MLAs’ salaries revealed

| 24/07/2009

(CNS): The leader of government business earns over $14,818 per month, or almost $177,800 per annum, while his opposition counterpart earns $10,541, or just under $126,500 per annum. The figures were released by the current LoGB, McKeeva Bush, who had promised to tell the people what Members of the Legislative Assembly earn. The Speaker earns almost as much as the LoGB at $171,672 per annum, which includes a car and maintenance allowance each month of $200. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, who has served as a Cabinet minister and MLA in the past, is the next highest earner with an annual salary of $161,100.

The other Cabinet members, who are in the post for the first time, are earning $13,099 per month, or $157,188 per annum, while all opposition backbench members and Captain Eugene Ebanks, who are all former serving MLAs, each take home $9,316 per month or $111,792 annually, Cline Gidden as a re-elected member and Deputy Speaker, receives $10,033 a month or $120,396 per year. Meanwhile, the two new government backbenchers each receive $9,090 per month or $109,080.

CNS has also submitted an FOI request for information on how much and for what purpose that members can claim expenses and allowances, an issue that has been at the centre of controversy in the UK parliament recently.

During the election campaign the issue of MLAs earnings was raised on the hustings a number of times, with several would be candidates agreeing to take a reduction in pay if they were elected. With cuts expected in all government departments in the next annual budget, no one has stated yet whether the current members of the House will agree to any kind of pay reduction.

According to the statistics provided by the Legislative Assembly, members’ salaries have increased at different rates, with salaries for new members increasing by 17% since June 2005 to around a 32% for the post of Leader of Government Business and 36% for the role of Leader of Opposition, after an incremented was added to that post during the PPM administration.

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  1. Quincy Brown says:

    Under Capitalism– even when there is an economic down turn, the rich will still get richer and the poor poorer.  That’s just how the system is designed.  Those that "have" continue to live comfortable lifestyles while those that "have not" – live from day to day, hand to mouth, pay check to pay check.  Now that we know how much our leaders/MLA’s are making, will they avoid and stay clear from unemployed "poor people" in this country —  as there will be constant "botheration" for a hand out $  from these untouchables?  Unless of course, one or two are on a mission from God to help those less fortunate and not interested in building up thier own empire of wealth here on earth.  May Almighty God Bless our Leader and the government of the day.  May He grant them wisdom as we live in uncertain times. With God on our side – we shall over come and find that "better way forward, for ALL the people".  


    Quincy Brown, Esq.



    • Anonymous says:

      Increments for politicians? Past MLAs are paid more than new ones, must be increments for their years of experience.  Civil Servants cant even get an increment, some working five or more  years at same starting pay.  NOT Good leadership. Unfair- put all their pay back to the base..

  2. G says:

    I know McKeeva wanted to be more ‘transparent’ but this isn’t ‘transparent’ at all. This is leaning out a window and yelling into a crowd ‘look what I’ve got bitch! whatchu gonna do about it?’ This is no one party’s fault. All of them sat there and took the money so if anyone wants to hand out blame they should look no further than themselves.

    Now may I add that salary doesn’t even begin to cover money from deals and sources elsewhere. May I also add that while the Leader of government Business earns over 170, 000 KYD a year, the vice president of THE UNITED STATES earns a little over 200 000 USD per year. Of course he has his own share of deals and so forth, but for the job, that’s what he’s being paid and I can assure you he’s got a much bigger job than any ‘leader’ here.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In response to Ruth Scott:

    You know what would be really

    Never in my life have I seen someone ask for more handouts or giveme’s at one time. I have two children and they don’t even ask for as many things at Christmas time.

    There are 2 types of people in this world:

    1. those that get educated and work hard, hopefully saving some money here and there

    2. lazy, ignorant people that don’t do anything to help themselves and always asking for handouts

    Which do you fit into Ruth!!?

    My suggestion — figure out what you like to do, work hard to get the proper education & hopefully a person can make a decent living (like everything else in life — there is no garauntee though). Don’t stop the education either or you will find yourself redundant & have limited opportunities.

    There are plenty of opportunities here, stop blaming the expats, stop asking for handouts, start working hard and maybe tomorrow will be better than today. By the way — a high school diploma and an associate degree from UCCI probably won’t warrant the $100K / year salary though.

