Murder in Next Level

| 10/09/2009

(CNS): Update Thursday 4:10pm — Police say that, despite the many rumours, they have received no credible information about a second shooting in West Bay following the fatal shooting incident early this morning at a nightclub on the West Bay Road which left one man is dead and another injured. In response to a photo of the deceased victim which has been widely circulated via email, a police spokesperson said, "The RCIPS is disgusted with the circulation of this picture. The people responsible have shown no regard or respect to the victim or his relatives and loved ones.

"Anyone who has forwarded this picture and contributed to its circulation should be ashamed of their actions."

Detectives are appealing for information about the incident which took place around 1.30am this morning (September 10). The 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a call from a member of the public reporting that a shooting had occurred inside Next Level. Police responded to the scene and found a man in his thirties inside the club who had received fatal gun shot wounds. Another man was then found at the rear of the club suffering from a gun shot wound to his abdomen.

The man is currently in hospital where his condition is said to be stable. Police said the communications centre had received a number of calls reporting the shooting. “One man has died and another is seriously injured. We need to find out who did this and we need those who were present to help us,” said Detective Chief Inspector Peter Kennett. “There were many people in the club last night and we need them to come forward and tell us what they saw.”

Detectives would like to hear from anyone who was inside the nightclub who has information about what took place. They would also like to hear from anyone who was in the vicinity of the club who may have seen the offender or offenders leaving the area. “Did you see someone leaving the area or a car driving away, perhaps at high speed?” asked Mr Kennett. “If you did, please come forward.”

Next Level is located in the heart of 7MB and as well as being a popular spot with a cross section of locals it is also frequented by tourists and visitors to the islands.

Anyone with information about the shooting can pass it on to police in a number of ways; people can speak with an officer they know and trust, they can reach George Town detectives on 949-4222, they can leave information on an anonymous voicemail service by calling 949-7777 or they can call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.

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  1. Blunt Billy says:

    So…where are all of the ‘Blame the Expats’ blowhards now?

    Hmmm??  Hmmm??



    • Anonymous says:

      Oh that’s nice – our country is reeling from this senseless violence and the death of another young Caymanian and you bring it to the locals v. expat level?

      If you’re an expat – you’re one of those that we need to send back home.

      If you’re Caymanian, then I have to say "Wha’ do you?"

      How about expressing the shock, horror and dismay many of us feel over this incident, or sending your condolences to the bereaved family – Carlo was someone’s beloved son and also a father.

      Or how about conveying disgust at the actions of those heartless and immoral individuals who callously showed no respect for the deceased or his family by taking and circulating photos of his body?

      Expressing any of those sentiments would show your humanity instead of your insensitivity to the feelings of this community.


  2. Internet Czar says:

    To the following poster: Submitted by someone that is really worried about our Island (not verified) on Fri, 09/11/2009 – 00:14.

    Who said:

    "I would really like to know the purpose for CNS, there e are some really good comments posted. However most of what is being said is just plain bull*** does anyone read their comments? Come on now, we are talking about people getting shot, KILLED who the hell cares about some of the opinions here? If you can’t say anything positive then please don’t write anything, not because it says to POST YOUR COMMENTS you have to. Trust me we will understand."

    Welcome to the wonderful world of the internet! I’m sure you miss paying 50 cents for your newspaper and devouring it at work along with your pattie from the gas station. I’m sure you especially miss dropping your hand-written-and-signed-letters-to-the-editor off at the newspaper office and waiting anxiously for days, sometimes weeks, for your opinion to be printed for the world to see in black and white! Thoses were the days!

    What is the purpose for CNS, you ask? Well my friend, it gives people like YOU the opportunity to have a voice. Isn’t that a great thing? It also then gives me the opportunity to read your post and point out just how flawed it is.

    You talk extensively about not being judgemental yet you open up your comments by calling most of what is posted to CNS "BullS***" and further question "who the hell cares about some of the opinions here?".

    See, this is the great thing about the internet; You can choose to go read Cayman Compost, or Cayman Not News – where you won’t have to read any comments at all!!! And if you wish, you can go through the rigor of commenting and be the one-and-only-undisputed-commenter for each story!

    You and others are now free to point out the flaws in my post – if you’re smart enough to understand that tounge-in-cheek is not just the method of picking pattie flakes out of your teeth with your tounge.

    Long live the Web!

    • Anon says:

      GOOD Post! Some people should really shut up if they have nothing constructive to say.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The police force here is capable of dealing with these "gun boys". However, if a police office handles a criminal in a rough way, then you hear of police brutality and they are charged in Court, we saw this recently with the incident at the gas station.

    The criminals know they have all the rights and the killing of our young men will not stop until police are given the power to do their job properly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello Joe Average,

    You are somewhat right in your comments. Only difference, it’s more than East L.A., it’s throughout L.A. example, say you live in the 20’s (rolling twenties) you can’t just stroll in the 30’s or 40’s (like 21st street). Then you have eastside, westside…..

    My personal opinion, the gangs will never be controlled here in the states. It used to be big cities that had gangs, now, they have spread to rural areas. There’s no safe place here anymore. Add drugs and guns to the mix, recipe for disaster.

    I’m in my forties now, but, I lived through this since I was in junior high school. Schools couldn’t play sports against each other without a gang fight. In high school, there were metal detectors – one way into the school, and one way out. Yes, this was in L.A., not East L.A., but, L.A.

    Prisons here, a bigger joke. Here, they have to separate people based on race and/or gang affiliation.

    I am shocked at what I’m hearing, I was there a few years ago and felt like I was in "heaven on earth."

    Sad thing is, if the ‘islands,’ don’t get control of this now, there will no be end. The gang members get younger and younger – there was a case in Chicago, a boy of 9 years old had a rap sheet longer than my arm – he was killed before turned 12 years old.


  5. someone that is really worried about our Island says:


    Iwould really like to know the purpose for CNS, there e are some really good comments posted. However most of what is being said is just plain bull*** does anyone read their comments? Come on now, we are talking about people getting shot, KILLED who the hell cares about some of the opinions here? If you can’t say anything positive then please don’t write anything, not because it says to POST YOUR COMMENTS you have to. Trust me we will understand.

    Saying that let me take a minute to say thank you for some of you that is actually thing. The young man/lady that posted the comments about young generations and that parent should talk to their children, I agree 100%. Please parents don’t entertain your child, if you see them acting funny talk to them, sometimes I know that when we get home from a long day of work the last thing you want to do is sit and chat.  But is very important to our kids, they feel that you are considering them as an adult, and allow them to open up to you, sorry if I am boring some of you reader but we all need to work together here. One start judging this young men and women that you see not behaving as they should, don’t look down on them, we are all humans, we all need someone at one point in time, what if that person that are judging was looking for help, needed someone to talk to, was hungry, etc..  


    Please let’s help our youngsters if you think because you don’t have a child, or your child is not like that and you could care less to what happens to our Nabors child. Lets thing again, because if you don’t have a child maybe your sister, brother, uncle, aunt, friend, co-worker (would you like me to go on) have kids? Are we going to look down on every person that get arrested and say well if they had done this or that if the bar/nightclub was all closed down or if the liquor store were never grated license NO, if mend to be it will still happen no matter what.

    Government!!!! Try to do something, while you are solving financial issues youngsters are killing out their selves.  Open a educational program for kids that need help, there are so many kids coming out of school and don’t have anything to do, they are just walking around in town hanging with friends, we are giving them too much free time to think and plan bad things, some of the parents cannot afford to send their child to UCCI and so they graduate from high school too young so no one wants to hire them and they have no experience. By the time they are 18 it is already too late.


    I would have to write a book so I will leave with this, may the good Lord have mercy on all of us, yes all of us!!!! We are all in this, anyone of us can be the next to get that knock on our doors like said on one of the comments.

  6. Blair Hankins says:

    I was just a recent visitor to the Grand Cayman and I visited your night club called The Next Level.

    When I got there, there was a guy they call Mr Bigs that politely asked me for my ID.  I gave it to him and he told me to come in.  When I went inside I paid for me and my friends and then was told to step to the side.  There was a female guard who looked like a police officer because of how well she was uniformed.

    She told me that I had to be searched as for club policy and even request to see my ID again.  She scanned me with a metal detecting device and then shined her flashlight between my breast to make sure nothing was stuffed there.  After that she asked me to open my hand bag and she put on gloves and searched my purse and then told me to go on through.

    They were more professional with me than the bouncers and security we have in our clubs up here in Boston.  Once I went inside the club I actually felt safe because the Security was everywhere I looked. 

    I keep in touch with friends over there in your island and I they told me on facebook today about this crime. After reading up on your online newspapers and reading the messages on here it does not seem that Security was the issue.  It seems that over there in your island, you have started to mimick us here in America. 

