Editor accused of blackmail

| 17/07/2009

(CNS): Leader of Government Business McKeeva Bush hit out at the Editor in Chief of Cayman Net News, Desmond Seales, on Friday morning, accusing the newspaper boss of trying to blackmail him with an editorial published on 13 July. He said the editorial contained blatant lies and that for too long Seales had been getting away with threatening people who would not give him a blank cheque. He added that if Seales was more objective instead of castigating people he might make money.

Speaking at a government press briefing, he said that Seales had approached him with a proposal to undertake the government’s communication and public relations work, but Bush said that the government had asked him to be more specific about his offer as it appeared he was asking for a blank cheque. As a result of the fact that government had not offered him work yet, Bush suggested Seales was using the pages of his newspaper to “castigate” or push government into a corner to force them to use his services.

Bush said the editorial was wrong and his tactic was not going to work. “He needs to be objective and give the country confidence in him then he will make money,” the leader of government business said. “He is not going to brow beat us just because we can’t give him an open check.” Bush said Seales could not threaten anyone by saying he had “plenty ink” as he would not put up with it.

“If the media can’t police themselves then remedies will have to be found. This administration will not be blackmailed by any two-bit hustler who, when you do not pay what he is demanding, messes up the store. This kind of hoodlumism won’t be tolerated,” Bush added. He said that for far too long Seales had gotten away with threatening and brow beating people with his “ink” and he was in the habit of castigating people or loving them when he choose to suit his own ends.

Bush said that he felt that he and the government in general had a good and cordial relationship with the local press and that was what he would expect. “We are fair in answering questions,” he said. “If I can be reached I will talk to the press but we have country to run and there is no fair and honest reason for the attack 13 July.”

He explained that Seales had taken him andthe government to task over communication saying that when he, as LoGB, had returned from his overseas travels he had made “impulsive commitments and announcements”, which had not been properly cleared, such as the pensions holiday, and that there was poor communication between ministries. Bush said it was an out and out lie. “I make no statements without being briefed by the relevant ministry,” he said and reminded everyone what he had actually said at the last briefing.

He said there was a need to be fair and tolerant as the media was not on the moon on 20 May and that the press knew full well what problems the new government now faced on the financial front.  He noted that the television and radios had to be licensed and were policed that way but that there was nothing policing print media. He said Seales was a wild card, using the type of abuse that he did and it had gone on too long with no one speaking out about it.

He did say he was in favour of the media forming some kind of association through which they would set standards and police themselves as he said this happened in other countries. “For years I have asked for something like this to happen and I hope something will as there needs to besome ethics and some standards.” He noted some were following guidelines while others were just doing what they wanted.

Asked if it was criticism that concerned him or just the way Seales was behaving, he said that the government was not afraid of criticism as it was to be expected. Bush added that by listening to criticism he had learned a lot, especially over the last four years and that was why he was back in office, but he said criticism must be fair and free of bias. “We cannot be blackmailed,” he added.

He said that Seales was trying to imply that the new government did not have a cohesive communication strategy and thought by doing that he would brow beat the government into using his communication firm, but he said the government intended to return to the centralisation of government communications with GIS. He said communication was not going to be pulled apart by evil devices.

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  1. anonymous says:

    in response to:  No one is perfect, and so it Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 07/21/2009 – 08:32. Get yaself a life….Mac not going ‘get this Country back on its feet’ but he going do a fine job of selling us out while pretending to be doing otherwise. And BTW, I never yet heard PPM claim perfection….but sound like what you want them to do is not only take responsibility for their own mistakes but for those of the FS and everybody else as well..that ain’t gonna happen! What you should try get Mac to do is stop bullying this Country while seeking ‘inward investment’ …right into the hands of himself and his supporters!

  2. noname says:

    Mac you are sounding, looking and acting more and more each day like your mortal enemies Jimmy Bodden and Haigy Bodden who both wished to have you locked up for running your mouth.

    Jimmy  set the stage for the runaway over development, no development plan, welcome the foreigner, push the Caymanian down, destruction of our beautiful island, Jimmy and Haigy also proposed to “license journalists”. 

    Mac you conducted  this dictatorial style of government in your first UDP term in office and now you are on the same path again.

    We were warned that you had not changed your dictatorial ways, but we thought that the young bright professionals and the elder gentlemen joining the UDP would be able to tame the Bully that you are.  These young professionals and elder gentlemen have failed our expectations; they have not kept you under control, you are still the bull in the china shop, the mad captain on the bridge.

    Des is 100% correct, Mac and Rolly made totally conflicting comments on the pension suspension.