  4. If Only says:

    I agree with Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 07/25/2009 – 20:52.

    The other thing I can’t understand is why some of us think and would choose to cut the Civil servants pay, if the economy here is so bad?? That’s atleast 2,000 (I’m sure much higher) people taking a pay cut that will have to cut back on spending in the country, which I would think would make it worst for us all,  small businesses that supply to the middle and lower class, some may go out of business, causing a few chain reactions, higher prices and less revenue for government by way of duty and fees. Restaurants and entertainment will suffer even worse than they are now. It makes no sense to talk of stimulus and pay cuts, just leave its the way it is and make sure EVERY employees does what they need to do. Stop talking about how bad it is and DO the job of ensuring government gets the money that is owed to them out there, talking about how bad it is will only make it worse, if you dont believe me take a look at the other world economies that are now saying the recession is over. Is it really? we don’t know but it’s helping build consumer confidence. I just think its about the rich staying rich and the poor getting poorer, so the rich can have exscuses to say they "fixing" things and working hard to find solutions and bringing such and such onboard to help turn the country around while just helping their other rich partners, all while still spending "our" money. There are no problems to fix, just solutions to someone else’s solution, and this solotion will have to be fixed by someone else’s solution in teh future.

    I think its better to have thousands keep contributing to the economy vs. 15 and another handfull.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "Because it has country-sized problems – it is a country after all…" – No it isn’t, it’s a British territory not a country.  30,000 people makes a small town not a country.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The only way MLAs will work for the people is if we tie their pay to the average Caymanian’s wage and ban the under the table deals that can make them millionaires in one term. If the only way they get more money from being an MLA is by ensuring that the average Caymanians gets more money then finally the Caymanian people might get good government.

  7. Adviser4RB says:

    I Hope The people of this island realize also that in addition to their exuberant raises and salaries that this is not the only game in town. Their "supplementary" income from all the big deals that go down during and after their term add to this increased wealth for politicos. This has been going on from as far back as the Vestryman days of Cayman not written and ommitted in the History of these islands.

    The oldest profession is Prostitution and the second oldest is politics they fortunately for some share the same principals of  doing business. In the early stages of the PPM administration they set up their "Group" after complaining and exposing and causing investigations into  the UDP’s "men in the Middle". 

    Instead of making the positive Steps and changes away from this very corrupt  style of politics they chose to emulate them while using the deceptive words to the voters of openess good governance and transparency.

    Nothing was ever open but liquor and and beer at the various watering holes and boxes of turtle meat at the big cookups

    Good governance When the Governor tried this on some of their friends in high places  he was attacked and condemned to hell, whether he was right or wrong will be debated for a long time, at least he made an attempt to do something about this old corruption menace.

    Had one of these transparent meetings boy it was sure unclear or dark and murky in there and greed clouded everything.

    Their new political cry or slogan was now "We were Misled". and so were the voters Mr Kurt!

    Earlier i observed a pattern of the types of abuses which occur whenever corruption becomes prevelant in a government,one of those being misuse of the peoples trust in Government. This was rampant with quite a few ministers. My only hope the new UDP administration has learned from past mistakes and do not continue the old trend as we can no longer afford it in these islands. BIG Wheels and BIG Deals



  8. Anonymous says:

    Why are they talking about cutting civil servants salaries when they are making more in one month than it takes most civil servants to make in 6 months.  When they talk about salary cuts they need to start at the top.  Why should civil servants making only 2000-3000 a month take a pay cut when they can barely make ends meet as it is.  If civil servarnts are expected to cover all their living expenses on 2000-3000 per month why don’t the MLA’s etc each take a pay cut of 10% which would be a great help to the economy and on what they make they will barely miss it.  The Honourable Mckeeva Bush making 14,818 per month cutting his salary by 10% to $13,336 is still making at least 5 times more than most civil servants.  The amount saved per year by cutting his salary is 17,781.60 multiplied by the rest of the MLA’s cuts would be a huge saving on the budget.

  9. Caymanluvr says:

    Absolutely disgusting.  They should all be ashamed of themselves.  Again – Cayman stand up and get your voices HEARD.

  10. Anonymous says:

    on the campaign Mac talked about Ossie having new cars..seen Eilio in a brand new benz jeep and it’s been what 2 months?

