Armed Robbery at Quik Cash

| 23/09/2009

(CNS): UPDATE 1:38pm — A staff member of the Quik Cash office on Shedden Road called 911 at around 10:20 this morning (23 September) to report that an armed robbery had taken place. Police say that the offenders both had firearms and are both described as late teens to early twenties in age, approximately 6 foot tall and slim. One, who was wearing dark clothes and had dark skin, was wearing a full mask, and the other, who was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and his described as having light brown skin, had a rag across his face, police say. (Left Delroy Howell owner of QuikCash– Photo courtesy of News27)

There was one customer in the store at the time, who was told by the robbers to lie on the ground, and the offenders made off on foot with an unspecified amount of cash.

Police say that, with this area of Shedden Road being heavily populated, it is very possible that patrons, shoppers and employees of neighbouring stores may have seen something of importance. If so, please contact the Criminal Investigation Department at 9494222 or 800-TIPS. No matter how trivial the information may appear it could very easily aid in the capture

of these criminals. Anyone with information about crime taking place in the Cayman Islands should contact their local police station or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, if you will put up signs like Quickcash, I guess these guys took it literally and decided to help themselves to some of that Quickcash, quicker than quick!

  2. Anonymouse says:

    Jail the VERMINS in CUBA…

    and save 90% of the cost of jailing them in Cayman: I’m pretty sure that Cuba would happily take all our prisoners and charge US$5000.00 a head per year, compare to some CI$50,000.00 actual cost in Cayman…

    Another added benefit: the prisoners would learn Spanish and think twice before breaking the law again…

  3. Anonymouse says:

    Jail the VERMINS in CUBA…

    and save 90% of the cost of jailing them in Cayman: I’m pretty sure that Cuba would happily take all our prisoners and charge US$5000.00 a head per year, compared to some CI$50,000.00 actual cost in Cayman…

    Another added benefit: the prisoners would learn Spanish and think twice before breaking the law again…



  4. Anonymous says:

    Eyw we are so tired of hearing that excuse and what do the expat officers doing for their kind, you need to get off it. when we go to those countries we respect their laws and customs case point the 4 Caymanians currently in US custody seems they thought otherwise.. Every time this discussion comes up we hear this same old lame speech like it does go on in your countries, it demonstates a certain frame of mind some hold in this island for Caymanians. We are not saying all the Police service should be Caymanian but they should not be overwhelm or out number it does happen anywhere else why should we be and exception.

    • Makam says:

      This is simple logistics. If there were honest Caymanians available to fill the posts then if they were CAPABLE they would get the job. Just like the Fire Service.

      Why dowe have to employ Ex-pat police officers…because we can not get enough Caymanians to fill the positions.

      • Pale Rider says:

        Sorry, but I have to disagree…comparing the Fire Service to the Police Service is like comparing Apples to Oranges…

         No one ever complains that the Fire Service do nothing, even though they only respond to fires and Major motor vehicle accidents….how many fires a day are you hearing about, and cases where the Jaws of life had to be used to free someone..not many, eh??   No one ever complained that the Fire Service let them down because their house burnt down did they??

        The roles of the Fire Service and the Police service also differ in the way they conduct their duty..  The Fire Service being predominantly Reactive, the Police Service supposing to be predominantly Proactive….

        The Fire Service is not tasked with upholding laws or national security…therefore there has never has been an accusal of nepotism on the part of the Fire Service.."They let my house burn down because I’m not Caymanian, etc.."   .I

        Furthurmore, there has NEVER been a policy either written or implied in the Police Service to try to be 100% Caymanian, unlike the Fire Service, where this has been an implied mandate dating back to Mr. Nixon’s days.  This is not the fault of the average police officer, rather it was a lack of effort by Senior Officers to try and inspire Caymanians to become police, by showing the public that an all Caymanian Police Service could be above reproach….You see, in the past a lot of Senior Caymanian Police officers took the old "Do as I say, not as I do" approach to Leadership…. and in turn disgusted a lot of Caymanians with their behaviour both personal and professional…So the problem has never really been with recruiting Caymanians into the Police,  they just took the mind that they would rather nto be associated with the likes of some of the one that were already there…can’t really say I blame them…

  5. EYW says:

    Cayman It is time to stop blaming the police and expats on all of our problems. Has no one been following the news lately?? It is "our people" killing each other.

    Yes we are all angry that expatriates have a large majority of the jobs and these expats are from the countries that so many of us and young Caymanians go off to school and live in, when in their country we are the expats! Certainly we are not all so close-mined that we wouldn’t think that at some point in time people go and live and work in other places to broaden their horizons and see new things. Maybe some of us should give that a try?!

