Cops blamed for crime

| 17/09/2009

(CNS): Residents of West Bay pointed the finger firmly at the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service during a heated and at times angry meeting of the West Bay Action Committee over rising crime in the district last night. Angelique Howell, the area commander, was criticised for not being up to the job, her staff was described as having a poor attitude and only here for the money, while the new Commissioner David Baines (left) was declared a liar. Clearly frustrated and afraid of the surge in crime across Cayman and in their district in particular, one member described West Bay as the crime capital of the island.

Although no one from the police service attended the meeting on Wednesday (16 September), Ministers Mike Adam and later Rolston Anglin (also a West Bay representative) attended, but the meeting was dominated by the community’s anger towards the police and the perceived idea that their district was policed by foreign strangers who didn’t care.

The refusal by the commissioner to re-instate a former retired local police officer, Paul Anglin, whom everyone agreed had been an exemplary officer for more than 20 years and had petitioned for his return in the district, was lauded as an example of the problems within the RCIPS and clearly had angered residents.

They said the reason why the young people in the district were out of control was because police officers from West Bay station had not taken the time to get to know the young people or show them respect, but had alienated them. One former police officer said he had returned to the service after some years in retirement but then resigned after one year because the RCIPS had changed so much. The former cop added that he had no trust in the new commissioner as he had lied to him. "He has come here with his own agenda,” the former officer suggested of Baines.

Charles “killa” Whittaker, Cayman’s boxing hero and West Bay resident, told his neighbours that he believed that lack of familiar faces in thepolice was a contributor to the problem of crime as people couldn’t trust strangers. “We see a lot of people from other countries and don’t recognise them,” he said. “We used to have trust in the police.” He lamented the fact that the commissioner had rejected Anglin without having even met him.

However, Whittaker also noted the role of parents and he said that Caymanians were a poor set when it came to supporting and encouraging their children in sports and events. He said that at the “white” or “Caucasian” schools parents were there cheering on their kids. “We just send them — we don’t go and support them. I’m 35 years old but I still like to see my mama sitting ringside encouraging me when I fight,” he added.

With a few notable exceptions the meeting was dominated by the opinion that the local police were disrespectful, rude, untrustworthy, aggressive, prejudice towards their own countrymen and against Caymanians, had no integrity, were only interested in handing out traffic tickets, harassed law abiding citizens, that officers are culturally disconnected and spent too much time in their cars never getting out to find out what was going on. Many of those attending suggested that the police were merely here for what they could get and were not interested in the community or the people of West Bay.

They said that unless they were handed the evidence on a plate they didn’t do their job to look for the drugs and the guns, that they regularly ignored the hotspots and that the people in West Bay simply could not rely on them to fight crime. “The rise in crime has been allowed to happen because the police don’t care,” one attendee stated to wide agreement. Another audience member suggested that as government needed to cut costs, if police officers were forced to patrol the district on foot and on bicycles they would get to know the community better and save money.

Chair of the action committee, Henry Morgan, said that the discussion would not end at the meeting and he said things would “intensify”. The committee asked Adam to take a message to the commissioner to attend a meeting of the committee in 14 days and said that it would be a good idea to have a representative of immigration department come as well since the community strongly believed that crime and immigration were connected.  He also called for the removal of Howell, echoing the petition that resident Cadian Ebanks had recently handed to the governor requesting her move from the district.

“We have enough local ex-police in West Bay to man our own district,” Morgan told the meeting. “We are going to see this through.”

However, amongst the anger,  Jean-Eric (Notch) Smith, president of the Cayman Music and Entertainment Association, did not point the finger of blame at foreign police officers and noted the wider social problems in Cayman, such as illiteracy and the failure of the prison system. Speaking eloquently about the failure to educate young men and the very unforgiving culture of Cayman, he lamented the fact that the community at large was still talking about all of society’s problems and it was a shame that it had not yet reached the stage of seeking solutions.  He warned that the young people who were poorly educated were now armed with guns so the result of increased crime was hardly unexpected.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    here’s the website google:

    or just google: one way ticket out of town-how New York helps the homeless.

    **according to the article, New York purchased tickets to Paris, 24 states and 5 continents.

    then, there’s the other article “New York City Shipping Homeless to Florida, Other States –

    • Shepherd says:

        Well then, give West Bay what it wants!  Swap out the Ch. Insp of GTPS (is it still H. Powery?) with Ch. Insp Howell and put all Caymaninan Officers in West Bay.

      Do it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Twyla, I look at your comments, I end up laughing and commending you at the same time. Wow, you’re good!!!

    Here’s what they do in the states, regardless if they are here legally or not, if you are a burden on the state – officials give you a one way plane, bus, or train ticket to another state (dumping the poor on other states). Oh, believe me, they escort the people to the bus station. They believe it’s cheaper to get the people to leave than to stay.

  3. Anonymous says:

    OK, so you failed your children.  

    They grew up to be lazy uneducated peasants who wanted to be Tony Montana (of the actual movie, not the DVD pirate) when they grew up. Now they are grown up and are trying to be criminals and make millions, but usually they just make bus fare whilst shooting each other.  

    So youcry out "we’ve failed our children" and talk about doing better in the future.  Maybe you will, probably you won’t.

    Question remains though:  whatcha gonna do about the crop of piss-ant murdering wanksters (sorry gangsters) that you already raised?

    Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?  [Blow their freakin’ heads off…]

    See, that’s your real problem – those already beyond redemption whobe wandering about strapped.  

    Bad boys bad boys… gonna put ’em down. Gonna put ’em down when they come around, bad boys bad boys.

    • Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

      and I guess england loaded with go behaving children…like the murderous little devils that led that baby out of a supermarket and beat him to death and then made a train run over him and I could go on.

      Keep stupid remarks to yourself …what a complete idiot!

      • O'Really says:

        You’ve obviously got access to a computer, so try googling " homicide rates by country ."

        The latest figures I found for the UK are approximately 1.4 murders per 100,000 of population. In the US it’s 4.3.

        How many murders here in the last year?  6, 7, Ican’t remember, which in itself is a sorry indictment of how Cayman has deteriorated. But when you take into account the size of the population in Cayman the equivalent statistic is probably in 10 to 14 per 100,000 range. 

        Now, what were you saying about stupid remarks?


        • Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

          you joining him/her too.  The remarks referenced his degrading comments about our bad behaving children…actually he inflamed the statments with words like peasant.  I wanted to remind him/her of the great behaving in teh UK or america for that matter and the high standards both keep….

          But if you happy with the stats, then go live in the UK or USA then. 

          No one is denying our social ills or the unfortunate challenge with a handfull of hooligans we have.  However, there are a vast many variables that has fueled this breakdown.  But I will keep them to myself for now. One thing I will say now: we have uncovered, what was suspected for some time, that is that hooligans dont just shoot guns, drive clamped cars with stereos and smoke ganja all day.  No, they work white caller jobs, hedge all day and threaten, challenge and spew divide on CNS.  Condescending and hateful ca-ca like unna remarks does nothing but fuel the resolve of the Caymanian people to make right a number of mistakes we have made in the past.  Not the least of which is: the empowering of others to our deteriment.   

          maxwell house with a teaspoon of sugar would be good now

          • Anonymous says:

            The very fact that you repeatedly refers to exp-pats "hedging" all day makes us laugh at our "white caller jobs".  What is a "white caller" job?  Racist telesales?

            • Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

              its called a type error….it is white-collar jobs do you know them…but am sure you knew that.  You are an expat likely from the UK and you guys have a patent, actually it would be a copyright on intelligence right?  Sorry Sir Anonymous…I do beg ya pardon sir for intruding on your turf.

              Mr. OReally…since you seem to have a little manners and respect about you – how about a little cream with it?

              • O'Really says:

                Cream will do nicely, thank you. Is that polite enough for you? 

              • Makam says:

                It is interesting that you always assume an ex-pat is from the UK. A touch of racism perhaps? After all we do have a lot of people here from other countries who occupy what you call "white collar jobs"!

          • O'Really says:

            No sugar with mine thanks, but it’s nice of you to offer. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Hey Jonnnnnnnnyyyyyyyy…

        I expect the reference is not that all Caymanians kids are uneducated peasant-like children – clearly the vast majority of them are wonderful kids. 

        HOWEVER – Cayman does have pinheads running about killing people, and I’m sorry if this bugs you but street killers ARE uneducated, worthless animals and they are peasants.  The question is WHAT ABOUT THEM????  You have no comment on that? 

        Yours kindly,

        "Not a Complete Idiot"

        PS – try your next cup as a decaf with a scoop of valium.  You are getting a little off-side here.

        PPS – what’s with the spelling of "coffey(e)".  Just curious.

        • Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

          and you are even acting more idiotic.  If you dont get from my posting that I agree we have some challenges with a few then its not worth my time to go any further with you.

