Man killed in shooting

| 14/10/2009

(CNS): Update 10:28am — Police have confirmed that a multiple shooting has taken place in Newlands and one man is dead and a woman is injured. Police say that at approximately 9:55pm the 911 Emergency Communications Centre received a report of gunshots being heard in the vicinity of Windward Road, North Sound Estates, Bodden Town. Police and medics attended the scene and two people were transported to the hospital to be treated for their wounds. A man later died and a woman remains in hospital at this time. Reports to CNS from residents in the area say multiple shots were fired and as many as three assailants were involved.

It has also been suggested that the shooting could be connected to the death of Carlo Webster in the Next Level night club on 10 September. Although three men were arrested in connection with his murder, they have all since been released. There were said to be around 150 witnesses in the club that night but police say no one has been able to confirm the identity of the shooter.

Anyone with information about the shooting can pass it on to police in a number of ways; people can speak with an officer they know and trust, they can reach George Town detectives on 949-4222, they can leave information on an anonymous voicemail service by calling 949-7777 or they can call Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS). All persons calling Crime Stoppers remain anonymous, and are eligible for a reward of up to $1000, should their information lead to an arrest or recovery of property/drugs.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    R.I.P  FABIAN!!!!!

  2. Real Talk says:

    Nobody deserves to be murdered….Bottom Line…. But as heart renching as it is to admit, the majority of the persons / victims involved are associated with violent and illegal life styles and they desire to gain a credible street reputation or be known and feared by their raunchy ways. Sadly, the life they are living, leads striaght to this….My hope is that the others have enough sense to learn the consequences and see what the type of life they are leading rewards from all of these events. Otherwise they are just going to continue to kill eachother off. Parents of children and young adults alike… Talk to them, Love them!! The type of crowd and type of characteristics that those involved carry are sometimes not hard to see.. You can sometimes tell if they are likely candidates.

    My Godddd.. THEY HAVE NO FEAR, THEY FEAR NOTHING AND NOONE. I almost have to wonder if they are at all intellegent enough to understand what they are doing and the pain that it causes….

    Oh course we want our police to solve every crime and in a timely manner. But that isnt as easy as it is said. There are rules and regulations to the Law and the Justice System. Coincidence is not usually enough, Hear say does not hold. "Proven guilty, beyond a doubt" requires evidence…

    The responsibility lies within the people.. Like it or not we always knew that there is a good and an evil. Time is passing a the good book is fulfilling. Cayman is not an exception nor is it exempt from what is written.

    Keep faith in God.

  3. "Unsolved Mysteries" says:

    I have read comments posted by ex-Police officers, and often wondered, when you took your oath to serve and protect, wasn’t it like being married til "death do us part".   Instead of getting on here and bashing the "now" Police system, if you had your countries interest at heart, you all could come together, form some type of organisation, meet with the new Governor and Politicians and voice ways and means in which the Policing system could be enhanced to making your country a better place to live in. 

    You’re all making it sound like when you were there, these things could never or never happened. This country belongs to Caymanians, get some guts stand up and take back this place before one of your own children meet their demise at the hands of these "wanna be criminals"

  4. Bluff Rat says:

    WAKE Up MoTHers!!!!

    As a young Caymanian Mother, born and raised in Cayman Brac, moved to live in Grand Cayman in  1993, and have 3 Beautiful children, from a broken marriage, 2 of whom are teenage boys, and the youngest a daughter, I am not at all surprised as to what is happening here in Grand Cayman. I have never added a comment to CNS before, but read it just about every night, and just read so much negative feedback from the people that live in our society. I believe that if people had to publish their names, we would have more murders in Cayman.
     My thoughts as I write this are for Mothers, because they are the most important person in any child’s life.
     First, condolences to the Family of Fabian, regardless if he was involve in criminal activities or he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, he is a Mother’s son.
    As I read not just today, but quite a few events and murders along the way, we have chewed the Police up, we have cursed, still cursing and blaming UDP and PPM, and previous Governments, we blame foreigners, everything and everyone else when we have serious crimes, but never try to dig up and see where our problems are really beginning. I guess someone will soon say, the Police should have been down in NS Estates at that house too, in a neighborhood that is safe right? God did not make any man or woman perfect therefore, even the people that we put in as Leaders make mistakes, make wrong decisions just like me and you. As well as when you have power and money, unfortunately some of the strongest become weak, and simple, some people are just not talented for what position they have taken up.
    Raising a child as a mother is not an easy task, whether you have one or you have five. As a mother though, once you spend quality time with your child or children, you have a natural instinct to know whether, there is something wrong with him/her. When I say quality time, I don’t mean them playing video games, once they are in the house quiet, you in your room watching TV or doing something else, then everything is fine (no weh), I have done this as a Parent, its so wrong. What would they would prefer? If Mom and if Dad is there, take a board game and playing as a family. If Dad is not there, of course it hurts them, whether he is a good father, whether he is dead, whether he is a dead beat Dad, whether he is working, whatever the case, as Mothers we are our children’s strongest link! Just like how we have “dead beat dads” in our society, we have “alive no-caring moms”. Let’s not just blame a child’s father for not being there; yes he plays a role in a child’s life, but without a mother most kids don’t operate well, or some other woman figure in their life.
    Mothers please, it is us that carried them for 9 months, God didn’t give that ability to a man, so I feel it should be us as Mothers to hear their concerns and hear what they are crying out for. Always remember not all of our children will have the same personality, and we are not just their teachers, they can teach us as well, so much it is unbelievable. I have made many errors along the way as a Mother, but everyday is a trial and everyday something needs to be improved. Not only do we need to take time to listen and hear our children, but don’t be afraid, to say “Mommy loves you”, don’t be afraid to hug your child, don’t be afraid to tell your child “no” and mean it, and explain your reasons for saying “no”. If you and your child have a disagreement, try to discipline them with love, and not just shout or degrading them, I am speaking from experience, as well as watching other Mothers in our society. Our patience for our kids’ looks like they have ran out, so when we don’t want to hear the begging and the bickering, we just say “yes” and let them have their way.
    Why does it seem like it’s all our young boys being murdered or getting involve in the wrong things? Think about it! If you have a husband, or boyfriend, what do they most want from their wives or woman? Love and affection!!!!!!  Yes, SEX too, but that falls in the category of Love and Affection! When a man can’t get that from his wife, what is he going to do? Hello! Seek it elsewhere. Men were created different from us women, and if we raise our boys, with lots of love and affection, I think things would be a bit different around here. Our boys are not too young, when they get home from school, to ask “son how was your day, anything you want to share or talk about?” You ask your husband or man that, and see how good it makes him feel. Simple things in life our children are lacking, and if they don’t get it at home, where do you think they are going to go? Yep, they will get that love, affection, attention, listening ears, from others, and the others might be ones that didn’t have it at home either, so they all group together and discuss amongst themselves, and how their home life is. It’s Sad, really sad, but this is a problem in our society. I have seen it!
    Mothers, we can’t predict the future of our children, and neither can we make them turn out to be what we want them to be, but I am damn sure, if we listen a little more, understand their feelings, show them that affection, but yet give them some freedom as well, because they will never know or learn from others if we don’t trust them and give them their space too. Spend time with your children, quality time, and never for one minute think that you need to have money to give them quality time. I have seen myself at times broke, but I had enough money to mix cool aid, buy a bag of ice, water, made corn beef sandwiches, got a bag or 2 of chips, our towels, and took them to the Beach for a day, with no phones, no friends, just me and them ( we still do it). Try it for a while and you want to see your child’s attitude change from giving them your time, it doesn’t have to be the beach, it can be the park, it can be for a simple walk around your neighborhood, I have even played in the rain like a little girl with my kids and got sick after too, but at the end of the day, just for that time I made them happy and we spent QUALITY time together, and memories too, it means so much to a child and it can work miracles.
    For all those who are asking if I am moving back Cayman Brac because of the crime in Grand Cayman? My answer, NOPE, because at the end of the day, no matter where I move, my children’s future and attitude is my responsibility and depends on me, and looking at the Cause List for Cayman Brac’s Court, just about all our young boys there are either in court for Alcohol, Controlled Drug, or GBH. Does it make any sense? They will have excellent schooling, but come out and do what? They will have gotten too comfortable with living on an island with no worries, and will be scared to face the real world, remain Cayman Brac, they might get a job, depends on who is head of Government Administration Building, Stake Bay, if they apply within Government, if not, they will be drunkards for sure, maybe smoking herb too, and eventually not having a stable relationship as they get older, then beating up on some gal!  Na Na – No Weh! For now, I will keep them close to me and pray for wisdom, patience and guidance to encourage them to be good and law abiding citizens of this country.
    Lastly, it’s never too late to work on a child as a Mother! Thumbs up to the ones who are trying to raise your children the right way, although times are hard. For the Mothers who aren’t I hope that soon you will find it in your heart to focus on being a better Mother! I wish we could see a Law pass for Mothers though, to work until 3pm, so we can be home with our children, and not needing a Nanny.


