MLA has on air outburst over in-law statement

| 08/10/2009

(CNS): Talk Show host Austin Harris said on Cayman Crosstalk yesterday (Wednesday 7 October) that he expected new security measures for the Rooster 101.9 studio to include a new steel door with a bolted lock to prevent unexpected visitors during the airing of the show. This was after his former colleague, now MLAEllio Solomon, barged into the studio and engaged the show’s guest, former education minister Alden McLaughlin, in a one-sided argument as to whether one of the owners of Tom Jones International was his brother-in-law. Harris said later that it could have been a gunman that walked into the studio and they were taking the security issue very seriously.

McLaughlin had, in fact, stated a few minutes earlier that he believed that one of the owners of TJI, the contractor for the two new schools, was married to Solomon’s sister. McLaughlin went on to respond to a question from Harris about rumours that either he or PPM Leader Kurt Tibbetts had any shares in Tom Jones International or pecuniary interest in the awarding of the contract to the company by rigorously denying it. “Complete and utter fabrication,” he said.

Later, when Solomon appeared uninvited in the studio, Harris appeared caught off-guard and, trailing off mid-sentence, he allowed Solomon to temporarily take over the show to “get clarification on something”, as he said. “Mr McLaughlin, did I hear you say that one of the owners of Tom Jones, particularly Chris Lawson, was my brother-in-law?”

“I said that was what I was told,” McLaughlin said.

“That was what you were told! … Let me ask you something, let me ask you a question, how many sisters do I have?” When McLaughlin said he did not know, Solomon continued: “So you don’t know how many sisters I have! OK, well let me tell you, I have two sisters … So first of all, let the public record that Minister McLaughlin is making irresponsible statements, ‘cos first of all he doesn’t even know how many sisters I have. Two: you’re on this show … trying to imply that Mr Tom Jones, Mr Chris Lawson is somehow married to one of my sisters, which is false.”

The opposition member said that if that was the case then he apologised, but Solomon, clearly riled, continued undeterred. “Even if it was true or not true, what was the relevance of you bringing it up? What were you trying to do by bringing it up?” McLaughlin calmly explained that he had not brought up the question of ownership but Solomon interrupted him, demanding, “Just answer the question!”

Saying he was trying to respond, McLaughlin said, “Let’s continue to be civil about this thing.” He explained that someone had told him that Lawson was his brother-in-law and apologised again, this time profusely. Ignoring the apology, Solomon repeated that the PPM member was making irresponsible statements – “Because first of all, he has no idea even how many sisters I have.”

Though both hosts had remained silent during the exchange, when it was over Harris did apologise to his guest for the interruption, though he added “I appreciate why Mr Solomon felt the need to address the issue – it certainly put me off guard but he is entitled to it and it is what it is.”

When callers later brought up the issue of security, Harris stated that his primary concern was one of protection and safety of their guests and that they would be fixing a lock on the studio door to prevent anyone barging in while they were on air. Suggesting that Solomon had been able to get into the studio because he was a politician and known to people at the station, he said that security was a matter of priority. “It could have been a gunman in these trying times who walked into these studios,” he said.

Harris said that he, Mclean and station owner Randy Merren has assured McLaughlin that Solomon’s outburst was “uncalled for, out of order and totally unnecessary”.

Managing Director Randy Merren said in a press release, “The incident brought to light that we as a company need to review our security in order to ensure that neither our invited guests nor the hosts areconfronted by any unplanned interruption.” He went on to say, “These new security measures will be put in place as soon as possible, which will prevent any such re-occurrence of this unfortunate event.”

This morning (Thursday), Harris said on the show that he believed Solomon should apologise to McLaughlin and Rooster, his former employer.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So Austin was in on it according to Ellio? This was in the Compass:

    Mr. Solomon responded with the following statement: “MLA Alden McLaughlin made statements on CaymanCrosstalk about me that were false and arguably defamatory. Upon my arrival to the studios, and in consistency with the expressed desires of Crosstalk to allow both sides to air their positions, the host activated my mic and I was allowed to question Mr. McLaughlin on those statements.

    • Howard S. Harris says:

      Of course he was in on it. He likely sent him a text to tell him what was said  too as Ellio himself admitted that he didn’t actually hear it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    As far as I am concerned, it is Elio’s in-law any way you want to look at it.  In the real world whenever someone is married into your family we simply  refer to them as in-law instead of referring to them as a blood relative.  Elio why did you constantly bid your callers farewell with God’s blessings when you used to work on Rooster and now you are so aggressive and rude?  You also used to give people advice on how to approach matters.  Your behaviour was not Godly at all.  If you felt it was a mistake, then you should have used your Godly attitude and be more civil about the matter.  Don’t use God’s words it you cannot be an example of it.  Another thing, I am very concerned that the new-comers to the UDP party were very aware of Mckeeva’s rude and disrespectful outbursts and yet they went and joined him!  One have to wonder how genuine they are……….  Is his behaviour christianlike – is this how he would demonstrate himself if Jesus was in attendance in the House of Assembly?  Think about it.  There is a saying – ‘live each day as if it was your last.’

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ellio is  joke and the callers are right to be upset. He’s no not ready for politics!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s a shame that to date, the LOGB has not insisted that Ellio publicly apologise to Alden, Rooster, the audience of Cayman Crosstalk and the Cayman electorate for his ridiculous outburst.  

    Mac, please show some leadership and reign in your pitbull/majority whip.

    Politics in Cayman was brought to a new low by this incident.

    How disappointing.

  5. enna mehetabel says:

    Leh meh tell ya, all a unah meking me laff and keepin me inta-teened!!
    Luv this site, but really, it is a sad state of affairs on my little island, land of my birth.  Wow. Hope we can get it together soon cuz we are a dying breed.
    Jeez – I’m so old I can actually remember ‘fist fights’! Seems now everyone and their uncle owns a gun and are out to kill.

    Thank goodness Elio left his in the benzzzzz. Jes kiddin Elio, but seriously, apology should be forthcoming. Sooon.

    Keep writing in y’all…..


  6. Dont blame him says:

    Man i just listened to what you all are talking about i dont blame Elio one bit and i see nothing wrong with what he did defend his self yea and i bet everyone thats giving him hell is sore a$$ ppm losers Elio i dont blame you and no i was not payed to say this i havent spoken to elio since may 2009 Do what you have to do elio and dont apoligize!

  7. 007 For Sure says:

    Well I must say 2 sisters and 5 or 6 husbands ????? can get quiet confusing even to a rocket scientist .So feel no way Alden you could still be sort of right after all said and done .My personal opinion is Elio should not be allowed back into Rooster studios even if he paid for a month of promotions he should not be invited either he should be banned FOREVER .

    • Anonymous says:

      If Solomon only knew how unpopular he is with the Cayman people, and to be honestly truthful with his own UDP party members aswell, he would not be so "foppish" and pompous. As McGaw said during the elections she didn’t need the Cayman vote as she was getting elected on the strength of the Jamaican vote and that is how Solomon was elected because we all know UDP could give Egyptians, Iranians, Venezuelans, Turks and Caicos people and more Status but Kurt and Alden will always get elected in George Town, so only 2 of their 4 could elected and the Jamaicans voted for Adams and Solomon.

  8. Anonymous says:

    You can go to the Hurleys Website: and click on the "Crosstalk link" or the direct link (which doesn’t always work) is here.

    From this you can download (about 60mb) the whole programme. Just to to about 1:38 (Hour and 38 minutes into the programme), and Austin asks the question and Alden answers).

    Then go to abotu 1:50:25 for Elio’s rude interruption. And then to 2:26:20 -2:29 Austin apologizes, etc.


    At approx. 2:43:16 (two hours 43 minutes) into the programme, Alden clarifies.

    Does anyone know if this was brought up in the LA to censure Elio?

    • Anonymous says:

      Does anyone know if the Hurleys group plan to have him arrested & charged with breaking & entering? His break-in is no different to criminals who break-in & enter private properties to steal, the only difference was he broke-in & entered to make a fool of himself by holding an innocent man hostage!

      He should be charged with breaking & entering, as well as criminal trespass! (are there any charges for acting a fool? No, I guess not otherwise his leader would have been charged many many times)

      • Anonymouse says:

        Why would Hurleys group want to have him arrested and charged.

        It all appeared as part of the programming script, since he was allowed to do what he wanted without anyone trying to stop him.