    It really saddens me that all we do is play the blame game. This is our country and it is time for us to ban together and clean this place up before we are just some other unfortunate Caribbean island with an unbelievable crime rate. LETS GET OVER OURSELVES! Mother and Father’s need to raise their children right, schools need to report any "questionable behavior", lets face it the children are at schoolmore that they are with their parents. Make them work for things and stop buying them a car to supp up and play bad or big man in. (This is a whole other rant completely)!  

    People are being murdered, assaulted, held-up, shot, raped and robbed every day and your solution is to send all the expats home. Real smart. If all of our police were Caymanian they’d be giving all of their family and friends "a li’l bly" every chance they get. Say what you want about the EXPAT officers but they are indifferent ones and they don’t give a crap if you are so and so’s son or cousin or father…. you go to jail, and that is how it should be. 



  6. Anonymous says:

    CNS – please tell me that am wrong, I just heard that Reflextions just got rob.

    CNS: No, the police say that it is not true.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The way this place is headed Fed up is everyone is going to need a little Pow Pow to get by so we will have to imprison the decent people to keep them safe and let criminals out with the guns The previous poster has touch on something positive stop hiring all these foreign nationals and start hiring our own Caymanians into our Police service how else are we going to deal with this Cayman Problem

  8. Fed Up Caymanian says:

    OK Cayman- we have had enough of the fear that has been cast on us by thse low-life cowards. To the present Government- I implore for you to without ANY further hesitation, amend the firearms Law as follows:

    A- if your caught with either amunition or a firearm alone, it is automatically 20 years in prison with NO parole; add on 5 years if the firearm is loaded

    B- if your caught with ammunition and a firearm/s, it is an automatic 35 year prison sentence with NO parole; add on 5 years if the firearm is loaded

    C- if you use a gun in a crime, irrespective of how minor; it is an automatic lifetime prison sentence with NO parole

    The criminals have gotten tough on society, now let us get tough on them!!!

    What or who is next????

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, something has to be done to stop this crime.

      It should be either death or life sentence for these crimes committed.

      I pray for the peace, deliverance and protection for the Cayman Islands people. May God send his guarding angels to protect and cover us from all harm and danger, in Jesus’ name Amen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen to that…

      People should not think of Human Rights to criminals.. We should also think that the victims never had rights.

  9. Anonymous says:

     Hire Caymanian officers who knows Cayman better than them?These people that they are hiring do not know Cayman our care about Cayman They are here for a Pay cheque

    • Anonymous says:

      If all the officers are Caymanian, will they arrest and charge their neighbours and family and friends, and all their family members and friends?  If not, it is even worse than having nothing.

      • Anonymous says:

        You know I am gettign really fed up with thei stupid accusation that #1 every Caymanian knows every other Caymanian on a personal level and #2 a Caymanian is incapable of acting with integrity if another Caymanian is i the equation.  Open your eyes and look around, do you know every other person living here that is from your country on a personal level?  Caymanians are well capable of arresting their own, history has proven it.  Now let me ask you a question.  In a country where the population is more than 50% expat and there is an additional population of tourists (mostly American) all going to clubs and bars, and restuarants, all drinking and driving and all smoking weed… why is it that there are not more expats and tourists in the court system?  Let me tell you why, and I am not venturing a guess I have actual knowledge.  Expat Police Officers let expats off!  Not all of them, but it is prevalent.

        • Anonymous says:

          Even if what you were saying was true and expat officers were more lenient on expat offenders (which is obviously rubbish), the expats are not the ones committing the murders, rapes, armed robberys etc it is your own Caymanians. So your argument is pretty much irrelevant.

          If the Caymanian officers and people were so honest and law abiding they would be identifying these offenders instead of turning a blind eye because they know the family or went to school with them etc.

  10. Dred says:

    OK. We have so many issues here.

    1) Punishment not scary enough. They have no fear of brandishing a gun because they will be back out in 2 to 3 years. Here’s my proposal. 10 years minimum with no chance of parole until you serve 10 solid life years and that my friends is 12 months 365 days a year not prison years. Second offense life without chance of parole.

    2) Weapon – On intensional use such as robberies where knives are used minimum 7 years. 2nd offense add 5 years on top of 7 so now 12 years and no parole.

    3) Introduction of hard labor

    4) Lowering food/privileges standards

    5) Reintroduction of capital punishment for heinous crimes – Two crimes come to mind the lady that was murdered and burnt and the stabbing where the amount was extremely excessive. I see no reason to feed them in prison for 30-40 years. Do tha match and see how much that will cost us.

    6) Drugs where distribution is entailed brings 15 years minimum and requires authorised release. Person can be extended at a year at a time after time is served. I look at this as you are attempting to destroy human life. So to me this is like murder.

    7) Murder of any nature be it manslaughter ir premeditated should carry a minimum of 15 years in prison and should carry with it a psyche evaluation in which the time can be extended yearly. Premeditated 20 mimimum.

