, “it is simply time to leave.”

The minister noted CAL’s many achievements during her tenure, including the completion of the airlines for Cayman Airways, the fleet modernization, the completion of efficiency audits and related action plans, successful route launches to New York and Washington DC, the rebranding campaign and the purchase of equipment dedicated to serve the Sister Islands. He said he was confident that CAL, as led by the Acting Chairman Capt. Johnny Brown, and under the continued guidance of its Acting CEO Gilles Filiatreault and CEO (Designate) Capt. Olson Anderson, would continue to build upon the company’s legacy of success.

Hernandez was appointed to the board in 2005 and became chair in July 2006. While the CEO post has changed hands three times during that time the board has remained stable. Patrick Strasburger, took up the post at the national flag carrier in March 2007 replacing Mike Adam who left the airline after more than 20 years the previous December. Strasburger resigned some 16 months later and was replaced by Acting CEO Gilles Filiatreault and CEO (Designate) Capt. Olson Anderson. Vice President ofCommercial John Wrightington also resigned his position after one year.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I remember when CIA used to be so much fun to fly on. Many years ago now I remember waiting in Miami  airport actually excited to get on one of the Cayman Air Jets, Knowing that I was going to feel a little bit of Cayman before I ever left the states. I even remember when they used to sell Boxer shorts with Sir Turtle on them and have even seen more then one flight attendent wearing them on there heads.. Oh and by the way did I mention that we were flying from Miami to Cayman Brac direct.. Needless to say we were thrilled.

    What used to be one of the best airlines in the world in my oppinion has somehow become the worst. There is a huge contengent of regular travelers who just laugh and complain about how the airline is run now.. Rude people, late late late flights more as the norm rather then the exception. and horific flight times. There is no doubt that the air service to theCaymans has cost the islands money in tourists dollars.

     Things dont need to be so complicated. Change needs to happen in what ever way it is to get back to the basics of what the Cayman Islands are all about.. Remember the three islands in the sun… Cayman is famous for its people and its true friendlyness. A smile to a guest is sometimes more important then anything.. I thought this was the people of the Cayman Islands Airline. I known the Caymanian people are way better then what I see going on over there. They have all the right tools why cant this be one of the best run companys in the Caymans?

     I dont know.. maybe I dont have the answers. But why is it that the Caymanian people are so good at everything they do and the airline sucks so bad ?

  2. White Angel says:

    Get Rid of Them! 

    Is it not about time that Cayman Airways represented this country internationally in a dignified and proud manner.  Instead, what we have witnessed repeatedly, is a few banana republic politicians who use the airline as their own personal ‘Golden Goose’ giving themselves  special treats whenever they want.   No more! 
    Get rid of the waste matter and start out with a clean bowl. Get rid of the ‘big shots’ with the even bigger egos.  If this means hiring qualified expats with proven managerial expertise, so be it.

    The goal and the success of this Cayman Airways (which represents every Caymanian internationally) should be no different than the goal of any international company. That goal is Excellence. Unless excellence is sought by both management and crew, Cayman Airlines will continue to be a second rate Company with a third rate management team and a fourth rate governing body. 

    Get rid of them!  If that cannot be done, be prepared to watch Cayman Airways being taken over by a company who can manage and run an airline efficiently, professionally and at a profit. You say that there is an international slowdown and the airline can’t be run at a profit. Nevertheless, it can be run more efficiently than now with politically motivated appointments and politically motivated decisions removed from the equation.  

    All of you supporters of the failure known as Cayman Airways can bring on the personal attacks. I don’t care.  The truth is the truth whether or not you can handle it.


    White Angel

    p.s. I will not sign my real name in order to protect others not myself. I personally have nothing to fear especially from big mouthed half-wits such as XXXXX


  3. Denise Frazier says:


    This is an answer to “THIS IS A GOOD START” by the anonymous person who does not have the guts to put their name to their comments


    First and foremost the designated CEO of Cayman Airways has managerial experience which he came by while working for United Airlines for 16 years, where he had to go to get that experience because of people like you who are the evil on this Island that is always trying to keep other Caymanians down to make yourself look good because you are unable to accomplish anything worthwhile in your own life.  It really is shameful that there are still people like you on this Island who do not want to see a Caymanian succeed in his own country.