  5. Anonymous says:


    Let get  Supercop: Britain’s most prolific police officer (who’s made 1,000 arrests in 18 months)


    Sergeant Ali Livingstone notched up 524 arrests between April 2008 and March 2009 – an amazing 2.2 arrests per working day.

    • Pale Rider says:

      While I appreciate the tone of this submission…how many of those 1000 arrests ened with actual convictions???…That is the real barometer of how well a police officer does his job…not how many arrests he can make….ANY FOOL can arrest someone.

      • Dred says:

        Actually I beg to differ. I guess our guys are worse than fools then since we can’t even get arrest.

        • Pale Rider says:


            LOL…guess you are right…I stand corrected…ALMOST any fool can make an arrest…  🙂

  6. "Unsolved Mysteries" says:

    "It has also been suggested that the shooting could be connected to the death of Carlo Webster in the Next Level night club on 10 September. Although three men were arrested in connection with his murder, they have all since been released".

    If we’ve been keeping up with CNS’s reports and we were to go back to a comment posted on September 25th 09 by "Please" at 22:54, maybe this person had some insight as to the repercussions of these men being released by Police.  Well your predictions have come through!

  7. Janelly says:

    I honestly don’t care what anyone says, Police need to improve the way they’re doing their job, so many people I KNOW that have done some kind of killing is out free as a bird. They rather be on people A** for simple little things they do, like speeding?! Come on now! If you all were as good as you are with giving tickets cayman would be such a better place and safer place. I feel the pain for the family of Fabian, its painful and I could never imagine what they may be going through and I would never want to feel the feeling. It may have been for revenge but hey!!!!!!!!!!!!! They never brought him into this world what gives them the right to take him out of it??!!!!!


    These ‘KIDS tryna be thugs is what is bringin down this little island we call our home. Better get it together or not we’ll ruled by gangstas and thugs pimps and what not

    ALSO on another note:

    At approximately 9.55pm ……etc  [that was stated in the newspaper about this crime^]

    I stay in newlands, and believe it or not I was on my way at home around 11 that’s when I saw the ambulance so tell me what kind of job they are doing?


    And for the idiot who tries to correct my grammar, correct yours! This is the way i speak I’m a Caymanian, Born and Raised! I’ve went to school all the way, and I’m educated just the way I speak

    • Anonymous says:

      and here lies the problem, i quote you  –

      ‘so many people I KNOW that have done some kind of killing is out free as a bird’

      So you are saying that you know people who are guilty of killing other people! did you come forward and give evidence at their trial, did you help in the investigation in anyway, did you make any reports of their wrong doings? or did you just sit back and blame everyone else?

  8. Anonymous says:

    If the RCIP is so bad at keeping secrets, how is it we all don’t have a list of these "15" baduns with they guns? If we had a list, all those vigilantes out there could form a lynchmob and solve this problem straight up. I mean, if most of these posts are to be believed, clearly this is the only sensible solution. And yeah, since they’ve got guns, maybe they’ll get one or two of us as we mob them, but it’s for the greater good, right? Maybe we could braid ourselves some body armor to minimise the risk. I for one will be grabbing my pitchfork and torch as soon as someone releases that list! And if all you other posters are actually serious, you’d probably do just that…

    Or, let’s just leave the policing to the, um, police and support them better in their efforts to do their jobs?

    Naw, an angry vigilante mob sounds like a lot more fun!

  9. Common Sense 101 says:

    The serious crime that we are experiencing today has a number of sources/causes – poor parenting, undesirable immigrants, economy, etc. There are also many debates about proper solutions and how to tackle this problem. 

    Our politicians have a major responsibility and role to play in helping Cayman get this problem under control.  Here are few noble suggestions for our bickering politicians:

    1. One strike and you’re out – GET TO WORK (THIS WEEKEND) and pass legislation that would send ANYONE found guilty of possession (yes pure possession even if it has no bullets) of an unlicensed gun to NORTHWARD FOR LIFE WITHOUT POSSIBILITY OF PAROLE!!!!. NO DISCRETION TO OUR JUDGES!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Build a bigger more secure prison – Find the money and build a larger prison so that no one is let out early because of space pressures!! 

    I know there are many that would debate this one re: cost, benefit of locking away people, need to rehab prisoners v filling prisons etc. Obviously hard criminals have no respect for the law, the good citizens of Cayman or our property.. so why are we still pussy footing around with them with our soft laws and humane treatment while in prison?

    Yes it is expensive to house a prisoner (CI$25,000+ per annum) but if we don’t we get crime under control, tourism will dry-up, business will close, government revenues will fall off a cliff, unemployment will sky-rocket, poverty will rise and serious crime will increase at an even greater rate!  How expensive will that be for Cayman?  I suggest that the monetary cost of this solution will be much less than the long-term cost of unchecked crime!  Just look at the state of many Caribbean Islands.  I think if they could roll back the tape, they would probably deal with crime in a similar manner. But it is too late for them.  It is not too late for us but time is running out!

    Finally 3. – Build a larger enough Immigration Holding Cell Block, boost the immigration enforcement unit from the measly 8 to 50 and sweep this island of all illegal people weekly and put them on weekly flight OUT OF HERE!!

    Yes, implementing these solutions would be an expensive burden but I would suggest that the long-tern and ongoing monetary cost of these will be much less than the long-term and permanent cost of unchecked crime!  Just look at the state of many Caribbean Islands around us.  I think if they could roll back the tape, they would probably deal with crime in a similar manner. But it is too late for them. Their economies and countries are sadly destroyed mainly due to violent crime.

      It is not too late for us but time is running out!

  10. Sick Of Hearing BS!! says:


    In response to “Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 10/14/2009 – 11:09. “
    “A Caymanian knows where the criminals hang out, they know all the shortcuts that lead into ‘central’
    Am I correct by thinking that you are implying that all the criminals hang out in “Central”? For your information just like anywhere else in the Cayman Islands there is good and bad in each district. How dare you single out “Central”? From Central there has grown lawyers, football players, mechanics, bankers and hard working people. It’s people like you that look down on our fellow Caymanians and strive on their downfalls. Well the majority of the “Central Gun/Bad Men” are locked up now so I wonder who will play the scape goat for this murder case. 
    In response to everyone complaining about people not coming forward with whatever information they may know this is the way I see it, you can go to the police all you want and tell them what you know but unless you have solid evidence to back up what you are telling them you might as well keep your mouth shut because before you know it the criminals will be firing shots at you and/or your family. “plausibility was not enough and the crown had not proved its case beyond reasonable doubt”   “circumstantial evidence” cannot go to court so basically it doesn’t make any sense. What the government needs to do is invest their money in getting some CSI officers down here to help solve these crimes and teach the RCIPS some much needed skills about evidence and solving crime.
    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree with everything you have said.

      As I have heard many times in my life "Before you judge me…please clean your own closets".



  11. Generation X says:

    No more Doom and Gloom

    The bulk of these post would indicate that most indviduals believe the Police are not competent or equipped to handle, control and solve crime. That may or maynot be. I am not educated on the inner workings ofour justice system enough to give a reasonable opinion , but we, the citizens share a social responcibility to do what is moraly and ethically right. We need to prevent and fight crime together.   

    Raise our kids together. Become the village we once were and better ourselves as parents by whatever means possible, counceling, work groups, relationship seminars, church, social functions. Positive change will come, so do it!

    Know your neighbor: We should at the very least try to have a neighborly relationship with people in our neighborhood. Greet new people, greet people that been there as long as you have, that you dont know, have community events, block parties. Create a positive enviroment in your neighborhood and this will draw us closer as a community. Bring back the village setting.

    Press our government officials to build a trade school. This is needed, especially for kids and young adults that are gifted with their hands. Press the GOV to support and create family and community attractions and events. Press the governement and press yourselves, those of you who have the means such as leadership skills and resources to facilitate some of these events. lets dig in and do it together. Remember we are all products of our enviroment.