    Rolly we cannot believe Mac, will you now please fess up, who is lying, Mac or you?

    Rolly come on now my boy answer or we will know that he is your dictator also and you are afraid that he will do to you what he did to Kurt, Sybil, Julie and Linny in the previous UDP government, build em up den smash em down.

    Did anyone hear the details about Mac’s training session with Castro and Chavez, the “fly on the wall” who had all of the meeting recorded was killed, but I heard that there was another fly in the corner that they did not see, it just may have been Corner Gal?


    • Anonymous says:

      No one is perfect, and so it should come as no surprise that Mac is not perfect.

      In fact, the only group that claims perfection is the PPM. When last did you hear them say where they made a mistake?

      Rather than admitting their mistakes – and they made many over the past 4 years – the PPM today tries to point people in every direction except towards the financial crisis that they have created for the Cayman Islands.

      The PPM blames the Financial Secretary for causing them to spend Emergency Funding – Funding that should have been available for Natural Disasters – to create new routes for Cayman Airways and build a lover’s wall in East End.

      I say, PPM had their chance to govern and they failed. The people have chosen the UDP to help get the country out of the mess its in. Let’s give them a chance to do that.

      Our criticisms should be directed at policy, but not at individuals.

      Mac should be supported to get Cayman back on its feet – those of us who hope to live beyond next week should hope and pray he is able to do that.

      • Anonymous says:

        To: No one is perfect

        Nice attempt to change the subject. Let’s get back to the subject at hand.

        This seems like deja vu from 2005 when Mr. Seales, disappointed that he did not get more from the PPM turned on them within months. Watch out UDP!  

  3. anonymous says:

    I agree with posting by EXPAT 360…..This is such a joke….what can ya say except that Big Mac is bac with his same old same old….want play politics under the table with the likes of Desmond but when Desi takes a bite outta his backside Mac explodes! Desmond and Mac both need to be put in their places and whoever gets to do the job need also smack Compass in the face same time! They all play the same dangerous game….Mac’s favourite pastime is throwing licks at anyone in is way but when the tables turn he acts like a child….he cannot stand when Desi takes a shot at him and hits the nail on the head….so childish it’s embarassing.  And Desmond, bet you wishing now you had not kept so quiet leading up to elections! Don’t bother play hush hush again  based on promises from Mac……

  4. man da corna says:

    Sounds like Dracula Boys and you better leave it be before someone visits you after Sundown

  5. Anonymous says:

    I say let these two scallywags square-off and leave CNS alone (and out of this) as the only independent media outlet left in Cayman, at least for now…  but then again we could put them on "the plank" during Pirates Week 2009 as the star attraction right after the pirates have landed to join them..

  6. Anonymous says:

    What is Desmond’s site down every night?

  7. Anonymous says:

    No one, not even Mr. Seales himself in his retort, has explicitly noted that the analogy suggesting a common rationale for licensing radio and licensing the print media is completely and dangerously misconceived. (Mr. Seales retort which adds very interesting and additional context on the evolution of the current spat and the potential role of others may be found here    


    Censorship is not the point. The distinction which differentiates the licensing of radio/TV on the one hand, and newspapers on the other, is that radio and television broadcast requires the exclusive use of a limited public resource, namely specific “radio frequencies” of electromagnetic spectrum. The print media do not require the exclusive use of any such resource. It is because of the fact that radio spectrum is a limited public resource, that government has an obligation to ensure that it is used efficiently, that the public gains an economic benefit from its use, and that the entity which pays for the use of part of that spectrum gets what it pays for. The use of segments of radio frequency spectrum is therefore licensed to ensure that the use is exclusive, and government in one form or another polices the use of spectrum and prevents the rest of us from interfering with the party that has paid for the exclusive license.

    In contrast, press freedom is a form of freedom of speech. No exclusive use of a physical public resource is involved in conveying facts or ideas through the print media. The fact that one entity decides to publish or publicly state something does not in a physical sense prevent other views from being stated or published, except of course in totalitarian states. 
    Undoubtedly newspapers and their editors ought to be restricted by existing libel/slander laws governing the purveying of lies, as well as by other laws governing free speech and extortion. If in fact extortion has been attempted then the appropriate response is to report it publicly and to the appropriate authorities. That eliminates the potential for extortion and allows the public and the courts to apply sanctions. No advertiser would want to be seen to be condoning or supporting unlawful activity.
    I watched the Friday press briefing on TV. I have no idea what Mr. Bush actually intended by his comments, but it was clear that the media present understood a potential threat. Irrespective of what was intended, threats by politicians to restrict free speech and press freedom, whether veiled, subtle or otherwise, are not appropriate responses to either criticism or extortion. Further, any suggestion or threat that the print media in Cayman should be licensed so as to prevent them from publishing observations which make politicians uncomfortable puts Cayman a further and very large step towards status as a full fledged “banana republic”.    
    • Anonymous says:

      I have to say that the poster who explained the reasons that radio and TV are licensed was rather illuminating.  Did not know that.

