Croc couple visit 7MB

| 17/09/2009

(CNS): A pair of crocodiles that has been spotted off Seven Mile Beach are probably shy and reclusive creatures, according to Department of Environment (DoE) Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie. However, she said people who want to take pictures should do so at a safe distance. Chief Conservation Officer Mark Orr said the staff have received calls from the public saying they have seen two crocodiles in the White Sands – Seven Mile Public Beach area. The DoE also said that over the past few months the department has received a number of reports of crocodile sightings around Grand Cayman.

“As far as nature goes, this is not such an abnormal event. If undisturbed, the crocodiles will probably move on by themselves,” Orr said. “Nevertheless, we want the public to be cautious, and they should definitely not approach the animals.”

While staff cannot confirm the species of the crocodiles sighted, they most likely are one of the wide-ranging American crocodile species, according to DOE.

“These are generally shy and reclusive, and fall under international protection,” Ebanks-Petrie Ebanks-Petrie explained. She encouraged the public to continue reporting sightings of crocodiles, or any other large marine creature, to the DoE. “This information is of scientific and conservation value, and it will be added to our sightings database,” she said. “We’d also like to have any pictures that could be used to identify the animal. There is no issue with taking a few pictures from a safe distance, if you wish to do so. However, afterwards you should move away and leave the animal alone, as you would do with any other wild animal you encounter,” she added.

DoE staff can be contacted on 949-8469 or

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What’s the big deal. You have the tourists swimming with stingrays. There are barracuda anywhere you want to look (and they do bite swimmers). You’ve got sharks too. These little crocodiles don’t cause problems anywhere.

    In Louisiana and Florida, where there are millions of the larger, more dangerous alligators, swamp tours to see them are very popular.

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently you don't know much about the nature of salt water crocs. Google them and see what silent predators they are. They are not shy creatures at all. They are aggressive and cunning ambush hunters. If allowed to get intrenched in the Cayman eco system they will start having people disappearing in the Cayman Islands just like in Cuba, Central America and Austrailia. Be wise and support nipping this dangerous creature's invasion issue in the bud for everyone's safety.


  2. Master Baitor says:

    To Mr. 8:53 Friday…

    So crocs are less dangerous than sharks and jet-skis???

    When was the last time you heard about a shark or jet  ski hopping onto it’s four legs and chasing it’s prey up the shoreline??

    • Anonymous says:

      Now I am trying to remember the last time I saw a crocodile chase "prey up the shoreline"… hmm… the answer is "never" (probably the same answer as you).  You should spend more time watching SMB, and less time watching "Lake Placid". Now I am thinking, when was the last time I was threatened by an aggressive dog… hmm… the answer is "last Saturday"…

  3. Master Baitor says:

    It is time we send out the troops with proper tools to catch these beasts before they kill someone.  We need to trap them and deport them in a humane way.  Since it is proven they will go after small animals, let’s tie up some iguanas along the beach at regular intervals and wait…


  4. Anon E Mouse says:

    Hey – welcome back Nonie…

    Isn’t is a Croc-a-doo-dle-doo???

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hey, I gotta idea. why not setup a "swim with the crocs" program like we done with the dolfins?? make a pile of mony too!!

    • Joe Average says:

      Hey, I gotta idea. why not setup a "swim with the crocs" program like we done with the dolfins?? make a pile of mony too!!

      huh??  would that include a money back guarantee in case some people don’t enjoy it??  i’m not sure if you can "interact" with crocs.

      anyway swim with crocs is too far-fetched.  now Dances With Wolves would definitely be an attraction.  how about Polar Bear Rides?

      CNS this is a funny island. 

      Thanks for helping us enjoy each other’s twisted senses of humour!  Lord knows sometimes we need it!


  6. Anonymous says:

    question for the DEO what should we do when one or two of them approach you walking on the beach? should we stop to say hello and welcome to the cayman Island or give them food to eat or get the #@$% out of dodge.

  7. Anonymous says:

    First its ‘the chickens are comin.. the chickens are comin.."

    Then "The iguanas are comin.. the iguanas are comin.."

    Now "The crocodiles are comin.. the crocodiles are comin"

    Haha.. I think its the British Govt sending all of these plagues upon us..

