Murderer could be on tape

| 11/09/2009

(CNS): The owner of Titan Security, Matthew Leslie, who provides the Next Level Nightclub with guards, said he had ten people working the club when Carlo Webster was shot dead inside the club in the early hours of Thursday morning. Leslie said that all his staff followed procedure and everyone entering and re-entering the club was searched. He also said there were around a dozen security cameras operating both inside and outside the premises and the footage has been seized by police. As well as Webster, who was shot in the head and was dead when police and medics arrived, a second man was also shot by the gunman.

The shooter reportedly fled after firing at least three shots inside a busy nightclub, where more than 100 people were attending the club’s Reggae and Dancehall theme night. The second man is now recovering in hospital but Webster is the sixth person to be murdered in Cayman so far this year in what is proving to be another violent year for the islands with a considerable number of shootings.

Leslie told CNS that he had complete confidence in his staff and that they could not be blamed for how the gun entered the premises. He said that since Titan had taken over the security at Next Level in December 2008 there had been a dramatic decline in incidents and the owners had been praised by the Liquor Licensing Board for the improvements as well as the high ratio of security personnel to club guests. With at least eight of the security cameras inside and another four out, which were reportedly functioning, Leslie said the murder is likely to be on that footage, which has been seized by police who are currently examining the footage.

“We are averaging 15 people to every guard,” said Leslie. “The law merely requires 75 per guard, so you can see we are doing far better and, as a result, we have kept security incidences down. We don’t know how the gun got into the club but we know that our procedures were carried out to the letter.” Leslie suggested the individual must have gone to great lengths to conceal the weapon to get it past the metal detector wands, body pat-downs and bag searches.

Wednesday night is the club’s ‘local’ night, and one owner said that there would have been the least amount of tourists compared to any other night of the week in the club that night. Although Next Level is popular with visitors because of its location, Wednesdays have gradually evolved into a night geared to local tastesbecause of the music theme attracting those that live here rather than those coming to visit.

The club remained closed last night as it is still a crime scene, but Leslie said the owners were hoping to re-open as soon as possible. There has been no comment yet from the Liquor Licensing Board about the club’s licence. Police said yesterday that no arrests had been made but they were following up several leads on what was described as “an unbelievably brazen act".

There were also well over a hundred people inside who could have seen what happened and police are asking witnesses to come forward. Almost immediately after the incident the social networking website Facebook was buzzing with the details of the death. A graphic and shocking picture of Webster’s body was also circulated on the local email throughout Thursday morning.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just to clarify!

    The Wednesday night activities at the Next level Night club is promoted as a Dancehall, Hip Hop, Soca, Reggaeton, and “More” Not a “Reggae and Dancehall” night as is stated here!

    For more info

    • Any says:

      Wow, big difference!

      Bottom line it’s a local’s night, you won’t find any expats there.

      • irarms says:

        Besides the point that there are mostly locals there, what you just said is a fallacy. There are many Jamaicans and a (very) few other nationalities who also attend this night.

        Which, of course, does not excuse thefact that this crime was committed by locals.

      • Lisa says:

        "Wow, big difference!

        Bottom line it’s a local’s night, you won’t find any expats there"


        Really??? Seems you were eager to point that out, but think you could be wrong as the definition of an expatriate is someone who lives outside their own country, not exclusively someone from the UK, the US and Canada. Not that it makes a difference, but for the sake of accuracy I’m sure there are a few other nationalities you might find there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I actually made some checks into it and Titan Security and their guards are licensed.  Also I checked up and they are in fact trained in security club procedures.  

    But regardless.  We need to stop banging on the Security.  Think about this.  People get guns on planes all the time and we all know airport security way more tight than any night club security.  Can we all agree on that?

    I feel really sad about the whole situation but who would ever expect this to happen in Cayman.  I am sure the security has procedures but would you if you were in their shoes expect this kind of violence in a club?

    So many factors went down this night of the killing and we as a public do not know all the facts.  So we should not be quick to judge. 

    Also remember that there are 2 security companies in Next Level.  Titan that is contracted and then there are the guards that the club employ themselves. 2 of the in house guards are friends of mine and after speaking with one of them they told me that Security was being followed that night very tightly.

    I also am told that there was a whole gang of West Bay boys in there.  Really and honestly I just think that they need to kill that whole Wednesday local crowd.  It is so sad to think we cannot do anything for our own local people without friggin it up.  We really need to realise that Security, Clubs, Police, Ministers, Church…none of that is solving nothing for us. 

    These guys are getting guns and if they wanna kill you they gonna kill you.  We a mini Jamaica now.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Bottom line….it is not security….security companies ….it is a country that has allowed gangs, gun culture, violence, to grow…….So….lets allow all the crime to grow and make the security grow and get bigga and next is home invasion with murder so lets make the security stronger etc etc ………..stop………stop the guns, stop the people who know people from getting guns, control your borders, increase the police presence, PUT SOMEONE IN JAIL FOR 10 YEARS if they have an unlicenced gun. Stop this now.

      Lachlan MacTavish 

      • Anonymous says:

        I wholeheartedly agree but when someone is caught with a gun then they always want to be the exception to the rule or point the finger to an Expat found with a gun and only asked to leave the country.

        I shutter to think how many guns are now on the island.

    • channel says:

      I do agree with what you’ve said.  We should give the guards the benefit of the doubt and not put the blame on them that quickly without any evidences.  Security is what we need for our protection. 

  3. Joe Average says:

    Being a musician, I know the power of music.  This is not to say I hold out any notion it had anything to do with the killing.  BUT…  I know and have witnessed the different types of music and the effects they have on an audience.  Especially a drunken audience.  A band, of which I was a part of many times can "steer" the audience in certain ways.  To….feel good, groovy, sexy, mellow, or even violent.  I love all kinds of music but there is a job that a performer has to do.  And I include DJ’s although I don’t consider them performers. That’s just a prejudice musicians have.  The point is… the job is to entertain people.  Not frighten them or cause them to lose control.  It’s a fine line brothers and sisters.  The choice of music plays an important role and I’m sure DJ’s would agree.  Play lots of "gangsta smash you in de face" music.  Violent music.  And what have you got?  The idea is not to use the power of music to get people into a frenzy and then sit back with a smug look and pretend you had nuthin to do with it.  Because you also have a responsibility.  The idea is to bring joy and make people wanna dance.  Take a look up from the decks and see if that’s what’s happening.  Just like a band.  If it ain’t…..change the vibe.  Because… you can.  Dig?

  4. Craig Merren says:


    But are we willing to help nurture the unfortunates of our time? The unfortunate of our own kind? This is something that has been building for many years in Cayman. Let’s go back to the last 12-15 years (or 20) and do a back ground check on these “Gangs” (past politicians in that era once called them “Groups” they didn’t heed the warning either).