        Sure looks like Alden was setup up to me.

  9. T&C says:

    This sort of political behaviour would have seemed more appropriate in pre-clampdown Turks and Caicos.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ellio is so popular!

    Listen to all you losers on here just crying. Any article on him is always the most read. Congrats Ellio!

    Ellio stands up for the truth (and kicks down doors if necessary – so what?)

    Ellio also stands up for Caymanians, which is why some foreign control media only have bad things to say about him.

    Bye – some of us have to work.

    • Blue pill/red pill says:

      Was this posted by his brother-in-law or someone on crack?  These are the only two explanations.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey you in the lost world (10:52). Have you been reading the post and listening to what the public are saying about Elio, including your own UDP followers? I seems not. I totally understand though "YOU DONT GET IT".

    • Anonymous says:

      Come on now Ellio, stop wasting time writing on this site. We did not elect you to waste your time & our money posting on CNS! Get back to work & stop feeling sorry for yourself! You made a dang awful mistake & blunder, so live with it & get back to the LA, & stop posting silly comments in defence of your unforgivable actions!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please give me a break!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Anyone has an audio link (other than youtube) of the interview? youtube blocked here…

    • Triple B says:

      I would assume that given the illegal nature of the entry, these tapes are now in the hands of the investigating officer.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is rather ironic that Solomon is now so riled up over the "truth" when that did not seem to be such a huge priority when he was host.

      And he certainly did not have a right to barge in physically on the show.  he was entirely out of order.  His right was to call in and make his views known.

      Is this the behaviour we are to expect of this young MLA?

      Let’s just put it this way, I am not very surprised.

  12. Poopa Scoopa says:

    Could have sworn I just heard Austin still on the radio. Presuming he will be gone by Monday Randy? In your interview process for a replacement please do check their fading and muting skills.

    • Triple B says:

      As Chairperson of the Bring Back Barrie (BBB) campaign, I completely concur.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I guess it shows what kind of government exists when you don’t hear a "peep" out of them.  No apology, no statement from either the party or Elio.  Mac (as the politician who was removed from office only to return) knows that staying quite is the best thing to do.

    It is my sincerest hope that Caymanians don’t sweep this under the rug as we have so often done in the past.  Keep this active so we can get SOME answer from SOMEONE!

  14. Anonymous says:

    You know what is the most annoying part of this whole mess – that NOTHING will come off it. It will just blow over again and people will have forgotten in two weeks that all of this happend. I mean this is how UDP got to where they are now, didn’t they?

  15. Anonymous says:

    UDP = Utterly Disgusting Party

  16. big whopper says:

    I was a UDP supporter…..until now. I know see the effect that LOGB Macavilli has on people…but when I think about it, Elio has always been arrogant and cocky…Elio a little bit of advise; If you can’t stand the heat..GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!…and don’t dish out want you can’t eat. What a great example you set for the so called "YUDP". Speaking about the YUDP, the say that they are a youth group for all youngters..then why call it the YUDP…to me this is the start of going down the same path as other close caribbean islands.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Mike is too nice but i think he’s turning into a whopper mini as well v sad

  18. Dred says:

    UDP is a mess. And before it’s all over we will be in a deeper mess.

    They are falling apart at the seams and I can only hope Rolston will have the sense to jump off the sinking ship that is UDP.

    Rolston this is straight at you bra. You made a mistake. You chose Big Mac as a partner. No one is ever a partner to Big Mac. Big Mac only has puppets.

    Now it’s time to set teh record straight. Step out and start to form a new party for the betterment of the Cayman Islands.

    Look I don’t like UDP and I am also fearful of PPM but I believe you have the right tools to do the job. Find yourself some able bodied young Caymanians to stand by yourside and lead them. You now have a few terms under your belt, be the man that we all see.

    Don’t do it for you do it for your country because we need you.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to tell you this mate, but Rollie is another mckeeva in the making, that’s why they can’t get along. mckeeva, rollie & ellio, 3 of a kind

  19. Anonymous says:

    Elio who?

    Talk about entitlement attitude. This guy is the epitome. What an absolute plonker. What was he thinking? I am sure he would have closed his browser before he got this far, but even so. What a catastrophe. He comes across as a Nazi forcing his opinion on everyone else. Maybe the Taliban could use him, or Al Jazeera? Perhaps he could help them find Osama?

    Elio, game over partner. You are not fit to rule us.

  20. Concerned Reader says:

    Politics is about innuendo,rumours and scandals.

    For christ sake if a politician is so hyper-sensitive that he has to behave in such a confrontational manner, then he is in the wrong business!!! What on earth did Mr. Solomon think public life was about – he is supposed to be a representative of the people, and if he cannot do so in a dignified manner, then the people clearly has elected the wrong person.

    Can you imagine him as a Minister then, and what would he do with more power?

    I suggest that he find another career, as he is too ‘hot-heated’ ! His demonstrative actions at the last public meeting at the Mary Miller hall also shows that he thinks the elections are still ongoing.

    One cannot expect to be in politics without being talked about, that is the nature of public life.

    I would think that Mr. Solomon has created his own downfall yesterday, and an act of political suicide.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Poor baby, if he doesn’t like what you say about him he jumps up and down and has a tantrum but he can say anything and everything about anyone else and they seem to manage just fine without the antics.

    He should have been arrested for disorderly conduct. An extreme measure, yes, but a justifiable one.

  22. So? says:

    Who owns Tom Jones International?


  23. Anonymous says:

    Poster 15:02,  I believe you, I did a research on Gov, Senior Gov, Police Officrs and so on and they were very few people who was charged or even taking to court for traffic offences.  Do theey all pay there registration fees and commit no crimes.  I guess not.   

  24. Anonymous says:

    Big Mac and Rolston are you going to set up and make an example of Elio?

  25. Anonymous says:

    CNS i love your website and your polls


    can we have a poll asking if a COUP should be formed against the UDP?

    maybe questions like should Rolston be leader, should he join PPM, should Ellio be kicked out?

    CNS: I don’t see a trend going in the direction of a coup or a change in leadership from this poll.  And thanks!

  26. Anonymous says:

    tell ya one ting it shoulda been Action Man he barged in to lmao that would’ve been too funny

  27. Anonymous says:

    he lied about having degrees..and now he he’s a Whopper mini..lmao… did you guys really wanted such a person in the LA..imagine what kind of stuff going on in there


    UDP is a very trashy government honestly Mckeeva mouth is so obnoxious he makes me want to hurl 

    • Fallen Angel says:

      Don’t blames the dummies in LA,  blame the fools who put them there.

  28. Sad Caymanian in exile says:

    Elio is a XXXXX. His problem is that he has nocredibility. After attacking MacKeeva, he now has to sing his praise because he wants to be considered important. Elio, I pity you. You had all the solutions to the problems of Cayman when you were on your Rooster soapbox every morning. Now you are showing the world that you are an empty head. Lot of form but no substance. Go and get a life …. and a degree. XXXXX

  29. Anonymous says:

    Is this the same guy that use to talk so bad about mekevia bush. i can only come to the conclosion that he was jelous,  and need a time and place to express himself

  30. Anonymous says:

    I suspect both Ellio & his buddy Austin will read this thread and I hope that they feel proud of themselves. At Cayman Crosstalk they claim to be nonbiased but anyone awake has seen their clear cut bias for several years. They can keep their dream like belief of being balanced but this episode with Ellio barging in on a guest and ranting his tale of woe was beyond belief.

    If you disagree with them, watch out.

  31. Anonymous says:

    The question is why wouldn’t Elio disclose during his immature outburst that Chris Lawson is connected to his brother…..he conveniently concealed that fact……I’m sorry but as a seasoned police officer that outburst suggest a guilty mind !!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Shame I voted for the UDP!!  Don’t worry you guys have lost my vote and that of my six family members!!

    I agree, you the "UDP" have spent the last 5 months breaking down what has been built up.  You all should be ashamed.  I voted for you guys based on what I thought your family morals thought you and listened to you and thought you would do good by this country.  Elio’s display on the talk show, OMG, that Benz has certainly gone to your head amongst other things it seems.  I will see you Elio and let you know personally how I felt about your behaviour.  You have lost my vote!

    During the election I wasn’t even one of those voters that followed you guys around and showed up at your house in order to get personal favors from you guys in order for you to get my vote.  I listened right from my living room and I was convinced that I should cast my vote the UDP way.  I wanted you all to do good for my country, not do good for me.