    Do not be afraid to speak out against crime: We do ourselves injustice and will be trapped inside the walls of fear if we remain silent. if we are afraid we will behave irrational and our reactions may cause us more harm than good. Be careful we do not replace our culture for one of fear, because our decisions will be based on nothing but fear. fear for and of our young ones, fear of our government, fear of our economy, fear of our very lives.  Not healthy nor productive.  

    "If we give into fear, we will give disproportionate attention to the negative and manufacture the very adverse circumstances we dread"

    So enough with the doom and gloom and blaming police. lets do our part and act reponcibly and even go a bit further and better ourselves as  whole because united we stand, devided we fall. Logical and a fact. 

    I hope these offenders that have commited these crimes are brought to justice soon. But we as a people on these islands must take action and stand together.

    Condolences to the family members of those who have lost thier own to these crimes.  

    Generation X



  12. Anonymous says:

    It’s time to allow law abiding citizens to arm themselves.

    It’s crazy that in this country not only can the Police not carry arms, but law abiding citizens cannot do so either…or even have other weapons of protection, while the criminals all are armed to the teeth….and know full well that because the Police are largely incompetent, that they (the criminals) will most likely get away with their crimes.

    All while the new overpaid commisioner gives ridiculous soundbites! And our Political Leaders and the Governor continue to sign off on more of the same old same old.

    Time for new!!!! Arm Law Abiding Citizens now!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    If everyone is afraid to call crimestoppers or go directly to the police~ how about sending an annonomous letter with the information? There would be no way to trace a letter pertaining the information and the police would be able to then investigate and not trace it.

  14. Bridja cuzin says:

    Do you really expect witnesses to come forward when the level of incompetence has no limits within the legal process (from investigating the crime, protecting witnesses to the matter/evidence being presented at trial?) 

    One cannot just NOT blame the RCIP (it’s a GREAT place to start though,) it would appear that they haven’t figured out that crime ‘solving’ is an integral part of the job, along with gathering & presenting evidence that leads to a strong case being formed in an to attempt to gain a successful conviction etc. 

    Look at the facts; the majority of the RCIP are either AFRAID TO DO THEIR JOBS (it interferes with their other real jobs) or LACK the ability to demonstrate a high degree of competence, professionalism, skill and abilities when carrying out their required day to day functions…That fact includes some Caymanian coppers & Expat coppers who are on a paid ‘vacation’ etc. (See – Cayman’s unsolved murder stats + SPIT squad for recent examples of police brilliance)

    Also, the entire legal department seems intent on messing up every criminal matter/investigation brought to trial…when was the last time a case was won or a successful prosecution was brought forward by the AG’s chamber? (Too many recent examples to quote)

    I WONDER if the latest gun battles on our streets, which has resulted in yet another death involved any of the "15 known individuals, responsible for gun crimes" in Cayman as per the RCIP Commissioner Mr. Baines statement to the general public.

    Seriously, I know this is a govt department and all…BUT have you ever seen a bigger collection of overpaid, lazy, ill-equipped persons to "protect and serve"? Yet every resource that can be afforded is green lighted whether it makes sense or not (see Helicopter and The Marine Unit that always on dry land etc)

    I guess this new commissioner and his band of  "Gold/Platinum/Silver/Broze/Copper/Shiny metal Commanders" and let’s not forget about the expensive “New Deputies” (wha happen DC Dixon? Seriously, shouldnt he be back on the job if Superindent Jones is back in the RCIP?)  will have these matters cleared up and all bandits arrested in about 4-8 weeks because HE knows of the persons involved in all gun crimes in Cayman…

    I wonder if he bothered sharing those facts with the rest of the RCIP?

  15. Anonymous says:

    I HAVE A SUGGESTION>>  Please give me input anyone that reads this.

    Criminals convicted for offenses getting 4 or less years to serve here in the Cayman Islands.

    Crininals given heavier convictions to be sent to Jamaica for remand.  I am pretty sure the cost over there would be less than here and they are in need of money over there anyways.  Let these criminals see what hard life is all about in prison so they do not want to return.


    Next….  Criminals with 3 or more convictions get mandatory 10 year sentences no matter how serious the offense is or not.  Automatic trip to Jamaica.



    • TruthBTold says:

      And why should the dregs of your society be sent to Jamaica? Do they not have their own social problems to deal with?

      Cayman needs to clean up its own mess.

    • Anonymous says:

      That sounds like a very good idea…now it’s just a matter of putting it into action!

  16. ExBlueGirl says:

    Start at the top and don’t put all the blame on the RCIP.  We need common sense and we need to enforce laws.  CNS, I hope you can start a topic on community input and hope the powers to be will listen! 

    The people on the ground have the most sense, they are imbued in these issues and not isolated in lofty towers.  Here is a place to start and some humble opinions:

    The Prison system:  A prison needs to be a prison!  We need a new prison, a prison people don’t want to go to.  Will someone PLEASE tell me why we bring in and PAY foreign workers to pick up the trash on the sides of the road????? don’t want to put anyone out of a job, but this is work for prisoners.  They need to be out working and finish the day tired so that idle hands and minds don’t create mischief.  We didn’t need a new Gov’t admin building, we needed a prison.

    The Judicial System:  Ok, people get convicted of crimes, serious crimes against the public, and get suspended sentences and back out on the street.  Oh that’s right, there is NO ROOM IN THE PRISON!

    There needs to be a set penalty for offences and not discretionary by the Judges/Magistrates.  This way they can be relieved of being in fear of retalition from offenders and just do their job.  We have all seen it, it has been published, some Magistrates just don’t do their job.

    We need24 hour Magistrates: so those disorderly conducts and petty crimes can be dealt with there and then and not drag on for months and years and cost us taxpayers LOTS of $$$   Of course this means changing up some laws, but we know that can be done quicktime, when certain individuals get a bee up their bum.

    Now, ENFORCE the LAWS!  Why the heck is the RCIP doing all these traffic stops at god awful hours.  It is in the law ifyou are out beyond a certain time at night, you must be a rogue and vagabond,  or idle and disorderly or going around with a screwdriver, you’re going equipped to steal.  People should not be out late at night without a reasonable excuse.  Beaches and public areas should be closed after 1:00 am.  Works in other parts of the world.

    Now this may seem not to be relevant to this recent event, but it is…..Policing got lax, Judicial system got lax, Government got lax and the place has gone wild.  Time for some old fashioned rules to be enforced.

    Lets go back to having a curfew, like post Ivan, sort out some enforcement issues, prison issues and judicial issues.  We can do this.


    • Anonymous says:

      I agree that we should start at the top & not put all the blame on the RCIPS, even though the RCIPS must also be blamed. I put the blame at the top!

      The present government used to constantly blame the previous government for crimes that were committed under their watch. What are they saying now? The UDP are passing the buck as usual. Well if they blamed the PPM for crime in their time, we must put the blame on the UDP for these crimes now! The rise in crime has never been more sharp as now, & serious crime in Cayman has never been worse than it is now.

      I accept that quite alot of the crime is caused because of drugs & gangs, but the majority of crime today is as a result of the UDP’s irresponsible granting of over 3000 status, many of which went to people we did not know & of which NO BACKGROUND CHECKS WERE DONE. We imported a lot of criminals & made them "Caymanians"!! Most of this rise in crime is as a result of many MANY people being without work. The sharp rise in crime is because of the lack of work opportunities for Caymanians, including "new Caymanians."

      Yes, there are other reasons, but the most blame must be placed in the laps of Mc Bush & the UDP. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot that we must put the status grants behind us because "that is in the past." I suppose what the UDP will tell us next is to forget these murders because "they are in the past"?

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with some of your comments, but not really the curfew. I work hard all week and enjoy a few nights out at restaurants and bars with my friends. We don’t shoot people or rob people or rape them.

      Why should we be forced to suffer because you lot can’t bring up your kids properly?

      Maybe a curfew for Caymanians and the unemployed would be fairer?

  17. Joe Average says:

    It seems to me, in order to stop this bloodshed we’re going to have to get inside the tiny brains of these people. And try to understand the thought process.  

    In doing so until the murder atNext Level is solved and someone does serious time lurking in the dark recesses of their brains might be the thought they’re going to get away with it.

    The job for the community is to send out the real clear message:

    You can run but you can’t hide.

    Bye theway CRIMESTOPPERS is completely anonymous.  That’s why it was formed.

  18. Anthony Montana says:

    It is not reasonable to say that the police force is not supported and cannot solve crimes unless they get tips.  It just isnt. 