  11. BamBam says:

    I want to be a MLA  too what a big scam they got going on bout ya it would be PPM to increase salaries since they did the least work and ran up the debt. This is disgraceful conduct on their part We the people should put together a civil action to seize them and their assets to be auction off.

  12. Anonymous says:

     I am told that Caymanians know who their representatives are and that it is impossible to keep any Caymanian (under any circumstance) from gaining access to their MLAs.  So, quit complaining, get off your fat ass, get down to the Glass House and tell your MLA what it is they need to do.


  13. Anonymous says:

    No wonder the UDP could make a campaign promise about a pay cut because they knew it would not affect them didly; they would increase their salaries first! They sure did fool you all with that one.

  14. Ruth Scott says:

    You know what would be reallygreat right now is that all these elected officials agree to a 20% salary cut for the next four years, and fix it till then too.  That would really be a nice move.  They could even put all that extra money in a fund to help those Caymanians who voted them in that have lost their jobs etc. by being laid off our by the new trend "position made redundant" and assist those persons who need that little extra help along the way till they find another job.

    Also, what would be even better if the Government would reduce the cost of living in this country by say 20% so these same people could survive and not fall below the poverty belt.

    For too many years Caymanians have struggled to survive, our previous administrations of the past allowed the big business to come into our country and rape us such as: Telcoms, Electrical, Water, Insurances, Banks with their interest rates and ridiculous hidden fees; and not to mention our own Govt. with the astronomical import duty rates.  It is time to stop feeding the bottom lines of these businesses with guaranteed high profits.  The time is now, because when more fall below the poverty belt who do you think is going to have to help them out – yet you guessed it GOVT. and who is GOVT. – yep you guessed it again – THE PEOPLE OF THE COUNTRY!!

    This country needs to reduce the cost of several things for Caymanians:

    1. School fees
    2. Insurance Rates
    3. Business LIcense fees
    4. Company registration fees
    5. Import Duty Fees
    6. Land Transfer and Stamp Duty Fees
    7. Vehicle License fees
    8. Medical Cost
    9. Food

    …to name a few

    Why must Caymanians pay the same as everyone else in their country?  Absolute bullcrap!!  Caymanians need a break, we should have the best of everything in our country.  Time to give the people of this great nation a break and stop raping them from every corner.  Start taxing the money sitting on deposits in the banks in this country, start taxing everyone who is a non-caymanian who enjoy the benefits of this Haven.  A small tax less than anywhere else is better than none at all.  What is the purpose of all these tax treaties if we aint gonna share in the profits too.  We are going to share the information then put a fee on that information as well.  Tax every floor of those monster ugly condos on 7mile beach, every floor over 3 of 4 floors to be paid an annual tax per unit on each floor the Govt. there’s some more revenue generating.  Trust me those who will argue this are the ones who are just too cheap and want everything for nothing, and prefer to recommend that the Govt. tax the poor people instead. 

    Let me remind you that the poor people are the majority and they are the ones who put the Government in power, and when they realize that they are all being shafted then they will deal with you too.  The rich in this country that own excessive amounts of property and are non-Caymanian they should pay taxes.  All PR persons with the right or without the right should pay a nominal tax to this country every year for the previlage.  Come on we are still the best in the Caribbean and if we don’t want to become like our other Caribbean islands, we will have to do some taxing.  If you don’t want to call it a tax then call it ‘dues’. 

    I am tired of Govt. looking ways to tax the poor and give the rich a break.  The Last Govt. gave the rich a break with the reduction on stamp duty.  I say raise stamp duty for all beach front property for persons that are not Caymanian or status holders to 45%.  And every property they own on the beach must pay a ‘due’ annually for the previlege of being on our beach and taking away our view of the beach.  This can apply to Condos and private dwellings. 

    Finally to our Government stop being pig headed and stubborn about this.  Time is now to set your peopleup for happier times and a better way of life and stop indulging those who have made it and have 5+ figures in their many bank accounts and can pay their bills tomorrow.  Give the people of this country hope and prosperity because really and truly they deserve that now.


  15. Twyla M Vargas says:


    I have no grouse against the MLA,s and Leaders salary.  What I am wondering is if any of them realize that there are Caymanians living in their districts without a job and do not know where a next  mouthful is comming from?

