Cayman reaches out to devastated Philippines

| 01/10/2009

(CNS): With hundreds dead, many missing and more than 450,000 suddenly homeless in the Philippines following devastating floods caused by Typhoon Ketsana, local Cayman businesses have come together to raise money for the Red Cross Philippines Relief Fund. As the Filipino people look at how to survive the coming months, the country has appealed for foreign aid to deal with the disaster. More than a month’s worth of rain fell on the capital, Manila in just 24 hours flooding 80% of the city, and the homes of nearly 1.9 million people were inundated by flood water over the weekend. (Watch the BBC video Flooded Philippines needs aid)

Businesses in the Cayman Islands will be doing their part, starting on Saturday, 10 October, when a Radio-thon will be held at all major supermarkets across the island and select Tortuga Rum Company locations. The following Sunday, 18 October, a gathering is being planned for the Filipino community to show support and raise funds for the flood victims.

“This disaster has really hit us close to home. So many of our workers are from the Philippines and their families have lost everything,” Jeremy Ebanks, general manager of Tortuga Rum Company in a release. “This is a community wide effort and we encourage all businesses interested in participating to get in touch with our local Red Cross office.”

Companies involved in planning these fundraisers include DMS Broadcasting (HOT 104, CAYROCK, KISS, and X-107), Cayman Islands Red Cross, Foster’s Food Fair, Hurley’s Entertainment (Rooster and Z-99), CITN, Paramount Media (VIBE and SPIN), and the Tortuga Rum Company.

Every radio station in Grand Cayman will be promoting the Radio-thon and participate in live-remotes on the 10th October from 10am to 4pm. Locations will include all Foster’s Food Fair stores, Kirk’s Supermarket, Hurley’s Supermarket and the Tortuga Rum Company in Industrial Park.

To make donations, the Red Cross has set up an account at the Bank of Butterfield: Red Cross Philippines Relief Fund # 02201035054.

Businesses interested in joining this community-wide effort should contact the office of the Cayman Islands Red Cross at 949-6785 ext. 27.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Heartfelt thanks to all those who have sincerely expressed their sympathy to the Filipino people.  I am probably one of the least affected persons from my country, and yet I appreciate the concern and actual help that the people of Cayman has extended to our country.

    God loves a cheerful giver indeed, and may He bless you abundantly for the goodness of your heart.


  2. SLiCk says:

    Normally I do not comment, but as a Jamaican and Caymanian (yes legally), I am somewhat ashamed of some of the comments on this page. I will not disagree that there are some Caymanians in need, and in other countries around the world, but we have a large contingency of Filipino workers here, that do the jobs Caymanians do not WANT.  They also donate to charity (I volunteer so I know who gives), participate in events and as far as I know, have never been accused of any of the major crimes that we see in the papers recently.  Have a heart Cayman (and all ex-pats) and support this country in its time of need. Good deeds will come back to you, but bad karma is a b*tch!

  3. MiSeeDaLight says:

    Are there collections for items or is it just cash?  Been a bit out of the loop.

    • Nicky Watson says:

      I came across a group of Red Cross workers on Cayman Brac yesterday walking in the rain to collect donations for the Philippines (sorry, I didn’t have my camera). The person I asked said the Red Cross was just collecting money and that collecting and sending clothes, etc was not practical.

  4. Twyla Vargas says:

    I do not have a problem with Cayman assisting the phillipines in their time of need, but I would like interested persons to check with their District representatives and find out how many Caymanians are in dire need in their district.  You would all be shocked to know.  Charity begins at home.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, thats why I help everyone in need.  People complain about the people by the supermarkets asking for donations, if I have it I give to them and don’t get annoyed.

      I remember what Ivan took from me 🙁 everything, but I still had a paycheck to replace most of what I lost.  But you wouldn’t believe how people won’t help anyone here or anyone overseas.  It’s quite sad acutally.

      My grandfather always says "Do good and good will come back to you"

    • Anonymous says:

      I used to have a lot of respect for you but this statement just made me lose some of it.  Do you really think there is anyone in Cayman right now in the position these Filipinos are in ?  Do you forget that after Ivan there were a lot of people who assisted us in Cayman ?  I don’t forget and I don’t think God does either.  Have some compassion and think of others.  We are not homeless like most of these folks are and God will bless those who help.  Are we not our brothers keeper and not all human beings also ?

    • Historian says:

      I’m guessing none of the shipment of bottled water from Haiti in the first week following Ivan reached you up there in BT. That being the Haiti, the one with the per capita income of $1317.

      Sometimes it’s better just to not say anything at all.

    • o.c.m. says:


    • Anonymous says:

      God Bless You!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Some of you bible bashers are a disgrace to humanity. Jesus would be turning in his grave of he could hear you now. In some posts you talk about the bible etc and in others you are encouraging people not to assist or help save lives after a tragedy, just because it is going on outside this island.

      People like you are two faced. You take the good bits of the bible, those that benefit you and shove them down our throats, but anything else like being charitable and welcoming of people etc you hide away from.

      Hopefully on your judging day it will be the man downstairs welcoming you in for a lifetime to rot in hell.

      • Patricia says:


        This post sounds a little bit like the Crusaders… conquer the Americas in the name of God… at the cost of so many thousands of lives of those who had lived there for centuries?  …peacefully… thoughtfully… respectfully… without interference from "those who know the truth"… as if there is such a thing.

        Besides, isn’t there a phrase in the bible that says, turn the other cheek?

        I say if one judges another, that one may take pause and look within oneself that such venemous wordscome out of one’s mouth.

        As an Anonymous person. Two faced, perhaps?

        My suggestion? Believe what you will, it helps make you who you are and I am confident you are the perfect person you have created yourself to be, however allow others to express their opinion … peacefully…thoughtfully… respectfully… without interference from someone who assesses that their beliefs are "the truth."

        Respectfully, Patricia

  5. TruthBtold says:

    My heart goes out to the Filipinos… I hope they are able to recover from this devastating tragedy.

  6. Give with a giving heart says:

    Just give..I will come back to us..why do you think Billionaires often give away vast amounts of money to support charity.. Giving with giving heart is very powerful indeed

  7. Not meaning to be wicked! says:

    Arent we the ones that are bankrupt?

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree lets all put together and help the Phillipines. Lets also pray for the people of this country and those who have lost their lives. I hope countries will come together to help this country through this catastrophe.

  9. Anonymous says:

    My Heart goes out to the Phillipino community living in Grand Cayman.  I know it must be hard, especially those whose families have been affected. A co-worker of mine has lost everything back in is home land.  Let’s all rally together and help out our Fellow Brothers and Sisters who now needs our assistant.