    As for incompetence, you can only hope and wish that the pilots presently working for CAL have the experience that he has, which includes managerial experience.  He has ratings on 6 different aircrafts that are operated by United Airlines and he has flown into almost every major airport in the world, which other employee at CAL can say the same?


    It is my understanding that it was the Civil Aviation Dept. that required a CEO with the designate, not the Minister and not Chairman of the Board. You should be thanking Ms. Hernandez and Mr. Foster for their hard work and personal time they have put in serving on the Board, at least they are doing something for their country instead of whining like you.


    As for the Speaker of the House – In all her years in politics she has never ever done any favours for her own children much less her nieces and nephews.  The only person she has ever recommended politically was the director of Civil Aviation a young Northsider at the time who she thought deserved the position and who himself had very little experience.


    So I suggest to you get your facts together before spreading your venom.  You sound very much like a disgruntle employee of CAL who has had their wings clipped. 


    Quite frankly if you are going to bad mouth the Minister and Chairman, you should bad mouth every other Minister and Chairman before them, for not firing those CAL employees (Caymanians and foreigners alike) with your attitude, those who are only there to collect a pay check and use the airline for their own personal transportation to Miami and those who think that CAL is theirs and they can do what they want with it.


    Please!!!!! spare the public your nasty comments if you don’t have the guts to sign your name to what your write. It is cowards and whiners like you that are the major problem on these Islands and why most foreigners think Caymanians are stupid and bias people.


    GET A LIFE!!!


    Denise Frazier

    • Anonymous says:

      You go Denise! Olsen deserved that job and I hope he doesnt resign! Just remember your Aunt in North Side and the PPM did nothing to help him and they will hang him out to dry in a heart beat .Just like they did Angelyn! You stay around. We have 4 weeks to go and you may be needed again as Chuckie gets in his last desperate political death throes!

  4. Anonymous says:

    By any chance are you one of the HIGHLY paid polits from the years gone by? Because your writing seems to indicate that you are afraid to lose out on the nice little number you have going there.

    It always makes me sick the way we will attack our own people when the are moving forward!! I can bet that you will be writing something about the next person to take over. Maybe something along the lines of "Can you beleive CAL (Government) brought in an expat to do this job when there was a Caymanian that could do it"

    I will leave you with a quote that I feel we should all embrace.

    "Strength lies in differences, not in similarities" Stephen Covey


    • Anonymous says:

      May 20th can’t come fast enough!!!! We need MIKE ADAM back to return stability and high morale to the staff!!!! We need Mike who has the EXPERIENCE and QUALIFICATIONS of running an airline and we also need other board members that are like minded in running an airline! Once we have this proper structure as a board we will be able to appoint a Caymanian CEO who is capable!

      I beg of all of you when you write your comments to be cognisant of the staff at Cayman Airways as they have been through so many changes since the PPM government  and Chuckie took over. They have a job to continue to do and do not need us to continue to demoralize them.

      Things will once again be retored and there will be stability again both at Cayman Airways and throughout the Cayman Islands when the PPM is voted out!!!!

      To Olsen, we commend you for doing the best you could but we all know that you were promoted beyond your capabilities.  There are some pilots that are capable of running the airline, but those are pilots that have the business qualifications and the experience of all other departments within the airline. Keep your head up though!

      And as for John Wrightington…………….his words aren’t even worth a grain of sand! He needs to focus on himself and not worry about what is going on here at CAL. He is just another example of the failure of the PPM…..he probably got hired during a cocktail reception at some fancy hotel that Chuckie was at! John has not been able to make at any airline and then took advantage of poor CAL. JUST GO AWAY!!!!! 

      It’s going to be great to see the financials and just see how much was really wasted! And to think they can barely pay the payroll now!

      It is a shame that Chuckie has to gall to place Angelyn, who knew nothing about an airline or business, into that position and now because of the elections coming up….and after being told he was going to lose the CAL votes, then decided to remove her! Angelyn…..beware of friends like that! But as they say…..WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!!! Chuckie…here it comes!!!

