Cops say Reid was murdered by three men

| 30/10/2009

(CNS): Three men, who were heavily masked and dressed in dark camouflage clothes, pumped an indiscriminate number of shots into the car which was being driven by Fabian Reid on the night he was killed. Speaking to News 27 in an exclusive interview, lead investigator, Superintendent Marlon Bodden, said several shell casings were left at the scene, reflecting a targeted shooting. Reid was shot three times while reversing the car and his female passenger was also shot in the leg during the incident on 13 October in North Sound Estates.

More than two weeks after Reid was gunned down in Newlands, Bodden told the television news that the murder was reflective of a new phenomena of people grouping up to commit heinous murders. Bodden also noted that It was not just Reid who was a victim but he said the whole community had been impacted.

“It not only claimed the life of Fabian Reid and injured and traumatized his female passenger, but it has also claimed that North Sound Estate area as a victim,” Bodden added.

The senior office said police were following a number of leads in the case. However, Bodden would not comment on whether they were close to making an arrest.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow the police is telling us what we already know. Caymanian’s culture is already lost it is sad when young Caymanians look up to rappers on BET and think that they can be like them. Parents need to instill values and morals in their children instead of giving them everything their eye see.

  2. 20something CAYMANIAN female. says:

    Reply to "English Please" obviously you dont grasp what this person is trying to say. He/She is stating that it’s the youth that are dying out and winding up victims of homicide. Maybe if you looked beyond the way the person chose to write thier piece and looked into the deeper meaning then you would understand that it has depth and a whole lot of truth to it. It’s the youngsters that are dying, the youngsters that are living in fear of retalliation and strapping themselves to ensure that if they go down they going down fighting, it’s the youngsters that face jail time, it’s the youngsters dying cuz of mistaken identity. Its the CAYMANIAN young males. Take your ignorance back to where ever you came from because if you were Caymanian or understood our very unique Caymanian culture then your IGNORANT comment of "english please" would not have been posted here. Look beyond the way we talk and be a part of the solution not a part of the problem. Stop trying to Americanize, Britishize, Canadianize us thats the *bleep-bumbo-bleep* problem with our society now. Excuse my expletives…I bet if i posted the entire words on here you’d understand my "french".




    • peace says:

      Your cry that "it’s the youngsters that are dying, the youngsters that are living in fear, blah blah blah"…  somehow makes it seem that these youngsters have no other choice.  In fact they have many better choices, one which is Education.  There are millions of children on this planet who do not have clean water to drink, a crumb of bread to eat, a roof over their heads.  They live in absolute squalor.  Offer them the opportunity to sit in a safe, clean classroom, a classroom with a computer, a classroom where you receive food if mom and dad don’t send it with you, etc.  and they’d jump at it.  Yet, these youngsters who you speak of, choose to live a life of thuggery.  As for the "very unique Caymanian culture" you speak of, it’s not unique and it’s not Caymanian; it’s universal ghetto culture.  Instead of asking people to lower themselves to that culture, you should ask those who have every opportunity in the world to better themselves but choose not to, to elevate themselves above it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some of the youth are living in fear! That’s a fact! If you wear a certain color, for instance, red, blue, brown, black…or certain clothing like Dodgers, Yankees, British Knights, or venturing into certain neighborhoods…it will spell trouble. It’s a war zone out there with angry, disenfranchised, troubled youths.

        There’s no comparison between the youths in Western culture and those of other cultures. For one, most (not all) have families headed by one parent. Most often, that one parent work to support the family. If the parent doesn’t work, then, the income received from the government is not enough to buy all the necessities needed.

        Education! It’s not the same for everyone. Some schools have some of the best teachers, with a better student-teacher ratio. Most often, these are the students that either have a parent to help them with their homework, or, at the very least can afford a tutor. Most often (not always), kids that are underprivilege comes from a family where the parent may not have had a good education. This COULD be a parent who doesn’t know algebra, geometry…but know basic mathematics. The student-teacher ratio is not good (over-crowded classrooms). Sometimes students are classified as problem students, or DUMB, yet, later in life discovers they were dyslexic, or simply needed eyeglasses.

        Yes, there are opportunities out there, however, that doesn’t mean everyone has a chance at it. For instance, there are qualifications that one may need to meet in order to receive the benefit. Let’s say, to get a scholarship, the parent has to meet an income requirement, or the student has to major in a certain discipline (study/field).

        I will make one other point (this is not to offend anyone, I’m just making a point which is true) – in the U.S., we have Affirmative Action programs for minorities/women….there have been people from Egypt, Morocco… that admit they will say they are African-American when applying for college, but, when they vote, apply for jobs or loans, they say they are white. They say they are "getting a legup on the system."

        There are many reasons the youths have problems. To just say that they chose the life they live, this is wrong. You can’t label all youths and blame them for their circumstances. Sometimes they are forced to make choices that they shouldn’t have to make a their age.  