    But please dont start debatin this..


  8. Young.KY.female says:

    They eat whole chickens.  Warm these crocs up to humans and next to stingray city, we’d have a top tourist attraction and solution to our fowl problem! :).  And are we really having an expat/local debate over this? yawnnnn

  9. Heinz 57 says:

    Wether or not the crocs are here to re-claim their property, they are difinitely not xenophobic, they will take on each and every one of us, if they have to.

    Therefore is seems best to just leave them alone!

  10. Mozzie Fodder says:

    I have to agree with posters who suggest capturing the crocs and relocating them. It’s probably the only way they’ll survive the crowds of people with flaming torches, pitchforks and guns that want to slay them, eat them and make flip flops from the skin.

    What with the parrot shooting, blue iguana killing, turtle poaching, croc hunting and land clearing – it’s a miracle that there is any wildlife still here.

    • Buzz back! says:

      It has come to my attention that there are still a few species we have not targeted.  For a start, we all need to get mini blow-darts and go after the butterflies.  They are pesky annoyances and a blight to society.  Besides, if you marinade them in lemon, ginger and olive oil and skewer them over a bbq, they are quite tasty…

  11. Anon says:

    Get rid of them before they start getting rid of us!! They are very dangerous to the residents and the tourists alike! What if one of these crocs kill a tourist! Image the bad press that will get! As if we aren’t already getting enough of that!! What it these things are breeding in the wild and come Easter time when most Caymanians are out camping, someone gets eaten by one of these things! What then?! Would you like to be caught in the grip of one of these things while they are dragging you under the water, tossing you around, drowing you!? Would you like to see that happen to one of your loved ones!??! Get rid of them! KILL THEM! We lived in these islands all of these years without this threat on our shores! I have no sympathy or mercy for killers and they are killers and they will kill if given the opportunity!! I watch Discovery Channel and National Geographic! I’ve seen what these things are capable of! They scare the life right out of me and I say kill them and get rid of them before they start doing it to us!

    • Anonymous says:

      Boy – you scarier than any crocodile!

      • Anonymous says:

        Ha, ha, ha… got me laughing, my jaw aches!  Happy Friday!

      • Anon says:

        Boy – you won’t be so nonchalant when something bad happens to you! They may have been here before us as the person above pointed out, but they disappeared or died out for a reason! We are so used to being able to roam free around our island without the fear of any type of predetor of this sort that it opens us all up to some very serious problems if this situation is not dealt with swiftly. Relocate them? To where? People fish all around the island, people go swimming, boating everywhere around this island. People use the nature trails for hiking. There is no where to relocate them to that they wont come in contact with human beings! It’s not like going diving when you know there are sharks out there! People make that choice to go in a shark’s domain! We can’t live in the sea to avoid the crocs that will take over our tiny little island! You think it’s a joke now and I’m over reacting! Wait until it gets out of hand and you’re afraid to walk out of your back door or let you children outside because a croc might be waiting in your backyard! Which does happen in places that do have them running wild! I stick to what I said before! KILL THEM! They serve absolutely NO purpose around here but to bring more problems to these islands, so get rid of them!

    • Hopeless Day says:

      Calm down.  These things are all over the place in the US and do you read of tourists being eaten alive?  I note your concern for the non-Caymanians who may be camping at Easter.  Thank you.

      "We lived in these islands all of these years without this threat on our shores!"  Ahem, I think they were here first and we were the ones doing the killing.

      • Anon says:

        Why these crocs take a bite out of you or your loved ones! Come back and tell me how you feel then! And furthermore I wasn’t referring to "non-Caymanians" camping at Easter! I was referring to my own people! The REAL Caymanians!

        • Anonymous says:

          Stop being such a big girl and man up won’t you. God i’ve never heard such pathetic cowardice in all my life. They are a harmless species of crocodile and there has never been any reported attack on humans. They are as closely related to Alligators as we are to baboons.

          Ignorance is no excuse for being a wimp

          • Anon E Mouse says:

            Great post, thanks for stepping in Mr Baboon.  Care for a snack?  Special tonight is Las Touristas….