    Like I said "Shame I voted for the UDP".

  33. Anonymous says:

    Elio clearly is unfit to be a member of the LA. Didn’t anyone explain to him what politics is all about ??????????………he will be barging in everywhere pretty soon if thats his reaction everytime someone says something negative about him and its just a matter of time before someone floors him if you know what I mean 🙂

    Elio is is urgent need of anger management counselling !!!!!!!!

  34. Anonymous says:

     Clip from show:  Apologies, youtube wasn’t uploaded correctly.


  35. Anonymous says:

    Now we know why Elio didn’t finish his college degree….he didnt attend the last class called "how to team the rottweiler/pitbull in you"…..LMAO

  36. Mike G. says:

    Listen to the clips here on youtube.

    Elio you should be embarrased.  It took you all of 8 minutes to hear Alden’s comments until you drove ot the studio and barged in.  You could barely speak you were so hot headed. 

    For those of you who haven’t heard or want to try and defend Elio,  I suggest you listen to the clips noted above.  There is NO EXCUSE for this type of a behavior from an elected member.

    Mac, I hope you do the righ thing and censure this member of your party.  He has no business opening his mouth until he actually has something to say that is important.

  37. Yousef says:

    The so called Govt leaders are the worst… if you don’t believe me check some of their vehicle registrations… Mike Adams and Orret Conner drive around with expired registrations (the latter in a Hummer).

    And these are the people trying to get revenue for govt?!?!? Shouldn’t they start by paying their fees?

    I doubt many officers would stop them on the road… as we know way too well what happens when big guys get stopped for offences…

  38. Anonymous says:

    This is all to familiar! Remember when Ellio aka Kanye West attacked Sandra Catron and went around waving a police report on her – he needs to sit his arse down. Now we see what kind of person he really is. He went on badly then and has been doing it since.

    Ellio is worse than Mac in this regard. Barging into a studio during a private interview is unacceptable.

    For clarification, he was not handed the mic he took a live mic and started speaking. I do fault Austin – who should have quickly cut the mic which he has done on so many occassions before.

    In fact, Austin cut the mic when Sandra Catron called in after this fiasco and he was wrong for doing so. Interesting tho, how he allowed Paul Rivers to go on and on and say way more than Sandra did. Sad Sad Sad ….

    • Anonymous says:

      For the 1 or 2 close family members who unbelievably try to support Ellio Solomons disgraceful behaviour, I would humbly ask them to remember back just a few months, going back just 4 short years, between 2005 & April 2009!

      Ellio Solomon was the host of that same radio show, & he unashamedly used it as a political campaign show, promoting his political asperations in an attempt to further his political ambitions, & boy did it work, he got elected.

      During those years, he spent the vast majority of his on air time lambasting the sitting Government PPM, & said some terrible things about the Ministers at that time. He constantly made unfounded accusations against the PPM & in particular their Ministers, accusations that were never substantiated or proven. He spent more time tearing down the PPM than offering suggestions on improving things. The vast majority, & I mean the vast majority, of his accusations & insults towards the PPM & the PPM Ministers were far more insulting, far more hurtful, & far more incriminating in nature than what was said of Ellio Solomon on air, that being that he was, DARE I SAY IT, brother in law to one of the tom jones’ shareholders (please, please, please, I beg forgiveness for daring to say that, please Sir I ask for your forgiveness for saying such an awful thing on this site). Despite the fact that Ellio Solomon used 4 years as host of that show to throw nasty insults & accusations at the elected Ministers of the PPM, not once did any of those goodly gentlemen ever walk into, muchless barge into the studio & take control of the mics, never. 

      Therefore it is very ironic that Ellio Solomon felt the need to break into the radio station & carry on with his tirade against an elected member of government, considering all that he has done in the past 4 years. How can he rationally explain his thinking that it was ok for him to lambast, insult & hurl false accusations at Ministers of the day, yet it was sooooooo wrong for a former Minister to make a comment about him, that turned out to wrong, but near the truth (if the comment was not first cousin to the truth, it must have been second cousin).

      This is typical of the UDP, its leadership & a large % of the membership, a bunch of over inflated egos, & backyard bullies, that believe that they are above the law in everything, & everyone must bow down to them. It’s sad to witness what Cayman has now come to, we are being led by a bunch of blind buffoons, a bunch of selfserving hypocrites, with a few blind followers who do not know any better. GOD SAVE THESE CAYMAN ISLANDS 

  39. Anonymous says:

    austin allowed him to walk in and do as he likes because austin is udp

  40. Anonymous says:

    Elio & Alden, you two fools!!  How dare you drag our (your) country even further down than it is now?  When you morons take your personal vendettas publicly you need to realise that it is Cayman and its people you are representating.  This is no game show, that radio station transmitts on the Internet.  Are either of you smart enough to decifer what that means??  Just in case here’s a hint, that "www" that you always hear people talk about stands for WORLD WIDE WEB!.  I can just hear the Brits now, "Hey, mate come ‘ere and listen to these two stupid government blokes.  It’s no wonder they can’t balance a budget!" 

    Both of you should be ashamed of yourselves.  No one should have to tell you to make an apology, your mothers and fathers I am sure impressed in you what is now required of you.

    Austin:  Next time I agree as well, pull the fader and let’s go to commercial, idiots in da house!




    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t know if I missed something but why is one person blaming Alden because Alden did nothing wrong but still apologized in case he did and has left it at that but I firmly believe that the one person blaming Alden and the two posts pathetically defending Solomon, IS SOLOMON HIMSELF!!

      • Anonymous says:

        lol! I suspect those 2 postings defending Elio Solomon are in fact Elio himself, as you suggest. lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously 14:29 you did not listen to the show. Did you not listen to how calm & collected Alden McLauglin acted under such an attack? How can you blame Alden McLaughlin for anything? He acted like a gentleman, & in fact, any overseas listeners will have been extremely impressed by Alden McLaughlins reactions because under those circumstances most people would have reacted very differently. When someone attacks you in that manner, most people would defend themselves, but Alden McLaughlin acted in a professional dignified manner. I congratulate & thank Alden McLaughlin for acting like an elected member of government, instead of a spoiltazz child crying. Yes, I agree that Elio Solomons actions were unforgivable, but Alden McLaughlin was a great example & role model to our youth.

    • Buhl Dogg says:

      Downloaded and sent back to the homeland with an email entilted "And you thought our MP’s were embarrassing?"

  41. Anonymous says:

    Ya know something…..I do believe that brand new shiny green Mercedes Benz SUV Elio ran out an bought soon as he could show the bank he was making a regular and decent salary has gone to his head!! Maybe he’s just so thrilled to be driving around in that hot new number he’s been spending too much time in it and gas fumes have been slowly seeping inside and fogging up his brain! Elio – maybe it time for you to go back to that old jalo-lopy you used to drive around…..although come to think of it, you were pretty hot headed then too!

    • Anonymous says:

      14:29  Ya know something…… Please think about what you have said.  Do I sence a little jealousy of Elio’s New Ride.?…………………………………………………………………..

      Why cant we offer critics about what took place at the show? instead we must resort to badmindedness, and it can only be grudgefulmindness because the poor man was able to buy himself a little new car.  I dont know what happen to una people why una hate each other so much.

      If Mr Solomon visited the show without having an apointment then let the proper persons and public express their feelings about it.  If Mr Mclaughlin made a remark that was untruth, then let the proper persons and public deal with it.  But for pete,s sake leave the man and his new Ride alone.  You should be happy that the poor man can afford a new car.  Good gracious.

      • Anonymous says:

        Jealous of anthing Elio?? Nahhhh…..don’t fool youself.  Sound like you need a lil chill pill….and btw I would not agree that Elio simply ‘…visited the show without an appointment…’ That would be putting his uncalled for attack way too lightly. PS: unlike Elio, I don’t need (although I could easily afford) a Mercedes Benz to make me feel like I’m somebody. Elio needs to get over himself!

  42. Anonymous says:

    There has been so much finger pointing as to who did what to mess up these islands. From what I can see they all doing a bang up job in running this country into the ground.

    STOP!!! acting like a bunch of jackasses and unite as one party and help bring Cayman back to place where we Caymanians can hold our heads up high. Do it for the younger generation.