    I think you get the idea. I want them out of society. If you do the crime prepare to do the time. To all you mothers babying your 30 year old murdering child TOUGH CHIT. When they kill you did also and I have no care for you and your emotions. You should have taken the time to put your child on the right track or gotten him/her the attention they needed to do so if you were unable.

    We need to start showing tough love because we have elements in our society protecting these criminals.

    This is a place to start


    • Anonymous says:

      I understand clearly your view and recommendations for a stiffer sentencing guideline for crimeand cannot really think of anything better though I would like to…

      As devil’s advocate here what do you say about this…a gang member uses fear and intimidation to have a minor hold a gun for them prior to or just after a crime and that young person is caught with the firearm.

      This is not that far fetched as the criminals do this type of thing.


  11. Eagle Eye says:

    Satellite surveillance tapes at the time showed the entire police force were parked under trees and asleep, or giving out traffic tickets (i.e. threatening to do so for cash payments).

    The original satellite surveillance tapes showing the robbery were previously given to the RCIPS, who recorded an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse over it.

    We tried.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Haveyou thought, that maybe, it could also be the prosecuting attorney? The suspect normally has a good attorney (defense). The defense always claim contaminated evidence, or rights violations, in order to get reduced or dropped charges.  It’s not always the best defense money can buy, it’s usually who has the better attorney. 

    Some crimes should not be able to plea for a lesser sentence. Here in the U.S., the prosecuting attorney will normally  rack up numerous charges in order to secure a conviction. Let’s say a person was arrested for domestic violence – the prosecuting attorney will add charges like, terrorist threat, assault w/deadly weapon w/intent to cause great bodily harm, attempted murder…..yes, some of the charges tend to be double jeopardy, but, they go for it.

    Then we also have state prison as well as federal prisons. Usually you rob a financial institution, you go to federal prison. Federal prison is straight time, no time off for good behavior. Say you are sentenced to 10 years, you will do 10 years. 

    You’re country is different as far as taxes. Here we have the I.R.S., you can be convicted of tax evasion, failing to report income….Example, if you have a yearly income of, say, $50k, you’re income does not support driving a Porsche, and own a half-million+ home.

    Yet, people know who is doing something wrong. The hustlers that tend to have things or money with no job or rich family member.

  13. the Facts says:

    here are some facts

    Criminals are not being arrested for serious crime

    Our police officers are doing sloppy investigations

    We need  FBI investigators to come in and train our officers

    The FBI has expereince dealing with the american gangs which are young boys are trying to be like

    we need more armed officers to be on patrol to respond quickly to gun crime



    • Anonymous says:

      Please no scotland yard, If they are anything like Bridger. Get dpme trained men from the US.

      • Anonymous says:

        Please no more Scotland yard.  The UK has cost us far too much money in botched investigations.

    • Anonymous says:

      FBI, Scotland Yard, RCMP or RCIPS. Our problem is now beyond all those institutions and only religion can save us.

    • Anonymous says:

      The American authorities are no more successful at dealing with gangs than the English are or than we are.  Everybody is failing in this because at the end of the day the way you deal with it is to prevent them from becoming gangsters in the first place.  The world is built on the assumption that we will behave ourselves and it cannot deal with it when we don’t.  As much as we think that laws and police and other things protect us, we are under the honour system.  Society only works when we continue to act with honour and raise our children to have honour as well.  Unfortunately, poverty, lack of education, abuse, poor role models, lack of upstanding men in the house and other factos erode the honour of a young person.  Every country is facing this issue and every country is failing to deal with it because we are constantly moving away from ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and moving towards ‘mind your own business’.  BTW I see people asking for stiffer penalties.  These kids don’t recognize what the penalties mean, so no matter what you put it to, they are going to continue, becauase they are self-destructing.  Stiffer penalties may be seen by some of them as help to self-destruct and by others as a way of removing themseves from the stress of the real world.  Fodo for thought.  Love you all.

      • anonymous says:

        Not every country is in trouble with disciplinary problems……thank God for the socialist republic of Cuba!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Oh snaps! Time to change prison privileges. Block all cable channels except Barney, Sesame Street, and Dora the Explorer.

  15. Twyla Vargas says:

    HAVE WE THOUGHT about other things surrounding this crime?, or are we only thinking in one direction?  We all maybe wrong……………………

      There is no police on earth that can prevent certain things taking place.  Caymanian youth does not know much about Quik Cash, You could go in there five times a day, seven days a week and wont find two Caymanians in there.   The staff is not Caymanians.  So why, and by whom  would this place be robbed on a drizzle rain mid week Wednesday morning? ????

    A blind man on a blind horse can see plan ……………………  More businesses will get this plan if they dont  be more alert.  Fret,….. because Christmas is right around the corner, and if people think they are not going to get robbed, right left and centre from now until then, then go ahead and let your guards down.   Prepare, for there is more to come.  Stop blaiming the police, because they cannot do one thing if a robber has a plan. 