    Too many times we played this game and did not heed the warnings, but swipe it under the rug and went about our business. Caymanians always living in denial. But why? The reason is, we somehow, somewhere we got a little too complacent; we didn’t continue to carry on whatwas
    handed down by our forefather. We didn’t really do what to get in telling this one and that one etc. Just mind our business & didn’t say this or that. We forgot what our forefather thought us.

    We forget to go back and tell them, “Hi, if I see you with your pants down by your crack again am gonna tell your father/mother”. But, we didn’t want to get involved in telling his dad or mom. Some did am sure. I tell them that all the time when I see how they dress and wear these old baggy clothes and pants & think that’s style. We simply let it all slide to what we are witness in today. We just forgot to be our brother’s keeper. We say, “No, that’s not my problem, he too bad he
    too this”. That is correct, but why? Do a survey on their Mama’s and daddies of those that has died from the bullet and check out the back grounds. I see the problem every day after schools. The little attitudes, the walk, pants drop down by their crack of their asses, the supa size ear ring, tattoos on the girls back sides, big bling-bling shades and the list goes on and on. All this has created this manner that has been developing in many countries. Yes its parenting that is responsible, and that’s the bottom line!!!

    Just this afternoon seen 3 of them (boys between 15-18yrs) crossing the road after school on Walkers Rd with a grave yard look on their face, one is smoking thinks he is so cool. I wanted to turn around and have a chat with them but time didn’t permit me to. But am sure I will see them agan and have a lil chat and get there youthful response on life, home and love. But mind this now, it has to be with respect. Meaning you can’t approach them with a bad manner either.

    Am sure this can be identified and manage by means of fostering these kids, their homes, their parents and help finically if the case. I don’t mean by popping over and dropping off a $100 bucks, I mean by contributing our time, a solution, working with the schools, going into the districts in the yards, pointing them out in the schools (we can spot the lil upcoming buggers a mile away) and help out in their weakness, their family structure, the way they live (and we know!)
    that might need some funding towards their basic needs. Am sure the schools, teachers and social services can help stream line those that are in need, that’s in this situation. As I said, we can spot them a mile.

    Once we have, we can chart their course and help with the tools to up bring our kids to be a better member of society, for a healthier Cayman, a safer Cayman. To cast them into the iron men as their forefathers once was. Let’s get together to help make our weak ones men of charter, statesmen and embrace them for tomorrow’s leaders instead of gunslingers shooting one another.

    You might be conscious of loosing what you have built up over the years for your family and for this country, for this island. I don’t want to hear this “Boy my business gonna suffer and this and that”. What have suffered are the families of so many dead young men of our country over time, and over what? I wish I knew my bible will so I could quote you some scriptures, but I have some good ones like that on this email that know them – AMEN!

    In closing, If we don’t take control now (we kind of late, but never too late) am afraid I’ll have to echo what a cousin of mine said in his words, “Our own peaceful and safe lifestyle that we all have enjoyed growing up in Cayman has come to an abrupt end. We need to deal with this urgent crisis, or any future that we planned for on these Islands will be history”. Will, we’ll be all gone to hell. We are too much of a small society to let Satan slide this on us. I have the faith.

    Cayman am afraid, has become a LAWLESSNESS SOCIETY! That’s just the bottom line!

    But, my good Caymanian comrades, friends & businessmen are you now willing to lend a hand to the un-fortunate, misplaced & frail Caymanian/s families by any means necessary?

    Let’s continue to pray for these islands, pray for our brothers and sisters and the blessing from the good lord above.

    Have safe & Bless weekend!

    One Love!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Great letter Craig……residents of Cayman read letter’s like Craig and get pro active and push your Government to address crime now. Push Government to educate the parents so their children will grow with Caymanian values of the past. Don’t just write letters do something before you loose controlof your life.

      Craig’s point about complacency and parenting , for some, is spot on.

      Lachlan MacTavish

  5. Don't worry I wont stay says:


    Not quite 10 years ago, while in Las Vegas, when I went to enter a night club I was stopped and asked for ID. As I would have been slightly more than 20 years over the drinking age I felt a wee bit annoyed and mentioned it to the uniformed guard at the door. 

    He showed me a large sign at the door that stated it was state law that you present your ID prior to entry into a nightclub and then pointed to a camera watching him work and said he would lose his job if he did not comply with the law.

    Did it violate my rights? No, they did not keep the information.

    Did this prevent underage drinking? Perhaps it helped.

    Did it enhance security? Absolutely.

    As a customer there I felt very at ease knowing that everyone in the establishment had proven they had ID on them. Most pick-pockets, thugs, drug-dealers, predators, gangsters and hitmen are unlikely to carry a wallet with them to work.




    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      For those of you that have watched crime in Cayman grow over the last decade I have an advantage, I have watched it for almost 4 decades. In a very short time we have gone from never locking your doors, even at night, even when you left the island, always leaving your keys on the floor of your car, even in the airport parking lot, and maybe meeting David Foster on the steps of Scotia having a ten minute conversation while he laid a bag of money on the sidewalk to armored trucks. Bottom line is we are headed with no solution in sight towards gated secure compounds for those that can afford it and the rest. I have mentioned this for years in my letters, our leaders need to read the histories of Bermuda, The Bahama’s, and JA…..we are headed in the same direction. With knowledge we can stop what is happening. But it seems no one wants to address this issue. The crime and especially the planned murders in Cayman must stop and stop now or we will become part of history. Find the money to fund the police department because right now you don’t need funds for anything else. Unless Cayman’s crime is in check people will leave and no one will visit.

      Lachlan MacTavish 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Who else should be responsible for the security of the nightclub besides the security guards!?! How can a person enter the premises with a gun and go inside without being detected? Who is responsible for that?

  7. Anonymous says:

    I am also an ex employee of Titan Security and I want to respond to the other person who said they used to work at Next Level. 

    I know for a fact that Security for Titan is trained for club work.  When I was working for them I was put through a course in club work and had to attend classes which was paid for by mr Leslie. One of the classes was conducted by CASK.  Those classes included self defense and removal from the club as well as door guard searches and crowd control.  Most fo the guards I know that work for mr Leslie are also ex Security or Police officers.  Lately I know that he has tried to recruit young Caymanians and he done that in order to help them get off the streets and I gotta commend him for that.  I am a Caymanian and when I went to him he helped me out and I am going to always be grateful for that. 

    I left Titan Security because I was able to find a job that paid more.  I am not complaining about what Titan paid me but I have 3 kids and a wife who works 2 jobs.  I have to go where the money is.  However, if that man was to call me to come help him at an event or anything like that I would never turn him down. 

    The guards carry flashlights and some are with handcuffs.  Security here is very limited to what they can carry.  Do not blame them. Blame the law.

    Yes they do use metal detectors on some guess and for most of the men that enter they are given a physical search.  I myself would get uncomfy searching men because most of them curse and act angry on a wednesday night for being searched.  So yes I would imagine the female guard being just as nervous.  On wednesday the guys that come in there curse and carry on like fools.  That is why security is so concentrated on the dancefloor because you never know when a fight breaks out.

