Jack rejects responsibility

| 13/10/2009

(CNS): In the wake of the auditor general’s special report on Operation Tempura that revealed, among other things, that the SIO was paid more than three times his police salary when he became a direct employee of the governor, the UK’s representative has said that he had urged those who were responsible to be as careful as possible with the costs of the investigation but rejected his own culpability. In a short statement following Dan Duguay’s shocking report, Stuart Jack also said that while things could have been handled differently civil servants supporting Operations Tempura and Cealt acted in good faith.

Although his office had ultimate responsibility for the discredited investigation following the suspension of then-police commissioner, Stuart Kernohan, in a short statement from his office the governor said he was not responsible for police-related budgets, but he had urged, at various points, those who were responsible to be as careful as possible to keep down the costs of the investigations.”

The governor however does have ultimate responsibility for the official arm of government, which includes the Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs. Moreover, throughout the early stages of the overt operation Jack appeared alongside SIO Martin Bridger when making public comment about the progress of the investigation on numerous occassions.

The governor made no comment about the estimated cost of Operation Tempura and latterly Cealt, which has cost more than $6.8 million from the Cayman purse but has proved nothing other than the fact that Deputy Commissioner Anthony Ennis was not the police source of Desmond Seales (the publisher of Cayman Net News) .

Nor does Jack comment on Duguay’s findings that there was a fundamental lack of oversight of the financial management, leaving the SIO and the special police investigation team (SPIT) to essentially write their own checks. Duguay points out that there was no attempt to pursue the normal channels regarding government contracts and there was scant regard to value for money.

The governor said he believed the auditor general had a right to look into any areas of public expenditure, including Operations Tempura and Cealt, but that these were not routine project or purchase of services by government, and that to understand what transpired, he said, he encouraged people to read the management response at the end of the report, as well as the AG’s findings.

In his report Duguay noted how the SIO had begun working in Cayman as a member of the UK’s Metropolitan Police Service and therefore Cayman was reimbursing Scotland Yard for Bridger’s salary, at just over $8,000 per month plus paying him expenses.

Once he retired from the famous Scotland Yard and was asked to remain at the helm of Operation Tempura as a consultant, his salary was then increased to a whopping $27,400 per month.

CNS has sent questions to both the chief secretary and the governor’s offices asking who had negotiated the new rate with Bridger and how such an incredible increase was justified given that he had continued in the same post. The Governor’s Office has not yet responded. However, thechief secretary told CNS he would be happy to address questions about the auditor general’s report following the Public Account Committee’s consideration of the report. Donovan Ebanks explained that his primary responsibility is to be available to the PAC and assist by answering any questions that were likely to be in public.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Everyone… and I do mean everyone… involved in this fiasco has denied having anything to do with the overpayments.  When the governor leaves, he should take George McCarthey and the entire Legislative Assembly with him.

    "It’s not my fault."  Riiiiiggghhhtt.

  2. Anonymous says:


    You know to be honest he really needs the honor of some good old cayman cow itch on a hot sunny day. The governor (notice no capital in the g) is one of the most usless that has arrived on our shores. He is constantly calling for good governance yet he is the biggest broker of our laws. There needs to be an investigation into his lack of leadership that this country has ever seen.
    Finally, I hope that Jack may leave cayman like how the old Caymanian told the other when he informed that he was going to work on the merchant marines, MAY YOU SAIL ON SAIL ON MAY YOU NEVER SEE LAND MAY YOU NEVER SEE PORT SAIL ON SAIL ON.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Of course he is not responsible. How dare somebody would think so. He is just here to kiss the babies and cut ribbons at opening ceremonies and, wait, there was something else………oh yes, collect a big pay check and have an easy transition to retirement doing absolutely nothing for the few years prior. Wow. What a life eh?

  4. da wa ya get says:

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed how Jack has conveniently abandoned his blog since October 6th…hmmm…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Well we knew something was wrong with Governor Jack from the time he started to take advice from Desmond Seales and McKeeva  Bush, about Charles Clifford removing the glass house filing cabinets (can’t just be a just a useless copy of the minutes of Port Authority meeting, it must have been the all the filing cabinets).Then Ol McKeeva and Lyndon Martin gave advice to Kenorahn who baffled the poor governor with more conspiracy. 