          • Oxymoronic... says:

            "Harmless" and "crocodile"…

            Class, please make a sentance containing the above words…

            "The big crocodile ate the harmless human’s pet puppy"


          • Kroc Killer says:

            Comparing a Croc to an alligator is like comparing a guppie to a great white.  Crocs would eat a 'gator a move on stll hungry  Wise up and quit trying to co-habitate with these predators.








        • Anonymous says:

          Irony.  Not your greatest strength spotting it?  The point was why were you only concerned about Caymanians camping rather than people camping? 


          • Anon says:

            Irony. Doesn’t seem like it’s your "greatest strength" in recognizing either. So let me break it down for you. I am only concerned about Caymanians. The REAL Caymanians. Is that clear enough for you?

            • Anonymous says:

              Impressive and scary admission.  Reading back through this thread, what you are saying is that if an ex-pat or an "unreal" Caymanian was eaten by a croc then you would not be concerned about it.  Very Christian of you sir.  It is people as narrow minded as yourself which give the rest of your countrymen an undeservedly bad reputation.

              Pray tell, when a croc comes onto the beach how will you be able to tell the "real" Caymanians so you know who to save?  Bigots – don’t you just love annoying them?

              • Anon says:

                Sounds like what I said really bothered you dear sir. It does not bother me that you call me a bigot. This is my country and I am entitled to say how I feel as you have clearly stated how you feel. You did not read my initial comment clearly. Had you done that you would have realized that I was not trying to single out any one nationality. I was simply saying if a tourist was killed by a croc in our islands it would cause alot of bad press. Not that anyone’s life is of any greater value than the other person but bad press is bad press! Simple, and it’s something we do not need right now! Therefore, do something about the situation before it comes to that. You misconstrued what I initially said and turned it into this expat vs. Caymanian argument and I just followed suit. Silly me. Camping has become a tradition on Grand Cayman at Easter time. I don’t know of very many expats going camping at Easter thus my reason for saying "Caymanians" when I was talking about camping. It’s people like you with your pompous attitudes that sometimes make it hard to keep things in perspective when trying to get a point across.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, you seem to really like the exclamation mark !!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. OH shoot, da wa I dreamed last night! says:

    Word to the gangstas intead of hurting each other, go hunt the crocks and stew it just like turtle meat. Ask Granny, she give you the recipe.

    But Seriously folk, when the first child or person is killed or as one poster said when they start to multiply, DOE will realize that they are a bunch of smucks for saying something so stupid, SHY CROCODILE, I never hear such a load of crock in my life.


    • Hopeless Day says:

      Is that "load of crock" or "load of croc"?  It might be a "load of croc crock" I suppose.

      • Anonymous says:

        Croc pot:)

        • Nonnie Mouse says:

          If the crocs were hanging out at some rocks it could be a "load of croc rock crock".

          • Anonymous says:

            If there was a false story about an injured croc hanging around those rocks, it might a be a "load of crocked croc rock crock".

  13. anon1 says:

    I say eat them before they shoot somebody. With the number of guns now on Island I am sure a few were thrown in the sea along Seven Mile Beach.

  14. Panty Man says:

    Has anyone yet been able to establish the sexuality and religious beliefs on those Crocs? Both would go a long way to determining whether or not we will accept them in to our society.

    God help them if they are battyboys who want to shop on a Sunday!

    • Anonymous says:

      Those crocs better get to the Turtle Farm quick since they be closing down on Sundays too! Did anyone even know that the freaking Turtle Farm was open on Sundays??? I mean could that be one reason they are losing millions? By the way they have a croc there too its just in a tank sitting in the back and I hear it loveeeeesss Papa Johns Pizza,

  15. a 38th Generation Caimanian says:

    I am a 38th Generation Caimanian born of these Islands, and as you know my people are the ONLY legitimate Caimanians in existence. 

    All you expats who been wandering around my Islands for the last 500 years (i.e. humans) I got news for you: us true-blood Caimanians have decided that in the interest of peace and harmony all of your entry visas are being cancelled and your work permits are being revoked.  Please now go back home and leave our Islands to the true native Caimanians.  Kurt, you need to be the first one on the plane.