    Security can be improved yes but you cannot blame them for what happened.  That was an intentional killing and we all know it.  In the club or outside in the car park it was going to happen.

    The writer made a suggestion that if a fight starts to kill the music.  Well that happens.  The ligths do not go on but everyone goes next level knows that fights are broken up faster and taken outside than when the old security used to be there.

    Arming guards is one thing but again BLAME THE LAW. 

    • Anonymous says:

      First of all, if the security guards had done their job properly and were using the wand for EVERYONE and patting down as they said they do, how did the firearm get into the club?  Also Security Guards wearing HANDCUFFS is against the law, so Titan is breaking the law!!!! 

      You should also verify if he has his Security License with the RCIPS remember as of June 2009, he didn’t.  

      I know for a fact, that female minors get into Next Level without their IDS being asked for.  I believe everyone knows this!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      I blame TuPac and his "Thug Life"…he started all of this

  8. Jeremy says:

    I think everyone seems to be blaming everybody and every method or lack there of, but the killer.  Circumstances that aided are good for a debate but the truth is these individuals are to the point of reasoning where killing takes no soul searching (anymore).  the other day a shooting went on in the area of young world fashion.  another shooting took place in a residential area.  whats the common denominator?  there are alot, but the one i preach is that these killers don’t care "where" their victims are.  Their options of resolving situations have grown grim and pretty violent.  we are living in a world where you could die for appearing to look at someone with your dark shades on.  metal detectors wont solve that. neither will security..  theres no consideration for life or appreciation for it anymore.  Thats the problem. sheep leading sheep,  teens idols, are just older teens.  Still figuring life out.  Change that and you change your killing stats.   

  9. Anonymous says:

    There seems to be a back and forth issue of whether or not the girls were properly searched at Next Level.   So it is safe to say that everyone is in agreement that the men were searched and that the women had some failure in being personally searched. 

    Well you tell me what club you go to that women are searched like men.  O Bar do not even search people to begin with.  LI is slack at it.  Peppers non existant to searching women.  And no other bar does it. 

    Look at Maca Buca letting a woman get through and stabbing another in the neck in the bathroom.  Trust me my people.  Cayman gone bad and there is no stopping it.

    At least I can say that at Next Level they got some procedures in place.  What disturbs me is now we know women just as bad as men in helping them sneak in weapons.

    But still back to my point.  We gotta see if rules are in place that allows more extensive searches of women.  Last I check you can get charged for Insulting the Modesty of a Woman if you touch her and she complains.  So imagine the pressure the guards are under.  I would not want to search a female like I would a male.  Even though I doing my job next thing you know I getting arrested for sexual assault. 

    Those metal detectors I see them use is half good.  And last thing we need are airport style detectors at a club.  You would scare everyone off.

    If the Police can stop the gunson the road we would not have to worry about them getting into a club or bar or restuarant or anywhere.

    So this is how it goes in Cayman.

    They come in a hospital and kill a man

    They come in a club and kill a man

    They go to a yard and kill a man

    whats next…. Go to a workplace and kill a man?  Now that will be the last straw!

    • Recently Enligtened says:

      "Look at Maca Buca letting a woman get through and stabbing another in the neck in the bathroom."


      Macabuca is an outside/open-air bar. Akin to the likes of Hammerhead’s, Rackham’s, Aqua Beach and Coconut Joe’s. These places serve food and are family friendly. They do not have controlled entrances and exits, and can not be compared to the likes of nightclubs.

  10. young man of cayman says:

    As a former security guard who worked at next level I know this incident could have been prevented! You can’t place the blame on any one person. I believe this resulted in a series of events that should have been handlelled differently by various parties.

    One issue is that of metal detectors. I have been to the club almost every wed night of the last few weeks.(For some reason I stayed home this tragic night)Not once have I been waived over with a metal detector. Every time I was frisked it was by a lady who was obviously uncomfortable with searching thoroughly. As previous people have commented I know it is common practice for the security to become lax at the door and focus more on the bar and dance area as the night comes to a close because most incidents happen in those areas when people are intoxicated.

    Solution: Make in law that all club owners purchase and install walk-through metal detectors. Also there should be a male and female officer at the door at all times to frisk anyone suspicious. These officers should be trained in proper search techniques also.

    Another issue is that when a fight or altercation occurs in the club I think the music should stop until the situation is resolved. While working I have seen many innocent people get injured just enjoying themselves and not knowing there is a brawl occuring a few feet behind them. DJ’s should be more active in cooling situations because thats what everyone is focused on…the music. With people dancing and moving around the bar it is often times hard to distinguish which people are fighting.

    Security officers have to be trained and armed. None of the security at next level have any sort of training or protection. (If the owner of Titan security would like me to prove this I am more than willing). Even if the security officers are given industrial flashlights and handcuffs that would make the job a little easier. I have been in situations where security officers have had to hold someone in a bear hug for 15 mins until police arrive.

    I also feel the police needs to play a more preventive role. I think every club should have a civi clothes officer that works with security and advises them. I think this would result in faster response times and more cooperation between the police and private security. I also believe this would deter "shady" characters from even attending the club knowing there is a police presence somewhere in there.

    Finally I believe the responsibility is to us. Young Caymanians. I feel that young cayman males are becoming an endangered species. Love and respect each other. Stop with the gun violence. A life lost can never be returned. I am not advocating violence but what happened to the days when a dispute was settled with words or a simeple fist fight. Bruises and cuts heal. Death is forever.

    PS. to all out there with conspiracy theories about some drug and gang connection. look at yourselves first. when last have you done anything to try to steer someone out of that direction. older Caymanians have this thing for placing the blame. blame yourselves for not encouraging and supporting youths. its always alot of negativity coming out of the churches and social groups on this tiny islands that needs to stop!

  11. Anonymous says:

    "The owner of Titan Security, Matthew Leslie, who provides the Next Level Nightclub with guards, said he had ten people working the club when Carlo Webster was shot dead inside the club in the early hours of Thursday morning. Leslie said that all his staff followed procedure and everyone entering and re-entering the club was searched."

    I know for a fact that security at Next Level turn a blind eye to most if not all of the female patrons, who could quite easily have carried a weapon in for the murderer who took away such a young life.  So I completely disagree with Mr Lite – both the club and its titan have a job to do to keep patrons safe in their establishment… and they failed miserably.

  12. Cayman 1 says:

    Everyone at the club need to line up by the Police station and give the Police the name(s) of at least two or three people that you know was there that night.

    Come on this is very sad, one of the gun shots could have been in you.  Yes you, you were there.

    Come forward and help the police, the next time could be you, yes YOU.


    • Anon says:

      Just go on and u can see pictures of the people that were there on Wednesday night….look for the pictures posted on 9/10/2009 at Next Level

  13. Anonymous says:





  14. anonymous says:

    PPM is to be blamed, i agree with the poster @ Friday 9/11/09 , 11:08. Crime is out of control and at an all time high, things are going to be gloomy for a long time despite the CI having a more proactive gov’t in power.The UDP will  find ways to battle this scourge but it’s going to be one hell of a battle, thanks to the PPM and their failed policies!