      This is what makes CNS so valuable — and that writer went to on to give a very timely warning about treading on freedom of the press.  Good job.

      I was nevertheless interested to read John Evan’s behind-the-scenes expose on Netnews.  Which would explan whyNetnews is not up and running this morning.

      Unfortunately, I won’t hold my breath — some people have more lives than a cat. 

      But I certainly hope that the Cabinet will not even think of bailing out Netnews.  Let Netnews implode — let it self-distruct — totally.

      Whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap. 


  8. Anonymous says:

    Has Mac already forgotten Compass’ recent cover page that implied there was a war in West Bay? Does he think that was fair reporting of the situation in his district?  I would have expected that if anything he would have struck out against that media house!   

    Now I’m no big fan of CNN but if this wrath is being brought about because CNN stated that Mac is making policy decisions without proper review that is absolutlely true and being proven more and more accurate everyday.  CNS, perhaps Mac is also giving you a warning on what he will allow the press to report on before he grandstands against them as being irresponsible. 

    And finally if you want to talk about contributing to Mt. Trashmore let’s not forget about CFP’s Observer which shows up unrequested and unsolicited on my doorstep every weekend and promptly ends up in my garbage (I see other copies lying in the street).  If they are such champions of the environment they would just post their stories on-line like CNS does. 


  9. Anonymous says:

    The Compass has become the new Net News…very very sad but the Compass is doing the same thing. So here’s the solution that WILL NOT infringe on freedom of the press. Immediately pass a law that prohibits the principals of any media company from also offering public relations/communications services. It is the most obvious conflict of interest there is !!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Blackmail, come on Big Mac you must have some evidence.  Take Desmond to court or accept tis as Freedom of Speech.

  11. John Evans says:

    I’ll save you some time –

    "I wonder if CNS or anyone else plans on making a FOI request for any records of recent or ongoing violations (that may or may no exist) with the Department of Immigration and the Department of Employee Relations regarding Cayman Net News or MCM. Wonder also if they have any stalled investigations and why???? Hmmmmm…."

    Where do I start? Well Net News has been well behind paying their staff in recent weeks. Rather than (as in my day) bouncing the pay cheques he simply didn’t pay anyone.

    Then we have the estimated CI$30,000 arrears of pension contributions uncovered, amongst other financial problems, by Lyndon Martin at the end of 2007 – odd that the pension plan provider failed to spot it.

    Try hree complaints filed direct to CIO Franz Manderson about abuses of the work permit system, all ignored.

    Or at least two complaints filed with DER that have vanished without trace.

    Plus of course the publication of material since 27 March 2008 designed to interfere with the course of justice, all totally ignored by Martin Bridger and his team despite numerous complaints. 

    And of course, the recent altercation (attended by the RCIPS) outside the Net News offices involving Mr Seales after the landlord locked him out for non-payment of rent.

    If that’s not enough to cause concern check out the conflicting testimony of the two prime movers at Net News during the Levers’ Tribunal.

    Freedom of the press is a hard-fought right, but it comes with a great responsibility to the general public which, in this and many previous instances, is not being respected. I don’t thinkthis is a case of press censorship, more like someone finally having the balls to say, "Enough is enough."

    That MCM (and as accurately stated it is a one-man band not a proper PR company) tried to go begging to the government for money to bail out Net News doesn’t surprise me at all, that it was so robustly refused impresses me.  



  12. GimmyLeg says:

    It is said Brian Uzzell Covers it up and Desmond Seales Makes it up!

    Truthfully CNS is kicking both of their arses, notice the new and improved look of the Compass that debuted a few weeks ago.  They actually have more color photos of our local sports, actually printing more color photos through out the paper.  Better, more involved stories and writing.  As far as I saw/know, the Compass did not publish a release regarding their new look.  Maybe they did?  To me that speaks volumes if they didn’t.  I buy all the papers but the headline grabbers are read right here on http://www.CaymanNewsService.com. CNS, now for sports coverage and funnies/comics,I’ll be set.

    Paper, Scissors, Rock.  Me love you longtime.

