Joey partied on public $$$

| 23/10/2009

(CNS): Aside from the widely publicised advances totalling $50,000 paid to the former managing director of the Boatswain Beach Turtle Farm, the auditor general has also revealed that Joey Ebanks spent more than $6,500 in the farm’s on-site bar on alcohol, food and cigarettes, which has never been paid back. In a new report released to the public on Friday, DanDuguay confirms that Ebanks received 16 salary advances, or loans, during his tenure amounting to over $65,871 which the Turtle Farm board was unaware of until he resigned in order to run in the general elections.

Duguay explained his investigation was conducted as a result of stories in the local media about salary advances given to Ebanks that did not appear to be authorized and because of the wider implications for government departments about how salary advances or loans by government to employees are managed.

“This became an issue during the election campaign and it concerns me as to why loans were made to the Managing Director,” Duguay wrote in his report. “I believe this has broader implications for government as a whole how statutory authorities and government companies manage salary advances and staff loans.”

Duguay also noted that the farm had written off more than $6,500 that Ebanks had spent in the Schooner Bar and Grill at Boatswain Beach between July 2008 and March 2009. Duguay said that, while the MD did have a hospitality budget, the financial manager was unable to supply a breakdown of what these expenses were for and none of the bar tabs revealed who was at the meetings.

The report reveals that there were some 55 bar tabs for drinks, which included Appleton and cokes, cocktails, beers, soft drinks, food and even cigarettes, but there was no indication who Ebanks was hosting and why.

“I asked for expense claims that would document who attended at the various times when charges were incurred and what the purpose of the meeting would be. I was informed no such documentation existed,” Duguay wrote in the report. Although, the AG said that four names were mentioned as guests on some of the tabs, most just said “Mr Ebanks ”.

The AG said that, while it is appropriate for heads of government organisations to have small hospitality budgets, it is still public money and should therefore be documented. “I find the lack of documentation inappropriate, because of the discretionary nature of such transactions,” Duguay said. “The lack of such documentation on a consistent basis over such a long period of time would seem to treat the expenditure of such sums with less than the amount of care expected by residents of these Islands.”

In one example of a Friday night bar tab in January, Duguay states that there were 60 alcoholic drinks and two packs of cigarettes for a total of $289.86 that was charged to “Mr Ebanks tab”. The following weekend on a Saturday night tab the AG notes 63 alcoholic drinks and food totally $344.72. Duguay said he reviewed all of the bar tabs, which revealed 70% was spent on alcohol and cigarettes, and while he understood there is no government policy that restricts the use of government funds on such things, he questioned whether it was reasonable or appropriate.

Examining the salary advances given to Ebanks, which theAG indicated were loans because a salary advance in simple terms is generally paid back by the employee from their next pay cheque, Duguay was concerned that while these have been paid back the were never authorized and the board was entirely unaware of them

Ebanks was granted a series of loans between June 2007 and February 2009 from as little as $150 to as much as $11,319. During the period Ebanks borrowed more than $65,870 but made repayments of over $16,023. When he resigned from his post in March 2009 the outstanding sum was $49,847.87. Ebanks also owed $1,900 for turtle meat that he had purchased on credit.

In the subsequent weeks the board and Ebanks negotiated a way for the former MD to pay back the loans, interest free. Duguay also notes that no attempt to recover the $6,500 bar tab was made as it was perceived as ‘hospitality’.

The AG stated that one of his major concerns about the loans was that the board was never informed of the situation. Chair Joel Walton reported to the AG that members were unaware of any of the loans or the turtle meat until Ebanks resigned.  “I have reviewed the documents given to me by the chairman,” Duguay noted. “They support the statement made by the chairman that the Board had no prior knowledge of the loans provided to Mr Ebanks.” Duguay also said that the financial staff at the turtle farm confirmed that they had not informed the board of directors.

As with any government entity, Duguay said, that there should have been a policy in place at Boatswain Beach relating to salary advances and loans, but there was not. He also says the financial staff should have brought the situation to the attention of the board. “In my opinion senior financial management had an obligation to inform the Board of Directors,” he added.

Although the financial officials said there was no formal mechanism for them to report to the board and they claimed to be uncomfortable doing so as Ebanks attended the meetings, the AG stated it was still the responsibility of senior financial management to make the board aware of the loans.

