Anglin backs constitution

| 28/04/2009

(CNS): The second elected member for the district of West Bay, Rolston Anglin, is the first United Democratic Party candidate to declare his support for the new constitution at the Chamber district forums. So far his colleagues have said that the UDP has taken a conscience position with some of them saying they are voting ‘no’ and others simply refusing to say how they will vote. However, last night Anglin said he would vote ‘yes’ as he believed the proposed constitution was a genuine collaborative effort.

Speaking at the second candidiate forum in West Bay at the John A Cumber Hall last night, (Monday 27 April), where he gave an impressive and articulate performance, Anglin told voters to inquire and question the Constitution but he believed it was advancement on the current document and he was going to support it.

“What is there is truly a compromise document. It is no one’s document in particular. It is the result of a collaborative effort between the government, opposition  and the NGOs,” he said adding that the UDP has taken the view internally that all members will exercise a conscience vote but he would be voting for the constitution.

His fellow panellists for the evening were Pauls Rivers and Lana Mae Smith, who are both running for the first time as independent candidates in the district but sharing the same platform on the campaign trail. Smith said she too would be voting yes to the constitution as it was the “bible of the land” and long overdue. Rivers however, said he was still deliberating over it as he had concerns that section 16 in the bill of rights was not a free standing right. Explaining his own situation, he said his own son had disabilities and did not want to see him face enshrined discrimination. However, he said there was room to improve the document at a future date so he was thinking he may in the end support it.

During an evening that saw the candidates discuss crime, unemployment, the failure of Caymanians to share in the economic success of the islands, the failure of the Turtle Farm and the needs of West Bay, Anglin showed the benefit of his experience when it came to understanding the future needs of Cayman’s economy when he noted that there was a need to attract the investment management firms behind the development of the hedge fund sector.  

“The movers and players would then be actually located in Cayman,” he said, adding that not only would this generate fees and income directly, it would have a knock on effect to other areas of the economy provide work for lawyers and others as well as more scholarships and opportunities for Caymanians.  The other two candidates both cited local produce and developing cottage industries as possible third pillars.

Anglin, however, noted that given the modern global situation it was not sensible for small nations such as Cayman to try and rely on export industries. He explained that around the region sugar and other export and manufacturing industries had been wiped out by the bigger nations and that Cayman should focus on the service sector. He suggested that Cayman was well placed to develop the airport because of the UK aviation regulations which would enable it to become an air gateway for US airlines to link passengers to other South American destinations.

Anglin also noted that it was not that serious that the country was running a deficit when asked about balancing the budget. He said everyone was aware that the United States was currently running a massive deficit, and while he did not advocate anything like that, it was not necessarily bad for government to run a deficit in hard times. He said while government spending was a concern, it was not the time to cut jobs and there was a need to get confidence back in the economy and develop public private partnerships to help deliver services. Smith and Rivers both said they would cut salaries for senior civil servants and MLAS.

When it came to environment Smith said she wanted to see the National Conservation Bill passed and it was the most important piece of legislation which was overlooked during this administration, and she said there was a need to enforce the existing litter law. The dump was described as a major problem by all three and Anglin noted the cross party work that has been done on developing awaste to energy programme as a solution.

Rivers spoke passionately about how development has left Caymanians behind and the very real need to take stock of how Cayman was developing and for whom. Anglin however, noted that not everything foreign was bad and said inward investment into the financial services had resulted in that sector’s economic success. He did, however, note that Caymanians needed to enjoy the opportunities presented by the sectors success. He also agreed with his fellow candidates that it was time for non-Caymanians civil servants to also face a rollover policy.

The three candidates debated in front of another sizeable West Bay crowd which could not resist enthusiastically applauding the candidates for their comments, despite Chamber President Wil Pineau’s request for them to wait until the end before showing their appreciation.

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  1. Anonymous says:



    I hope u dont get caught up in this Leader of Government Business discussion. To be a leader one has to be respected internationaly you still got a few miles to go, learn as much and your time will come. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sadly Big Mac is almost guaranteed in. Because we have so many ignorant, unintelligent and uneducated people on this island, where fools out number any other kind of person

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am so sick  people whininig about where the West Bay candidates were after the Hurricane. For the record Choppy’s kitchen was 6 feet deep in mudddy, swampy water that came over the garbage dump. He was upstairs keeping calm! And for the record he spent his own money to do building repairs in West Bay and more money than any other person who lives in the distrcit  West Bay has done in their whole life. You would never hear him brag about that our any of the other houses that he has help to build. Or how he was so instrumental in buildig churches or anyhting else he  has  done for the district or for humanity.  He is just not that kind of guy. He will never publish a booklet on his accomplishments. No not that kind of guy. 

