Catron makes claim for every woman

| 29/04/2009

(CNS): Although one of the youngest candidates in the general election 2009 campaign Sandra Catron who is standing as an independent in the district of Bodden Town for the second time is tackling some of the community’s oldest problems head-on. From her outspoken position on addressing child abuse to her ideas about full time committed political representation Catron is going to battle on a diverse platform which may be why she has chosen “Sandra’s every woman” as her campaign song.

At her first public meeting last week Catron adopted an interactive style where she took questions and engaged in conversation with the audience as well as making her case for the people’s vote. Charles, “The Killa” Whittaker, Cayman’s own boxing hero was asked how much money was raised for one of his fights on Catron’s talk show in 2006 and he said it was over $10,000. Catron explained that this demonstrated the power of one and made it clear that as an independent she could get things done. She said if elected the people would know how and where to reach her. Stating that even if she was not able to be in office every single day they would be able to reach her by phone and her schedule would be posted so that they would know when she would be in the constituency office.

Criticizing the vote straight mentality that was being propagated by the political parties she said an individual person can help as she had achieved a number of significant things despite not even being in political office. She related a recent incident where she was able to assist a woman who was sexually assaulted and her cold case was eventually solved because of she said, her pushing the issue with the RCIPS who she accused of sitting on DNA evidence.

Speaking about the environment she cited a phasedin recycling programme and mandatory emissions testing. Catron also discussed unemployment calling for the employment relations department to do more to help Caymanians find employment and improve their skills.

She pledged to continue her fight for women and children’s rights and briefly discussed the importance of people voting their conscious on the constitution. Catron refused to tell people how to vote on the constitution but encouraged them to educate themselves about it.

All attendees were invited to sign Sandra’s guess book so that she could follow-up with them on any issues that they may have.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank God election only comes every four years .  The way we are trying to diminish our very own Caymanian candidates is disgusting.  If a foreigner had been saying all these things we would be up in arms, but some people same to think that it’s ok  as long as we are doing it to each other.  It’s just destroying our credibility.  After the election we’ll have the expats throwing all this stuff in our faces: and guess what, we really won’t have a foot to stand on since all these thing are coming from the mouth of the horse.  Let’s just shut up and vote however we want but just stop the nonsense.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree – You people are pathetic and need to focus on the issues.

    Keep up the good job Sandra! You are doing just great. One or two naysayers on this site do not equal the majority of people in Bodden Town. Furthermore, it’s the same people reposting stuff. Obviously some people need to get a life!

    Issues to discuss:

    1. Education

    2. Immigration

    3. Employment

    4. The Economy

    5. Environment

    Any serious people out there to tackle these?

  3. Barnes says:

    Ethics and Ingrity? Does that mean that the person who said they have a bachelors degree from a local college on the radio this morning might have a problem since they do not?

    Ellio – please make your degree available for the public to see. Let’s see where the real problem is with th ethics!

    I’m sure you can call all of Sandra’s schools and confirm her degrees are not make believe!

  4. Barnes says:

    PPM is happy? LOL .. you wait and she what will happen on May 20th. They have already asked Rolston to cross over. Who else do you think they may ask?

    One person accusses her of being PPM and now you say PPM does not want her. Which do you think it is? Can’t be both ways my friend.

    SO many of you are all about spreading lies and propoganda. Let the facts stand for themselves. She’s not UDP and she’s not PPM.

    Why insist that independents cannot be real independents?

  5. Barnes says:

    Ok folks how about stopping all the nonsense? Clearly ethics is not a requirement for being a member of the LA.

    Look at the situation with the UDP Candidates right now. How about Chuckie taking government documents and disclosing them to the media in order to get elected in the house?

    How about some WB representatives womanizing all over the place.

    There are too many infractions to list for the rest. The bottom line is are we holding her to a different standard because she’s a woman or is this truly a personal vendetta? I for know know that it’s personal.

    Let me advise the Bodden Town voters – don’t be fooled by all this smoke that people are trying to create. There’s no fire here. These people are upset because they know Sandra has a very very very good chance of getting in. She impresses the people with her intelligence, work ethic and above all that she actually cares about the public.

    So until personal ethics become illegal and that means that we would only have Anthony Eden in the house do not pay these fools any mind!

    Vote #2 if you want the job done. I agree with her song lyrics!!!

  6. Lois says:

    Go Sandra, you rock girl. Bodden Town have a great leader in this young lady. If I were a Bodden Towner, you would have my vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      Poor uninformed voter… Please do your research on this candidate before you make your selection.  Remember ethics play a HUGE role when it comes to a honest politician.