    Can we please leave Jack alone and deal with the other perpetrators? We must not lose sight of the real problems. After all it was not really Governnor Jack that dreamed of all these crazy conspiracy theories in the first place.

  6. Joe Average says:

     be as careful as possible"    said the farmer to the foxes as he opened up the hen house door. 

    then he walked away grinning. 

    thinking he had done everything possible to protect the chickens.

  7. River Dancer says:

    De Nile is not just a river in Egypt

  8. Twyla Vargas says:

    IAM HERE PONDERING,  will it be any better in the Cayman Islands after His Excellency Governor Jack leaves?  You know something, all we do is spin wheels and fatten our own business pockets, then write a pile of B$#*&): anonymous talk on the web. 

    Blessed assurance, another Governor will come, and after six months I am darn sure we will read the same old, same old.  He is no good. …  Mind you I dont feel it make sense one way or the other to comment on the issue about  Governor Jack,  If my comments will change things I would.  But my comments will not change a thing.  So I will point  fingers at all of you out there, who live here and can make Cayman a better place, but ignore the cries of the people of Cayman.  

    Know what all the representatives of each district need to do?  Clean house. !!!, that is  to pay attention to what is going on in your district.  Make it possible to know and assist the needs of your districts and the people.  Oh, Hevenly Father please intervene, because there are are persons  Caymanians, sleeping in Government locked up buildings on the floor, taking a bath and using the services of the public beach.    We are beating up our gums about the Governor, who is on his way out, and will not look back.  I used to think that letting those in authority know what was going on would help.   It is only a handful of people on this Island who cares about what is going on, and those few cannot do it alone.  So what can we do beside keep commenting and walk good. Blessed

    • Anonymous says:

      WE all are quite rightfully very angry with Gov Jack & Bridger of course, but let’s not forget their little, sorry big informant, Big Mac, who met with commissioner K at the Ritz summit to leak information to him, which probably started this whole thing at worst, or contributed to it at least. Bush & his udp cohorts have all criticized this investigation while publicly making false statements about the previous administrations support of it, yet it is them that was so deeply in bed with it, & even now ARE VOTING TO CONTINUE FUNDING IT! THIS IS QUITE AMAZING, & to say hypocritical of the udp is not strong enough. They, along with Jack & Bridger should be extremely ashamed of themselves. But they say you get what you ask for, but unfortunately the innocent have to suffer with the guilty, & the guilty are all the people who voted for this incompitent bunch. To think that most of them believed that $100 on elections day would last a lifetime, HOW STUPID can you get!!!

    • all soon broke says:

      Correct me if I am wrong please,

      Your all pissed off about 6.8 million dollars that a lot of you (who actually know nothing about the investagation) say was a complete waste of much needed Cayman Island money because you think a representative of the UK was responsible for spending it.

      Yet you say nothing at all about the over aBillion dollars spent by your goverment leaders with still no accounting for any of it.

      You say nothing about your goverment leaders being over budget last year by how much total?? 74 million?  At least what they have accounted for so far.

      You say nothing at all about your current Goverment Leaders pathetic plan to take How many more millions of dollars out of your pockets to pay for even more of the same anaccountable spending for this year. Sorry not the same as civil service continues to grow.  More!

      You say nothing at all about the How many millions of dollars spent on a total failure of an airline,  A bigger failure of a Caymanian Goverment dreamed up tourist attraction that has already lost how many Millions . And no end in site for the millions that will be spent in the future to keep these two businesses running. and on and on and on. Are all of you complainers really that ignorant or just totally biased against all things not Caymanian.??????  Look at the numbers again then tell me that what I have wriiten down is still  not worthy of your considerable scorne.

      Are you really thinking your Goverment is the best or are you just scared of it.  Please tell me. I think lots of people would like to know.

      • Anonymous says:

        So you suggest we overlook this waste in order to focus on other waste? And that our focusing on the news that a single man was paid over $27,000 a MONTH with little to no accountability, as well as underhanded contracts given to friends of friends from the UK Met is not worthy of our scorn (check your spelling, by the way)? Get real, joker.

        And unless you’ve been under a rock somewhere (or off on a different, colder island), there have been many comments and opinions offered on numerous financial issues from the previous administration (and even further back).