    If everyone knows who did a crime then they should be able to bloody well solve the case. Anything else is just unacceptable.  They have not solved one robbery, one shooting or one murder since all this craziness began.  Is that our moneys worth???

    • Anonymous says:

      What I don’t understand is if all this crime is being committed by 15 people and the Police know who they are, why are they not under surveillance 24 hours a day?  We have more Police per capita than the UK. 

  19. Anthony Montana says:

    Why dont we get rid of the police force?  And Northward?  Cayman would be rich with all the money we would save.  There is no deterant for criminals in Cayman.  What is there to be afraid of?? Cops seem to do nothing except hand out traffic tickets.  They come out of no-where when Im going 30 in a 25 MPH zone.  And I never get off.  So where is the same treatments for the killers and burglers??  Lets fire the police force! 

    Hire trained mercenaries from overseas to capture these gun-toting bozos and the streets would be cleared within a few weeks.  Then send the criminals to Honduras or Jamaican prisons.  Not Northward.  There is your deterant!

  20. Carlo says:

    If you know who did this, or who is carrying a gun, or who is selling the guns and you don’t call the anonymous tip-off line then you’re part of the problem. It’s not telling tales it’s deciding whose side you are going to be on between the police and the pathetic gangsta wannabes.

  21. UniqueCommonSense says:


    Governor’s responsibility……

    Its as simple as this………..its all the Governor’s responsibility. 

    Who tells the Governor what to do?  The UK.

    Who informs our Legislature of what law/s needs to be passed or amended?  The Attorney General.

    Who does the Attorney General report to?  The Governor.

    Who tells us what we can’t do?  The UK.  (no death penality, no hanging, no letal injections, no fingerprinting and ‘eye-balling’ identification procedures upon entering these islands, ect)

    There you have it…….full 360!!

    Now! Lets talk about talking ACTION !!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Again … crimstoppers tips cannot be taken to court right? The police need to find additional evidence and what I hear them saying is that they need eye witnesses!

    I mean come on – how can you have a nightclub full of people with video cameras and you still need people to come forward and jeopardize their own lives and safety? Why? The police seem rather inept or the laws need to be changed.

    Why could the video footage not be used? Could it not be sent overseas to an agency to have it enhanced? 

  23. Anonymous says:

    Dear "The police can only be as good as the community that supports it,"

    Knowing who killed someone and proving it to a legal certainty in a court of law to convict them for life are two different things. We all believe we know a lot and we are probably right on the money.

    The court does not allow the prosecutors to walk in say we know who did this without proving it. Therefore, we need more than people in WB and the LOGB knowing who did this.

    They need proof beyond a reasonable doubt – sadly no one will come by and help the police because you are signing your own death warrant. The police are not equipped to protect anyone at all. They show up after a crime is committed never to prevent a crime. So no faith in them to protect you and poor investigative skills means conviction rates are very low –  given all of that – there’s no motivation for people to get involved in this mess.

    The criminals that are mixed up in it and solving their own problems with street justice which has the community scared and in a panic!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am not trying to blame the RCIP but:

    If the new (but temporary) Chief of the RCIP is correct about there being only 15 guys responsible for the all of the gun violence, this could only mean that these 15 guys have stockpiled hundreds of guns and are operating a “Rent-A-Gun” business.

    I have worked with some know-it-all British Citizens for over 30 years and it has always been my experience that when they can’t dazzle with their brilliance, they attempt to baffle with Bulls**t!!

    We should send the bloke back as soon as possible because the problem cannot be solved by someone who would allow such garrulous comments to escape form his mouth.


    • Anonymous says:

       Whoever said hundreds of guns were being used? Are you the ballistics expert to whom all the evidence is sent? Do you not think the same ones could be being used over? Or does that not fit with your scaremongering, conspiracy theories?

  25. Cable Guy says:

    One has to hope that at the very least the RCIPS has blocked BET from these 15 individuals television sets.

  26. Anon says:

    if you are not reporting to the information to the police becuase of fear of retalliation, i’m sorry but you are a big part of the problem!

    I would rather fear retailliation than have it on my conscience when the next person is murdered, a child killed, a friend or neighbour because of information i couls have provided to the police – at least then i can say i’ve done what i can.

    you as good as have blood on your hands ! sorry for the harsh words but i’m not a god fearing person but i know many islanders are and i would have thought this and a normal level of commonsense and understanding of right and wrong would prevent this being an issue!

    NO MORE EXCUSES . DEAL WITH THIS NOW – NAME AND SHAME or this will continue.



  27. Tiger says:

    I’m still waiting for one of you lot to blame operation Tempura….!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Too easy – Apart from the fact that Tempura brought the police services into disrepute and made it less likely that people would trust the police, if the $10 – 15 million that was wasted on that farce was available for crime prevention, community policing and building additional prison capacity then maybe just maybe this crime or one in the future could have been avoided.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well wait no longer my fiend – if so much attention was not misplaced on that bunch of bull and those funds were allocated to our major crime prevention and dedtion we might see some positive change with actual convictions!

  28. Anonymous says:


    The police can only be as good as the community that supports it. Sadly there are people in our community that know who have guns and won’t report it. I have heard that people in West Bay know who killed Carlo Webster and that even the LoGB knows but won’t report it to the police. If this is true – I say, shame, shame on you. And you lamenters are the same cry downers who get on the radio spewing your negativity – that the police are horrible and ineffective or corrupt.

    Corruption – OMG didn’t we just spend $7mil to discover that our police force is well not so corrupt. So stop calling the radio show and crying – call the police or Crime Stoppers and report what you know. Take action – it is time Cayman or have we began a country of crybabies

  29. still waiting for a change says:

    Here is whats on your side.

    A police force that has its hands tied behind its back by its own laws. Evil follows no law.

    A goverment who’s corruption is only overshadowed by its incompetence.It is only concerned with its own survival.

    A way of life that is going backwards toward its own end.


    Guns don’t kill people.people kill people.

    All evil needs from you to survive is for you to do nothing.  You, not the police.  Not the other people.  Not your goverment. Talk is not doing.

    Right now Evil has nothing to fear.

  30. Anonymous says:

    As a Caymanian, I sit here and watch with disgust and anger to see what our beautiful island paradise has come to…

    I honestly feel that we are such hypocrites. We continue to have selective amnesia when it suits our needs … In one breath we

    say that the RCIPS is doing nothing to get the criminal element that is now seemingly rampant under control. But then in the

    next breath, the talk shows would be ablaze with calls of police brutality, police harassment.. lets not forget the famous "Trump Card" we

    Caymanians like to pull… "I goin call my MLA" because as far as I can remember, in Cayman, its not what you know, or who you know. Its

    who know you !!!!

    Having said that, we can’t have it both ways… If we don’t let the police do their job, assist them whenever possible, we have to understand that this is the eventual outcome!!!

    I am so tired of hearing in the past week about the "Famous 15". In my humble opinion although 15 individuals may have been identified, those are more than likely "Key Players". Those key players have their little underlings that do their dirty work for them and so on and so on.

    So its really misleading as people are feeling that if these 15 individuals are some how controlled, things will go back to normal. NOT SO!!!!!!!

    As long as we have fear in the community, family’s that continue to look the other way when they know what illegal activity a member of the family is into and do not assist the police with their inquires, these criminals will just be replaced with new one!!!!

    Another thing that has been resting on my mind.. People are ROASTING the RCIPS for the fact that the 3 suspects were let go in the Next Level murder.. Knowledge is power and people need to read, educate themselves and stop making assumptions about things they do not have the complete understanding of!!!!

    The RCIPS investigates and collects evidence (How good that is done is another issue). Whatever information is gathered is put together and presented to the Legal Department.. Once the information is reviewed by this body, the police are given the go ahead (OR NOT!!!) to proceed with formally charging the alleged perpetrator.

    If those three we released, its obvious that what evidence was collected was not enough to charge them. Everyone is singing on the video camaras… Obviously it was not clear enough to positively identify the shooter. Also bear in mind that if you try someone for a crime and they are found not guilty, they can never be tried again for that same crime. So its not always an open and shut case.

    The RCIPS is doing the best that it can with the LIMITED resources that they have and until we as a nation stand up and take back our country by being our brothers keeper, the Police can only do so much.

    Lets endeavor to be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

    Another Concerned Caymanian!!!