  7. Lack of Integrity says:

    Dear Sir,

    Integrity:  "adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty."

    Yes we need to be concerned with officials who beat women, steal or misuse public funds and give the country away – that’s lack of integrity.

    Lack of integrity is misrepresenting what qualifications you have – like what we heard on the radio this morning. That’s lack of integrity.

    Lack of Integrity is having your personal business benefit from government contracts and sales of multi-million dollar condos.

    Lack of integrity is lying on the radio that the Elections office told you something when they did not.

    Lack of integrity is putting out a press release to fool the people by saying others have said the BT candidates are eligible when they are clearly not in compliance with the constitution.

    There are numerous examples of lack of integrity – so let’s focus on the ones that impact the voters.

    My Vote is going to Anthony & Sandra – 3rd person is undecided at this stage!


  8. Sweet Nanny says:

    Mr. Integrity Man,

    When you live in a glass house yourself and have much to hide perhaps you should be so quick to throw BIG conch shells at other people.

    One will come back and hit you in the head and expose all to all.

  9. Sweet Nanny says:

    Here we go with all the personal attacks again!

    If we wish to speak about persons who have absolutely nothing to offer look at some of the other candidates. They CAN’T even talk and have absolutely nothing to offer the people of the Cayman Islands – but we do not seem to concerned with those requirements.

    Did you all listen to the debates of some of these so called candidates? Honestly, let’s bring back basket weaving and mango jam. After 17 years in the LA that’s the best they have to offer. Gee – does that sound like a viable idea to anyone? Does that sound like how we are going to make money when tourism and financial services goes under?

    Ironic that this persons claims that "ideas are imported". Well few ideas are original anymore and as Sandra has said before "why reinvent the wheel" when there are man proven solutions out there. Clearly we just need to customize these solutions for the Cayman Islands.

    Sounds to me like we need more imported ideas. But now, we believe in the inbreeding right?

    Show me one single idea that anyone has had in the last 25 years that is original and I will show you GOD himself. You see this person is trying to fool you all with some fancy talking but it’s time that we started to look at substance. Do you all believe the roll-over is a unique idea to Cayman? Hardly NOT! Almost every idea we have including our financial services is imported in.

    Why would be waste time reinventing the wheel? Does that sound like someone you want to represent you? Sounds like a complete waste of time to me.

    So, here’s a young lady who has a lot to offer – not perfect – but there are those none Bodden Towners who will go out of there way to tear her down. I say shame on you and you know who you are and what your motives are.

    The candidates that you refer here need to be re-evaluated. I say that you are only being malicious and we know this. Let’s put all of this aside and ask that you stop the personal attacks.

    No candidate offers everything but Sandra has a lot to offer. Do not take away from the positives. She can speak and she had many wonderful ideas.

  10. Anonymous says:

    How can a man who beats his wife be said to have integrity?

  11. Anonymous says:

    to Enforcer.. it is obvious that you are simply newsmonger, because i can gaurantee you these three people are of the highest intergrity unlike you, who is simply spreading untruth.. do you have any proof that anyone of the three beat up someone and was locked up…

    Be careful how you write…  

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ms Catron is very articulate, community minded, has great ideas and is not afraid of taking on unpopular topics. This is the type of person that Cayman needs in the Legislative Assembly. If she was devious and had no integrity wouldn’t she be out there trampling over everyone to rise to the top and try to line her own pockets with whatever she can get? No, she is out there trying to do a job which is thankless and full of very ungrateful people on most days, ask past representatives.

    How does being Mr. Eden’s former campaign manager make her PPM? I don’t even think that PPM was around at that time. So what if she was a Campaign Manager, many people in this race started out their political career by serving as a Campaign Manager or a committee member on someones campaign, this helps them garner experience, this is what makes her a great contender in the race, she knows what to expect and what the electors expect of her.

    No one is perfect. I can bet that every politician and aspiring politician will probably have something in their past that they are not entirely thrilled with and if they could change it they would, but having said that it doesn’t say that they have not changed their ways and is a much bettter person because of the experience or indiscretion.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ok, let’s talk facts here. Sandra has proven herself time and time again. She’s not coming out now JUST because it’s election time. Instead she has helped many people over the years. Just ask people and they will tell you that.

    I’m not concerned with her personal affairs or that of any other politcian. I want to know that they are intelligent and capable. The best indicator is what they have done in the past. Sandra has earned my vote and not on idle promises but on action!