          Clearly thier posting was meant to poke fun and the tone was condescending and not becoming of someone that was trying to be helpful. 

          You would like to believe that its the coffey that stirs me up; I assure you am very stable and am sorry if you believe am getting a little off-sided – to use your words.  But I know am right on. 

          I woujld not expect you to understand the spelling of coffee to coffey.  What …that borthers you too?  What a mess unna is in.

        • Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

          sorry just saw your just curious tag to the question.  So I do not want to be rude by not answering.  so ignore my other brush off in the other posting.  It was my best spelling of the word to reference the way we (as in Caymanians) say the word.  Hope this helps.

          • Anonymous with Johnny's Coffey says:

            Thanks JC – appreciate the information about my hosts.

  4. Twyla Vargas says:

    LISTEN MEK, I tell ye something, "It is high time that police ask for identification when they stop people for speeding, loitering on beaches and side roads,domestic problems, Land lord and tenant problems and such things.   Every body that is in the car ask for ID if it has to be stopped.

    You would be surprised at what you would find.  We got hundreds of overstayers on the Island, and the only way to find them is the old time way it was done, where immigration and police checked, pulled down and dig for ID,s.  Working? working for who?.  Living? Living where?.  Get serious Police let every Puss and Dog show ID.  Just a few months ago I witnessed the police attend a Land Lord and Tenant situation involving persons not from Cayman,   The police asked them for their ID, or passport, it was three of them.  They told the police they dont have any.  The men took off on bicycles and foot.  I later learned from someone that those same persons had bragged that they were on the Island for three years without working.   See what I tell ya.  Now it is time to keep crime on the run.  Walk good.

    • Makam says:

      If you improved your English your fictional stories would make good reading!

      • Anonymous says:

        "Makam" you are obviously such a damned racist filled with hate towards Caymanians that one has to wonder why the hell are you here. Free up the posting space on here and leave it to more socially balanced individuals, please.

        • Makam says:

          In reply to you both. The language of this OUR country is English. Not American, Spanish or Jamaican or Patios.

          You are the one inciting racist remarks (and there is no need for the intelligent person to use curse words!). As for knowing who I am and where I am from you could not be more wrong, but CNS it strikes me that the former commentator is getting seriously close to writing a threatening post. And as a final point it is apparent from your immature reactions to my posting that you really have a bad case insecurity.

          CNS: Yes, you’re right about the first post. I’ve deleted it. They have no way of knowing who you are, though.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Here are a few things we do here in the U.S., some of these programs work, while some fail.

    1. ankle bracelets – these are worn by people on bail/parole. The defendant pays for the bracelet/monitoring service. If the defendant goes where he/she not supposed to be an alarm goes off and the authorities arrive to investigate – sometimes the defendant is re-arrested.

    2. scared straight programs – youths are taken to some of the most dangerous prisons. They are locked in a cell for a few hours (not with criminals). They are later returned for a group setting, prisoners tell the youths what landed them in prison, life in prison.

    3. Another program linked to scared straight programs, youths are taken to the morgue, for a shocking reality. This also includes visits to hospitals/hospices to see effects drug/gang violence. ***A lot of the youths change after this one.

    Again, because  sometimes the streets have more power of the youths these days, these programs can fail.

    4. Guardian Angels – this is a group of volunteers that stroll the neighborhoods, assisting the community and law enforcement. They do citizens arrests….****it must be noted, these volunteers do receive threats and some have been assaulted. Apparently, the criminals don’t want anyone watching them or detaining them. They have been credited with cleaning up some neighborhoods. You can google the groups’ website.



  6. Anonymous says:

    I think CNS should establish an ‘expose a thug, drug dealer and a gangster’ page.

    People need to start shining the spotlight on the  wrong doing that is going on in their communities. Expose the bad apples and gun toting criminals, tell the police where to look and who to look for. A handful of people in each district are causing most of the fear, violence and looting. 

    Cayman is at a crossroads. Law and order and lack of crime are very important to maintain our economy. It will be tough to expand our tourism product and create jobs for our young people if we start getting a reputation for being a dangerous place.

    Crime is making Cayman a less attractive place to live and is reducing the standard of living as well as people’s peace of mind. It is no fun to live in fear.

    In the long to medium term Government needs to a better job of providing interventions, activities, training and work opportunities for those that are currently not productive.  In the short term Government needs to protect the law abiding and the economy. To do this the Government should immediately start wielding a very big stick. Increase the length of custodial sentences, build a new prison capable of housing 1000 people and have a strike out system for persistant offenders. Right now the flow of drugs into Northward prison is quite substantial. More could be done to stop it and to reduce the corruption.

    The drug court is having an impact and it is good, Caribean Haven is good. For those that can’t fly straight even after a couple of chances, it is unfortunately time to lock them up for a long time.

    Suspended sentences for importing 900 pounds of ganja is no discouragement, it is an invitation to get into the business. It is time for a rethink.






    • Anonymous says:

      Everything you said is so true.  That is why we in West Bay is starting by trying to get the right police in our district.  We need officers who know who the criminals are and ones who don’t have to be stopping to ask directions.  As simple as it may sound, this is a huge problem.  In any case, I think you are spot on with everything you said.

  7. Anonymous says:

     Come on my people !!! Step it up am I really reading these posts correctly-but are a majority of these posts blaming everybody and their dog besides WE Caymanians for our problems? We must stop passing the buck people and accept the hard truths. We are not doing right by our children at all. The helpers are doing more for our children now than ever before , what’s worse we teach our children a complete lack of respect for these helpers. This then translates over into school – no respect for their teachers. We sit and complain at home and blame everything on expats and our children hear this on a constant that they become so jaded and disrespectful that we can barely control our children. The amount of times I see two year olds boxing their parents or getting away with temper tantrums is ridiculous. We lead by example!!!! The amount of incest adultery, wife beating etc that go un-spoken and un-punished is truly scary in this country. This Caymanian disease that if you dont talk about it or deal with it the problem will somehow miraculously disappear. NO people the problem only gets worse.

    The O’really poster is right on point whether he is Caymanian or not. The truth is a very hard pill to swallow but regardless it is the truth. We must stop acting so ignorant and educate our selves and work together as a community to tackle the real issues.

    We are the ones not promoting education, we are the ones committing crimes, we are the ones who turn a blind eye to crime, we are the ones not raising our children properly, we are the ones not taking care of the elderly and mentally challenged, we are the ones not keeping our country clean, we are the ones that are putting money over everything, we are the ones who are acting too lazy , hateful, ignorant and selfish to solve OUR problems. We control our destiny and we better accept that responsibility and get it done!!!

    So once they remove Angelique will crime in West Bay stop???

    • Anonymous says:

      You are correct in my opinion and blaming is completely useless, until the politicians and the radio talk show people step up and mirror your views the problem will remain untouched.

      • Anonymous says:

        The radio talk shows allow individuals to voice their opinions, so, are you saying that we should stop people from having their right to free speech?

    • Anonymous says:

      Nobody said crime was going to stop once Angelique is removed that is why we need someone more effective.


      • Anonymous says:

        i remember when Policing in west bay was "pro-active policing" but now its now become "re-active policing"…years ago, the caymanian officers were not afraid to walk through the bush and do observations on the so called "bad guys", nowadays all the police do is hide in their cars catching speeders or doing road blocks…Angelique is not interested in dealing with "Drugs, guns & violence"…west bay needs someone who cares about dealing with serious crimes and knows the district or has officers who is willing to work under that person who knows west bay and its people…Agelique neds to be moved ASAP.

  8. Bracker says:

    MOVE THE WOMAN !!!, My

    Submitted by Twyla Vargas (not verified) on Fri, 09/18/2009 – 09:06.
      They tried…. like any other young men to be fresh and with the in crowd. Know what I did? I put my foot down real hard and made them know who was the boss, and guess what? it worked. Dont be afraid of your children. When they feel that they think they are man or woman in the house, then they will be treated as such. Continue to walk good Cayman, its time to unite.

    Twyla that was well put together and well said.  I could not agree with you more.  They need to make you the Commissioner of that darn worthless Police force.  You will definetely get things straighten out that’s for sure.  You are very outspoken and know your history well.    I love reading your forums keep up the good work!


  9. Twyla Vargas says:

    MOVE THE WOMAN !!!,  My comments on this West Bay, meeting is that number one, The Commissioner of Police needs to listen to the voice of the people.   If you got a 95% wanting change of police in the district, I would suggest do just that. 

    The comments of 12:48 are serious comments to read  "STARTFRAGMENT — THE ANTI"   The last thing we want is a Holy war in West Bay between residents and the Police.  I see "The writing on the wall"  Move the woman before something serious takes place.