  13. Anonymous says:

    In response to all those who commented on my post at 17:31…

    I appreciate your comments and insights. I would like to make clear that what I am advocating throughout is that regardless of whether an opinion is right or wrong in fact, there is always the right to voice the opinion. while I personally don’t feel that MCM would be an appropriate venue for government media relations outsourcing, I don’t take issue with Mr. Seales making that claim. That’s his belief and he’s entitled to publically state it. The validity of the claim is what is up for debate, not his ability to argue for it.

    Also, it’s important to note that editorials, in which Mr. Seales criticised the recent set of decisions by McKeeva, are meant to be opinionated pieces. Opinions may also be right or wrong, but as an opinion they are entitled to be aired, without fear of reprisal by (in this case) the LOGB.

    Lastly, in addition to being able to "self-police" the quality of a media outlet by use of what I have termed the power of the wallet, it’s important to recognise that poor reporting and ethics have a very profound effect on the legitimacy and reputation of the news source. There’s a reason that readership of the Compass is higher than that of Net News, that more individuals choose to place classified ads in the Compass, etc.

    Regardless of all this, what’s of the highest importance is respecting the right of individuals to state whatever opinions they might have, right or wrong, in the public forum.

  14. Not Sure says:

    Reason and logic cause me to take issue with this statement below:

    "As for the whole outsourcing of media relations to CFP or Net News or whomever, Mr. Seales has every right to make the argument that GIS is a waste of money and that his organisation could do their work more effectively at a lower price. Maybe he’s right, maybe he isn’t.  Either way, there is nothing wrong with Mr. Seales making the claim and criticising whatever he feels is wrong with the government. We should all do the same thing."

    Anyone in the so called "know" in Cayman’s business and marketing community knows that Desmond’s MCM is a complete shell that has a total of one people working full time for it?? Cayman Free Press may not be perfect but lord knows they don’t have the mile long trail of BS that Desmond has carried with him for 40 years. Desmond loves to meddle and how many times has the publisher of the Compass or the owner of WestStar actually been in the news for their antics like Desmond?? How about any self respecting businessman or woman on island for that matter? Be highly suspect of whomever tries to defend Desmond’s companies or reputations.

    That being said, McKeeva needs to back off his empty nonsensical threat to police the media. He almost goes to prove Desmond’s editorial to be somewhat true. And if Desmond’s editorials/panhandeling don’t have the desired effect, then all the better. Lets not ruin free speech because of Desmond (whom brainstorms the editorials) and Barry "Miami Vice" Randal (whom writes the editorials). But the both of McKeeva and Desmond the kind of dying generation of Caribbean caricatures of everything that is wrong with Caribbean media and Caribbean politics. Thank god the sands of time are wearing on them both and pray some savvy new leaders can at least put away the childlike crap these two have built their reputations around.

    If anyone wants to know why he’s run so many people, and businesses into the ground I would point you right to this article that I happen to know was written specifically about Desmond Seales.

    Which brings me to this point, If McKeeva really wanted to shut Desmond down he could easily do so through the proper legal channels that already exist. Lean on him during this weak economy and he’d have to shut down. I wonder if CNS or anyone else plans on making a FOI request for any records of recent or ongoing violations (that may or may no exist) with the Department of Immigration and the Department of Employee Relations regarding Cayman Net News or MCM. Wonder also if they have any stalled investigations and why???? Hmmmmm….



    • Anonymous says:

      The submission by "Not Sure" qualifies as one of the best pieces of commentary that I have read for a long time.  Balanced and honest. 

      Well done! 

      These types of contributions, raising the bar on debate, illustrate how invaluable this CNS opportunity is to  Cayman.   

  15. Richard Cranium says:

    The pen is mightier than the sword (and a lot easier to write with too!)

  16. Anonymous says:

    To those of you who have stated agreement with McKeeva’s statement of a "need" for the media to self-police and set ethical standards, it already exists. Media outlets can do/say whatever they think, especially in an editorial. Don’t like what’s being said or how they are saying it? Change their outlook with your wallet. Stop reading their newspaper if you don’t agree with the content. See how quickly their tune will change. But wait, it hasn’t. And that’s probably because a lot of people agree with the viewpoint in Net News and continue to buy and read their newspaper. Deal with it. Better yet, if you disagree, write your own letter to the editor and submit it to any of the media sources available here. Actively participate in the civic process instead of lambasting Mr. Seales for voicing his opinion of McKeeva and crying foul. Form a coherent counterpoint with proof that such accusations are incorrect. Beat him at his own game, if you can. I think you’ll find quickly that your arguments will fall quite short, but that’s my personal opinion.

