AEDs donated to police

| 07/09/2009

(CNS): The RCIPS is now better equipped to save lives thanks to a donation of four potentially life-saving Automated External Defibrillators by the Caledonian Group. According to Cayman Heart Fund, Bodden Town Police station (which covers the three Eastern districts of Bodden Town, North Side and East End), West Bay Police Station, the Traffic division and Uniform Support Group will each now have an AED machine, which has the ability to restart the heart should an individual suffer a cardiac arrest. According to the RCIPS, all police officers are first aid trained and that includes training with AEDs.

However, once they have the new machines, they will do some additional training with the Heart Fund on the new machines for those officers who are based where the machines are, a police spokesperson said.

Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis said the RCIPS was extremely grateful to Caledonian for this vital donation to the service. “AED machines are an integral part of life-saving equipment that are becoming increasingly common in pubic places. As a first response emergency service, the RCIPS is often the first on the scene at an incident such as a traffic accident and therefore such a device may well be needed, should an officer have to undertake life-saving procedures. It is therefore vital that we are well stocked throughout the Service with AEDs,” he said.

The RCIPS has already equipped part of its marine response units with AED machines and officers are therefore well trained in AED usage, Ennis said, and having these four additional units will only strengthen its ability to protect the public. He added, “We are very much hoping to equip our Sister Islands police stations with similar devices, as well as the rest of our marine units, in the future.”

Bernard McGrath a Director Caledonian Group, explained why his company was delighted to donate the AEDs to the RCIPS: “Making AEDs available in public and private places where large number of people gather can greatly assist our community and individuals who are at risk for heart attacks. Public accessto these machines plays an integral role in providing lifesaving aid to people suffering sudden cardiac arrest. Caledonian is pleased to have partnered with the Cayman Heart Fund in an effort to help them achieve their goal of providing an AED machine in all public areas.”

Caledonian has actually purchased five AED machines of which four have been donated to the RCIPS, and one will be placed in their organisation where several of their employees will be trained to operate this invaluable piece of equipment.
Dr Sook Yin as the Chair of the Cayman Heart Fund’s AED campaign said, “We commend Caledonian for being good corporate citizens and making this donation and we are still appealing to the business community to continue this campaign and make the community in general a safer place by making a donation to this important cause.”

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  1. anon1 says:

    On behalf of all old people like me I would like to say THANK YOU MR WALKER. This is a true sign of good corporate citizens unselfishly donating to the good of all.

    David you are getting old like me too so the life you save may indeed be your own.

    Thanks again.