Energy-from-waste powers US army

| 05/10/2009

(BBC): A system that generates energy from rubbish is being sent by defence firm Qinetiq to the US army. The PyTEC3 system heats mixed waste, releasing a gas that can be burned to produce five times more energy than is required to drive the system. Qinetiq say that the system, already in use on British navy ship HMS Ocean, has been "containerised" for US army use. The approach could see use in urban areas, reducing municipal waste volume by 95% while producing energy. The process hinges on pyrolysis, in which waste subjected to high temperatures releases combustible gases. In


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Another company nobody has heard of:

    "Sterecycle" is a waste management business with patented technologies that are capable of recycling and recovering up to 80% of typical household waste.