Jury clears Dixon

| 07/10/2009

(CNS):  The jury took less than two hours to return a not guilty verdict on both of the counts against the Deputy Police Commissioner Rudolph Dixon.  A clearly delighted Dixon said that he would not comment on the result until a later date when he would speak to the media regarding the trial and any future civil action. The not unexpected verdict completes the cases brought to the Cayman Islands courts by Operation Tempura and the Special Police Investigation Team.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The position in the UK in a similar case is quite straightforward – the CPS would review the evidence to determine if there is sufficient evidence to afford a realistic prospect of a conviction. On that basis, I assume that the AG of Cayman Is is duty bound to make the same evaluation and if he is not satisfied that the evidence supports a realistic prospect of conviction (or the equivalent test under Cayman Law) then he must discontinue the case. The second limb of the test is that of public interest; again a proper evaluation would be made by the CPS here, and if indeed the same test applies to the Cayman, the AG should have applied his mind to that and if on both grounds he was not satisfied that there is either a realistic prospect of conviction or that the proceedings are not in the public interest, he would have to discontinue the matter. It was and is therefore clearly a matter for the Cayman AG.

    Furthermore, please correct me if I am wrong, but as far as I understand it, no UK lawyer advised Op Tempura on either the Martin or the Dixon cases. 

    • John Evans says:

      "Op Tempura"………?

      It’s interesting that you should use the same wording found in all the correspondence I have had from the RCIPS, the Met and members of the Tempura team where this jolly fiasco is always referred to as "Op Tempura," rather than Operation Tempura or, as has become common in these discussions, "SPIT."

      Anyway to go back to what is clearly a reply to my earlier comments (you just needed to click on ‘reply’ to link the comments) you are correct up to a point. However, there has obviously been outside pressure placed to force this matter (and the trial I was involved in) into court because it was obvious during the preliminary work we did on my testimony back in August 2008 that there were going to be problems.

      Now I have no idea what purpose was served by going to court with three prosecution witnesses who gave testimony that undermined the charges against Lyndon, nor do I see what was served by bringing another witness to the stand who hadn’t seen, heard or done anything but what really beggers belief is that the prosecution team should decide that, after what happened in the Levers’ tribunal, my former employer could say anything that might remotely be of assistance. In short, and recognising that the Cayman Islands judicial system – unlike the UK’s – allows witnesses to be rehearsed at some length before they take the stand, what I don’t understand is why Lyndon Martin went to trial in first place. That decision had nothing to do with the AG, it was down to the prosecution team who apparently decided they could blunder on and hope for the best. Faced with a complete non-starter they had the option to chuck it all in on Day 1 and chose not to take it – we need to know why.

      If you are trying to point the finger at the AG please remember the decision to charge Lyndon was made while Tempura still a covert operation, long before Martin Bridger and I had what is best decribed as a ‘serious communication failure’, and months before my testimony was deliberately manipulated to secure Justice Henderson’s illegal detention – an act that confirmed my status as a ‘hostile witness’. It was also made before my complaints were filed with the Met, the Governor, the CJ and the local media. At the time it was probably a sound decision. What must be questioned is where the impetus to continue to the bitter end came from when the whole case started to fall apart – in the case of Lyndon most of the charges had already been dropped when the trial started.

      As to whether any UK lawyer was involved (and I’m assuming you are referring to Martin Polaine who is a former employee of the CPS) it’s really a case of who knows? Mr Polaine was definitely advising the Tempura team before Justice Henderson was arrested on 24 September 2008 and Rudi Dixon had been charged the month before – you figure it out! 

  2. Kerry Horek says:

    I am very grateful and thankful to the Jury of Mr. Dixon’s peers for seeing the truth and finding him NOT GUILTY.  Also to his Attorneys for believing in him and giving him the best respresentation as well.

    Well done Ruddykins, may God  continue to bless you and your family.

    From your fellow BRACKER!!!

  3. MR says:



    My congrats to Mr. Rudolph Dixon.  I am glad that the Jury was not swayed by assumptions, but by the facts and evidence that they had!  As far as I know, they had no sufficient evidence to convict the man of any crime! 


    I Just have to say this-

    The Met Team went at lengths to visit me and I thought I was going to be arrested. They went to my mother’s home and asked her for my whereabouts. I surmised that if they arrested Dixon, they sure was ready to arrest me. They eventually found me and I cooperated, but didn’t know my rights (to this day, I still don’t know). I surmised, who was "I" to question these men from Scotland yard, appointed by the Governor to launch an national investigation.