      Stay strong CAL…..help is on the way!!! 

      • Anonymous says:

        "May 20th can’t come fast enough!!!! We need MIKE ADAM back to return stability and high morale to the staff!!!! We need Mike who has the EXPERIENCE and QUALIFICATIONS of running an airline and we also need other board members that are like minded in running an airline! Once we have this proper structure as a board we will be able to appoint a Caymanian CEO who is capable!"

        Oh please. If Mike were doing a great job as a CEO he would still be there. What poor Mike doesn’t know is that he is being exploited by McKeeva. He can expect to be used, abused and then discarded. These people never learn.

        • Anonymous says:

          No actually Mike’s fault was that he wasn’t on the "right side" of the political fence at the time and Chuckie saw him as a threat!

          It’s amazing the way so many of you talk so badly about McKeeva, yet when your pockets are filled and your businesses are doing so well, under HIS leadership…..I don’t hear too much then!

          • Anonymous says:

            "It’s amazing the way so many of you talk so badly about McKeeva, yet when your pockets are filled and your businesses are doing so well, under HIS leadership…..I don’t hear too much then!"

            McKeeva’s govt. simply benefitted from the US rebounding from its mild recession in 2001. It had nothing whatever to do with his leadership which is concerned more with his own pockets being filled.  The more real estate transactions the more commissions for him as a real estate broker. Never mind the environment. Never mind that you completely disfigure 7 mile beach with 7 story buildings on every square inch in the process. He certainly didn’t display any business acumen with his negotiation of the Cayman General Insurance deal. The Auditor General found we didnt get value. Similarly, in case you hadn’t noticed, it is a worldwide economic crisis that is affecting Cayman.  People are losing their jobs and in some cases their fortunes in the U.S. and other countries, so there is less tourist travel. Part of the issue with unemployment now is the 3000+ status grants.  

            This whole idea of McKeeva as a great manager of the economy is ridiculous and does not have any facts to support it.  

            • Anonymous says:

              Seriously I am not a supporter of PPM or UDP! Both parties need to tell us what to do to get us back on track and stop whining about a worldwide economic crisis. The U.S. and the U.K. to name a few require no less out of their poloitical leaders and so should we!

      • Anonymous says:

        Angelyn did a good job. PPM s big loss. Sad that Chuckie was so desperate he let the best person he had in Cayman Airways go! I always said Cayman Air needs to be run by business people! Like Angelyn and Dax. So silly to say she did it for a free trip to Miami. She gave up thousands of hours of free time to do this. For her country! It shows you exactly what PPM is like that they would sacrifice such a person for political gain! But really they wont gain. They will lose the votes of the Caymanian people because of this. Actually Chuckie didnt have our votes in the first place!

    • Anonymous says:

      I needed it to be clear that my posting " By any chance are you one of" is directed to the person who posted "That’s a good start"



  5. Anonymous says:

    Michael Anderson, you just proved the posters point. Unfortunately, despite Olson’s best attempts, he still was politically appointed and certainly being related to the speaker helps, Not saying that is bad but that’s Cayman for you.

    You would have done better to speak about your brother’s attributes and contributions to the airline rather than cursing and carrying on like you did, Olson does have his faults, we all do.

    Olson has had his problems with Cayman Airways and like most things Caymanian we tend to forget and let live. He may not be the best one but he is what we have to work with. I am amazed though that Mike Adam was not offered the same opportunities that Olson has. I guess the political powers that be figured he was on the wrong side and he needed to go and when the expats failed to perform, they returned to same old as they did before and appointed a pilot. No disrespect to Olson but just because you are a pilot it doesn’t make you qualified to be CEO of the airline. Now we also have a former pilot as the Chairman of the Board. I say "GOOD LUCK" with that!!

    Cayman Airways will continue to be a political football and used and abused by those who run it. It needs to be run by an authority like the port and the airport where some accountability and common sense can prevail.

    Michael, defend your family but don’t  be so nasty and vindictive. It makes everyone believe that what is being said about Olson is correct and it very well might be if both of you are of  like mind.

    I would suggest you let Olson defend himself so that we can judge him accordingly.


