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CAL denies emergency

| 14/11/2009 | 21 Comments

(CNS): Cayman Airways has denied that a crack in the outer non-structural layer of the co-pilot’s windshield on flight KX 103 this morning (Saturday 14 November) from Miami to Grand Cayman caused an emergency landing.  A spokesperson for the airline confirmed that the aircraft descended to a lower cruising altitude for the flight but the captain did not declare an emergency.  CAL said however that it had been advised that an incorrect "emergency" status was released by Cuban air authorities after they had approved the flight’s precautionary decent over its airspace.

 “At no time did the Captain declare an emergency, but as a precautionary measure the Captain opted to descend to a lower cruising altitude for the remainder of the flight,” a statement released by the airline on Saturday afternoon confirmed. “The passengers were advised of the occurrence and the flight continued normally to Grand Cayman with no impact on the passengers’ in-flight experience.”

The airline said they understood the incident was mistakenly communicated as an emergency to the Owen Roberts Air Traffic Control by the Havana-based Air Traffic Control authorities who approved the precautionary decent over Cuba.
“The aircraft landed in Grand Cayman safely and uneventfully, and was removed from service in order to replace the windshield. No disruptions to the airline’s flight schedule have been caused,” the statement read. “Cayman Airways is committed to safety as the primary focus of daily operations, and extends apologies for any inconveniences caused due to this event.”




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Emergency landing made

| 14/11/2009 | 0 Comments

(CNS): A Cayman Airways flight from Miami involved in an emergency landing at Owen Roberts International Airport this morning has landed safely. CNS is still awaiting details of the emergency situation, however, it is understood that roads were closed around the airport at around 11:30am when the troubled aircraft was expected to land. The Airports Authority has confirmed that the plane had arrived safely but is unable to give details at this time. Early reports from other sources indicate the aircraft could have suffered a cracked windshield. Check back later for further updates.

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