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM failed miserably at keeping crime down.  They totally dropped the ball on that one and now the UDP has to pick up the pieces.  Resign PPM!

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry friend, that I did not beg the guard to search me… I’ll know better next time. I would have had no problem if I was searched because I had nothing to hide on me. I do not know about you but, I do not just walk in to a business and tell staff what to do and how to do it- so excuse me if that makes me a hypocrite. I was not blaming them- but blame one, blame all. What happened was very unfortunate but what people fail to realize is that whatever is meant to happen will happen.

  16. Anonymous says:

    To the dumb ass who put the comment earlier about Security holding back info did you not read what CNS wrote.  Security are cooperating with Police and police have the cameras that are there and as far as I am hearing a suspect is in custody. If Security was not cooperating the man would not have made a statement to CNS or anyone else.  Obviously he is doing right by his employees and is keeping his business in order.  Like SUGA said Matthew.  KEEP YA HEAD UP cuz if it was one of those white man security companies we would not hear a damn thing and ALL YOU CAYMANIANS know that.

    Who really wants to deal with Security at night clubs.  The Security companies do not want to deal with the hassle.  Trust me for Matthew Leslie to be taking on the contracts I see his company got I gotta give the man props for being a Caymanian trying to make his own.  Also yes I see he got alot of Caymanians working for him so for that alone I gonna give him 100% support. 

    Suga you right about alot of stuff in your post.  You tell em girl.  We need to support our own and come together and give good advice.  Not tear down.

  17. Anonymous says:

    You can only keep blaming everybody else for so long. It wasn’t the nightclub owners fault that there are too many Caymanian gangsters, it wasn’t the security company’s fault that there are too many Caymanian gangsters.

    A society that turns a blind eye to drug use and petty crimes, because they are crimes committed by a ‘young Caymanian boy from a nice family’ is looking for trouble. Too many young Caymanians are being brought up with a sense of great entitlement and follow the examples of their lazy parents that drink themselves silly, beat up wives and blame everybody else for their problems.

    Kids are coming out of school with no qualifications but with expectations of being rich, because it is their birthright. When they get into the real world and nobody employs them (even Caymanian employers are sick of laziness now) in well paid jobs, they have the choice between earning and honest living on a bricksite or training to be a chippy, mechanic, plumber etc OR they can sell drugs, go out stealing, burgling and shooting. The well brought up half go into the honest trades and make a living. The lazy half go into the life of crime.

    The immediate solution is to impose a curfew on alcohol consumption, for the hours of darkness for all Caymanian youths under 30 unless they get sepcific clearance from police and employers.

    This is very harsh but the island is in dire straits financially anyway and we cannot afford to lose tourists or educated expats, both of whom singlehandedly prop up the economy here. We lose these tourist and expat spending dollars and the rest of the country will go to the dogs.

    Hopefully some of the youngsters will get pi$$ed off with being stuck inside every night and will start ‘remembering’ stuff that they saw when there is these murders in clubs and ‘nobody saw nuffin’. As soon as some people lead by example and reporting stuff to crimestoppers and earn their rewards others will surely follow. We can get some of these thugs off the street and start moving away from this culture of violence.


  18. Still close it says:

    In the UK if a club or bar is the centre of violence or the drug trade and impsiong the highest measures od security does not stop it, that club or bar is shut down.

    Since the licensee has admitted he can do no more ot protect people and that protection is not good enough, the time has come to close down the business.

    In any event the club clearly has recently pandered to the gangtser lifestyle with the choice of music it plays and how it promotes itself, especially in respect of mid-week nights.

    Close Next Level down.  Now.

  19. Anoymous says:

    The root cause of this stems from the law-making failures of the PPM, which the UDP is still working on to fix.  

    A lax attitude toward everything under the PPM government (who only got involved in things long enough to try to blame someone else) has resulted in an explosion of crime that threatens the whole existence of the Cayman Islands.

    • Anon says:

      Yes, blame the Government – it’s all their fault. What a pathetic statement. Some posters on these forums expect Government to do everything for them. *Newsflash* – that doesn’t happen anywhere in the World.

      Most crimes would be solved if witnesses would come forward. Lack of co-operation between the community and police has lead to this crime explosion. People are just too scared to come forward. Remember there’s no-where to hide from retaliation here…….

      And to those of you who circulated the picture – you disgust me.

    • Anonymous says:

      u all got a PPM problem? wait till mckeeva finish with this island in the next four years then u all have something to really talk about.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I smell another lawsuit coming.

  21. M. Lite says:

    Stop playing the blame game. 

    This wasn’t the club’s fault, this wasn’t the polices’ fault, this wasn’t the security guards fault!  As long as we have drug dealers and gangs in this country people are going to get killed.  Yes, you can put enough security in Next Level where it might not happen there but what about at the gas station?  What about at Champion House?  What about in front of your house? 

    This is your fault!!  All of you!  We all know someone who is involved in drugs or hangs with the wrong crowd.  You look the other way when your little cousin or friend smokes a little ganja and when the police catches him and arrests him you bitch that the police are racist and should leave young Caymanians alone.  Guess what, these same ones smoking ganja are the same ones killing people or being killed.  Don’t get me wrong, not all people that consume drugs are involved in dealing or gangs, but there are a few.

    We as parents and brothers and sisters and cousins and preachers and teachers and leaders are at fault!  We have looked the other way.  We have given up on a child.  We have not cared.  We have not disciplined. 

    You are the same parent that when a teacher disciplines your child you go to the school and try and fight the teacher.  You are the same friend that cusses the police arresting your friend when he breaks the law.

    We the people of Cayman have failed ourselves!

    No amount of policing will stop drugs and guns from coming into this island.  Only a concerted effort from the entire community can change the social derogation that we find this country in.

    Until YOU take the time to teach your children the value of life, it will not change.  Until YOU stopcodling criminals and insist that your brother/cousin/friend gets hard time for the crime he committed, it will not change.  Until YOU stop blaming someone else for our problems, it will not change.

    • Anonymous says:

      introduce a no thug policy…men can only come in if they are coming with a female, no stockings or hats on heads, collared shirts, no baggy jeans etc…and competent security..10 guards on? what were they doing?…or just get rid of reggae nights and keep it as a tourist spot 

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent post M. Lite – completely agree!

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    • Anonymous says:

      The community are the only ones that can correct this problem.  All too often we do as the poster says ignore crimes becuase it is a relative or a freind that is invloved.

      Bottom line is they are criminals.

      Enough of the bleeding heart liberals that like to blame other infulencies, it is the community and nothing more.

      The youth think that they are in charge let them know they are not.


  22. Young.KY.female says:

    I’ve been searched 80% of the time – every time I’ve attended on a Wednesday night, however.  After a certain hour, they start slacking on the searches, and if I’ve left and re-entered the club they rarely search me again. I’ve also noticed at the rear of the club guards who let people in and out of the back door – some nights frequently, other nights never.  Most are persons who work at the club but I’ve seen a man talking with a guard answer his phone and consequently leave and return within a few minutes. 