    I saw alot of guys while in Cayman that dressed no different than the thugs and gansters we have here in America.  Shutting down clubs does not answer the problem.  Increasing Security does not answer the problem.  If you shut down the clubs all you do is make the bad people change venues. Maybe the next thing you have is a drive by shooting on a sidewalk.  Or maybe a private house party someone comes in and gun down the place.

    Your country is about the population of my neighborhood that I live in.  It is not a large place so I am very sure alot of people know things they are not telling your police.  That needs to change.  If you are going to tackle your crime issue you need to first start with people cooperative with your police.

    People who have bad intentions to go out at night and kill people are not the type of people you need in such a beautiful island.  I plan to come back again in Christmas and I will go to Next Level again because I felt safe there and I am not going to make ONE unfortunate incident ruin my fun while I am on vacation.

    I am sorry for the family of the person that got killed but do not blame the Police or the Club or the Security or even your loved one but blame the person that did it who had no heart.  From what I am reading it would look like this killing was planned and would have happened anywhere.  You are in my prayers.

    Blair Hankins

    Boston, Mass



  7. Anonymous says:

     In any normal situation police would find it far more useful for their investigation were people more willing to circulate a picture of a person alive much rather than deceased (RIP). 


  8. Anonymous says:

    Brother Ivan, I understand where you are coming from but would you seriously trust half our police force with a gun??  Most of them get too aggressive over a traffic ticket much less anything else.

    What we need is stricter laws, this killer should be put in jail for life and if it is true that security let him in then they are an accessory to murder and should pay a similar punishment.  The only we are going to stop crime here is if we actually start catching people and throwing the book at them.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes, close those "evil" and "sinfull" nighclubs. And then what? Young people complain that they have little to do as it is already. Giving them less will cause more problems. The "devil makes work for idle hands."

    Just because some of you do not like the night club life, or enjoy going out as much, does not mean you should suggest that the clubs close at 12. These are mostly adults (18 years +). They can make their own decisions as responsible adults,. If they have work, and can handle a late night out, then let them go! I myself am quite capable of reaching home at 3am and waking up for work, while working hard throughout the day. I am young and fit, and do not need a walking stick like half of you probabluy do who bitch about this.

    It starts in the home my fellow residents, Children require discipline and must be trained in the right way. They must be taugh about the dangers of guns, violent behavior, drugs etc. So to start with the youth, we need to instill in them more sound knowledge of these things, If the parents do not do this, someone else must. Start in the schools. Create a mandatory life skills course which all students in all schools must complete. They must learn about the guns and drugs etc.

    Secondly, step up the police presence. They work so hard at giving tickets for people going 10mph over the limit (and I am not in agreement with speeding), but seem to never be in the right place at the right time when a life is in jeapardy. 

    It also has a lot to do with this "gangsta" mentality. I am a young person, and I can say with certainity that many young women lust after the overly aggressive, trouble-making men. Why? I don’t know. And many young men aspire to earn respect through fear and physcial violence. This must stop.

    It AMAZES me that after living in Miami for over 2 years now,, I have never seen any type of physical violence apart from a few fights. While I was home over summer (back in Cayman), I counted more fights in those 3 months I was home, than I have counted in the entire 2+ years in Miami! The people up here behave much more maturely. I am not saying Miami is perfect. We no this is not the case as people are being murdered all the time, along with armed robberies etc….but this is a society of millions of people., Not a tiny island.

    I believe in prayer, but for those of you who feel that all we need to dfo is sit back and pray, I have a shock for you. God helps those who HELP THEMSELVES. So sit down and hold that Bible up, and see just how many murders you will prevent over the next few years.

    STEP UP people of Cayman! This is a team effort…a community effort. Get real, come out of your holes, and suggest things which will help this paradise interupted.


  10. Anonymous says:

     In the chase for the almighty $$$, everyone’s forgotten their kids.  And there’s a whole new batch coming up, one fathered by many of the thugs who are now running the show.  How many of those do you think will grow up to be educated, responsible citizens, when pop’s in jail, mom’s nurturing another thug’s child, and the kid is raised by the street?  Fear not, government will continue to throw endlessmoney at the problem with little to show for in return.

  11. Brother Ivan says:

    Hello Cayman, when Casinos are here you will see more murders and crimes in your paradise. Be wise in your decisions now. Couple of more $$$$$$$$s is going to destroy this beautiful place. Say NO NO to casinos.

  12. Bracca says:

    What is Grand Killman opps i mean Cayman coming to?

  13. Dennis Smith says:

    I visited the club with a group of players during the Beach Volley Ball competition. I had been curious about “The Next Level” for a while. Heard stories about troubles there and some of my children seem to like it. I was very impressed by the security. They check me very carefully, and again after I popped out to make a phone call. Decided that it was not my style but felt a little better about my kids going there.

    When I was growing up in Canada my father had a problem with someone frequently stealing gas from an elevated 500-gallon storage tank. I helped him built a lockbox to secure the nozzle. The next morning we discovered that the perpetrator had struck again. He had just cut the hose cut, taken the gas he wanted and then dropped the hose on the ground. 500 gallons of fuel lost, just to fill a gas tank! I asked my father: Why? He replied: Son, you can deter a thief, but if someone is determined to steal you can’t stop him. Fortunately we never had enemies with guns.

  14. Concerned about a defenseless police force says:

    Cayman cannot survive with the soft hand that once governed a genteel people. Real-world crime is thriving. A fierce and fearless police force is needed (key word: "force"). Yes, give them guns. It’s time to grow up and fight crime like the big boys.

  15. Anonymous says:

    some of u people are so dumb… the natural reaction is to  shut the place down and based on precedent that may well happen.. but its not the weapons we "find" that kill, its the people who find them.  This is just natural, it happens, it sucks, but get over it.  This is not the paradise we all claim it to be or have been.  That’s  gone, get over it and accept that we’ve opened the door to far more than we’re willing to accept.  It’s not that one guy’s fault, or his parents, its all of our faults. So man up and accept that we’ve entered the realm that progress leads us to and there’s no turning back.

    Quit playing the blame game, we’re all in on this. People just dying to cast a finger, get a life and deal with what you started.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Lets nor forget about the three young men gunned down in their yard! The clubs are not the problem, the people are the problem. I would agree that a lack of security is a major problem in the clubs, I use to work at the club and know first hand that woman are not properly searched – nor are men that have friends as guards. Parents need to talk to their children from and early age and instill some values – some respect for life! It all starts at home, know what yor kids watch on TV, where they go and who they are with – show them the right way   STOP BLAMING OTHER PEOPLE & TAKE RESPONSIBILITY

  17. Anonymous says:

    Christians of Cayman – kindly shut the h*ll up!!

    You people NEVER challenge, mention or question the biggest money maker here in Cayman. The very industry that contributes the most to the paved roads, wonderful infrastructure, stable economy and high standard of living that we ALL enjoy!

    Yes – our Financial Industry!!

    You people were up in arms about Pirate’s Week, homosexuals, the proposed lottery etc. and now the "sinful nightclubs" – yet over half of our naitonal revenue is achieved by the High Level GLOBAL PIRACY by way of the funds that flow in and out of this country!!

    Oh – I guess we are too thick to understand the ramifications that the predatory, heinous, abusive and down-right disgraceful acts upon mankind that SO MANY of the world’s biggest corporations commit every single day – correct?!

    Cayman benefits from the labour of little "Chin How" in the Indonesian sweatshop sewing together pairs of GAP "Carpenter" jeans…yet no one is bothered in the slightest.

    Absolutely amazing – one of the biggest financial centers in the world has such a large social conscience…RIDICULOUS!!

    Honestly – my country makes me laugh at times! Too many short-sighted, over-righteous hypocrites for my liking.

    (Condolences to the family.)

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      I cannot believe most of what I am reading…..quotes, popular club, quiet club, police response, metal detectors…….it all is not worth a mountain of empty conch shells.      Someone walked into a club and shot someone.     Hey folks     crime, guns, knives, lack of respect for human life     where is the Cayman I remember and love. The World media has us under a microscope……every media report of crime in Cayman puts more water in the sinking boat.   Wake up……..

      Lachlan MacTavish

  18. Anonymous says:

    Many of you are throwing the blame on authority etc. but we have to realise that this is much deeper than just abiding by law – these are young boys who probably never had any parental guidance, love and nurturing – statistic shows that most violent crimes are done by individuals who, if you peel back all the layers of years of their life, you will find someone who is just hurt, lost and wants to be loved – I agree the prison is the best place for criminals but we should ensure that these individuals get proper counselling and guidance – we lock them up, of course criminals feed off of other criminals in that environment and we make a monster out of them, they do their time, back in society and it starts all over.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am begging the new Government to take a good look at Northward Prision. Life up there is better than on the streets for most; stop making the prision a place of comfort, get prisioners up at 5:00am and get them out to work, instead of allowing them be lazy all day, with three big meals. Get them back to the prision early evening, give them dinner and send them to bed. The cell phones calling from the prision to the radio stations in the night sending out requests to their baby mamas and friends, is unbelievable and must stop!!!!