    He is the one candidate every young Caymanian should be proud of and try to emulate. He is the perfect role model. He is a high achiever and he is a God fearing man of honesty and integrity. Funny how we do not like these kind of people. We prefer to hear lies and loud prayers!.

    Look at the humble home that he grew up in on Watercourse Road. Well it used to be even smaller and shared with his 3 brothers, his mom, dad and sister. But with his strength, belief in God, commiitment to improving his quality of life and willingness to make sacrifices he is one of the top 100 successful Caymanians businessmen alive today. He did not seek to be a MLA to help himself to a cushy salary or to get closer to the cheese cake factory. He is not yet 50 years old and has accomplished more than any of the other 42 candidates running in this election. And might I add, he did it honestly!. 

    Can we say that about all of the others?

    Stop talking nonsense about where candidates reside and where they were during the hurricance. Everyone of us had damages, some more severe than others.

    Please look objectively at what the candidates can do for this country. Not how much they can hand out or where they live. For the records Lana, Choppy and Woody lives in Cayman. I have listened to their concerns for years.Their concerns are for the lesser fortunate and yes West Bay people.    

    • Anonymous says:

      It is so funny when we hear candidates become defensive and quickly use the excuse of why they have not made any effort to better the life of someone less fortunate is because people don’t want handouts. I can tell you one thing that if I were  starving and needed something to eat ( and we do have people like that right here in the Cayman Islands) I would not hesitate to take food  or financial assistance from anyone, and the last thing on my mind would be trying to compartmentalize whether it qualified as a "hand out" or a "hand up".   It’s so much easiser for the "have’s" to use all the cliches as a mask and excuse for them not using their time and effort to make the life of someone less fortunate a little easier. 

      President Obama knew the value of helping those in need when he volunteered his time in the projects – and that’s what I’m talking about when I ask the question: What have you done for West Bay recently?  And whether you like it or not, if you have not done anything to better the life of one single person in this district then I humbly submit that you are driven by the salary and do not deserve the votes from this district.  Enough with the excuses, and to your own self be true. And so it is.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rolston Anglin – the next Leader of Government Business.  What a fine job he did last night.  He made me proud to see such a fine West Bayer go up there and clearly express his views on current events.  Am proud to  be voting in WB – voting UDP.

    • Anonymous says:

      He won’t be leader as long as Big (or should we now say little) Mac is in!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Doubt Mr. Bush would have been scared of Paul; he did not handle himself well in the debate at all, and like another poster stated, came across as angry and defiant.  It would take more than the entire Party of Independents to scare Mr. Bush and in case you think differently, you are in solid denial.  Where were the party of Independents after hurricane Ivan? Most did not even reside in the district at the time and some still do not.   I am totally surprised at the number of times that I have seen them in the district now that they want something; our vote.   Every where you turn now you see them driving around in their cars waving to people they would not normally even speak to. But West Bay- vote for those you can depend on – the UDP.  How can one give good representation to the district if you don’t even reside amongst it people. How can you give the full time representation that you continue to preach about if your people can’t access to you in another district?  Guess West Bay is too small or not good enough for those who chose to desert us and reside somewhere else.   Go figure.

    • Anonymous says:

      To Doubt Mr. Bush would have….

      For the record unlike McKeeva Bush Mr. Woody DaCosta does not tell the whole world what he does out of the kindness of his heart because it is between him and his god, that is his own words. If you have to identify what you have done each and every time you have done a good deed, then in my opinion that deed was not completely genuine and one should caution themselves about the motives of that person. I am clearly reminded of that fact as I write this thread because I see this ad for "All about McKeeva Bush" blearing at me constantly. What an ego to say the least! and he says he has no money and that he is just like the average West Bayer!!!????? Give me a break.

       I have known this young Mr. DaCosta from time he was a little boy working behind his daddy’s cafe counter. I remember going there at many nights to get my "fix" a large cheese burger, a thick grapenut malted milk with a slice of bread cake. This youngman was not more than 13 and was managing at that time a very busy place. He was as sharp as a brand new tack, no computers, no calculators just an old cash register. From that time I took a keen interest in that boy because he impressed me so, that I often took my own kinds down there to show them this smart and friendly youngman. I said frequently that boy is going to make it big one day. 