    Further more Ellio needs to take a "Big Boy" pill……

  43. Anonymous says:


    First of all let me state I am not one to call the Radio shows or post comments online but I feel the need to do so today.
    What happened yesterday on the talk show should have never taken place!!!
    1.       Ellio no longer works for the Hurley’s Group so therefore he should not have been allowed access into the studio.
    2.       Austin should NOT have given him one second of air time to state or clear up anything in the manner that he did.
    3.       Austin should have immediately gone to commercial and escorted Ellio out of the building.
    Mr. Hurley I’m ashamed for you to know that you had and still have persons of such ignorance working in your company.
    Ellio the behavior you displayed yesterday was of complete ignorance, stupidity and shows just how unprofessional the UDP Clan is. Since the election in May the UDP has done nothing for this country other than remove us from the Grey list for which the PPM had all the pipes laid for and were working towards doing prior to elections! However so be it that the UDP wishes to take all the credit for it…
    The UDP Possie has spent the last 5 months finding fault and demolishing what the PPM has worked hard on achieving in the past 4 years. The PPM Government had a dream and a vision and has worked diligently over the past 4 years to make them a reality. How dear you despise them!!! It is obvious to me and other citizens of this country that the UDP Government has no DREAMS of VISION of their own and can only focus on that of the PPM’s.
    Austin you are completely bias! Because you yourself said yesterday morning on the talk show “that you couldn’t believe you were going to congratulate the PPM for something” This statement goes to show that you are of the UDP Clan and you are using your power on the talk shows to work along with the UDP to try and destroy the PPM Party. If the shoe had been on the other foot (the PPM barging in) yesterday, something of this magnitude would not have taken place. But thank the good Lord that the PPM Party only consists of intelligent and professional members who would not have acted in such a childish manner.
     I want you to answer something for me Austin! For the previous 8 years that Big MAC was the leader did you see any new roads being built? Any schools being built? Any senior homes being built? Any progressive progress being made?
    Big Mac only did for this country what he, his family and West Bay people would benefit from to guarantee their vote for the future elections. He is such a self centered person.
    When the UDP was in power the school system was failing and BIG Mac and his Possie did nothing to rectify the problem, and this is why they are so determined in demolishing what Alden and the other PPM Ministers has started.
    Alden is the BEST Minister of Education that we have ever had by far and Ralston or no one else that follows behind will ever be able to fill the shoes he has left behind. Alden you did an amazing job in improving our current school systems and in many other aspect of your portfolio all of which are too many to name.  We the Caymanians are grateful and applaud you for standing up for our children. Our children deserve the best and only the best, they are the future of these islands.
    Alden you just take your licks and keep on ticking you are irreplaceable.
    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with this poster in saying that Austin is completely bias when he did make the comment on the talk show that he couldn’t believe he was going to congratulate the PPM for something!!  Amazing that such a statement came from the host of the talk show and definitely goes to show he is obviously UDP.  If the PPM deserves credit, give it to them. So much for being neutral.

      • da wa ya get says:

        Austin likes to claim neutrality, but comments such as that one (over the years he’s been host) has proven him to be UDP.

        Which was one of the reasons I was happy that Joey was on the show for that short period, you got both sides.

  44. Anonymous says:

    This is expected in Cayman from these goombass! All of these guys are in bed with each other. They are all "rummers" and "winners" and even "whiners" too. It’s really sad that a beautiful Island as Cayman is going through the issues that it has. They are some fools running now and previously. They are building these elaborate schools and then what, why building more primary schools, what about vocational schools? No one in the power circle is a forward thinker, and that’s a shame. I used to listen to radio Cayman at nights just to hear what these guys are saying during the parliament, and they are a bunch of fools. Now there is a big influx of crime in the Islands, who is to be blamed, these guys that’s running the country now and before. The kids need something to do to earn their way and be productive. sad sad sad.

    They might even publish this!! but I dont care. The common folks are suffering, I am not even from there and I can see it as an outsider. crazy!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sound like you da fool fool one here…..if you were really listening to Radio Cayman at nights and paying attention you would know all the facts on the vocational programme that the PPM have already put in place and their plans to turn George Hicks into a full fledged Vocational School once the new High School was completed.  Some ‘forward thinker’ you would make! Sorry bubba!

  45. concerned says:

    What bothering about all of this is that no arrest was made… WHAT would have happen if it was another member of the general public who had barged into the studio and engaged the show’s guest, former education minister Alden McLaughlin…

    Honestly, Elio’s outburst is undefendable but anyone his actions were purposeful and he had no respect for authority. This kind of behaviour is not the behavior you would expect from a political leader…

    What if it was a meeting with some higher authority from england to discuss taxation/ human rights/ budget etc etc etc or whatever, would Mr Elio go bursting into another door to verbally assault them also because he heard something he didn’t like…

    Elio was elected because he was seen as the future lead /a voice representative of the younger community however with this outburst i can assure you that he doesn’t speak for me…

  46. Anonymous says:

    you want to know why crime, murder and drugs are rampant?

    everybody here beleives they are above the law and their actions will bear no consequences. Cayman is a lawless society, and it all starts from the top. this isnt a UDP or PPM thing, this is a sad day for every resident of Cayman to see behaviour like this.

    I continue to support the UDP’s policies however.


  47. Anonymous says:

    For crying out loud, the people who are posting in the defence of Elio and that he was provoked, can you please get over it! How often in the world do you think politicans are provoked? Ever heard about trash talk on the soccer or basketball fields? You have to learn to react to provocation in a professional manner, especially if you want to hold a certain position in the public eye! Otherwise don’t bother and move aside. So stop being hypocritical for once as I am sure that this is not the route you encourage your children to take when they are being provoked…..

    • Anonymous says:

      There is somethin called, Self-control or Temperance…

      IT IS A VERY IMPORTANT "VIRTUE," especially,  


      We need to pray for Ellio – not crucify him

  48. Anonymous says:

    The talk show hosts need to learn that they can only be in this profession if they remain neutral like Switzerland. To constantly use the platform of the show to voice their own opinions is annoying enough.

    I hope Elio is reprimanded for his action. UPD can obviously just deal via bullying tactics and steamrolling people into submission. No wonder nobody takes Caymanians seriously! Can you imagine ifan employee would have acted like that in private sector and the consequences this would have?

    I hope all you fools who voted for UDP feel proud. Don’t worry, the Jamaican days are just around the corner. I guess you all will be happy once you live under a dictatorhsip, but then I guess that is just fine as long as you get a new appliance every 4 years. Please, don’t wonder anymore about what this Island has come to.

  49. Anonymous says:

    I am disgusted at Ellio’s behaviour. Disgusted at Austin not bringing down the fader to cut Ellio off. Disgusted that Ellio thinks he can do as he pleases. Is there not any connection family wise between Ellio and Tom Jones International? Sure seemed like that seeing how DEFENSIVE he got.

    How disgusting! Thank you Alden for keeping your composure, and showing how to react in a professional manner when under attack like that. Perhaps Ellio can take a note.


    • Anonymous says:

      Ellio has a brother named Jeff. Jeff’s wife and Chris Lawson’s wife are sisters. Making them by law (brother in-laws).

  50. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone remember the days when Ellio was there out cussing the UDP and accusing Mac of all sorts of wrong doing?Now look where he is – he is barging into studios and trying to strong arm people in the same way that he accused Mac of doing it years ago. My how fast they forget. And Alden showed how slick he can be, that comment was deliberately madeto get a response out of Ellio. I doubt he thought he would pull a Kanye though LOL.


  51. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Austin should worry about criminals breaking in.  If that happens he should just launch into one of his never-ending rambles. That’ll bore the gunman to death.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I will be the first to say Elio was wrong for handling the situation the way he did but certainly he was provoked. Why in the world did Alden have to make that false statement whilst he was there? These politicians both UDP and PPM have got to learn decorum. This is the crap that goes on in the house where they can get away with it under immunity. What is happening now is that niether side can handle themselves properly and it is spilling out into the public arean. Alden, as a former minister, knows better and no matter how he handled after Elio got in there he shouldn’t have said the things he did. There was absolutely no reason for it! Why couldn’t he have just said who the owners of TJI was and left it at that. The mere mention of Elio’s name was implication from Alden that Elio was somehow indirectly benefitting from TJI.