    I felt as if my hands were tied, I cooperated with them and in return I got nothing!  Now, all I saw was a case that was going to paint my homeland, the Cayman Islands like the Turks & Cacois Islands who are now under complete "British rule" due to this very same theme, "CORRUPTION." It was this theme that allowed the "interest groups" from the UK to take full control over the Turks & Cacois Islands. Their Budget, Legislative Assembly, civil laws and Constitution, are now in the hands of these "groups" like it was in the colonial days.  

    My people… bear with me for a minute… just open your eyes…

    Do you seriously think that we will fight "favoritism and corruption" through the use of courts and Judicial systems???  Do you seriously think that Turks & Cacois with their financial records were just "taken over" because of "corruption"?  Mind you… England is one of the most corrupt places on earth!

    To this day, I just can’t see eye-to-eye with the Governor in spending millions of dollars from Caymanians in order to prove CORRUPTION!  My respects to the Governor, but of course, corruption is everywhere!  I just do not see how money can fight it!  I DO NOT SEE A CASE!  I do not see how these cases were in the best interest of the Cayman Islands! 

    Listen (and you may disagree with me):

    BUT I AM CONVINCE THAT ONLY PEOPLE WHO TURN THEIR HEARTS TO THE LORD, CAN FULLY DISSOLVE "FAVORITISM AND CORRUPTION."  And that has to do with people "WILLING" to change! Not by punishing people or attempting to punish them!  A saying goes, YOU CAN’T FORCE A HORSE TO DRINK WATER!  You can’t force people to change! You can’t "weed" out corruption without hurting the rest of the crop! This is a basic prinicple from Jesus Christ himself! 

    It is just mind-boggling how we can go at such extremes in our attempts to curb "human nature." Human nature (or, the tendency to sin if you want to call it that) cannot be punished by force!  Not even President Obama can win his war over the Taliban fighters in Afghanistan by military intervention. People, the fact is, you cannot defeat "evil" in any shape or form by "the law"!  It just won’t work without the "spirit" and people willing to change from the inside-out!

    We focus so much on punishment and prison instead of rehab and social programs – WHAT ARE WE TEACHING OUR YOUNG PEOPLE, YOUR EXCELLANCY (Governor)!  

    A "message of truth" has to be delivered and God has to intervened in a persons heart in order for real change to take place! THAT IS THE TRUTH – THAT IS THE STRATEGY!  You can only appeal to people’s hearts, folks! 

    I am upset!  Because the monies that was spent on these Met’ cases, could have been put on helping our schools (education) or current economic crisis. Our money was squandered!  Yes, squandered! The Governor should have not allowed this to have taken place!  He was not, I believe, in his right mind when he approve for this Met Team to come here! 

    This was a "MORAL ISSUE" from the start!

    We should have dealt with the issue from a humanistic point of view!  My Leaders:  You can’t fight fire with fire!  All you do is spread the fire!  Rather, you need to use the "waters of the Holy Spirit"




  4. Anonymous says:

    There is a seroius problem with the judicial system in the Cayman Islands.

    How can the prosecuting attorneys and their case preparation be so weak? It almost seems that they are incapable of fashioning a case that is able to succeed to prosecution.

    Clearly this is a major problem to the justice system in the country.

    • John Evans says:

      This is one of things that intrigues me.

      In England Operation Tempura would have had to get the go ahead to proceed from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and I am certain that neither of these cases would have gone to court if the CPS had been running things.

      Long ago (it was in force when I was a civil servant in the late 1970s) an unwritten rule was established that you do not waste public money taking cases to court where there is little chance of a conviction and every year numerous cases are dropped for exactly that reason. The fact that this rule was not applied to either of the Operation Tempura cases is another question that needs answering.