  31. Anonymous says:


    I am really disappointed in us Caymanians, we are blaming the police for all this crime and yes they do bare some of the blame. We must however blame ourselves; we are not willing to give evidence to assist in police investigations or even pass on information. The worst thing is I bet 60% reading this within 2-3 phone calls knows somebody that could get a gun. AHH but we will not tell the police that (scary hey).
    These days our children still live with us until they are in mid to late 20’s (shoot I was out by 19) not having to pay rent, free food and drive our cars, we give then everything they want, they have no responsibilities, in fact if they have a child and we are the ones that look after them, we give pocket money to our kids even if they get fired or just decide to quite their jobs. Worst of all a majority of us who have kids know that they are smoking weed, hanging out with the wrong crowd and do nothing about it. If our kids are arrested and bailed we just take them back in to our homes and B.tch them out, then all goes back to normal and we wonder why crime is on the increase. We allow it to happen.
    Just my 2 cents
  32. Bracker Dan says:

    The only way people are going to come forward, is if they don’t have to go to court.

    This is where Crime Stoppers comes in. If you know something, call it in, and make some money at the same time…

    If one calls into Crime Stoppers, and that call leads to an arrest… I am under the assumption, that it being confidential, one would not have to make a court appearance, right!?

    The islands are way too small for witness protection… there’s no way it seems possible, so there needs to be a mechanism in place, for witnesses, without having to go to court, or witnessing for the court anonymously?

    What has our Islands become? I fear the worst has not yet arrived.

    Bracker Dan



  33. A Concerned Young Caymanian says:

    Honestly I can see where you’re coming from. But look at how the system is set up: The police say they know of 15 gunmen roaming the streets who they know have committed grievous crimes, prime example in NL. I am sorry but yes as a Caymanian, based on the numbers of criminals who are convicted of their crimes and punished; it would only be a matter of time after "witnessing", before you get your share of bullets as well.  Cayman is small; understand that testifying against someone; to me, could easily give away you and your family’s life. Whether from the person you sent to jail (because he won’t be in there for long, just a little vacation in Hotel California), or one of their family members. Straight up, we all heard about the shooting last night… Personally, I heard about it before the ambulances got there to the scene… Not this morning on CNS. Don’t you think the news of who and who is informing will travel just as fast as the news of the crime itself???

    The police can’t solve a murder that happened in a public area… I cannot begin to perceive how that is possible… There is sufficient camera surveillance inside of next level, to have spotted the person who did the crime, maybe not in the moment, but entering, leaving, going to the bar?…. Come on, it just takes time and for someone to sit down and actually pay some attention to details, and not just hear say from the street. We ALL KNOW hear say nahh hold up in no courtroom.
    Say we’re selfish because we’re not helping this come to a cease by informing…were just watching our own a**, none of us want our house to be the next one shot up….
    I think that if police were a bit more concerned with Cayman’s well being and not their own, our home would be far better off…..
    FIFTEEN known gunmen on the street… Hmm… Coincidence? Or is it, that without these crimes police would pretty much be out of the job???? Ever notice how sometime during the month police are pulling you over for 5 mph over the limit and you get a ticket???? And sometimes "I’ll let you off with a warning" when you were 10mph over… Pay attention to WHEN exactly that is… When the crime is on a low, but guess what; everybody gotta eat… Right?!
    –Just some food for thought from a Young Caymanian who pays attention.
    Police: Your badge gives you the ability to do the right thing, acting along reasonable grounds, not whatever you please… It’s just that: What is reasonable may be different based on your personal views of conduct. Government needs to watch who they hire as police; the badge has been abused and is now tarnished! This is why we have no faith on our police force! Who do we trust? The rude man in uniform who doesn’t give a sh*t when someone steals your property, or smashes your car… Who is rude and disrespectful to you when he stops you to give you a ticket because you were rushing to get your kid to school on time….?
    No way…
    Equality Throughout Society
  34. "Unsolved Mysteries" says:


    Another Mother mourns, and Cayman has lost another one of it’s young men.  When is all this violence going to stop. We have to realize that the retaliation factor will not and cannot solve anything!  Families are hurting, and if the population of young men continues to deplete, who will be left behind to carry on the "Caymanian heritage?. Only our Caymanian women and the "FURINAS"!

    • Anonymous says:

       Hey.  There is NO problem.  It’s not my kid.  And the family that lost their son, brother, cousin, whatever will not come forward.  So the murderers are free to kill again.  THAT should be our National Lottery – which young Caymanian will die next?!  That way it all becomes a game and someone will take home a bit of pocket change!

      But I do understand why no one would want to come forward with information:  the RCIPS cannot protect and cannot handle a case if someone does come forward.  Or is the problem with the Prosecuting Attorneys?  OR BOTH?  So it really IS useless to come forward, which gets you a situation where people take the "law" into their own hands.  Which is what we have now and it’s going to get worse.

      If you detect a slight amount of sadness and rage in my comments, there is that and then some.  Government and law enforcement is failing the citizens of the Cayman Islands and no one seems willing to "take the bull by the horns".

      Dark times ahead, friends and neighbors.

  35. anonymous says:


    NO excuse not to report. Answered in Miami and you are given a number. If you want to claim the money afterwards you use the number…if you do not…no one knows…SIMPLE

    800 TIPS or 800 8477

  36. Shaun Ebanks says:

    These type of violent incidents will continue to occur every few weeks and it’s so sad and unfortunate that the RCIPS have lost effective policing control of our streets and communities over these past few years.

    As a former RCIPS senior officer I put the blame "fairly and squarely" on the current imported policing strategies/initatives which entered the Cayman Islands around 2005.

    These strategies are clearly not "proactive" but very much "reactive" thus  myself and others got fed up and called it quits after many years of proven and dedicated service.

    Every week I’m asked by civilians and police officers alike if I would re-consider returning back to the RCIPS. My answer is, "not all the funds in the Bank of China and the US Federal Reserve" could get me to put my foot back into the doors of the RCIPS under it’s current regime, with it’s failed policies and initatives"

    Let me say though, the RCIPS still has many good police officers whom are honest, skilled and dedicated to the good cause of fighting crime. Much of the problem appears to be that the upper management does not have the "competence, fortitude or zeal" to properly guide and lead their troops into battle against crime.

    The "zero tolerance" against wrong doing should not just apply to "traffic related violations" but should firmly apply directly across the board to all aspects of criminal activity, especially controlled drugs that are responsible for 85% of these related crimes.

    The RCIPS once had an increase of $30 million CI dollars in their budget that was quickly spent on new police vehicles, the invisible helicopter, a fleet of modern vessels, covert electronic and other telecommunication equipment, training etc etc. I ask, where is "the beef" as it relates to a reasonable and acceptable level in crimes such as Burglaries, Thefts, Robberies, Murders, Unlicenced firearm possession etc etc ………… ???

    If we are to believe the current Commissioner that only "fifteen chief thugs" are responsible for all the mayhem in the Cayman Islands, how is it that about 370 officers cannot effectively deal with this minority ??? Or is it, that these "fifteen chief thugs" each have 2-3 "chief lieutenants" and about 7-10 foot soldiers per gang ?? I tend to believe the latter and I believe it has grown to this proportion just over the past 3-4 years because of ineffective policing relating back to my earlier comments above.

    As the old saying goes, "to whom much is given, much is expected" My submission to you is, "this is definitely not value for money" that we are getting from the RCIPS and the Governor who is responsible for internal security of this country.

    In my opinion, some heads in the RCIPS decision making fraternity need to "spin and face the wind" as well as some socks need to be "firmly pulled up high" in order for effective policing to once again prevail in the Cayman Islands.



    • Anonymous says:


      As a former officer I totally agree with you. I couldn’t have written it better.

      • Anonymous says:

         You wouldn’t need to write anything, just cut and paste from his previous posts – they are all the same.

  37. 5th Generation Young Caymanian says:

    What a shame – I moved to Grand Cayman from Cayman Brac in the late 90’s and moved to Newlands (North Sound Estates) in 2001 – and thought to myself, this is a great community to raise my family.

    Now I’m thinking maybe Cayman Brac should be that place to raise them, where I won’t have to worry so much about flying bulletts and rampant rapes and attempted murders – don’t get me wrong, evil is everywhere – but how sad it is to feel unsafe, and fear for the safety of my children here where I have now chosen to call "home."

    The heart of the matter is that their is none or little forgiveness taught to our children  "…well if he hit you you hit him back!" I’ve heard that countless of times – I want to teach my children better, not to be taken advantage of or abused by others, but to know that love, forgiveness and mutual respect will bring back a Cayman that we are quickly losing.

    Pray, do and except better – it will happen.

    One love Cayman Islands



  38. Anon says:

    Why are these 15 clowns still out roaming around, still causing so much heartache and pain?