Duguay also questions the fact that, because they were perceived by the Turtle Farm as advances and not loans, no interest was ever paid. “During this same period of time, Boatswain Beach had significant operational deficits and had to expand its lines of credit to ensure it could pay day to day bills, including salaries. In such an environment, I find it disconcerting that Boatswain Beach would borrow additional sums and pay interest on such sums then loan them out to a senior official at no interest.”

Acknowledging that the difference in the amounts of money which the farm was forced to borrow compared to Ebanks’ loans were wide and that this had little impact on the farm’s financial woes, he noted the principle was still an important one.

“This situation is the second time in recent history that this office has been made aware of substantial long term loans made to senior management of a government organisation,” Duguay said, referring to the loans given to Hassan Syed, the former president of UCCI who is now part of a police investigation concerning those loans and credit card fraud.

“I believe that any government employee … should not expect to borrow money from government,” Duguay added. He explained that employee assistance in the wake of hurricanes, for example, can be administered through specialist programmes, but outside of such parameters the AG said it was recklessto lend government funds to employees.

He recommended that all government organisations should have a clear and specific policy on salary advances or loans and open, transparent, disclosure policies for when they occur.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    why dont you all just leave him alone. and worry about the crime that is going on this isnt important. weneed worry about the wants going on outside with all the killing.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Far too often we see this kind irresponsible management from those in charge of these various Government entities and various departments of Government. There was a senior officer in working in Cayman Brac XXXXX who regularly went to the hotels each week end and entertained his friends like he was the manager of a large private company. He got away with it for years.  
    One thing that is sad about this whole Joeybeach spending is that the PPM appointed him .Yet the PPM members of the Legislative Assembly are well known for their integrity.

    The actions of Joey Ebanks have cost the PPM enough and the PPM must respond to Joey Ebanks’ indiscretion by throwing him out as a member.

    • Knowledge is Power says:

      At least Joey Ebanks repaid what he had borrowed and apologised for the lapse in judement. But he did not steal the money and since it was recorded clearly there were no attempt to hide it.

      Wrong is wrong.  The only thing I ask (and I am not Joey Ebanks) is that there is a level playing field practised by all and sundry on these matters.

  3. Anonymous says:

    KYD 6500.00 cannot compare to KYD 2.4mio slush funds. Watch how you condemn Joey, the fingers may start pointing on you as a recipitent of those millions.  No one can trace money when its is channelled through a Church. Don’t believe for a second that the "Slush Funds" are going to the cause McKeeva says its going to. Watch and see….another episode LOL!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree about the "slush funds" but that doesn’t compare at all to money laundering! They should check out all the money laundering that is going on. 

      Check out the sale of the Sewage system including the water authority.

      You wanna see money laundering!!! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Couple things:

    (1) The CFO’s head should roll, there’s no way that all these unsubstantiated transactions should have been allowed. Failing to inform the Board or anyone else about it was simply adding insult to injury.

    (2) Was the Board not provided with any financial updates during thisperiod? If they did, did it not include a P&L, Cash Flow and Balance Sheet? Certainly Joel Walton who was tapped to be the Financial Secretary to succeed George McCarthy can read financial statements. XXXXX

  5. what a mess! says:

    Another example of Govt. waste. And no real accountability. Now, let a teenager experiment with ganja….and the call will be "JAIL HIM".

    People, the sense that those in high places are getting away with crime is causing some in not so high places to become frustrated and disillusioned…and this will only breed crime and other socail ills.

    Where oh where are some Honourable Leaders?

    • fatcat says:

      Actually a Caymanian teenager will be entered into the Drug Program, an ex-pat teenager would be deported.  But your point is well made.  As for your other point about people in high places being allowed to get away with questionable practices which in turn leads to social dissatisfaction, again, good point.

  6. Cayman Taliban says:

    If there were no alchool or bars then he could not run up a tab like that.

    Boatswain Beach should be turned into a church so we can prey to our Lord.

  7. Joe Average says:

    Mr. Duguay has dug away once more.  And he is showing us something quite evident.  Appointees to these types of positions are sometimes political hacks.  At worst they treat the finances of these enitities as a personal piggy bank.  Joey Ebanks may be remorseful now that the information has been made public.  But that does not excuse his behaviour and/or lack of ethics as Managing Director of Boatswains.  A Managing Director does just that.  Manage.  And somehow he "managed" to borrow excessive amounts of money above and beyond his substantial salary and run up a large bar bill as well.  Thanks to Mr. Duguay one more pillar of our society has embarrassed themselves. 