    I waill always lay blame at the feet of our representatives who is getting paid a good paid salary and dont care a HOOT, that they should investigate what is going on in their respective districts.  Many residents are hurting and no one to turn to. 

    In the district of Bodden Town, I dont know who to report to I really dont see an MLA office opened as yet.   Anyway, I have always heard that it ain,t over until the fat lady sings.  Blessed.

  16. Richard Wadd says:

     It is ludicrous to compare our LGB to a ‘World Leader’. In the scheme-of-things, we are but a pimple on a fly’s butt.

    Furthermore, the GDP of these countries and thier Bugets are not even on the same scale as ours. Our Reprasentatives Salaries are a significantly measurable percentage of our annual Budget, while the same cannot be said for either the US or UK.

    One cannot compare Prunes with Watermelons.

  17. Egghead says:

     Whats new we always knew that Nero did not fiddle he was merely asleep or drunk at wheel while Cayman burned Here lies  proof Cayman at over CI$9-10,000 per month for 4 years comes to a tidy sum CI$480,000 20,000 shy of a half million dollars at CI$11-14,000 is CI$672,000 you have 365 days in 1 year multiply it by 4 equals 1460 days will give how much these guys make each day.

    You finish the math and figure in the amount of times they meet and waste time the previous govt had the Cayman record for the least times in the LA. If the thought of Cayman people being shafted does not come to mind It should.  On top of all this add putting us in serious debt and you start to get the picture that only difference between the government and the Mafia is size. Oh and Government and Porn promising everything delivering nothing.

  18. noname says:

    It is absolutely disgusting that these people are paid so much, and worse that their rate of salary increase has exceeded that of any other civil servant.

    Greed has taken over from good governence.  May God have mercy on this downward spiralling country for we will soon be ruled by gang warfare and corrupt politicians.

    We are another Jamaica in the making

  19. Caymanians for photo clarity says:

     As all the politicians and parties are on one side of the house it means this photo was taken before the business of the LA had started. It was taking during the swearing in process- the third party camera person in the background is a dead give away. Either the Speaker was speaking or being sworn in at the time it was taken. I agree Kurt does close his eyes sometimes to concentrate on what he is listening to..he has done that many times with me and then seem to pull my points out of the air with clarity afterwards. However McKeeva is as astute as Kurt and is known to not miss much either. 


    Now whether the members of the house dose off or are missing in action sometimes is a clear problem.   Others do take a nice little snooze from time to time.  However this is not an issue only to Cayman…most Parliaments worldwide have the same issues.   In Cayman you will find that many times when they are there they are actually working on private papers as well…I have seen Truman sign many a private letter while seated (multitasking). It shows the level of demand we put on these persons, many who have no experience or training in management.


    Part of the problem is that they make themselves the sole decision makers in the Ministry. We have to get to the point where we have the Ministers make the policy and have the Civil service execute the policy including any decision making needed at that level.


    See you in the balcony…



  20. "Islam is peace" --G.W. Bush says:

    Since Cayman has a population no bigger than a small town in America or Canada, why can’t this place be run by an appointed governor, an elected mayor, and a small elected city council? What’s the big deal here? Why the need for all these people and all this money being spent on pompus bufoons in suits running around acting like they are running some vast nation?

    I think we need a reality check.

    • Anonymous says:

      Because it has country-sized problems – it is a country after all…

      Democratic government [and its institutions] require a certain mass in order to work.

  21. Islander says:

    Amazing! Explains why some go into politics and fight to stay in it even though they know they are doing nothing. Mac at least spends here when he stays at the Ritz unlike his past side kick that needed the Mandarin and that caliber hotel on every trip he took. Thank god for the voting process. One lousy term and you’re out. PPM or UDP they all want what joe bloe doesn’t have. They don’t get it in then you don’t hear from them again. All about the dolla bill and votes. SeaEsta!