    Round them up and hold them until they rot…surely there must be terrorism charges that allow the Police to hold them as long as they like.

    Even better send them to Gitmo..I don’t care how they do it – GET THESE PEOPLE OUT OF CIRCULATION.  

  39. Bracker Dan says:

    The only way people are going to come forward, is if they don’t have to go to court.

    This is where Crime Stoppers comes in. If you know something, call it in, and make some money at the same time…

    If one calls into Crime Stoppers, and that call leads to an arrest… I am under the assumption, that it being confidential, one would not have to make a court appearance, right!?

    The islands are way too small for witness protection… there’s no way it seems possible, so there needs to be a mechanism in place, for witnesses, without having to go to court, or witnessing for the court anonymously?

    What has our Islands become? I fear the worst has not yet arrived.

    Bracker Dan



    • Anonymouse says:

      Crime stoppers is just another way of the RCIPS not having to do their work.

      Whoever came up with that idea probably still has the first 1000 dollars to pay out.

      To try to tell people that no one will know if they call is just utter rubbish. Every person making a phone call these days can be traced easily.

  40. Pale Rider says:

    It seems to me the only are in Cayman where statistics show a postitive result are in the traffic area.. deaths by traffic accident are way down…Maybe the higher ups should look at Inspector Banks strategy and learn from it…Oh, yeah, that’s right…he’s Caymanian…nothing to learn there….

    • Anonymous says:

      It appears that Inspector Banks strategy is to use every officer he has got running speed checks and stopping drivers for not having up to date tax disc etc. No wonder accidents are down. unfortunately this has a left  a massive hole in the policing of the rest of the island which has led to an uprising of Caymanian gangsters who are free to rob, murder and rape safely in the knowledge that as long as they know how to avoid a road block (i.e. by turning round as the bad boys do) they are safe to carry on regardless.

      Unfortunately the relentless persecution of citizens for misdemenour traffic offences has created a public that is unwilling to help the police any longer.

      So the officer named should probably be retired, not followed.

      • Pale Rider says:

        Without going into too much detail..Inspector Banks is in charge of the Traffic Mangagement Unit….that is what they do..they go after speeders…they give out tickets..they enforce the TRAFFIC law…it is not their responsibility to target "gangsta’s" and robbers….I have to respectfully disagree with your suggestion that he should be retired…He was given aTraffic Dept that was in shambles..just like the majority of the rest of the RCIP at the moment…and has turned it around and made it the most productive unit in the RCIP…Traffic accidents and Fatal accidents are at an all time low… Your post sounds a little like sour grapes to me…

    • beloved Cayman says:

      That he way the Braca’s run things,all the way.Do it right.

  41. A CHOSSEN ONE says:

    Cayman it was prophesied in 2007, that if we do not returnto God we will see much more of this, worst than what is happening in our sister island of Jamaica…Caymanians we have become so proud and self centered, and deep in love with vanity, our homes and cars mean more to us, than  a human life, im not speaking for everyone here, as I am also a Caymanian, born and raised, but I wrote a letter asking for the leaders of Government to declare a National day of Pray and Fast and it didnt come to my knowledge until 2009…U cannot wait until the war has started to beg God Mercy, we must pray in and out of season, so that we can come against these things in the Name of Jesus 

    • TruthBtold says:

      Can we all agree to leave Jamaica out of this?

      • Anonymous says:

        ….and Jesus

      • Anonymous says:

        Why should we leave Jamaica out of this? We have more Jamaicans in Cayman than any other nationality including Caymanians. They are part of the problem, & they want to be here. If they want to play the game they must also take the blame. It is not only Jamaicans, but like all other nationalities here they are part of the problem. We must not single out any nationality to blame, but we must not exclude any either. If there is anyone that does not like this then they are free to leave, we are not holding anyone here against their wishes. Please do not be so sensitive, thin skinned, or touchy touchy, ok!

  42. Anonymous says:


    How can the police expect people to come forward with information if they are unable to provide protection and confidentiality?  It’s happened more than once, people have come forward to assist and before they can leave the station their name and what they’ve said has already been exposed to the criminal’s friends then before they can get  to court they have either been threatened, or end up dead.


    They said it themselves; there are 15 people who are responsible for the gun related crime. Is the RCIPS that under staffed that they can’t at least assign two officers to each of these men to ensure that they don’t commit more crimes? Why don’t we try that for one month and see how may murders we have?  All it takes is a little common sense, but it seems like we don’t want what’s free. If we don’t spend millions on it, or bring in an expat to do it, it makes no sense to us.


    There is absolutely no reason why a Caymanian shouldn’t be the commissioner of police! A Caymanian knows where the criminals hang out, they know all the shortcuts that lead into ‘central’, they know the criminals mother, father and grandparents. Why bring someone here that knows nothing about how we live, someone that our Caymanian police are gonna have to educate on all the above? The time wasted to do that could save a life.


    • Any Mo. says:

      That is the problem that a caymanian knows the criminals and their parents, uncles, dogs (heck sometimes they are to the crimanals!!)

      Thats why we need people that wont care "who ya fa"

    • frank rizzo says:

      I believe the Commissioner stated there were about 15 people responsible for the importation of guns, not 15 people responsible for the gun crimes. Staking out these 15 or so will probably not result in catching someone using a gun.

    • Anonymous says:

      You can anonymously provide information by calling 800-TIPS (800-8477) .  They won’t even ask your name. That call is answered off island in Florida or Canada so the person who answers knows nothing about you or your personal business. The information is passed to the appropriate personnel within the RCIPS.

      You can check out  which includes a link to a form to submit information anonymously over the internet if you would prefer.

      If you use one of these options, the police get the information they need and they do not have your name or personal details to pass on to anyone.

      We can all help the police concentrate their resources on serious crime. We can endeavor to resolve minor matters on our own without police involvement. We can ask our neighbors to turn down loud music before we reach for the phone to call police. We can get our faulty sensors checked on our burglar alarm systems so police don’t have to respond to so many false alarms. We can try to come to an agreement in minor parking lot car accidents without involving police. We can use alcohol responsibly and call a taxi if we’ve had too much to drive. We can count to ten (or a hundred) and cool off when we get upset or angry so we don’t escalate matters. We can talk to our spouses or ex’s in a civilized manner, even if they aren’t kind to us.

      And if we can call for police assistance after we have at least attempted to resolve matters amicably. If we will all make an effort (and most already do) then what police resources we have can be put to better use. But it takes all of us.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I agree that the community needs to come forward and assist and report what they saw, but I am afraid that the police has lost the people’s trust by having handled unprofessional and incompetent in numerous cases in the past. You know how this island works and that nothing ever really remains confidential, so how can you be ensured that your name will not be leaked (even if it is accidental)? I am for one having experienced in 3 separate cases how the police has worked and must they have lost any faith. If the police knows who these idiots are (as was so widely announced just recently), why are they not on their asses 24/7? Shouldn’t they be shadowed? In regards to the Night Club shooting, why did police let all the "potential" witnesses leave? Shouldn’t they have kept them all their until they all could be interviewed and their approximate location in the club could have been determined, thereby ruling out who really couldn’t have seen anything and who may have? What about the staff at the club? There must be a way to put pressure on people to talk and notjust let them all throw their hands up in the air. I also agree that the $1,000 is no incentives for anything. Again, somebody would probably run their big mouth disclosing who received an reward.

    • Sawannian says:

      I agree that if people know they should talk, HOWEVER what people fail to realize is that some people just don’t know!!! I live on Windward, and I got a call after 10 last night who told me about the shooting, I never heard anything!  My neighbors they didn’t hear anything.  Never saw anything suspicious.

      Regarding the club, there was about 100 – 150 were in the club, imagine you up in the club, minding your business with your girls or boys whichever, and music loud, it is easy not to see what is happening on the other side of the club or even in the bathroom for that matter.  So you can’t expect everyone who was in the club to come forward with information. 


      These young boys are the same ones that when their mother, father or grand parent (whoever is raising them) ask them where they are going, they are given either a lie or a disrespectful short answer.  All the parent can do is PRAY!  I do agree that someone/people do know, but is isn’t the majority and they are usually also caught up in the same lifestyle.

  44. Anonymous Hopefully says:

    What is happening here is exactly what is happening in the UK and other so-called civilized societies. The police force has had its heart ripped out by stifling levels of bureacracy and the need to be politically correct.

    The forces that pull the strings behind the police force have a very sinister agenda and many of the higher ups in our society have bought into it because they have been promised rewards for their allegiance inside their secret groups.