        I don’t think anyone here, aside from McKeeva Bush, thinks this government, or any previous administration, is "the best." But they’re human, and we work to bring accountability to their actions and improve on the government we have. Take a look at your own, or any other, before you start to jump to criticising.

        Or perhaps we should do what you seem to imply – which is to shut up about this little event and instead focus on all the other little events which culminated in contributing to the predicament we’re now in. Because while you think there seems to be one big mess caused by a single group of people, it’s really just the convergence of a whole lot of what we’re pissed about with this SPIT mess. To solve the overarching theme, we must put an end to the "minor" corruptions you seem dismissive of.

        So no, we will not let this rest. And I hope you choke on your scone during your afternoon tea time.

      • Joe Average says:

        that is really dumb we need the turtles for when we run out of food!!!  and we need the airline for when the british warships arrive!!!  duh.   and we didn’t lose hundreds of millions of dollars!! it’s around here somewhere.  and…we’re not scared of the government!!!!    are we? 

      • Anonymous says:

        and who do you think is responsible for allowing the PPM to mis-manage our country and who is responsible for the civil service growth…Oh yeah, Jack the Ripper,err.. I mean governor!

        At least we could see what the PPM were wasting money on and they told us they were going to do it but their arrogance and pompousness doesn’t get Jack off the hook for allowing these bastards to fly up and down First Class to London on our hard earned money whilst earning the highest paid salaries in the country and doing absolutely nothing to earn a dollar. Criminals!!!

        Trust things are still well in the UK mate! Jack will soon being joining you. Go out and meet the BA flight in London upon his arrival.  Therewill be plenty of wild chickens and green iguanas on board. We are getting ready of all of our pests in one sweep!

        Caymanians and Expats join us for the "Jack the Ripper" send off party at Owen Roberts Airport on the day of Jack’s departure and don’t forget to bring as many wild chickens and green iguanas as you possibly can. If he doesn’t take them with him at least the press and the world will see that we did our best to rid our country of the evil and pests that abound around us.


      • Anonymous says:

        To "Correct me if I am wrong": yes, you are wrong — there has been quite much said about ill-advised spending.  Ask the current Opposition, they will tell you they have been hearing more than they wish to hear.

        But I have to correct you on another thing — one does not escape blame by casting blame on others.  We don’t change the subject by hurling back blame because the discussion makes us uncomfortable.  It don’t work dat way. 

        Regardless of what has happened elsewhere, the Governor has made some very, very bad decisions.  And he simply has to face up to it.

        And when you think of this in the context of his governance responsibilities as outlined (i, ii, iii below), sorry, but his best strategy right now is to be as quiet as he can be.

        (Governance rules: i) the UK Government in its wisdom thinks that we need an overseer to make sure everything goes well here, and ii) this was a matter that involved the UK directly and iii) his supervision — yes, he was ultimately respondible even if he did not make day-to-day decisions.)

        With responsibility comes accountability.

        And by the way, on a matter related to this article, I do not necessarily agree that the investigation "proved" that Anthony Ennis was innocent, it only did not prove his guilt.

        But that is water under the bridge — or under the Bridger, more correctly.  And boy were we taken — again!  "One more time, one more time for all the good times."  




  9. Anonymous says:

    prior to coming to cayman jack was at the Iraq office,,,,and we know what happened to telling lies to the british people so  blair could go to war…….is this ground hog day in cayman

  10. Anonymous says:

    Throughuot this entire investigation Mr. Jack made it clear that he was totally responsible and the KEYSTONE COP TEAM was responsible to him only.  Even the Government in office could not acquire any information, far less the general public.  Now he is passing the buck.   In England,  this is called  ONE UPMANSHIP:  that is being one step ahead of the opposition.   I wonder how he sleep at nights!    He either  (1) does’nt have a conscience (2) have one but it does’nt work  or (3) Is criminal to the core.  LIke it or not those are the bare facts.     HE is not even trying to behave human in our country.   What is his agenda?    Obviously, he has not achieved it thus far so he has been given an extension until January 2010,   but thanks to our beloved EZZARD MILLAR who is prepared to fight for us all.   Please Mr Jack,  do us a  great big favour,  Tell us the truth and then take the first BA flight out.   THANK YOU.   

