Labour’s dash for cash

| 01/10/2009

(Times Online): Labour plans to halve Britain’s deficit with spending cuts and asset sales worth £75 billion without resorting to further tax rises, The Times has learnt. Senior ministers are demanding that the pay of judges, top civil servants and NHS managers be frozen within weeks as the cuts package begins to bite. The remaining five million public sector workers can expect only minimal rises, union leaders have been warned privately. They had told the Prime Minister that protecting existing jobs was their chief priority. Gordon Brown is looking at “a very big list” of defence procurement orders.

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  1. anon1 says:

    Does Gorden Brown not listen to his ministers? Capt Underpants made it quite clear that he would have to not only cut costs but also introduce new taxes ……. or was that just for the OTs like Cayman?

    Oh yea, what did he mean by protecting jobs? Does he think he is Caymanian? Dont he know that that is protectionism and racest?

    Perhaps he can find another country that is willing to sign a loan for him.

    • Anonymous says:

      What?  I dont get what you are saying at all in the context of this article which is about Britain and its financial woes not Cayman.

      No, Gordon Brown doesn’t listen to his Ministers, just as his Ministers (for the most part) don’t listen to their people in that so called ‘democratic’ society.

      The suggestion of new taxes was made to Cayman because of its recent loan approval request.  Apart from the fact that there’s not much left in Britain to tax (they tax almost everything already), new taxes have been introduced:

      Officials believe that tax rises already announced will deliver a quarter of the £100 billion needed to reduce the deficit over the next five years. These include the increase in national insurance in 2011, the new 50p tax rate for top earners and future fuel duty rises, along with increasing revenue as the economy recovers.

      By protecting jobs he is talking about the UK’s Civil Service and its many employees (of all different nationalities) – he is trying to protect them from losing their jobs (regardless of nationality so I am not sure how you glean this statement to be racist – perhaps you could clarify).

      • Anonymous says:

        Although I agree with the points you raise. I cant believe you bit, on someone that cant even spell!!!!

        Type O’s are one thing, but what the hell is a ‘ racest’. Someone that cant even spell this word, should certainly resist in using it, in any kind of debate.

        In my opinion it is a very dangerous word, in any context, and people that cant spell it, should certainly not being using it. 

  2. Joe Average says:

    We could……possibly…….co-sign a loan for them. 

    But they would have to prove first that they were fiscally responsible.

    And beg