    He should be ashamed of himself and an entry on Facebook is not good enough as an apology to the people he was supposedly representing.  As he had his hand stuffed in the cookie jar.  Time to get a real job Joey your political days are over.

  8. Anonymous says:

    can someone please investigate\\ audit mckeeva SLUSH FUND also PLEASE.

  9. Anonymous says:

    alot more things need auditing around here than joey, dont forget to audit  udp too they need the most auditing out of all people.

  10. Twyla Vargas says:

    JOEY, you was used, used, used.  Although I do not condone what you allowed to happen, I must say, You became a fallen angel to the whims and wishes of your associates. 

    Still I do not care what anyone says about you, I know that you are a good Caymanian man.  Only you, GOD,  and your associates know what took place, because no way you could have consumed so much alcohol  drinks in two nights 123. drinks?

    Some people should have a guilty conscience because of what they have put you through just because you were too weak to say no, and I am sure they were making just as much or more salary than you.  However, it does not surprize me how your life twisted at Boatswain Beach.    You were doing an exceptional job at CUC, but money is the root of all evil, and friends will lead you to stray.    To the people of Cayman I say these words.  Forgiveness will not change the pass, but it sure does enlarge the future.  Walk good.

    • Anonymous says:


      How do you chose who to defend?

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        ISUSPECT you are looking for an answer, because your comment ends with a question mark.  Ok, "How do I choose who to defend?"  I also believe you are refering to my comments on Joey…..Well beside knowing Joey for a very long time, and my gut feeling, I do not hesitate one minute to express…….   First of all I am not defending Joey, if that is what you are insinuating.  I am expressing my feelings about the man I know. 

        Joey is a good person, a good father and family man with well manered children.  Joey is a caring person, so is his sisters and mother.  I only speak of what I know, and this I know.

        I am not defending Joey in what took place at Boatswain Beach, but I would put my head on a chopping block that he spent that money trying to please alot of people, who have now left him holding the empty bucket.  You know it makes one wonder when we think of all the millions that have been abused by persons not even from Cayman, still you do not hear that on the news morning night and noon……Am I surprized? No.

  11. Anonymous says:

    We Caymanians need to grow up, do you know that most of the 6,000 was spent on promoting and bringing a good Happy hour to the Turtle Farm.  Look at the record and you will see that the turtle farm made an increase during those months, but I guess that don’t count.

    Anyway, we see what Joey spent the money on.  Anyone following up on what is going on now.

    That’swhy we Caymanians will never get anyway,  we seems to bring down our own people everytime we get a chance.



  12. Cold Hard Truth says:

    This is just another example of the PPM style of Leadership; flagrant expenditure, zero accountability and after-the-fact humility. 

    These are the reasons we are mocked by our non-Caymanian counterparts you know. They say " look at those clowns, they can’t even trust each other!".

    Where have all the great Caymanian Leaders gone?! Aside from a few and fading (Joey/Ellio – we thought your were different) glimmers of hope from the next generation, it just looks like more of the same, be it PPM or UDP, everybody is out for what they can get, instead of what they can Give.



  13. Anon says:

    Post from Joey Facebook page:

    "I wish to state first and foremost that the Auditor General’s report on my salary advances is accurate and fair. I deeply regret this and apologize to my family, friends, Boatswains Beach staff and Board. When I am wrong I admit so and accept responsibility. …"
    It’s a little to late to start accepting responsibility – when he was on the radio, I recall this question coming up a few times, at least once when Austin was sick and couldn’t defend or protect him, and although he was asked several times by several different callers, all he did was avoid the question. Now he is sorry? Sorry for what??? Getting caught?!  Where was all this integrity when people smelled a Rat, yet he professed to smell only like a Rose?
    But don’t worry, like Dr. Frank, he’ll be back running for office in 2013 and I suppose he will try to convince us he’s a Rose then as well. They say Caymanians have long memories, guess we will find out……
    • Anonymous says:

      Well what is wrong with that? Hasn’t Mr. Bush done it for the last 6 elections? And that is after all the crap that he has been involved in, but that hasn’t stopped him from running in all the elections!!! Remember when he was kicked out of ExCo for his involvement in the First Cayman Bank scandal that destroyed so many Cayman lives? He ran in the next election, & all elections since then, despite all the suspicions of wrong doings on his part! He is to be treated different to Joey, Dr. frank or anybody else?