    • Anonymous says:

      "Our beloved Ezzard Miller"???  My God (if he exists) have we taken leave of our senses?

      • Anonymous says:

        "Our beloved Ezzaed Miller"? He may be your beloved Ezzard Miller XXXXXX, but he is not my beloved Ezzard Miller. A real man should be able to let the people know who he is & where he truly stands. For 8 years he was UDP & we must now believe that a month before the elections he miracously became an "independent? Get real! Where was he before now? If he was so beloved & caring where was his voice when all this was actually happening? Isn’t it a little too late to cry now? The chicken has already flown the coop, or should I say Bridger has already flown Cayman, & taken the money with him. Isn’t your beloved Ezzard Miller too late? Is he just playing politics? He should have supported the sitting Government at the time (PPM) when they voiced concern & objection! Maybe he was just waiting for instructions from Mr. Mckeeva Bush!

        • anon1 says:

          You Ezzard haters need to get a life.

          It is rather disingenious for you, or anyone else, to ask where Mr Miller was during this fiasco or why he did not support the PPM during this time. You and everyone else are quite aware that the PPM had their North Side representative, as well as the speaker of the house in the person of Ms. Edna Moyle.

          Perhaps you should be asking her, and the PPM why they did not speak out as forcefully as Mr. Miller has.

          Thank you Mr. Miller for representing the people of North Side to the best of your ability. We know that is considerable.

  11. Sir Henry Morgan says:

    Why hasn’t he been deported yet?

  12. Anonymous says:

    10:57 speaking about the history books, Stuart Jack will be in that one as the worse Governor of the Cayman Islands.  We have welcome many other CI Governers who returned here to visit, but you will NEVER be welcome here by our people.  So don’t return mate. 

  13. Anonymous says:

    I agree with "Cayman was reimbursing…"  Who was it that agreed Martin Bridger’s contract?  Who was it that signed on behalf of the Cayman Islands? Who was it that approved such a massive salary and allowances?  The former Chief Sec says it wasn’t him, the Governor says it wasn’t him but somebody signed that piece of paper and at the end of the day, whether it was the Governor or someone else, that is the person who must take responsibility.  A pertinent FOI request perhaps…..

  14. Thankful says:

    The Gov. with C. Watson coined Caymanians with the entitlement culture, well here are the results of the enlightenment culture.

    I wonder where all my friendly expat  friends are that claim a patent on intelligence, skills, experience and the likes?  Our good british intelligence that has turned out to be nothing but pie in the sky.

    Please do not interpret the statement above as the throwing of stone, but a mere reminder that expats, transcient workers – the Governors Post, is not always the answer or solution to our (Cayman Islands) challenges; instead, the direct cause. 

    The correlations to our plight are glaring.

    What a shame and a textbook case for mismanagement.  While I understand that in the course of executing his duties, the Governor has to make decisions, like all of us, that may sometime not be the best.  However, the centre problem here is: The ENLIGHTENMENT culture of the new arrivals.  They (including this Governor), seem to believe that they have come to a country of fools and are the answers to all our problems.  I recall the previous government (the people’s representatives) questioning and even refusing to pay for funding for the Overt mission with Covert details.  The details were always stectchy and meanwhile Caymanians had to sit back and watch our Judicial and Police force go to hell in a hand basket.  Why?  The ENLIGHTEN culture was at work.

    I am disgusted at his salary especially wWhen I think we were just thinking of removing 2% from the Caymanians pay in the Civil Service.

    The FCO should be made to reimburse us.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Lets see if we can get Desmond with every copy of his Not News paper on board that BA flight with Jack the Ripper !!!!!!!!

    They say birds of a feather flock together so lets send them both flocking to Bridger across the pond in sunny England !!!!!!

    What a party they will have with our $7+M…….then once we gather all the evidence we can extradite them back to stand trial during Pirates  Week 2010……..No McKeeva you will not be allowed to change the name before that…..come to think of it you should be charged in the dock with them since as with all of the other fiascos in Cayman you started this one too with the BUSH/KERNOHAN Ritz Carlton meeting !!!!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Leave our country Stuart Jackspit !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous says:

    We knew that the Cracker Jack was poor but now we really see how unhealthy this really is.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The gall of this man!! What a completely useless individual! What, do you really think we are going to believe you had no responsibility and let you off the hook to enjoy your retirement from raping in our country.