    • Anonymous says:

      twyla, if you’re going to hint at it why don’t you just spell it out?  so if it’s not two caymanians, who according to you do "not know much about Quick Cash" and you can’t find "two Caymanians in there", who is it?  since you seem to know everything, call the police and give them the details such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc. 

      • Anonymous says:

        If there is a supply of cash then every criminal on the island of every nationality know about it, let us be honest here.

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        NO MY FRIEND, this comment was written especially for people like you who know more than me.  You figure that out!!!  If I knew, the first person I would have called was you. 

        I really dont know everything, but those who know me, know that I know alot.  Why, because I spend at least five hours a day reading and keeping in touch with those who know more than me.

        Cayman Islands have at least about ten diffferent nationalities in here that do visit Quik Cash on a daily basis.   They know how the money run.  They know who is who, in quick cash.  Why didnt these persons go there on Monday morning, Friday evening or saturday morning.

        My friend, again use your brain !!!, There was a plan.  Would you walk out of your work place and go over to Quik cash and rob it without having a plan.  Only a fool would do that.  Those same persons were probably in there earlier in the morning!!!  who knows. and its not that I know everything, but however you may agree that I know alot.  Think about my hints, and do not be self destructive. 

        • Anonymous says:

          I cannot fathom where this nonsense is coming from that Caymanians dont use Quick Cash;  I am a Caymanian who has used Quick Cash on more than one occassion, and have witness other Caymanians in the line conducting business.  Now it doesnt take a rocket scientist to know what goes on in Quick Cash or any of the other money transfer agencies.  And trust me, whether Caymanian or not we have all cross Quick Cash on Friday evenings and Saturday morning to mid-day and see the crowds.  Even if a Caymanian has never step foot inside of Quick Cash they sure as hell knows what goes on inside – if they never knew before then they knew with the recent numerous calls to talk shows and in the print media pressing the government to tax money transfers as millions of $$ leave our shores via these methods.

          My only regret about this situation is that the robberies should have waited until Friday afternoon – then neither of us would have to spell and guess who the culprits were – as the police would be removing thier bodies; cause nowhere in hell were they gonna come out alive.

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        SWEETENS ME, you know one thing that really tickles me, is that every one hides behind their comments, but only me have a name, darn I am good!!!!!.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your comments that it couldn’t be Caymanians because they don’t use Quik cash is complete rubbish. The time of day tells me it was somebody that doesn’t really understand how they operate so this to me using your logic points to a Caymanian definately. A regular user would know that they would have more cash at the end of the day when everyone has been in to send their money home after work.

      Stop with the racist crap, of course it was Caymanians.

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        08:20,  I did not say it was not Caymanians.  I said that Caymanian youth dont know much about Quik Cash.  I am not a racist and you know that too. 

        Eighty something thousand dollars is alot of money.  So Why are you bauling so hard on my comments?, do you know something I dont know.?

    • Anonymous says:

      So do you .."go in there five times a day, seven days a week.." to see that no Caymanians visit Quik Cash? if you know something don’t hide it, tell the police  seing as though you have already narrowed down the scope to the culprits being non-caymanian, with your fair and unbiased analysis.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Despite these criminals being very stupid they are still not getting caught, which is very worrying. We know they are stupid because they hit a quik cash office early in the morning. All they would have in there is a couple of hundred dollars float. If they were serious criminals they would hit at the end of the day when the takings are higher surely?

    Think about it. 9 out of 10 people using these services in Cayman are expats sending money home. Therefore this is primarily a sending office not a receiving office? The takings would be higher at the end of the day when everybody had been in to send their money. Obviously a similar outlet in Jamaica or Phillipines would be primarily receiving offices for people receiving their monies from Cayman or wherever and they would start with a lot more cash (to pay out during the day) and would have less and less money towards the end of the day.

    Basic stuff but these wannabe gangsters are proving themselves to be amateurs, so should be easier to catch. But it’s worrying that they are playing with guns in the middle of the day in the middle of the tourist/financial district, the two very industries that need a miracle not an armed robbery.

    • Boston Tea Party says:

      For heaven’s sake, what do you think the RCIPS can do?  Teleport?  Do they have Scottie standing  by to beam them up?  Of course not!!!

      This crime will  be solved by intelligence. The best description the (no doubt) traumatised workers could give was pretty vague (no surprises there – and no blame can be applied).  If there was CCTV, that will show them, if there was not, there will be tomorrow.  Everywhere that handles cash; damn stupid if they don’t have CCTV already.

      If you really think the RCIPS can telepathically and teleportally be there every time  when crimes are being committed, you are fools.  Today’s comments criticising RCIPS are pathetically stupid and naive.  Anyone who has information should give it up.  Any one who had information who  doesn’t and gets caught deserves time. 


  17. Joe Average says:

    What a thankless task to be a police officer.  The police didn’t do this the police didn’t do that the police SHOULD have done…..