    When you commit a crime you should be punished to the extent that you would never want to be in prision again. If you have any Jamaican friends, ask them about what they hear about life in their prisions, they are prisions, not a hotel!!

    • Anonymous says:

      MAKE PRISON AN INCONVENIENCE! Right now it is better than what most have, so why should they care if they end up there.

  20. Joe Average says:

    There’s another problem we need to think about and discuss. And it’s at the basis of this.  I’ve noticed a tendency for many young men on the island to emmulate gangstas.  Most of the time,  it’s quite harmless, part of assserting your individuality, although many look like clones. I’m talking about wearing baggy sweats, jeans with waists too big, sneakers with laces carefully untied, gold chains and a menacing look.  Others like to drive around with blacked-out windows, slouched down in the seat. Don’t know how they do this because they can’t see over the dash.  With exhausts the size of coffee cans. The music is….well…if I wanted to hear your crappy music I’d sit in YOUR car. I have no problem with this we used to be rebels without a cause. Or a clue.  Sometimes it’s quite comical.

    But guns don’t kill people.  Idiots do.

    Why gangstas?  Why are they following the lead of born losers?  Is it advertizing?  Movies?  TV?  Magazines?  It isn’t just Cayman throughout the Caribbean you see the same thing.  Guys trying to look like they’re from East L.A. instead of from the Caribbean.  Go to East L.A. thug see how long you’ll last.  Violence, or impending violence, hell even just a practiced threatening look has become a standard by which young men here begin to judge each other. Make no mistake there is constant judgment. Added to peer pressure. And all of the above which glorifys the tough guy shctick.  But first to fight this we need to understand it.  And make no mistake this is a fight.  Either we win or they do. We’re still the majority. And we can’t pussyfoot around with these characters who chose to display their machismo by pulling out a gun or throw bibles at them.  This island needs one love and tough love.  Here’s the get caught with a gun….twenty years.  No parole.  Hard labor if we can swing it.  Because you just swung the wrong way by acting out your fantasy.  In our face.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like many other places in the world faced with a disenfranchised youth, our nightclubs may want to adopt some minimum dress code standard which opposes the gangsta personae.   

      It is not a violation of civil rights to refuse entry to patrons arriving in gangsta attire:  doo wrap?  football jersey?  White gangsta belt and matching white louvred sunglasses after 7pm?  Are you Kanye?  Did your album just drop? 

      "Stand aside, Sir". 

      No bodysearch necessary. 

  21. Shawn Marie Hendriks says:

    Oh and to add to my post,

    Just install walk through metal detectors like the airport DUH!!!  Prevention is better and wiser than cure, but sadly many people don’t want to take prevention measures cause it cost money.  Nightclubs makes ton loads of money off of liquor sales, they can afford it easily!!!

    • Oh yeah that makes sense says:

      Hmmmm … nope it wont work

      everyone will beep and get hand searched

      • Shawn Marie Hendriks says:


        Hmmmm … nope it wont work

        everyone will beep and get hand searched"


        If it works at airports and not much people get hand searched once they clear their pockets and put the stuff on a tray or put their handbags on a tray just like the airports, then why wouldn’t it work in a nightclub? The ones who might hold up the line might be the women who carry a bag full of stuff that has to be looked through and that takes time, so maybe women should limit what amount of stuff they carry in a bag so as to not hold up too much time to have it searched through?

        Would you prefer to have people in the night clubs with weapons and injure and murder one another rather than take a little extra time to wait in line?  What is the priority, to take longer to get in due to searching, or to allow weapons in because it takes away too much valuable time for the precious drinkers to party and get more drunk?  God forbid take away some of that precious time they could be getting more drunk!!  As If!!  Oh, what a Gross injustice to the drinkers!!  Whew!!  How could we even think of taking away any of their precious get drunk drinking time!!!  As If!!  Who cares about a precious life being brutally murdered, let’s just Drink and Dance the night away!!!

        And furthermore soon it will be like Jamaica where they will have to take away the beer bottles and only allow plastic cups to be served, cause the beer bottles are also quite a dangerous weapon!



        • Oh yeah that makes sense says:

          My apologies … my point was simply to say they are ALREADY hand searching and wanding so the airport style detectors wont change anything, unless it goes all they way to putting your bags and shoes through x-ray scanners . . . i dont think any nightclub can affor the cost of that equiment and extra trained staff.

  22. Anonymous says:

    They don’t need to put their hands between the ladies’ legs but a swipe with the metal detector wand really wouldn’t harm….

  23. Shawn Marie Hendriks says:

    For all of you who love these Soddom and Gomorrah Devil Dens called Nightclubs, you are lucky that we the Christians in this island are divided and not united, for if we the Christians in this island were united, by united prayer in the spiritual realm we could shut every bar and nightclub down in this island!  (Government refers to this island as a "Christian Nation" remember?)  So be thankful that we the Christians are totally divided and in disharmony and no unity!  As to the Christians, i hope you hear and learn from what i your fellow-Christian just said!  The World dies while we remain in selfishness, disharmony and division.  Jesus final prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane in the night right before he was arrested, beaten and crucified was for us to be in Unity and live as One with one another the way He and God the Father are One (John 17).   In the Book of Acts Chapter 2 and 4 says that we are to share our finances, assets, posessions and belongings with one another, that would be the first step of unity,

    and Romans 8:19-22 says,

    "The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons and daughters of God to be revealed.  For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay, and brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God.  We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time."

    Christians, you might as well unite from now, because in God’s eyes you don’t have another way.  The only way to Him is through Unity with one another.  Put your differences, egos and selfish ambitions away, and for the love of God, UNITE!! If you love God!! The dark and dying lost world needs us!!! 

    Jesus says, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.  Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field."  (John 4:37-38).

    Condolonces to the family of the deceased one, and to the family of the injured one, and to the family of those who did or had a part of committing this horrific act of crime, because those families are just as much in despair and grief, never forget that.  As Bob Marely says, "In every man chest there beat a heart."  God Bless.  May all who have not found the Light of the Lord Jesus Christ yet, find it now, in Jesus Name i pray this, Amen.

    PS:  another note to the Christians, Jesus is returning for a united Bride, and trust you me, we will unite when the tribulation gets bad and we are suffering just like after Ivan, that is what will make the Christians share with one another which is the only way to have true Unity.  Like Bob Marley says, "Well it seems like total destruction is the only solution!"  For the wise Christians, unite from now, don’t wait!!  You will have a much more happy fullfilled life and be pleasing to the God of the Bible who you claim you love.

    Call me crazy, call me stupid, call me whatever you want, see i have signed my name to this post, i challenge anyone on anything i have said in this post. 

    "Let God be true and every man a liar!"  Romans 3:4


    • ANOM says:

      Cookoo cookoo 


      People have been preaching the end of days ever since the bible was written by a bunch of monks back in AD 300. Every time a village / City / Country / Region goes through a dark period the Christian nutters come out and say – the lord is coming, this is your last chance to save yourselves! I guess nobody mentioned this to God or he is extremely bad at time keeping?


      Maybe you are right this time Shawn, but every single time in the past, every single proclaimer has been proven wrong, are you sure you shouldn’t start singing a different tune? The Mayan’s reckon the end of the world will be 2012, why not try that one on for size (hasn’t been proven wrong yet…..)

      • Shawn Marie Hendriks says:

        Dear "Cookoo cookoo",

        you said it yourself:  "Maybe you are right this time Shawn". 

        See, the Bible says that the Generation who sees the end time signs mentioned in the Bible, is the Generation that would see the coming of the Lord, that this is the Generation that would not pass away before his coming.  There are many signs that the Bible mentions to look for, not all have been fullfilled and many are in the process of being fullfilled now.  It was a mystery to all the Christians for the past 2000 years, but for we the Generation who are seeing the end time signs come to pass, it is not a mystery for us.    In the Book of Daniel, it mentions the 70 weeks, interpreted as 70 years, from 1948 (the rebuilding of Israel as a Nation) til 2018.  So it would stand to reason that 2018 would be the return of the Lord Jesus Christ, in the sky i might add.  There will be a loud trumpet and flashing of ligtning that every inhabitant of the earth will hear and see when Jesus comes in the sky on his white horse i might add.  The Bible says we wouldn’t know the day or hour, but it doesn’t say we wouldn’t know the year.  It does say that God will cut the days short for the sake of His People, so whether that would make it be 2017 instead of 2018 could be.

        The end time 7 year Tribulation is about to come upon the Earth.  And the Temple of Jerusalem will be rebuilt, because in the last 3 1/2 years the Anti Christ will defile the Temple and take it over and sit upon the Throne in the Temple.  So, you will see soon that the Temple will start to be re-built.  Maybe by next year 2010, or by 2011.  Israel is already making the preparations for it.

