Hotel in Aruba offers ‘Conception Credit’ to couples

| 15/09/2009

(Telegraph): A luxury resort on the Dutch Caribbean island of Aruba is offering amorous couples a discount of around $300 (£180) on a future booking – if they conceive a child during their holiday. Management at the Westin Resort, located in Palm Beach on the island’s northern coastline, have devised the scheme in an effort to attract would-be mothers and fathers. Couples will be rewarded with a $300 ‘Conception Credit’ if they can prove that their baby was conceived while they were staying atthe hotel. A doctor’s note confirming that the likely conception date coincided with the couple’s stay will be accepted as evidence, according to the resort.

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  1. EYW says:

    Please tell me that you are joking?

    A stay-cation…. to concieve a baby? I honestly believe that there are too many babies being born into homes that cannot afford to give them a good life or do not want them in Cayman.

    I smell an increase to our current "crime spree" if there are more mothers needing fathers to provide more funds for the conception credit babies. I am not blaming the whole problems on men and women trying to provide for themsleves and their families but think about it… Some of the countries with the highest birth rates are also some of the countries with the most poverty, crime, HIV/AIDS rates and lowest GDP per capita.

    Aruba is trying to market themselves as a honeymoon destination. The honeymoon will certainly be over for The Cayman Islands as a destination if crime and unemployment rise.

    We should be teaching our teens and our general population safe sex practices and not making conception in a hotel room at a nice hotel glamorous.

  2. Solutions says:

    I wonder if Arubans can take advantage of this if they take a "staycation".

    If not, listen up Westin, Ritz, Marriot and the rest of you…

    Just think, Cayman…  We are all complaining about Caymanian’s being a dieing breed…  If we all took advantage of an offer like this the benefits would be huge – We could increase our population while getting paid to screw around.

    In fact, since the corporations are paying for it, it means more money into the economy.

    In fact, we could increase our profitability and chances of success by bringing a few extra girls along.  I will have to check the small print, but I don’t see why this would be a problem.

    It is pure genius!!!