Op Tempura top cop’s marriage succumbs to pressure

| 15/09/2009

(CNS): According to reports in the UK press, the man who was supposed to have had oversight of Operation Tempura, who also led the investigation into royal butler Paul Burrell and the cash-for-honours affair in the UK, has split from his wife due to the pressure of work. UK reports reveal that while John Yates of Scotland Yard was still supposed to be supervising the investigation in the Cayman Islands, he was appointed as Britain’s top anti-terror officer recognised as the hardest and most time-consuming of all police jobs with a salary of £180,000 (US$296,250).

The Daily Mail reports that Yates’ work in charge of specialist operations, which involves regular trips abroad, took its toll on the couple’s marriage. However, the tabloid noted that the fifty year old senior police officer, known as ‘Yates of the Yard’, has already started a relationship with senior Yard press officer Felicity Ross, who is in her 30s and works for Met chief Sir Paul Stephenson.

Yates is said to be well-respected within the force and has acted increasingly as its public face when difficult apologies are needed. Last year, he appeared in front of the cameras to express regret that police had missed a series of chances to catch a multiple rapist who went on to kill Rachel Nickell. He also travelled to Brazil to meet the parents of Jean Charles de Menezes who was shot dead by police after being mistaken for a would-be suicide bomber. 

However, he faced enormous criticisms regarding the 16-month cash for honours inquiry, which ended in no charges being brought against anyone after £1m was spent on what was described as a "wild goose chase". Yates was also criticised abouthaving a cavalier attitude towards suspects and witnesses and leaking information to the press regarding the enquiry.

The police investigation, during which more than 130 people were interviewed and four people were arrested, focused on allegations that peerages had been offered in return for loans to Labour and the Conservatives ahead of the 2005 general election. Figures questioned by officers included the then Prime Minister Tony Blair and former Tory leader Michael Howard.

All involved in the investigation denied any wrongdoing and the CPS said in July that there was "insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction against any individual for any offence".

Yates first rose to public prominence as head of the Yard’s so-called "celebrity squad’, when he handled a series of sensitive cases, notably the conviction for perjury of Lord Archer and the investigation of TV presenter John Leslie over rape claims. 

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  1. fisherman says:

    I can just imagin the amount of Joe Grind that wha catching da poor dude while he wha ya………………LOL & LMAO

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah ahhhhh ……………….so much for the "Superior Beings" whom call themselves modern day policy makers, strategic anti-crime planners and top notch investigators from the UK, who came to our shores and made an absolute "blunder" and spent enormous public funds on foolishness. 

    However, I don’t not blame them 100% for the "total mess" that has been created by SPIT’s Tempura and Cealt. I equally hold a number of my naive and gullable Caymainans who also accomodated their "dirty tricks" of obtaining a questionable search warrant for Judge Henderson residence and office. (Mr.Carson Ebanks excluded, who was also tricked into signing the search warrant and did so merely because of being pressured and surrounded by his superiors in government)   

    Additionally, I also hold equally responsible locally Gazzeted Officers from Superintendents and above, who were also gullable and naive to accept the so called "Matrix Plan from the UK". This is what has got us into the mess that we are presently in today.Talk about sky rocketting property  crimes and crimes against the person with fireams to include Robberies, Attempt Murder and Murder themselves ??? The cake is jusy being baked, just you wait until the icing and all the decorations are applied.

    Ladies and gentlmen, you are now seeing the "sour fruits" on a whole scale operation’s failure over the past 4 years or so. When they should have been fighting fire with fire, they were watering it down with a leaking garden hose and dealing with minor traffic violations (not crimes) against mostly law abiding citizens. This is still happening today.

    When they stripped the DTF of it’s operational effectiveness for almost one year in 2005-2006 and in addition, disarmed them from "pouching on the criminals" involved in drugs and firearm smuggling over the past years, this is now the results we see in our everyday community.

    Just last night again, another shooting incident took place on Watercouse Road in West Bay and I actually heard the 4-5 shots myself. My insider source tells me a "well known player" was grazed in the arm. More to come, just you wait and see what the failed UK policies have created in the Cayman Islands.

    The UK policing systems, initatives and policies have failed and failed the Cayman Islands miserably and anyone who say’s otherwise, you must be living with "Alice in Wonderland" 


  3. annoynomous says:

    I wonder if the Cayman Islands will have to pay for this too!