      • Anon says:

        Thanks for only proving my point. Who keeps electing these heros with their sorted political backgrounds??

        • Hexpat says:

          I am guessing it isn’t the expats’ fault for a change – or is it… 

          I am sure someone will find a way to twiss dis…

    • Anonymous says:

      To post from Joey Face Book – Why mention Dr. Frank, we don’t have long memory in fact how soon we forget you just voted in our First Premier, just to jog your memory remember approximately $75000 in personal AirlineTicketts on our then failing Cayman Airways not paid for until brought to light at least Joey paid his off before. Oh and don’t forget First Cayman Bank need I go on?

  14. Bracker Dan says:

    In the words of Daffy Duck, "That’s Despicable".

    $6500 bar tab, are you serious? an’ nobody didn’t notice?

    crabs in a bucket? more like roaches in a borough…


  15. Anonymous says:

    Who was in charge of the finances down there?…tweedle dee?!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations to the AG and his capable staff for the thoroughness of the way this audit was carried out. After a very long time in Cayman’s recent history, we have found a high quality Auditor General who is acting very professionally. As he had the courage to investigate on a police investigation that a high powered Governor sponsored, I am not sure whether he would getanother extension to his employment contract when it comes up for renewal.

    I am sure next time around when our politicians or political appointees spend public funds for their personal entertainment on Friday evenings, weekends and on foreign trips they would now be more conscious as they now know that the AG will look into those expenses at some stage and they will be exposed. His recommendations in this audit and that of the UCCI should be sent to the Financial Secretary asking him to put in place tough controls with regard to the salary advances, loans and entertainment expenses for public servants in all governmental entities with immediate effect. You cannot trust politicians (except for honest few) or political appointees to be sensible and responsible when handling public funds.
    Mr. Joe should pay back those bar bills that the AG has highlighted. They seem to be really questionable even though $650/month is not an unreasonable amount for a very profitable and busy organization. Mr. Joe should be able to say whom he entertained from those expenses and what benefits did the farm achieve from them. I am still puzzled as to why he borrowed $150 as advances. I don’t know whether this was to pay for the number games in Honduras. I also wanted to know who signed the cheques for these advances.
    Mr. Joe should now know why those 250 voters from North Side rejected him and voted for someone who is not afraid even to take on a governor who is not acting for the best interest of the country.
    Also, Mr. Joe should know that the main qualification for a good politician is the integrity and trustworthiness. Once someone is exposed as lacking in these 2 qualifications, that person’s political future is in doubt. Broad smile and smooth taking are not going to bring in votes from those 250 patriotic persons. PPM should start looking out for another person.
  17. Anonymous says:

    There is an interesting report on Joey’s facebook page that everyone should read.  Instead of printing misleading headlines CNS would serve the public better by getting the facts and both sides of the story.  How a CEO spending $6,500 over a nine-month period or $700 per month to increase business could possibly be newsworthy is beyond me.  I suppose that if it was a Canadian CEO spending the same amount it would be called "good governance"!

  18. Joe Average says:

    I heard Syed is doing brain surgery at the Mayo Clinic.  I also heard he is working at the International Space Station and at Disney World as Donald Duck.  And that he was a Formula One driver.  Where did he get to?  Why can’t anyone find him?  Maybe he’s working for the Metropolitan Police.

    • Anonymous says:

      One rumour has it that Sayed change his identity and became either a drug dealer/robber/murderer or corrupt government official in the Cayman Islands. Smart move, dude! The odds of being caught are virtually nil and even if he is arrested the odds of him being sucessfully prosecuted are slim.

  19. Anonymous says:

     So we should forgive him because he is Caymanian. Great – thanks to Caymanians like this…us other hard working and honest Caymanians will suffer because of the money that Government flushes away on Caymanians who take advantage of their positions in Government and Government run businesse. Now they need to recoup these loses by creating taxes and increased fees on the honest hard working business community. Cheers JOEY! I hope it was worth it! A very sad Caymanian – I shall think of you when my business suffers!

    • Anonymous says:

      to 19:33, then what do you have to say about Mckeeva Bush? "Cheers Mckeeva! I hope it was worth it! A very VERY VERY sad Caymanian-I shall think of you when my business suffers!"

  20. o.c.m. says:

    Anonymous’ comment @ 17:33 stated:

    First there was Alden’s star-boy Hassan Syed, and then there was Turtle meat lover Kurt’s boy, Joey.