    And yes, it’s an incredibly dangerous situation when the leader of government makes a statement that there should be even the smallest level of regulation in the media. It’s a short hop away from actual censorship, which coupled with rash and abitrary decision-making would in fact place the current government far closer to being a dictatorship in the grey area it’s currently treading. If a newspaper tells lies, or acts very unethically, it will have a diminished reputation. It will dig it’s own grave. But it should be freely allowed to do just that if it so chooses.

    As for the whole outsourcing of media relations to CFP or Net News or whomever, Mr. Seales has every right to make the argument that GIS is a waste of money and that his organisation could do their work more effectively at a lower price. Maybe he’s right, maybe he isn’t.  Either way, there is nothing wrong with Mr. Seales making the claim and criticising whatever he feels is wrong with the government. We should all do the same thing.

    Whenever we think the government is doing something poorly, we should call them out for it. Wasting our money? Call them out for it. Impropriety, cronyism, failing to adhere to ethical and legal standards? Call them out for it. Back up your claims and state your opinion – it’s your right and civic duty to hold government responsible for their actions. There’s a reason Freedom of Information legislation was passed recently – to be used as a tool to hold government accountable for their actions and promote good citizenry. We should all feel blessed the previous government had the integrity to pass a law like that, knowing full well that subsequent investigations might one day expose any of their own wrong-doing. They realised it would be for the benefit of Cayman to hold its government and leaders accountable for their actions and mistakes. So use your FOI rights to go out there and find out what the government has been doing poorly and holdthem to account for it. Criticise their mistakes, praise their good policies and initiatives. Be active and be outspoken. Shape our government into what you want it to be; don’t accept it being anything less.

    That should be the "new way forward," not acting like a child because you were called out for your poor governnace.


    • Anonymous says:

      "To those of you who have stated agreement with McKeeva’s statement of a "need" for the media to self-police and set ethical standards, it already exists. Media outlets can do/say whatever they think, especially in an editorial. Don’t like what’s being said or how they are saying it? Change their outlook with your wallet. Stop reading their newspaper if you don’t agree with the content. See how quickly their tune will change."

      To the reader who posted this — unfortunately, there are always people who will read and advertise in yellow rags — hence all the tabloids that everyone knows he or she cannot trust. They appeal to our baser nature.


  17. Not Sure says:

    Isn’t life full of little ironies? Old Dezzy Dawg offers his glorious MCM Public Relations company’s services to the incoming government and when they question his capabilities he launches assualt on them making what is essesentially for his company a PR disater. Embarrassing to say the least, who would hire MCM after this? Don’t pick us to print your brochures? Don’t pick us to design your logo? Don’t pick us to handle your press releases? Well screw you and we’re going to write an editorial all about how much you suck! That’s what I call a spicy meatball!!!

    I know Lil’ Mac said he wanted to end pirates week but who’da thunk he’d go for the country’s biggest scaleywag first!

  18. Anonymous says:

    The problem is that the Compass has been practicing the same thing as Desmond and utilising the same tactics for over a year now. So we no longer have any reliable and credible print media in Cayman today. We can no longer believe the stories we read in the Compass either as they’re working for the UDP.

    If you listened to the press briefing yesterday you would have heard Mac, on at least 3 occasions, prompting the Compass reporter to ask certain questions.

    The stories are all about who pays the bill now !!! VERY SAD !

  19. Not Sure says:

    Not Sure…

    I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. The CI Gov already controls the media agenda for the most part though hopefully FOI will become stronger and that won’t necessarily be true in all cases. That said, Desmond has been at the center (in one way or another) of the last few Cayman scandals that have cost the island’s an incalculable amount of treasure and with the RCIPS in shambles, possibly yet indirectly blood. Curiously, no one seems to focus on that ever.

    Desmond is pathological in his motives and by the looks of the paper and the scarcity of ads, its a sure bet he’s in desperate search of some cash. But who needs to pay for an ad in Desmond’s paper anyways when you can just send a press release about a corporate function and get it for free? Oh, and I love the bit about the Net News printing centres money saving move into the paper’s offices to better every one’s services. Surely it wasn’t because the locks were changed one night at their previous location. Main point is he’s become desperate and is itching to freeze pension payments and get any government break coming his way and instead of now, it may come later or never. And time must be of the essence for Desmond because lord knows those CUC bills ain’t gonna go down anytime soon!!

