Fake snake report gets internet buzz

| 25/09/2009

(CNS): A release supposedly coming from the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) regarding a dog-eating snake, currently circulating in an email, is a hoax. While the DEH says it will be issuing an official press release through GIS refuting the information in the fake report, the department is responding to emails sent to them about the snake stating that the information is false. “Due to inconsistencies in this email, it is clear that someone not associated with government had sent this email to create excitement and sensationalism,” DEH is saying.

The hoax release, which is headed by the Cayman Islands coat of arms and included the picture above, says (spelling errors included), “The Cayman Islands Environmental Health Department has issued a press release regarding a large Snake caught in Prospect Dr. George Town. Officials ask if anyone comes across a snake this large please call DOE immediately. No one should try to capture the Snake as it may swallow you whole!

“Officers responded to a call from a resident by the name Joe Hernandez, Joe said he found the snake Wrapped around his Three year old Pitt Bull, he tried to realease the dog but was unsuccessful. He watched as the dog was swallowed whole.”

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  1. Career in property? says:

    Whoever wrote this should give up their job and take a position writing the monthly flyers and "reports" from our beloved realtors as these seem to be completely made up fairy stories about good buying opportunties.

  2. Come on man says:

    Poster 14:20, thank you for informing us, but this person should be arrested.

    Would you say, I made up a flyer on what appears/looks like a government letterhead and send it out to a few people and the flyer states the following;

    "The Police Department has just found a box full of explosives at the Owen Roberts International Airport and they are asking anyone it they have seen someone dropping off a big black box during the hours of 5am and 7am to call they on 9494222."

    Would you take this fyler serious 14:20?

    This person need to understand that the Cayman Islands are facing very difficult times now and we don’t need anything more to put the fear in all people who resides here.

    I say trace it, find out created the notice and arrest them.  This person need to know that a trace can be done and they should come out and make a public apology.


  3. Anonymous says:

    The person who created this already contacted DOE and made them know it was a joke that went too far! please no more about the snake!

    • Cutter says:

      Good.  Now sack them.  Curing the country’s debt crisis one civil servant at a time.

  4. Come on man says:

    The Government need to trace the creater of that fulse notice and send the creater to jail for a few days.

    This notice never drop from the sky, someone created it and they should go to jail.

    Who ever you are that did this, stop from hurting the Cayman Islands and putting fear into the people of these islands.People really believe the notice and sent/forward it. 

    Shame on you, shame on you

  5. HOMER SIMPSON. says:


    Cayman Grow up.

    Government is about to issue taxes and there is a murderer on the loose and you are worried about a snake hoax…


    Silly rabbit trix are for kids.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Now why would people go to all this trouble.

    Let the DEH employees continue to slumber.

    Dont interrupt their slumber by making false reports.

    Maybe if their is such a snake it will eat the entire DEH and move on.

    Thats one less for the Government to spend mioney on.

    • Anon says:

      LOL…..oh Lord that was funny……Good post…I needed a good laugh after getting myself all worked up today wondering how I’m going to protect my children and animals against this monster! I’d already stopped them from going to the beach for fear of the crocs……

  7. HerpChic says:

    Ok, to clarify, the snake in the picture is a green Anaconda, and is a resident of the Como Park Zoo & Conservatory: http://www.comozooconservatory.org/como_zoo/animals/anacondaB.shtml

    Though there may be illegally smuggled snakes on the island (some come in by accident), one this size would have been noticed WAY before it reached the size to eat a Pitt Bull. You know that ‘secrets’ of that size dont stay secrets for long.

  8. Itso Phuckedup says:

    This is very real – if not literal…

    I believe the snake is the mother country, the dog is the Turks & Caicos (gulp, "tastes like chicken") and the threat of eating us whole next is very real and true!! 

    • Nonnie Mouse says:

      Dogs don’t taste like chicken.  Really they are, at best, an acquired taste.

  9. Dan Dan says:

    Ummm, ok. Next time you watch the news actually listen to what is being said, it will make all the difference!

    A mob boss from Italy was keeping a CAIMAN (crocodiles indegenious to Central and South America) to enforce extortion.

    This story about the snake was clearly false because in the picture there is no evidence to show that the snake just ate a friggin’ three year old dog, worse a pitbull who would have surely not died without a fight.

    Also, there are not many pet owners who would just stand by and watch their animal being killed that way.

    I know if it was I contacting DOE for my poor puppy, they would only need to come collect the huge trash bag full of snake pieces!

    • Sav/New says:

      First of all, the DEH or DOE doesn’t deal with animal cases. It’s the Department of Agriculture who does.  

      • HerpChic says:

        Correction, if it is a snake (and no they are not allowed to be imported) then it is the jurisdiction of the DOE.  They deal with exotics of this nature, as many of them are CITES protected etc.  See past cases wth the cocodiles (also a reptile).

        • Sav/New says:

          I was actually going on an experience where I was told to contact the DOA when I found a snake that had the looks of a young python. Turns out he was a Cayman Boa which is completely harmless. I do see where it makes sense for the DOE to be involved though.    

      • Our Future Sucks... says:

         OK, so it is the DOA – isn’t that the new acronym for the entire government???

  10. Anonymous says:

    No durr it’s a hoax.  When you ever seen gov’t issue a press release looking like that?  Coat of Arms taken from wikipedia and just thrown on the page… As if this is the time to play games when our faith in Cayman is being discredited on the daily, whether gov’t & finances or crime & police…  Cayman needs rebuilding and strenght in these times not stupid hoaxes and misguided attempts and tearing down this country.

    Keep ya head up… valleys can’t exist without moutains and mountains without valleys…

  11. Anonymous says:

    The snake is reported to have eaten a pit bull. Since those dogs have been illegal for many years I would have been delighted that at least a snake was willing to enforce the law. No-one else seems to be.

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously don’t know much about dogs.  Don’t hate the bread hate the people who own them and teach them bad habits.

      • Anonymous says:

        I actually like bread – and all breeds of dogs. There are people that like marijuana too, but like Pit Bulls, possession is illegal. Get it – like as in the police are supposed to arrest you if you possess one. – Of course you wouldn’t know that because like so many of our laws, that one is totally ignored.

      • Anon says:

        Tell that to the people whose children have been killed or physically and emotionally scared from an attack by this vicious dogs. They are aggressive animals by nature.

  12. Anonymous says:

    As a point of interest, a Cayman crocodile was discovered in capture in Italy.  Reported on BBC news last night.  Was being used for not so nice purposes!