  22. Young.KY.female says:

    Sure, they have a fulltime job and don’t always get weekends off….but why does Julianna get to go to her home island of the Brac every single weekend and expect a car to arrive and pick her up from the airport when people are still living in disarray after the storm? – Necessary expenses of course, which I’m sure aren’t coming from her own salary…and yes she’s done a lot in the past and she has done a lot for the Brac, but can someone remind me of what she’s done lately to receive this ridiculous salary today?  And if she was as loyal as her trips home might reflect, why not contribute more in the cleanup after Paloma or at least push the issue relentlessly to those who are paying her the big bucks if she really has no authority. But if she doesn’t have that authority, why the humungo salary?? I won’t even get into the absurdity of the other salaries.  Yes these are important jobs, but Mac (who is obviously not alone) didn’t even go to college.  The huge salaries people are paid in other countries and private organizations are in part due to signify the money they put into their education, their experience and their current skill set and responsibilities.  Sure he has experience – 20 years with nothing to show except for being oh so generous in giving a few handouts in WB – which probably doesn’t come out of his salary either (and somehow people still think it’s only the past 2 months he must account for, and that this country in it’s current state because of the last 4 years – get a grip, people). 

    What good is transparancy if the light it sheds isn’t a positive one.  Make them fix this country and in 4 years reveal their salaries…right now they don’t deserve it.  So…they get an increase from 2005 as if they never left office and it’s a right of promotion? I guess because they feel that because the last administration ‘wasted’ so much money, they deserve a pay increase to put in extra hours to fix what has been done in the past.  Ease people’s minds by doing WORK not by releasing "confidential" information – now that we have this glorious transparancy, can you sleep any better at night??

    And as for the PPM vs UDP all over the news, papers and radio; it is embarassing!! Citizens/leaders of other countries read/listen to this stuff too (including those in countries which we are attempting to get whitelisted through) and it is childish.  Go ahead and support your parties, people of Cayman, but excusing them for their actions or supporting them just because you feel you must is careless and doesn’t benefit anyone (this goes for BOTH party supporters).  All in all we do not pay taxes and therefore they do not owe you anything when it comes to handouts and personal help during hard times (not that goverments which receive taxes do either) – today they need to fix the economic situation so we can thrive on our OWN. 

    • Anon says:

      Julianna is the last one for me to knock.  This lady has worked her tail off.  She has slaved in certain circumstances, helping the hurting and trying to allocate funding/help for those who need it.  Problem is, many of our brackers (yes I am one), beleive since the government was helping out after paloma, they should go a head and feed off of the already burdened government.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  Some people accept and don’t complain, while there are others who have their own means and don’t need the funds.  But there are greedy people out there as well who, for the sake of themselves would and should and will have it no other way than to have governmenatl support for everything.

      I don’t know about anyone else, but I did receive a little something and was happy and thankful for it-regardless of howmuch more others alledgedly received.   But I also find a fulfilling feeling in doing something ON MY OWN.  SHSSSS…grow up.

      ALL That for this..MOST MLA’s deserve their salary.

    • Roger Davies says:

      We already had a good idea of the MLA salaries as their ranges were in the public domain.What would be more illuminating for the voter would be for our leader to publish their attendance records at the LA over the last 5 years, startingwith his.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I am not against paying our MLA’s a good income but I don’t think that they should get a cheque for nothing and neither do I think that they should get pay increases for nothing. So I have a suggestion. 

    Lets have a referendum to bring in a law that our MLA’s will only get paid twice what the average Caymanian gets paid and maybe the Leader of Government and the Opposition Leader 2 and a half time what the average Caymanian makes. That way instead of the politicians giving themselves big pay increases whenever they want, they only get more when the rest of us get more. That way the politicians interests are alligned with the people’s interests. At the same time we should strengthen the rules against corruption because there seems to be a lot of it raising its ugly head these days.

  24. Anonymous says:

    "My experience of Kurt is that his eyes may be closed but he is not sleeping. He is actually a ‘quick study’. "

    I don’t know if you were being sarcastic but it IS my experience that Kurt often closes his eyes when he’s listening intently.  

    • Anonymous says:

      "I don’t know if you were being sarcastic…"

      No sarcasm. We agree.

      • Anonymous says:

        Richard Hew of CUC makes $240,000 per annum and has options to purchase shares. (This can be confirmed online CNS)

        Compare that to our politicians.

      • Anonymous says:

        Speakers salary.

        Wow: That is a lot of money. Miss Mary tried unsuccessfully for 40 something years to get into the House and get employment but it has all worked out well for her now, thanks to Mac. He who pays the piper…..?. Probably not-she is an independent sort of person.