  5. Anonymous says:

    He who feels it knows it.  I know what he has been suffering for too long.  It would have been like sheer hell,  many sleepless nights and countless nightmares.  He had to be strong and definitely needed the unwavering support of all his family,  friends and colleagues otherwise he would not have made it.  I was one of those who stood behind him and I am as relieved as he is.  GOOD ALWAYS WIN OVER EVIL.   I am sure he now knows who his TRUE friends are from his REAL enemies and that’s good.    I say to you  Rudolph,   take a long vacation away from this rock, away from all of us  in order to revive your spirit,  your mind and body  because today is the day you will realise what hell you really went through.   It is so sad, too sad,  but please can someone tell me,  how in such a short space of time can so many people on this small Island, at the hands of this GOVERNOR, have their  character defamed,  reputation damaged,   and future destroyed.   I do believe he will now be the one experiencing the  NIGHTMARES.  Rock a ‘ ‘BYE’ baby  YOUR EXCELLENCY.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Gov Stuart Jack and the UK goverment should be made to pay the Cayman Islands back every cent!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Stuart Jack the "Cayman Ripper" is so heart broken over the constant "not guilty verdicts" of Operation Tempura, I know for a fact that Rudi Dixon and his attorney’s were summoned to the Governors office for a 10 am meeting tomorrow 8/10/09.

    I suppose it’s time to say "sorry" and commence the negotiation to "pay out" the $$$$$$$$ that he Rudi Dixon justifiably deserves for damages.

    Wendy and Nicki, didn’t I tell you fine ladies earlier that a "Not Guilty Verdict" would come about in this case???

    So said, so done !!!!

    Let me also tell you something, Rudi Dixon does’t want nothing more to do with the RCIPS. Who can blame him. I certainly would not want to return to an organization that is so disfunctional due to adopting miserably failed UK policies and practices. Not to mention the many "cut throat" Caymanian/Expatriate brothers/sisters you would have to be working amongst on a daily basis. Interstinginly, these are the same ones who are now dodging behind every closed door trying to save face and seek employment elsewhere.

    You fools, when "honest, hard working and dedicated police officers" were telling you all to be united as one, you fell into the "traps and snares" that were set for you by those entered, divided, conquered and who now rule you. You stupid bas – – – – – !!!!

    Rudi Dixon knows who is his true friends are and who are the wolfes in sheep clothing.   

    Isn’t it interesting to learn that a new retired UK Chief Superintendent just arrived to the Cayman Islands to be placed in the vacant "Deputy Commissioner" position that was created by Rudi Dixon arrest/suspension and now the timing of his trial ???

    Anyhow, I will end for now but I will leave you with a joke, remember it’s just a joke.

    "Rudi Dixon is out tonight celebrating his acquittal on all charges and is being driven in a hired limousine by Rudi Evans. Burmon Scott is directing traffic down the road. Graham Summers and Martin Bridger are in the UK monitoring via satellite on Google Earth to ensure that all is clear on the highway for their safe journey home"

    God Bless. 



  8. Sister love says:

    Congrats my brother, it has been a long stressful road but we made it.

    As mother always said If God is for you, who can be against you.


  9. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone kept track of the "score" here, i.e. how many botched prosecutions and how much money this farce has cost? 

    To me it is not so much a question of guilt or innoscence of the defendants involved as much as the question of the obvious incompetance of the prosecution to win a case that they insisted on pressing.  Are the defence attorneys here that good? Or were the cases indeed  tenuous and ill-founded? If the cases were flimsy in the first place who the hell is to blame for this fiasco? If the cases were good ones why the absence of guilty verdicts?

    (In light of the bad mouthing the UK has been giving our country, I personally kinda like the idea that our little ‘ol island boys gave a serious butt whopping to the best the UK had to offer and sent them home in abject failure. (Huh! Take DAT!) I think we need to get the news of this out there! We may not have a great economy but we can damn well hold our own in court. Our Cayman legal yahdies can slam Scotland Yard up one side and down the other! Wow! I am impressed!

    On a sobering note, the danger here is now very real: There is a likelihood that, in light of the almost comical failures to win a case, the backlash will result in a reluctance to investigate and prosecute cases of suspected criminal misconduct in the future. And it gives officials with bad intentions the notion that they can now literally get away with murder. Think about this long and hard because this does give us food for serious thought. We should not let the Tempura debacle prevent us from being vigilant moving forward.  We must always insist on transparency and ethical conduct from everyone in a governmental capacity.

    Failed cases like this are similar to the boy who cried "wolf": in the future who will listen when a real wolf is at the door?

    I sincerely hope the backlash from these cases will not hinder the cause of truth and justice for all.

    • Anonymous says:

      For the most part your little ol Island boys are English Lawyers and English QCs, who do this all the time. They weren’t taking on the best the UK had to offer. They were taking on Cops who investigate other Cops, who are reviled by the rest of the Service. The best Cops I know are those who stay on the frontline and fight the good fight day in and day out.

