NDC joins cancer fight

| 04/10/2009

(CNS): The National Drug Council said it is joining forces with Cancer Society and the Lions Club of Tropical Gardens to mark the 25th year in which those organizations have campaigned throughout October to raise awareness, educate and empower women regarding breast cancer. With a theme of “Build Hope and Survival Through Early Detection”, the NDC is encouraging everyone in the Cayman Islands to attend one of the sessions and clinics organized by the Lions Club and to quit smoking a known contributor to the disease.

The NDC said that, following the passage of the Tobacco Legislation, the Cayman Islands could unite with many countries showing their stance against tobacco use in public places like restaurants and bars.

However, the law has not yet been implemented but is expected to come into force before the end of this year. Last week CNS contacted Health Minister Mark Scotland to find out exactly when his ministry will be rolling out the necessary regulations but is still waiting for a response.

Reducing the use of tobacco in public places can have significant impact including cutting down on the damaging effects of second hand smoke on those who opt not to partake in this global addiction. In addition, the National Drug Council has circulated a set of PSA radio spots entitled "Health Minutes", which focused on tobacco, a known contributor to cancer around the world. These spots will be played on local airways for the entire month of October.

For a detailed list of activities for the month of October, please visit them on www.lctgbreastcancerawareness.com or for more information on tobacco, you can contact the NDC on 949-9000 or visit the NDC at www.ndc.ky

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