    For his part, Elio had been the host on this show before and knows better. He allowed his emotions to get control of him and he has not been in this political field long enough  to understand that this will continue to happen and is a politicians way to get attention  drawn away from themand Alden is very much a professional at it, afterall he is a lawyer as well and he has been in the house a lot longer. Elio will have to learn to take his licks and use a different approach to let the people of the country know when someone like Alden isn’t telling the truth.


    Now, with all of that being said, it is high time all of us Caymanians come toether and stop tearing each other dowm. The only winner in this is Tom  Jones and I bet they are getting a good laugh at our expense now. Caymanians we are dividing ourselves and ruining what little credibility we have managed to keep. Let’s stop trying to marginalise one another and pull together for the betterment of this country which is in one heck of a financial mess right now.

  53. Dred says:

    I believe as a representative of the UDP for media relations Mr Solomon should be demoted immediately. How can any media give him any sincere consideration when he gives them no regard.

    I believe he should either resign his post or be removed from his position.

    This was an appalling act right or wrong (justified or not). I think the more appropriate measure was for him to either call in or make a formal request for his side to be heard.

    He (Mr Solomon) has to realise that he is the voice of not only himself, not only UDP but almost ultimately our Country as our media is scrutinized daily by foreign bodies.

    This is just short of stupidity on his part. He has to understand he has a large responsibility and when you are in the lime light you will get called to task for things you have done, your family have done or for utter fabrications. This is all part of the game that is played and if he doesn’t like it he should not have subjected himself to it much less push himself so far into the light.

    The position of media liaison is for someone with a very cool head. This also should go for all politicians.

    Don’t get me wrong he probably is right in being upset and wanting to clear the air of some incorrect information but because of his position he should have picked his fight more carefully.

    It also looks quite bad on Alden for just mentioning something that he had not taken the time to prove as fact. That was irresponsible and negligent. I would think him being a legal guru would know better and take ooh but a few minutes to find out for himself.

    I do fully realise this to be a tit for tat thing but you need be real careful with things of this nature because a few more words in one or more directions could mean legal action.

    • Anonymous says:

      So if it was irresponsible & negligent for Alden to mention the brother in law thing without taking the time to prove it, what do you have to say about Austin Harris’ suggestion about Alden & Kurt? Harris made a very irresponsible & negligent remark about Kurt & Alden having shares in TJI, & Alden reacted the way that a person not guilty of the false accusations should react! What does that say about Ellio Solomons reaction? Sure looks funny to me! Harris was very wrong with what he did, but no one expects any better from him. 

  54. Anonymous says:

    Leave Mac Alone…

    He neva sent elio in there…

    Now you know why they are so aggressive….

  55. Anonymous says:

    To all those who thought and still think that Elio acted immaturely,   think again.  The talk show host,   more than once said to Mr. Mc.laughlin that he was asking  DIRECT  questions.  He first informed him of what the leader of the opposition  had said just a few days earlier  to the said questions.  We all know what that leader said to those questions.  Mr. Mclaughlin’s answer to the host was in the affirmative,  that he knew who the partners of Tom Jones International were.   He also stated that he was prepared to mention those names.   He mentioned the names but for reasons best known to himself,  chose to state that one of those owners  happen to be the brother-in -law of Elio Solomon.  In that instance,  that statement covered the entire universe.  To all intents and purposes, Mr. Solomon, to the world seemed to be a corrupt politician.   (One hopes that was not the intention)      PUT YOURSELVES IN ELIO’S POSITION.  What would you have done?  YOU DARE NOT.  He did what seemed right at the time and shocked us all, but was he wrong in doing so?   No,I dont think so.  By doing what he did, he exonerated himself,  proved that Mr.Mc. laughlin is a man of integrety in that he was man enough to apologise publicly for the inaccuracy in his statement and got on with the show.  I was never a supporter of the PPM and has always been a critic of Mr. Mclaughlin but because of his public apology there and then,  I have a new found respect for the man.  As for Elio I say,  You have not lost my respect in any way as I, in your position, would probably have done the same thing.  THE WORLD KNEW THE DIFFERENCE IN AN INSTANCE.  You have nothing to be ashamed about.  Ironically, ALDEN himself has no need to be ashamed also because of his apology.   ALL IS WELL THAT ENDS WELL.   THIS IS TRUE DEMOCRACY AND CAYMAN STYLE WITHOUT THE VIOLENCE.  WE CAYMANIANS NEED TO BE SHOCKED INTO  REALITY.

    • Anonymous says:

      I heard it differently. Austin was putting some direct questions to Alden, which Alden answered with restraint and a great degree of composure considering that Austin quite bluntly said that they were rumours that he wanted him to respond to. There were three questions, and I got the impression (until Ellio burst into the studio) that Alden’s identifying CL (just in case CNS will not allow the full name) as Ellio’s brother-in-law was not in respect to, or in any way implying that Ellio benefitted from the Tom Jones contract, but that Ellio’s relationship with CL was the source of Austin’s inside information from Tom Jones. That went back to previous charges made by Austin and Gilbert about change orders that caused the cost of the buildings to skyrocket.

      Now what Ellio understood is anybody’s guess.

    • Dred says:

      All of this back and forth you are doing amounts to nothing at all.


      Look, Big Mac has already done enough damage to the Cayman Islands we don’t need people giving Small Mac any green light to go off because……… Honestly I could care less what the reason is.


      Look, he now is the speaker for UDP and since UDP is in control of our government he becomes a representative of our government. His actions will be viewed by others not knowing the full story.


      I fully understand this was a tit for tat thing and honestly Alden is stupid to be doing such simple acts against UDP even more stupid if his information is wrong. I am in no way giving him right for this because he is dead wrong also.


      HOWEVER!!!! Elio is stupid to have done this and is also DEAD WRONG. Him being from Radio you would think he knows about common courtesies and ways to properly address the statement.


      SO NO!!! He gets no green light to be stupid because of what Alden did. What this will do is look bad on both of them but you know who is going to be remembered? I think you do.


      This while about Politics isn’t about it in the end. He is the media rep for UDP and the face people will see as the person who speaks for UDP and he does this and in a media outlet. Anyway you ring this up it spells stupidity.


      It is truly sad that all of our politicians act like little kids. On one side you have UDP dropping rumors that PPM head honchos Alden and Kurt have vested interested in TJI and then here comes PPM to reveal someone from UDP who may or may not have connections to TJI.


      Tell me if that’s not kids in a sandbox going at it. Is this what our leaders have amounted to?? Really now with all the problems we have and all the expenses you are going to put on us without even a gesture of say rescinding the salary increases your position last received which ranged from 20% to 30%.


      Is there any businessmen out there who can start putting together a team with character and resolve to stand for us in 2012/3? We need leadership not kids.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you seriously justifying the uncouth behaviour of Ellio?  I’m sorry but any shred of respect that he may have had is gone out of the window.  Not only was his behaviour IMMATURE, his outburst should never have been allowed.  No one should be allowed into a radio studio when another guest is being interviewed. NO ONE! 

      Is that the kind of leadership you want?  Hot-headed people who act before thinking?  This certainly seems to be characteristic of Ellio’s fellow UDP members.  I’m sorry, but give me CIVILITY any day…because civilised behaviour is truly what is CAYMANIAN DEMOCRACY.

  56. Anonymous says:

    His reaction is unfathomable… why and where did this come from? Some deepseeded emotions like "guilt" and " self-doubt" at are the root.



  57. Anonymous says:

    Come on… so what if Ellio watches BET? You’d think a politician would know better than to do things he sees on TV…

    • Anonymous says:

      I was listening to the show & I would like to make a point that everyone seems to be missing.

      Mr. Alden Mclaughlin was a guest on the show & was answering some tough & accusatory questions, & was doing so in a very civil manner. Then one of the hosts asked Mr. Mclaughlin a question about "rumours" he claims he heard that Mr. Mclaughlin & Mr. Kurt Tibbetts had shares & interests in Tom Jones Int., which Mr. Mclaughlin quite rightly catagorically denied. In answering the question Mr. Mclaughlin said he had heard that the majority Caymanian shareholder of TJI was the brother in law of Elio Solomon. Oh my GOD, why on earth did he do that, holy mother of Jesus, all hell broke loose. Mr. Solomon barged into the studio, took control of the dreaded mike & terrorized the guest, while the hosts sat idly by & did nothing except allow it to continue. Maybe they felt terrorized as well, because it must have been terrifying for sure! Mr. Solomon continued his terror for quite a few minutes until Mr. Mclaughlin apologised! Apologise for what? What did he do that was so wrong? We have all been mistakenly called so & so’s brother/sister in law at some time, what is so wrong with that? But being the gentleman he is, Mr. Mclaughlin apologised!