    Now speaking frankly, we parents need to stop being afraid of our children, when they are in High School, and using such words like "YOW !! to their friends and family.  Nip it in the bud there and then.  Do not allow them to dress gansta styles, watch the friends you children keep, listen to what they are saying to their friends on the phone.  Dont buy them expensive fast cars.  If you got money to burn buy them a piece of land and encourage them to plant fruit trees.  I have two boy children that I raised as a single parent.  They tried….  like any other young men to be fresh and with the in crowd.   Know what I did?  I put my foot down real hard and made them know who was the boss, and guess what? it worked.  Dont be afraid of your children.  When they feel that they think they are man or woman in the house, then they will be treated as such.  Continue to walk good Cayman, its time to unite.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are we also forgetting that the police have a duty to "try" to prevent crimes from happening.  All this talk about parents doing their job, while it is all true, is not going to change the fact that crime is going to happen, so are we just saying that the police is supposed to sit by and drive around in a/c harrassing people for minor traffic offences and wait for crimes to happen?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Poster 3:50, so true……….

  11. Anonymous says:

    Cayman seems to change the top cop from time to time, for what ever reason. The police seem to take the blame for all the crime in cayman.

    How about, for once changing those in authority like the chief justice, the attorney general and the Governor and lets have a fresh start and a fresh look at dealing with crime in the cayman islands.



    • Makam says:

      What ever you NOT blame the Caymanian thugs who commit the crimes and the families who hide them or keep silent about their activities. After all these are all good boys who have been


      led astray

      want to work but can’t get a job

      Have been down trodden by Ex pats

      and all that other B*** S***



  12. The Real Truth says:

    Correct me if I am wrong but do we not call in the police AFTER thecrime has been committed? If this the case, why are we blaming the police for the increase in crime? For too long we have neglected our roles as parents. We allow our children from a very early age to be rude and disrepectful and we think it is sooooo cute. When our children are rude to teachers and the teachers take the appropriate action we rush up to the schools to tell off the teachers and threaten to have them deported, sometimes with the child present. The reality is that we have failed to discipline our children and we are now seeing the results. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We need to save the next generation, those now in the primary schools. Parents accept your responsibilities and raise your children to be leading lights in this community with good manners and respect for authority. To just blame the police, expats and everyone else for the problems of indiscipline, lawlessness and crime is not right and will not solve our problems. Teaching our children wrong from right and good from bad is a step in the right direction.


  13. Anonymous says:

    I am surprised that Angelique Howell is catching so much heat when actually I admired her for being so vocal and active in West Bay.  She was often times seen on TV showing great interest in West Bay and her duties as a Police Officer.  She never failed to give good advice and showed lots of interest to the West Bay community.   I cannot recall any other officer who did so much of this.  Not because I am a female but it is the truth.  The Police is not to blame.  My goodness, they can only assist, they do not raise our kids, they do not commit the crimes in West Bay so why is it that they are on the receiving end of this.  I agree that if they don’t do their jobs and show signs of corruption put fire up under their butts, but they are not the offenders.  Even to the Good Book (the Bible) warnes us that if we live by the sword we die by the sword.  I am sorry West Bay but I feel that wheather it is a Caymanian or an expatriate, it does not matter, this problem is with the non-law abiding visitors and citizens.  Police officers who recently arrived on the Island is also getting the heat for West Bay’ s problem?  What was happening to West Bay before they arrived?  No this is not fair, this problem have been going on for quite sometime and it’s only getting worse.  Look at the big picture.  I am sure many West Bay parents have tried their best with raising their kids, but a lot of the problem stems from some of the parents spoiling their child/children.  You do not want to correct them and many of you are afraid of them.  I have heard of children in West Bay mainly sons giving their parents a good wipping.  It is shocking. Is the police to be blamed for this also?  They demand money, car etc and if they don’t get it they go on a rampage.  Again, should the police be blamed for this too?   I am in my 40’s and I still respect both of my parents and my elders and even the young people.  We must also listen to the music that our child/children listen to.  Many of these songs contains demonic forces believe it or not – don’t laugh at what I am saying because it is serious.  These kinds of music only allow some of our out of controlled child/children to become more syked up to commit serious crimes.  What is the leader of government business doing?  When was the last time he was very instrumental in West Bay?  Don’t speak of that shocking election.  My God it was a disgrace.  IN HONOUR OF ESTELLA SCOTT-ROBERTS – to see what shocking and painful death that took her home, some  and I say some West Bayers did not even remember her during this election.  Look at how the UDP and their supporters had the Jamaican carrying on with their flags, brooms, spitting at cars, throwing slurs and pushing out their rare-ends at non-UDP supporters, something that Caymanians have never went to their country or any ortherpart of the world and demonstrated and you all are wondering what is wrong with West Bay?  I say that to say this.  There are some lovely Jamaicans living in Cayman and I am sure they were not involved in this election disgraceful scandal. But look at what was encourage in this district.  So don’t get angry with the Police Force.  Get angry with the Leader of Government and what he encouraged.  Get angry for him putting so much time into a nationality for helping to disgrace his district on election just to help him to get power. Have he ever showed so much interest in the crime in West Bay the way that he showed it with these undesirable Jamaicans.  Get angry that you all vote the same people in over and over again.  After so many years East End woke up.  Today North Side has woken up, even to George Town and Cayman Brac is looking for a change.  What change is West Bay looking for?  Wake up and look for a change in your representatives.  Don’t just wait for a fridge, washer, dryer, $100.00 or $25.00.  Look for a Government who will stop buying some of you out and instead have their district at heart to help to take a "Bite out of Crime and stop blaming others for it.  To those of you West Bayers who are trying and praying for your District and living a Godly and upright life,  keep up the good work  I am praying for your district also and for the entire Cayman Islands, the Government and those in authority.  Be Blessed, be safe and may the good Lord above cover  the entire West Bay community  under the shadow of His wings.  Young people out there in West Bay who are contemplating a crime, turn your eyes upon Jesus, He is the answer, not the crime, it does not reward you but Jesus will reward you when you honour Him.  As Twyla would say "walk good"  I now wish for each and everyone of you a safe and peacuful community.  Love you West Bay, this is my country too.  Love ya.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow excellent post. I totally agree with the writer. West Bayers you all need to wake up and understand what is happening aroung you. Your beloved Mckeeva Bush does not have your district at heart, its a total shame to see what XXXXXX will do for your vote to gain power. As a district come together and try to work with the  police  and not against them to help fight the violence and crime.  Mckeeva’s political days are coming to an end though. Many people are praying for this!!!!!!

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        I BELIEVE WE are talking about crime in West Bay, and the dissatisfaction of the Chief down there? not Mr Bush Political platform.  I could only vote for three people, in my district, so do you think that because all three did not win, I am going to take a hammer and pound the rest of the people through the ground.  No, This life is about Winning and Loosing, so if everyone was a winner what would there be to complain about.  The Elevated iss ue is West Bay wants a change, and the Commissioner needs to listen before something happens to the woman and her crew.  Move them.  But mind you, "Not to Bodden Town"  Chief Barrow is doing an excellent job having to manage three districts under his command with his  no noonsence crew.  Whey ye say dat shippingl address is again?…………………..

    • fisherman says:

      You started off well but finished off with nothing but rhetoric, you are a stooge for them loosers, this is PPM propaganda at work. This is not the way in contributing in the fight against crime, and please stop using the lord’s name, your rhetoric and insincerity  is loud and clear!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for being sensible enough to recognize that Cayman is small and what affects one district will eventually affect the whole island.  In the end we are all Caymanians and should be trying to do whatever we can to assist in combating crime in our communities.

      Unfortunately, like a lotof others on the outside looking in, you seem to have been misguided by Ms. Angelique’s strategy to always make sure the press was there to take pictures of when she went to clear garbage or bush from a property where a drug dealer might have been selling drugs.  You might say that is a good thing but all she is doing is forcing the drug dealer to change his location.  Where are the days when police did hard work and hung out in the bush that she is now clearing to catch the drug dealers? You need to listen to the personal stories of the people in the West Bay community at how they were dealt with and talked to by this lady who have all the other officers under her.  Just like children might not respect the police because how they see or hear their parentsdealing with the police, how do you expect the officers that work under her to respect the community when they witness how their leader deal with the public?  We are not all criminals but even criminals are still human and should be dealt like human by the police.  It is not up to the police to judge anyone, they only to make sure they do their job to the best of their ability and gain the respect of the community.

      West Bayers are not saying that the police caused the crime to happen or need to raise people’s children but since West Bay along with the whole of Cayman has crime and need police, then we need more effective policing.  We are also not saying that all the police need to be Caymanian but we are saying we need people who knows the community so transferring all the Caymanians out instead of letting them work alongside the expat is certainly not going to cut it.  I am not saying that Angelique Howell might not be more effective in another area but it is the opinion of the majority of West Bayers, that she is not the person for the post that she now fills.  Take a poll, not online though, go house to house!