        I did think at one time that the Mayan calendar could have been right of the year of 2012.  But when you look at everything in the Bible, some as mentioned above, then you can see 2012 is not possible for the End Day.  Probably they were spiritual enough to know that the Great Tribulation coming upon the Earth would begin then, and maybe that is why they consider it the End.  Cause the Great Tribulation of 7 years is the End. 

        Hope that helps.  God Bless.

        • frank rizzo says:

          Clear as day.  I’m going out and short some 2018 Rapture futures! Thanks for the tip.

        • Any says:

          Ummm….. WHAT?!?! Someone translate please!

          Me no comprende, lmfao!

    • Living Example says:

      quote Bob Marley after all of that? 

      May we Christians live as an example and be the image of God for those who need to see.  By living with the goal of a closer relationship with Christ we then minister to those in the clubs/ bars/ offices/ schools/ roads etc… Live for God first, then live so others may do the same…

      (and please, lets not get off topic debating if Bob Marley is ok – tis a whole nother subject for another place/ time)

      God bless

      • Shawn Marie Hendriks says:

        To :"Quote Bob Marley after all of that"

        "(and please, lets not get off topic debating if Bob Marley is ok – tis a whole nother subject for another place/ time)"


        If you are driving me in a car and slam the brakes and say look down that side road, then obviously i’m going to respond to you regarding the side road, right?  In this case Bob Marley being the side road.

        What is wrong with quoting Bob Marley in saying, "in every man chest their beat a heart", and "well it seems like total destruction the only solution."  They are both completely biblically correct, as Bob is famous for singing from the Bible, and Bob Marley is from the Caribbean and we are the Caribbean, so what is the problem with quoting Bob Marley may i ask??? 

        And still it seems you cannot grasp that the Christians will never be able to set any type of example of God’s image to the unbelievers if they are selfish and will not share with one another.  How can selfishness and meaness reflect the image of God???  Book of Acts Chapter 2 and 4 says to share!  Maybe you don’t like the truth of what God says, i didn’t make this stuff up.  I read it in God’s Bible.  Don’t shoot the messenger, i’m only carrying the message, i didn’t make the message.  God did.



    • Anonymous says:

      This is an amazing statement:  "For all of you who love these Soddom and Gomorrah Devil Dens called Nightclubs, you are lucky that we the Christians in this island are divided and not united, for if we the Christians in this island were united, by united prayer in the spiritual realm we could shut every bar and nightclub down in this island!"

      So let me get this straight.  You’re saying some Christians don’t believe a bar is a "Devil Den" but you are a Christian who does.  Why don’t you "unify" with the Christians who don’t think that bars are inherently evil?  Are the other Christians wrong?  If so, how exactly are you contributing to unity?  You’re simply expressing your view and asking others to side with you.

      The bars aren’t evil.  Jesus drank wine too.  The nightclubs aren’t really my cup of tea at all, but most of the people that go there to have a few drinks, socialize, and dance, are certainly not Satanists. 

      I appreciate your bravery and your post, but banning drinking is not the solution.  Shutting down nightclubs, bars, and other places to have fun will accomplish making Cayman the LEAST frequently visited tourist destination in the Carribbean and will create an underground market for alcohol like you saw during Prohibition years in the US.

      If your Pastor tells you drinking is bad, and you believe it, good for you.  You’re free to believe what you wish.  Just don’t impose it on others in the name of "unity". 

      Condolences to the family.  I don’t believe this happened because the man decided to visit a "Devils Den" as you imply.

  24. The Truth says:


    The Security at that place is tighter than anywhere else that I go on this rock we call Cayman.  When I was coming in last night I even go checked for my ID and I look way older than 30 (I am 25) Once inside the guards patted me down and searched me very intensely. They also wanded with a metal detector the girl next to me and went through her hand bag searching through it. 

    Rumor has it of course that a girl brough it in with the gun hidden up there between the legs.  I am no expert but show me one club or party that you see Security grabbing a girl between the leg to check for weapons.  So we cannot blame Security and we sure as hell cannot blame the police.

    Who we need to blame is the families that dont speak to their kids.  The ones that let their kids roam out late at night.  Do whatever they want and dont explain that there are consequences to their actions. 

    We need to take back Cayman.  This is just one of many incidents that has claimed a life this year.  This could have happened anywhere.  This was not a random shooting.  THIS WAS AN ASSASSINATION.

    Please lets not see our island go to waste. 

  25. Dave Lewis says:

    Sean….check this link out , you see no mention of Cayman, maybe because Cayman not a country!

  26. Anonymous says:

    The Lord Helps Those Who Help Themselves. So here’s something that you CAN’T blame on the expats.  For all you bible thumpers thinking the nation can "pray" away this crime spree, have you forgotten that God helps those who help themselves??? GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER CAYMAN…WAKE UP!!!

    • Living Example says:

      Bible says that?  Is God needed if we could help ourselves???  When you know what praying is and encompasses, then come back and comment… but I will agree that prayer without action proves to be futile.  Cayman needs to wake up and everyone (whether Christian or not) needs to demand a better Cayman but to go about it voilently, well… only throws gas in a fire.

  27. Anonymous says:

    we are not safe, police are asking for help but who is going to protect us after we tell them what we saw?  all their going to say is not enough evidence, cayman police are f***ing worthless people and dont know how to do their jobs, i’m a very young girl and i love to go to the club but i’m wondering if its safe i have an older brother and i wont like to see him that way.! But if it was up to me to call the police if i was in a crisis they’ll be the last i’ll call i’ll deal with matters on  my own. you people are ridicolous and saying help the police?? help the police to do what? they wont do s**t tell me how many murder cases have they solved???? the murder case for Brian Rankine, may he RIP they gave one of the guys life and the other 3 years? now how the heck would they know who did what? just because they jamaican informed first and made it seem like he was innocent and just watching they give him 3years its f***in stupid and a waste of time our island is not safe, and for the comment before i dont blame you for moving out and going to somewhere else, and the other for saying dont let they door hit you on your way out! Staying in cayman with all these crimes and murders is just like your sitting down patiently waiting to know whose next?!  Stopping the clubs wont stop anything idiots, we have bars, restaurants where ‘thugs’ can go and buy alcohol and drink and wait for their other victims you people need to use your heads!!!

  28. MDU says:

    Any truth to the rumor that someone was killed in West Bay earlier today as a retaliation for last nights murder? CNS..Any update on that?

  29. Vengeance is mine says:

    Since the death penalty has no proven deterrent effect, reduces conviction rates in jury trials and costs a fortune to enforce and to deal with appeals (much more than a lifetime in custody), why is anyone advocating the death penalty other than out of complete ignorance?

  30. noname says:

    2 deadly shootouts in a 12 hour period?!

    Hmmm….I wonder if this could be the fallout from a recent massive drug bust the other night.

    600 lbs of weed means a lot to many people in Cayman today.

    Ying and the Yang perhaps?

  31. Anonymous says:

    Where to start?

    First of all this whole idea that the movie "Shottas" is the cause for all the corruption taking place in our Islands is the most ridiculous story I have ever heard!! We as a Island have had problems long before "Shottas" ever came about furthermore if you haven’t noticed "humans" live on our island not robots…

    We are subject to the same problems as any other society in the world we have to eat to survive and to the man with kids and no job,please enlighten me as to where must he turn?? The Government?? They are barely making ends meet to pay the civil servants as we speak….. Of course it turns to drugs to pay bills and feed their families NO JOBS=HUSTLERS this is common sense…..

    So before you all sit back and throw the book at these young men for trying to survive in this world put yourself in their postion its either they steal, or sell drugs and just look how much our crime rate has gone up since this "Awesome " recession….. The employers want experience but how can they acheive experience with no job to gain it???

    We are just like any other country in the world in a Financial crisis, The dealers get high off their own supply and well just watch the domino effect as this situation spirals out of control…..

    Give our youth the proper training and work experience they need and watch how quick our little island is restored but condemn them and watch where that takes us all….

    These are the last days and trust me when I say the only way out is to confess our sins and try to establish a better tomorrow for our youth

    • anon says:

      What are you talking about?  – there are plenty of jobs for young under educated Caymanians IF they wanted to do them (we are not talking about the many many well educated Caymanians here). Every single construction site on the island would employ hard working young Caymanians IF they would work for the same salary as the Philipino and Jamaicans. No work permit fees make them far cheaper to employ. The problem is not a lack of employment, the problem is that hard work is not part of the ‘Thug lifestyle’.

      You can try and blame society for their problems but the reality is that these young men and women have made their own choices. Who’s going to get more girls at the end of the day – the gangsta / drug dealer riding around in his nice blacked out BMW or the hard working manual labourer who has come in from an honest days work.  Its the same problem the world over – it is not a Caymanian problem, it is the glorification of the ‘thug’ that has driven many of these young kids to make the wrong choices in life.