      Now my point is, just before that awful incident, Harris A. (the host) asked Mr. Mclaughlin the question about the "rumour" he supposedly heard that Mclaughlin & Tibbetts had shares in TJI! That question is far far worse, & has far more serious & damaging implications than a brother in law mistake, but at no time did I hear or witness Mr. Kurt Tibbetts barge into the studio & take control of the mike while holding the hosts hostage & terrorizing the hosts, guest & staff, while demanding an apology from the host. If any person had reason to feel upset a agrieved because of such false & hurtful accusations, it was Mr. Mclaughlin & Mr. Tibbetts, not Mr. Solomon.

      Mr. Mclaughlin conducted himself like a perfect gentleman in the face of such a terrifying act, & even apologised during such an act of terrorism. It must have been very frightening for those that were like hostages in the studio while our elected offical carried on with his barrage of questions & demands, no one knew how it was going to end, & what was going to happen. It could have ended up tragically, we see it all the time in the news. This is proof enough who are the true statesmen in our country.

      They say that "the chip doesn’t fall far from the block" & we sure witnessed that yesterday. Mr. Solomons actions are very similar to those of his leader, & it is very sad that after only 4 months as a MLA he has become so big headed & such a bully that he seems to fit right in with his UDP colleagues. Maybe that was his indoctrination, & now that he has passed the UDP test he is fully accepted & now fully one of them. That can be the only logical explanation. And I don’t want to see anybody defending his actions, because there is no justification & defence of doing wrong. There is no defence for the acts of terrorism.

  58. TheAnonymousKIDDER says:

    Wow. Just wow. Now I beleive that Mr. Solomon could have called in, or even emailed. But he just flew in there, so now that the station has to take such security measures. A STEEL door, and a bolt. I wonder if Mr. Harris knows something about this MLA’s temper that we don’t? Maybe a normal door will be kicked down next time LOL Didn’t he just get promoted? Sir, you really need to conduct yourself better. Thank God Mr. McLaughlin didn’t say something more. Who knows what would have happened..

    "Do you know how many sisters I have?  Do you know how many sister I have?" 

    Poor guy didn’t now what was gonna happen. I can just picture it, like the hulk. came charging in. Or maybe Kanye is a better description. Because the look on Taylor’s face would be eqivalent to Mr. Alden’s.

    And the point was? …

  59. Anonymous says:

    This is very sad that a member of the sitting government would conduct himself in this way. Whether it’s a member of the UDP or PPM, Elio is elected member of the people of the Cayman Islands who have prided themselves with being raised with manners and respect to one another.

    Elio is also the General Secretary of the UDP this does not look very well in the eys of the Cayman public and international community that a member of the LA would conduct himself in this manner.
    The UDP Team should be looking at some form of disciplinary action against Elio and should also call for him to relinquish his seat and provide a public apology to the good people of the Cayman Islands.
    Very disgusted UDP Supporter
    • Anonymous says:

      PPM supporters:

      Ellio was given the Mic by the Hosts. The Hosts wanted him to speak, and luckily he was able to set Alden straight.

      • Anon says:

        Just like a handbag snatcher is "given" the purse by his victim

        • Fallen Angel says:

          Yap.  and like the burglar who asked his victim where her handbag was and also told him where her laptop and ipod were.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh.  Certainly.  That’s exactly how it went down.  Which is why the radio station is now talking about installing security doors with bolts and locks.  What a  dips**t  thing to say.

  60. Anonymous says:

    What a disgrace, Elio !!! Guess we should have seen this one coming…   From someone who felt the need to lie about their educational history, seems you missed the diplomacy classes as well.   Guess we really shouldn’t have expected any better.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Very "Foppish" and "Fattaish" behaviour Elio ma boy! What did you consume for breakfast yesterday anyway.

      You all talk about working together, and Elio you always talking about "my Caymanian people", and you always talking about being a role model for the children. Now, would you be proud if any of those same children could hear or see your behaviour yesterday!!?? If you UDP evangelists want the young people to settle their disputes peacefully (i.e. non violently), then you so called "role models" must walk the talk and stop being hypocrites.

      Stop singing, and saying God Bless You to everyone, and the minute they turn their back you stab them. Remember that people are now looking up to you Elio (even if you don’t deserve it). Dump the hate, bitterness, and always wanting to have the "last lick" like your Leader.

      Well done Alden for controlling your self, and to co-host Gilbert for immediately condemning Elio’s "cry baby" behaviour.

  61. BET culturist says:

    I blame BET for all of this, UFC too.

    For a preview of next weeks installment from the Legislative Assembly, click here…

  62. Anonymous says:


    I total agree that Mr. Solomon should not have burst in to the show and carried on the way he did. Hopefully he will be apologizing for what he did the two hosts and guests. I think that by his actions he has given the PPM ammunition to attack the UDP even more and in these times we do not need personal bashing going on.
    We are however missing one point here; we all now know who the local partner behind TJ’s and it is the former minister’s brother-in-law. WOW. Conflict anyone?
    • Anonymous says:

      What former Minister? I am totally confused now!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      No former minister has a brother in law that is a partner in TJI! Are you trying to start "As the studio turns" part 2 starring Ellio Solomon, or an unknown former minister? The Crightons nor the Lawsons have a brother in law that is a former Minister, so stop the foolishness. 

  63. Anonymous says:

    Betta bolt the doors at Television Centre too – John Foster may be in trouble over the weather forecasts:)

  64. Island Girl says:

    I hope everyone remembers this at the next election.  Elio should be made to step down and the closest independant canidate replace him.  A total embarressment to our country. 

  65. Anonymous says:

    Just think what Elio would have done had a member of the PPM party had done something similar when he ran the show?


  66. Sav/New says:

    I listened to Rooster yesterday and heard everything. Mr. McLaughlin maintained his composure and that was the proper way. What I do not understand is for the amount of time that Ellio was on air, which was close to 2 minutes. Why couldn’t Austin simply cut him off instead of sitting there quietly like a little mouse? That all brought back the Sandra Catron incident, who by the way was cut off the air yesterday when she called in, and I do not recall her saying anything out of order when she spoke. Anyway, Ellio has certainly shown his true colors and seems to be following in the footsteps of Mr. Bush. We would be better off if they were both put in a straight jacket and their mouths taped up. Total disgrace. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe that Austin and Gilbert did the right thing in not interrupting Elio.  If they had cut him off, the public would have never heard the real Elio Solomon.  He is a disgrace as a representative of this country.  As a politician he will receive negative critque from many people, he must learn to handle these situations respectfully.  The manner in which he conducted himself in this regard was inappropriate.  

  67. Anonymous says:

    Was he not appointed in the position of media/press relations…?

  68. Baya 4 life says:

    PPM is all about playing mind game with people.  Friction not fact.  McLaughlin should have fact first before speaking.  I agree Ellio should carry himself better but he is new in Politics so this kind of behavior come as no surprise.

    • Anonymous says:

      Fiction or fact:  The proposed UDP budget spends more money than any PPM budget?

      Fiction or Fact:  The UDP told us that the capital spending on schools is too much, but want to spend the same on one of two ports?

      Fiction or Fact:  Elio complained as a radio host that the government was too dependant on work permit fees?  Do the new increase of work permit fees reduce or increase the government’s dependance?


    • Anonymous says:

      Elio charged onto private property, invaded a broadcast booth and engaged a colleague from the Legislative Assembly in an argument, but that is understandable because "he is new in Politics"!?

      That behavior is not acceptable from school children, it is not acceptable from adult members of our community and it certainly is not acceptable from elected representatives.


  69. Anonymous says:

    I was listening to that show when this dispicable, disgraceful and Kanyelike Politician interupted such a truthful, classical and great example of a Politician, explaining away to the most detailed questioning I have heard any politican in recent times been given. Harris was acting as a UDP Defense Lawyer and McLean was acting like the UDP litigating Lawyer, but Alden was being patient, sincere, factual and professional, like no other UDP Politician of today.  What an utter disgrace!  I always knew what and who Ellio was, but being connected to the Western Atmosphere "Hugo" like UDP Politition from West Bay, we knew that one day his true colours would be shown.  The West Bay Hugo got a way of rubbing off on others, you can hear it in all of the other UDP members speech.  He should step down from his elected post and be replaced by someone with Education qualifications like Eddie Thompson or Bo Bo Miller.  I was overseas listening to all of that show and I felt utterly embarrassed knowing that I am also a born Caymanian.