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not from West Bay so I can’t judge Ms. Howell’s performance but I can say it seems by talking to many others from that district, that they are very dissatisfied with her. If that is the case and the RCIP expect the West Bay community to work along with the police to help resolve the  problems happening such as drugs, violence and crimes, then remove her from there and locate her somewhere else, its that simple. Stop wasting the publics time arguing about this matter. The RCIP want results then listen to what the communities are telling you. While parents have to be responsible on how they raise there kids which is definitely one of the biggest causes of crime with the youth today or police force lack in so many ways that the new commissioner has to start to clean house with his own police force. Start to recruit officers that will be effective and efficient.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t going to comment in this section, but have changed my mind. I will admit, yes, I am a U.S. citizen, and  I don’t live here in Cayman.

    The finger pointing here is absurd. Yes, there is plenty of blame to go around. Yet, have anyone figured out that it is a break-down in the family, as well as society. There is no one-only way to parenting.

    For the family, there was a time when grandmothers lived with at least one of their own children and taken care of the grand kids if the mother worked. The uncles and aunts were involved as well. Now, brothers and sisters have the role of taking care of the younger siblings while their parents work.

    Women are to blame for having children without a husband, or numerous children with different fathers! Get real! If the old days were here of "shotgun weddings," this wouldn’t be an issue. Where’s the blame towards the "ladies man?" Where’s the blame towards the movie industry in making love stories, meaning, there’s always a Prince Charming ending.

    Do you realize it is unfair to place the burden on single-women trying to raise children? Yes, I agree, some people shouldn’t be parents, but, they are. There are some women that work hours that prevent them from spending all their time with their children. Therefore, if they want to work and provide for their family, they must work whatever hours the job gives them. Where’s the blame for the men who father these kids out-of-wedlock?  It’s easy to place blame of the women, yet, what about the guy who have babies by different women, shouldn’t he have a vasectomy, why is the women told to take birth control but nothing of the man? People think marriage is hard work, try being a single parent. Let’s use some of the famous atheletes in the U.S., like Shaq O’Neal, his father all but abandoned him. Interesting, the father is never to blame, but, let the kid become famous and rich. All of a sudden, "that’s my boy!"

    Come on people, no bible, movie, book, will be proper for raising kids. It takes work and time, trial and error. Time to get to know each other, teaching right from wrong.

    Times have changed, yes, teens are disrespectful. But who’s to blame? I grew up in a neighborhood where the neighbors would tell my mother if I did something wrong. Now, we have neighbors that will go inside their homes and close the door, not wanting to get involved.

    Sure, there’s plentyof blame to go around, but, blame changing times.


  15. Anonymous says:

    If you think RCIPS is bad now, wait until the replacement for Dixon arrives at th end of the month. More colonialism, no wonder the hard working cops feel discouraged!!!!! because of the constant belittlement by the UK officers who feel they are superior. They are good local cops who need to be given a chance!

  16. Anonymous says:



    A well run technical school would solve most of these problems and offer many young men hope (even the non-academic).

  17. Joe Average says:

    While everyone was attending the meeting to bring attention to and point out the shortcomings of the police….  Did you know where your teenagers were?  While all the yelling was going on.  Did you know who they were with?  Or what they were up to? 

    Answer it honestly.

    The lesson here is that once young people leave the house it is not soley up to the police to keep tabs on them.  Because surprisingly enough this isn’t school.  They are not paid to mind your children.  They are law enforcement officers.  And if yours or anyone else’s are breaking the law….and obviously… a lot are…it isn’t their fault if they can’t apprehend all of them as quickly as you would like.

    On the other hand if your children know you don’t respect the police and many made that obvious what effect do you think that has?

    • hardlookinthemirror says:

       Any one from the Statistics Dept available to answer a few questions?

      How many single moms are in Cayman? How does it compare per capita? How many have more than 2 children? What is the teenage pregnancy rate?

      What is the divorce rate? What hasthe trend been?

      How many children/teens are ‘fatherless’? 

      How many males have illegitimate children?

      What is the ratio of female to males who attend church? Why?

       The RCIP may not be perfect, but I think it is the degradation of the family unit in Cayman (and other places) that is contributing heavily to the increased crime. 


      Be committed loving parents. Fewer kids out of wedlock

      If you are not happy with the RCIPs- put your money where your mouth is- enlist to become an officer- serve your country!

      Reject the male dominance influence. Tell gansta boy to take a hike. Respect yourself. 

      Restore your family unit, and you will be well on the way to way to reclaiming your beautiful island. Hope it’s not too late. 

  18. Are any of you Baya's? says:

    Are any of you Baya’s? Caymanian young men killing eachother off that could be convicted of other crimes (drugs and guns). In fact some of these guns have been seen by the public of these Baya’s and these reports have been made to WB RCIPS! You wouldn’t even have a clue!

    Ever came to WB and called the police to report crime and still wait for 15 minutes for them to arrive. Oh and not to mention, if the task force or special services are dealing with ‘more important’ crimes in other districts, after shots are reported fired, they take more than 1/2 hour to reach the scene of the crime because officers won’t respond when guns are involved.

    Not all West Bay parent’s end up with the children they deserve – trust me! Some of the ‘so called irresponsible’ parents raised their children in church, sent them to good schools and certainly don’t deserve what they go through. If you are a parent you should know that children (even adult children) stray from values and don’t care what the consequence are of their ill-action. The evil becomes so deep that even the Lord can no longer help them! Ever heard of blasphemy! Some of these murderers openely talk of worshipping the devil and wanting to go to hell.

    In some cases parents don’t do their jobs – but not in all cases my friend!

    The Police need to step it up:

    – when a call is made and shots fired have the decency to tell the person reporting the shots fired that they the task force will take up to a 1/2 hour because they can’t respond right away

    – with the drug and gun crime in the district of WB – we really need our own task force

    – Angelique ought to be busier going out into the community – not giving tickets  – here let’s be creative – she could go and speak with people of the community and just simply ask how the police can help! For God sakes we have crazy people, past convicted rapists, drug dealers and murderers walk our roads freely! The people have lost all their confidence in a failing system.

    – Have a 911 operator that knows where Kelly’s bar is located

    – The Police need to stop denying that they need to do a better job

    – Put more Caymanian officer in the WB police force – thus far the interests of the current force are not entirely in line with what our community needs

    – Why do we have well known WB police officers retiring and then retiring after a year again? From what I had been told the Leadership is poor….all talkof action and none and unfortunately officers can only act when they are told that they should

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a proud Caymanian and in particular West Bayer who agrees with a lot of the sentiments expressed with respect to this issue.  I agree that parents need to take more responsibility but we have to be realistic about the current conditions in our society.  In other words, yes we need to try to save the kids that can still be saved but now we have a situation with respect to youngersters that have taken the wrong path for whatever reason and we urgently need to try to find some solutions for the escalating crime.

      I was at the meeting as well and it is my opinion, (and I try to be fair), that the current head of police in West Bay is not the most suited person for that position.  I have talked to many people in the community and members of the RCIP and what I gather is that her people skills are not the best.  I also gather that she has transferred all or at least most of the Caymanian officers out of West Bay andreplaced them with her own people.  We heard people talk at the meeting about the current crew not knowing the community and where to go when called to intercept any situation, now you know the cause.  Why don’t we have officers who know our community working with these individuals.  I hear all the back and forth about expats vs Caymanians and what I would like the expats to consider, is how they would feel if they were being discriminated against in their own country.  I would also like to remind Caymanians that there are good people here who realize that despite what we are experiencing now, Cayman is still a much better place to live than a lot of places and they are ready to contribute to helping to solve the problems.

      On the issue of what took place with Paul Anglin, even he is clueless as to why he would be denied re-entry into the service.  I have spoken with him directly and to the best of his knowledge, he left with a clean record, was never suspected of any corruption or wrong doing or was never suspended for the same.  Others who cannot boast of the same record have been welcomed back with open arms!  Paul was a street cop and went over and beyond the call of duty at times to ensure he did a good job.  He treated everyone with respect (even the ones he arrested) and was respected in return.  He is still being called by members of the community and members of the police service as well to assist in situations.  He indeed admits that the paperwork part of his work was not the favourite aspect of his job, but any good commander should recognize the strengths and weaknesses of their workforce and set up teams accordingly.  Paul requested to view his file to see if he could ascertain why the new Commissioner of Police would reject him without even meeting him and indeed did find a few things which he had no knowledge of being there.  However, there was nothing significant enough to warrant him not being given a fair chance to be heard or for the Commissioner to take such a stance.  He did come across a few commendations from his superiors as well too and recalls other ocassions when his job took him to places where in retrospect, there could have been further commendations.  Paul was never the kind of cop who saught recognition for his work andcertainly did not brown-nose for stripes.