      To get back to the matter, I know for a fact that prior to Hurricane Ivan Mr. DaCosta purchased plywood for his entire staff and went around to each of their homes and hung them personally with this entire crew. His staff mostly Caymanians at that. After the passing of Hurricane Ivan, Mr. DaCosta lost everything he owned! He had nothing to drive they were all under four feet of water. Yet with the kind heart of his sister Julene he used her car to coordinate recovery efforts for many people. He employed over 180 people at that time and paid them on time every friday in order that they could have something during this devastating period of our history. 

      Mr. DaCosta brought in over 60 generators and with names in hand of elderly with illnesses he went from district to district delivering them with the help of his very young daughter.Soon thereafter Mr. DaCosta with the help of his construction company brought in zinc and replaced several roofs in West Bay for the elderly. I actually have a picture of him on the roof of these homes nailing down the zinc. 

      Soon after that Mr. DaCosta along with his wife and young daugther, bought gifts for every child that was on the Social Services List. If my memory serves me correct it was around 120 children. These gifts were not cheap old plastic toys these were playstations, bicycles, radios, all of the things the children wrote to Santa for. I remember speaking to him on Christmas eve and asked him what he was doing because he had a small dump truck with Santa driving it, his daugther was dressed up like an elf and he told me then. He said his young daughter I believe she was around 7 at the time told him that since we were doing so much for the elderly that we needed to give the kids a happy christmas. So she came up with the idea of having santa deliver all the gifts. I am a firm believer that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

      The DaCosta family asked the assistance of Social Services to have all the kids on their list to write down three things they would like for christmas in order that they could ensure every child got a gift they wanted during such a hard period of their lives. The DaCosta’s bought everything these kids asked for, like I said when I saw him that day the truck and the car his wife was driving was loaded with gifts. They must have spent a fortune.

      When I see what this youngman has done for so many people over his young life I cannot help but to be envious of his parents for raisng such a well rounded and loving youngman. If young DaCosta has done what I know he has done, I am extremely confident that he has done a whole lot more than he will never say. 

      Young DaCosta is the real deal, he is smart, kind, caring and most of all genuine. West Bay I can say that Woody certainly deserves your vote of confidence because he has not let me down yet!  


      • Anonymous says:

        For the most part – if you have such a big heart and  are such a caring and compassionate person, words of your good deeds will  eventually seep out into the community because those persons whom you have given assistance in their time of need will sing your praises to the roof top; and so, I say that to say this;  I have lived in West Bay all my life and done community service and have not once seen or heard of anything that the Party on Independents have contributed to this here community.  Please don’t insult us by saying that you chose not do do beacause people don’t want handouts. Trust me, when the circumstance warants it, people will take what they can get in order to make their lives a bit more livable and to relight the flame of hope in man kind again.. You know what, it’s always the people who have belts to tighten that preach about others tightening their belts.  But hear this – some people don’t  even have belts.  Party of Independents, I implore you,  get  out and make a  sincere difference to your community –  and not becuase you have now chosen to run in this 2009 general election.   And yes, I agree with the last poster, it does make a difference which district you live in as to where you run.  We are asking amonst other things that the person run for  a specific district, therefore, the majority of people would expect that you at least be seen in that same district on ocassion prior to a general election. Don’t make excuses simply because you have dropped the election ball.  Give us representation we can count and depend on. As forthe West Bay candidate in the independent  party who says she is reading Obams’s book and thus considers that she will have all the answers as a result, I say wake up and smell the driftwood and chicken farm, either you have what it takes it or you don’t ( and you dont’). A mere book won’t qualify you for public office. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva is not afraid to debate anyone.  As for loosing your vote because he would not debate Mr. Rivers I doubt if you intended to vote for him in the first place so please don’t flatter yourself, your e-mail shows your true self.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It is too bad that Mr. Bush decided to change the date of this Forum. He should be man enough to debate whomever. He ran away from Paul Rivers, and I mean ran. That’s too bad, a previous leader here should not be afraid to debate anyone. Just lost my vote Big Mac!

    • Anonymous says:

      Mac had to have his time rescheduled due to the fact that he is attending the graduation of a family member.  In my opinion, there are instances that one’s family must come first; at the end of the day family is truly what matter.   Rivers would not have stood a chance; Mac is a much better debater. Rivers seems mad at the world.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Responding to – ‘Mr. Anglin I am proud of you! ‘

    The HRC have been very clear that

    1) The draft constitution protects NONE of us from discrimination by the Government in any area not specifically listed in the Consitution – which includes critical areas such as healthcare, housing, employment and access to Government services and public spaces. They can discriminate against us in these areas because we are old, young, disabled, gay, Caymanian etc.