    I’m not saying that security was the only reason this went unnoticed – deep down, no one wants to believe that a tragedy like this can occur nor that someone would be so brazen to carry it out, but you cannot say that the security isn’t at fault here if the gun was only present after the club’s opening hours.  Sure the number of physical fights have decreased, or more so have been broken up more quickly, but doors should be secured at all times – barbacks should have all their supplies in the supply closet inside the club for the night which wouldn’t require anyone to use any doors other than the entrance and main exit until the end of the night.

    And there is less than 4 hours of tape that needs to be watched so why is this taking so long to review? Especially when this incident shows traits of gang violence and retaliations are likely to follow if perpetrators are not caught quickly.

    And no one, especially a tourist wants to walk through an airport-fashion metal detector to get into a night club so this recommendation is poor.  Cheaper and more efficient solutions are easily enforced without scaring away patrons from a seemingly (well definitely) unsafe environment.

    Please notice that these safety measures were only put in place at Next Level and LI (Matrix), etc once violence had already occurred.  It takes an eye-opener like this to make real and necessary changes.  Fights go on in and outside of O-bar all the time and they rarely (if ever) search.   And they also have a back door allowing for quick access to the rear of Attic.

    I pray for the justice of the loved ones and mostly the now fatherless children involved the outcome of this horrific crime.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Mr Leslie

    I know you trying to defend your guards and I done know that you have really made an attempt to help Caymanians because I notice you had alot of Caymanians working for you.  I even talk to some and they say you paying them good wages and you giving them a chance.  So I not gonna beat up on your company because unlike the other companies that hire these expats for $5 an hour you actually trying to help you own people.  At least I hear you paying your Caymanians $9 and up.  But make sure you give them training as well.  So for that I say we as Caymanians need to come together and support Mr Leslie and his company because at least they trying to help Caymanians.  I know you a young man and for that I proud of you.

    Okay now I gotta get serious here.   Now that we had this incident happen I think we need to get a little stricter on searching women cuz either a woman bring the gun in like one reader wrote or it was brought in during the day.  So maybe the club needs to address its daytime hours when it is open for deliveries and stuff.

    Okay now to the person that ask why security not stop the man with the gun.  Stop them with what?  For one they not gonna lock the doors with almost 200 people in there.  What is the shooter decide to shoot he way out.

    I hear that when people realise shooting take place they ran and security did try to get at the shooter.  But with almost 200 people running out a club I am sure 10 guards not gonna stand in their way so the shooter could easily run out the crowd and get away.  Common sense tell anyone that.

    Police being at the clubs is a good idea.  That will help.  Security cannot do it alone.  So Mr Leslie keep ya head up and support ya guards and make them better.

    • Anonymous says:

      From an intimate knowlegde, when the police use to be at the clubs, there were never incidents of this sort. Drugs, and weapons were recovered and there use to be a larger turn out to the venues. know that police are not there to provide the servie it has become a free for all and its no longer safe. BRING BACK THE POLICE.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Close it down Lock up all these wasters and drugist  and chemist Send dem a Church or penitentiary we all know whats going on in this joint

  25. Dred says:

    Mr Leslie can I ask you a question? Do you believe in fairies? HOW DID IT GET IN THEN?? Did it magically appear?

    Your guards allowed the gun to enter pure and simple. Someone dropped the ball. I know all you are doing is protecting your business but what about protecting human life? Someone was killed on your watch!!!

    Please do not think we are all as simple as to believe the gun did not pass by your officers because it did.

    Next, you had 10 security guards on site and no one apprehended or attempted to apprehend the culprit? What are you securing?

    Okay. He had a gun and no security is probably interested in getting up close to a person with a gun but don’t tell me you couldn’t have followed him and maybe pursued him in a vehicle to make sure he doesn’t fully escape.

    There were 10 officers there not one followed him?? NOT ONE!!!!

    Some security!! I am glad I do not attend these clubs because all you find there is trouble. I am not a holier than thou person because I use to club but these are not the times I came from. When i clubbed we walked in without security at doors. No one backed guns. We fisted out our problems.

    A little analysis from my side:

    With crimes such as these now seemingly escalating it seems the ones to gain from these incidents is the security firms as companies such as nightclubs will now all look to secure themselves and now even more officers maybe required.

    A fresh look at Nightclubs and bars I feel is now warranted.  I also believe a stronger hand needs to be placed on security firms to ensure that they are hiring only the best and most capable officers.

    1. I firmly believe now all clubs who want to operate need walk thru metal detectors like those found at airports.
    2. Officers posted at all entrances and exits and at all times.
    3. Officers should all have sort of hand to hand combat training.

    One concern I am having is that firms just hire anyone to work for them because they need staff allowing them to pay them low wages and make them plenty money. Officers need to be trained to do their jobs and effectively and under the most straineous of circumstances such as this incident. If officers are not apprehending or attempting to apprehend then maybe they are insufficiently trained or should not be employed.

    I feel very strongly the airport style metal detectors are needed. The pat downs are obviously missing things.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bigs up to you!!!! I’m with you all the way on this one.

    • Anonymous says:

      My Fellow Caymanians:

      Either the guards didn’t do their jobs properly; or, worse; someone was tipped or had some pact with the murderer. It really makes the management of the nightclub look bad.

      Nevertheless, although more CCTV camaras and recordings may help catch the perpatrators of an offense, government and concerned citizens need to put more of their focus on the development of their young people. It wouldn’t surprise me that all of these crimes are committed by those below the age of 25. 

      One good recommendation is to allow anger management, coping with stress, and the harmful effects of drugs to be taught more frequently in schools. Parents and teachers should not relax on such matters, because such matters pertains to the spiritual side of young people. Batons and cuffs will not solve the problem of addiction and hate in the minds of the ignorant. Police need to focus more on "Information Warfare" or self-awareness training.

      I know it appears to be a long road and it takes alot of patience to see someone turn-around from their vile habits, but "awareness" over punishment is the only way to strike at the root of the problem. There may be some who will never want to change for the better, but at least we can provide programs for those who want to change. This sending people in and out of Northward Prison has got to stop!


    • The Force says:

      For the most part, these Security companies are simply a money making machine for the owners.

      What quality security guards can we expect at $6 & $7 per hour? Big men working for such a pittance working long hours all through the night, with no protection.  I had a security guard personally tell me that he is not putting his life on the line.  When he sees something happening he runs!

      From a different perspective, has anyone realized that crime has risen alarmingly (particularly burglaries) since the introduction of security guards at all these premises? 

      I had a property manager from Seven Mile Beach tell me that at the time the property she managed did NOT have night security guards whilst all the others around did – her property was the only one not getting broken into. Later she acquired security DOGS – much better idea.

      Makes you think doesn’t it?

    • SUGA says:

      It got in because many women take in the weapons.. I am a woman and once I smile and flirt I can get what I want.