  6. Anonymous says:

    This is really not about Olsen…If you think about it, all he has done is accept a position that was offered to him, and I’m sure he thought that he could make a positive contribution.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Thanks alot Chuckie and Angelyn for making our national airline into a mess yet once again… Check the threads and see how the people are speaking about the staff that tried to put all the politics aside and work with you…Hope you sleep well tonight.

    And as for Wrightinton…Go Away…Your opinion really holds no weight here. If you were of signifigance and valuable, I imagine you would still be employed. But surely you will find yet another struggling carrier to help bury, as you have done in the past.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have witnessed her displacing full fare revenue, in order for her to ride in First Class with full realization of what she had done…The passengers inconvenienced were Caymanian…Believe me the word gets around. Big time.

  9. Anonymous says:

    it’s obvious from the negative and personal attacks posted by current and former CAL employees that there is really no end to the toxic and vitriolic ramblings of some really sad people…is it any wonder why that place continues to be such a mess? She’s worked hard, served the company well and is now gone so let it go!
    The woman had the sense and integrity to leave under her own steam and get out of that circus. Probably to get away from the vicious staff who generally lack professionalism and seem obsessed about executive perks for a non paying job…try read John Wrightington earlier post about the board activities and airline industry in general. 
    Or failing that focus on the real issues and get a life!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Why the cheering for getting rid of Angelyn and not having to put up with her attitude anymore? Isn’t one of the perks of being on the Board lifetime free flights? So not only does she get to fly FREE for the rest of her life, I am sure she wont be flying coach. It’s no wonder CAL doesn’t make any money. Free flights if you worked for the airline for a certain number of years, free flights for LIFE for ex board members, free flights for CAL employees, family members, parents, spouse, kids ….. FREE FREE FREE.

    Yet I – as a paying passenger – have to grin and bear it when CAL has price increases. Why should I continue to pay in so many ways. My money, that my government could be spending on bettering my life on my island – instead is bailing out CAL every month.

    Why do the 737 jets still fly to Cayman Brac when there are only 10 people on board? Why not cancel the jets and send Cayman Express twin otters? Surely it costs SOOOOO much MORE to send an empty jet.

    As for Angelyn successfully launching Washington DC – my a55. Twice my flight was cancelled to Washington because there were not enough passengers to justify the flight. Plus I have been on recent flights to JFK where there was less than 25 passengers  — who knows how many of them were on their FREE tickets.

    Run Angelyn, run now whilst you can. But hang your head in shame for all the wrong that you did.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anybody with sense would resign from that job cause tings will never change at CAPA aka Cayman Air. If the government (chucky) really wants to save CAL and the country some serious coin…they should start over! A complete overhaul from bottom to top, sack all the staff especially the pilots who think that they run tings and get everyone who is really deserving of their jobs to re-apply based on job performance, not reputations, family connections and voting eligibility. This is the biggest collection of overpaid egomanics in the history of aircraft travel.

    • Anonymous says:

      here is one possible explanation –


      There may have been a number of political appointments at CAL. A powerful lobby group could have made their dissatisfaction known. Votes were at stake. Somebody had to go down and quick at that.


  12. Anonymous says:

    The only inedaquate person would have to be her. Her going to the airport 45 minutes before the flight is scheduled to depart and "demanding" she be put on the flight with her family!!

    The majority of employees are Caymanians (some still in High School working to earn a little extra spending money) …have given more years than she has and yet she can get all the first class business seats!! When this happens there is no Non-Rev passes for the "ordinary employee" to benefit from!!


    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not too certain about Ms Hernandez but if she was chosen for that position I’m sure that she could pay for her family to have business class seats. I someone already noted she didn’t get paid for her position, yet obviously had a great deal of responsibility so for not getting paid a few free flights from an AIRLINE that she was chairperson of.

      This is how the world works. In any major company, the heads get the most benefits you can’t expect people in lower positions- especially these so called ‘high school students’ to be given the same benefits. I actually know of people at CAL who are young that get very good benefits for the position and age they are. As someone said previously, some people need to learn to stop ‘demanding’ so much and take a look at the reason why they may not be getting exactly what they wanted. Actually, you CAN’T get everything you want.