    Losing Net News to bankruptcy will be a good thing in the end. Net News holds up to almost none of the traditional pillars of journalism ethics that makes a news source trustworthy and unbiased. There are only like two writers there anyways so why couldn’t they go online like here and work without the constraints of Desmond’s dark corrupt shadow hanging over? CNS is a good counter to the Compass and no one has to wait 2 freaking days to read yesterday’s news. Mac should tread carefully andnot try any type of media policing agency though. The people need to police the media and other journalists too, but with their eyes and wallets and nothing else. Desmond is so categorically compromised that the paper serves no other purpose but to further his own agenda. Let us pray he’s busted on the streets soon and then we can at least say Mt. Trashmore will be full of less $h1t. Keep on em’ CNS, can’t wait to see an editorial condemning uncontrolled biased Internet news sites!!!

  20. U.S. Citizen says:

    CNS is the only uncensored source of information on the island.  You must have hit a nerve Desmond.

    • crossova says:

      I read this article and I also heard the press breifing, for the life of me I dont see where what Mac said would lead us to dictatorship, he just told Desmond the truth as well it should be, any good journalistshould write and tell the truth and to stoop to wanting to blackmail or pressure peopel to say what you want them to say so you can sensationalise and sell papers is wrong.

      If it comes off looking like Mac is warning the editor to cease the blarney then I think that he and all others that feel that they have been held hostage  should speak out.     I am not a politi.cal party member

      • Anonymous says:

        He explained that Seales had taken him and the government to task over communication saying that when he, as LoGB, had returned from his overseas travels he had made “impulsive commitments and announcements”, which had not been properly cleared, such as the pensions holiday, and that there was poor communication between ministries. Bush said it was an out and out lie. “I make no statements without being briefed by the relevant ministry,”


        Is it possible that Mr. Bush could be suffering from Alzheimer’s or some type of memory loss?!!


        • Anonymous says:

          No one should be afraid of newspapers’ backlash because of expression of views — that is what newspapers are for.

          Some months ago I said to someone that I don’t know why people did not write into a particular media to correct distortions of truth or express concerns about unprofessionalism.  That person, who is now in a very high position in these islands said, "Because they are afraid."

          Unfortunately, that individual is correct.  No one wants to be attacked in editorials or footnotes to letters.  When people feel constrained by editor and publisher retaliation, it is not a healthy situation. 

          THAT IS WHAT THE LOGB IS TALKING ABOUT — and he is not making it up.  He is speaking the truth.

          And, by the way, does the public not think it is a conflict of interest for a newspaper editor-in-chief to be soliciting a contract to do the PR for government?  Knowing how involved the publisher is in his newspaper, how can he be gadding about trying to get money for serving as a mouth piece for government?  Could the public rely on objectivity in his newspaper if he is also on the other hand working to build up the government’s image?  What do you think?

          We need to be taking seriously about this situation involving one of the two daily newspapers impacting on views locally and internationally.

          And while this particular paper may be the major offender, it is not alone.  The second daily newspaper is also showing signs of becoming puffed up with its own sense of power.

          This weekend, the newsman Walter Cronkite died.  Among the tributes was one from President Clinton who said that Cronkite’s greatness stemmed not so much from his skill as a reporter, though that was obviously exemplary, but from his personal goodness. 

          In another tribute, his successor when he left CBS said that Cronkite never conceived of his postion, as the premier newsman of his era, as a matter of power.  His saw his role as a responsibility to dispense news in as unfiltered a mode as possible.  He, Cronkite, personally stepped aside and delivered the news in an objective way.

          Unfortunately, media is increasingly moving away from that unfettered, objective style that used to be the norm.  Perhaps the Internet, with its ready accessibility to everyone — the good,bad, and indifferent — may bear some blame for the declining standards in journalism. 

          That makes one of the suggestions Mr. Bush made — for a press association — even more urgent.


  21. De Corner Girl says:

    Yes, Medium Mac you tell Desmond off boy good and proper, dat is exactly you alright. 

    De PPM neva like him eda, so if you and PPM agree on dat subject den unna mus be right on dis one!

    No one in our Islands or government or your party has a right to disagree with you, after all no one, but no one questions the statements of The Emperor Dictator. 

    That is just the way that it was in the previous UDP government and the way that it will be in the current UDP government. 

    Now that you are smaller your shouts and threats have to be louder to make up for the lost physical size. 

    Like all of my fellow Caymanians sisters and brothers my memory like my height is very short, please someone out there help me with some information, is this Medium Mac not the same person when he was BIG MAC in the previous UDP government who rudely shouted at a pretty young Caymanian Compass reporter and brought her to tears when she asked a forbidden question seeking truth and not the usual fancy Medium Mac controlled fictitious politically right answer?