  10. Logic says:

    "Good!! As broke as the Country is I hope he sues for some big money."  What for?  What legal basis does he have to sue for civil compensation?  There is no general right to sue after being acquitted of a criminal allegation.

    • Anonymous says:

      What does he have to sue for ???? Is that what you asked. Here’s the answer….Dixon was arrested for the same non-arrestable offence that Justice Henderson was arrested for !!! Got it now ???

  11. Joe Average says:

    yes but…….while the uk officers were here:

    – we were not attacked by iraq

    – we were not attacked by jamaica

    – we were not attacked by cuba

    – we did not have a tsunami

    – and not one case of mad cow either

    so it wasn’t an entire waste of money.  i’m glad the uk protected us.

    • Anonymous says:

      Replying to Joe Average:-

      A blessing none of the above occurred as we were under attack from Polaine/Bridger/Jack et al and had a herd of mad cows trampling around us!

    • Anonymous says:

      I disagree. Everyone involved with Operation Tempura investigation including our Governor must have been suffering from Mad Cow to have done all the ignorance they did in the name of the Law.

    • O'Really says:

      Probably more surprising was we weren’t attacked by the USA.

      Cuba, Grenada, Panama – Cayman would have fitted right in. Still, to paraphrase Curly Washburn, year’s not over yet.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This was all a conspiracy by the FCO through their local Cayman Islands Representative, the Governor, to destablise our country and wreck our financial services industry.

    It started with this undercover investigation, Tempura, which the Governor took control of and removed Kernohan.

    Then there was the Tucker Commission of Enquiry into the allegations against Minister Clifford even though former Governor Dinwiddy had already written to Clifford to confirm that he had done nothing wrong……and wouldn’t you think that Clifford or anyone else exposing corruption should be encouraged. Look at what happened recently in TCI…..the Enquiry should have been into the corruption itself and not the exposing of it !!!!

    So then Jack had his desired Tucker Report against Clifford and Tempura was proceeding nicely and making it appear like there was widespread corruption in the RCIP which we have yet to see one shred of evidence of !!!! They suspended Kernohan and Jones and arrested Rudolph Dixon and Burman Scott. Burman Scott and now Rudolph Dixon have been cleared and/or acquitted of the charges for which there was no basis in the first place.

    Then they hyped up the anti with respect to Tempura and suddenly there is the arrest of Judge Henderson on suspicion of an offence which isn’t even arrestable. By the way this is the same offence for which Burman & Rudolph were arrested so they too are entitled to compensation just as Justice Henderson was.

    Lyndon Martin, a former legislator and current politician, was arrested, charged and acquitted of all charges.

    So Jack and crew had begun to paint a picture of mismanagement in the public service, corruption in the RCIP and in the Judiciary.

    Then Jack suspends Justice Levers and appoints a Tribunal of Enquiry to investigate what has turned out to be nothing more than internal squabbles at the Courts Office. This we discovered some $3.5 M later….and we’re still counting the bills for that one. Wait until it goes to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council…..thats at least another million and a half dollars.

    Folks a credible Judiciary and corruption free Government is at the heart of our Financial Services Industry and this is what the UK is after.

    Do not be fooled any longer Cayman. This was never about Minister Clifford, Rudolph Dixon, Burman Scott, Lyndon Martin, Judge Henderson or Judge Levers….this has always been about the UK and EU’s mission to destroy the Cayman Islands.

    The Tucker Commission of Enquiry was engineered to discredit Minister Clifford and return McKeeva to power which explains why there was no Commission of Enquiry into the actual corruption itself.

    This was because the UK knew that McKeeva isn’t wise enough to "get it" and he would be ideal as an "unaware accomplice" and that along with what they had already done to us, they only needed to put documents, such as the letter the FCO sent McKeeva recently into his hands and he would read it to the world as he did at the Ritz recently. That has done exactly what the FCO expected….prompted stories around the world about the Cayman Islands being bankrupt and further undermined confidence in our jurisdiction as an Offshore Financial Center that is competing directly with London.

    Now there is a global media frenzy, created by our very own "Fearless Leader" and he is blaming that on the PPM too. Give me a break for God’s sake !!!

    Wake up Cayman. Mothers have murdered their children before !!!

    We are too passive a people. We should have demanded this Governor’s return a long time ago because while this is a UK initiative and he is simply their current agent, that would have sent a very clear message to them that the people of the Cayman Islands are not sleeping !!!!!!!!`

    So will the UK get the corrupt government they need to accomplish their mission in the Cayman Islands under the UDP. You well know the answer to that question !!!