      • Frequent Flyer says:

        Well Said Anon

        My sentiments exactly but you said it better.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually the work permit fee for a Labourer is only CI$375 a year – so it is not "a lot" more expensive to employ a foreigner. In fact it is cheaper because you do not have to make a pension payment in respect of foreign workers for their first 9 months here. If they are earning CI$1,400 a month that instantly makes them CI$255 a year cheaper (overall) than a Caymanian – and that is is you are paying pensions when you should. Caymanians are in fact much more expensive because they claim entitlements – little things, like pension, health insurance, overtime, pay at the rate agreed, pay on Friday (in full, every Friday). this is one area where the lack of enforcement of reasonable laws (pension, health, labour) not only allows Expats to be treated like crap but actually makes the employment of Caymanians relatively more expensive and shuts them out of the Labour Market.


        Enforce Pension and Health etc…, and the Caymanians may stand more of the chance they (we) deserve. 

  32. Youth Looking for Examples says:

    -Leaves in a fire-

    Seems the police are now like leaves to a fire… uncapable to put it out, the people turn to their own ways… this then leads to a law with no affect and a people who create their own rules by what they believe is right for them


    -PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE (with or without guns) AND CRIMES SPUR FROM CHASING MONEY (and other reasons)




    • Anonymous says:

      You wouldn’t be saying that if one of your loved ones had been run down by a car.

      • Anon says:

        So, I’m only supposed to speak up if a loved one is struck by a car? I’m speaking up because of the turmoil and mental anguish that an innocent loved one has been through for the last four months because of completely fabricated accusations resulting in numerous court appearances and more to come! You, my friend, can go right ahead and be bullied into paying a fine or losing your license over false accusations – just so "it all goes away". Me and my family will stand up for what is right, whether we’re struck down by a car or falsely accused of causing a minor accident. Get a life and think before you speak, and remember that other people are going through their own S***. 

        And yes, I know the police are going through their own s*** as well. It’s called "being lead by a bunch of morons".   

  33. Fed Up Caymanian says:

    I say insititue a mandatory 1:00 AM curfew. Not  that this willl solve all problems but it just might begin to alleviate some of them. And revise the Laws so that anyone caught possessing guns or ammo illegally will serve the remainder of their lives in prison with NO CHANCE for parole. A tough stance is needed NOW!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Absolutely, shut all bars and clubs down at midnight. This was our way of life not too many years ago. What are these young people doing out partying to all hours in the morning when they should be up bright and early for work the following day.  How can these young people possibly function and put in a fair day’s work the following day.  Or  are all those partying not working? I would suggest, the creapy crawlies come out after midnight and prey on their victims. Drugs, guns,, running this island into the ground.   Mandatory life sentences for anyone possesing an illegal firearm. Mandatory life sentences with no parol for murder and please make our voices heard to our ellected government that  the clubs and bars close down at midnight.

      How is it that the police do not have the killer who shot the bullet?  Many people must have seen what transpired.  There is only one door out of Next Level.  Have we become so afraid now as a people that we cannot bring to justice a murderer because we now fear for retaliation and our own safety? 

      God Help Us!  Be brave and come forward,  report what you have seen,  Assist our Law Enforcement. 

      We need prayers forthese islands, and our government to facilitate our prayers.

      My Condollences to the families.





  34. Jahlebb says:

    I hear you all, yes ur right we only talk about this growing tree loaded with branches of criminals and "shottas-lifestyle" that are hell bound in the gun violence…that movie "Shottas" seem to have seasoned many, I question Bob Marley’s son about such a move, Iknow, its telln the story about the drugs, guns, & sex life-style of deportees etc, but it has a powerful impact on so many youths, I wud have to say since that movie, the surge in gun violence has skyrocketed in Cayman. We can only do so much about this reality, so it appears that they’ll have to eventually kill of one another, even though some innocence will be lost in the process, as we are already experiencing …TV-Internet are parents-mentors-influence for many youths, for so many years, now we are seeing-experiencing the results of youths seeing more than 16,000 scenes of violence before they reach the age of 16, what do we expect from many of them now? many youths have had to become grown up thugs before being a youth.

  35. Sean says:

    To answer a question asked early by "Anonymous", how many murders have there been in Cayman this year?

    You might not believe this but if you go to the web and find out how many murders are committed in each country "The Cayman Islands" has been in the top 4 for the last couple of years making it one of the top "Murder Capitals of the world per capita".

    Now imagine someone getting a hold of that and passing it around in the marketing world….

    Shut Next Level Down…..they have had too many chances…..

    • Anonymous says:


    • Twyla Vargas says:


      Your comments are so true.  I think those in authority need to Close down th Next Level Night Club.  It is a Haunted House for Crime.  Further more all of those night clubs where teenagers visit should have bright lights.  Some of them you cannot see your hand in front of your face I believe.

      Concerned citizens of Cayman, you may think why should I do this, but if I was you I would buy a couple six pack a bucket of chicken, get out the dominioes and bingo, and stay in your back yard.   Stop fattening these nightclubs pockets with money until they can gurantee your safety.

      Going inside a Night Club and shooting, and killing people.  All those who have children, do you realize that a knock could have been made on your door, and you could be told that it was your husband, man or son.  Are we considering this?  The days are long pass for the socializing publicly.

      One word of note for thePolice, which I have said before, "Put your selves in position to be more observant of these places.  The police force is stretched thin, and they are doing a good job, but continue to remember they can only do so much.  If you do not help them they cannot protect you.

    • Next Level - Last Chance says:

      Sean is right.  Close it down.  The liquor licensees have shown themselves unworthy of a licence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow.. I have to say to the person who says that Cayman Islands is in the top 4 countries for amount of murders per year…..

      I did Google this (hey my interest was quite peaked) & this is quite the OVERSTATEMENT…

      Now mind you.. CI is not even recognisable as it is now, compared to the piece of paradise that we once were… but let’s not make a worse name for ourselves than our children are doing for us!

      I implore our younger generation (I am included in the younger generation)…. DO NOT ACT SO RATIONALLY….. is the price really worth the crime?

      I implore the younger generations PARENTS: talk to your children, help us realise what is right & what is wrong… Help us to realise that retaliating so brashly is NOT THE ANSWER!! There are other options!

    • StatsMan says:


      We are not the 4th worst. The rate in Cayman is at 14.3 murders per 100,000 population which is a very high number, but there are actually 19 worse places based on the most recent statistics. 
      In fact, I can name them for you:
      1.                  Honduras –  58
      2.                  Sierra Leone –  50
      3.                  Jamaica  –  49
      4.                  Venezuela  –  48
      5.                  El Salvador –  48
      6.                  Guatemala –  47
      7.                  Trinidad and Tobago  –  42.31
      8.                  Angola –  40
      9.                  South Africa –  38.6
      10.              Colombia  –  36
      11.              Somalia  –  33
      12.              Liberia  –  33
      13.              Belize  –  30.8
      14.              Brazil  –  25.7
      15.              Dominican Republic  –  23.57
      16.              Iraq –  21
      17.              Puerto Rico  –  18.8
      18.              Ecuador  –  16.9
      19.              Russia –  16.5
      So you see we are not in the 4th worst position in the world – we are actually in the 20th position. 
      Out of about 203 sovereign states on the planet…
      • Anonymous says:

        Wow!!!  I mean, yes, you’re absolutely right, we’re not 4th on the list, but look whose company we keep.  Sierra Leone, Angola, Liberia, Iraq, Somalia, Venezuela, South Africa, Russia, etc. all venerable bastions of democracy and human rights.  And fear not, this is only the beginning of the Cayman Island’s ascent.  Any guesses where we’ll end up? 

        • Anonymous says:

          It actually almost looks light a list of where many of our Expatriate workers  (and their attitudes and cultures) come from.

          • Carl the Canuck says:

            Hey, how’s it going, eh?  I just wanted to says that I’m an expat Canuck and our murder rate is only 1.80.  We wouldn’t hurt a fly here, ya know?  So bring in more Canucks.  The only thing that will increase is your beer consumption.

            Long live the Maple leaf, and God bless the Cayman Islands.

    • Oh yeah that makes sense says:

      Hey Sean – do you work for O’Bar or Pepper’s?

      Maybe, just maybe these things happened at Next Level because the folks there are good at running a club and therefore have a popular venue.  Which means that they are busy … follow the chain of logic here … an empty club would be very safe I agree.

  36. Anonymous says:

     This is what Cayman has become. This is a snapshot of violent crime in the past 3 months.

    Murder at Next Level !!! Yesterday

    Construction worker in suspect hammer attack !!!

    Baseball bat attack in Courts Road !!!

    Cyclist knocked unconscious and robbed !!!

    Police investigate BT airgun incident !!!

    Men robbed at gun point !!!