    BIG MAC is back as Medium Mac, let the party begin, you is always de life of de BIG party, some say de only life what count in what de BIG party say.

    Shout louder Medium Mac we all waiting on de corner for the next decree.


  22. Expat 360 says:

    Now this story absolutely illustrates what a tin-pot impression the Cayman Islands creates of itself, in both the local, and international arena. In combination with the a deputy commissioner of police writing a ‘oh poor me’ letter to the media, and now with the senior politician in the land engaging in a spat like a 10 year old, the international community must look at this and say, "what? put my money/business/resources/staff there? I don’t think so"

    If we are seen as a joke to be pushed around by the rest of the world, then we have made it so. Dictatorship? Maybe, but he will only be dictating to half a dozen people by then… the rest of us (including the smart locals) will have left, realising there is even less reason to stay here.

    Seales must be absolutely roaring with laughter that he managed to provoke Bush so easily into a public reaction…. who in Gods name is advising Bush? Or is he too smart to need advisors?

    I can’t see Obama coming out in the press and saying, "he’s a bully, he started it!" like a child….

    • Anonymous says:

      Please, spare me! This happens all over the world. I have been privileged as a child to attend government assembly meetings and you would be appalled to hear the said things behind closed doors.

      He is not in a ‘spat’ like a 10 year old. Mr Seales has created more buzz than all media on island – put together!

      The international community will not look at this and say that. It is irrelevant.

      Expat 360, everything has pros and cons, please be fair and see both rather than bashing Mr. Bush in being a so called 10 year old while obviously only expressing the worst of what he has done.

      • Anonymous says:

        Mr. Selaes does manage to fool the international media at times — they all jump on the bandwagon when they think freedom of the press is being violated, without digging for the facts.

        But I think that this time the international media cannot miss the fact that Seales is editor-in-chief of a daily newspaper, between him and his Miami sidekick totally controlling content of the paper.  And that at the same time he is personally, on behalf of his alleged one-man-show MSM, seeking a government PR contract.

        Hello — that is way not proper for an editor in chief.  How is he possibly going to be objective in news content!!

        Of course, we know he isn’t anyway — he spins the news all the time — and we know that MSM is likely offering the carrot of the newspaper.  If it is not offered outright, I am sure it will become a tool, and all the parties know that.


  23. Anonymous says:

    LOGB Bush – does this mean he was blackmailing the PPM as well? The bottom line is you are a dictator and can’t take any constructive criticism!

  24. Tiger says:

    Is it me or is McKeeva losing weight? I hope he’s not ill…..

  25. backstroke says:

    It would do both MR. Bush and Seales good  to read  James chapter 3. in the bible. a lesson on the tongue and pen.

    The  tongue is a mighty  weapon and dangerous at that. out of the same mouth proceedeth dangerous and evil things. it is sharper than any two edged sword.

  26. Caymanian to the bone says:

    What else can you expect from a convicted criminal of dishonesty ……… who rubbed time at H.M Northward Prison ??? Leopards don’t change their spots, do they ???

  27. One saddened Caymanian says:

    Yup. Censoring of media is next. Piss him off you get closed down. Kind of like Iran…or Venezuela….

    And if you think I am pushing teh envelope lets look at the similarities…

    Censorship – Iran and Venezuela does this. Bush is talking about "controlling" the media.

    Funny Business with elections – Need I say look at GT and BT….

    As far as the rest goes it’s because we are a passive bunch why we don’t protest and have serious issues such as Police Incidents. But the ground work is being laid my friends.

    We are moving fast in that direction…..He shuts down Pirates Week desite the fact that nearly 70% of every poll ever published says to keep it the way it is. It’s like he is making things up as he goes along.

    Strap yourself in we got 4 years of this crap to deal with. Thanks WB for putting him back in again. Thanks GT for your contribution of two more stooges. I am still holdings out hope for BT that we can remove those 2 but who knows seems the justice system is uuum well let’s just say "NOT OPERATING AS THEY SHOULD IDEALLY".

  28. Anonymous says:

    The same ole Desmond Seales. Minister Clifford wouldn’t allow Cayman Airways to carry his Not News free of cost so what does Desmond Seales do ? He says I’ll fix ya Mr. Chuckie I’m going to tell the country that you were my "confidential source" for my news items about the corruption of the past. Which other newspaper published would stoop that low ?

    Well Clifford said go right ahead Desmond cuz everything I told you I said from the public platform during the campaign so whats new. Clifford didn’t pay him any mind after that except to beat him at every opportunity he got  about his unethical practices.!