  70. whodatis says:

    Ellio = Kanye West?!

    LMAO!! Too funny!

    So…who is Taylor Swift? Austin, Gillie or Alden? :o)

    Shame on you Solomon..shame!

    However, I guess this only shows that we in Cayman are striving our best to fully copy and integrate the "Westminister" style of UK Parliamentary politics.

    Anyone remember John Prescott’s (then Deputy PM) infamous punch-up up in Scotland a few years back?

    Legendary classic that one!

    In any event, this is simply the flip-flop reality of the attitude of the average Caymanian politician.

    During the campaign they are humble, self-less, servient puppy dogs – the minute they’re elected … its "I’m the almighty, untouchable Hon. so and so"

    Bunch ‘a jokas – the majority of ’em.

  71. Anonymous says:






    • Anonymous says:

      hahaha…..Elio acting as if he has been trained by the UDP my dear! Only difference is we know he did not need any training….that’s why he is UDP. Fit right in with Mac and the others.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think Mac hasn’t done that before because, umm, he’s used to being put down?

      If thats the case of "RESIGN NOW AND SAVE YOURSELF FROM HAVING THE WHOLE PARTY COME TO DISGRACE" ; Then maybe they should all resign!



    • Not that easy says:

       Composure and grace…  First time I seen them in the same sentence as the word Mackeeva.

      In all seriousness, do you expect a member of a party that is the epitomy of the word arrogence would step down?

      Let’s see, starting with the failure of their BT candidates to do the right thing and step down prior to the elections for not following the rule of law…

      Followed up by a leader who has spent the last 100 days shooting off from the hip about just about everything from single-handedly renaming Pirates Week to spouting how to handle the governments economic mess through a system of smoke and mirrors.

      Now we have our own little Camanye West – Elio – going off half cocked in a very public tantrum.

      Far from any of them doing the right thing, I fully expect the rest of the party to step up to the plate and flaunt their own arrogance to the system and lawlessness.  

      We have a ruling party still needs a good sex scandal, a domestic incident in a public place, some drunken debauchery, and an incident involving a farm animal.  

      Any takers?  Mike?  Anyone?

      If the leader has balls, he will strip Elio of his "title" very quickly and very publicly.

      • Anonymous says:

        In the CNS report about this ugly incident, it quotes Mr. Harris as saying "I appreciate why Mr. Solomon felt the need to address the issue-it certainly put me off guard but he is entitled to it and it is what it is."

        This must surely be a misprint? Is Mr. Harris so besotted with Mr. Solomon that he did actually say that? How can Mr. Harris even begin to suggest that Mr. Solomon had a right to do what he did by saying he is entitled to do it? I blame Mr. Harris as much as I blame Mr. Solomon, because he should have put a stop to it, but I thank him in a backhand way for not doing so, because otherwise we would not have witnessed the full extent of Mr. Solomons stupid behavior. If it was stopped early, we would not have seen the true Solomon, only the fake public image one.

        I can honestly say that if the situation was different, that if it was a UDP member as guest & a PPM member had barged in, Mr. Harris would either have turned off the mic, or it would have got physical in the removal of the unwanted visitor, I honestly believe that. Instead of trying to correct Mr. Solomon for such childish & unprofessional behavior, Mr. Harris is actually trying to make excuses for him, that is unbelievable. Is he that besotted with Mr. Solomon? I think that the owners should have a very close look at Mr. Harris’ actions, oh no, we know why Mr. Randy will never oh never do that, don’t we?

        • Anonymous says:

          You hit the nail on the head here! Austin should not get off this one so easily! He is so obvious it’s not funny – seems clueless that everybody sees right through him!

      • Anonymous says:

        Is it now a requirement for anyone elected to Government to have everyone know how many sisters they have, I feel Alden should face a Court Martial for having the audacity for not knowing how many sisters the "Great one" has. I have never seen anything more pathetic than this! "Do you know how many sisters I have", "you see, he doesn’t even know how many sisters I have". Mac, this is of great National Importance and Alden has failed his people by not knowing how many sisters I have so talk with "your" people and charge him with treason – GIVE ME A BREAK Elio as you make yourself sound like a spoilt cry-baby.

    • Ex UDP & PPM Member says:

      This is who Mckeeva want to be out front taking licks and blows while he sits back an instigates the situations from high up on his MIGHTY PREMIER THRONE.

      Glad that Elio went out there and made a fool of himself.  HE XXXX can’t even see that McKeeva is setting him up to be his fall guy so he Mckeeva keeps shining like a brand new penny.

      Elio son  take some middle of the road advice, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP!!  Because one day you may not have a footing to stand on when you complete the leap!

      Don’t do Mckeeva’s dirty work for him, stay neutral and unbiased with your representation of your party.


  72. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Mac has competition now when it comes to these loud overbearing outburst of anger when making speeches or public apperances. Please Elio and Mac check with your doctors to see what type of personality disorder you are both suffering with so it can be treated. You are both embarrassing our country. Do the country a favor stay on meds for the next 4 years!

  73. Anonymous says:


    At the end of the day he is just protecting the name of both his sister and himself from people like the likes of you all, if you all think you all can do better why don’t you run for office, and you know what it takes to run a country of self righteous people (A person who stands up for themselves) because like you all everyone will be shouting the negative and forgetting the fact that was the UDP party that includes Eleothat just stop England for taxing you self righteous behinds so you can still drive you Benz and BMW’s that do not deserve nor can afford, so step up or shut the hell up you self loving bunch of hypocrites.   


    • Lime-E says:

      Perhaps he could have done that via the telephone route instead of trying to prove that he was someone he is not? If he had waited until today he could have used the toll free number at no expense to himself!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey….you Alice in Wonderland?

    • Frequent Flyer says:

      "At the end of the day he is just protecting the name of both his sister and himself " Yes dear, that is how it was done in elementary school when you did not have the tools to handle yourself and your outlandish emotions. At some point you must GROW UP!! He really made an idiot of himself and there is absolutely NO EXCUSE for the way he handled that.  So anyone that wants to TRY to cover for him…. Was he drinking Hennessy??

      At the end of the day, our politicians MUST handle themselves in and ADULT professional manner. They MUST be a representation of what our children should be able to look up to. They MUST present themselves as a respectable person in society and be held to high standards. This isn’t a boys club, which is the way it is treated. (like some popularity contest) Look at some of the past politicians and what they have done in the media. It’s so laughable and sad at the same time.

      Ellio, you do realize that there was a much better way to handle that and simply clarify the realtionship instead of your immature outburst, right? Hennessy?

      And yes, Austin you should be ashamed of yourself too. You should learn to be professional and unbiased. That was the last tiny grain of respect that I had for you gone. Silly oaf!!



    • Anonymous says:

      ‘from people like the likes of you all’ – Who?
      ‘to run a country of self righteous people’ – Who?
      ‘Eleo’ – Who?
      ‘Benz’ – Who?
      ‘self loving bunch of hypocrites’ – Who?

      • Anonymous says:

        Is this code language from post 11:26? You can actually buy a book from amazon that is called "grammar for dummies".

        • Anonymous says:

          Ha ha – try reading post 10:36.  Nothing to do with grammar and they do have bookstores on Island – maybe you could support your local bookstores.  Perhaps you are one of the ‘self-righteous’ ones 10:36 is talking about.  Enjoy your reading!  No comments on the subject matter….?

        • Anonymous says:

          Should it be "grammar for dummies" or "grammar for Dummies" or "Grammar for dummies" or "Grammar For Dummies" or "Grammar for Dummies"..mmmm….  Don’t just luv da fun:)

    • Anonymous says:

      It is beyond belief that anyone, family, friend or colleague, can defend the awful behavior of Ellio Solomon. In what way was he defending the name of his sister or his own name? He has made his name more dirt than ever. We didn’t run for office, but he chose to, & if he can’t do the job, which is now obvious, he should resign immediately. In fact he has hurt the name of his sister & his family with his terrible behavior. How can you or anyone else defend such awful behavior? You must be cut from the same cloth to be able to defend that! There is no excuse for his behavior & there is no excuse for you or anyone else defending him, none whatsoever! My GOD, it was only a simple mistake about a brother-in-law, for HEAVENS sake. Much worse has been said about other politicans & we have never seen such action taken. My friend, it is plain & simple, there is no excuse for it, so please do not embarrass yourself & try justify it, it is wrong!