    Well said.  Alden and his "star-boy", "golden-boy", or "can do no wrong until you get caught" Syed…Does anyone recall just how much praise Alden lavished upon Syed?  By praising Syed to the moons, the stars, and other galaxies, Alden figured to take all the credit for the discovery of such talent…At least until reckoning time came.  When questions started flying about how it was possible for Syed to have done this or that, Alden didn’t know Syed from Chinese drywall.  And when that didn’t wash all that well, Alden blamed Syed for pulling the wool over his eyes.  Poor Alden, Cayman’s Savant Saviour bested by a "see my PhD disappear" furriner.  How convenient… 

  21. o.c.m. says:

    In response to Anonymous 14:36

    "What is done is done. If what is being said is true, I am sure Joey is not the only one that has done something wrong, I am sure if we were to dig a little deeper we would be surprised the other names that will pop up."…

    Therein lies the problem.  It’s okay to look the other way because as long as it’s Joey and not some "furriner", it’s par for the course.  Others do it or have done the same.  Beside, Joey’s a born and bred Caymanian, and as such, entitled to skim a little bit off the top.  We’re not the the problem, it’s dem.

  22. Anonymous says:

    So he left radio station before the report being out.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Joey, come on:

    "Ebanks was granted a series of loans between June 2007 and February 2009 from as little as $150 to as much as $11,319. "

    What type of broke *ss Managing Director needs a loan for CI$150 from his employer!

    Don’t you have savings Joey?

    Whoever has this guy employed, please read the report – and review your ‘salary advance’ policies with him, closely.

  24. Anonymous says:


    Why does almost everyone connected with the PPM get huge salary advances?

    First there was Alden’s star-boy Hassan Syed, and then there was Turtle meat lover Kurt’s boy, Joey.

    Ah boy!

    Soon we’ll hear that the Country’s deficit was caused by members of the PPM getting a cash advance on their salaries.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. Syed had nothing to do with the PPM. He was employed by the President of UCCI (who didn’t bother to check his credentials) who was appointed by the UDP.

      • o.c.m. says:

        Don’t be so naive and delusional.  You really think that the party in charge, and more specifically, Alden, had absolutely no say in the decision to hire Syed? 

        • Anonymous says:

          You are so used to McKeeva’s dicatatorship that you believe all parties operate in the same way.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Shame on you Joey.


  26. Anonymous says:

    This is why I will not be going or taking my family to Boatswain Beach Turtle Farm, that flipping place is too expensive..


  27. Anonymous says:

    Why is this continuing to happen. First at UCCI and now at the Turtle Farm. The rules that permit this practice need to be changed right away!!!

    Also, Joey, you need to be a man and pay it back. Shame on you!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    The title should be "The Public Partied on Public $$$"

    Joey was not the only one that drank from that tab. The few times that i went there he was buying drinks for everyone, (dont let me start to call names). If anyone was to pay this bill, it should be the ones that PRETENDED to be his friends that was splurging on him. To those of you that are GUILTY, give him a call and a donation.

    The Spy  (i’m watching you)



    • Anonymouse says:

      Joey should have run in West Bay. Thats where all the free boose was. No wonder the Northsiders rejected him. Just a repeat of his mistake when he ran in Bodden Town where he was also rejected by the people of Bodden Town.

      Ya gotta run where the freeness is Joey.

      Free booze hangovers are awful to deal with.

    • Anonymous says:

      spy – u and i both know these parties were leading up to the elections……and politicking was part of the discourse…..

  29. Anonymous says:

    In my humble opinion if the board of directors thought that this issue was not worth pursing then this article should have never been published.

    Has Cayman become so malicious that we must try to blacken this man’s reputation further by detailing what was charged to this account. This is an non issue as Mr. Ebanks has paid back the monies that were borrowed (not stolen) and that is what is important…… Because if we are going to dwell on this seemingly improper act then we might what to remember that several years ago a certain politician owned the real estated company that brokered the deal with the Ritz Carlton and the Government, and that involved a lot more than a mere $6,000

    Come on people…….. lets leave that past were it belongs and focus on the important issues now facing Cayman……like the 7+ million dollars spent by Governor Jack on an operation that is obviously a fishing expidition.


    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, let’s keep blaming the foreigners and stop holding ourselves accountable or responsible for our actions. It must be some form of conspiracy to bring down Cayman to even mention this story.