      I sincerely hope that justice is done in this case and I continue to pray for my beloved Islands.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Are we meeting at the West Bay Police Station on Saturday or not.

  20. Anonymous says:

    This is an the Police Department’s new answering service….


    Hello, you have reached the Police Dept’s Voice Mail.
    Pay close attention as we have to update the choices often as new and usual circumstances arrive.
    Please select one of the following options:
    To whine about us not doing anything to solve a problem that you created yourself, press 1.

    To inquire as to whether someone has to die before we’ll do something about a problem, press 2.

    To report an officer for bad manners, when in reality the officer is trying to keep your neighborhood safe, press 3.

    If you would like us to raise your children, press 4.

    If you would like us to take control of your life due to your chemical dependency or alcohol, press 5.

    If you would like us to instantly restore order to a situation that took years to deteriorate, press 6.

    To provide a list of officers you personally know so we will not take enforcement action against you, press 7.

    To sue us, or tell us you pay our salary and you’ll have our badge, or to proclaim our career is over, press 8.

    To whine about a ticket and/or complain about the many other uses for police rather than keeping your dumb ass in line,
    press 9.

    Please note your call may be monitored to assure proper customer support and remember…..
    we’re here to save your ass, NOT kiss it!

    Thanks for calling your local police dept. and have a nice day.

  21. Anonymous says:

     I agree with Roger. Us expats try to fit in and help. Please don’t see us as sharks – most of  us actually want to help and make a difference to this place that we live – whilst we live here, it is our home too. Caymanians are a wonderful people. Nice, pleasant, good friends who always wish you a good day. I have had so many funny and cheerful exchanges – if you greet a person with a smile, it is what comes right back at ya most of the time. If it doesn’t, well, at least you tried! It is a sad time with all this crime, but hey – let’s not give up, let’s carry  on and be pleasant to each other. And also; let’s treat our Filipino friends with grace. They are always graceful, let us show them the same. They work hard, without complaints, they deserve our grace. A society need people from all ilks, we can’t all be lawyers or government workers.  

  22. O'Really says:

    There are  2 related but separate issues here:

    1) Why is crime increasing dramatically in Cayman, both in terms of the number of crimes and the seriousness of the crimes?

    2) Why do the police appear to be less effective in dealing with crime than the general population would like?

    If CNS has reported the details of the meeting accurately, then almost every comment focuses on issue 2 and ignores issue 1. Unfortunately this does not surprise me  and therein lies the problem. Like it or not, Cayman and Caymaniansare going to have to face their  own shortcomings if the wish to stop crime escalating. The first step in solving a problem is to recognise you have a problem. Blame foreigners, blame the police, blame anyone but the Caymanians who have failed to raise law abiding children and or their politicians who care only about getting elected as opposed to doing the right, but difficult thing. Remember when it was first suggested that there was a gang problem developing in the schools. Did the politicians address it. No, they denied it existed and sanctioned anyone who said otherwise. Saving face more important than saving children!

    Cayman has been and still is a lawless society. Man, don’t you hate to read that?

    Money laundering? A perfectly acceptable way to make a lot of money, stopped not because Cayman got ethical, but because outside parties threatened to spoil the bigger party. Tax evasion? We don’t have taxes, no problem, damn those foreigners for sticking their noses in. Immigration laws? Absolutely essential for Cayman’s well-being, except when they affect my business, then its time for a quiet word in a well positioned ear. Traffic laws – don’t they apply to everyone else but me? Handicapped parking? But it’s 5 yards closer to the entrance, I’m alright thanks. Customs duty – isn’t that for expats? Planning laws – the contents of this envelope should help a lot. Election laws? Best to ignore them if you want to win.

    Get the picture? I hold out little hope of addressing issue 1. The causes are deep seated and will require many Caymanians to accept personal responsibility, something conspicuous by its absence for many a year.

    Which leaves issue 2 to be addressed. And it had better be because otherwise all that Caymanians hold dear, the almighty dollar, will be in very short supply in years to come.

    Let the denial begin!


    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more and there are countless examples to support your views but don’t worry you will be totally ignored.

      Those darn RCIP…

    • Anonymous says:

      It is preposterous to state that Cayman has (always) been a lawless society.  While no society can claim perfection up until relatively recently Cayman could certainly claim to be in the top 5%. Hold any society under a miscroscope and look for shortcomings and you will find them.

      You are also missing the point of what WB residents are saying. They are saying that it is an accomplished fact that there is a crime wave and the question is that do we do about it. If the police are failing in their responsibilities then they are entitled to state that. That says nothing about why those persons turned to crime in the first place which is a separate point. Bad parenting is one but no means the sole cause.  

      Your last comment "all that Caymanians hold dear, the almighty dollar" was a libel and a gratuitous insult to Caymanians. 

      • O'Really says:

        I see you felt it necessary to insert " always" into my sentence to support your politically correct argument. If only one had to hold Cayman under a microscope to find its shortcomings, we would  not be having this exchange. 

        Your second paragraph illustrates a lack of comprehension. I specifically identified 2 issues, the second of which relates to the apparent failure of policing methods to meet the publics expectations. But beefing up the police, changing policing methods etc. are after the fact reactions to increased crime. If Cayman really wants to get crime down, address the root causes. Children learn from their parents actions far more than by their words, which is why I have little hope that there is any short term solution to this problem. Oh and the word you are looking for is acknowledged, not accomplished. 

        Doesn’t it have to be untrue to be libelous?

        • Anonymous says:

          You are the sort of expat who makes it bad for the others with your arrogant, condescending tone. 

          I inserted "always" because your sentence would not otherwise have made any sense. 

          Oh, I understand you and your motives just fine. The meeting was about the urgency for action now. You would prefer it to be another topic for which you felt you could denigrate Caymanians. 

          No, that is the word you prefer. My choice of words conveys the intended meaning, or at least to the well-read. 

          If you understood the definition of "libel" you would understand that it means it is untrue. But more than untrue it is malicious. And more than malicious it is racist as you seek to brand entire people. And more than racist it is purely gratuitous to the point  you were seeking to make.     

    • Thankful says:

      condescending and do not deserve a response.  It is the comments liek this and many of the others that the expats on here are jumping all over that continue to rub caymanians the wrong way. 

      I know…you all are experts now and had the best parenting and so now Caymanians are the cause of the demise of THEIR own country!

      You know what – I am not even wasting my time writing any further responses to this.

      • O'Really says:

        Can you explain to me how Caymanians, who are the only ones eligible to vote, who are the only ones who can be elected to office, who set immigration policies and run the immigration department and who must, by law, have a controlling interest in all companies doing business here unless a special dispensation can be obtained, are not responsible for the demise of their own country? Like I said accepting responsibility for ones own actions seems to be alien to Caymanians. There will be no progress on crime or any of the other serious issues facing Cayman until the people with responsibility accept it and act accordingly. 

        • Anonymous says:

          Would someone explain to this idiot for the umpteenth time that this statement is incorrect:

          "Caymanians… who must, by law, have a controlling interest in all companies doing business here unless a special dispensation can be obtained".


          • O'Really says:

            The Local Companies ( Control ) Law 2007 provides that no company shall carry on business in the islands unless it is a local company and defines compliance with the law as requiring that:

            1) it is Caymanian controlled

            2) at least 60% of its shares are beneficially owned by Caymanians

            3) at least 60% of its directors are Caymanian

            There are of course numerous exceptions which for the sake of brevity I covered under " special dispensations." Even then, the exceptions are all licenced in some shape or form, so control over them is exercisable in the broadest sense by various Government departments.

            I fail to see therefore how your comment negates in any way my basic assertion that Cayman and Caymanians need to man up and take responsibility for what happens here. I may be an idiot, but I appear to be a lot smarter than you!


            • Anonymous says:

              "…appear to be a lot smarter than you"

              Only in your own mind.

              A regulated entity is not a "special dispensation". Special Dispensation could only sensibly refer to a licence under the LCCL. The major employers in Cayman (banks, trust companies, fund administrators, CUC, Cable & Wireless, law firms, accounting firms etc. etc.) all fall completely outside the LCCL and are expatriate-owned. That pathetic attempt to cover about govt. departments granting licences and this means the control the business is hilarious.

              That completely negates your "basic assertion". Now go grow a brain and stop giving people a reason to hate expats.   

              • O'Really says:

                I use special dispensation in a generic sense to cover the various types of entities exempted. Listing them seemed a bit boring, but thanks anyway. If I was as pedantic as you I’d  point out that virtually all of the senior partners in accounting and law firms have status and are therefore Caymanian, so technically these are probably not expat owned. But I seriously doubt you consider these Caymanian.