    The question we should all be asking instead is

    Where are the guns coming from?  How are they getting here?  Where are they?  Who’s bringing them in?  And where are they? 

    Are the guns being flown in?  Boated in?  Mailed?  In containers? Brought in on cruise ships?  This is an island for crying out loud.  And I’m certain the guns didn’t walk here. 

    When these characters are caught….and they usually are…they should be questioned unmercifully until they give up WHERE… they got the gun.

    • TOTALLY AGREE... says:

      I agree 100%.  The policeare getting a hard rap on this.  Someone needs to be making sure the guns are found or stop them getting into the island.  Yeah.  Make someone do that.

      Oh wait…

      Isn’t that the POLICE’S (and Customs, etc.) job?????



  18. Anonymous says:

    Our local police wear the uniform. However it is the obligation of the population to do their work for them.

    If you dont protect yourself, then you are just out of luck because no one in the police force seems to give a hoot about what happens.

    Just another waste of public money paid for mostly by the driving public.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Calm is needed at times like this Cayman.

    We all feel the anxiety and are concerned about what is taking place in our country, however, we need to keep things in persepctive.

    The calls for a full arming of police, increased "random" searches etc. are both premature and quite frankly, dangerous in my opinion.

    Furthermore, I do not believe that the RCIPS is to blame for what is happening today. They cannot be everywhere at once nor do they have a crystal ball to alert them to where the next crime will take place.

    Cayman has a long history of being soft on serious crime and its perpetrators and what we are seeing now is a mere increase in the numbers of crimes within the same "tolerant" environment (no doubt made possible by the recent mysterious surge in the number of illegal firearms).

    The true issue here is FEAR, or a lack thereof.

    We need to create an environment where these criminals truly FEAR the consequences of being caught.

    In the meantime, our only saving grace is ourselves.

    For every gun-possessing criminal there is likely 1 or more non-criminal person(s) with knowledge of the fact.

    For every shooting, stabbing and murder committed  there are often dozens if not hundreds of Caymanians with full knowledge of "whodunnit".

    We have to step up to the plate – bottom line.

    If we don’t we WILL become a people gripped by fear as we watch our nation crumble to the ground.

    • FIGHT BACK!!! says:

      If I was one of these punk-a$$ twunts, I would stop and take a quick reality check – THEY really need to fear what happens if they find their scumbag butts in my home…  Baseball bats, spearguns, hammers and more are waiting for them – and I have no problem violating their right to live if they violate my rights…


  20. Anonymous says:

    That’s what happen when all the police officers are hiding behind trees all around South Sound Road and etc. trying to take money away from decent ppl by giving speeding tickets even if you only going 5 mph over the limit…bottom line if you going at 35mph.. they will clock you for 45mph with their modified speed guns….

  21. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    Perhaps the perpetrators were in fact cruise ship passengers looking for a few bucks to spend inthe casino after departure, or maybe even sent by the British to destabalise!

  22. Conspiracy Theorist says:

    Perhaps the perpetrators were in fact cruise ship passengers looking for a few bucks to spend in the casino after departure, or maybe even sent by the British to destabalise!

    • Anonymous says:

      stupid a__ idotic.  You know what if the latter that is the british to destablize was not so plausible I could enjoy your joke.

      Sense you brought it up…anything is possible with them.  That’s what you wanted to hear.  That’s what you were asking for?  A good belly-full of our anger.  Idiot

  23. Anonymous says:

    oh and if there were cameras in there…we need clippings on the TV news tonight so we can see if we can help identify these criminals

  24. Anonymous says:

    There is also one thing we need to remember: around 10:30am this morning was pouring rain in GT and not many people would have been walking around outside….so unfortunately this contributed to less eyes in that area.

    In either case…I am not happy with the reponses of our police.  GT and the surrounding neighbourhoods should have been swamped with police.  Pressure should have been applied around the clock to known spots and people until someone squeels.  Why are they not pressuring…..We need action tonight….yesterday.  Now now now….we demanded it or fire the whole police force….yes….if our beautiful ship cayman is going to go down…let it become uneasy because good people are causing unrest until we rid this place of anyhting that looks or sound criminal.  tired now.  I am ready to join the call to action.

    • You've tipped them off!!!! says:

      Criminals, take note…

      Commit your crimes when it is raining – the cops don’t want to get wet…

      The irony is, in most places around the world, it has been proven LESS crime is committed when the weather is bad as the criminals don’t venture out when it is raining…

      That and they are more likely to encounter people in the home/business in bad weather.


  25. Patriot says:

    Protecting a country’s  democracy and the rights and safety of its citizens in many instances requires forced discipline. These incidents are not going to stop unless they are confronted and prevented with a strong show of force.