    Good Riddance!  I’ve got my wild chickens and green iguanas ready to deliver to the airport to you on the day of your departure. I just hope that BA has enough room to carry all ofthe others that will show up! 

  19. anon1 says:

    Your Excellency,

    Not once in this article are you quoted with your pet phrase "good governance" … why is this?

    Could it be because you have NO idea what good governance is? or is this phrase only appropiate when trying to tye Ezzard’s hands when he questioned your interference in the workings of the LA?

    Increasing a friends salary from $8,000.00 to $27,400.00 per month of course was in the best interest of "good governance.

    Perhaps I should stop posting about your lack of "good governance" as this phrase appears to have passed into the history books and is no longer spoken by you Sir. Perhaps I should get up to date and now start looking at how many times you use the new catch phrase "It wasn’t me", however this phrase appears to already have a copyright so perhaps you should be sued for plagerism.

    By the way, I am one Caymanian who believes that you should stay on as Governor. At least with you we know what we have. Not so with the new one that is coming, he will have a lilly white sheet to start off with, like all the others who come here to ditch their past ,while Caymanians have to live withtheir transgressions and mistakes for the rest of their lives. This is this same reason that I feel sorry for Desmond Seales …… almost.

  20. Fallen Angel says:

    To err is human; to blame it on others is more human.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Is it correct that the recording you get when you dial the Governor’s telephone number is a recording of Shaggy’s song "It wasn’t me"? Seems appropriate.

    Apart from the fact that Mr. Jack had a long career working for the FCO, it would be amazing that the person who used the powers reserved under the Constitution to issue the cheque on behalf of the Cayman Islands to pay the SPIT crew when the PPM government refused to do so, now says that he had no responsibility.

    As for Caymanian civil servants acting responsibly in tripling Bridger’s pay once he had "retired" from the Met, that is nearly as credible as the rest of Mr. Jack’s position. There is an element within the civil service who could be labelled as the "subservient service". These individuals appear to see their role as doing what ever their "massa" wants without any consideration of what is good for Cayman. These are the ones who tend to be rewarded and promoted through the civil service by the politicians and FCO officials that they grovel before. Colonial rule has always promoted the "yes men" irrespective of their competence or the lack thereof. Does anyone think there was "independent oversight" in this fiasco?


  22. John Evans says:

    Mr Jack check out the BGP website –


    Then figure the time scale. Bridger retires from the Met in May 2008 and in June 2008 recruits a team of his old mates, who just happen to be in the process of establishing a brand new security company, from the force.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is that corruption? I will investigate it for $50,000. Certainly seems a lot more serious than allegedly letting off a colleague for drunk driving?

  23. Anonymous says:

    "Cayman was reimbursing Scotland Yard for Bridger’s salary, at just over $8000 permonth and paying him expenses. ..Once he retired from the famous Scotland Yard and was asked to remain at the helm of Operation Tempura as a consultant, his salary was then increased to a whopping $27,400 per month".

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!! The Governor must accept responsibility for this. His job is not merely to tell others to try to keep the costs down. Who negotiated this? In any event the buck must stop with the Governor.   


    • Anonymouse says:

      You certainly dont expect that Jack or anyone from the UK will accept responsibilty for this Boo Boo do you.

      Solution is to go Independent and get rid of everything British including Pirates Week.

      • Un tasse de tea says:

        and the English language and their Legal sysytem!

      • Anonymous says:

        I thought Pirates Week was one, if not the only, true Caymanian festivals. It was conceived out of intelligent thought concerning marketing and tourism. Most of the others are rips off from other countries. The best is Mardi Gras on a Wed instead of Tuesday.

        Can’t wait till Batabano and the simulated sex in the street, I mean dancing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow – for the fans of "Three Rivers" that looks pretty reckless to me. It certainly seems to go beyond mere negligence.

      • Anonymous says:

        These words do seem to form a sentence, a random rambling sentence that makes no sense.

      • Anonymous says:

        You don’t really know what the word "reckless" means do you?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Shut-up jack we are sick of hearing your excuses for YOUR mismanagement.