      Because Securities Guards are men they rarely touch the women.

      How did the gun get in Peppers the other day – A woman.

      Why do we as caymanians find ways to kill out own phsically, finacially and mentally.

      Look around do you see the Latinos, Filipinos, Canadians, Trinis and others tearing themselves down.

      Look in your back yard can you cast the first stone? Lets suppor the fact that there is actually a video to be seen; lets tell our own we support you-my fellow caymanian.

      Nations will fight against nations – WAR- the holy book lists the facts- Bob Marley sings the revolutions and we the nagative attibutors fullfills the prophecy.

      Matthew – if it was a white man we wouldnot be writing anything negative. My son do your best .





  26. Dan Dan says:

    Honestly speaking there are just young people that love to party, me being one of them. If they don’t open the clubs then I will find somewhere else to go and get my dance on.

    The stupid ideas people come with makes me seethe but I will exercise the outmost patience to explain this and break it down for some of you people.

    I would rather be in a club where there are other people and security around to protect me or at least try if anything bad were to happen, if the clubs are closed down and I have to go to a secret rave at some seedy address God knows where the incidences of unsolved crimes will shoot thru the roof.

    Anytime something bad happens we want to blame everyone without thinking it through.

    I propose this:

    – Implement stringent codes of dress to help eradicate the ability to sneak things in i.e. huge clothes, hats, etc.

    – Make sure security guards are searching everyone (including their friends) and that means having a female guard by the entrance at all times to search females as well as males.

    – Have a police car stationed at the club if need be at random times (they have no qualms paying the police to have retarded road blocks every other day but can’t find three to stay at the clubs on busy nights, come on what a waste of police resources)!!!!!

    – Instead of the police running through the club as a congo line at the very end, have a designated beat officer walk around in the club randomly (utilizing his manners please)!

    How can you expect to stop crime if you don’t have any ideas about the people you are trying to protect? Get to know the youth of Cayman, we are not all BAD, we are not all hooligans or gun toting idiots!

    We will not stand by and allow the elders of this country to continue to dictate to us when we should shop, eat, dance, drink or even go to church! These ancient views must stop and the future embraced.

    Let go of all of the ‘this is how we use to do things’ past, it’s gone, over. Step into the 21st century and embrace us, together we all can make the difference.

    I know this is all in vain because the elders of this country have shown us the way, you guys are the ones who are our example and by the things we have seen our actions are depicting them.

    Don’t believe me, let me give you a few examples:

    * Folks wanted a change in Cayman after the PPM did it’s thing in office so they elected dishonest, uneducated criminals once again to run this country,

    * Our police whose job is to protect go out of their way to demoralize and disrespect anyone who dares defy them,

    * Our religious leaders (lmao) are too busy holding signs against Gays to be able to have any idea about us or even the good God they serve,



    • Dred says:

      Dan Dan Dan…

      I am older than you and I can tell that.

      Look it’s not that we are pointing fingers down at you but your generation is taking things to levels we haven’t seen before. You need to get an understanding and appreciation for the full picture.

      Look let me put it another way for you.

      This year we have seen 6 people brutally murdered in Cayman. Between the ages of 16 and 30 I believe I can safely say I don’t recall any 5 years no strike that any 10 years during that span when we had so many people murdered.

      Now in light of this something is changing or has changed at the lower end of our population as things there were solve by two people in a parking lot duking it out fist against fist is now being done by guns and knives.

      When someone from my age group or older looks at this we are terribly alarmed because we all looked at Jamaica and saw this and was happy we lieved here in Cayman. Never did we imagine this coming here.

      Now I agree with things you say and I would add an airport style metal detector to your list and the fact that security officers need licensing and heavy oversight. This licensing should be intergrated with proper training.

      This problem we are facing is being escalated by the poor ability of our police department and our other bodies of government guarding our shores allowing guns to be brought iinto these Islands.

      This problem is also being escalated by the drug trade that is happening here also. In the end this will be tied to drugs somehow someway either directly or indirectly. This was either a hush job or a payback or something tied to drugs or a crime relating to drugs.

      Now to the political side of things. Well I am not a Big Mac fan myself but what I have found with him is he doesn’t hold too many punches and I gained a lot of respect for him after Ivan. We came back reallly strong. I personally would never haveimagined the turn around that happened here.

      I wouldn’t call him an angel but this honestly is not about politics this is about us. You and me and our children and children children. Today you look at this from a young person point of view but sometime in the future if you live to see it you too will be sitting where I am today and I pray you will be looking at a better day than we are now.

      I would ask you to sit back for a second and accelerate what you see happening here and ask yourself if you are not concerned. You go to Miami and see streets where everyone has bars on their windows? This is where we are heading and our youth today need to stand up and be counted against a future in Cayman that looks like this.

      Let me make it crystal clear to you. When we become like that Cayman and your future is dead. DEAD!! Tourism will fall even harder than it is now. Financial will fall because we will have no choice but to implore taxes to save us therefore squashing our Tax Free status. Little to no finance sector and no tourism = DEATH.

      It’s up to you and your generation to help stop this. You need to start thinking about your future and the future of your children and not as much about getting your "dance" on. It’s not that you have to not have fun but be more prudent about where and how you have fun and how often.

      I ask every young adult between the ages of 16 and 25 to think clearly about thier life today and where they want to go in life. It’s up to each and everyone of you to change the path we are heading in.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with everything you are saying but would like to add . We had in years gone by some of the richest drug dealers in cayman doing business here. No one in these 3 islands ever  heard of the crimes you’re generation is committing because of "Respect". What a bunch of "Fools" to believe that you will reach your goal. Don’t believe me, ask anyone we all know who they were. When you saw a rich powerful dealer they would say hello give a smile ask how your family is etc…..No one saw anything else. Now don’t get me wrong I ‘ m not agreeing with your life choices. But it doesn’t seem like you all know what you doing. Do you think you not going to get caught? Trust me its only a matter of time. You can’t spend the money cause the law will know. So what are you going to do bury it? How much do you need to live good? Will your so called friends still be your friends when you sitting in front of the law giving your statement? Will he protect you or give you up? Most likely give you up? He don’t want to go to jail anymore then you. So What’s your point ? You want respect? From who fool? Your mom your dad your kids? Do you really think they respect you like this?                                                                                                       All of these crimes are due to drugs. Drugs coming form Jamaica not US,UK, Cuba or Central america. The jamaicans that are pushing drugs here are mostly uneducated, very poor people who have protection in there country!  You don’t have that option. You are most likely working and making less then 100,000 dlrs per year. You all don’t have the know how to be successful in this business ! Get out now before you become another statistic. 

                                    Your Caymanian cousin

        • Anonymous says:

          While I agree with you that all crimes are due to drugs, don’t put all the blame on Jamaicans.  Yes, they may smoke the weed here and there and everywhere but there are a lot of other nationalities here that are involved in drug trafficking, not to mention the smuggling of guns into the country.