    It is just to easy for the bad guys here. Police needs to find a way to walk the neighborhoods, ask questions to suspicious people, check more cars and homes, respond quicker to emergencies and gain the respect of all the citizens.

    Either we sacrify some of our liberties now under the policing of the Law Enforceres and we demand they do it right and strongly or we sacrify our liberties by allowing the criminals to continue slowly but surely taking our little islands.

    The punishments that come to my mind at the moment for these criminals are the ones fueled by fear so I am not even going to suggest them as they will not sound right. I fear for my kids, my wife, my co-workers, my neighbors, my country and myself. I am fearful to answer my door, to walk at night to take the trash, and even to stop in a quiet place to watch the ocean or the stars. We can be robbed at any time.

    More locks and security cameras is not the answer. I do not want to build a "Safe Room" out of my house in my own country! I want those who may start thinking on commiting a crime here to be real afraid of having to pay dearly if they get caught. I want them to feel the same uneasiness and fear I feel when walking and night. Right know they feel kings of the streets, day or night. No problem, nothing is going to happen to them. Until we get tired and make them dissapear without trace, for our own good.  

    • Pale Rider says:

      You do not have to give up ANY of your liberties in order to be safe and feel protected in your own home and country…The police just need to enforce ALL the laws as they are and not just the easy ones…

      • Train dem, na... says:

        That is covered in hour 15 of training, but since they only get 14…


  26. Anonymous says:

    Just one question cayman!   How did the first Police officer arrive to the scene?   By foot or car?

  27. Anonymous says:

    Suggestion:   RCIPS need to start doing random searches of peoples property and do a more thorough search during road blocks and please for goodness sake, dont do a road block on a single lane section, make sure it is double lane and at least2 officers to a vehicle to decrease screening time and reduce traffic.  They also need to get metal detectors when doing these searches and scan the ground, because I have heard a few times over the years, people talking about "digging up guns"..  I think its time the RCIPS go through each place like a termite!

  28. Bracka says:

    I agree with the writer that thinks this could be connected to last night’s robbery. These two crimes are a little too close for comfort. I’m thinking diversion also. Or maybe I watch too much Law & Order, CSI & Criminal Minds (which by the way premieres tonight). However, this is scary and to be so close to the police station makes it very bold on the robbers. I guess they know they have something the police don’t have—guns. Sad. All I know, even in the Brac, I am ready for any unwanted guest. Just know criminal, I will not stop you from entering my house. I want you all the way inside for what I have planned for you. Just make my day…or night!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Plain and Simple !!!!

    It’s all about miserably failed polices that the RCIPS "top honchos" embraced from a few years back and is still being followed until present, that we’re now seeing the true effects of.

    When they should have been actively targetting "drugs and firearms runners" they were all out in "full force" prosecuting traffic violators (non-criminal) that should/could have been handled by a well staffed and equipped Traffic Management Unit. 

    In so doing, the criminal gangs have now reorganinzed and equipped themselves and are now out in full force targetting individuals, residences and businesses alike.

    The actions of the police have alienated citizens who have no confidence in them and won’t share information to help solve crimes.

    Let me point out though, the hard working police officers in the mainly lower ranks are not to be blamed or be held responsible for this situation. They were only following the directions and instructions given by their commander in chief and his closely supported "top honchos" who are hell bent not to accept their blunder.

    It failed miserably in the UK so why did they think/believe it would work here in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean ???

    Mark Shields of the UK and the DCP Operations in the (JCF) Jamaica Constabulary Force had the same "dreamed up vision" that it would curb violence in Jamaica, has it worked there as well ???


    • Pale Rider says:

      "It failed miserably in the UK so why did they think/believe it would work here in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean ???"

      Because they’re ENGLISH dear boy,(or girl)…Dont’ you know?? They can do ANYTHING better than the locals!!  

  30. Anonymous says:

    Ask yourself what would you do if an armed criminal entered your home or business?

    Would you scream for help?

    Would  you try to fight them off?

    Would you quietly think "This is the government’s fault"? 

    Would you kneel down and pray and ask for God’s protection?

    Would you wish you had a gun?

    If you h ad the chance to apply for a gun licence would you seize it?

    For all thouse who say yes to the last question click on the below link.

    For all others, keep on praying for protection.


  31. Spank the Yank says:

    A Glock 23 under the counter would have changed the outcome of this event… think about it…

  32. Anonymous says:

    It’s so funny how UDP "this government" is always brought up into things – I wonder how much PPM has done in 4 years regarding crime, seeing as the crime rate has only increased since their time! 

  33. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    RCIPS… how embarrassing! It cant take any longer than 30 seconds to dash across to quik cash… 1min tops for even the fattest doughnut eating oinker. After getting the call I’m sure they must have waited around for at least 10 mins making sure it was safe to investigate. What a no use bunch you are!

    Criminals your time is now! Make hay while the sun shines! More than likely you will not be caught, and if you are what is a couple of years in Northwards Holiday Inn express!? 