    The plan is this and it is very simple, yet dreadfully effective. Allow crime to take a foothold in society by soft handling of violent crime which increases the frequency of these crimes as the criminals know they will get away with it. In the meantime, the everyday citizens get totally fed up and give up their civil liberties as they feel it is the only thing that will stop the problem and there you have it, Martial Law accepted voluntarily. This is the plan and if we don’t see it, we are blind.

    What can we do? I don’t really know because I am as afraid as the next person. Soon after that, we would be herded around like cattle to accept mandatory vaccinations, curfews, food rationing, fuel rationing. We will see a brutal armed presence on our streets, loss of freedom of speech and general oppression.

    I call upon the senior members of the judiciary and police force to declare publicly to the people of the Cayman Islands their membership in secret groups like Freemasons, I call upon the senior civil servants to do the same and the elected members of the government, because you cannot possibly have the best interests of Cayman at heart and secretly plot behind closed doors.

    Where is the resistance movement? Sign me up.

    A very, very concerned Caymanian.

    • Curious George says:

      "secret groups like Freemasons"

      Are you serious?  Freemasons is definatley not a secret group, and I am sure as a group would not stand for the violence.  Why don’t you google or look on Wikipedia information about freemasons before you draw the conclusion you stated above.


    • Anonymous says:

      You really need to stop reading Dan Brown novels…

  45. Anonymous says:

    I think government needs to take out a permit or two for crime investigators from the US. It was just on the news that they solved a rape / attempted murder that happened 19 years ago (in the US) and to then find a way to actually punish the people once they are convicted – Northward is not punishment but a place of free food, shelter, exercise, and whatever hand-in goods that your friends & family will bring to you…The people brought in from the UK havent really been of any help.

  46. Anonymous says:

    CNS – I note that the comments are nowadays not posted in time sequence anymore which makes it really hard to read the thread. Could that be changed again so that the older comments are on the bottom and the newer comments on top? I think this is how is used to be.

    CNS: This has not changed except where people reply to a particular comment – which is an improvement on the old system. Unfortunately this makes moderating a lot more time consuming and the not comments are not necessarily approved in the right order. Sorry …. a discussion for another time…

  47. Anonymous says:

    BRACCA TO THE BONE I quite understand your statement, regretfully Cayman has escaped for many years, but it has caught up with us and we don’t know how to deal with it, we are too laid back and have the attitude that’s its someone else business, well its our business , our children, our family in trouble. as a kid I saw this happening in Jamaica in the 60s and its going to get worst, the politician as you note is quite mum, about it, they are too busy fighting each other and blaming each other, you know Like Nero "fiddling while Rome burn". The expats have some where to run but we don’t, this is all we have. stop the blame game, its a bad habit we have, crab in a basket attitude.

  48. Anon says:

    ummmm the police are to blame…….. the police have a job to protect, serve and act – not just sit on their ass’s and wait for info from the public before doing anything.

    if thats how the RCIP are operating  ( ie. only on tip offs) thats the most worrying thing i’ve heard this year!

    yes, people should come forward with info – that is critical – but the police should not be relying on this solely to carry out their duties.





  49. Another Paper Caymanian at heart! says:

    I have to agree100% with Sawannian! When I first moved to Grand Cayman in 1980, I rememberonly the privileged could settle in North Sound Estates.  My bosses lived there and I always thought of it as an elite area. It so happened that I eventually bought my family a house out there and settled in to enjoy our canal view.

    It took me a while to get accustomed to the chickens, cow, horses, snakes, centipes, etc.  You see, I lived in George Town/South Sound from the time I moved here and wasn’t used to the ‘wild life’.  Now I don’t think I can peel myself away from all of this good stuff! lol

    My neighbors are all friendly, we chat at the fences sometimes and if I’m in my yard, people (who I don’t know from Jack!) will wave to me or say hello. Now, even my grandson who is only 20 months old, would wave to everyone and say, ‘alrite’ as they pass!  He would often have a chat with our neighbours and wave to the kids riding by on their bikes. 

    I walk every afternoon around the area or ride my bike up to the new boat ramp and enjoy the most beautiful sunsets! I love North Sounds estates!  I hear or play the song, ‘Munzie’s boat’ and I fall in love all over again with the North Sound!

    You can see lots of kids riding their bikes, people walking or riding. Wave runners racing around in the Sound, boats crusing around, people throwing a line out from the dock.  A really safe place to live!

    Now we have these hardcore criminals moving into the area and waging war!  You no doubt can’t argue with an idiot who has a gun but we can  certainly join forces and weed this type of unacceptable behaviour from our area!!  Zero tolerance for drugs, guns or any other type of deviant behaviour in the Savannah/Newlands township!!





    • Anonymous says:

      I bet your harsh words have got all of these gangsters quaking in their boots.

      Unfortunately one person is not going to make a difference here and the community talks the talk but will continue to turn a blind eye to crimes even thought they know the criminals and who’s committing the murders, but because it is a cousin or nephew etc they play ignorant.

      Unless the Caymanian people stop being cowardly and stand up together then the crime rampage will continue. Make it known to your peers that it is unacceptable to harbour these criminals or provide false alibis. Even if it is your own relative, do you really think you are helping them?

      Young Caymanian girls need to stop opening their legs so easily andyoung Caymanian lads need to stop getting these girls pregnant and going Awol. Generations of criminals are being born into the country by single Caymanian mothers, who usually have to quit school to have the kid. This is not a family environment that is going to support the young in the proper manner. Poor family values have created a generation of gangsters, racists, idiots and a sense of expectancy to earn thousands of dollars for doing the least possible, either at work or by criminal activity.


  50. Anonymous says:

    How many murders is that for 2009 so far?

  51. Janelly says:

    these people are really f****** stupid!!! does it matter how much punctuation people use  or not , stop watching what people do and say watch yourselves, pathetic

  52. Anonymous says:

    My suggestion is that Mac should use part of his $3 million "slush fund" and offer a reward of $100,000 each for the conviction of the 15 gun toting thugs that the police say they know about. That would be "nation building". The $1000 offered by Crime Stoppers is simply not enough money. 

    • Anonymous says:

      People should be willing to provide the information for free! Help the police protect the community.

      You seem to be begging for a handout!

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree that they should be willing – but they are not. Something has to be done to take the thugs off the street and if a cash payment is what is required to encourage people to offer information that produces convictions then that is what should be done.

        Perhaps if big cash rewards start producing quick convictions then there will be fewer thugs willing to shoot people.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Someone needs to start a gun “cease fire”- just like they have done before – get these guns off the streets……

  54. Anonymous says:

    It was just about two weeks ago, Baines made a statement that it was only 15 people who are committing gun crimes in the Islands. Now Baines, this is 3 out of the 15. It should not be a hard crime to solve. What a shame and disgrace the RCIPOS has gone to.


    Just over a week ago they brought in 2 more expert from the UK to come and take over the post as DInsp to replace Kim and Dixon. You are telling me that NO ONE in the RCIPS is competent enough to even filled kim,s position?????

    This system really sucks and the powers who they may be, hasfailed these Islands miserably. From George McCartey, Kirt , Aldene, big Mac and the list goes on. Not to mention cracker jack because he only come here to #$@*** up these islands.

    Its full time Young Caymanians like Teresa. Sarah collins and any young Cayman who is aspiring to become a leader, get of the expat back and take your country back from jack and the colonial  imperialist.

    At last you should be able to see that Ja Mi cans  r not u problem.

  55. PB says:

    Of course there is no fear. There is no ‘serious’ prison save her majesty’s nothrward ‘hotel california’ as it is fondly known. There is no death penalty. There is no proper facilities for analysis of evidence, there is no proper investigation into evidence and/or evidence being ‘lost’ (as once again seen in the brian rankine’s case), there are miles and miles of alleged police corruption (again as noted in thebrian rankine’s case)(especially stemming from last recent years trend of persons who were brought in from high-crime rated countries). why should there be fear?!

  56. Anonymous says:

    Dont blame the RCIP – the police  acts on information from tips from the community… the community is protecting these people and NOT UNTIL someone is ready to witness and provide information – this will continue.

    so much for Caymanians looking after themself,, they are to scared to give evidence as they are afraid of the comebacks.. what to do ,, beats me,, its catch 22!!

    • Anonymous says:

      My goodness even when a case is prepared it doesn’t seem to pass muster within the courts whether it is trial by jury or by judge convictions are as rare as hen’s teeth.