    16. (1) Subject to subsections (3), (4), (5) and (6), government shall not treat any person in a discriminatory manner in respect of the rights under this Part of the Constitution.



    2) The original draft constitution with a free standing right to non-discrimination protected all of us in all areas (including heathcare, housing etc) – and this was CHANGED on discriminatory grounds – because the religous representatives would not accept this wide ranging protection if gays were also included (and gays could not obviously be excluded because the UK would not accept this) – therefore ALL of our constitutional protections were cut back. This was the only reason the religous reps gave during negotiations (despite thier long list of new reasons that they began to espouse following the announcement of the final draft).

    • Anonymous says:

      The HRC has constantly misled the public on this issue.  All it has done is polarize the community unnecessarily.  It has hyped the whole unrealistic notion of government discriminating against you on the basis of age, disability etc. using it asa cover for its gay rights agenda. Since when have we abandoned our disabled!?  It has shamefully exploited the disabled to pursue this agenda. As a participant in the negotiations it has acted in bad faith by denouncing the draft Constitution simply because it did not get everything it wanted. It has incited activists calling themselves Equality Cayman who in turn have involved an foreign group Human Rights Watch in our affairs.  

      A free-standing right would likely be the end of preferential rights for Caymanians in the areas of education scholarships, financial assistance for emergency medical treatment abroad and home care.  Your argument about being covered by the reasonableness justification has been thoroughly discredited here on CNS. 

      Please go away.     

      • Anonymous says:

        You are seriously misinformed or just stupid. the HRC were simply doing the job GOVERNMENT appointed them to do – to advise on human rights in the constitution. typical PPM to ignore professional advice that doesn suit them because they are looking for election.

        "Since when did we abandon our disabled?" this is so wrong, false and idiotic it is INSULTING as a sister of a disabled person. You have no clue what we go through and our needs of our disabled are repeatedly and constantly ignored by governments.  When my 79 year old mother passes away, I am going to have to care for my 56 year old disabled sister (who I cannot lift and is still menstrating as well as incontinent).

        Go visit Maple House or Sunrise Center or Lighthouse School and get your facts straight! All neglected, insufficient funds, after thought thrown together facilities that do not meet the needs. Talk to the affected people before you write foolishness.

        Ask yourself what Caymanians do for their disabled to help them live as full lives as everybody else!




        • Anonymous says:

          To: Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 04/29/2009 – 15:15.

          Since you feel you have to be abusive it is clear that you cannot actually address my points. It is also clear that you are one of the people taken in by the HRC’s propaganda. A Bill of Rights is quite irrelevant to whether you have to care for your disabled sister. Apparently you think that it is then government’s problem. The Social Services department already provides assistance for such care. Please do not assume that I have had no involvement with disabled people, since I have. A Bill of Rights will not increase the Social Services Dept’s budget. A free-standing non-discrimination will mean that disabled Caymanians will not have preference over disabled non-Caymanians in the provison of home care. The free-standing section 16 is not panacea that the HRC has led you to believe.   

          You clearly do not understand the role of the HRC in the negotiations.  

  9. Anonymous says:

    Actually Mr Anglin civil servants are already subject to a roll-over policy – it was announced last year.  Although since nearly 50 % of the civil service are foreigners because the locals don’t want the jobs – they want the better paid ones with the overseas firms – who is going to do all the civil service donkey work when you roll them over?

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Anglin I am proud of you! Your stance demonstrates integrity and independent thought.  It is particularly pleasing that your position on the draft Constitution is based on your knowledge of the provisions of the document rather than some ulterior agenda or political posturing. 

      Mr. Rivers, please don’t let the HRC confuse you. Section 16 does not "enshrine discrimination" against the disabled. Section 16 clearly includes the disabled and elderly. It states:

        16. (1) Subject to subsections (3), (4), (5) and (6), government shall not treat any person in a discriminatory manner in respect of the rights under this Part of the Constitution.

      (2) In this section, "discriminatory" means affording different and unjustifiable treatment to different persons on any ground such as sex, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association with a national minority, age, mental or physical disability, property, birth or other status.

      Without section 16 we have one of the finest schools for the disabled in the Caribbean. Does that sound like a country who is turning its back on the disabled?   