    We will be repopulating the Islands shortly.  Please exit in an orderly manner.  Thank you for your attention.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you get them expats out of here we natives of these islands the real caymanians need to take back our country we are over run by these expats from all walks of life and they are being given our birth right so easy its got me really upset,we could never go in their country and dominate there like what they are doing here they wouldnt like either if it were happing in their country.I hope the economy would go down a little more so they could go,we have no place on the road to drive its clogged with them.

      • Anonymous says:

        What have expats got to do with Crocs being spotted in the ocean?

        • Joe Average says:

          "What have expats got to do with Crocs being spotted in the ocean?"   It’s simple:  Ex-pats created shows like Discovery Channel and National Geographic.  Some of those shows have shown crocodiles. Some people were scared by the shows.  See??  Use logic

      • Anonymous says:

        wow, you really didn’t get that the post you replied to was referencing the crocs as the true "native caymanians…"

      • Anonymous says:

        The crocs are clogging the roads already, they driving or walking?

    • Anonymous says:

      that’s what happen when ppl lik the UDP be in charge of the Country

      • a 38th Generation Caimanian says:

        We tried eating PPM once.  No meat.  Just full of sh!t.

  16. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    Croc, its the other other white meat.

    • Anonymous says:

      I ate ‘gator a while back.  Tasted like chicken, but I guess you are what you eat.

      Maybe these 2 will taste like tourist in a few years…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Salt water crocs can travel from as far as India and swim all the way to Florida. Does no one watch the discovery channel or read now a days? The DOE is being ignorant as well. Are you serious!!!!! ‘They seem shy?’ That’s like saying a shark is a vegetarian….What you need to do is to remove them from 7mile beach. ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ It seems like every other day a croc is turning up here in our islands. I have no problem with them but our native crocs died out along time ago and maybe there was a reason for that. I don’t want the next headline to read ‘fisherman disappeared off 7mile beach or scuba diver went missing while swimming off 7mile beach.’ DOE this is the time to do something about it. You guys are simply ridiculous;’ You want pictures?’ If you want pictures to identify them, why don’t you go and remove them from our waters and take a picture then. Seriously, you just gave an open invitation to people to go get eaten. Crocs are never shy….When have you ever heard a wildlife expert say that????? It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was one croc, but two? Do the math, they have decided to stay, in the next few months we will have 5-7 baby crocs in our water’s and they won’t leave because it will be there home. If you have been having reports of these crocs for a week obviously they have gotten comfortable. What are they eating, fish and other sea creatures? Our small fishing industry will decline in numbers. The DOE needs to put a plan into place for these sorts of events!!!! In the next few years we will be just like those people in Florida having to call DOE to remove crocs out of swimming pools and bath tubs and all sorts of places if we do not do something about them now. Crocs are some of the oldest creature’s living on this earth today and guess what they know how to survive. DOE do your job and help to keep your country safe!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny you should mention sharks in your post. There are hundreds out there swimming around just waiting to eat fisherman… would you like DoE to go catch all of those too? Whilst they’re at it, those big barra’s can deliver a serious bite, eels too ofcourse… sea eggs – pretty nasty. Perhaps DoE could do something about that Fire Coral too… maybe replace it with some nice plastic coral with foam edges? If you are concerned for your saftely, I suggest you consider the increasing serious crime rate, road traffic accidents, heart disease and cancer, before you assume that crocodiles become Cayman’s next Most Wanted. Perhaps it should be you doing the math?

    • aname says:

      you must be kidding right??? are you really that much of a coward? do you really run screaming from the ocean because a crocodile had been spotted? Need i mention the hundreds of sharks we have swimming off our beaches that don’t both anyone?

      Couple of points – the reason the native crocodiles died out was becuase they were hunted to extinction – they didn’t die out because of some problem with the island. People are the only reason Crocs don’t live here now.

      next, why did you jump to the conclusion its a male and female crocodile? you might have noticed on the discovery channel that they don’t pair for life and males and females only come together during the act of intercourse.

      How many fish do you think a crocodile eats in a day? Crocodiles are cold blooded and hence have much lower food requirements than warm blooded animals, they can go for over a year without food! another point is that they primarily hunt at dusk or night, do you do a lot of swimming at night???

