Turtle sticks to British isles on 550-mile journey

| 01/10/2009

(Times Online): An anglophile green turtle has made a 550-mile journey through the Caribbean, sticking to territories administered by Britain. Following her progress via a satellite tracking device on her shell, scientists watched with incredulity as she skipped non-British nations on her month-long trip. “This is the first time that turtles from Turks and Caicos have been tracked and we didn’t know where they would go,” said Peter Richardson, of the Marine Conservation Society, one of the groups involved in the project. “We thought she might head to neighbouring countries. We certainly wouldn’t have predicted that she would go from one British Overseas Territory to another.”

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  1. Green Hornet says:

    Thanks, needed a rest from the foolishness. But now King Mac of the Destroy the Environment Pay Later is back, so am I..watch this space!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good to see you back Green Hornet

  3. Green Hornet says:

    So she headed for Anguila where there’s a 15 year ban on turtling. Smart turtle.

    And why are we still permitting the catching of this endangered species? And why can people not get it through their thick heads that if they keep poaching mature female turtles and their eggs, there won’t be any left to eat in 15 years? I guess they just don’t care. Time to grow up, people. And let’s not hear any foolishness of turtle meat being a "tradition". How do you keep a tradition alive when there are no more turtles??

    And don’t expect the Turtle Farm to keep you supplied. They’re down to the seeds and stems now, and barely have enough left to breed. Of course, selling turtle meat out the back door hasn’t helped things over the past 10 years.