    So here’s the score…..its 1 all !!!  We can win this game Cayman !!!!!

    Cayman 1 ….that is the failed and disgraced Operation Tempura……..and the UK 1….that is the reinstallation of the UDP government which achieves part of the UK’s objective.

    The big question is what will the UK government try next to bring us down.

    Let us not be complacent and wait and see. We can make the score 2 nil in our favour by scoring a penalty through a People’s Initiated "Vote of No Confidence in the UDP government" Referendum under our new Constitution and remove the UDP government.

    Wake up Cayman the UDP government is an "unaware agent" of the UK in the UK”s mission to destroy our beloved islands.

    Cayman can no longer afford to be governed by a single individual who doesn’t have the educational capacity or intellectual fortitude to understand the bigger picture and who certainly cannot speak with any credibility from the world stage.

    We have one final shot at putting this situation right Cayman and trust me when I say it can’t wait until 2013 !!!!!

    • da wa ya get says:

      I’d be the first one to vote "no confidence" in the UDP during a referendum vote. Not even 6 months in and my bad nightmare from four years ago is reoccurrng.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon Wed 17:26.

      What the hell have you been smoking or drinking dude? I hope no one of any sense from outside the islands is reading your kind of stuff. You were the one who said Elvis had a baby by Princess Diana, weren’t you?

    • annoynomous says:

      To: This is all a conspiracy @ 17:26pm

      Dear fellow citizen,

      On Nov 6, please let me know when you wish to start the initiation of the Referendum.  I’m there with you!!

      Yours truly,

      A Caymanian at heart, birth and ancestory.


  13. Mercedezes says:

    Good!! As broke as the Country is I hope he sues for some big money. Tempura was a  was of F@#$% time and to think of it they wasted so much of our precious CI$ doing nothing. All some of those Bristish, Irish, and Canadians ever do is come here and sit on their asses and collect big CI$. 

    The disgrace and embrass

    ment Mr. Dixon had to go thru is priceless, no more that he sues for can ever replace that. CI Government needs to find a way to get back all that money they spent on Tempura whole foolishness. 

    Mr. Dixon hold you head high as you will soon be floating in $$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Sue and get your money for lost wages and embrassment it caused You and Your Family.

    • Anonymous says:

      As predicted….

      The standard way of dealing with internal errors of judgement or ethical transgressions is totake internal action in a way that will not soil the entire organisation.

      Transgressions can be handled in such a way that it sends a strong message tothose looking on, both from the outside and from within, that people will think twice about taking certain paths.

      This has been another example of what Sir Peter Cresswell called the neuclear approach.  And what has — again — been the result?

      I would be angry but my anger is all spent. 


    • Rum Pohl says:

      I can’t see any basis for a civil compensation claim.

  14. O'Really says:

     I bet Mervin Cumber is glad this is all over!

  15. Anonymous says:

    First step to get rid of the Colonial Ruler.

    Caymanians be proud and let us emancipate our minds from the UK slavery.

    • Anonymous says:

       Then your true "slavery" will begin!!…..when unaccountable leaders(maybe not this Political Party, or the next) take the destructive paths, like some of our caribbean neighbours. 

      When investors lose confidence b’cus we are no longer affiliated with the "CROWN" (like it or not it is a fact).

      My friend, I can go on with lots of distasteful scenarios as to what the outcome of losing affiliation to Britain may bring about,… but do just for moment  try to fathom "The Power of Endorsement by Affiliation".

      -Looking from my eyes.


  16. Anonymous says:

    I agree with all of the above comments as it realtes to THESE charges and the absolute waste of money and debt that this "fishing expedition" has caused the Cayman Islands –  I suggest that he make sure that he keeps his nose clean. 

    Another poster talked about gambling right near the west bay police station – well they need to stop the gambling by the public and senior civil servants on hospital road just near the GT police station.

    If opeation tempura, SPIT or whatever they are/were called, really wanted to get stuff done and not just take a well paid vacation they could have.

  17. Anon says:

    Amen! I am so glad this has been the outcome of this latest fiasco! Congrats to you Rudy! God don’t like ugly! God bless you always my fellow Bracker!

  18. Thankful says:

    The greatest of congrats to you my fellow Caymanian.