      Finally, almost every crocodile expert on the planet says that they are shy and retiring creatures, it sounds like you are spending more time watching the cartoon channel than the discovery channel with your level of narrow mindedness and ignorance!  

      Learn a little and you may learn to stop being so cowardly and appreciate these animals for being the amazing creatures they are.

    • Good By Pension says:

      I have been waiting for this a long time….Now I can get me a pair of croc skin boots to go with my pimp coat..I love it here in Cayman..Turtle skin wrist watch band and all these exotic things and you say we don’t have any natural resources hogwash

    • Absolute Croc! says:

      Seriously, just a question, if they are two male or two female crocs, what are the chances we would get babies???

      Secondly, when has ANY Caymanian allowed someone to call a place home after arriving with no ties to the country or people, and having a family???

      Time to go back to watching National Geographic and Discovery specials… 

  18. Anonymous says:

    Part of my appreciation for the Cayman Islands is the nature of the country. The creatures here are part of that attraction, the crocs coming here is just part of nature’s ongoing evolution, yes I said it evolution. These crocs were not brought here by creationism.

  19. Fidel says:

    Word on the street is that these are Cuban Crocs, come looking for that status they hear bout

    • Anonymous says:

      thats true cuz every one hear status given away here but i think we have too much here now

  20. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the other posters to some extent in that we should leave them be, but just not leave them be where they are. 7MB and in particular public beach is the some of the most used beach and sea for residents and tourists alike and lets face it humans and crocs shouldn’t be in such close proximity. This is potentially harmful to humans and also to the crocs too.

    DoE stating that they are ‘generally shy’ simply does not cut it for me. If they were shy they wouldn’t be living on 7MB, they would have moved on somewhere far quiter. The fact that they have not would suggest that they not all that bothered by our presence and are probably there because it is an excellent food source. I imagine there is a lot of spilled/dumped food at Public Beach and these creatures are helping themselves whenever the mood suits them.

    Inevitably because of their location there will be human/croc interaction and depending this could be very serious especially for small children. Remember crocs are almost invisable when in water and can move incredibly fast on land too.

    I would urge DoE to remove the crocs from the area immediately – I for one will not be visiting the area again until they are gone.

    One final thought; the DoE press release contains no mention of the size of the animals. These guys may be 3 ft and harmless or 10ft plus and not so – remember when not ‘generally shy’ these guys are amongst the most violent ferocious killers on the planet.

    Happy swimming!


    • anon says:

      So you are happy to swim with the numberous large sharks we have off seven mile beach such as the tigers and bulls and yet you are crying like a little baby at the mere thought of a transient crocodile? ignorance is a wonderful thing. I can assure you the most dangerous thing we have in the waters around here (most likely to harm a human) are without doubt the Jetskis.

  21. 007 For Sure says:

    I say shoot them before they EAT a tourist .We paying enough LAW suits because of stupidness and the government is broke .Give me a guni will be night security .We dont need to know what type,color,class,or creed just shoot and check their status later.

    • Anonymous says:

      its amazing how dumb people can be, you want to shoot these poor creatures just because they found thier way home, or to a resting/nesting site, since you want to shoot things that are becoming a nuisance, why dont we start with these criminals who clearly dont have a problem shooting us when we are in the clubs or in our home. These poor creatures dont know right from wrong! but these so-called gansters do!

      you said that they might eat a tourist, Please!  the tourist have more to worry about from our own so-called-ganstas!

      Cayman you really need to wake up!

      • Rambo says:

        If we ate them and made shoes from their skin after we killed them, would you feel better?  Have you had a hamburger lately?  Humans kill all sorts of living things on a massive scale, just because the things we kill taste good.  Why not kill these ones to protect the Cayman tourist economy?

        On the other hand, I wholly agree that we should all have guns in our houses, and be legally not only permitted but required to blow massive holes through anyone breaking into our houses.

        John Rambo

        "Sir, do we get to win this time? " FB Part II

        • Sav/New says:

          They taste pretty good too.. The taste of beef.. Drop a lil lime on.. mmmm, dellllicious! 

  22. Joe Average says:

    They are ex-pat crocs.  Working our waters.  They brought nothing to the island and are enjoying the beach and will probably eat their fill of fish and leave. 