    • SUGA says:

      responding to Honestly Speaking


      I must say you were doing good until you made your first bullet point

      If the government before this one was soo good why are we broke why do we have a kitchen in an unfinished high school that cost more that what it would have taken to build the george town primay school that is still in trailer homes?

      Educate your self no govenrment is better but if you have educated people elected that cannot balance a budget… would you say they are the better choice?

      Do not make this political – but maybe you are one fo those fickle persons that cannot see past politics. Funny you point a finger on criminals yet you have not held the persons responsible for the financial mess. I guess it is criminal to seek the UK’s help. but wouldwe be seeking help if the educated persons had not over spent? I am sure in your superior and educated mind you have a justified answer.

      hint for you.. if the children are not educated we will have more violence where do we educate kids in school….. COME ON FOCUS!!

      p.s I am not for any party I voted independent and one question to you did you vote???

      Walk Better than that its that kind of ….. that makes the world an unjust one…


  27. Anonymous says:

    YA I SEE THE HATERS WOKE UP AND READY TO POINT FINGERS.  I pretty sure the people saying they was not searched by security friends of the deceased. (by the way my condolences to his family)

    Trust me, I go that club on Monday for all youcan drink….Wednesday for DJ Lin..and Saturday for DJ XS and when we go there we take forever to get in cuz Security searching people one by one.  And we all done know Wednesday the night where all the thugs and wanna be gangstas out and about there so Security even harder to go through. 

    Harry not no fool.  If this company was doing a bad job he would get rid of them long ago like he did the other security company.  Remember how that last company used to be all bad up and in fights and stuff.  You all need to stop pushing dirt and start talking what you know.  If you at the club and you so smart to see gaurd drinking and can tell soda from rum n coke try so tell police what you saw when the shooting happen.  Cuz that the info we need to get cuz I not hitting no club again whether LI or Level or anywhere til I know this man get catch

  28. noname says:

    It not no one fault but the person that did the deed.  We need fi stop blaming everyone else.  This was gonna happen eventually at a club.  Plus I hear this the same one that shot that guy in the face up Peppers.  So not like this not happen before around a club.  Unfortunate mess we in people.

  29. TRUTH says:

    I was there that night and I was checked and I saw everyone else checked.  I not gonna say things perfect but who the hell IN THE CAYMAN ISLANDS was gonna expect this to happen.  Club security alone half the time cuz police only come when they a problem.  I agree with the last writer that they should be there all the time around the clubs.

  30. Oh My says:

    I don’t agree that Titan is to blame. That is an unfair statement. Security should have been better- no mystery there, but if someone saw a fight, they should have called the police to come right away. Because the guard could have thrown them out and someone still could have been killed.

    "Ban sneakers and jeans"?? Hello, not only "thugs" wear these. I guess the men should wear church clothes then? What would you suggest?

    About twelve cameras around the place and police are asking for witnesses?? Weren’t the cameras turned on? I hope they know who’s hand they put those tapes in, and that its someone that can be trusted…


    • Anonymous says:

      If the shooting took place inside the Club, Where was the security when it happened and why was the shooter not apprehended.

      To have so many security guards on duty and for this to happen and the gunman escaping without anyone even knowing who he was do not speak well for the security company.

      The Po;ice should hold all the security guards responsible and demand that they produce the information to apprehend the gunman.

      • Born & Bred says:

        "why was the shooter not apprehended"

        OK so what you’re telling me is that an unarmed, quarters carrying, flash light shining security guard should have rushed this armed man (who by the way seems to have no problem putting holes in people).  Come on now me and you both know if you heard shots fired in a confined place you would be the first to bunny hop that bar and play dead.

        One thing to understand is when somebody is prepared to kill it dosen’t matter where and when.  This could have easily happened anywhere else, once the opportunity was there that’s was it.  Clubs?  No people look at the bigger picture, start from the outside and work your way in before the issue even reaches the clubs or anywhere else

        – The police have a general idea of who these thugs are, most of them shouldn’t even be on the road, pressure them.

        – Since they have an idea of who’s doing what and where, raid them on a regular basis and be more vigilant. 

        This thing about next level security not doing there job is rubbish, from my experience next level security is better than the other clubs and quite frankly if someone has real intent in his heart to get a gun inside and do something with it, as we all know when there’s a will there’s a way (you never watched a prison flick or what?).

        We need to impose harsher sentences and punishments for criminals in Cayman as they do not fear going to prison.  This bull*$#% about giving them 3 meals a day and juice???? Give them saltine crackers and half a glass of water.  Make them work 12hr days, they aint got shit to do anyway…..if you call that inhumane then you can kiss my ass, I work too hard for my money.  Last thing to set them straight let go some 300lb hardened fudge stuffers in there to sort them out….bet they would put down the machine then. 

  31. Anonymous says:

    The doors of the club (like most other establishments) are regularly open during the day for deliveries etc – easy to slip in at those times and hide a weapon, say in a toilet tank, ready to use later.  Best security in the world at the door isn’t going to catch that.

  32. Anonymous says:

    I think it is quite disgusting and a poor reflection on some people in our society that they would circulate a graphic picture of the guy lying dead by email. How about having a bit of respect for the dead. 

  33. Anonymous says:

    I was present at one point and my friend and I were not searched upon entering. However, I do not put the blame on the security.
    There will always be a few that will slip through the cracks and there are people out there who are determined to not get caught and will go to great lengths. Yes I have noticed a decrease in incidents but it is obvious that it is not impossible to get a weapon inside a nightclub. Maybe it was planned or the weapon was planted inside the club from earlier. Everyone is looking someone to blame but the fact still remains we have lost yet another human life.
    I applaud the security for doing their jobs and a person can only do so much. Still at this present time, I am not willing to put my trust entirely in the security measures.
    May I suggest metal detectors in the doorways? Or a strict dress code? I hope things change for the better and that it does not get any worse.
    My condolences go out to the friends, family and anyone effected by this incident. My prayers go out to you all.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I was there Wednesday night along with three other friends (women) and we were not searched. So I’m sorry Mr. Managing Director… not trying to get anyone in trouble here but personally whenever I go there, I am never searched. I’m not sure if it was because we are females or because we got in free but we just breezed right through. Although, I have seen guys being searched. I enjoy going out and having a good time, but honestly there needs to be tighter security. And these days, it seems like police should be on standby. (They need cease putting so much emphasis on being down West Bay and wherever flying around in these helicopters and boats looking for Ganja, that’s not all going on) No one should have to be violated, but metal detectors can and should be utilized. I used to get "patted down" sometimes when going to LI, but these days my girls and I just walk right in. Seeing as to how a lot of these ‘women’/ girls are as fool as the men/boys- use metal detectors, and a basic search. I left before this happened, thank GOD but at the same time I can’t help but think that I or someone close to me could have been injured. I was dumb founded when I got a call saying that someone had died in the club. As far as I could see everyone was having a good time. I don’t know Carlo and I can’t say that I remember seeing him. I am furious that someone could have been standing over the guy taking pictures and then to forward it via email. Absolutely disgusting. Everyone should know by now how email works in Cayman, all it takes is one person to hit forward. Whatever the problem is or whatever, GUNS are not the answer. To all the cowards out there- put the guns DOWN and beat the persons ass. Don’t you realize that you are only hurting yourself! And I’m sure that the penalty would be less than what you would get for murder or attempted murder. Why would anyone take a gun to the club? Unless if you are looking for trouble. If you think that you have enemies or people that might start problems with you, stay your r*** home or go to places where you think you will be safe. But I for one know that there will be people out there who’s sole purpose in life is to be a troublemaker. All I can say is that we need to stop this senselessness. This is people’s lives that we are talking about. People- that have children and families. Caymanwas always though of as a God fearing place, but we don’t seem to have anymore of that. Maybe what we need is to put the love and fear of God in our children’s minds while they are small. I don’t want to preach, but am only thinking about alternatives..