  19. Anonymous says:


    "When will the editor who stirred up so much of this mess" get his comeuppance? I know one "newspaper" that I will never again advertise in or purchase at a news stand. Any copies that I may be given gratis would not be good enough for the bottom of my parrot’s cage. Perhaps there should be a special "landfill" fee attached to newsprint that he alone imports"

    I am also boycotting that RAG newspaper and its editor  and am actively encouraging my business contacts to not advertsie or support that rag any longer.

    It may be a small action, but it means alot to me as a proud Caymanian, not to support XXXXXX.

    • Anonymous says:

      No, the net news is a fine paper!




      The print doesn’t come off on your arse.

  20. Anonymous says:

    The scene – some scuzzy pub in SE London.  The 2 Martins with pints of light & bitter talking it up big about tales of derring do out in the colonies and their string of stunning and quite fictitious victories for Albion.

    The camera pans across the Atlantic and is then placed quite near the floor so that Jack in a Box does not appear to be quite  the mental midget or dwarf that he is….

    Cayman is again stunned by the rubbish that pours out of his mouth unchecked.

    Rule S..tannia!!

  21. whodatis says:

    And another thing…

    All of these going-ons in our country today will no doubt make Caymanians a stronger people in the end.

    Finally the words of the few in our community in regards to the"mother country" are being understood and realised as truth!

    21 Gun Salute for you Deputy Police Commissioner Rudolph Dixon!

    Britian…the age of the brainwashery is OFFICIALLY OVER TODAY!

    Kindly bury that casket – and play your next card … we all know you have one – predictable lil’ imps like unna!


    Cayman – stand up!!

    Today was a GOOD DAY!

  22. Anonymous says:

    The way to go Braca, we knew from the start…..

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank you CNS for providing such excellent coverage of this case and the other miscarriages undertaken by SPIT and associates.

  24. whodatis says:

    Ha! Take that London Met!

    After what they did to poor Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell tube station in ’05 and their shameful acitons thereafter, I wouldn’t call them if my pet turtle ran away from home!

    Pack ya bags suckas!! Pack ya bags…the vacation is OVA!!!

    "Spit is here to investigate extremely serious accusations of corruption within the RCIPS!"

    XXXXXXX (Is that allowable CNS?)

    CNS: No, but I hear ya!

  25. Anonymous says:

    Common sense undoubtedly prevailed, but what a waste of a respected police officer’s career and our money.

    Now with $10+ million dollars wasted, (and I see that Mac has included provisions for hundreds of thousands more to be thrown away in the current budget), when can we expect to see the back of all those who squandered our money and brought disrepute to our police and judiciary.

    I still find it incredible that such poor judgement was exercised in the name of "good governance". Still I guess they had to take any ridiculous complaint that was available to them in seeking to damage Cayman with this "investigation".

    Three questions:

    Is the Governor now satisfied, or do his orders require him to initiate more waste given that they have not totally destroyed us yet?

    When will the editor who stirred up so much of this mess and gave an extremely thin veneer of credibility to it at the outset, receive his knighthood or cash payment as the case may be. I know one "newspaper" that I will never again advertise in or purchase at a news stand. Any copies that I may be given gratis would not be good enough for the bottom of my parrot’s cage. Perhaps there should be a special "landfill" fee attached to newsprint that he alone imports.

    Does Mac have the ba!!s and the political skill to get any of the wasted money back from the UK?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Glad to hear this! Even if the charge had been true and if he had been found guilty – what is the big deal? Police officers give citizens a break all the time in all the countries of the world. I mean.- which police officer has never given anyone a break? I am sure most of the British, Jamaican, and Caymanian officers in  Cayman have at one time or another given an offender a break. And are they all prosecuted and brought down like this? Dixon. Sue for the big money too. If you were British you would.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Congrats Rudy. Don’t forget your "steam-fish friends" when you get that money.

    • Darlene Ebanks says:

      I am so happy to know that a bright, promsing Caymanian like Rudy Dixon has been cleared of all charges.  I know he and his family went through a lot during this time.   I have known Rudy for many years and think he is a woderful Police Officer.

      Rudy please don’t sue Government, they do not have the money.  They have been giving a free vacation to these people and not one thing came out of it.  At least the World can now say we have a clean Police Force.  I hope you will be given back your job which you were so good at, or some other high position in Government.


  28. Anonymous says:

    Thanks CNS for your comprehensive coverage of this and the other Operation Tempura cases. I believe that justice has been served.

