Need a tax haven? Try the US

| 12/10/2009

(Forbes): The U.S. Treasury Department rails sanctimoniously against overseas tax havens and recently bullied Switzerland into naming American tax evaders at Swiss bank UBS AG. But who knew that the U.S. itself is a tax haven? That, at least, is the suggestion levelled by Mexico’s government. Much to the delight of American banks, the U.S. allows non-resident foreign nationals to park their money in U.S. bank accounts without having to pay taxes on interest or (in most cases) report it to the Internal Revenue Service.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    That is such an ignorant statement Joe Average.

    • Joe Average says:

      Tell it to the folks who have lost their pensions.  Tell it to the families that have lost their homes. Tell it to the victims of Bernie Madoff.  Tell it to the people who are being gouged with additional fees and sudden interest rate hikes. And don’t tell me that banks are different in some way than brokerage houses and investment firms. They are the same with the same tactics and same devices.

      Tell it to the people in Argentina!

      My money is safe in my shoe thanks

  2. Joe Average says:

    WHY on EARTH!?!!……would I park my money in a U.S. BANK!!?

    I’d rather leave it on the sidewalk in a bag saying DO NOT TOUCH MY MONEY’S INSIDE