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe her employer, the deputy chairman of the UDP had something influence in this.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Everyone except for the CAL workers are deemed responsible for the issues and failings of CAL. Honestly most of the staff are unprofessional, rude and cannot find a job in any other organisation or industry cause the system is designed to ‘reward’ the below average performer who is a registered voter. Cayman Air needs to trim the fat like all other airlines do around the globe. The current state of CAL seems to exist solely to appease 10-30 grown babies who throw their toys out of the basket if mangment & board try to make any decision…it’s sad that millions are spend to satisfy the greed and unprofessionalism of so few. Honestly, how many Cayman Airways Prima donna Assoc (CAPA) I mean Cayman Air staff  would you seriously hire inot  your business?Uummmmmmmm

    Best of luck with the rest of your careers Ms Hernandez & Mr. Forster, no one can say they did it for the money, position or political agenda (or plane tickets cuz they was both rich & successful enough before they even went over there as directors)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Could it be that she heard that the PPM had promised Joey Chuckies seat and she would not wait to be plowed over by Joeys arrogance also.

    PPM you are a looosing group, get the message, all those brooms that you all ran around with in 2005 sweeping out the UDP, some of those same  people are now  getting ready to sweep the UDP back in.

    So maybe Mrs. Hernandez did do the right thing and not  wait to get embarrased by them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anyone who knows Angelyn knows she would not bow to political pressure from the desperate minister Charles Clifford who is about to loose his seat. I dont think she was worried about who got in as Angelyn is not political. However sinceneither Joey or PPM are going to get back in power Joey wont be there to remove anyone. Why isnt anyone asking Chuckie why Angelyn left? What did he ask her to do in his desperation to win votes? Does he think that 8 pilots voting in Bodden Town can make the difference? Hes going to need alot more than 8 votes to get in.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok so Angelyn was on the Board for four years and she just woke up one morning less than a month before the election and resigned. REALLY? I hear Olson is resigning too! And Dax Foster woke up one morning and decided the same thing! Wow what a coincidence. As Hamlet said something is rotten inh the state of Denmark!

  15. Anonymous says:

    The people who commented negatively either a- are motivated by ignorant and confused political views or b- were obviously put at the bitter end of her stick because they were INADEQUATE employees. Don’t blame her for your losses.

  16. Anonymous says:

    freedom of information act  we the people need to know why  they resigned ?  another failure of the PPM. Is the airline broke?  would not be a suprise  as in 4 years they ran the the country broke. go green  vote UDP 

  17. John Wrightington says:

    Cayman Airways Board isa very engaged and knowledgable group who spent a remarkable amount of time and effort in bringing the airline into the competitive airline industry we face today.  For the amount of dedication and work put into the airline by Angelyn, Dax and the remaining Board members, one would expect there to be accollades!

    Most airline Board members are highly compensated and normally appointed/prompted by management.  At Cayman Airways, the opposite is true.   These successful business people often spent entire days in Board meetings as they fostered (no pun intended on Dax) the transformation.  Having Business Class passes as a form of compensation is just a small portion of would normally be given to a Board member at another airline.  This is normally even a non-cash expense when those seats would have gone empty in the first place.

    It was an honor working side-by-side with this Board and I would have hoped the public will eventually learn of the sacrifices they have made personally and professionally to take on a thankless job.

    John Wrightington


  18. Anonymous says:

    Gosh…some of you are so pathetic! Complain, complain, complain….wonder if ever you could be thankful, happy, positive about this wonderful paradise we live in….my goodness! Get a life! 

  19. Anonymous says:

    For those people criticising her for her use of business class seats…she did not receive a salary for her role as chairperson of cayman airways…she got paid with free travel. Seems that she gave CAL good value for money, everyone else flies free BUT get paid too!

    • Anonymous says:

      After reading some of the comments posted in regards to airline benefits etc. I feel compelled to write a response to the arrogance displayed by some writers.  1. Employees or any of their dependants i.e. Mother/Father Spouse only gets to travel if seats are available, no other way.  2.  I don’t know where they get their information but it is certainly not for free.  3.  What I would like to see is more Caymanians apply for posts at CAL and support our National Airline instead of the blatant disrespect for one of the few things that is truly our own, and what we have to try and fight to keep. 