    • Anonymous says:

      I doubt that 50% of the government jobs are expats.  Caymanians have no problem being civil servants and serve proudly!  I am insulted by this statement.  Also, rollover is not being implemented for civil servants at the moment but I sure hope they would do it soon!  Someone needs to address this as we don’t want foreigners such as the one who wrote this comment thinking we don’t want our own government jobs.  Many of my professional friends are patiently awaiting for some of these posts to be vacated so that they can use their degrees.

      • Anonymous says:

        PPM – Rollover!

        Why didn’t the PPM extend the rollover policy to the Civil Service?

        Maybe the PPM needs to rollover, and play dead.

        • Anonymous says:

          "Why didn’t the PPM extend the rollover policy to the Civil Service?"

          First we hear that the rollover was the PPM’s "policy" and is wrong. Then we hear it should have been extended by the PPM to cover the civil service. It was not the PPM’s policy it is a law that was passed by the UDP Govt. Second, you need to make up your minds – is rollover a good thing or a bad thing. Right now it appears that what is good for the country does not matter so long as you can criticise the PPM. 

      • Anonymous says:

        To the person who said we dont want foreigners like this one in our civil service jobs – I am only using the figures released by Government itself last year when the announcement was made that the 7 year term limit would apply to civil servants.   The figure released was just short of 50 percent of civil servants are non-Caymanian.   If you are so well educated you would of course know that…….In any event it makes me laugh when you refer to foreigners – don’t you all have British passports if you are Caymanian – doesn’t that make you foreigners too!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Not true – rollover for civil servants is yet to be implemented. I believe the Government supports it but the Governor and others are yet to agree to its implementation

  10. Anonymous says:


    I distincly recognized the comments here from a politicain in another district.

    That politician is using words the exact words from constitutent.

    Now that is low when politicians use the words from oppostion constitutents to thump their own chest or breasts..

    Congratulations Paul, Lana and Rolston, this was the best forum todate.

    Perhaps the Chamber could consider making these forums a debate in future.I would suggest that the candidates be given the questions before the event, and supplementary questions be taken from the floor or the panel.

    In any event well done gentlemen and Lana!

  11. anonymous says:

    UDP runs a demacratic party  candidates can vote YES OR NO for the constitution . and  regestered voters do like wise its seperate from the general election . i bet a few PPM candidates will vote NO  for the constitution .

  12. Anonymous says:

    Go Rolston

  13. noname says:

    a genuine collaborative effort  – of the PPM and the hyper homophobic & super religous.

    this Constitution is not representative of the PEOPLE of the Cayman Islands – nor was it a true collaborative effort of the Caymanian people.  Yes the church was present, however the Human Rights Committee was ignored (the Chamber has been basically silent on whether they approve or it, the UDP have shown that they mostly oppose it) and all of the following were not even invited to the table (or organisations which represent thier interests) : youth, disabled, elderly, women, poor Caymanians, poor immigrant workers, people of other faiths, Christians who the CMA does not represent and many others.

    we want a  modernized political organisation AND appropriate human rights protections.

    human rights should not be sacrificed for political expedience and I hope that people of the Cayman Islands will show our mis-guided leaders and religous representives that the Caymanian people are far more wise and ‘advanced’ than they have assumed us to be.

    We can wait another year for the whole loaf.



  14. Caymanian to the bone. says:

    I was very impressed with Rolston’s performance at the West Bay debate last night. He way surpassed Lana Smith and "Malawina all-mouth" Paul Rivers.

    Rolston, you do have one "bad habit" which draws unecessary attention to yourself particulary if you are on an elevated stage. For God’s sake, stop swinging your legs back and forth, you are going to destroy the cartilage in your "hip joints" and become and old man before you even know it. 

    Other than that, you are a "cool, well educated, and promising leader for the Cayman Islands UDP, when Mac retires in the next few years. You have my support and at last check here in the great disrict of West Bay, who have 50 guaranteed votes from my extended family members alone.

    Trust me Cayman, "Bayers" don’t joke, we know how to "move around" and get things done still !!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      My opinion  and that of my group listening  to Mr. Rivers  at the debate last eveing is that he is a very angry young man.  Wonder what could have made his so?  Miss Lana Mae was not as knowledgeable as she should of been and reminded me of Sarah Palin who ran for VP of the US before her time.

      Rolston did a fantastic job of answering the questions; he was right on target and certainly got my vote as a result.  He is a fine young candidate with ministerial capability.


      • Ruth Scott says:

        WOw Mr Rivers is angry.  That is the pulse of the entire nation of this country so don’t critic him on being angry.