                The original issue, however, was the inability or refusal of Caymanians to take responsibility for anything to do with their country. I pointed out a few of the mechanisms by which they exercise control. You chose to focus on a technical issue whilst ignoring the fundamental issue.  To deal briefly with the technicality, all the entities you list have to be licenced and their staff will need work permits. Whether you acknowledge it or not, these are powerful tools for Caymanians to exercise control. If the Caymanian people, through their government, do not want these entities to operate in Cayman, they have the power to make this happen. There would be serious repercussion of course, but the power is there. 

                But we digress. My point is simple. Caymanians are responsible for the state of their country. This includes the criminal element born of Caymanian parents, which was what the WB meeting, as reported, failed to address. I made this point in response to a poster who seemed incredulous that this should be so. If you don’t believe Caymanians are responsible for their own country and that everything which is bad is the fault of someone else, you’re part of the problem. 

                I don’t have to give Caymanians a reason to hate expats. This is one of the few things they are good at and diligently practice.



                • Anonymous says:

                  You mention various senior persons being granted status and being Caymanian. Technically or not, they are now Caymanian. The problem arises because when they were work permit holders many of them promised immigration they would train Caymanians (the original kind) into more senior positions. They did not. In fact it seems some just plain lied. The number of Caymanians with more than a couple of years experience in Law firms (for example) is actually decreasing. As for Caymanians becomming partners, forget it.

                  Do status recipients in senior positions even call themselves Caymanian? Is their main home really here? Are they "going home" when they retire?

                  Caymanians seem now to be in about as much control of their destiny as they are in control of the weather. We are starting to shake our fists at the sky…someone better do something before too many more Caymanians apply for jobs and are told it is not really available because it is "just" a permit renewal.

                  • O'Really says:

                    So I was right, you do not consider status holders Caymanian. No surprise there, as basically very few true borns do. This prevailing attitude is a fundamental road block to the integration of status holders into Cayman society, but that’s a topic for another day.

                    I did not not randomly pick the law partnerships as an example. I strongly suspected that this is your background and this post reinforces that belief. I believe we are engaged in various disagreements on this site and I have posted to the Steve McField thread. This will explain to you why you have been passed over, but I know with absolute certainty you won’t be able to handle it. And if I’m wrong and we are only engaged here, my response on the McField thread is still totally relevant.


              • Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

                did not even have to get involved you did a fine job putting him squarely in his place…well done fellow caymanian.


                cup hot sanka to ya

  23. Anonymous says:

    All the technology that is available to our children nowadays to make things easier for them, so you would think they should be getting further in life. Turns out, all this stuff just makes them dummer!

  24. Anonymous says:

    All of you that are going on about the parents that do not bring up their kids properly, are you also telling them that directly to their face, or are you just rambling on on this blog? Are you sure you are not one of those parents who do EVERYTHING for your child so that they never learn responsibility and respect? Are you sure you not the ones who are helping them with their car loans, letting them return home because they got homesick at college? Everybody thinks that they are doing it better than the other parent and in my experience nobody does. Yes, there are extreme cases where parents just let their kids do what they want, but those are not the only kids who turn out to be criminals!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hello……. it should be solution time people, so I am at a loss as to why we are not trying to find any. It is such a disappointment and a shame to read the comments of the many who have replied to this article for the purpose of defending the police or to castigate further blame. Its too late for that now so  I suggest to all of you to think long and hard about what is at stake and then come again.

    One thing is for sure…… if the youth and criminal element that exist in our  there is no denying that the police are partially to blame for the rise in crime in our island and particularly in the district of West Bay, so is bad parenting. Many of the comments at the meeting that night were spot on and I am a West Bayer  who was present so I can attest to this.

      For those who werent there but have decided to comment anyway ,I suggest all  these opinionated mouth champions show up at these district meetings and voice their proposed solutions or even better, show up and  communicate what the cause of these problem/s are through your eyes.  Maybe then, finally, we can decide together  on a plan forward and have some decisive action instead of just talk talk and more talk.

     Hats off to Mr.Notch…..  his solutions not only make sense but I am certain that if they were considered they would also yield overwhelming results.  Education and opportunity for Caymanians is the answer. We need more Caymanian role models like him and Killa who are both analytical and fearless to speak the truth. Its time we listen to our own Caymanians who know what is going on if we are to ever find a solution to this complex problem that will only result in many more of our young killing and dying.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Poster Young Caymanian, I agree with you. Some of these children have NO respect for their parents and thats where the problem comes in.  I know a few parents who would laugh out when their child at an early age say a bad word.

    Some parents know what their children are doing and they refuse to correct them, so you reep what you put into them.   On the other hand some children will do whatever they want no matter what their parent tell them.

    Most of these young men that I see getting shot down don’t attend church or parents teachers meeting for their children. 

    Come on young men of these islands grown up and take responsibly for your own actions, be good citizens and do right at all times.

    I don’t see john Brown, who attending church, go to parents teachers meeting and have a little job getting shot down.

    So stop blaming the Police Department.


  27. Roger U says:

    The anti police feeling shown in West Bay is yet another example of the racism that is becoming rampant on this island. These people are not angry with the police. They want Angelique Howell’s head because she is Jamaican and as we all know, a Caymanian, even one with no experience or qualifications, would do a much better job.

    After all, it’s Jamaicans who are responsible for all the crime we have here and in most other parts of the world too. I do not know the woman and I do not live in West Bay but the two people I have spoken to who do know her, have nothing but good things to say about her.

    This is something I contributed in Viewpoint yesterday but has already slipped a long way down and will probably not be read and so I am reproducing it again:

    “I agree with every policy statement you make in the Viewpoint section and I understand the reasons that you give for not publishing comments that I may agree with, including one of my own a few weeks ago. However, I do wish you had a way of putting a curb on the anti expat comments that are becoming more prolific and more vitriolic. The degree of pure hate in some anti expat remarks is deeply disturbing and I suggest that in the UK you would be prevented from publishing them. If I were to write now that I find them so upsetting that I am thinking of leaving, you would be swamped with comments saying things like, "Good riddance" or, "Pi$$ Off You Loser."

    All expats are perceived by some of your contributors to be here to take all they can and give nothing back. I think that I contribute a lot to the country and I do get a lot back (Not financially. I could earn a lot more in the UK, Canada or the States) but I honestly do believe that I give more than I take.

    These unpleasant comments are all from people who don’t know me and have no idea of what I do here. I might be a surgeon for all they know and about to save the life of a loved one. I could just as easily be a shareholder in a business employing tens of Caymanians.

    Those comments are almost the definition of racism and I don’t think that you should publish them. They contribute nothing, ferment ill feeling and only cause unease.

    One final thought:

    Question         Who do you think set up and runs the Hospice which does such wonderful things for many families, including my own?

    Clue                  It wasn’t Caymanians.

    Question         Who runs NCVO?

    Clue                  It isn’t Caymanians.

    Question         Under whose auspices was the Red Cross on Cayman set up?

    Answer         It was not the Cayman Islands.”

    CNS: Roger can you just type straight into the box and not cut and paste. I’m not posting any more comments in this annoying large font



    • Roger U says:

       Sorry CNS,

      I won’t do it again. The reason I write in Word first and then paste it in here is because until a couple of months ago I did type directly into the   into the box but then, once, after banging away for about 20 minutes, it just vanished and I could never find it again.

      this was, by default, Font size 13. Would 11 be acceptable or is it Word itself that is the problem?

      CNS: Word is a problem – there will alwys be trash at the beginning (which I get rid of if I have the time). Font size 10 would be better. Thanks.


    • Anonymous says:

      Roger, that is a very one-sided post.  You say "if I were to write now that I find them so upseeting I am thinking of leaving,  you would be swamped with comments saying things like, "good riddance" or, "Pi$$ Off You Loser". Posts about people leaving are typically laced with vitriol themselves. Many of them wish our destruction. One has even gone so far as to call Caymanians "cockroaches". Yet you have reduced all of this to a mild expression that these expats are unhappy and are leaving.  The offending posts from Caymanians are in retort exchanging insult for insult. How about putting a curb on the anti-Caymanian comments, Roger, or do you feel that they are richly deserved and therefore do not require censure? Many of those "are almost the definition of racism, ferment ill-feeling and only cause unease".    

      As for your questions and clues, most Caymanians are working too hard to make ends meet and are not the spouses of wealthy partners in professional firms and bank managers to have the free time to run the NVCO.   

    • Thankful says:

      We must get to know you now!!?  That sounds like a song we have been singing all along….get to know us before judging us.  As a guess worker, you should get to know us and our way of life and not try to change it and think degrading and worst act degrading to us. 

      Caymanians seem to be fed up with everything now and honestly I can’t see how your comments helped.