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      JOE AVERAGE 19:34, I am cracking up over your joke, sometimes its good to read somethings that make you have a good laugh in the morning. Very funny.

      Anyway the word "SHY Crocs"?.  As much as I have read about them I cannot see anything shy, and has got me thinking will we soon be spending money walking them on a leach looking for good homes.  Good gracious, "CROCODILES !!!?   Roll them over now.  They will eat the little fish we have left and run away our tourist.  One thing I know for sure I will not be going further than ankle deep in the water.  Who knows? they may be multiplying out there.  What next?

      • Solutions says:

        I trust you are joking about the "multiplying out there" comment since they are reptiles and they lay eggs – thus would have to come ashore to multiply… 

        • Twyla Vargas says:

          YOU SAID IT, 08:58, maybe they have came ashore and laid eggs already.

          How about ‘Swimming with the Crocs."?  Sounds apealing for tourist dont you think?.

          • The other other white meat. says:

            Fortunately, crocs like meat, and if you have taken a wander through the streets of GT on Carnival Cruise days, you will see our quality tourism product is much more fatty than would suit their tastes!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are hilarious!! Really funny!!   Tool.

  23. Anonymous says:

    the DOE will look pretty stupid if they attack some one, wouldn’t it make more sense to capture them and return them to a place they came from ?

  24. Thankful says:

    Leave them alone they will probably move on by themselves!!!!  Am sorry but I never knew crocs swim in open waters across hundreds of miles to other countries!  They sound just as mysterious in showing up here as our Afghan friends…which ironically we have heard nothing about.

    In my lil 30+ years I never heard of this and certainly my mama or grandmother never spoke about mystery crocs showing up.  Unna believe me when I tell you…this been happening a bit too much. 

    Something "fishy" going on here.  So we not only need to worry about guns being imported by boats; in being sedulous, I found myself thinking if there is not a plan to sabotage our country with bringing wild crocs from somewhere else and letting them go in our waters…with the hopes that something bad happens by chance with a visitor in our waters.

    Given the happening recently "chile" anything possible.  What a mess in our country.  Sweet loving Jesus…deliver us.  We pray for divine wisdom in dealing with the many challenges. Amen


    • Sav/New says:

      Aww geez um.. It’s not like crocodiles were just discovered in the world yesterday.. For all we know they could be in the mangroves up in the North Sound.. Actually kinda cool if you ask me.

    • It's dem... says:

      More expats causing problems.  Unna crocs neva was one-a-us.  So, when will it ever end…

    • Young Caymanian says:

      I wouldn’t get too excited – there is no conspiracy here.  These Crocs are probably ones that got free from the Turtle Farm after the various storms.  Where have they been all this time?  Who knows – probably in land but it’s been so dry lately that they may have been forced to find water. 

    • anon says:

      Just becuase you didn’t know they could swim across hundreds of miles of open sea doesn’t mean that they can’t. It just means you don’t know a lot about crocodiles.  I would hazzard a guess that you don’t know much about the workings of an internal combustion engine and yet you use one of those every day of your life.


      Its not a conspiracy, they are just trying to recolonise their previous habitat like all creatures do – its called nature, don’t be scared of it. If you are ignorant of something, reasearch it.

  25. Anonymous says:

    They need to be caught and checked for drugs.

    The drug people have all kinds of ways of smuggling nowadays.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Let’s hope it’s the cameras and not the spear-guns doing the shooting this time!

  27. Anonymous says:

    This must be the works of the UK Government…..they not content with taking down our financial industry but they going after tourism now too!! Hey Gov’na Jack….what you kin tell us ’bout this? LOL

  28. Anonymous says:

    Are they sure these weren’t just big iguanas?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Please for heavens sake leave these animals alone. If they want to nest, let them. They are the last vestiges of a highly endangered and protected creature – the very creatures these Islands were named after. They are not particularly dangerous and deserve to be allowed to live free. In fact, international conventions require it. DOE – how come you have not gone after the authorities/police for the last time they tried to machine-gun one of these protected animals in a marine park? Please make sure everyone obeys the law this time!


    Given the recent sightings and even capture in barkers, can we just declare them to be native animals and enjoy and benefit with their presence. Jamaica and Florida have thriving tourism with them. We could too!