        Lanamae classed with Sarah Palin, well that certainly takes her up the ranks to that of nominated VP of the Republican US Govt. Race.  Wow Lanamae you must have made an impact.  Good for you someone thinks you are better than the rest of the people running for Govt.  Even at Sarah Palin’s celebrity I am above all the other candidates.

        Rolston, yes I agree he had some good points.  Shame he isn’t running as a Independant tho.  Can’t vote for him, wrong district but wish I could if he was not apartof the party system.

        I say split the vote on May 20th, do not vote straight

        • Anonymous says:

          Your interpretation of my comparsion between Lana Mae and Sarah Palin was incorrect.  In other words, as Fidel Castro so accurately said of her, Sarah Palin,: "The woman knows nothing about nothing" and that was my true intent.  The intent of comment was certainly not a compliment and should not be taken as such.  Palin was considered the laughing stock of the US election in light of her lack of knowledge and big ego which allowed her to accept the nomination for a job that she was not capable of.  

          Don’t forget,  her entire foreign policy knowledge was limited to "being able to see Russia from her backyard in Alaska".  Trust that one will see that it is not favorable to be compared to the Alaskan governor Palin when it comes to an election.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sarah Palin has indeed  become a celebrity after entering into a US politcal fray she was totally unprepared for; a politician she is not ! This election is about politics not about who can be the biggest celebrity.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I want to applaud Rolston especially for coming out in support of the draft constitution in the way he has. In truth, every voter’s choice in the referendum is a "conscience vote" no matter what the person(s) they vote for in the election say about it. Voters can and should remember that the election and the referendum are two completely separate processes, though taking place on the same day. I believe all candidates should express themselves frankly on the issue, and like Rolston bear in mind that all sides had their say in the negotiations.


    With regard to Mr. Paul Rivers’ statement, as a member of the negotiating team in the last round myself, I want to assure him that Section 16 (1) definitely does not allow any discrimination as defined in 16 (2) against disabled people, as has so wrongly been put about. To assure ourselves about this, look at Section 19, which is a constitutional right and therefore protected under 16 (1). This section imposes the responsibility upon all public officials to ensure that all their decisions and acts are "lawful, rational, proportionate and procedurally fair". If some action is taken that is questionable, they must give written reasons fortheir actions – and then that could be taken to court if the situation came to that.

    The disabled are protected by that just as everyoneelse is. Paul Rivers can indeed vote Yes wholeheartedly.

    Rev Nicholas Sykes


    • Anonymous says:

      Congrats Rolston, your stepping out of the "UDP Clone" deserves an applause. Finally someone from that party demonstrating that they can actually think and speak for themselves instead of reading from a script or manifesto. Hope you will be first elected in West Bay and step out of the shadow of McKeeva Bush. West Bay needs new leadership and new representation. Best of luck to you. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I must say I am proud of you Rolston .i wish i could vote for you Rolston but i am from GT.I wish Julie would come to her senses  soon and vote on the constitution too she know full well its the best we are going to get.LORD have MERCY if ENGLAND have to give us one .Julie i am Praying for you that you would lose this election and find salvation instead as your SOUL is far more important .And you have slip so far from GOD that it is scary how you play with God .

  16. Anonymous says:

    Finally a UDP’er who has a backbone!  I’m not congratulating Rolston on saying "Yes" (though that makes me happy too).  I’m congratulating him on being able to articulate a position!  To his fellow UDP’ers: I don’t care what you think of the constitution, I only care that you have the capacity to think!  So show me you have brains, then also show me you have the courage to lead this country!  STOP hiding behind a wimpy and convoluted party platform and speak up!  For God’s sake you want me to vote for you as a leader?  Well, lead!

  17. Anonymous says:

    I believe Rolston Anglin’s tempered and sensible remarks should serve as a lesson for whichever party (or group of independents) comes to power in May.  We cannot simply criticize and refuse to work with each other simply because of party affiliation (or lack thereof).  If we don’t work together as a nation we will never achieve our true potential.  I appreciate Mr. Anglin giving credit where credit is due, and offering constructive criticism when he feels improvemement is needed.  It would be wonderful to see the best elements from both paries, and maybe an independent or two, serve together in a tri-partisan effort in Cabinet.  There are qualified people in both parties.  But neither party, in my opinion, has enough qualified people to lead the country alone.

    Question is: Can McKeeva, Kurt, Rolston, Alden, and Sandra (my picks as the best 5 for Cabinet) pull something like that off?  Could they set their egos aside and do it for the best interests of Cayman?