  57. Anon says:

    Just wanted to add that the police commissioner stated in a speech that

    ‘it is known by the RCIP that just 15 people are responsible for all the violent/ gun crime on this island’

    so if they know this then why oh why did this happen – shouldn’t these 15 either be in custody or at the very least being followed and watched 24/7!!!!!

    This is proof that the RCIP are either lying or imcompetent, or both!

    Get a handle on the situation now. Cayman is getting to the point of no return.  Criminals are winning!




    • Sawannian says:

      I agree, I was thinking the same thing, they should be on them like white on rice!! or has it increased from 15 to 16? ..if it is 1 of the 15 the police themselves are to blame.  It’s like giving someone power to do something and they just sit back and watch madness unfold.

  58. K.H. says:

    If people actually assisted RCIP in their investigations, then they might have a higher rate of success in safely removing criminals from our streets. It was very convenient for 150 people to not be able to indentify one shooter. If people witness acts of crime and don’t assist RCIP then they are as responsible as the person that committed the crime. Can we really blame the police if they have no assistance from the same community that they are trying to protect? 

    • Fallen Angel says:

      Maybe all of the 150 witnesses are employed because if one of them is not, he/she might be interested in the CI$1000 reward Crime Stoppers offer for an anonymous tip that may help solve the crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      What is the point of assisting the RCIP when every tip they receive is leaked to the public, nothing stays anonymous with this force.That is one reason why people will not come forward with information. The public do  not have any confidence in the RCIP and this is the reason why the criminals have become so blatanly bold.

      1. One reason they can never solve crimes is because they never seem to have enough evidence to convict a criminal. This tells me, they are incapable of retrieving and handling Crime Scene Evidence.

      2. This leads to one unsolved crime after another.

      3. They seem to know that there are 15 criminals on this Island responsible for the gun crimes but yet these criminals are still roaming wild.

      They spend money to buy a new helicopter to catch these criminals but yet  they need to invest money on building a Professional Crime Lab run by professionals  who have the experience and knowledge how to identify potential evidence so they can actually convict criminals instead of catching them and having to let them go for the lack of evidence.

      The public has a right to be outraged and angry with the RCIP. When the police cant put confidence in the public then that tells as, the force is very incompetent. Since we dont have schools here to train our police I suggest they look to having them trained overseas. These bunch i see running around in police uniforms calling themselves police officers, driving the police vehicles and on the cell phones all day are simply a big joke and embarrassment to the Cayman Islands.

      The RCIP can do better. They need a better recruitment system.

  59. Sawannian says:

    I am not a Savannahian by birth like the many who live in this community.  I like many others came here by choice, to raise my family is this quite, wholesome, family oriented community.  A Community that stands up against serving alcohol at their heritage days, a community that stands up to having a liquor store at their entrance, a community that has their own self-sponored park for our children to play in, a community where people still wave each other (at least I know this still happens on Windward and Ms.Mary waves everyone she crosses whether she knows them or not).  We could have chosen to raise our family in the hussle and bussle of GT, but no, Newlands is the fastest growing community, so we opted for Newlands, where we have family and friends.  Una criminals leave SAWANNA/Newlands alone! We are a quite neighborhood that attracts families with wholesome values.  What are the politicians saying now????   I live off of Windward (NO I DIDN’T HEAR ANY SHOTS), but we really don’t appreciate criminals using our quiet neighborhood for a shooting range! Sav/New we need to rise up and stand against this kind of activiy in our lil community!  We are supposed to have a Neighborhood Community Watch….what’s that about?  The worst we are used to is those boys riding bikes at all hours of the night…I will swallow that over a fatal shooting any day. 

    I will ask the question again…what are we going to do??? Suggestions welcomed.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am another fellow Savannahian and yes I did hear the shots last night – silly me, I thought they were fireworks – lucky I didn’t wake the kids up to go outside and look out for them!!!  We have lived in North Sound Estates for over 10 years and like you, we love the place because it’s quiet, there are lots of families here and it has always seemed safe to us.  Yes, the bikes flying up and down our roads at frightening speeds have been  worrying us lately too and I’m not sure if anything is being done about that, although we have certainly reported it (I hope everyone else has too).  I would certainly love to find out about our Neighbourhood Commnity Watch as I know nothing about it.  I know my immediate close neighbours, but maybe we all need to get to know each other a little better.  How sad that the Savannah Primary School bus had to go bring our kids through a police barracade this morning.  How sad that it’s getting to the point that we can no longer feel safe in our neighbourhoods, we can no longer boast that our island is not only the most beautiful place to live, but it’s the safest place to bring up our beautiful children.  People will stop visiting us, more jobs will be lost, crime will continue to grow.

      I’m very scared and very sad.  What are we going to do North Sound Estates?

  60. Caymanian at Heart says:

    This terrifying, it sounds like a drive by shooting – I hope CNS will have more details shortly.

  61. noname says:

    "…as many as three assailants were involved…"

    Just wanted to drive that particular point home to everyone.


  62. JY says:

    One unsolved murder leads to another murder if we don’t solve these murders the ‘revenge trend’ will continue, such as proven in lastnight shootings.

  63. Anonymous says:

    It is sadly appropriate that this story of yet another shooting appears immediately above a story about children being out of control from a young age. 

  64. Fed Up says:

    I live in Northsound Estates in Newlands and heard the shots.  About 10-13.  I thought it might have been firworks until I heard the ambulances about 20 mins later.  It became clear it was not fireworks.  I walked a few minutes down the street from my house and the scene was very bright an active with lights/ police and ambulances.  So sad.  And now it is turned over to the incompetent RCIP.  What a joke this police force has become.  The criminals on this island obviously think this force is a joke as well as the continue to go about their business with little or no fear of ever being caught.

    • BRACCA TO THE BONE says:

      I knew police would get negative remarks like yours thrown in here but the reason why the police is incompetent is because the likes of locals like you that could have seen it ALL happen but say nothing hello if the police is not there to see it and no one comes forward to give imformation then how are they going to catch the people that is comitting these horrible crimes so please stop with this negativity toward the police cause the first person YOU would call when things go wrong it surely won’t be Ghost Busters and dont give me the crap about cant trust police please then call 1800 tips. I also live in Savannah but not as close to the scene like you so find out more then call 1800 tips dont let this take over Savannah like it did in other parts of Cayman.

      On a last note these people that walk with guns are cowards and want to be gangstas take away their weapons they cry like a newborn and they cant shoot streight so they will shoot several times before one hits so the fear is who and where the other bullets end up. So people start talking cause one of those bullet could hit one of your loved ones.

      Pissed off Savannahian

      • Anonymous says:

        Not sure whether I agree with you or not. The lack of punctuation in your comment makes it very difficult to understand what you are trying to say!

        • AwlyMilly Kins says:

          Hahaha Ya right…..Here, let’s give her/him some: ,,,,,…..:::::!!!!????((((()))))))

    • tired says:

      its polices "service" not force the question is who are they serviing? will we ever know? 

    • Anonymous says:

      I think people need to stop blaming the police YET again for not solving these cases. EXAMPLE…you have a shooting at NL with over 100 witnesses and NOBODY comes forward…then of course the police get the blame for not solving the case…they can only do so much and no more so stop blaming the cops and blame these stupid people that live on our Island that are out of control! The police cannot possibly solve crimes without the public’s help. I personally witnessed an off duty officer trying breaking up a fight at a supermarket where a woman was being beat by her husband and you know what, there were over 30 people watching and NOBODY helped….thats the public for you, quick to judge the police but unwilling to help!

      • Anonymous says:


        How can the police expect people to come forward with information if they are unable to provide protection and confidentiality?  It’s happened more than once, people have come forward to assist and before they can leave the station their name and what they’ve said has already been exposed to the criminal’s friends then before they can get  to court they have either been threatened, or end up dead.


        They said it themselves; there are 15 people who are responsible for the gun related crime. Is the RCIPS that under staffed thatthey can’t at least assign two officers to each of these men to ensure that they don’t commit more crimes? Why don’t we try that for one month and see how may murders we have?  All it takes is a little common sense, but it seems like we don’t want what’s free. If we don’t spend millions on it, or bring in an expat to do it, it makes no sense to us.


        There is absolutely no reason why a Caymanian shouldn’t be the commissioner of police! A Caymanian knows where the criminals hang out, they know all the shortcuts that lead into ‘central’, they know the criminals mother, father and grandparents. Why bring someone here that knows nothing about how we live, someone that our Caymanian police are gonna have to educate on all the above? The time wasted to do that could save a life.