      If you think for one moment that another carrier God forbid have to take the place of Cayman Airways and move people  from our islands in the event of a disaster  think again, they won’t even fly if there is a presence of precipitation in the sky.  It is true when they say your own lice bites you the hardest, I have never, in my entire life seen a set of people who are more arrogant and mis-informed than Caymanians, everything they hear they talk, no facts makes me sooooo mad I could write all day but hope this sends a message (doubt that though wishful thinking). If I could afford to I would take a plane load of all you who complain so much on a week long vacation to someplace like Haiti for some other 3rd world country and see how long you last.  I bet it would not be 2 days.  Get a life guys and know your facts before you go around badmouthing people and your National Carrier, oh by the way , tell me which airline out there flying around that is making a profit ha ha thought so. 


  20. Anonymous says:

    I sent a post earlier, but it was not posted, I wonder why?

    CNS: It just went up in the last batch.



  21. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to them both for their service to the country and efforts to make positive chnage.
    the lady probably did the best thing for her sanity cause no one can fix that political football that we refer to as CAL.it just goes to show that once politricks is involved things will never function properly.
    All i know is something had to stink for two professional, dedicated qualfied & well respected members to leave so quickly, i guess they got tired of the that CAL disease…the "tail wagging the dog." Everybody knows how CAL really operates, if anybody stands up to the fly boys they run to the Minister with threats or everybody immediately catches "the flu"
    Good luck to them both and thanks for your efforts.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Who is next to go …..i wonder HSA Chairman Pastor Al Ebanks….

  23. Anonymous says:

    The ones who really need to leave are the members of the Cayman Airways Prima donna Assoc (CAPA). They don’t understand that their job is to fly and to leave the management to others.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Why resign now? Right before the election?

  25. Anonymous says:
    Good bye and Good Riddance! That’s the best thing that could have happened. I am sure that CAL employees will be able to breathe a sigh relief and fresh air, and won’t have to put up with her rude behaviour, no personality and demanding what she wants…DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? WHAT IS YOUR NAME… WHO LONG HAVE YOU WORKED HERE?? 
    She never had CAL close to anything buther business class seats (together with her immediate family), and please enjoy the package that you got, BECAUSE THE YOUNG CAYMAINANS THAT HAVE WORKED WITH CAYMAN AIRWAYS  LONGER THAN YOU CHAIRED THE SEAT DON’T GET ANY BENEFITS!! THIS IS A CRYING SHAME!!
  26. Anonymous says:



    AS LONG AS THE POLITICS, TOXIC MENTALITIES, LAZINESS AND SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT plus THE ATTITUDES, MOST OF THEM have zero grasp of reality in the airline business – from the janitor to the counter agent to pilots. So long as THE EGOS AND CHARITY CASES THAT WORK @ CAL ARE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE TO HOLD management, board and Minister ‘hostage’  in the name of politics IT WILL NEVER CHANGE.
    CAL represents a snap shot of the Caymanian epidemic called "ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY." If you really want to get fired frm CAL…"ask ANYBODY to do their job" 🙁

  27. Anonymous says:

    Thanks to Ms Hernandez and Mr. Foster for their years of dedicated service to CAL. Anyone who attempts to run that organisation in a proper business manner without a politcial agenda, party membership (either party) and without any affiliation to the old boys club (WHO REALLY RUN THE SHOW) will never stand a chance! Both Ms Hernandez and Mr. Foster exemplify integrity, always doing what is in the best interest of CAL and tried in every way to help get the airline on the right path after years of "the inmates running the asylum."

    Sadly once again politics and the need to placate the old boys club who refuse to be held accountable win out over against what is really right.(it is that time again folks called elections.) 
    Anyone who know both persons and their professional successes wil know they didnt do it for the money (THERE WAS NONE) fame (A THANKLESS JOB) or business class seats (SINCE THEY CAN BOTH AFFORD IT…ON THEIR OWN) will appreciate that their time on the board was served due to the "love of country" and civic duty. 