    • Dont4getMe says:

      I wonder if you’re related to Mr. Ebanks… why should he not be held accountable? Whether it was leagal or not, it’s the principle of a man in his position conducting himself in a manner that is unbecoming.  Leave the past where it belongs?  Tempura is in the past, let’s forget that too and stop hassling those nice people who only came here to help.  In fact, let’s forget everything and start fresh… tomorrow of course.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Joey needs to learn that the word INTEGRITY means: adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

    This is the man that wanted the people in NS to elect. He must’ve thought that we were all Idiots – (an utterly foolish or senseless person).

    Bowy, am i glad that we na all dum-dums.


  31. Fraidycat says:

    Why is it that I never read a single word of praise for Dan Duguay in this forum?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because he’s just doing the job he is very highly paid to do! His predecessor, Nigel Esdaile, did it too and hammered government on occasions but he didn’t play to the media as Duguay likes to do. 

      • Anonymous says:

        True, True, but Nigel was always worried about any political fall outs that could result from his reports.  So he tries to please all sides of the political game in doing his reports.  But Dan’s style is different and he made changes to the system to allow AG’s reports to be released to the public on a timely basis.  All politicians liked Nigel.  Also, previously AG’s reports came out to the public at least 10 years after the actual events.  Also, I believe most of the politicians fear Dan.

  32. Anonymous says:

    YES! as goold old joey would say….. a fine example of a good caymanian civil servant and wannabe politician

  33. Anonymous says:

    Please lets just stop dwelling on the past and try to find a solution to all these ROBBERIES and KILLINGS that is taking place on our Island. Stop tearing down one another and come together and live as one.

    What is done is done. If what is being said is true, I am sure Joey is not the only one that has done something wrong, I am sure if we were to dig a little deeper we would be surprised the other names that will pop up.

    • Incognito says:

      To get technical with your first Sentence, XXXXXX. Government Officials, especially politians should be repremanded for wasting monies like this.

      Which brings me to your " Im sure Joey is not the only one that has done something wrong". I totally agree and also feel that those other people should be called up for their wrong doings. This type of spending practises have gone on far enough. The first class flights,the $1000.00 a night hotel rooms and luxery cars that are rented for these people and then are billed back to the government.

      I hope they don’t stop there and go straight to the top of the mole hill.

    • Makam says:

      But the robberies and murders are in the past (even if they only took place yesterday) so by your standards we should "move on and forget them" or is it only a crime if it is committed by certain people?

    • Anonymous says:

      NY solved its horrendous crime problem by implimenting a ZERO TOLERANCE regime at all levels. Any crime or corruption at whatever level was punished by the full extent of the law. This worked for them exceptionally well – perhaps we can learn a lesson as well. XXXX

      Zero Tolerance will clear the crime off the streets. all crime is crime, no matter how trivial.

  34. Anonymous says:

    60 and 63 drinks!!! How many people was he hosting? I am hoping it was more than 15. If not there were some drunks on the drunks on the roads that night. I must say the bills do not really add up, how much are drinks at that bar? His tabs average out that each drink was about $5.00, no wonder the place is losing money. Beer wholesales for $1.35 a bottle on average. These numbers do not add up, and if they do, the drink prices need to be looked at, on island you must run no more than 30% cost to stay open. That would mean a beer would need to sell for $4.50 to basically break even. Mixed drinks always sell for more than a beer, due to labour and mixers.

  35. The $59,371.00 have been paid back, all thats left to pay or cover up is the $6500.00 bar bill, so after all the fiasco with Tempura and Cealt, why not just drop it and move on, hopefully Joey has learnt a lesson.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, Oh I have a great idea!! Can the bill for Tempura and Cealt be charged on Joey’s account?

  36. Sam Puk-Puk says:

    LOL!!  There is a new party in town…

    – Vote Joey Ebanks & the BBTF Party –   Joey is the Real Party Man.  