  25. anonymous says:

    Donkeys…..most people in the Cayman Islands financial industry make a ton more than this!  And a lot of them doing nothing for it too…..politicians are highly paid all over the World….I would dare say that our politicians are UNDERpaid compared to their equals in the political world…..and far as i concerned they can keep their salary – ain’t no salary in the World could entice me to take on their jobs….harassed on a daily basis while at same time trying to make a difference (most of them, not all) for the same people harassing them! It is a thankless job, not worth themoney!!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding me?! These salaries are similar to what partners of law firms are paid… and they had to go to university!!!! McKeeva didn’t even graduate from High School!! I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry!

    • Anonymous says:

      "These salaries are similar to what partners of law firms are paid… and they had to go to university!!!!"

      Perhaps in a very small, relatively unsuccessful firm. As a former partner of a law firm, it is obvious to me that you have no idea.  Those salaries are akin to what mid-level associates are paid.

  27. Proud WBaya says:

    LMAO – This is all too funny!

    Why are ppl complaining? It’s not a suprise that the Politicians make this kind of salary. Come on now ppl.You all knew that they made this salary, yet you have a choice to vote. I am sure most of you complaining exercised this right and voted!

    So why on earth are the complainting about now??

    You know what the problem is with most of the complaintants: They have nothing else to do but complain and they dont look around and see those who are worst off than they are….you know what that is called? UNGREATFULNESS!

    I would really like to do a profile scan of these individuals. I am pretty sure that they are complaining about their low salaries because:

    1. They don’t learn to try and conserve (insist on trying to live "comfortably")….oh yeah, and the saying goes: "Well….it’s my money so I might as well spend it and be happy".

    2. They have debt up to their eyeballs….why? Because a) they dont practise paying bills on time, b) what they see is what they want and is what they are gonna get, c) goes back to (b), they don’t need for example: the credit cards, the gas bills, the I-O-U’s, the big car, the pretty jewelry, the fancy clothes, etc etc

    3. BUDGET, BUDGET, BUDGET – even if you have bills….what ever happened to that 6-letter word? Simple budgeting can go a far way…..and instead of complaining about salaries, they should go online and download a nice, easy-to-use budget template.

    But NO! Instead, the complaintants just want to sit flat of their a$$es and whine! Ever heard of AMBITION? It makes me so disgusted to see (Caymanians especially), degrade each other and discourage one another from the positives in life.

    For example: One illiterate would sit with the next and point out and fellow Caymanian and say something like: "Huh, I wonda how she/he making all da money dat they can afford X,Y,Z"…..simple comments as such, are just degrading and shows that they don’t have any faith that he/she of whom they are discussing, can very well be getting paid a fraction more than they are, but with careful financial Budgeting, they were able to afford X,Y & Z! Utterly disgusting.

    Well you know what, if the current politicians can do the job why cant you?

    STOP COMPLAINGING AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! If you can not do anything about it, then please be quiet!

    We got ourselves this far as Caymanians, so why keep bashing!? It’s not gonna change much other than creat an atmosphere of Negative feedback. Try to discuss helpful ways and make positive suggestions on the solution to the issues The Cayman Islands is facing.



  28. Biblical Gangsta says:

    To be fair to Miss Julie, I’m sure at least 20% of that goes directly to the church so you can cut 32k off that to begin with.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Honestly people… an Apartment at the Ritz is expensive to maintain… McKeeva needs all that money to pay for housekeeping and to keep his ever expanding waistline in check! You don’t honestly expect our MLA’s to live solely on the numerous business interests they have outside of their role as elected representatives do you?! Surely when you take into account the money that Big Mac takes home from Cambridge Realty then the CI$14k a month fromthe Government coffers is just a drop in the ocean… mind you it’s a drop in the ocean which allows him to buy Christmas turkeys for the Turkeys in West Bay who actually vote for him!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I agree with you poster 12:51….   " Why pay attention to whats going on and needs to be done, cause when THEY WAKE UP the mess will still be there"….   BTW, those chairs look comfortable!   I bet they got a massage buttom somewhere on that thing! 