  3. "Unsolved Mysteries" says:

    This week-end would be a great time for Police to step up their patrols etc. within the nightclubs and at local establsihments.  Persons will bedressed in costumes celebrating Halloween, but possibly having criminal intent. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous at 23:07;

    Poster clearly knows or has some relevant information to Todd Powery’s Murder which took place on Botabano Road just about a half mile from Morgans Harbour, several years back.

    The only other Homicide that took place on Morgans Harbour road, involved a Jefferson (first name I can’t remember) who was given a "latin necktie" by Tony Tharon Ebanks, but he was later acquitted in a Grand Court trial because it was a "classical case of self defence"

    Interestingly, Tony Tharon Ebanks was also shot at several times since his acquittal next to "Goat Yard" and was actually hit in one of these shootings incidents, but survived like a cat with nine lives.

    Aditionally, Tony Tharon Ebanks and Tony Elford Bush were both arrested and convicted of Murder in the early 1990’s of Bernie Anglin (a.k.a. Lucifer) by a judge alone trial (Justice Schofield) and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

    Their case went to the Court of Appeal which was handled by the late Pierre Lamontagne QC (defence) and as a result of some technicality in law, (not the police fault) him and his co-defendant Tony Bush were both acquitted.

    Interestingly, about a month after their acquittal, Ebanks was arrested and convicted for Burglary of Pierre Lamontagne (his attorney) apartment in Lime Tree Bay, which was emptied out.    

    And so, the beat goes on !!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, why is this article in the news? What is the news? There is nothing new here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I bet you that "riddle" will reach the youth quicker than you will!

  7. Anonymous says:

    what he is trying to say put down the guns little boy. it is little boys who are killing. May be the rcip need to look back into the murders of thoses boy at morgan harbour.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ohhhhh yessssss, that statement does sound very familiar from the RCIPS namely "we are following a number of leads in this case but but but but ………………………………"

    The statement that the public would like to hear from this senior CID officer and others are; "We are following a number of positive leads in this case and are expecting to make arrests shortly, having obtained sufficient evidence which we are confident will result in charges being filed and convictions secured in a court of law"

    These new phenomenal statements by the police conerningmurder investigations are "very dry, boring and stale" and is 100% totally UNACCEPTABLE. 

    Perhaps Mr. Bodden should seek some additional tips/pointers in solving these murders from Merseyside Police in Liverpool England or perhaps in Scotland. Afterall, was it not "Matrix" from Merseyside Police that they all subscribed to and followed over these past several years for their expertise and professionalism ?? 

    But wait a minute, am I not correct in saying that the RCIPS recently contracted from Merseyside Police a recently retired Chief Supt. as our new A-C-T-I-N-G ?? Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations and an E-X-P-E-R-I-E-N-C-E-D ?? Detective Inspector for our local CID ?? Perhaps Mr. Bodden does has the "magic wand" available on his door steps afterall, to solve these murders.

    There is also another phenomenal saying that I’m hearing very regularly on the streets of Cayman in reference to the RCIPS which is, "catch and release"

    I thought we would only hear these words "catch and release" being mentioned only in "deep sea fishing tournaments" but it does seem to have some important relevance/significance to policing in the Cayman Islands as well.

    Wow, how amazing !!!!!



  9. Anonymous says:

    Him life gone, dead before him born, keep yourself calm.

    Bad boy put down the specie, cant say me nver warn you say the end not going pretty…

    Rude boy consider yourself lucky, cause you witness your friends brain jump like jelly….

    All of a sudden them a ganster…little boy them just come out of a diaper…sling the most big a going like monster…murder how much people up at morgans harbor???

    You will be alone on that long herse ride…….

    • Anonymous says:

      English please!

      CNS – is this posting at 23.07 a riddle or something.

      There has to be some standard.

      • Anonymous says:

         What?  You don’t like poetry?

        • Anonymous says:

          How do you know its a "he", maybe its a "she"

          Maybe she is writing a love sound in youth language!

          • Heavy Cake says:

            The words above are an excerpt from dancehall superstar, Buju Banton’s song, Murderer. In the original version, the song speaks about Old Harbour though.

      • Anonymous says:

        I understood it loud and clear.  He is threatening a fellow gangster of the guy who got shot.

      • Anonymous says:

        You’ve never heard a rap before?

      • Anonymous says:

        If we TRY to understand local youth culture then maybe we will understand how to prevent these atrocities in future.

        Yes – we natives can express ourselves in "English" – we just also have the gift  and skill of being colloquially bi-lingual.

        This is an example of the great divide between expats and Caymanians – we have to know how to relate in your terms but you cannot be bothered to understand ours.

        This is part of what has led to the disenfranchised disillusionment of our youth.

        • Twyla Vargas says:

          13:32, you are so correct.  Why should we talk like a yankie, yardie or limie.  We have our bi-lingual too, so please get used to it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think that the verse at 23:07 is a very accurate description of what’s

      happening to some of the  youth on the island.

      It is too bad  the young cannot see what is going on, where their bad

      life choices lead them and the grief and sorrow they cause to

      everyone affected by their actions.

      As the last line of verse says ..

      The last trip they take will be alone……… sad….