Brac Reef may be back by year end

| 03/07/2009

(CNS): No reopening date has been set for the Brac Reef Beach Resort on Cayman Brac, which was partially destroyed by Hurricane Paloma, November 2008. However, resort manager Trudy Viers says she expects construction and repairs to be completed by the end of the year. Because no finishing date has been set, no room bookings are being taken by Brac Reef at this time, she said. The lobby area, offices, boutique and work-out room, which were levelled are being rebuilt and will have the same architectural footprint as the ones before them.

Major damage was caused to the upper floor guest rooms, which are currently being repaired and upgraded. More balconies are being built for the guest rooms and all buildings are being reinforced against hurricanes, such as storm resistant windows and reinforced roof. The Brac Reef is even getting a new look, Viers said.

The main focus on construction is the main lobby and finishing the rooms, she said. Plans for the lobby have received approval so construction will begin shortly. The kitchen and spa of the Brac Reef are still functioning, though the kitchen has temporarily moved into the conference room, and the catering service is operating off-property.

A lot of work has also been done on the beach and Viers said she is hoping to build back the dock soon, though this is not their primary focus.”It’s been a real challenge because 2008 was a record year, but I’m also excited about the improvement being made,” Viers said.

The Brac Reef dive shop, Reef Divers I, was also severely damaged. Dive Operations Supervisor Mick Maher said the shop reopened just last week, but it is not fully operational. Only 5 of a staff of 12 remain after Paloma. In spite of all this, the Dive Pirates, a non-profit organization which allows disabled people get training for diving certification, came for their 5th annual trip, from 20 to 27 June with 58 divers.

Reef Divers also works with the Cayman Brac High School with their Water Sports course. This was supposed to run in January but due to the damage caused by Paloma, it was impossible for Reef Divers to conduct lessons this past school year. Maher said, “We should be back to normal by next year, and we’d love to take a class.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What construction company is rebuilding Brac Reef Beach Resort

  2. Caymanite says:

    Good job Mr. Linton for standing up to the then leader of government business who suggested you plant coconut palms instead of building up your hotel.

    The Brac needs a few more good men like you with all that ambition that you still carry within you.

    Good forthe staff who stayed and are working so hard to bring forth Mr. Linton’s dream.