    We look forward to the timely reinstatement of Deputy Police Commissioner Rudolph Dixon to his substantive position.


    • Anonymous says:

      "SPITs perfect record of ‘0’ prosecutions is still intact!"


      SPITs perfect record of ‘0’ convictions is still intact!

      • Anonymous says:

        Convictions still require evidence in Cayman. Clearly not all prosecutions do as we have seen. We could even think back a few months and note that some of the officers the Governor was involved with bringing over gave the impression of being willing to arrest folk with no legal basis for doing so.

        Still I think it is time for celebration for all who value justice, even those who through exuberance conflate convictions and prosecutions. Justice has been served if late in the day. 

  29. Anonymous says:

    This completes the SPIT investogation cases.

    SPITs perfect record of ‘0’ prosecutions is still intact!

    Since SPIT was headed up and lead by such experienced Scotland Yard cops, if this is the level and quality of policing UK officers and lawyers (polaine and mon desir) bring, we clearly ought to be looking elsewhere – because their lack og integrity and incompetence is simply staggering!

    I wouldn’t let any of them put gas in my car!

    On what basis are English people so bloody arrogant and superior?

    Ridiculous and out of order!

    I suppose there was never meant to be any prosecution; and what was actually intended (and achieved) by stuart jack, fco and SPIT was to create mischief for the Cayman Islands Judiciary and police force and to cause as much public embarrassment and expense for Cayman as possible. 

    Nonetheless, our judiciary and hudicial system remains sound and functional. You may have tried to break us, Stuart Jack and crew – but you did not and will not. 


    • John Evans says:

      Three strikes and you’re out…..

      …..seems an appropriate comment.

      This ends what to me was an episode of complete embarrassment to everyone from the UK who has ever chosen to live and work in Cayman.

      Rather than a cutting edge investigation by elite officers from London’s Metropolitan Police Force the whole thing has degenerated into a lengthy episode from the Muppet Show.

      I’m sorry if you feel that the, "English people so bloody arrogant and superior." I like to think that some of us keep a balanced outlook on life but I surely appreciate your anger.

      The UK should now be funding (I am fed up with the people of the Cayman Islands paying for the Met’s foul ups) a thorough judicial investigation into what went wrong.

      In particular they should be taking a long hard look at the influence exerted on Operation Tempura by a certain individual (who you all know but I’m not naming for legal reasons) and how much input he had into the way in which the investigations progressed after 27 March 2008.

      Commissioner Baines now holds the reins in the RCIPS and he is sitting on a number of complaints I filed against officers involved in Operation Tempura who, as Special Constables in the RCIPS, were subject to exactly the same rules and regulations as many of the people they were investigating.

      Amongst my complaints is evidence that the former SIO committed exactly the same offence that Rudi Dixon was falsely accused of – turning a blind eye to criminal activity because of personal interests.

      The difference is that while Mr Dixon was suspended, arrested and charged on what amounts to no evidence at all, the subject of my complaint not only remained in charge of Operation Tempura but was never subject to any enquiries despite the fact that his actions were well, and very publicly, documented.

      What happens in the follow up to today’s verdict will be a great test of Commissioner Baines credibilty and it will be interesting to see whether he now grasps the proverbial nettle and tackles the problems or, as has always been done in the past, tries to bury them.

  30. Caymanians for Good says:

    Are we surprised??

    Is it now possible to sue the UK, Governor Jack and the rest for our $15M back? And H.E.’s Salary and expenses over the last 5 years? and of course damage to our international image??…which all might be of the order to wipe out our national debt.

    This will go down in Cayman history as a case of gross misuse of UK powers, incompetence on the part of all those involved and the period of our worst Governor ( who will likely get Knighted for all of the above)

    We need to seriously look at legal action at UN, World or EU Court level for this.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Well, well, well. So Operation Tempura scored exactly nil. And to think these cowboys were from the famed New Scotland Yard.  


    Well done, Dixon.

  32. go on, tell me... says:

    How much compensation?

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing. Just because he was arrested, charged and tried, why should there be any compensation. If it was truly unlawful then his  legal team should have taken it down the same route as Justice Henderson, trouble was they weren’t good enough identify the illegality of being arrested for misconduct in a public office. Perverting the course of justice is arrestable. He should not be any different to any others who have been arrested and cleared.

      • Logic says:

        Absolutely right.  This incorrect belief that an acquitted defendant has a right to claim compensation must be corrected.