    CHUCKIE NEVER HAD HIS DAY (BUT THE SAME DOGS he layeth with SHALL GIVE him fleas on 20th May), Both persons would have left on her own terms and their own time becasue that is their nature. THANKS to them both for trying so hard for 4 years and really bringing a sense of professionalism and class to CAL. There are numerous successes to highlight but CAL WILL NEVER be what it should as long as poltics and personal agendas remain the core business model.


    • Anonymous says:

      uumm! Could it be that this lady and gentleman resigned because they did not wish to be associated with a bad business decision made in desperation for political reasons? Thank them for their service and let it be, they are not seeking yur votes.

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM – Failure!

      Another example of PPM’s inability to run the country.

      Ms. Hernandez did the right thing – I wouldn’t want to be associated with the failing policies of Charles Clifford.

      It seems that the PPM is the type of Government you put in office when you have an extra Billion dollars you want to waste.


  28. Anonymous says:

    Can we discuss the contract( expat) pilot situation now that she is gone or do we have to continue to have sick outs by the Pilot’s Association? I guess there won’t be much change if her sidekick, Johnny is in charge.

  29. Anonymous says:

    We will always remember hat she did to our beloved CEO. Mike Adam. She and Chuckie destroyed this gentleman’s career in the prime of his life  to replace him with an expat  It’s too bad she didn’t stay there into the next Government so that she could get a taste of her own medicine.

    Good bye and Good Riddance! Enjoy all the free business class seats tucked away in your going away pacakge from Chuckie!

    She has done nothing for the employee morale at Cayman Airways.  The biggest reason I left the company.  Too bad that she waited this long but I guess she saw the writing on the wall for Chuckie and decided it was easier to get out this way.

    Can’t wait to say Good Bye and Good Riddance to Chuckie too!!

    Who knows we may even find out when we get financials how much Chuckie paid the Germans and maybe we may even find what if anything they did to help Cayman Airways.


  30. Bigga says:

    Abandon Ship abandon sh#* we ga get out before it comes down around us Sure is odd why people don’t have the decency to do a formal hand over to the incoming government.

  31. Caymanian to the bone says:

    I’m hearing that Chuckie was behind her removal/resignation and seems like Dax was supporting her and decided to go himself.

    What a sad state of affairs the PPM Govt have brought this country to and seems like CAL is one of their victims as well.

    I believe Chuckie and other PPM members have now become so desperate that we will likely see more resignations coming about shortly, as the PPM attempt their last minute effort to keep control of the structure, which is falling down like “Humpty Dumpty”

    And guess what ??? All the kings horses and all the kings men (Roy Tatum, Anthony Duckworth etc) couldn’t put the PPM back together again !!!!!!!!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    This is a good start. Now the minister that supported her being there will soon be voted out too.  The next one to go should be the wannabe (designate) CEO who is just a political appointee (nephew of speaker of the house) and who still needs a real CEO to continue training him.  Who ever heard of a major company hiring a CEO that needs to be trained?  You are either qualified or you are not.  How much money is that costing the country just to satisfy this political appointment?  Guess we know the answer to this one.  The PPM don’t care as long as they get their way.  All CAL employees know that he is a pilot but has zero management experience.  For goodness sake man, it’s general knowledge that he was even fired by CAL once before for incompetence!!!  No wonder the PPM has CAL and this country in the state it is.  The whole board needs to go for allowing that one.  How much longer will the country have to be paying two CEO’s?  Matter of fact, I want a CEO job – any takers on hiring me and a trainer for me while both of us get paid megabucks?

    • Michael Anderson says:



    • Anonymous says:

      I am very surprised that CNS would post this on their site. Does the writer have any prove that the position was a political appointment becasue of the Speaker?  

  33. Happy staff diddo says:

    That’s the best thing that could have happened. We breathe a sigh of fresh air. She never had CAL close to anything but her business class seat. We no longer have to put up with ms rude to the staff. Ms bad mouthing kx when no ones looking. Ms no personality. Oh happy day, when chuckie made our day!

  34. Anonymous says:

    CAL is beginning to look like the HSA, these sudden resignations do not look good nor do they instill confidence in the stability of the CAL board of directors.

    Limit the transparency and let the Marl Road answer why the people are suddenly leaving.