    • Not so sure... says:

      I thought we were the Cayman Islands named after the Caiman…  Not the Crocod-Isles.



      • Anonymous says:

        Actually "Las Caymanas" is "The Crocodiles"

        Las Lagartos would be "The alligators" – of which the South American freshwater  Caiman  is a subspecies. We probably never had "Caimans" here – but crocs certainly – and we should probably grow up to the fact that we still do.

        • What a Croc! says:

          Might I direct you to that sums it up:

          "Caimans are a small type of alligator originating in Central America and the Cayman Islands."

          Or perhaps Roger C. Smiths excellent read, The Maritime Heritage of the Cayman Islands pages 86 and 87 regarding the naming of the Cayman Islands:

          Captain William Jackson is noted as saying upon his arrival in Cayman…

          "This place is low land and all rockye, and there bee two other islands of ye same name and Quallitie, being by ye Spanyards called Chimanos, from ye multitude of Alligators here found which are Serpents, if not resembling ye Crocodiles of Egypt."

          That said, however, South Florida is the only known place in the world where both crocodiles and alligators cohabitate so it could be either… 

          Finally, the spanish translation of crocodiles is crocodrilos.  The spanish word for alligators is caimanas.

          Thank you class, I think today’s lesson has successfully touched on history, biology and a touch of Spanish!! 

          You can go play now!!!


          • Anon E Mouse says:

            Didn’t mean play all day- don’t you have a come back …  Even an "Oh cr@p Iscr$w$d up…."  Step Up with a real ansa, dude…

          • Lost Cause... says:

            Sorry you got lost and never had the cah(j)ones to fight back, mi amigo…


        • Edjamacate dat man... says:

          Please tell me you an expat, not a product of our Caymanian School system…

          Next thing is you will be telling us "Las Tortugas" (a name once given to our beloved isles) is "The Tortoise" or "The Hickatee"…

          Had the name stuk, I guess we wouldall be "Hickees", not "Caymanians"…

  30. Anonymous says:

    Leave them alone! They were here before humans hence the name "Cayman Islands"!

    • Anonymous says:

      We fighting to get rid of the expats. Where the hell we gonna go when the crocs come to take back their homeland.

      • Think it through... says:

        Wait a sec…  If this is the crocs homeland, then that would mean…


        The "Caymanian" people are expats too…

        Oh no!  What now?  Do we bash ourselves?  Do we try and kick ourselves off the island?

        Or do we just accept Cayman is a melting pot made up of immigrants who have gradually integrated as a society, and though some go back many generations, there really is no such thing as a Caymanian?


      • Anonymous says:

        Hey you can come to UK or USA when the Crocs come and take over. Be prepared to work a few times harder and only get appropriate jobs for your skills/qualifications though. There is no sense of entitlement there so you won’t get jobs that you are not competent to do and you’ll get fired if you are no good. So a little different to life here as a Caymanian.

        You won’t be able to facebook and text message all day every day and you’ll only get the same human rights as everybody else in the country. But on the plus side you won’t have to watch your friends die like many expats here because they can’t afford to fly overseas for medical attention and get denied treatment by the government.

        • Anonymous says:

          No sense of entitlement in UK? So what was that near riot when a bunch of UK workers were displaced by labour from portugal a few months ago about then?

          • Anonymous says:

            I think you must have misread my post, or are a product of a bad upbringing and lack of schooling.

            I mentioned the local philosophy of feeling entitled to jobs for which one is not qualified or lacks the relelvant skills and qualifications. The situation in the UK was completely different in that expatriate workers were coming in and taking jobs off local construction workers that were qualified to do the job. In that case the local workers were not given the opportunity to even apply for positions.

            This is unlike the situation here where expatriate workers come here to do jobs that Caymanians feel are below them or those jobs where no caymanian posseses the skills, experience, qualifications or work ethic to do to a satisfactory level. In Cayman all jobs are advertised to Caymanians only at first, they get the first pick of any jobs, so long as they are qualified. Unfortunately poor upbringing and a lazy outlook means that some Caymanians expect everything to come on a plate and if it doesn’t they look to blame everything and everyone but themselves.

            Engage your brain before you begin to spout nonsense.