  31. Anonymous says:

    The MLA’s deserve to be paid well. They have more than a full time job. Some of them don’t even get weekend days off for doing things in the community and people going to them with their problems.  But please explain to me why the Speaker gets almost the same salary as the Leader of Government Business plus a car and allowance. Can we get a job desription please.

    • Brit says:

      For the person who suggested comparing with the Prime Minsiter’s salary in the UK – a Prime Minister is not really a good comparator to Members of the LA, but the salary earned by regular British MP’s is.  They get paid GBP£64,766.  This equates to: CI$86,092.43.  Figures correct as of today.  This information is freely available on the UK Parliament web site.  The Prime Minister earns GBP£197,689/CI$262,784.89 but can in no way be compared to the Government Leader or any LA member, because his role and duties go way above and beyond what any LA leader or member has to do here, as indeed do British MP’s – who as you can see, get paid substantially less than ours do here in the Caymans.

  32. Anonymous says:

    How can we expect them to dish out the Christmas Hams, Turkeys and Turtle Meat if they are not highly paid.

    Lets not be hypocritic after eating all the goodies they dish out.

  33. Anonymous says:

    CNS, can we please have the photo magnified a little?   Cause I know Kurt and Mac is sleeping!

    CNS: Wendy has the original shot but she’s out covering "the challenge". This is the best I can do for right now. Check back later to see if we can magnify it a little more.

    • Anonymous says:

      My experience of Kurt is that his eyes may be closed but he is not sleeping. He is actually a ‘quick study’.

    • Anonymous says:

      Re the photo of our hard at work MLAs.  We see them sleeping sometimes.

      What would happen to you if you slept on your job? What about all those time when they are not there at all. They still get paid.

  34. Anonymous says:

    LOL….  Am I the only one that recognizes the lost, confused and sleeping people in this photo?  The House seems to be in complete disarray! 

    • Anonymous says:

      What do you expect from the most boring occupation in the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      Most of the Politicians are so badly hungover that they use the House Meetings to sleep it off. Now that they put their favourite watering hole out of business the hangovers may become less frequent and they will be able to stay awake.

      I miss that famous watering hole too. It was the only place I got a chance to see the politicians.

  35. Anonymous says:

    we cant get an increment with our low wages or salary increase but they with their big salaries can

  36. Caymanians against government bribes says:

    There is another side to these salaries that must be considered.

    1. If we find that our politicians are not well paid they undoubtedly will be more acceptable to bribes or conflict of interests in business deals.
    2. These politicians are the same ones we go to for a hand out to help on our telephone or electricity bills.

    While I appreciate that some politicians may be overpaid for what the actually contribute some are full time with their phones going from 6 am to midnight. Clearly how much is that worth?

    lets think about this a little deeper

    • Anonymous says:

      If we find that our politicians are not well paid they undoubtedly will be more acceptable to bribes or conflict of interests in business deals.
      2. These politicians are the same ones we go to for a hand out to help on our telephone or electricity bills

      Generally, GREED makes people more susceptible to bribes or conflicts of interests rather than dire need. Look at the situation with the former Turks & Caicos Minister and a certain well-known Cayman businessman.

      The role of politicians is not to give handouts to constituent to pay their bills. If lowering their salaries will help rid people of this mentality then it will have served another good purpose.

      • A Concerned Caymanian says:

        That well know "Cayman business man" is also involved with some of our politicians locally!  And was even making calls on behalf of that party during elections!  Does that not make a big statement within itself?  Is this what we really wanted for Cayman?

    • Anonymous says:
  37. Anonymous says:

    .. and we wonder why the country’s deficit is so high!  

    Our Government reps are living the life of luxury whilst others are struggling to pay the ever increasing CUC bills & fighting to put dinner on the table for their families. Our residents are losing their jobs, employees are forced to pay pension contributions when the Pension Funds are losing money, our roads need attention, schools need upgrading – the list is endless.   

    These massive salaries are an embaressment.  Someone please tell me what huge expenditures our MLAs must endure which are so different than the average Caymanian.  Kudos to Mac for releasing the information but an explanation as to why they are so high would be appreciated!

    • clearviewer says:

      As a friend of a politician I must tell you that I would not want that position for any thing. I do beleive that the job that they are called to do deserves it.