    Masked man attacks woman !!!

    Armed robber hits GT store !!!

    West Bay woman found guilty in “revenge” attack !!!

    Police investigate shots fired at magistrates house !!!

    Two muggings in one night !!!

    Arrest made in teen rape case !!!

    Man charged with attack on tourist !!!

    Man shot dead in West Bay !!!

    Man shot dead in GT !!!

    Second woman attacked !!!

    Woman attacked by intruder !!!

    Armed robbery in GT !!!

    Neighbourhood dispute turns violent !!!

    Cops seize gun and ammo !!!

    Shop robbed at gun point !!!

    Gun man gets 20 years for drive-by shooting !!!

    Attacked goat might have been molested !!!

    Victim stabbed in attack !!!

    The sad thing is this is not everything. Remember this happened in only 3 months !!!

    • Anon says:

      Excellent Post! Now what would be nice, is to know how many of these have been properly investigated, solved, tried, and served justice. hmmmm?

      • Anonymous says:

        The cops are busy! There is another CNS story where they issued 23 driving tickets in two days!   YOU want them to actually investigate murders and violent crimes as well? Come on!  Be reasonable! 

        • Busy a wa? says:

          Fell off the chair reading this one… too funny!  lol…. cops are too busy.  Must be.  I mean, to expect them to pay more attention to more serious business when giving tickets is so easy is ridiculus.  To expect them to even try to protect the people of Cayman instead of speeding and racing folk and disregarding the law is unfair.  When will they have their fun and committ their own crimes if they start to help Cayman?  Una don’t feel bad fa dem awa?  lol 


  37. Anonymous says:

    It seems rather odd to me that on the one hand we have an individual saying that God is the answer and on the other we have someone suggesting enforcement of liquor licensing laws will right the gun control problems of the Cayman Islands… Are you kidding me?! Prayer is as about as likely to solve Cayman’s problems as chewing gum would be to curing cancer… and how on earth do liquor licenses control guns?! Surely the firearms legislation and an effective Police force are there for that?! 

    The imposition of a minimum 10 year sentence for the possession of an illegal firearm is a start but we need to be imposing far harsher penalties… life sentences would be a good start!!! I would also like to see the police forces powers to stop and search increased… There are enough police handing out speeding and parking tickets like they were candies but how many police officers are pulling over cars and looking for weapons and drugs?! Is it only the case that we see police taking that sort of action on the TV show COPS?! 

    I am somewhat confident that the coward responsible for this murder will be caught and brought to justice and will serve the rest of his days in prison but until the government does more to curb this violence we will all remain at the mercy of criminals.

  38. "Anonymous" says:

    10:37, 10:31 is so right in speaking.  This person is not a fanatic.  If we read our Bibles in depth, we would understand the perilous times we are living in, and the destruction we have brought upon ourselves as a nation.

    The good Book (Bible) in 2nd Chronicles 7:14, tells us what we have to do as a nation to be blessed of God.  It is telling us topray and TURN from our wicked ways, then HE (God) will hear from Heaven, forgive and heal our land.  What more can He ask of us.  How many more will have to go before we heed His calling.

    In response to your comment, if this young man was looked upon as a Christian, would he have been in such an establishment? True Christians are sincere servants of God.  The Bible asks " who will you choose today"?.  You cannot serve two Masters (God &Man).  There are two roads we can travel. The wide road (hell/destruction) the narrow to God and ETERNAL life.  Which will you choose?  He (God) stands at the door (heart) and knocks, harden not your hearts.  The day of repentance is now.  Where will we be spending eternity?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well if Eternity doesn’t have any bars i’ll take my chances with the wide road…

      • Anonymous says:

        seriously?  … a comment with no thought (or future) apparently… to even say you’d take your chances suggest you consider a God even exists, would you bet against God with your life to deliberatley loose…?

        Heaven doesn’t have bars but the bars in hell don’t serve drinks, they imprison

        ps. I’m just another guy trying to think rationally…your entitled to your belief.

  39. Anonymous says:


  40. Anonymous says:

    Time for Capital Punishment and here is a perfect case to start with. Cayman is turned into a warzone for the drug dealers and gangsters. Time to stop the crime…fyi if 3 or more people see you commit murder in the state of Texas… you go the the express line…

    Every action has a reaction!

    Life for a life.

    • Anonymous says:

      We can’t have capital punishment because England abolished it and we had to follow suit.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually the UK abolished for us. We had nothing to do with it.

      • Anonymous says:

        References to ‘England ‘ and capital punishment. It is the UK, not just England.

    • Vengeance is mine says:

      And they have such a low murder rate in Texas.  In the US States with the death penalty have about a 40% higher murder rate than those that do not have the death.  The gap has been increasing dramatically over the last 20 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, it’s time to start introducing stiffer penalties for these hoodlums. Northward, doesn’t work, lets take the money it would cost us, to feed and secure these idiots in Northward, and strike a deal with Castro. Let’s ship them off to Cuba for some hard labour (30 years). Suggestion is we pay Castro, 1/2 of what it would cost us to keep them in prison. Or what about Honduras, Ja????. Lets give these hoodlums real punishment.

      Its time we started supporting our police force, and judges, instead of making a mockery of their position. Over the past yearswe have de-stabilised the whole system, by arresting good hard working police officers, and judges on trival crap. Its cost the tax payer a fortune, and the facts in law have always found to be proven wrong.

      Judges, police, do what you must!!!!! You have my full support!!!!! But please do whatever you have to do, to protect the law and order in the Cayman Islands!!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    ALL nightclubs and similar establishments on the island should have to have tight security and all patrons of those establishments should be subjected to full body scans using metal detectors to avoid the risk of knives, guns and other metal dangerousobjects getting into the establishments in the first place.  This should be made law.  Anyone failing to meet such simple standards should have their liquor licence removed and their establishments closed down by the authorities. 

    That’s my view.

    • Close your mouth? says:

      The things you said are already required, barring the "full body scan" – they do have a wand.

      Do we really need to have airport security to go dancing?  Simpler to profile the customers and deny entry I reckon . . . of course then the club management would be called racists . . .

  42. Close it down says:

    Too much has happened recently at Next Level.  There seems to be nothing down by the owners to change their security.  In the UK this place would have lost its licence and been shut down.  The owners seem happy to make profits from the establishment but not invest in protecting its customers and the public.  Close it down.

    Who owns Next Level anyway?

    • Close your mouth? says:

      So you are aware that they have done nothing?  Changed nothing?  Do you go there even?

      The clubs are rigorously policed and inspected and are reviewed four times a year by the liquor licensing board.  They have minimum security requirements based on access points and numbers of customers.  They have random checks by police and they have been passing those checks or they would have been shut down or suspended, and we would have heard about it in the newspaper.

      To say they have invested nothing is stupid, especially as it has been acknowledged that they have video cameras surveilling the entire property.

      The thugs that are causing trouble are the problem, not the club owners or operators.  This guy didnt care if he was seen killing someone, so how the hell could this be stopped?  He likely had help getting the gun into the club which is probably what the police are attempting to acsertain from the video tapes (that the owner(s)/management of the club enabled).

  43. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous at 10:26 you are so correct in asking what does liquor licensing enforcement have to do with preventing these incidents. You can put numerous amounts of regulations in place and even shut these clubs down but the thugs that are carrying out these bold and wicked acts are simply going to move to another location and target their next victim. So the other posters here, please bear in mind that it is not the clubs’ fault, it’s people killing people. So lets wait to see what the cameras recorded and lets wait to see if there really was negligence on the security guards’ part before we start calling the clubs names such as churches of darkness etc.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Re spelling and grammar – do you really believe that the writer was trying tp write correctly?  You are arrogrant and judgemental in suggesting that an educated person is a thug and vermin.  Stop and think about  how many highly educated criminals your own country produced.

  45. Anonymous says:

    It is vary sad that in our very small Island, we have been seing more and more shootings in the last few months. Where are these young people getting their guns??? 

    We as a community must support our Police Force , our Government  and Customs to take the necessary precautions to stop arms from coming into our country, and assist them with information so illigal arms are confiscated, and who is caught with one should be punished to the max.

    • Anonymous says:

      The general consensus of people I hear talking is that nobody trusts the police force enough to come forward and nobody has faith they will solve any crime. This is why criminals are so brazen, they know nobody will talk and the police are not capable otherwise. When talking of this in groups, people laugh when I ask why not a single person would contact the police with information. Pretty scary.

  46. Anonymous says:

    The club has so many cameras it is ridiculous.  The shooter must have known about them and simply not cared.  Police will be able to see whether security were doing a good job wanding/flisking customers.  They also will know who came in with the shooter, etc.

    Apparently the shooter and victim had a long standing animosity, in other words this could have, and eventually would have, happened anywhere.

    Liquor licensed premises must exist for so many reasons we dont need to discuss it. 