    "Let the music play, he will get away.  We won’t stop grooving ‘til the cigarette smoke blows over West Bay.  Let the music play he won’t get away, He tried pretending a dance is just a dance, but I see he’s dancing his way back to me.  But when the music changed, the plan was re-arranged, He went to dance with someone else.   Let the music play…"


  37. Anonymous says:

    I really expected better from you Joey, you really disappointed me, thought you were a man a calibar…..boy was I wrong 🙁

  38. Anonymous says:

    Joey need to pay that money back.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please remember that joey was given this position at the farm as a gift for moving aside to let chukie run in his place in bodden town in 2005.  No doubt the board and chukie will say they knew nothing about this at the time. But dont forget that the lily white members of the PPM after knowing full well what went on, ran at joey’s side in the 2009 elections.  The elections were more important than principles and integrity of this self rightoeous group.  joey has not even been man enough to apologize and there has been no public condemnation from the PPM.  These were public fundsfrom an entity loosing over $1 million dollars a month.  They should all be ashamed of themselves.  Is this fraud or what? and if it is what are the PPM culpable of?

      • Anonymous says:

        Excuse me?! Don’t make me choke on my afternoon coffee!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Fraud involves dishonesty and there is no suggestion of dishonesty. Clearly, the advance was documented. If there had been fraud no doubt the Auditor General would have handed the matter over to the police. Obviously if the board was trying to help Joey they would say that the loan had been approved by them. You are so anti-PPM that you cannot think straight.   

  39. noname says:

    Joey should know better than that.

  40. funny says:

    He is not from the U.K. He is Caymanian. And he worked for the Caymanian Goverment run Turtle farm.  Did you really think all its losses were from Turtle food? Give him and all the poor Caymanian leaders a break.  They are Caymanian!  And he is a perfect candidate for office as he has lots of experiance in Caymanian leadership Training. After seeing how the Goverment has been and continues to be run you want to get Joey on principle.  If you start this where will it end?  Who will be left to run this great country into the ground?

    For all you hate filled people out there this was ment to be funny because you really cannot do anything but laugh at this problem of yours.

    • Habitual Poster says:

      Actually I think Joey is from the long line of Jamaican Ebanks’s

    • Anon says:

      you cannot be serious!

      • Anonymous says:

        By the fact that he called himself ‘funny’ and he finished off by saying ‘this was meant to be taken as a joke’ i would hazard a guess that he was NOT being serious! a sense of humour maybe required to read his comment or a brain, he couldn’t have made it any clearer that it was meant to be taken as a joke.

    • noname says:

      This comment is to the poster "Funny".

      Your title says it all, your mentality is just absolutely RIDICULOUS.

      I am a young caymanian.. any by every means PRO CAYMANIAN… but what you are talking about is just down right stupidiness!

      So are you implying that any CAYMANIAN that does this type of behaviour should bet " let off the hook" because they are CAYMANIAN.

      People need to stop abusing the priviledge of being a caymanian, we are hardworking, intelligent HONEST people.

      I just hope that he is NEVER in a position to be a future leader of this country, because the financial mess we are in now, is going to be small to what it will be then!

      You need to wake up and smell the coffee being Caymanian doesn’t entitle you to having "free" cash advances…. if that were the case wouldn’t we all be rich?!

      I can only think you were one of these person who frequently dined on his many Boatswain Beach tabs and the article is stepping on your toes!

      WAKE UP!

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry ‘young Caymanian’ – unfortunately history tells us he will be in a position to be a future leader of this Country…..just look at our current LOGB and his not so distant past history!

      • funnyISH says:

        Did you read the last paragraph?  Do you not see where your goverment finances are and how they got there?  I know that there are many honest, hardworking and intelligent Caymanians because I met many of them.  They are also very nice. I just hope for all your sakes that all of you honest ,hard working, intelligent Caymanians can actually DO SOMETHING about yourNon -honest, non-hardworking and unintelligent Goverment before it is too late.  Everyone I know wants Cayman to be a great place to visit and live including me.  Hopefully you can see that Caymans current path is takeing it farther from there.  Us hard working,Honest, and intellegent expats wish we could help you but like many of you all we can do is laugh and hope things get changed by those who can change them.

        Courage and all the best. And if you also can’t do anything about it right now at least try to laugh at it and be happy.

        P.S. I’m glad you thought it was RIDICULOUS.  It is!

      • Miss D. Point says:


      • Anonymous says:

        Didn’t quite get it did you? It was a satirical comment made on the state of Caymanian politicians and the general feel of entitlement felt by many Caymanians in power.

        Both of you are saying the say thing, just worded differently. His was a satirical joke and yours was a serious comment but both trying to get over the same message.

        Read his (mr funny’s) comment again with a smile on your face and you may get it.

  41. Anonymous says:

    what the f@#k

  42. Fallen Angel says:

    This recommendation should have been enforced and in place after the Hassan Syed fiasco.