      These poor people are constantly harrased by some of  the people, can you pay my light bill,water bill, mortage, personal affairs, what I dont understand is why do they think  that because these are politicans that they have to do any of this, some of these same people we know for a fact didnt vote for the poor politicians so give them a break, AND isnt it the PPM that voted this outragious increase in. Call a spade a spade. Thats why Alden didnt want the mac attack to publish it.  Lets get real here at least most of them have to use it to assist their people in the districts, so a raise for them is an assitance to their people.

  38. AnExPat says:


    Be interesting to compare these salaries against the salary of say…the President of the USA, or the Prime Minister of the UK…..


    • Anonymous says:

      A link that shows the president of the US is paid $400,000 a year!

    • Anonymous says:

      The US President makes $400,000 taxable per annum, plus: $100,000 for travel, tax-exempt; $50,000 general expenses, and $19,000 entertainment for a total of $569,000.

      The UK Prime Minister makes £127,334 for being PM plus £60,277 as an MP for a total of  £187,611 plus various expenses.  This equates to $308,244 as of today’s exchange rate.

      Both have the benefit of their transportation, residences, official engagements, security etc. being paid for by their respective governments.  The average income, thus the standard of living and thus the cost of living is lower in both countries.

      It is not known what the expense arrangements are for Cayman’s politicians but I’m sure we are to find out.



  39. Anonymous says:



  40. Anonymous says:

    The UDP wishes to give an illusion of transparency where it serves its political purpose. In reality it is anything but transparent but seeks to subvert and manipulate. If this to be more than a mere show the LOGB and supporting cast should cut their salaries by at least 25%.  

  41. Anonymous says:

    Lets face it folks, no one enters Politics for the benefit of their Health. Its all about money and who can fool John Public the best. Why do so many hang on to the Politicains coat tails?

    The amount of candidates in the last election really attested to that fact.

  42. kmanknight says:

    Imagine they are being paid so much $ to destroy the country and then booted out after four years, long after they have made hundreds of thousands, then the process starts over and over again, for many years now this has been the trend, what a mess we’re in, before we could afford to lend, now we are so broke we don’t have any $ to spend, yes this is where we are now my friend, with this bit said I will end, because I know many UDP supporters gonna defend, big Mac and his slack.

  43. Anonymous says:

    These salaries are the tip of the proverbial financial iceberg (gives me the chills). If you want to get to the BIG NUMBERS, have a look at the pension benefits.

    Given a short term of service, and actuarial tables, their lifetime payments could have been the inspirationfor the popular television show, "So You Want To Be A Millionaire"!

    • Anonymous says:

      Re MLA pensions and salaries.  It would be a good idea to also release details of MLA pensions.  How long they have to work (oops did I say work?) to qualify, how much is their pension. Compare with qualifying length of service and pension amount for civil service. Then compare the duties respopnsibilites and accountabilities of civil servants with the MLAs including the full benefit package and use that as a yardstick to pay civil servants. Fair is Fair. Civil servants must be feeling cheated.

      • Anonymous says:

        Re MLA Pensions and…….

        After looking into those, look at what our dearly beloved judiciary have managed to salt away for themselves in benefit provisions over the years, simply because of the CJ’s insistence they are different from other civil servants. How would we all like to retire on 80% of our final salary?

        Just watch. If there is a 5% cut in civil servants salaries, the judges will quote every common law/ blahdiblah in the world to say it can’t apply to them. It has happened before.

        Oh dear me! Am I "scandalising the courts"? Pitiful folks isnt it?

  44. Anonymous says:

    An for what? CUT these salaries immediately and go to performance pay Service to country  OH YEEAAAH somebody will get hurt suggesting that one!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Well I take my hat off to the LoGB for publising the MLA salaries. Thank you Mr Bush!

    Now you should call on each one of your colleagues to give up a good part of this huge budget item which our country can ill afford at this time! Many poor Caymanians in the civil service (who are already earning small salaries) are stressed out because of the rumours that salaries and jobs will be cut. Fat checks like these being paid to MLAs, many of whom sit around doing nothing, are the ones that need trimming!

  46. Token Ign'ant Caymanian says:

    All while a Government deficit looms, homes are being foreclosed upon and hundred of Caymanians are out of work. Hmmmm.

  47. Anonymous says:

    It should be noted that this information was released by the UDP.

    The PPM promised transparency, but the UDP delivers.