    Mac you enjoyed that time didn’t you…..come on you can admit it now……well here comes Desmond again….same ole tricks. Lets see if you’re strong enough to ignore him like Clifford did for 4 years.

    Take yah licks mi son…..una had no business keeping his head above water in the first place !!!

  29. Anonymous says:


    This is what Desmond Seales get. He should follow good journalism like Caymannewsservice and Cayman Compass. I am a PPM but i support Mckeeva on this.

  30. Sam Puk-Puk says:

    “ethics and standards”… ok UDP members,what have you done with McKeeva Bush? Where is he?? I say this because those above words out of his mouth, in my opinion, do not fit. I guess Seales is now serving his ‘revenge’ cold. As it’s best served. With a reaction like that from the current leader, the stick must have found its target! The question is, has anyone of them ever had one with a good yeast? I’m surprised Mr. Bush has not attacked CNS yet. I thank you for your courage and don’t let anyone ‘browbeat’ you into quitting. I’m sure it is to come. Sooner not later. But this time your readers will stand up for CNS.


  31. Anonymous says:

    I have not been following this specific situation and I don’t know all the facts involved, but I know one thing — most of us readers will agree that Mr. Bush is putting his finger on a serious emerging problem for our society.

    Observers in the know have not been unaware of a particular press strategy to woo every new government and to retaliate if it does not get what it wants.

    Rather than playing the political game of trying to label Mr. Bush as being "dictatorial" (and I cannot see anything in what Mr. Bush said to justify that claim), as a society we must sit up and take note.  It reflects on us as a society if we are not perceptive enough to demand higher professional standards from our media.  (And, yes, the public can do something about it — witholding advertising dollars being the key tactic.)

    We want to have fearless media, but media must also be fair and balanced.  I see too much manipulating of information and distorting of context to suit internal media positions — and, incidentally, this is not exclusive to the medium referenced. 

    Media are here to provide a service — and not to become so mesmerised by their own power that news becomes warped and distorted according to internal agendas.

    I hope that editors take note — because, as is fast appearing to be the case of one among them, all those who disrespect the truth will ultimately implode and self-distruct.



  32. Anonymous says:

    Send him back to wherever he came from MacKeva. He is a lunatic on the loose and needs to be reigned in.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Well done Mac! You’ve donewhat is difficult-make Desmond sympathetic!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Yep its very obvious….listen to their press briefing today. It was so bad that Rolston left before it was finished.

    The PPM Government and Mr. Clifford in particular warned you all about this man. Unna betta stop him now !!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like we have another  Chavez, do we have oil too?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Mac is right  to speak out.  The era of blank checks  and mad  gpvernment spending is over.  That  is why we are now $77M in deficit with no end in sight .   Let the GIS continue to have oversight for government’s  PR .  No need to hire some  one from the private sector to duplicate salary and the efforts of a  well qualified team of persons at the GIS.

    Mac is a man of action and will not stand idly by while others try to take advantage of a situation.  Already the island has in place more initiatives in 60 days than the PPM had in 4 years.

    I say, get with the program of recovery and try to do something positive for your country rather than stand idly by and crticize every move the new administration makes.

  37. Dave Lewis says:

    I think it is about time that CNS refused to post comments unless the poster puts there real name to the comments as the Net News and Compass do.

  38. Anonymous says:

    go get him mckeeva… this guy has run wild and cost this country millions. a true criminal – i cant believe anybody reads what he writes anyways. he has lost all credibility.  desmond should be cast away from our shores.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone else see how quickly we are moving toward a dictatorship?? The more this man speaks the more scared I get.

    • Anonymous says:

      This person is obviously of the ‘sore loser" PPM party. Read the article carefully, McKeeva is asying nothing that even has a hint of dictatorship. He never said anything about stopping freedom of press but only that the print media should have some type of organization that polices themselves particualarly in the area of ethics. Well said! Anyone knows the kind of newspaper edtior Desmond is. He will print anything to sell his newspapers or to get him what he wants.

      McKeeva it is high time that someone spoke out on this. Freedom of this press should be protected but it should not be abused and used unethically for personal gain.

      PPM’er, you wait until Desmond publishes something bad about Kurt  or Alden. Oh yeah, wait a minute, that’s all they can publish!!



    • Frequent Flyer says:

      According to the new constitution, Mckeewa is or will be the ‘Premier’ and as such will have plenty power to do his will…

      Those that bothered to vote on the the new constitution are the ones that  woted it Cayman…

      And YES, I find it wery scary!

    • backstroke says:

      Scared of  who? which dictator? because I see two  crazy ones here,I dont know which one is the worse,the words or the pen.