    Over the years she had remained consistent. She’s willing to speak out on issues that no one else want to touch. More importantly, she comes up with solutions even if they are not perfect she proposes them to people for feedback. I think she had done more that some who are in the LA already.

    I voted for her last time and I will vote for her again. If that’s the only vote I have to give she will get it. It’s too important for me to waste my vote on others who only do things to fool the people into thinking that they care.

    I don’t care to hear any negativity on this posting but I know the 2 finger Nancy will be on here shortly. You are really petty and wasting your time. You will not change anybody’s mind about Sandra because people know that she’s genuine and for real.

    You people can’t touch her on intelligence. You can’t touch her on hard work and committment. You can’t touch heron innovative ideas. The only thing you can TRY to touch her on is personal crap that ALL members of the LA have anyway. So let’s NOT GO THERE!

    BT VOTE FOR #2: Sandra Catron all the way!

  14. The Enforcer says:

    Nothing to lose? What do the other candidates have to lose more than any other? I wish that you would explain that one because that’s a loaded statement that makes no sense.

    Any candidate who’s in this election, such as Ms. Catron, who has business interests and has to remain in this community has a lot to lose as far as I’m concerned. I have seen this young lady work and help others when she had nothing to gain from it personally. So I wish haters like you would get out of the way if you are not going to be part of the solutions.

    Look at the track record of community work and leave all the personal shit out of it. Because Lord knows … whowever YOU are if we started digging in your personal life come see ya what we would find!

    Make sure you know that you don’t live with those other people either. And one of them you mentioned has a reputation of abuse in his personal life – where’s the integrity in that? PLEASE … You people make me sick to my stomach!!

    I don’t think Ms. Catron has ever been detained in police lockup for beating up another person.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Not everyone who looks good in a debate and sounds good delivering a prepared speech will be a good representative.

    Some candidates may look good and sound great with fluid diction and imported ideas but as  the good book says "…many are called but few are chosen".

    One quality that cant be bought, borrowed, rented or cultivated at this stage of the game is Integrity.

    Each and every one of our candidates MUST pass the Integrity Test.

    Mr. Anthony Eden, Osbourne Bodden and Theresa Lewis pass that test with flying colours.

    Cayman, beware of those who have nothing to lose!


  16. The Enforcer says:

    Dear Sandra you are not independent ,

    Oh Please you are not fooling anyone! Sandra was no where near mudslinging she discussed the issues of good representation. That means elected persons who know what they are talking about and not just reading from a manifesto.

    Make sure you get the facts right. She was Anthony’s campaign way before there were any parties – so how do you figure that out. BUT WAIT – she must be Miss Cleo right? She could well into the future that there would be parties years later and that Anthony would be with PPM? Yea? Ok you good!

    Sandra has never denied that she was part of the PPM but left before she ran in the last election. I have heard Sandra be very critical of the PPM so I doubt that she’s a party member. In fact you will know – if you knew Sandra at all – that she’s a non-conformist and things like party politics and fraternities would not work for her. She’s independent and indepdent minded.

    So far, she has been the BEST and I mean THE BEST debator of all the districts. That’s my opinion but many share that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sure that PPM is VERY HAPPY she is not affiliated with them!

      • Anonymous says:

        I done tell una Bodden Towners wha to do wote fa them two woman…in english…Vote for the two woman!!!

  17. Yo Mamma says:

    Sandra seems intelligent and it appears that she really cares about people. I hope she gets elected so we can see what it would be like to have an MLA like that. I have always wondered.

    It would be a cool experiment. Would her IQ immediatley drop when she entered the LA? Would she turn into an immature selfish troll immediately after the swearing in ceremony?

    Or would she actually be a smart an decent person in the LA who tries to do stuff for people for four years?

    Vote for her. It’s worth a shot.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Cayman needs someone like Sandra Catron in office.  You go girl!!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman needs ethical politician!  Vote Theresa!

      • Sav/New says:

        I’m sure Ms. Catron is probably looking at all of these comments and seeing how pathetic you people all are. Don’t you realize that the more you criticize her, the stronger she becomes? Such donkeys.

  19. B T FINEST says:

    Sandra I doubt very much that you will succeed in this election I am just being realistic. 

    GO UDP





    One of BT’s Finest


  20. Anonymous says:

    Sandra you are not independent .You not fooling nobody take you mask off now.Remember you used to be a campaign manager for Anthony Eden.What is the different between the PPM and yourself?.I was thinking in voting for you but after i heard you in the radio Mudsliding you fellow Bodden Towners candidates.I change my mind!!!!!Thanks Sandra for making my decision easier…