Tradition meets modernity at market special

| 24/04/2009

(CNS): Camana Bay will be hosting a very Caymanian event next week when Market at the Grounds comes to the new town for a special market. Local vendors will be selling traditional Cayman produce and crafts providing an interesting contrast set in one of the islands most modern developments. The market usually takes place weekly in lower valley on Saturdays however this special evening session from 3:30 pm to 8pm will give a new audience unable to attend then a chance to experience what it is all about.

Produce from local farms includes fresh fruit and vegetables plus a range of homemade goods from preserves and pickles to cakes, ice cream, sausages and pepper jelly will be on sale as some twenty vendors peddle their wares.  There will also be a selection of native plants on sale, alongside handicrafts including jewellery, handbags, woodwork and traditional arts.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the vendors of The Market at the Grounds to reach an even wider audience,” said Kurt Tibbetts, the Minister Leader of Government Business.  “We hope many of the tourists staying in the hotels and condos along Seven Mile Beach will come and sample some of the quality goods that are grown and produced here in Cayman.  It will also be a good introduction for local residents who have not yet had a chance to visit The Market at the Grounds on a Saturday.”

There will also be performances by local band Swanky who will be playing their unique mix of traditional Caymanian, Caribbean and folk music celebrating the island’s diverse cultural heritage.  Swanky will be joined by Dance Unlimited who will perform a quadrille, a traditional dance that has been enjoyed by Caymanians for many generations past.  Visitors will also be able to enjoy authentic Caymanian cooking such as fried fish and fritters.

“We are excited to introduce our first Evening Market at Camana Bay in partnership with The Grounds,” said Nikki Callender, Senior Events Manager at Camana Bay.  “We very much hope that if this first evening market is a success, an Evening Market will become a regular fixture in our calendar of events.”

Vendors at The Evening Market at Camana Bay include Carmen Conolly, Andy Ebanks, Plants and Things, East End Garden & Gifts, Caribos Ltd, Hamlin Stephenson, Willies Fresh Fruit and Jucies, Zelma-lee Ebanks, Sparky’s Farm, Browns Majestic Farm, David Gerfen, Ivarine Johnson, Ailaine Barnes, Whittakers Farms, Annie’s Creations, Launa Batten, Eugene Christian, Maxine Bryson, Imagination, Cayman Sea Salt, Carlton West, Georgeanne General, Pepper Patch, Alvin McLaughlin, Ivy Thomas, Sarita Ebanks and Kirkland Nixon.

Anyone interested in having a stall at The Market at The Grounds should contact Gina Bodden at the Department of Agriculture at 947-3090 or 916-1314.


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  1. Tammy Kelderman says:

    What evening will it take place?  Would love to attend! 

  2. Disappointed, but hopeful says:

    Glad it’s in town and on an evening, but wish it wasn’t at Camana Bay (which is definitely not a ‘Caymanian’ spot no matter how hard they try to pretend it is).  It’s just another ploy for CB and Dart to ‘sell’ the idea that they’re being a ‘good Cayman Islands corporate citizen’ to the general public. Don’t forget all the damage they’ve done to our environment and to the business community outside their Dart ‘family’ of businesses.

    Dept of Agriculture, let’s hold this somewhere else regularlay on the evenings … perhaps in town somewhere, at Lions Centre.  Sometimes by time we make it up to Sav all the good stuff is gone!

    Love buying local produce though- – keep it up farmers – you’re doing an excellent job.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here we go again…bashing the Dart family and his projects.. how narrow minded can you get !!!

      The man arrives in the islands and proceeds to donate millions $$$ to the people and welfare, and all you can do is bash him for wanting to bring Caymanian culture to his property…. The farmers welcome such a fine opportunity to share local tradition and no finer location than Camana Bay… a place reaching out on a daily basis to help employ Caymanians,and host activities for Caymanians… and benifiting us Caymanians…

      Stop with the venom and embrace and unite !!!