  74. Heywood Djoublomi says:

    This is such a shame, under the present conditions the UDP has done an admirable job and I say this as a PPM supporter. Ellio was always considered a joke, an unemployed joke and now he has confirmed it. Look how easy it is for one person to errode the good work of so many in a matter of seconds. He should step down as an MLA and retreat to the unemployement line where he came from

  75. Anonymous says:

    Ok, you all are being very biased!

    Yes, it was a bit outrageous and looks bad on Elio but if you were in his shoes whould you not defend yourself, much less your family?? C’mon now people!

    I think both Solomon & McLaughlin behavedlike two primary school kids.

    Both of them should be ashamed of themselves! Are these who we call our leaders? How does both of their characters look?


    Elections are OVER!! ONE GOV’T, ONE COUNTRY!!!


    Until they work as one team, i don’t think our country will work as one either!

    • frank rizzo says:

      Biased? – I don’t think so.

      Elio (by telephone) – I’m sorry, you are mistaken. I have no relation to TJI and do not stand to gain any financial or pecuniary interest in the contract awarded.

      Alden – I apologise and stand corrected.

      Click – Elio hangs up.

      The End


      Elio (in person, after securing permission to enter and speak) – I’m sorry, you are mistaken. I have no relation to TJI and do not stand to gain any financial or pecuniary interest in the contract awarded.

      Alden – I apologise and stand corrected.

      Click – Elio shuts the door behind him.

      The End

    • frank rizzo says:

      Biased? – I don’t think so.

      Elio (by telephone) – I’m sorry, you are mistaken. I have no relation to TJI and do not stand to gain any financial or pecuniary interest in the contract awarded.

      Alden – I apologise and stand corrected.

      Click – Elio hangs up.

      The End


      Elio (in person, after securing permission to enter and speak) – I’m sorry, you are mistaken. I have no relation to TJI and do not stand to gain any financial or pecuniary interest in the contract awarded.

      Alden – I apologise and stand corrected.

      Click – Elio shuts the door behind him.

      The End

  76. Anonymous says:

    I sure hope Alden knows how many sisters I have…..this is going to be detrimental to mine, their and Alden’s success in life!!!! WOW Elio! Now I know why you never managed to finish that degree you started!

  77. Anonymous says:

    I would like to congratulate Mr. McLaughlin for conducting himself in a professional manner yesterday morning.  This is why I am and will also be a PPM supporter.

  78. Sack of Potatoes says:

    Austin and Gilbert should be shown the door themselves for allowing him to coninue to speak. I’m sure there must be a mute button in that studio somewhere.

    As a side note, pretty sure that Mr. Lawson is not in fact married at all, but don’t quote me on that, I am deathly afraid Ellio will come after me!

  79. Anonymous says:

    Cayman’s own Caymanye West !!

  80. Anonymous says:

    I am sure Elio will regret what he did and apologise appropriately.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Ellio’s brother-in-law definition seems to have discarded the possibility of his wife having brothers, or his wife’s sister having a husband. I found his focus on the brother-in-law definition rather odd. Why didn’t he, like Alden, deny that there was any relationship whatsover?

    With his first attendance in the PAC illuminated by his not reading the report and then insisting on discussing things outside the scope of PAC, followed by no budget debate, and now this makes his first 100 days in office something less than stellar. I think it’s time for him to buckle down and get on with the job he was elected to do. That is represent the people of George Town in case he has forgotten.

  82. Anonymous says:

    He should resign immediately !!! Great post about how our children will look up to him !! I would be embarassed to go to school if I was his kid.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Elio is a total disgrace and he is now representing this country as a public figure. You can take a person out of the ghetto but you cant take the ghetto out of a person! He has no class what so ever. He acted like a total idiot.

  84. O'Really says:

    Man oh man, Cayman, what have you done!!! The lunatics really have taken over the asylum. 

  85. Anonymous says:

    What are we to make of such disrespectful behavior by a sitting member of the LA?

    Obviously Ellio Solomon considered his behavior appropiate yet that is of concern as well.

    Perhaps he is trying to mimic his political mentor but clearly his "loose cannon" approach failed and simply made him look silly.

  86. Yo Mama says:


    I love that a radio station has to install a "steel door with a bolted lock" in order to protect the host and guest from our elected leaders!

    How embarrassing for Cayman. This wasn’t some homeless nut or drunken maniac. This was an elected member of the LA and the gen. sec. of the ruling political party.

    Sad (but funny, too)


  87. Anonymous says:

    All I can say about this is that it clearly showed the difference between the UDP and the PPM and reminded me why I support the PPM 100%.  This was totally uncalled for but not surprising knowing Elio’s personality and his party leader Mac who himself endorses such behaviour! The Show’s host/co-host should be embarassed that they made no attempt to control the situation….it could have been a very different outcome had Alden been as pompous an ass as Elio.  As much crap as Elio and the UDP croonies talk about the PPM members all he had to do in this instance was calmly call into the show to clarify whatever he thought to be incorrect information. But no, instead he showed his true colours (that of the green and blue) and put it all on display for the entire Country…..what a joke! Talk about back-firing! If he even had something worthwhile listening to but instead he simply made a complete fool of himself stuttering on about…welll…nothing really! If this were not so sad it would be laughable! Thanks Alden for handling this situation like the real gentleman you are! And thanks Elio for reminding us just who you (and your UDP croonies) are! As for Hurley’s Entertainment, Austin and Gilbert, get your act together! This should never have been allowed to unfold as it did.

    • da wa ya get says:

      I agree with you 100%! This is one of the reasons that I can’t support the UDP… as I like to say, PPM or Independent! The only 2 members of the UDP that I have any respect for are Mike and Rollie…but Mike is only with them because he feels that Mr. Clifford and the PPM slighted him by removing him from a post that he was inefficient in doing and Rollie’s only with Mac because he felt that was the fastest way to get to the top (seeing that West Bayers keep electing Mac and anyone on his ticket – doesn’t look like that’s such a great plan anymore after his "ousting") Furthermore, they are yes men, which knocks down my respect for them by a few pegs. The vast majority of the UDP are classless and uneducated, what a mix!

  88. Mozzie Fodder says:

    What an outstanding example of a leading politician. Someone for the children of Cayman to look up to and aspire to be.


    • Anonymous says:

      I agree, Alden should get his facts straight first before talking.

      • Anonymous says:

        Such a joke! If only the entire UDP would get their facts straight before opening their mouths! Especially that great one they call leader!

      • Mozzie Fodder says:

        I see that irony is not lost on you….

  89. Anonymous says:

    Could we lock Elio out of the LA as well? That way the entire country just mightbe safer.

    I know I certainly did not vote for such irresponsible behaviour which brings shame on all of Cayman. How can we have politicians who have no sense of proper behaviour. This does not bode well for our futures. Is this the type of behaviour that we want our children to emulate? This from the General Secretary of the UDP? Perhaps all elector candidates ought to undergo psychological stability tests before being allowed to stand for office.

  90. Anonymous says:

    OK CNS, go on with the rest of the story…….

    Tell us about the follow up text that Mr. McLaughlin recieved to clarify that it was Mr. Solomon’s brother’s wife’s sister who was married to Mr. Lawson.

    Will you please confirm if this is a fact.

    If it is a fact then will you please request Mr. Solomon to inform the Caymanian public if he was or was not aware of Mr. Lawson’s connection by marriage to his family.

    Waiting on the answer before I return to my crab hole.


    CNS: The whole programme is not reproduced here (I believe you can download it from the Hurley’s website) but yes, Mr McLaughlin did say he had received this text.

  91. Anonymous says:

    Any respect I ever had for Solomon is now completely gone. He is nothing but a bully. He owes an on air humble apology to Minister McLaughlin immediately. I guess he has been hanging around Big Mac too much and the bullying tactics are paying off…I hereby decree that Elios name should now be "Cayman Kanye". What a disgrace…