  28. The sun sets in the west says:

    West Bay used to be worse than what it is now. The people at this meeting are a bunch of ignorant and illiterate racists. This is the same district that voted in McKeeva. Birds of a feather flock together. Why aren’t they complaining to him about the district? It was his job as a West Bay representative to push for the betterment of West Bay.

    Where is the library?

    Did he upgrade teh schools?

    Did he push for more policing?

    Did you get a fridge? Are you happy now?

    Apparantly he has done so much for the people of West Bay. According to his supporters.

    He’s done so many great things for the district. I’m surprised that there are any problems in West Bay because he was the man with a plan. West Bay is a hell hole. Not because of the police but because of the community. Not all West Bayers are as stupid as this bunch… thankfully Notch proved some of them have intelligence!


    Commisioner Baines and Howell are doing a great job. Caymanians need to stop babying their "wutless" children and try andset an example for their children!

    So they have enough ex-cops to police the district them selves… what kind of ignorant vigalanti thinking is that? No wonder the youth of West Bay don’t respect the law… they’re parents are disrepectful of the law as well and probably talk this racist garbage spewed out at the meeting infront of their kids as. Why woudl these morons promote taking the law in to their own hands?

    What makes this type of thinking any different from the mentality of gang members who retaliate on other gang members?

    Instead of forming a community crime watch and turning in your cousins and nephews that "bun ganja" in your own backyards… you blame the police for the influx of crime that your dancehall/hip hop listening foolish children that you dragged up are causing.

    I’m disgusted. Next timebe a more educated voter and actually vote for people who will help your stupid district not just pave your drive way or by you a fridge.


    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you sun sets in the west. I could not have said it any better.

  29. Anonymous says:

    i may be a young mother of 2 but I devote myself to my kids to be raised up with respect and with manners and they won’t up and and about like the rest of these kids…. some people don’t deserve to have kids they have them just to have them thinking its a "cool" thing… grow up

    • Anonymous says:

      There are many Caymanians who are being good parents, but unfortunately there are also some who are neglecting their parental responsibilities.

      We also have the US with its obsession with crime and killing as the focal point of most of its movies and other media.  This must also be having some impact here, as Caymanians, if nothing else, are a televison-focused population.

      I also am not sure if we can fully determine the causes, including the fact that when you have a demoralised police force you can expect that it will engender lack of respect for the law, and that criminals may see some advantage at striking during these vulnerable times.  It may also be true that a demoralised police force that is fighting its own internal battles has been consequently weakened and therefore not able to give of its best.

      I suspect that some of the causes may be all of the above.  Yet I cannot but help reflect on the unnecessary damage that has been done to the RCIPS. 

      As a former civil servant I know that the philosophy of leadership has always been to deal with internal problems as privately as possible in order to preserve institutions’ morale and positive public image.

      Everything in the last several years has been working against that philosophy, with resultant severe damage to instutions.

      It is a crying shame, and I am very angry.  And I do not blame the people of West Bay for being angry.

      We have enough issues to deal with as a society without having to shoulder the burden of an ailing police force.

      The people who have contributed to the dismantling of the underbelly of the RCIPS — the morale of its officers — should be ashamed.



  30. Anonymous says:

    what are wrong with you people. Always looking for someone to blame when its the parents who don’t bring up their kids with respect or discipline their kids.  They be out roaming the streets and you have no idea where they are.  As a young mother of two I will make sure I don’t turn out to be like these slacker parents who don’t care about their kids or what they are doing.  Put them in after school activities, spend QUALITY time with your kids after work. Make sure they are home and not roaming the streets causing trouble.  These people have no respect for each other and life.  They think killing will solve their problems, all of these wanna be "gangsters" need to be locked up, every single one of them.  I am sick and tired of hearing some one got shot this person dead blah blah blah.

    IF YOU ALL KNOW SOMETHING THEN SPEAK UP dont be stupid and say oh well "I won’t say anything because I know the person etc" or "police won’t listen" stop being so damn stupid.  This is so frustrating.  Always looking someone to blame, blame yourself for once.  Do your job and help the police, if you know of certain people doing certain things tell the damn police and let them take care of it.

  31. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    The only way that you can take responsibility is by taking responsibility for yourselves.  Yes, I know that Cayman Island law forbids putting your instinct for self preservation on the front burner when you or someone you love  is threatened.  Clearly the police aren’t doing the job.  Don’t waste a precious few seconds thinking, ‘Oh, this might be illegal!’  Do the necesssary.  The rest of the world is watching.

  32. Shaun Ebanks says:

    While I agree that parents should set boundries and be responsible in the proper upbringing of their children, and if not, then we see such anti-social behaviour played out on our streets with our young people.

    Let me say though, as a former senior officer of the RCIPS and one who was raised up in the West Bay district and now lives here, I clearly remember me and other police officers "every single week" attacking crime head-on in the district and gaining excellent results.

    Frankly speaking, I put the present blame and failures squarely on the so called "Matrix Policing/Strategic Plan" originally set by the former commissioner and now followed by this commissioner and his Gold Command team. The problems that have arisen not only in West Bay but the whole country, is a flawed plan that is incompatible for our country and caribbean culture as a whole.

    They are "hell bent" on not wanting to accept that it’s an "absolute miserable failure" that they have followed over the past four years or so.

    The district commanders (Silver Commanders) are not all to blame as they are merely following the so called strategic directions of the Commissioner and Gold Commanders who have it "absolutely wrong".

    It’s not like I/We have not told them this, but they still refuse to accept our views, advice and conclusions, despite once having millions and millions of dollars to accomplish their so called plan as well.

    When will they accept and learn to change direction from going down the wrong street and crashing into pure obstacles ???




  33. anonymous says:

    The gang mentality has overtaken our whole society.  Someone suggested that we put all the thugs in a room and let them deal with each other.  Now back to the police in West Bay.   A couple of months ago, I messed up royally.  I parked on a sidewalk (I know, I know, I shouldn’t have done it, but….. the reaction from the cops when they showed up was a bit on the ridiculous side.  A friend pointed out that they were out front and I went to the car.  There were three "officers" there with lights flashing and all three approaching my car.  I spoke and told them that I was driving and two of them promptly turned on me to inform me that I had broken the law (which I accepted,) and I must move my car now (even though I personally think that they are also breaking the law by doing the same thing that I did (:-) )) and that I WAS LUCKY TO GET A BREAK BECAUSE IT WAS FRIDAY NIGHT!


    What in the world is up with that comment?  I think that these people need to have some "dealing with the public – both polite and rude" classes incorporated in their training.  Plus the more stripes they have the ruder they get.  There are about 3 officers in West Bay whom I would not hesitate to give the time of day to and as for the rest, I would like to keep them in permanent daylight as it looks like after dark they turn into other creatures.


    Comments Please.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I am Caymanian.Proud of my hertiage and where i come from. I am also a mother of two young kids. The name blaming thing is getting old. They need to spend time with there kids and stop blaming the kids.They learn from us. So set proper examples of how to act in life. Show them love, show them respect. We expect respect but it has to be shown in order to be returned. Don’t teach them by installing fear into them if they do something wrong. Show them the rights and the wrongs. Teach them the benefits of the doing the right thing, and the consquences of the wrongs. My two are both young but when i tell them  not to do something  that will hurt them ,they always ask why not, what will happen if i do this mommy. Their little minds need knowledge and guidence give it to them and you well see a difference. Start taking your kids out doing things with them so them your proud of them, tell them even if the fail at something to just try again. That the next them you may get it. Let them feel safe in around you. Most kids today feel abandond by their parents. The have them care for them while there babies but can’t wait till they are on there own. I found my way through life being guide from very young by a parent who showed interest in me. A family who showed me the right and the wrong. They showed me love and respect and in turn I knew i had a  family who loved me and was proud to have me in there life. Stop the blaming and start taking responsibilty for your own actions, take care of the youths. Have family gotherings, outings with your kids. Some do most of what they do to get your attention. Listen to them and in turn they will be better kids. Instead of just talking all the time and not listening. Don’t wait till it’s too late.

  35. anon says:

    What a load of garbage.  The reason that there is crime is that parents have not taught their children to respect each other, the law and to be law abiding.  It is no-one’s fault but the fault of the people who commit the crime.  The public have a duty to assist the police and in my experience they simply hear no evil and see no evil.  How can it possibly be the new commissioner’s fault when the people who have the guns are at least 16 years old so have been doing this long before the commissioner arrived.  Stop blaming everyone else and take responsiblity for your own children.  I had never heard the expression "baby-mother" or "baby-father" before I arrived on this island = because so many people have so many kids with different people it has necessitated a new way to describe them.  In consequence there is no parental influence because there is one parent to several kids from different parentagel. Keep your pants on, stop having profligate sex outside marriage, have a stable environment for your children to grow up in, teach them proper values and invest in their education and you will start to see some improvement in crime levels in about 10 years time. 

