Glaxo to have swine flu vaccine by September

| 23/07/2009

(Telegraph): In a raft of announcements relating to swine flu, the UK’s largest drug company said it would be able to produce 190m doses per year of Relenza within months. It also said it had received approval for a new disposable antiviral face mask which worked against all previous strains of bird and swine flu. The mask has yet to be tested against the current strain of swine flu although chief executive Andrew Witty said he was confident it would be effective. Although GSK did not expect to start delivery of its vaccine until later this year, it has already received orders for 195m doses and is in discussions with over 50 governments about further orders.

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  1. target says:

    Sorry? Is that a UK DRUG COMPANY?? Uh oh… let’s just wait for all the locals to start objecting to ‘those damn expats and their new fangled medicines’ and start to resist all things from the UK, and come on here saying they yearend for days gone by when all you had to do to cure the plague was to rub your sister with a Silver Thatch leaf….

    Bring on the dancing hypocrits! I wonder if the vaccines need a work permit to work here, or if they have to ‘volunteer’… maybe they’ll get stuck in customs…..

    Get your head out of your racist a**e Cayman. We all live here, yes even us Canadians, and we can all contribute. Each bit of energy you put into being anti-foreigner drives your little raft in the Caribbean away from being a 21st century country to be taken seriously. All these stories and comments in the press are for the world to see, and how the majority of the world will judge your curntreh! Use your energy to promote, not discredit, Cayman.