    Infact! I’m gonna put on a Tu Pac CD and plan a robbery myself!

  34. real deal says:

    370 Police and what are we getting for it average salary is Ci$3000 per month multipy 370 =1110000 x12=$13320000 per annum not including fuel supplies equpment etc etcare we honestly safer come onnnnnnnn Cayman

  35. Anonymous says:

    How did they get away? on foot? what direction? was there a car? description? There was no were they could have fled to without encountering someone. What did they do disappear in a puff of smoke?What about things like tatoos on arms?

    I wish the police would stop telling us the suspects were wearing dark clothes or a white t-shirt and jeans, that’s about 20 people I seen so far today!

    What about customers? that strip is always busy and right across the street from LIME. What about Police officers on beat in GT? You can run from there to the police station in less than a minute.



  36. Sam Puk-Puk says:


    The demise of the Cayman Islands is greatly exaggerated.  
    If you say "it is all over for us", and "I’m booking my ticket now" etc etc etc, then by all means go.  Stop hoping it will get better, my hope is that it will, but I’m also not condemning the islands. 
    "Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending" – Maria Robinson


  37. Thankful says:

    something is not right here.  Just can’t help but wonder if there is not a connection to last night.  That almost seemed like a diversion crime last night.  East End (far away) knew that police would likely be up there this morning, at least a few of them in preparation for this morning.  Sorry but the mind is running rampant here and entertaining all.

    In either case…we better that squad that the LoBG spoke about this morning on rooster fast!!  We need to target some key people.  Pop heads and turn over some tables.

    Lastly, I do NOT want this to turn into a nationality thing, because I will preface what am about to write by saying: there are Caymanians committing crimes and yes some of these gun crimes; however, I can’t help but wonder about this quick cash robbery.  How many Caymanians go to quick cash?  I don’t think I even know what it looks like in there.  We need to consider if there is not a jamaican connection here.  Do not come talking non-sense to me either.  Remmeber CNB in West Bay: yes there were a couple of Caymanians involved.  However, in the end there were some jamaicans involved and convicted…who I understand was majorly involved in planning.  I also recall at that time taht, a few of the names batted about at that time, where called up in a botched attempted robbery at the WB Foster’s around that time.  It was a diversion or some thing of the matter, as I recall from the news papers at that time.

    Keep praying my fellow caymanians.  Don’t worry time longer than rope.  As they get brazen…we will have more opportunities to catch them.  We pray that no one is hurt in the process.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thankful the question is not "How many Caymanians go to quick cash?" but rather "How many Caymanians know where there is a large amount of cash being exchanged with little or no security?"

  38. Anon says:

    Are you kidding me- Gun Crime is outta control – RCIP AND GOV you should be ashamed. 2 Armed Robberies in two days. What the hell is going on!!!!!!!!

    GT police station is less thean 2 minutes away. No more excuses please – Sortthis out now before children and tourists get killed!

  39. Anonymous says:

    3 Cruiseships in and there’s an armed robbery in broad daylight in the middle of town. what is this place coming to? No wonder Cayman’s tourism and financial services industries are in the toilet.

    More needs to be done to stop these young caymanian gangsters from being able to operate freely without threat of real punishment. Idiots need to stop taking pity on them because their jobs have been taken by expats etc etc and start realising that they haven’t got jobs because they don’t want them and it’s more profitable to live a life of crime for them.

    Even if it’s a friend or a family member, do the right thing and report it.

    Don’t forget theres a grand for crimestoppers, so thats your incentive right there.

  40. McGruff says:

    Indeed, the Goverment and the Attorney General in many respects supported a lawless society when they failed to uphold the Constitution.

    The Crime Dog is hereby calling for the immediate implementation of a far reaching sterilisation project, to help curb future increases in crime rates.



    • da wa ya get says:

      Shouldn’t that read the Governor and the Attorney General?

      It’s the Governor and not the Government who had the remit to disqualify the ones who didn’t meet the constitutional requirements….then again, the Government could have asked their collegues to step down…but that wouldn’t be in their nature to do so.

  41. Uncle Cracker says:

    This place is going to hell in a S### basket!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    This Government is not doing anything on crime.

  43. Anonymous says:

    RCIPS please explain this one. This is not an opinion but a fact that the police station is less than 2 minutes away from quick cash. I just finished driving the route with my car in lunch rush hour and it took 1:46 to make the trip from Central Police Station to quick cash. All I am asking is between this and the robbery in west bay a few months back that was less than 500 yards away from the WB police station, how can police offer an explanation for someone getting away? And please before someone comments that I am another police basher that is not it. Like I said I understand they could not have prevented it but how in the world could the let suspects get away?

    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

      Which unarmed person would have stopped them?

