LIME touts its green credentials

| 24/04/2009

(CNS): Regional telecommunications firm LIME has said the firm is stepping up its “Go Green” efforts with two new initiatives to promote environmental preservation in the Caribbean countries where it operates. A three day tree planting programme started on World Earth Day which finishes today 24 April and an e-billing campaign to cut down on paper. CEO Richard Dodd said the firm was committed to reversing the environmental damage done to the region over the years.

For the last few days LIME’s employees joined forces with primary schools, community groups, service clubs and other organizations to plant some 3000 seedlings to replace trees that have been harvested or destroyed over the years. (Here in Cayman LIME worked with the National Trust)

Customers across the region are also being asked to go paperless by using “eBilling” or Direct Debit to pay their bills. “eBilling”, which will allows customers to receive and pay their bills online, will come on stream within the next few weeks, the firm said  and Direct Debit is already available in some markets.  To encourage customers to choose these payment options, the firm said it will be rolling out a promotional campaign and providing discounts and other incentives.

LIME also plans to restart its former industry-leading mobile handset recycling and safe battery disposal programmes and it will be expanding to other islands the telephone directory recycling initiative which is currently being undertaken in Barbados and about to be restarted in Jamaica. 

Announcing the expanded environmental focus, CEO Richard Dodd said green initiatives were always meant to play a part in the Cable & Wireless regional re-brand.

 “When we launched our new Caribbean Business last year we made it clear that we are committed to preserving the environment for the next generation and beyond, and we are now making good on that commitment,” he said. “We want to strongly encourage governments and other private sector entities across the region to take immediate action also, so we can see measureable improvements in our environment”

He noted that environmental protection is not a new focus as the company has consistently infused eco-friendly practices into its operations and currently recycles plastic bottles, toner cartridges, large batteries, cable and other scrap metals.  In addition, the company is now actively looking for biodegradable alternatives to the plastic bags used at its stores and plastic phone cards used for top-up and international calling.

“LIME is committed to ensuring that we do all that is possible to halt and reverse the damage that has been done to our environment over the years. This is one of the most important things anyone of us will ever do. That is why we are actively providing opportunities for our customers, our staff and the wider public to help make a difference,” Dodd added.


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