    It is sad that these situations occur on the night at Next Level themed for the "locals" playing reggae and hip-hop.  The management of Next Level will be doing themselves a big favour by cancelling that theme night and divorcing themselves from the "thug" elements of the community entirely. 

  47. Cayman 1 says:

    CNS, I just heard that someone house just got shot up in West Bay.

    Please confirm if this is true?

    CNS: All the police have said so far is, "Please note that there is no confirmation to the rumour that shots have been fired in West Bay this morning." We’ll post if we get any more.


  48. anonymous says:

    Just want to find out how many murders Cayman have seen so far since the start of ’09, iv’e lost track, im wandering if CNS or someone can print the exact amount ? this is not meant to be a joke! Cayman is no longer the sweet place that it use to be, i miss my youth days, i miss the 1980’s, i miss the good times, i miss when we all lived as one.Almighty God help us all,i pray for the Cayman Islands.


    Will the "very top haunchos" both local and foreign of the RCIPS now fully accept and declare, that their policing strategies have "failed miserably" the people of the Cayman Islands since first being introduced from Liverpool England in 2005, despite enormous government funding that followed it’s introduction ??

    It’s common knowledge that it’s just as easy today to buy an illegal firearm on the streets of Cayman as it is a spliff of ganja !!! 

    This is the reality Cayman Islands and it’s a sad state of affairs that the RCIPS and the country finds itself into, don’t you think ?? 


    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry, but this problem goes back farther than 2005…try 1997, when then Commissioner Thursfield arrived from Brummyland with all his "touch-feely" style of policing…and turned the Police "Force" into a  "Service"….subsequent commissioners just carried on these flawed policies…all of a sudden you couldn’t be a hard police officer anymore and if you were hardworking and firm, but fair you were singled out for it and before you know it either transferred somewhere ineffectual or just plain run out of the police, case in point: Chief Supt. Derek Haines…Thank you very mcuh Stuart Kernohan for orchestrating the departure of one of the hardest working, most respected senior officers the RCIP ever saw!!  You were never and could have never been as well respected as he is!!

      Another example of a program which has very little if any success in the UK being shoved down the throats of the Caymanian people….and it for sure has never worked here, but no one is big enough to stand up and say it doesn’t work and let’s try something different.    For too long the "Gold" leadership of the RCIP has stood by and offered up statistics as proof that they were doing what we entrusted them to do…Well, I guess we are seeing now that we were all duped…Time to toss this "New" style of policing and go back to what worked….Recruit HARD police officers, not these mamby pamby uniform carriers that we see so much of today whose only interest is using Government vehicles and time to conduct their personal business.

      To the long serving (suffering) police officers who are still continuing to strap on gear and fight the good fight every day, I say THANK YOU!!  To all you lazy A$$ gits who continue to do nothing and act like no one knows…I say, don’t get too comfortable…A new day is coming…

  50. Concerned says:

    The police need to step up Stop & Search. I suggest they randomly show up at bars & clubs to search patrons as they enter & exist the premises. A few random venues at different times each night; they’ll start to pick up these criminals sooner or later, or at least reduce them going to venues where sensible, mature people go to have fun.

  51. Anonymous says:



    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry….but you can forget about capital punishment being enforced in the Cayman Islands. As long as dear old mother Enland ownes us we will never be able to bring back capital punishment to these islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wake up – violence breeds violence, killing breeds killing.

      The capital punishment is not the answer.

      People who kill people are not at the time of killing thinking about what will happen to them.  Those that carry unlicensed guns are fully aware of the stiff penalties for having an unlicensed gun – does that deter them, NO.

      It is the way our society has been allowed to develop by government and the greedy business people who do not see the harm over development is causing in our Islands.

      The Cayman Islands has become a desparate socitety and out of control with no one even considering trying to get it under control.

      Government / Police also turn a blind eye to too much law breaking.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Condolences to the families of the two people injured/killed.

    This is a completely awful terrible story, I no longer feel safe here, I am making plans to take my family and leave, this island is killing itself in every which way possible.

    Drugs and guns and wanna be gangsters all over the damn place, I wouldn’t come here as a tourist and I wouldn’t be happy if anyone I loved and care for came either.

    I think it is too late for Cayman to help itself.

    Sad but true. There are a lot of nice people here, but nice doesn’t get you very far when you are dealing with so many problems.



    • Ban the Hampster says:

      Good luck finding somewhere else that doesent have the same or greater social problems as this island. 

      Don’t let the door hir your behind on the way out.

      • Anonymous says:

        get a grip mate, per capita this is one of the most ****** up places on the planet. Can’t wait for the contract to run out so I can get back to a civilised society!

        I’m taking my business and investments with me, so hopefully you’ll find employment somewhere. I hear there is a boom in the banana picking industry.

        • Stand Up Cayman says:

          I think perhaps it is you that needs to get a grip.  Did you even think before you decided to comment here?  What is your point really? We as Caymanians know that a decent percentage of expats are only here to reap the benefits of our beautiful and blessed island.  I guess the society from which you have come is civilised…and that is why you are here.  It is people like you who give the decent and genuine ‘expats’, who actually give a damn about Cayman, a bad name.

          How ignorant and insensitive of you.  As for your investments and business I would rather sweep the street than be employed by someone of your calibre and character.  Your money, your business and your investments are not everything and you certainly won’t be taking them to your final destination my friend….so enjoy. 

          As for your little quip on the banana picking industry… no monkeys here so you will definitely have to move along…



    • Anonymous says:

       Bet u got caymanian status, and can enjoy life…..thanks to all that cayman has done for you.

      soooo typical.



  53. Anonymous says:

    When you choose a life of crime this is a consequence of your choice.

    Condolences to the families for the loss and/or injury of a loved one.

    • Anonymous says:

      He never choose a life a crime and sometimes you have to remember that life chooses you. Carlo was no harm to any one but the ladies….(smiling) he was no criminal and certently no gangster or wanna be thug.

      R.I.P. Apatchy………

  54. Anonymous says:

    Man, this place is going downhill fast. With the robberies, burglaries, drugs and murders this place is well on the way to becoming just another crime-ridden Caribbean island in the eyes of the world. The RCIPS must act to restore law and order. They must know where the guns and drugs are in a community this small. And a murder in front of many witnessses and CCTV cameras with one victim apparently awake in hospital should take about 5 minutes to solve. If they lose the CCTV footage/ witness statements/ murder weapons for this one I’d say the worst has finally come to the worst.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Ho-ly crap!  I am just hearing about this!  What a horrific thing to happen!  In regard to the previous "Facebook" comment –  I, for one, will be scouring Facebook for "witness" status updates and informing the police that they should be speaking to these people for information.  I am a mother of two children, with one on the way, and I am NOT afraid to do the right thing to ensure the safety of my family and others in this country.  If I hear anything, I’ve got the police on speed-dial!

  56. Anonymous says:

    I can’t beleive this took place in the club and agree with the above comments, i do however disagree with not giving the police info, i heardtv hat alot of people in te club say they saw nothing, come on assist the police, these crimes need to stop ASAP.

    I also can’t beleive that someone would send pic’s of this victim laying on the ground already, please have respect for their families.

    This night club over the last year has had warnings due to fights and activities goin on in and outside of the club, it should be closed ASAP. Never to re open.

    If anyone saw anyting call crimestoppers and give info to solve this crime.


  57. Anonymous says:

    Churches of Darkness might be a little much. And yeah where are the survaliance screen shots? In any other developed country the police would have a description and at least a brief account of what went down. Reporters would be allowed to ask what were the circumstances and people might have less to speculate about. Instead Kennet is asking people to come forward with dumb questions like “Did you see someone leaving the area or a car driving away, perhaps at high speed?”

    Uhmm, how about telling us just a morsal of what you really know or lest we hear about it from facebook. English jurisprudence is nonesense.

    Though make no mistake this was a serious crime, as serious as it gets. A guy was killed and no one yet knows why or if he was even the target of the shooter, another guy sounds like he’s in real bad shape and may even be on an air ambulance. The murder spike from last year has continued on and perhaps what might be more disturbing is that no one can identify if there is a real link to most of them. So Cayman is just randomly becoming a more dangerous place to go out at night? As long as the economy is looking the way it is, dont expect the crime wave to end.

  58. anonymous says:

    I just have one thing to say – those people who pictures of the victim and are now circulating them round the island should be the ones to suffer – fancy if it was one of your loved ones who had been killed??


  59. Law and Order says:

    "Ppl need to be careful what  they writing on FaceBook, dont dey realize dat? They placing themself as witness."

    HOW DARE YOU actively recommend to people that they take steps to avoid having to assist the police in solving a murder.  You are now no better than an accomplice in your efforts to help the murderer avoid prosecution.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Every person who has information about this killing should be rushing forward to provide it to the police.  DO IT NOW!