  36. Anonymous says:

    so misguided- that’s what many of the views expressed at this meeting are. While I do agree that the RCIPS does have a long way to go with community relations and investigation tactics, is it really fair to say that the non-caymanian officers are to blame for everything that is going wrong in the district and, in this country?

    It sounds like those in the district are so frustrated that they are blinded. I hope they will take to heart some of the wise thoughts shared by Mr. Smith and Mr. Whittaker. Family is key to solving this problem. The saying ‘It takes a village’ could not be more true at this juncture in Cayman history. Families and neighbourhoods MUST take responsibility and guide the youth that have been lost. Young people who are doing good MUST become shining examples and reach out to their peers. Parents MUST support the teachers and they MUST become more involved in their childrens lives. The wealth of the country, or lack there of, CANNOT replace the genuine involvement and support of family and community.

    Cayman- we can’t rely on the RCIPS to look out for the youth and ‘take care’ of them at all times. Families and communities have a responsibility too.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Too much "baby muddaz".

    End of story!

    For the past 25 years Cayman has produced an unhealthy amount of teenaged / young unmarried mothers.

    Same old story – girl gets pregnant, parents get pissed, baby comes, and everybody is all smiles again.


    Younger sister, cousin, niece, friend sees that there are no consequences to this behaviour.

    Great job Cayman. Nice, strong Christian nation!?

    Yeah right!

  38. Young Caymanian says:

    Don’t blame the police, its not their fault, it’s the worthless, no good parents fault and they know who they are, and they should be ashamed of it!!

    Proverbs 22:6 (King James Version)


     6Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it

    You wanna argue with someone, argue with God, don’t argue with me, see where that gets you!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    It is my opinion that often times these young men who have no respect for themselves, (not to mention law), have parents who may have been involved with the police, as well. Therefore, from a young age they hear the negative talk towards the police and others in authority. Hence, these children grow up having no respect for anything, including their parents.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Do the cops force the drug users to take drugs?  Do the cops put guns into the hands of young people and force them to shoot each other?  Do cops force young people to drive their cars so incredibly fast that when they wreck, they die?  People choose to commit crimes and it is up to ALL of us to find ways to  1) stop people from making those choices, and  2) stop those who do make those choices from GETTING AWAY WITH IT!

    Grow Up, Cayman.  We are responsible for ourselves!!!!!!! 

  41. Anonymous says:

    Typical.  Blame the police for our own shortcomings.  Stop having children if you don’t intend to devote your life to raising them properly.  Our children are being "dragged up" many raising themselves while so called parents take no interest in them whatsoever and see them only as a burden they don’t want.  I see it happening right now in Caymanian families all across this country. Start holding these parents responsible, charge them when their kids get in trouble, better yet, social services should be identifying these "at risk" kids early on and dragging these rogue parents into court.  I honestly believe there are no bad children, only bad parents.  Let’s be honest here, significant improvements are needed where the police force is concerned, but many of these social problems are of our own making, and  are contributing to the downfall of our society, like so many before us.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with "Typical.  Blame the Police".    When a child is charged with a crime, the parents should be charged as well, as accomplices.  That is what they are. 

  42. "Caymanian to the Bone" says:

    Chief Inspector Howell is doing the best she can, with what resources have been handed to her.  If you all could do better, she wouldn’t have to be there doing your job.

    Stop being critical of her work ethics, and how she handles her business.  Get up off your"fannies", pull together as a community and help her rid the district of these "wanne be" gangsters.  How many of you are contributing to combatting crime in your own district?  A lot of you are to blame for housing these hardened criminals right in your own homes, and when the law steps in, then you cry out in vain.

    Shut up or step up!!!!! 


    • Anonymous says:

      I completely disagree with you; all Chief Inspector Howell is interested in is blowing her own horn by going on the news channels and papers about her traffic tickets. She is not a proactive police officer and I personally think that she should be placed in another Police department, maybe the Brac (Sorry Guys).

      I can’t believe that Paul was not rehired, so many of you that know him know he is not scared to arrest any of his family and persons he knows. The other person that we should look at rehiring is the former Chief Inspector RS.
      You ask how many of us are contributing to combat crime in our area. Well I know I am and have done so for the last 15 years of my life (by the way I’m a former police officer and to date any information I receive I pass it on). What have you done? Or are you the husband of Chief Inspector Howell? OH you are going to come back to me now and say why don’t I re Join the RCIPS, couple of reasons, they can’t afford me now, I would re join as a special and am seriously considering it. If RS would be re hired I would go across to the training dept the minute I heard and sign up. For now I will support my former friends by passing what ever information I receive from my form informants and yes I still get a lot of calls, even from inside Northward.
      • "Caymanian to the Bone" says:

        I was once a resident of West Bay, and saw first hand how things were dealth with there.  Because of the effects it had on myself and my family, we decided to relocate.  I am neither friend nor foe of the said Officer (Howell) , but it is disheartening to hear people undermine her efforts.  You as a former Police Officer should know the ill effects of back-biting and degrading others within the service. 

        I’m happy that persons have confidence in "you" to pass on relevant information, and "trust" you are doing your civil duty of passing this information to the appropriate persons. It’s quite evident that Paul was not rehired based on circumstances that maybe you and I are not privy to at this time.  So to you I say "the best of luck" whilst waiting for RS to be re-instated and hope its not with baited BREATH. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you attend the Action Committee Meeting and hear what the people are experiencing?  Perhaps you should get involved like you are telling other people to do and then you would understand the facts before commenting.  I agree, parents have falling down on their responsibilities and this needs to change.  Parents need to be held accountable, yes but that is not the only problem we have.  So we need to look at this thing from different angles and try to find solutions for these problems.

  43. Incognito says:

    It is easier to point fingers at who is to blame, than take blame.

    I can understand how people feel about the Police, but locals need to look at themselves first. Up-bringing starts from the home, not schools or the police station. If we bring our kids up like hooligans in the house, then they will be hooligans on the street.

    We need to focus on Educating our youths, showing them the importance of a mature attitude. Teach them to respect and also the difference between reality and fiction.

    I look at kids in Cayman today, arguing with their parents. In my days, that would NEVER happen.

    It’s a combination of things gone wrong in Cayman, but the solution starts from Home.

  44. AJ says:

    Here we go again.  Blamming everyone else for our own problems that we created with our lack of involvement with the youth.  Parents, you are to blame!  For the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!!!!  When you’re child was doing something wrond what did you do???  Did you take off your belt and beat them like what your parents used to do you???  Did you just send them to their rooms where they have their tvs, playstations, phones and computers??  And when they caused trouble at school, what did you do then??  Go to the school and harrass the teachers claiming that they were bullying your child??  The past is catching up to us and we will all pay.

    Don’t leave it up to anyone else to take care of your youths.  The police weren’t there forcing you to have a child!  The government wasn’t there begging you to have a child!  So take care of your own responsibilities.

    To all those young ladies out there…if you’re big enough to have sex, you’re big enough to tell your parents so you can get protected.  Don’t want to go on the pill??  There’s the injection once every three months.  Don’t like needles??  There’s the coil that lasts for 5 (five) years!!!!  Parents, if you know your child is having sex talking to them about getting protected!

  45. Anonymous says:

     There needs to be a zero tolerance policy with regards to fire arms – the penalties for being in possession of one without appropriate licencing should be severe enough to make people think twice . With regards knives/ machetes and any other dangerous weapons again there needs to be zero tolerance.

    If they offend they go to a boot camp , jail is often the easy option -These kids need strong role models like Killa Whitaker – people who can teach them how to control their aggression- boxing clubs I know have been very successful in deprived areas in UK – ex police and ex army guys helping to run vocational type courses such as car maintenance etc it gives them someone to respect 

    It is clear that the youths who are carrying out these crimes have to much time on their hands and way too much agression – they need strong male role models in the communities to nip this type of behaviour in the bud – get them off the streets and hanging about nightclubs drinking and doing drugs. 



  46. Anonymous says:

    The easy option is to blame the police. Stop copping out and start taking responsibility.

    • Anonymous says:

      Stop copping out and start taking responsibility.


      Now THAT was funny!!!

  47. Anonymous says:

    West Bay crime is fueled by Caymanian youths recruited to patrol the hood, out well after dark, with no positive role models.  The new "rude" regime of Police that query this behavior are not the neighbours and cousins that for years accomodated such illicit behavior by turning the cheek.  Those complaining about the new regime of Police need to go sit under a tree and think hard about what they want for their future – going back to the old regime is not the answer.  Blaming the Police or immigrants for your shortcomings as parents/or grandparents is not a new idea.   

  48. Anonymous says:

    Stop blaming the Police, it is our own Caymanian young men I see killing each other off. (PERIOD)