    • Makam says:

      Why wait until now to tell of not being searched?

      Because you did not want the hassel of being searched otherwise you would have mentioned it to the security guards at the very first instance you "breezed right through"!

      How hypocritcal of you.

  35. Any says:

    Not surprised this happened on a wednesday aka "local’s night"

    Yes, I have been there and seen the security people and they treat their friends different, while I was there I had to show id and they searched my bag and a woman pat me down, while their friends just waved and passed without a second glance.

    • Anonymous says:

      "Not surprised this happened on a wednesday aka ‘local’s night’ "

      Then that is the answer right there – establish a curfew for all ‘locals’ between dusk and dawn. Do that and crime in Cayman will disappear.
  36. the Facts says:

    Some very good points but lets stay with the facts.


    1. A young man isdead;

    2. The gun was smuggled into the night club

    3. The club security (at some point) failed;

    The only way to ensure that this type of incident does not repeat itself is for the Liquor Board to come down hard on the club owner. Just like the USA did after 9/11 with the airlines. Make the club owners employ even more security and depoly working metal detectors at the door.

    The police should be stationed outside the clubs each night and should be an expense paid by the club owners.

    enought is engough

  37. Dan Dan says:

    My heart goes out to Carlo’s family and friends and I pray that they will find quick closure to such a horrible passing.

    No one deserves todie like that, no one deserves to be so disrespected in death as illustrated in the picture that was circulated and whoever sent it out I hope God only has slight mercy on your soul.

    To the killer – God sees EVERYTHING!! Satan cannot and will not protect you!

    Cayman now is the time to understand that the events unfolding is bigger that all of us and unless we figure out how to stand united then we have no chance to overcome the trials ahead.

    We ALL have a moral obligation as Human Beings to fight the good fight, to help eradicate and put a stop to this mindless violence. Don’t wait until it’s your child that is dying or killed to stand up and defend our children!

    DO IT NOW!!!


  38. Anonymous says:

    Im sure a female took it in. I have gone there over and over again and not once have i been checked!!!!!!! not with a wand not in my bag nothing! plus i have seen the security gaurds there drinking and i know the difference between an alcoholic bev. and a non alcoholic bev. Get real.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I was there that night and my friend and I was NOT searched. End of argument.

    • A Concerned Caymanian says:

      Thank you !!!!! For telling the truth re the security!!!!!

  40. Anonymous says:


    Please do NOT tape over the evidence. Please secure, label and keep in a safe place.


    Thank you.


    • Anonymous says:

      It is Titan Security’s fault.

      It was their responsibility to detect the weapon and they failed.

      Replace the security, ban hats/head gear, sneakers and jeans to keep the thug wannabes out or shut the place down.

      • Makam says:

        Yes blame everybody except the young Caymanian thugs themselves. Talk about blind to the facts.

  41. Patricia Bryan says:

    being that circumcstances are becoming so extreme at entertainment establishments, it may be time to install metal detectors such are at the ariports and courts. if weapons may have been concealed in other ‘ways/means’ to have likely gine undetected through the normal channels of inspection, then this is the only option. and what about staffers working the club? could it have gotten in this way? leave no stone unturned…i say.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Crime gonna happen no matter what you do.  Lock ya door or put security system they still gonna break in ya house.  Lock up ya car they still a steal.

    Hire guards they still rob ya.  This not Cayman no more.  I feel for the club and the owners.  They got good security working cuz they damn kick me out one night I was about to get into it. Stop me before it even started.  So trust me this boy come good to get that gun in there.  I think woman bring it in for him.

  43. noname says:

    I been in Next Level and sometimes I feel they have more Security in there than people.  So I am going to go ahead and agree with what this guy that owns this company says.  They gotta be doingsomething right cuz I see this Titan security everywhere I look. 

    I remember reading on here a while back that they got praises for bringing down the incidents at the club but that is just the point we need to make.  THERE SHOULD BE NO INCIDENTS AT THE CLUB.  Why do people have to go and ruin it for everyone else.  We suppose to go to the club and have a good time and enjoy some good drinks and dance.  What Cayman coming to?

  44. Anonymous says:


    My Opinion is that the club really had nothing to do with this crime, it was just the venue. We all need to understand that this could have happened anywhere! Yes I think that the security could have been tighter. Also I went to college in Miami and was a frequent visitor to South Beach to enjoy the night life. What I noticed that they had were police around these types of clubs (like Mansion on South Beach). Maybe this will be a first step.  But closing this place down or banning night clubs will just bring the crime into other establishments e.g. Bars, Restaurants, Movies, Gas Stations (of which I think need to be policed) have you seen a Red Bay Esso on a Saturday night???
  45. Sad Day in Cayman says:

    I am going to go with the theory that the gun was carried in by a female.   The Security at next level do a really strict job of searching the males but I have noticed that they women are just given a quick scan with the metal detectors or a light pat down.  Then the bags are searched and they go through.  If a woman wanted the gun concealed all she would do is strap it between her legs.  I spoke with a police officer that said searching procedures for women have to be taken carefully.  Last thing you want is a woman being touched near that area and a lawsuit or false accusation rise up.  So when and if they have caught this shooter I am pretty sure that will surface that a girl assisted him in getting the gun in. CNS have they got the shooter as yet?

    CNS: You’ll know as soon as we know!

    • Anonymous says:

      Security could employ female guards at the door to do a more

      thorough search of the women going in….

  46. Anonymous says:

    I have been to Next Level many times and everytime I go there I am searched and patted down by the guards.  So there is no doubt in my mind that a breach had to occur which was ot of the control of Security.  Could the gun had been brought in during the day? I pass Next Level everyday to and from my way to work and I see delivery boys from the different liquor companies making deliveries.  Has the Police looked at this as a possible entry for the gun to get into the club?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks for your suggestions cause I know that RCIP needs to sit down and watch a few marathons of CSI maybe that will give them some insite as to how to solve a crime.

      • Anonymous says:




        THANK YOU!

        CNS: Thanks for contributing. Next time could you leave the caps lock off though. Thanks!