    Don’t you realize that keeping murderers on the street (1) increases the odds of you or I, or our children or loved ones, getting killed, and (2) makes tourists and financially-contributing expats not want to be here.  None of what you are doing is good for the Cayman Islands. 

    GET A GRIP and contribute to society intead of hurting it.

    • AJ says:

      The poster could be suggesting that the people who have the information should not be broadcasting it as such, but be taking their information to the police discreetly so as not to be targeted as "snitchers" (unfortunately).

      Also, to everyone, please have respect for the dead, regardless of the life lived, and the family and not email, text or message the photos of his body around.  It is disconcerting for the family and for the people who you have sent it to.  

      God bless the family and friends of the guy.  May God also keep his blessing on the one recovering. 

      To all those "thugs" out there, I want you to know that there is always someone that loves you somewhere; that would loose their world if you lost your life.  Think about those people that love you before you do something foolish.  Because if you died, you have condemed your loved ones to a life nothing short of hell.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think the person was saying to cover up anything. I think they were trying to get the point across that if the detectives want to get info they can check out facebook. I think they were voicing a thought rather than saying to people cover up what you know…..

      Anyway….it’s still a very sad situation and I hope that the perp/perps will be brought to justice asap!

    • Anonymous says:

      Police already have statements from witnesses …

    • Anonymous says:

      Here! Here! Law and Order.

      Full agree.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Yes, there is somewhere safe in Cayman. Under the shadow of the Almighty. Night clubs should not even exist, they are simply churches of darkness where the doctrine is sin, sin and sin. But be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatever we sow, we shall also reap. Close these hell holes down and let us turn back to God. I am genuinely happy when I know that my life is right with God. I feel it in my soul. Can you say the same?

    • Any says:

      How do you know if the person that was killed was not a christian?

      Your comment leaves me a bit puzzled, you sound like a fanatic.

      Condolences to the family of the victim.

      • Anonymous says:

        Does not matter. The writer is still saying he was at the wrong place, possibly even at the wrong time.

    • Anonymous says:

      So if you were the victim you would be OK with that?  Off to heaven with you and let Satan sort out the shooter, reaping what he sowed? 

      Seems like an odd foundation on which to structure a society.


    • Anonymous says:

      I almost fell for this one – very funny.

      To continue the gag; I bet both of them were baby-eating ex-pats.

      It’s no good. Unless a post is done in all-CAPS and quotes passages from the Bible (CYRIL: 13:69), it just doesn’t look like one from the Cayman Christian Taliban.

  61. Anonymous says:

    This is horrific.

    How did guns get past Next Level security?

    Their security procedures have to be reviewed by the Police.

    So shameful that this is happening in Cayman.


    • Anonymous says:

      This is an excellent point!

      How did a gun get past security?

      And what is the penalty for these clubs that have security breaches resulting in fatalities?

    • Anonymous says:

      If they have to have so much security why would any decent person want to go there – what a terrible place Cayman has become in a terrible world

    • Anonymous says:

      how does the guns get inside of ALL THE NIGHTCLUBS????????????

      does anyone realise that women dont get search by security……….

      does anybody thought about that before………

      inocent people getting shot in Cayman and to solve that shooting takes forever sometimes because of the criminal activities that happens in the island……..

      Right now im afraid of go anywhere with my kids because of the same reason you dont know when the wrong bullet is going to catch you…….

      i see myself watching COPS, CSI MIAMI….for the same reason just so i can be prepare…….

      • Anonymous says:

        If women don’t get searched by security….The clubs need female

        security persons to search the women.

        This is pretty sad!! Witnesses that won’t come forward to help the

         police…Anyone who saw what happened should speak up….

        If they don’t they are no better than the one who pulls the trigger.

        If one of their loved ones was shot, how would they feel??

        Oh wait..!!!  In present day Cayman they would just get a gun

        (easily I am sure) and get even their own way…Sad situation

        ….the country is fast becoming a lawless country where no one

        is worried about commiting any crime because no one will

        speak up and turn them in…..If   EVERYONE  who witnessed

        a crime  spoke up it would not be long before things got under


        Once the police got help from the public there would be more

        arrests and convictions, then there is the prison…

        Much too nice….It needs to be a place where NO ONE would want

        to spend time.

        The whole world is reading thesenews reports……

        It will drive Caymans tourism into the ground. 

        These hoods are destroying the country for their fellow law abiding

        young Camanian brothers and sisters.


  62. Anonymous says:

    Regrettability this is becoming commonplace in these drinking establishments and the government needs to regulated these places by enforcing the liquor licenses. Already a tourist was beaten by thugs with a baseball bat, it is only time before a tourist is murdered.

    • Anonymous says:

      What does liquor license enforcement have to do with solving or preventing a targeted shooting?!?

      • anonymous says:

        Well said, this has nothing to do with liquor licensing

      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed, the people involved knew each other and the shooter picked a spot where he knew his victim would be. 

        So close all the clubs and they will go somewhere else… and guess what?  Thatshooting last night would just have been somewhere else. 

  63. Anonymous says:

    A Clue: Next Level has cameras!!!

    • anonymous says:

      Errrr, don’t you think the detectives took that already – idiot!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        1.  don’t be so sure that the cameras are/were working

        2.  you give the detectives too much credit

  64. Anonymous says:

    Detectives need to go onto FaceBook cuz a whole bunch of young people that was there last nite chatting away bout it! Bout what they saw, heard, etc. Ppl need to be careful what  they writing on FaceBook, dont dey realize dat? They placing themself as witness. That is a public forum!

    This whole incident is a damn shame. Wonder how the pistols got inna da club in da first place? No scanning wit da metal detectors last nite? But then again, if you a friend of one a tha security, dey dont scan. I seen it fa myself.

    No where safe in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sir, your spelling, grammar and general tone are atrocious. You come across as an uneducated thug, the same type of vermin that frequent these establishments. If this is the product of the school system, God help us all.

      • Thankful says:

        Sir, your spelling, grammar and general tone are atrocious. You come across as an uneducated thug, the same type of vermin that frequent these establishments. If this is the product of the school system, God help us all.

        And you come accross as a condescending jerk!  Listen, that person has a right to their opinion, even with the badspelling, grammar, tone etc.

        Also, the uneducated thugs should have a voice as well.  It is likely because they dont feel they have one, why they are acting out with such violence.  I can assure you as well, that they are not the only vermin (as you call them) that visits establishments for an evening of entertainment and dance.  I have seen politicians, police officers, lawyers, business folks, doctors etc. in these establishments…and there is nothing wrong with that.

        Anyway, my point is: this not the time or site for your vermin to be spewed on others.  If you can’t contribute positively about someone you should just say nothing at all then.

      • Anonymous says:

        Get with it OLD MAN or OLD WOMAN – thats how kids speak and write to each other – and just because they do does not mean that they are thugs. Its because of adults like you that kids dont open up – get a life you idiot.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi again

        I wrote the comments earlier about facebook. Let me talk properly now. I’m not a thug and I’m not Caymanian. I am an educated ex-pat, But I’ve been on the island for over15 years so I can "talk da talk" and Yes I do frequent "these  establishments."  ONLY NOT ON WEDNESDAY NITE since that is an entirely different crowd. Aqua Beach, Next Level on Saturdays are fun and low key. I’m not vermin, just an honest Hardworking person. Don’t pass judgement so quickly.

        See how easy it is to jump to conclusions? Instead of writing all those comments on Facebook about what they saw during the incident, and snapping cell phone pics of the deceased the witnesses should be at the police station giving statements. I doubt that will happen. All the comments by actual witnesses in a public forum could hinder the police investigation
        And THAT is exactly what I was getting at!!

        And the picture that is going around in email is an absolute disgrace; dishonourable and disrespectful thing to do to this poor man’s family. He has small children and family and friends that love him.

        I hope that the typical attitude of "I nah see nuttin" will not prevail this time.

        I love Cayman and I hope my small Caymanian children will be able to enjoy this island, as well, when they are in their 20’s, but my wife is so scared she wants to leave.
        The lawlessness has got to stop.

        Many kind regards.

      • Lisa says:

        So I’ve been to Next Level as well. I’m an educated female 40 plus who has a good job, owns my own place, does volunteer work and doesn’t do drugs. I also like to go out once in awhile and have fun listening to music and dancing. I guess that puts me in the "vermin" category as well…

        Your comment really doesn’t serve any purpose, except perhaps to make you feel superior.You actually come across as condescending, pompous and out of touch. Don’t be so quick to judge, there are all kinds of people who go there. As far as your comments about the poster’s grammar and tone go, he/she is entitled to express their opinion in any way they want. I didn’t see anything wrong in what they expressed and in no way did they suggest they condone what happened.Your kind of arrogant and narrow mentality breeds divisiveness and conflict, which is not at what we need at this moment.

    • Anonymous says:

      Time to give out another 3000 status. That way we may have more excitement.