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it is the same issue as before that where guns are involved they have to wait on an armed officer which are very limited in numbers. So wherever that armed officer is he will then have to make it from his location to the crime scene………………………

    • Anonymous says:

      The timeline of an event goes something like this:

      The robbery takes place. The employees of the business are busy complying with the demands of the guy waving a gun around. The thought occurs to them that picking up the phone to call 9-1-1 while the robbers are standing in front of them might get them shot. They wait to call until the robbers are out the door.

      They call 9-1-1. The 9-1-1 operator must determine the most basic of what happened and where it happened.  Information needed is that a particular business was robbed at gunpoint by two men who fled. With that information police can be informed to where to go and information gathering can continue. Depending upon how panicked the caller is this might take anywhere from a few seconds to a couple minutes. In the meantime, the robbers are running or driving away.

      The 9-1-1 operator issues an alert to officers. Some officers may be driving around on patrol. Others may be in the midst of dealing with matters they can drop and respond immediately. Perhaps an officer is in the midst of dealing with an unrelated matter and cannot respond immediately.

      There will now be response time. Officers are aware of the incident and on the way. Of course officers are not all sitting at the station. They could be in Prospect, Seven Mile Beach, the Airport Industrial Park, South Sound, Walkers Road, Central George Town, the Waterfront, Eastern Avenue…  anywhere in their patrol areas. If they are at the station it still takes a few seconds to run outside, get in a car and get moving.

      And, of course not all RCIPS are armed.

      Assume it takes one minute to gather basic information and dispatch the call, and two minutes to arrive on scene.

      Now go and drive away from Quick Cash for three minutes. Do that driving towards Walkers Road. Go back and do it again heading towards North Church Street. Be bold and drive right past the police station and down Elgin Avenue. Again and make your way towards the airport.

      The suspects could easily be anywhere in the area your could cover in three minutes. If the response time is longer, the suspects could be further away. How far could you get in four minutes? five?

      • Holes... says:

        To a certain extent, you are completely right.  BUT…

         Firstly, there should be several cops in GT all the time – helping tourists, keeping an eye out, etc.  It has been proven time and time again a physical presence is a deterrent. There was a time you could almost always guarantee a policeman/woman on the waterfront, and one around the Post Office/Subway area.  I am sure you will find one tomorrow and for the next few weeks – but that is the RCIP at their finest – bolting the door after the horse has fled…

        Secondly, if they were in all theoe other places you noted, presumably crime would be down as they would be having an effect, right?  I refer again to their presence alone as being a deterrent, not to mention they would presumably be policing – not shopping at Fosters like the two I just came across…  (Before you defend them as being on lunch/break, I would ask why they were in a police car…  If it is lunch, presumably "the force" – or is it "the farce" – are cutting back on needless expenditure like funding and facilitating transport during non-work time…) 

        Thirdly, precisely why do they need to get in a car to go to Quik Cash when the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, and I bet that even my unfit self could make it from the police station to Quik Cash via the cut through at Elizabethan faster than any car could drive out, round the mini-round-a-bout, around the Post Office and to the scene.

        The 14 weeks of training these guys are getting should at minimum include common sense and a basic fitness requirement…


        • Anonymous says:

          A physical presence is a deterrent. And spreading a limited number of officers amongst a large area is a tough decision. Meanwhile members of the public do actually call requesting police assistance with all variety of reports. How many officers do we realistically think we can pay to patrol at any one time? You simply cannot have an officer on every street corner all the time.

          Of course the RCIPS could require officers to return police vehicles to the station while taking a break. It is a policy decision which could be made. Albeit it would result in officers spending more time going to and from the station and less time out patrolling away from the station. There are consequences to every decision.

          Why have responding officers go in a car? It is much more efficient for police to be able to pursue or contain an area. You could have the primary responding units go on foot. And what then happens when the criminal gets in a car or even merely on a bicycle? The officer then runs back to the station to get a vehicle while calling by radio for assistance? This officer is out of the chase for the time lost.




          • Gimme a break... says:

            Come on Cop-a-doodle-doo…

            The Po-Po have systems…

            911 should have prioritized and notified ALL on duty about the incident.

            Initial responders should have been on foot – Capt Donut playing solitaire in the station could have got off his 15+ years of service a$$ and run out while waiting for the other officers to come by car…

            Sorry, cushy-cop would have to get wet, but maybe one of the real criminals would have gotten caught…

            I have video of a crime inprogress that I gave to the Po-Po and a name and location of the committer – did they do $hit? No.  If it doesn’t fall in their lap, it is not going to get their attention.  God forbid they have to actually do ANYTHING!!!

            Actions (or LACK thereof) are a lot louder than words, and I have inaction up one wall and down the other…

            Perhaps I should post the surveillance video on You Tube and let the WORLD see our RCIP at work… 

            The would be Really Can’t Investigate Properly…



  44. Anonymous says:

    wow! Cayman is gone. This is not good for business.